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Dialed In: Dialed In 182: Goodbye, unlimited data

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Dialed In: Dialed In 182: Goodbye, unlimited data

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There's a species that's quick going extinct in the wireless world, and it's quite troubling. Of course, we're talking about the unlimited data plan, and Virgin Mobile is just the latest carrier to get rid of theirs. You know who else is in trouble? RIM's co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, as the two have six months to prove they deserve their titles and can make the company competitive again. Can they do it? We discuss this, plus this week's rumors and reviews, all on Dialed In, episode 182.

I know everyone and welcome 2000 and -- cell -- podcast -- senior editor Bonnie -- here and you can and and San Francisco we've got. Kent German test could fill -- and Stephen B -- hi gang. -- -- Hello there Leo I can't paint and that it went down and announced that it will be -- -- fly -- -- your chair crashing them at the that the let's see -- Nicole is a decade. -- Yes that's really exciting but they are inherently -- that let -- As an impressive rate if I could see if and when they -- and again. She won that -- ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And hook up she has a sound as if she isn't CBS employees' everyday -- Him. Despite only about -- With its. -- -- has been. If you buy -- copycat. -- -- Like these like monitored to make Project Runway and want my line -- are things. Never -- -- -- anyway. On to sell from the if we look -- -- I -- the console sells parents and talk -- Oh so cute in Canada a good little if you love Canada. We expect from him. Will kick off with the couple rumors -- -- if one about Windows Phone and Nokia and much money they're gonna spend on marketing. A 127. Million dollars if you believe this rumor from marketing magazine. I am not a -- they would know they would have. -- interpreted and well and pounds by them. Since then. Latest conversion not sure how much companies usually spent on campaigns but it many of seven million dollars seems like package -- -- For marketing. And all of -- -- -- is just really interesting because -- and I have kind of patted act worth a lot idea. At windows and -- was just not marketed enough and not marketed clearly in -- to really show off the features and what it is and why should compete meeting that has contributed. Some of the slower sales. And hustler sales figures -- something that the Microsoft the year Steve Ballmer actually admitted to recently and a partner meaning. Partner conference so. All of this is very interesting because Nokia of course has its -- global reach and it out loyalty for the hardware side of things. So will be interesting to see exactly where many have you know -- weaving in and see knew he would. Paid for ads in the US -- because in the U Matthew -- have carriers spending probably the most money on advertisements. And maybe Microsoft went up a smaller -- it. In and we do sometimes see manufactures. Putting them money by Nokia and third famously. Not been able to crack the US market white -- and so are they going to keep that -- concentrated. Globally our our we actually in his seat that are advertising for Windows Phone in the US -- in -- weird OS was actually born. It's an interesting question because you know I know -- HTC. A you know. Kinda made that decision a little a couple years ago a few years ago when they weren't really well known to start. I you know promoting their brand not necessarily it's -- -- some commercials. Gavin changed -- pattern he didn't get used to be your cares -- -- they've. They're still on they did the quietly brilliant. -- Because our customers do you really care who pays for he remembered. Phone right you remember maybe who makes it carriers are always gonna mention the manufacture. Or maybe they didn't actually before -- HTT zones were and branded and it was just the T-Mobile -- say that. The soup but it -- but that depends on -- Whitacre wants to promote. But it's an affiliate acquire the manufacture -- that only -- to the carriers teams too -- into convenient and you would want to have control over the message I would. It will be -- adjustment -- the cares the company Nokia eight are the miraculous and wonderful. Thing. -- well at my. They have it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everyone's friend and or a one final and we can talk about -- happened the past be and this comes from this my neck but. According and then -- -- -- Eight. By and -- like our minds and not -- and if there's a brand there fine you know you're hesitant. And from there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And a diverse mix and Xbox and maybe I'm and I think I wanna Yemeni. Anyway yeah I'm moving on so -- the rumor is it's not gonna be coming to sprint now which is interesting because he as most people now. Spam was that exclusive carrier for the original Palm Pre. Back in June 2009 and you know. Sales were quite disappointing so. I -- that has any. Play into this by it again this is just a room learning aspirin if they were common of course they said no. Would not confirm that he felt. I can remember. -- that's the welcome. The allied that we -- some of some sort of you know like Connor -- and -- When and -- devices announced a very today. Into the tower camera -- -- they say about care mean that it's anything date data containing Amy said in would be available this summer and that there be in each has PP class version and then EV DO old -- deleted everything. They did say what have both -- yes and GSM. So. You know the hope was that it would come in multiple cares but spent. -- -- one of them. When fee and its Treo. Which is unfortunate and -- -- gamma. Well it just depends on whether and how we have. What -- -- it would probably gets its act together and just it gives people a reason. I mean for sprint -- -- -- part of their survival. Going forward is going to have to be getting a really interesting line. Yeah and I going forward I mean assuming that they AT&T T-Mobile merger -- -- Sprint's strategy house to be how to get -- compelling phones and how to get people back over. Must -- -- descent where we have unlimited data and announced. It's already started running commercials. Have -- been yeah and and you get a PR pitches to him. -- -- -- -- speaking of unlimited data interpret tag I am -- had publicly that in a typical thinking you're gonna -- That's how and a list of -- we are talking about next. And. Sorry I get relief because it. He did his thing and and it's been disparaged him because Virgin Mobile core two prepaid -- -- was started. Started by itself and well -- well first of all the headline is. Virgin Mobile is going to be getting rid of all of it -- limited -- with. Jessica. He is aware that you work so hard on your Segway is I'm working on mine and I say. Yes Virgin Mobile course which now owned. Expressions and here's the part is that sprint spent much time telling everybody what we're keep an unlimited data but it's for to mobile -- this month. They're giving away they are saying farewell to unlimited data. As they have access of course for Virgin Mobile started independently in -- and it approached them while ago and kept. This and boost mobile as their prepaid brand. But they well. And adversity and virgin is the latest carrier to acknowledge the pressures that heavy data use by consumers have placed on its network so now I have a let's say they're moving to -- plan hands of men are whether -- and the senate bill unveiled a native plants July 20. And it is -- that we're experts and tier options -- quite know what Nokia. But it did and it did cut a sixty dollar unlimited calling plan down 55 dollars semi were -- them. We'll take our won't give on the outside but of course -- -- -- -- -- -- its. And you know bed cost increases for those other plans -- not bad it's still competitive in commensurate -- some of the other prepaid brands. It's just not quite as rock bottom. Yeah yeah I mean 25 dollars to 35 dollars is a big -- if you're paying 25 but 35 dollars is it's still really competitive. Yes is too bad this is this is happening ram. And what any I wouldn't be surprised to sprint didn't do these days. You think you know I think it's gonna go down and I mean. You never now bread I think that I don't I just don't trust I don't trust them because they're -- we have them a minute data investment grade were the only ones and then. You know people change things on time management is a recipe came -- -- well known really is actually getting more expensive than -- so we're gonna do this several Wednesday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this is really in the something they've got clean you know I mean Google Voice integration is not -- -- -- how many people even remember that what about entitlement and encrypt it. -- -- -- -- But litigated in our -- in. And -- We'll get -- started it hooked up. Now. Communist Hilliard and -- -- stories and -- But at all it -- -- as English. -- they just announced today that the Motorola proton forty will be available starting July 31 forward 200 dollars with a two year contract in hand sprint premier customers laughed again. An opportunity to buy it treaties and agreements. On line so here's a -- that's bad for you. Says photon four G was announced in early June and -- -- is that. Injury gender -- phone with an Nvidia tegra two dual core processor which is -- first for sprint. Nvidia part they have their -- -- process of phones. Also has a four point three inch QHD touch screen and is a world phone and has eight megapixel camera and 1080 PET -- captures now. And you know it can get a fair price -- whether -- place. It will be built into -- -- first. And and it's a nice timing if it was announced that goes with gas so -- Exactly because there's that certain Motorola. Phone that we -- Xenia. -- momentum and it's been caught a common cancers. And cricket -- -- -- new move. This different task and -- and I went and yes said this with a phone that I first thought -- TTA. What really advertises -- -- just pulling on the table actually Google found it like yeah I applicant phone then. There's a lot of charities to go look at it -- all I got secure believe that it was just lying there and nobody -- -- -- -- anything. And -- -- I have not received at an office yet but I did see it and I hold it up next to their original lot of ways and it's a lot Flickr it's thinner it's lighter. It loses track ball and four physical buttons at the bottom but some of the act -- -- the same disappointing -- and those same. Screen 3.5 inches totally -- I've -- -- -- -- in am definitely not as crisp as it could mean. And that it does have a five megapixel camera which is totally fine. But the processors only 600 megahertz just like the predecessor and I was kind of hoping that it would be a little bit faster. Price is pretty gang at 880. Dollars but that out of contract and there's a 55 dollar unlimited monthly -- -- in the it. And yet -- there again you know they're doing a lot of these twos and threes lately we -- Samsung. Free form three. Right which does look almost exactly like if reforms you -- -- -- -- look different in you pulled them up next to each other. -- look like that you really are getting at least in the clean design wise you're getting a little bit of an. Free for -- -- I don't even count the -- and office with I'd I'd I'd. To think that the -- of these twos -- sequels like movies and and reliability and the higher you're definitely -- like to hire you if the -- it. Ever since around like I like the free form -- Okay yeah remember back and and I'm -- and again and I don't outweigh our -- to our plan now I think it's actually -- You have some guarantee actually that's not true there -- -- -- -- I am right it definitely is a camera. Gallery. Certain a couple of times and exams and importantly it was Atlantic flight and it's you're -- you want. You want the you wanna see quotes do not repeat the part you want to expand and -- -- and offer more. And it does indeed it's. -- a while ago. Why bother why not just release -- under different name and make it purpose and mr. stripping out teachers. And. Companies are to a lot of things I understand. The question -- they -- now they should all consult with your first. Issues have little -- for -- movement and when eating habits and bad. But governments like a spotlight this the -- and it's not eat like I gotta go people. Public that it. Switching here -- to more basic phones Verizon announced and algae -- news. This is another 23. And messaging phone it is terrorism as companies and that's a slider QWERTY keyboard and it's pretty basic. You'll have mobile -- all -- page document you music player one point three can megapixel camera. -- but it does have stereo Bluetooth and micro SD card. And -- containers that can -- up to 32 key cards. And you get some social net you get some. Apps to or direct access to MySpace and -- -- They -- littered with things like that and it's available. July 14 which is. Tomorrow. Yes -- 29 dollars after -- fifty dollar mail in -- so good for and it doesn't require any. It -- -- requires data plan but if you want it you can. You can use the mobile email for ten counts and an app for ten uses for free but Daniel have to pay a five dollar monthly fee to use -- email by. To by the found it is not required. Them. That's that's only if you wanna use the malfunction so it's a good way to get the messaging and and -- the keyboard and -- -- maybe some. Of the things that it. Think about -- -- -- -- the phone costs thirty -- but only after EG the fifty dollar mail in re timing. Though. I think it's fine at an annoying about -- and actually bought it from -- About today and -- -- through an agreement like two bucks but there's doesn't usually -- to photocopy the box and send them that you keeps UPC code. And it takes awhile remembered in -- and just kind -- the difference in your money by making money off the bat like until they give your -- think. Otherwise what's the purpose but a lot I have a lot of these now they do you can do it on line commuters simple so I think of the rebate is easy. But now am I memorial first south -- -- I really had to photocopy of the side of the box to get that the bar codes that code and announce this ridiculous though. I think if you have it if a significant amount -- entities. Like sneaking into make full price in the meantime office the lessons master is now. One carrier to one carriers -- -- -- -- the reasons the sprint that's worth -- -- but I can't remember refused is very limited time or if they were getting rid of them. You mean they were all instant rebates are there are in general rebates yet -- -- -- to -- yard ornaments are now. Yeah I even have to do the mail and -- -- -- -- instant meeting. That yes it was sprint and apps I'd of that rain. I remember talking about. Somebody who didn't and ceremony -- as a long time so Aaron -- honest. Maybe later. But if you -- -- life. What have. And that I am me -- -- has announced new blackberries. And then you Blackberry. Well they haven't. They haven't officially really announce these what happened this -- very sneaky tech and a camera to a shareholder's meeting and took a picture of a slide. On screen. This is a seven new blackberries are coming so we are now. We don't know anything about what they are there will be no -- seven -- Seven -- I was seven Blackberry Smartphones. And they don't cause we're gonna specifics by. Could include arms things that -- even announced early development -- involvement -- -- And also -- on a side note from out that we also have. I'm sorry a couple of leaked devices and equipment -- 9860 and 9850. Monaco. Last month and and a -- touch. And we -- -- and then another actually definite news is the Blackberry 96 and 809670. Style for boost mobile. Is announced and that is put -- -- That is. It's now -- 199 and requires the sixty dollar monthly. So basically these are new