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Dialed In: Dialed In 179: Of Meego, Mango, and 3D

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Dialed In: Dialed In 179: Of Meego, Mango, and 3D

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Aww, thanks for saying I'm awesome last week, you guys! Speaking of awesome, we take a look at the Nokia N9, which despite its cool exterior is sadly saddled with MeeGo, an operating system with no future. We also go in-depth into Windows Phone Mango, talk rumors of a new Nexus and a new iPhone, and learn Bonnie's take on the HTC Evo 3D.

It's blended into any second -- and having anything to doubt is CNET cellphone podcast I'm senior associate editor Nicole. Against YouTube bag and senior editor Kent -- And senior associate Jessica -- quarry bank. In that behind the mixer than it is Stephen beaten you cannot have no concerns behind the control. -- -- -- At an -- -- art is behind. And access to get -- on it. That -- no sun news rumors about the next iteration of the of the nexus and the Google nexus or heat and -- So. -- Interesting to think about what the next next and Nexus One next nexus the next -- why -- -- will be at five times -- -- and so be collaborated intimately than shortlist of one to see from the next. Google phone. Yes and actually give -- -- the colon. And the -- As -- go right ahead. It features of the Google nexus fighting include a dual -- One point -- gigahertz -- one point five gigahertz CPU. A seven tiny pixels each east peace seems to be one of the -- grooming features. One gigabyte one gigabyte of ram 1080. Four G of course -- -- name. One mega -- -- front facing camera and a front five megapixel shooter on the back. So these are definitely welcomed specifications machinists. And -- give up your the difference -- as -- -- Yes I am -- your sandwich would be nice and this is actually in the lists or some of the rumors that we've seen in other sites that -- of -- the apartment but. That would be an ideal thing we've had I -- Japan after offer over six months now seven months so would be good to get some of the next newest version and on an axis devices previous -- devices have. Has served as saying. The debut device were particularly Android OS that would OS version with the Nexus One it was to outline which is the cleaners who clean and then to three was next on -- -- -- It great to have that other things we talked about where 24 G connectivity and we know that's coming but it -- be fast and strong when he switched. You know we're still -- can implement the in excess -- External memory slot which was gone from the nexus asked. As an -- I -- originally put -- -- next -- -- was just reading this has been at about the return nexus S assortment attitude. Previous devices the next -- -- have an external. More internal memory immunized -- performance. -- fast performance dual core processor. Strong battery life and I am Bonnie was really impressed with sensation -- -- battery life. That it -- point three errors twelve point dazed and rated standby time. OLED notifications. Better camera -- spying and having just consider it when she suggests that this when she was shaking things up and forget exactly -- -- put. It she doesn't want people -- partners that wasn't such as -- -- -- such -- -- PA premium. Just don't want soft and spent a soft touch finish on the back or professional excellence so. Invited some comment on whether the people thing. -- now what you like and maximize their prank it was somebody in the comments that. But they didn't like it was. They but they don't -- to -- this is nexus -- -- -- Google nexus four G which is this of the code name anyway and a picture of it since ready had a nexus. S four G now this -- nexus -- they -- a little more. There were shaken up the name an agreement. So. Yeah it's it's pretty -- to see what. Be. The finest for a GT you know whether you wanna do with -- -- very intuitive. There are happy to stick with the nuclear and -- it -- Not really. But we'll see what the what the next phone would be. And for Thanksgiving release and seeing some -- heat that. The next sort of big use recently discussed a pregnant surprising that it's got caught. -- based -- is the Nokia and ninety's and you -- accused. New neat little phone and this is interesting because I recognized in but. The dining -- did it did not dying but did so but noted the phone looks. Canadian distinguished kind of cool -- we post that he re so we cross posted this post from CNET Asia -- but the and Nokia and you get the Nokia N ninety amiga OS and it looks cool I. MT -- now there's a big church are going on -- now. It happens every year it's called communication. Which is sort of like a mobile world congress sort of thing -- the big -- show and and people from all over there. And when it's times like to go. Sunnis we have the officer and willingness to -- outpost roundup in the next couple days of the bitterness that show we -- -- the presidential looking device. It looks a bit it's really bang or at least and yeah if there's anything inherently. -- -- -- -- And I -- yes out into three point. Nine inch. Corning gorilla glass in -- continents and handsome white screens it's a 1616 my main. That's an issue which is meeting. And at -- -- colorful loaded with completely black cyan and magenta. In the units -- of -- plenty cabinet he seeing. I mean you may seem basic you -- -- it looks -- heat it. -- that the unit at all iPod this. And magenta. Almost patent and with it but. Right and -- chorus. It's gonna be available unlocked is not is it is again Nokia's kind of -- pervasive problem here in the US is not available with the carrier. According to use this article government retail for 660 dollars. And -- 129 dollars with a sixty gigabyte and 64 gigabyte. Not a suspect in just a lot of teens for a wounded mean that. The do we -- -- Do we know. Do you think mean Nokia knows what it's doing -- immune system public -- you guys have all the. Got totally we have just among us we have -- how to talk about media line at canning and nowhere and and Lincoln Aviator outcomes and found him. I feel like it's kind of like the -- where you know they probably have this in development for a long time now they -- of it would be kind of a waste is -- like let's not belief that the do kind of like a transitional blamed on the began. Casino looking at the -- -- and I truly understand what he hacked T. Scrap it because of lack of resources and had to deal with the Windows Phone 7 -- just because it makes financial sense but. The -- less like. Well it just kind of machine -- never really took off because it looks kinda cool and it's one of those that. I know route Nixon we are to be reviewed upon -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now oh. Yeah you have reviewed -- and theories. Break and they usually have really good cameras -- -- The hardware is great including the camera but it's always been the software that the problem by taking away. -- the and on -- -- -- to do with it and I forget who wrote was that you desk and wrote about Nokia. I am. And how to -- came to the realization that -- -- -- was just nine. Being competitive and data that was a finding that CEO -- -- -- -- talking about. Very candidly and -- and the company's China. -- so well. Pretty good to see new phone but it's an. And it certainly had its Zune device it's got it seems like it has managed hardware -- I mean -- screen but I just you wonder. There under such criticism right now for the -- -- taken in terms of -- Windows Phone 7 so. Are they putting the resources they need to make a really good when response Windows Phone 7 from ten. Or is that the Windows Phone or they just you know is -- a deviation and earn your what does this really -- for the company and where it. It's a -- of a confusing. I think anybody who gets this in the US are outside of the US -- is going to be support Nokia are ready to check for me and treat when he sixteen. Ohio where her at those ideas department queries now you outside partners -- -- the lifetime of your own name and -- it will -- Via and it and you know and money and be remembered to Nokia has -- -- presence -- the popularity. Indonesia and Internet zone this could have a few customers I mean -- just. But he says you know gonna -- predicted that Apple and is -- suggesting an instinct phone. In that sense I -- via. Absolutely and a policy to and we might be able to see being -- Nokia -- sometime in the future -- with. -- -- -- And a body -- -- -- -- -- W you wrote a vanity and a comprehensive. Report I think -- -- along the comprehensive. Comprehensive is honest or as okay -- sign up again. Comprehensive. At eighty MB would be and who is -- as you as well as the negative commentators think I'm -- with him. -- and -- her and the game but it. Very comprehensive data. Preview in those -- mango. OS and -- -- -- the fitness. Can't it just. Well okay with it. -- Great yeah I mean it basically Bonnie and I both got previews of this finally -- -- devices. And of course is not nothing's coming out until fall so and there were some. I -- Aspects that we contest. Me though some things we'll have to judgment we'll just have to wait until the full -- However are its name in -- that the take -- message we're not gonna go over every single. New release we'll let you look at the -- and that hit the knowledge by -- and the videos they -- to -- to that whenever new communications features and also new apps features. And I think that overall. Our. Take home -- was that. Microsoft has done. A really good job -- and -- feedback and trying to make this operating -- something new. And something different from its competitors. But the real question we had was sort of like is -- enough. In -- and I were talking actually we did a lot of work together over the phone while we were heard talking about adding collaborating. And Michael bunny lake. Already think just like well you know I think it's pretty good I like -- Lake -- it's here and I have liked it but. I don't -- -- spotlight him. So -- just gonna trying to get to the bottom of what's missing and I think Fermi it's sort of like. There are other mobile platforms that offer something really compelling. And trade offers that openness in the hack ability but also instant access to all Google services. Hands iPhone you know Apple sort of I I wouldn't argue pioneered