Blackberry -- but there are not near. So maybe an operating system -- -- -- that LS seven and bad we've kind of team variations on a game and we're still waiting for. That really different really new Blackberry that I have the style we've already seen it like it's coming this -- where -- are -- eating. Make another curve another -- -- Fina all of the -- Yeah that seems to be what's happening in the Monica Mon it ain't a panel look like other -- anything to do so -- being there even working on something. Radically different. Friends with her to bring all yes I think it's. They -- I mean if you are to believe -- -- to believe about anonymous. Eight email from somebody with in the company. The kind of manifest that was basically this distress call. After knew somebody working within the company who is on the verge of losing hope that I haven't quite lost it for rent an egg a kind of -- Blake. Rim is all bundled up within red tape and bureaucracy. So who knows what they're actually doing but they can't he can't not know that there are problems in the -- -- that they have to do something. Pretty radical because NOS's are doing nothing I mean we're barely paying attention -- him. There's nothing to pay attention to -- exactly. Perhaps they just need you know assuming the -- it just needs some -- -- -- but -- ideas because that seems like there. Things like -- they have this really strong culture that's been very difficult to -- I absolutely agree -- he -- Is it going to happen I don't know I mean they're not even splitting -- -- it it doesn't even sound like they're splitting up the dual -- ocean day today they've they've. They gave him six month probation period sifting in turn the company around the -- wring out an album doesn't mean you start date so. Look for that I mean if people criticize. People that came out with Smartphones that tried to be like the iPhone by you know these these companies. Recognized. The threat the iPhone -- and then try getting a response -- And try to say well here's our cars are spent on that idea. It -- -- getting -- but they're selling -- and but the program hasn't been done. Mean they they haven't even -- well here's here's our plan for -- -- -- it. Touch screen glossy farming you know they did the Astaro it was called the -- and in -- here you go out and it just -- Now with -- So it's it's and then and then only to those two -- mean at least Samsung has come out with and yeah -- a little over a strange case because -- You know they have this. The machine to concept announcement doesn't say if you think you but I -- at least they've they've recognized that come out a class of devices like the galaxy for instance you can and what with -- -- -- the program you just don't see that happening. -- and six month -- -- gonna do it. And -- -- -- you're aiming to get look at their trajectory so -- look at their track record. This month is not enough to turn in around even me even looking at Microsoft -- -- and how long. They basically out Windows Mobile six point 16 point five. We got six point five is a leader apologized for that was the last -- Windows Mobile serious -- anyone with a honeycomb interface. And it looked different and really looks different but it's still kind of the same but it looks different it looks like they're really trying hard. To give us something familiar about is the freshest they can come up with -- scrapped although leadership at the top took a long time to reorganize them they had to figure out a new. -- operating system into -- two years from that wing press to get. Windows Phone 7. Which with a beer rebrand. -- well not really picking. But there are moving in a faster pace than Blackberry they're living in a much better pay if they arguably have more apps -- their App Store these. Gas and talk about -- actually and the phones are at least banks and in am new in different enough for now although we can talk about this later -- even talk about. Wet bed similarities -- -- the sameness of that's on every single phone. Also makes the hardware. A little bit similar to. Name of the as this couple -- quick beings. Can you mentioned this earlier but -- did a great article about waiting for the Droid Dion and and you now. -- the point here was clearly -- -- dramatic it's the astronaut is great we give our best Smartphone -- cellphone. That's the CES itself category. We missed -- went out and it was mentioned device -- have a dual core processor had the big screen and it looks really cool but then since then. We've had seen nothing -- mean we've we've had no more news about it of course there was -- -- sign up page that was launched yesterday audience right. But it's still it's been a long time since the -- -- -- early January and we haven't seen anything else and since that time we've had all -- of the devices come back come out that and now being sold to -- and sold for awhile they have what the dramatic promised at that time and now the dramatic thing and do we really can't. That said. I feel like there is -- space in Verizon's lineup forward this device because. You know you've got the jury carriage and HTC's on their thunder -- which have their own issues whether it's battery life for -- you know. An interface and things like that so there isn't really that stellar dual core Android phone on Verizon -- -- You know hopefully. Even though it had been a long time