and revolutionized the modern Smartphone era and we have our -- Windows Mobile was strong. -- strongly on the strong. But evidently -- Ireland and every now and that -- and enjoyed really using windows nobody really enjoyed it it is sort of they're -- -- I mean interface and it means -- maybe they enjoy getting your email they enjoy some of the business aspects of it but -- -- -- -- got this computer that I have in my hand yes -- it was a really intuitive that was really consumer. So there is the cult of Apple. And I think the challenge for Microsoft and also the talents. For consumers that kind of trying to figure out what it is that's different in compiling that Microsoft. Is offering. And it is fresh -- is old and is different and sort of Microsoft has done it kind of filled holes that -- about earlier by adding things like copy paste and some of the other -- and right now -- -- kind of trying to make it a little bit smarter by integrating them. Them no aspects and features together and like being has got a lot of work done and it's -- -- really -- will definitely went well being vision where. You basically press this button shaped like an ion -- and -- media are -- Or Q mark and it will just that -- -- anymore but -- find information that. That's really cool but still not everything works -- seamlessly so I think that. And Microsoft is on the right track and we kind of agreed and jump in anytime you want -- -- that we kind of agreed that that we -- The company will get there. But they're still hard times ahead sort of identifying for themselves with -- in -- to take it further and then also. Educating consumers about really -- should got a -- Can anything that's one of their biggest challenges is and they I think of it eliminated is. Getting these phones out in front of people once they it is in front of people do they do like and I've heard. From readers that they loved the OS and -- -- people aren't aware you know they don't understand why they should be their Android phone aren't there I if I think that. Or that yes I think that has been planning to Apple. -- -- -- developed credits and and audiences where the anti -- -- from our consumers that buy it because they don't wanna go with Apple they have some sort of and they have it is wanna sort of did did they would they don't want my phone battery usage into their cigarettes so they wanted to different alternative interest to go through Internet and people. Look at Windows Phone 7 and I think they say -- -- you know might be nice of those who have moved. Getting people to try it really looked kind of -- -- -- they come off as Microsoft Windows Mobile sort of history he going to historic. And yet they don't seem to be really highlighted and even in an advertising intelligent returns which that was clever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- and those are great ads but it but they also in their mineral and it got -- thinking but then they also didn't show anything about Apple is. They look at this TV ads like this is how you do that's an isn't it easy and -- -- gamble to music and it's -- interest in -- distress -- and as well as with -- commercials with. Others are funny but. What does -- tell me about the -- And that it's something they admitted that mobile -- affects the human -- and had a marketing and they said there have abandoned that approach in the actually. Going forward gonna show what these phones do and and I think that's the one that's the one thing nation is that you know because of -- -- system this is why they're better than. In the iPhone announcement and -- because we have this unique system that lets you. Unit useless and just to top excellence in there and thinking but I when he -- mentioned now when -- -- -- all the tutorial videos on Apple dot com. You could go to and it's is figure out how to quiet and to have to target and really helpful to just get the familiar with the US and -- another kind of little how what I thought of the Xbox I feature whether that is and that is at all. An attractive component. Of those those old editions for pretty small I mean I mean holistic energy and it additions between terrorists and my lesson -- about -- I'm I mean they're good at -- -- -- for integrating things that were already there as part of separate app. Now let's natively with an act are something like having your avatar being a little bit more animated and now being achievements and friend requests and and my laundry of a connect spokesperson would one. Because weren't but again I think that's part of education -- don't think. People fully realize that you on the path with this. Windows Phone you -- And I think I'd be off some gamers if you haven't Xbox I don't see why you wouldn't want it. -- it -- also at a news report I wanna see that. The into the entry Verizon AT&T stores and -- -- -- -- the article up at the Windows Phone device and there's still there's actually -- -- you want that. Connecticut did I OpenId. And right now that are reserved at several reports -- just. Is not. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's really fortunate -- Makes you wonder what what is one -- what is the purpose what are they getting the store the store clerks and all ions and and it now seems very unfortunate the power of guiding new nano yet customer to purchase as. -- and another thing. They need -- -- -- -- hardware and this may be where Nokia and help them -- you know some of there hardware specs. Now her looking -- old you know they have that. Single core processors. Cameras and things like that thinking. They need a push that forward as well as much as the software group. Right and since they don't make a hardware it's it's kind of more complicated because may have to go to their phone making partners play -- he's seen him. To health. To getting it sees museums. I mean -- as -- but not really their its partner. Bet I -- combining I think Nokia and provides an opportunity for management and you know just gonna do Microsoft just do hit make it happen. Yes and Jefferies and using medications and up to me that if -- happened to happen to them. Hopefully not take -- look at the -- At the preview was very expensive -- is -- to learn more about Windows Phone manga. And we do think more about Unix Windows Phone -- -- And the next phone we have up here is the and the latest X media -- the Sony Ericsson -- has unveiled the XP -- me in the XP it it is. These two phones also came at a communique said today. And they are. To direct phone coming out in Q3 in select markets worldwide. The exterior active -- geared towards those with an active. -- -- And has a dust proof in one -- it at that time. We now have built in -- -- Wired and wireless technologies they can use it as a heart rate and pulse monitor and comes preloaded with -- asked. Aaron and accessories including a confirmed case when -- -- With it. And then experience a little more high end it and it has it. As -- point one megapixel camera with this any more are humans and -- And has six times digital soon. Based detection that can between technology and and this one actually desperate for the North American -- deep means -- -- the active doesn't. Definitely get -- Both are expected in Q3. And would -- suspect they might be and and -- case where you have to buy it unlocked. Next to that the lives of listeners rooms right it must -- -- -- -- -- and so -- analysts and and it's so that's -- -- -- years Sony Ericsson. Very quickly here AT and Bonnie estimate about eighteen TDD seen. In -- fifty dollar PP cunning plan. Yes so basically this is a new option it's if you -- per month you get unlimited talk text and web for a quick messaging phones. And that includes unlimited texting and instant messages to Mexico Canada and under other countries. -- -- -- is 26. I Adobe -- -- -- for smart phone customers fifty dollars per month by. -- extra in you can choose from -- plans ranging from five dollars to 25. Why does -- -- -- -- new prepaid phone from AT&T I was welcome. End. We have to talk about the new news of a new iPhone. Of course we do -- But it's it's it's due in just lifeless Adobe's relatives that people are very upset about and today -- that we that we ticket deputy C and -- -- in an iPhone announcements and we mean again. And not an Apple -- -- do this but we never got any. And Africa though any kind of cancer you know maybe coming later are you know the rumors that only spun around and within. Five hours from four estimate that four G. So now looks like and there's been a lot of rumors in the past few days that some of them actually contradicted each -- -- of course sometimes you don't learn anything yeah well that's it. A sort of thing but in every yesterday's hearing a quite critical and here. -- -- Packed so right now we're looking -- what could be a possible September release -- what what might happen is that. Apple always -- their -- early September which she's traditionally relied on iPods and -- And he can and its new iPod Touch -- government. And considering that in I guess some of the is that there's some of the thinking this is there's so much like these two devices iPhone. Except -- -- one doesn't. -- -- -- it -- make -- vital -- group them together and then key. Maybe you -- keep -- -- see more page. To get software onto our computers and things like that so. Look these are as the rumors today came from Bloomberg it'll -- faster chip a more advanced camera. -- citing people familiar with the plan that would include our good friends who are familiar with the plans we hear him. Could come to it in a -- coming up and if I processor which affluent audience to the iPad to. And it could have. Other reports say there could have a dual core. And could have a dual core expansion of will have an eight megapixel camera and typically thought from the five megapixel version -- -- thing. It will run IOS five which would make perfect sense and considering that -- atlas five disposed to them we estimate a date -- that. Then that could be a big thing. There's been some. -- -- some discussion over. What exactly design it. We've we've seen a couple -- an event new cases that -- The designs are kind of tapered how only the bottom of its own review and it -- -- sounds like a triangle. But then the new amenities -- taxis and a look that much different than what we've seen Allen. It. Yes that we in the -- says the first