coming you know maybe the heroic stellar academy installer. -- Your accounting right -- he. Accepting that impresses you mean the -- yes you didn't like it because this today the venerable zeit better daylight portables though. The gas and earth -- basically would you failing they -- for inflation orgy and pretty much yeah they need something that cannot combine them you now has. Back kind of winning combination -- few flaws and for. Yeah exactly. So resonated related if they come out and if it was really good then there have been -- -- okay but still no excuse for her. It still has a long time via an audio -- something. We know and achieve it all of the -- the police to Italy -- re we should come something -- -- it. Well we're all about looking into things working and it's true anything a -- As consumers learn more and more about these devices -- -- kind of expect that -- Yes weird and and finally as we do every week we Kenneth Aaron FCC for earth in that it approved in my becoming on the paper and just -- had a couple. From last week. Correct yes. Samsung galaxy SQ. We are ready about it I actually -- reviewed the unlocked version running -- -- look at it as well. And who we are to expect that dual core four G capable. Version it. Is coming to you -- teen people are all four G capable in dual core. But it there's another on that recently appeared that FCC that looks like it might have. -- waivers. Sorry sorry Atari he yes that's right it looks like it might have the Nvidia tegra two dual core processor on it which is something -- to basically. It's -- just a slight variation of the model number. And that's what it leads people to believe that that's gonna have. Tegra two. Chip specifically. On board. And and then. We also heard and now -- The -- Which -- -- which have appeared that at C fees as well it's -- nothing that looks like it has yet. It's always -- -- tricycle to now because these carriers or manufacturers where files the -- Whoever -- spouses certification always get some some some -- confidential so you know it's not like -- are given the rate model number you're given the model number that they chose to get to the -- the argument internal internal internal model number and for some. Devices that's easy to decipher especially for Samsung but for others. You never gonna now when -- Motorola uses -- HDT. 5601. Woman like that -- and looking at patents. I -- data -- if you think for them that China as I -- the key I think Andy -- -- so that makes no sense clearly. Means. And by Mary. I'm. But it's and then if -- sometimes. I use some MC will get. -- -- you look at user manuals and on that Apple for instance when you know they have to have their device. Certified for goes on sale. So you'll always after a day hours after iPhone -- announced either that they -- the days after you'll see the let's see the notice on the FCC's -- they keep everything secret actually. And as a by the way the story about rim coming six months to prove about the accuracy as. We've peddling here from the hampered business -- came out. Just a little bit before that podcast but -- So. There is. And that's basically what it is. The -- monstrous shape up again and -- -- -- told investors we will get better. -- came in out of the same. Meetings -- Open them. -- I will be watching it with me if irate well that wraps up this week's news they're gonna take a quick break and and we'll come back with some of these. From there. Portable. RA to welcome back but I have if you don't have. Reviews this week but we did a quick element -- -- We're getting -- at the floods come in again. But had a couple things that we look that first with HTC status. Which is that FaceBook optimize phone without back and mobile or congress -- -- was known as HTC -- Some are saying and appreciative of the no matter how hard I tried I cannot get used even -- status has -- units cantonment accents -- -- to the name. I keep calling it. And it's still known as the title embody lane and speak to why couldn't -- the -- had touch on the brain and -- that's not -- -- Spain. And can remember why they. Minute because such as -- -- -- -- -- it means. But it AT&T held a special event yesterday -- -- showcasing their existing -- as -- -- upcoming products including the -- Not that status yanked in union and global -- But we actually have review Ian Anthony strip a couple of hands on them them my first impressions of the device and. Really really like -- this was announced earlier this week but it is coming July 17 for fifty dollars so I think they did a very good job with the pricing recognizes. -- pretty affordable specially prepared target audience which is around you eighteen to 24 years old. And so basically the phone has this you know dedicated FaceBook button which you can press fairly easily. Post updates and if you do long press of it you can check into locations. You can also share links as well as any music you're listening -- which they think is kind of cool. Dan. -- those and they built in feature. Also has a -- -- -- clients so he can instant -- -- any friends who are online. The keyboards are really excellent really well done nice button matters marriage and you know about the phone's surface so easy to attack on. Desk and I think I remember you saying that a while back when it was first announced the screen is really not yet. Yet it's two point six