iPhone -- -- iPhone four plus. But others say it will -- which -- -- with with only minor improvements but then and -- -- -- from private big improvements that we're gonna have to -- we don't know. It will come -- the phone. So you say that do -- something in the -- -- it's that the and that -- that day at the Apple's event usually. Ross ran after Labor Day -- Are usually not that the week after eliminates those four days into the week after that so -- keep them. Still moving from the phone to be they'll really do exist just wouldn't be -- no -- -- is the quality glory. Coming cute cricket. Do you know anything about its own -- this news also came out of -- Side at different -- yet you came out. And basically. -- is going to be an Android 2.3 gingerbread phone with a one point four gigahertz Qualcomm processor. So there is some confusion whether this is gonna be dual core or single core like. Such -- again with Ellen Hume wrote this -- and -- -- and a hands on already and said that. While way is claiming it's gonna be dual core but humans in that process turned -- -- as if single cores so that's -- there's debate. Four inch screen. And pretty high resolution eight megapixel camera with -- Levy fine of up kind of what's known about it three G mobile content to cricket. So cricket doesn't have -- network. And today anyway and so that's I would probably seen three gene. And apparently there aren't any TV your HDMI out thoughts. There is going to be a little bit more limit. There -- about -- -- to tell them but there is a surprising media solution. Whatever that is that you probably its -- like -- communal on the it could be just like his digital thinking with an -- don't really now. Other -- it -- what's most interesting to me it's just they continued story of -- way especially with cricket wireless because in the US. We're not really well known how ever really released a whole ton of Smartphones and Smartphones they -- obviously. That while -- then for example. Okay not Green. Definitely you -- or. Entry level or middle of the road. And they've been coming out with MetroPCS and cricket are crickets are released from partner for -- but these are not tier one carrier. And to be frank while I haven't really released any phones that IE would have been -- Pressed with enough to think that it should be. Introduced with the chairman carriers so I'm still waiting for a while a few. Ruby's a firm that. And -- up to its name and I don't know if that's what it really will be cooler if that is called the glory but it might be a little bit concerned from the picture it -- Like -- on the phone side actually a -- looks a lot like him like an iPod. And it could be there could be their plan to do it could -- planned to stay at the second tier players for long term Kyocera to mostly from -- estimates by the formally -- Sanyo -- it had the -- the occasional phone with the hire him like sprint to Verizon but really stuck with those little -- carriers and there was -- -- they very much admitted that was just what they want to do. And. -- so we all know more later the Flickr Google -- something professional it's absolutely. So that does it for and use. Before we get to -- used to get the -- And it. And -- backed. -- onto reviews Bonnie you reviewed the first ever I think -- and community to. Christine and HTC evo -- BT. So if -- Nvidia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So good. Though a Google said her first -- of 3-D phone and it's a classless. A -- fonts you don't need us to keep treaty the treaty parties. -- -- -- gimmicky and I don't think there's really any need for it and it. Maxi mini me I think it's unify and just to show just -- Kayla but that hasn't been thinking. Gambit tea -- my -- started across the they can -- and so. Not advocate -- Internet. Reminds me of those. In -- commercials for medication. Side effects because we need from the united the that this so they can -- about 3-D make us headaches crossed. If you can -- And we actually I compared it with that Nintendo three S with at Stein and the different. That the 3-D S has a better depth of field so you can see more in the background it goes like deeper into the background where -- this. HTC -- 3-D make things just kind of pop pop history. And remain -- a lot of those. This is -- -- for -- -- Those 3-D postcards. And Noel you like Hanna moved back in Florida the -- -- all holograms. 3-D ventricular treaty is there. All these things just the hi welcome to -- -- wanted to big words that they would find it. They -- can't really carry it in anyway check out my even treaty equipment. Articulate. And everything like. A -- That's. The -- I mean isn't a good -- other life other than that the heat problem it is immunity -- The reason not to get -- I mean. The reason you get bonus for the dual core process fair and I think it's a little bit faster than the evo and it has better battery life which was a big issue with the original English or any action yet so it ships with a larger battery and I -- Found with moderate to heavy use I could get through full decade and even a little bit over -- And it's pretty -- I think it is yes it. I think it's a good phone again the treaty