inches and you now -- kind actor remember that -- coming from unit testing on these devices that -- orange screens though. Obviously going to be small mean -- -- it same size as -- -- -- Point effects into -- yes I get it but it I'm more and keep oriented. At least this one with bigger overall. Yes so HT CE now has kind of -- the sense UI and enjoy -- to -- fitted on the two point six inch screen but it was still. I found it hard to navigate through -- and in a text was really small spheres and squinting to read the tax so. But if you've got young -- you could meet senior tend to not have a critical look at that it isn't. But again yet you know you have to remember that. This isn't you know going to be that high -- I'm -- you know they're looking at people making that town ran a feature phone to Smartphone. -- with. You know social networking being. In Canada -- -- -- and I think I think it's gonna do okay with that audience especially at the prairie and has really nice design eat seasonally and hardware and so you can -- that -- came -- it are making. And McCormick European gas from out hours of audio ads so you protect vaccine for a full review but I think it's pretty well done though. They've really done while -- and in a -- the FaceBook features. Own. And also I did a little comparison novice Smartphone operating systems mean that includes. I OS and -- Windows Phone webos and Blackberry and basically just -- took a look at some of the basic core functions. Like the home screen notifications and multitasking system. The web browsing and app -- -- and and women's -- and it's gonna explain how each one handled it and give you better visual look. These different -- And enough though. -- -- -- -- -- And it shows a really good comparison. And its sister. Yet it's I think it's kinda nice that -- and visual because it's hard when -- that -- different operating systems beyond these devices and news and look at him and all in one place now. On amp to gig ethernet and with that the beef to -- it was a -- here bit necessary current job. In a -- That a main computer did you integrates into them and -- -- -- smiled up up my biggest complaint and I'm surprised because even -- Windows Mobile phones all of those operating systems back in the day. There are always -- apps and it was relatively easy to take -- in China Arafat an emulator and. -- would wanna hear I hear there and -- sentences that are there were changing. Hallelujah -- -- -- we'll see -- and -- I mean not like we'll see when that happens but typically they are changing. At that was as good as he came to change -- and long time. And maybe other people don't -- have this problem -- average person might not need to take it right screen shots all of our young people do though. I get him. I -- from people all the time by it. It's if you've got something wrong in your found that there's no matter -- -- -- institute describe it for customer service and to take a screen shot ordered -- Gamers -- hear. And Mary and as. We mentioned there is a by intent and reviews coming including the T-Mobile myTouch four GY -- rich in news. Which claims have the most advanced camera for sprint got HT -- status between humans and in. Particular at the -- -- tour victory. And then -- -- you've got Ali and. Meet yes and have it here in it has a two point eight inch screen and released. Who -- it's still a little bit -- amien that's attempts -- 15 of an inspired her. And then if I can make a plug for the asking him -- -- only has -- the we are we running the -- at 100 which is Aaron and are reluctantly. -- are reluctant to 100 best -- Not really best because it's what we choose CNET editors that we -- ten CNET editors over ten days she news ten apps each and last -- to violence in this Republican Android. So we've seen an editor -- tenements are going through and -- an attempt program testers and mundane when he was. Yesterday and -- -- today commerce we're going through a bunch of people assume liked to call we'll do it in Tesco to attention. And Seth from download and so a lot of people are contributing to this so be really fun so I like this because it gets to. It gets gets you to see a little bit what what where we and students people outside of wireless and outside and yes we need to have an interest in those areas. So for instance Bonnie of course we want to serve on its experts and we saw a few apps apps to reflect those them. Course we're gonna lot of people literally tons -- They are my apps on my favorite yes I'm not I I wasn't charged with -- -- before I chose my favorite apps -- Yet you know I'm looking through violence and at the same thing it's like I really whenever I did -- I come to realize that I use smart pens of the utility. So that apps I use on it are very very useful it's a -- utility I don't think there's anything wrong with. I don't either. So anyway so that's coming out so. Are what's it continue tomorrow so be sure to check -- discarding hundred outlets and you'll find. I think it's -- the -- when everyone uses data and and then. The little window -- -- personally. And -- to wrap up the show with some. And -- -- -- talent from the chat rooms in yet -- -- -- and do it. So the question is and I'm with -- -- per month and moved from AT&T because of unlimited data so -- I -- the tier contracts. -- guys know if I will be grandfathered in. When you are returned. To