parties. This extra. And India ousted as 3-D photos and protect that but again it's even worse than looking at the -- Yet -- -- you don't have to use right exactly and I when I watched it and C two it seemed like. -- come afloat slightly off the screen like the company levitating you know it's not -- boom there you know. Some guy is its sword fighting units were sort is coming out of from an X ray dies it just it just sort of meditate. With games about another area application. That is theme -- -- -- -- with spamming and treaty and again it's a little it's a pop up -- But there's no real. -- again comparing it to the 3-D S there's so much more depth of field and it feels like you're actually. And three game to be fair to Wikipedia there's a little -- -- as they're -- writer. He can make it as as the media line -- -- on this too but I can't yet but ending those -- it and make it -- -- happen now. Another thing is there's a limited Ingle and viewing angles so if -- there's a game that uses. That built an excellent barometer for controls you're gonna -- problems because your. It's always -- tentative yes exactly so disappointing because which are basically saying is that the technology and make this a little bit better already access. And it just hasn't been implemented in -- it's hot again immediately if they are now that with the Nintendo I've they've gotten a handle on it and it's not just enough to excuse and -- well. That's its first generations of the first that's ever happened -- the content that. At fatter and fatter and more like you have we -- something and -- in a matter. Can you some algae -- treaty and -- was -- kind of the same effect. Yet it seems very similar -- and yeah compared side by side and it was that it was set effective. It just you eating had to look at and a certain way you know it's really hard to shown on video and -- and actually western U -- look ridiculous to demonstrate it on but now I mean -- can't yet relations officer. You can have to look at it and I it was our things and I say this about a lot of things though I can't imagine how much I would use it but then sometimes I do but -- this this I have to say that about this again as I just. I don't watch I only watch movies on the -- a permanent plane and I. Don't I'm sort of the Roger -- school -- only like 3-D -- 3-D movies and -- thing unusable because they did find it a little distracting after more than 1015 to that the treaty photos were kind of interest and -- definitely fun. But you're just looking at those for a second in the videos. Constantly -- -- -- it's constantly hear constantly focusing on it was affected find it difficult to focus. Constantly and refocus and find out what I'm looking. -- -- -- know is one of those things where. But I -- if it doesn't buying a TV addict I probably wouldn't get EV ET like -- dvd but a lot of TV these days that connect media -- them. -- very advanced right. So -- get the phone not because of that the key is in the -- that thing you should your friends maybe there for like ten seconds. And then you noted that the reason you get the funding is on other -- all of -- others acted on yet right. The -- Melanie Brown is is it. Priced appropriately it's 200 -- expect him today and so you're not paying a premium for that yet. So I think it's gonna be interesting to see about alongside that LG thrill foraging via with -- BD -- -- was an optimist treating chronic -- get. At huge gains well in hand is in he had there will showcase at that meeting get a chance to put them up side by side. -- have to say though just bumped from a very very quake -- glance at both phones at CT day. Bennett -- Eva DD was at the lid of the clear a little bit. Just a tiny bit better. But again -- very cursory few sections look and now I wanna see his name contents on yes and the bank distinction we're gonna see the -- Through LG and we get it out at adjacent -- afford he -- there's no date but it will come in summer. -- -- -- It better and rumor months ago summer has burned one day pass yes -- on -- folks don't have. AM if it eighteen -- it stated that -- I -- wonder when they talk about -- conflict actually talking you know. June 21 and September 2 papers to -- the Memorial Day to Labor Day or what is. It's time they need faster and I'm an what -- their definition their summer. Phishing and there are servers so -- -- Doesn't that is -- HTC either need to -- And I reviewed the Motorola -- predict the it is spelled XP RTM. For. By its announced and space science and this is essentially splits -- -- re branding at the Motorola Droid -- that Bonnie you reviewed. It's it's the hardware is essentially the same. It is that it is a tiny -- that parents and little defensive -- and that keyboard is a little bit. Roomy and I feel. That Chrome trims and of fronts in the back the back cover I -- -- artists and Bonnie new tranquility said that the plastic backing was a little big -- -- the now that the expert is that the matte finish a soft touch stopped soft touch matte finish so. It'll get very subtle touches in their -- I do think it makes the expert -- -- a bit. More premium in a panic it was because -- have that soft touch finish -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- market in two point one inch but you because he has -- -- pretty Cuba and new that's bytes and a small. I think it does -- and those the same enhanced security features and a bit complex -- apart of VPN client and has an enterprise support. So on is overall a very did enterprise level when I feel. Be not as good as a Blackberry but if you -- an alternative to the -- printing this one company offers that and this it was a very good for sprint because it's Sprint's. First Android based world phones that this has both the CD -- and GS and -- chipset these lessons do you use it in the US in the use GSM. Abroad -- -- the world -- -- -- -- so. And yes no hot -- and -- the five megapixel camera so overall. Betty. And moving on huge. Email do you give it a few lenient with -- upcoming review. A community site they want delete evidently have a few upcoming who have used the adding that the most -- -- -- from the Samsung Gravity smart. A review should be up later saying that it's basically messaging and -- out messaging phone with -- -- keyboard and Android two point new. I think it in -- -- Myself but then there's the -- smile and -- the Simpson tender that's just a plain messaging phone not a smart -- at all. Tenders and leave me for. But -- and that's history -- -- heavily methods from the. -- yes the census -- alchemy for and then -- and artistic and others. Ms. nicely -- of the benefits most from its -- it makes me think of the dot star. Okay so I pulled the box -- actually going to be reviewing announcement by and -- it arrived at my desk at pulled out of box and screen instantly -- movie -- and yet it feels tacky. -- you know -- -- -- you do if you -- your hand on it feels kind of like a little bit of resistance and almost sticky. He felt -- theory can. Yes. Now -- -- sweeteners and is the and out and Andy and I guess Bonnie DPP going to do you know I think you're -- into HT CMO. All through -- US cellular antenna. -- -- for all for T-Mobile actually it's of the plans for a US cellular and in a retraining of the -- arrive for sprint. Okay. -- performance will vary on US cellular network. Hands about planes should be ready by -- the weeks -- interest in that. Yes and a community being -- -- -- Portland television intimate -- with. End onto emails piling. Email to back a condensed birth and using those really long. Announcer this email -- from him is basically a business. Led that the queues between the two great courage or the W I think that to mean -- asking if teen arts and and so I'm Bonnie you let -- -- you. Did they -- -- although looking at Tim's -- -- he. Banks have phones with good built quality. Compass and easy and have a problem. Where it can very plastic -- and I and LG revolution is -- better I think it has. And bill called the rate the call yeah I do you think literally. -- quality. Sony thing is that because the charge is a little bit more union has the -- atom. Dual core and it doesn't it doesn't. Canada and with with the company confident. Let you know the do in my opinion about compatible. -- -- like inner preferences against pending. -- for the -- -- -- evolution to revolution to me it's a phone. You know it has -- -- unit out -- so. -- -- going to the store and see which. Design you like better because they think the features that are very ammonia was a -- -- -- -- revelation just normally yes. I am thing with the jury charged so. I think it comes and a personal preferences are. Me. -- think victory turns it everything. It can happen. That's the today. Fitness -- -- -- email from all of -- eat he he he. And remembering the email -- yes and so. It means that the basic gist of it he's he wants a better phone he wasn't -- -- alive can map has conducted on outside. And and he -- that is apparently yes he's taken huge -- three DB dynamic -- each. But then -- said you know it's okay because you don't really need is speedy to get the pretty -- front. So and yet he didn't like the set the agency says on there that that he represented the HTC sense you know what -- -- It does it has the news sent okay so I'm isn't the only. Being about the -- lol. And it could be just where I am the call quality wasn't on that -- And I -- mentions that the photon and here and yeah well that's about -- in the chat -- I am mean appearing if you can -- I would. He would the first -- -- g.s by an -- pretty prominent such -- -- among. Quickly yet again we think it's the summer so I think keynote we'll see how they handle -- -- because that has always been monolith that -- outside. -- to handle it. Not not as intrusive than it. And does anyone have a more pristine. Well we we -- -- and more even -- Mary young reading -- on time near death of -- -- -- -- those next week if that if they meet. Anti email us can just united -- at cnet.com you can even look at 18664. Immunity -- He seeks to -- -- piece. Make your messages as -- with long. Messages on. -- -- -- -- out more of a packed episodes impressionist and -- in dot cnet.com Ryan Morris CNET podcasts that he podcast that CNET. And that's it that is it for this week's show. -- simulator I ever run. -- -- --

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