that Japan and -- Yeah it's on page at its now that Verizon has stopped its unlimited data plan and is made to tiered service. Rate -- wants to know if that -- -- unlimited data contract. That here she's an -- for. Will be honored. Yes I -- months ago rate for months ago because I -- -- like seventeen yes -- -- -- anybody that had a brother cut off date and what will happen it will continue to. I was misunderstood and was thrown into question yes you'll have it -- -- -- -- so that's. And I've got -- client from Karen sentence. Email on the while back about getting an iPhone four waiting for the iPhone five it has warmed up to injuries since and and if you're exterior -- Just wanted to know which phone is more durable in which phone would most likely be getting analyst at eight faster. A second -- the question is don't know much about Windows Phone but lifetime seem pretty cool. Just put everything on the table was teaching the -- Windows Phone. Out there though. And with those quick -- the revolution actually I remember going here percent say email is adamantly anti injure it would set up but now let him -- -- just changing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and as spot tweaking experience -- in person. -- -- -- at CS that we have to pay since. Yeah it and I don't remember seeing ban and a few can talk about the durability. Well you know Sony Ericsson devices they're you they're pretty and -- slick. And the -- and they arc is and actually Scott Webster about the last week because. He's also though he's in a little bit when call cities turn this thing in the darkest of all it's -- now it's out US -- -- -- -- -- a little late for being delivered to carrier. But that the zionist I mean it's really -- -- Ericsson I would not call their devices herbal initially and they use -- shiny and slick but. I wouldn't you -- if you work. In construction there you know you're dispersant that's not very her with a -- -- drop a lottery offers from that but then I would not am I would. Probably not. And Sony Ericsson. Are confirmed it hasn't had the best track record as -- software update anything. No but -- -- and the -- not previously because they brought out the X ten and it happens it -- It was. And -- and on a long time and it was they still haven't. -- not one amendment I don't mean -- Sony have it is don't know when it came out something very early arm they -- really old software update that with the -- is gingerbread. And at the time it was one of the first devices introduced with gingerbread on it's. After the nexus S but of course management's judgment been around awhile is coming more devices than it is really about management. Yet X ten -- Droid X to monster with one point -- And -- convenient but that yes you. I'm straight -- to depression and -- -- repeat questions yet and it. Just about it the -- and yet seem to want in now about the phone's durability and as well as which phone would most likely get analyst at its -- Yeah I mean that galaxy S to your house TouchWiz so about Samsung's custom UI. There's no US carrier with the and an of course OS updates really depend a lot on is Stockard at -- cost me -- And also the carriers and schedule and is -- -- it into their a lot of parties doing extra testing on that. So I can't really speak to that especially because there is in your carrier unit we think it's going to AT&T. -- nothing official yet. But I I would say that that's probably going to be a flagship phones that would get more attention and get attention before other way. As for the design it's really slim and pretty -- made from plastic not super super heavy. To -- those HTC phones for example that have a lot of the brushed metal accent. A little bit heavier and -- -- a little bit more durable in the hands. I think it's fine you know I didn't hold it and think a bit of light or as flimsy or is -- -- that you have to worry about but if you're specifically looking for something rugged. Then -- In in my clinic keep looking at I advocate ticket he emphatic analysts like iPhone four. In the sense that it appears square and has those rounded corners and -- it's it's also pretty and but it's not sort of a -- backing. Out I felt like it in in -- him pretty well and it it was and slippery as their phones. The -- is just gorgeous. Paying out an -- like they're pretty strong and do yet. And for the last great question. -- as best when used on I -- -- pink and overall the Samsung Focus is one of the best ones out there. I think it's it's offers a nice design and again Samsung has a really beautiful screen and the focus as well good camera. And it -- cut and a few if -- recommending you don't ones you've looked at least for me. Got the focus is no and that I would recommend that's what made him. It's unanimous although I am I do you think we've discussed this before it's -- that. We just need a new crop of Windows Phone yes you know separately that are in orbit Mars at the top on the -- It is -- that time. All alone if you have any questions -- them them to act as -- in at cnet.com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I you can check out our blog post ads out and that cnet.com. As -- past episodes. And four other CNET podcast tech -- podcast at cnet.com. In. And we were a unit next week -- return trip to -- I -- I ever land.

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