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Dialed In: Dialed In 178: Nicole is awesome

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Dialed In: Dialed In 178: Nicole is awesome

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Nicole is out today, but we hope she doesn't mind us talking about her, especially since we all agree that she's awesome. On this week's podcast, Sprint and Motorola's renewed partnership and offer some first impressions about their new smartphones. U.S. Cellular wants you to know that its got some big plans too, as the carrier announces the rest of their lineup for 2011. Also, get the latest news on the AT&T-T-Mobile merger and much more, all on this episode of Dialed In.

-- every line it is do you think he and welcome to dial in CNET cellphone podcast I am by meantime here in New York in there in San Francisco if that Kent chairman. -- adult court and he and beat him I -- about a -- Now Nicole Lee is act. He is back in and -- Overton. You know -- it -- -- but I don't think again and it ends up ads and now she's gonna come -- thing. But here's a -- it called the dentists or something like that where he was people like metal thing. I don't see how I sound like an apartment bargain -- on time you know you can pick it up. Now I mean it was a big hitting you pick a zero it was back in the blockbuster days here humans. Data and -- last one closed out on the block and my -- -- and. Yeah I'm and the one and church treatments have to there was a long time and in the -- you think there's still line. On the -- and -- hours and sixteen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When asked and get lots of interest -- phones to talk we do a little as definitive reason I was out last. Beat it beat as having. At this event sprint and Motorola had an event in June ninth where they A announced -- renewed their partnership and back to bring more innovative devices together. Market starting with the Motorola both time four G and the Motorola to client. Which will actually come to -- -- mobile. When the -- on four G and it's -- today at the HX four G and you know docket. They would say that there -- gonna opt for the laptop docs so part of me thinks that they might have a different accessory for this but basically you can. Projector phone on to bigger screen and -- -- with keyboards. And you can interact with with their own. That way. It is a dual dual core phone it's the first Nvidia tegra to use my own plan. I had to clarify. It's not their first dual core phones the first when using in the intent. -- three -- efforts to query that -- -- For people paying attention he county. And and it's gonna be a world phone which is nine days and I've been lacking in that area -- avenue global phone. And ready Android 2.3 gingerbread with moto blur and although I believe they're not Korean portable anymore. Eight megapixel camera. It's the front of the army's formerly known -- yeah. Yeah. As well as a front facing VG humans -- that high and -- from them you know and looking for these days they didn't announce -- scene but it will be available this summer. Along with the Motorola triumph which is sexy what I am more excited about Aaron -- and they were talking about how Virgin Mobile customers. Are getting away from using an as a -- in no -- to -- in social networking and way have been messaging. Say they want in an offer content. A pair and device that meets the -- though it says is where the -- And it looks a lot like the Droid XQ. With smaller. It's turning into a 2.2 for audio -- no might have blurred there are gonna go stock -- -- -- Android phones I believe that good news. Four inch WV eight -- mean and -- and gigahertz after the process and so there I mean it's not the latest and greatest but it's it's moving up. From what they've been offering which is in -- of the lower and adhered to this so I am really excited for the time they think it's -- and Q well. Especially as mr. -- and I think it's gonna come down to pricing while -- an -- I mean. Yes the pricing investments -- but also just looking at virgins -- opinion they're pretty enticing you know -- to think 25. Dollars is starting. And you get unlimited text in -- on it yet -- -- them. So does there was a press conference for -- there was a press conference with an idea and sprint. He again if he was airlines Motorola the air China. I'm looking at the picture of -- it's funny and it -- a hunt wearing identical. Output. Thank -- -- -- and then yeah maybe they are and being heading -- may be that shows their commitment to each other the. -- -- -- I -- really funny three forum events and its last territories and they wanted to see as the man this is this is below them to something. With the money but they do -- they feel that he's going. We think it's a product once you know you -- yes -- face they gotta be there. Yen and -- Nicole -- he did depend an opinion piece and just seeing. They -- it's nice if the Motorola teaming up with frank has. You know Verizon's -- -- been. Air partner in the past for daunting fact that devices so it's nice and even spreading the love gathered here -- -- -- -- them via app. Bath and an out and outside of the incidents have put -- outside of the the I devices says anything item in -- in a long time we've seen something on Motorola. That -- me yet but it's meant. I mean date days to do a bunch of things having your Merom racers like -- guy MP threes he -- okay we get it that -- could -- Yes and and sprint went fairy kind of candid about this they eat you know they admitted they and then. Negligent in that area -- -- so there there and make up for. What else and out of their and they did save. There's -- lunch together ten devices. More than ten devices actually this year and I am very kind about. Governor eat them and announced -- -- boost and Virgin Mobile exactly yep and -- are basically three carrier brand that -- yet and really care if via. Though looks like we'll have been a couple more present -- mine. Is -- -- -- good number of them out there of -- That movie -- -- and looks -- Sprint's and that. Debut a new data plan for the even though few Ford disease with something pat Webster. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't you get a ten gig data plan for NATO this month and -- nexus two what next if -- data plans. Three gig and -- -- quite. As if it. -- The head of the three plans -- 441940s. So basically just brings -- more data -- -- subscribers. Have about half inch currently choose from one -- three -- gigs but they range from twenty to sixty dollars seems to be little ludicrous and adjustment. Sprint hasn't actually formally announced this it was found by. Android police -- and then was confirmed by sprint but they haven't you mean the official announcement -- I -- -- about the -- win anywhere other than -- -- it. Either a Wi fi a lot of that you feel a lot and we will not comment on speculation and rumors an I don't really feel -- -- -- -- coming port in the night. Yet you gotta -- say he's written. Yet it probably -- a -- -- you found out. I'm sure this is -- things -- -- is cutting you know its its its nine. It's not -- tariff formation and it's not game changing and it's it's it's just. In a different plans that would do but -- the good -- -- and -- have they usually like to control their own PR and conversation. And MS this is something here it's gonna step up and press release. Yet and may even authority just to remind everyone is. The sprint version of that -- DC fire tablet which not on June 24. And moving on and Sprint's not the only one -- the devices you affiliate there last week I'll feel announced there. Roadmap for the rest of two when he eleven and it looks me he did it there and watch eight Smartphones into tablets -- -- and that they care. The Kennedy gave that I'm. Phone will be a Windows Phone and that which -- in town this week at the Windows 7 -- the wind. HTC seven pro which is like HTC arrive -- sprint which took a look at fifth and again. -- take a look at the excellent -- I when this news came over at you know it's 5 o'clock your time -- and I thought -- my -- have to write -- eight devices but the point. And the benefits I don't know it's only and he now and it's only just we are announcing any device yes -- announcement only an -- of the NASA -- or stimulate the so you also like it at times and it. And -- at a press releases back and ultimately. 10 o'clock PT Capcom -- the opposite camp found. -- 5 PM on a Friday with foreign news announcements sent them -- -- Buy it yet. You shouldn't panic and think about mice yet looked on it when you're -- -- -- scandal involvement. Check let me first -- -- -- -- meetings and then of recording time -- -- exactly. That's who put -- -- it says hand. And they said HTC will provide for the devices. Obviously -- seven pro is one of -- Android phones will be in the group as well as a seven inch tablet in the fall. Motorola's can and a after I promised you running -- at seven inch tablet with a lot like the flyers I don't get bored very easy -- just can't wait to get that idea from. -- -- -- -- Motorola's gonna provide a dual core four point -- -- phone with the world roaming capabilities and it sounds like the food town -- to eat -- LG is throwing in that quote and quote one of the slimmest and lightest mobile. With it. Seven inch touch screen one gigahertz processor. And both of those both of those devices are expected to ship in the fall. And then they -- wanting to entry level Smartphones from Samsung and quality and -- pretty quick messaging phones from now. Treat it can expect as. Much fun and -- spam. And Italy England and he's looking good for US. And a nice to see them they've been pretty aggressive I think there's my phone -- recently really another -- And is CEO. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who I spoke to last at CTA last pollen and sheep and anything quite a change the dynamic have a moment magic and of have a -- projects -- -- exactly. There they're really trying to just make themselves known and just anesthetics they've actually have just in moderation solely -- the AT&T -- -- and they've been pretty. Pretty neutral on and they said you know and we're gonna continue to occupy the space we are whether it's. To -- carriers at three beekeepers say yes or for whatever yet. Which is pretty realistic yeah. I mean their name and number 63 now. And they're pretty regional. Then. -- -- -- -- of course -- lever against at Verizon hasn't said anything him MetroPCS -- trying to play both sides. There's -- Well we don't like it but if you do it -- -- conditions of but the company. Now that we -- to well. While our Nantucket run and attempt to us through it and can't use did a piece in AT&T T-Mobile -- merger and estates there's gonna starting to weigh in on what side they're on you but this he can be -- little -- here with her. As -- -- -- and has AT&T does not have to get approval from the states they only have to get approved from the FCC in the department justice. They states can make it over complicated if -- protests lawsuits and -- or if the day get negative feedback to the FCC's -- On seventeen state governors. Hand from. Clinton -- -- -- -- Have. Sent letters to the FCC supporting the merger. I think you're read a lot of letters they sort of read write him and so everybody AT&T'S executive summary in -- -- C filing. No conspiracy theorist and -- -- -- Spent three states are looking into Californians public utilities commission decided to investigate the DO. So they're gonna hold hearings around the state and report that -- -- Louisiana is seeking public comment. And New York attorney general announced that has office would -- -- said. So if you agree one of agree or disagree with your governor of new government would contact them but. It is they are supported -- -- -- sporting merger and and I are posted -- and it actually listening. That's just seemed so there are several civil rights groups that are supporting monitors well plan which is the -- in its definition. NAACP the -- and Japanese American citizen -- A Latino rights group hand the Sierra Club have all settlers -- just -- -- -- -- they list their reason they -- and letters and again they -- for different reasons some say that they ATT's more pro union. So it's got this movement is gonna lot of support from unions. His T-Mobile -- Discouraged organizing and -- among its workforce. So you have to scan is a sport they -- AT&T'S diversity initiatives and also. Eight that also all of them -- on four G in say four G deployment. Will speed up -- that this merger happens and four G service to something that brings visibility and empowers under represented communities. -- so. These letters also -- like AT&T'S executives. And you can ask if you think that AT&T has sort of in puzzling gone ahead and made contact with -- -- I think I would and so -- the conspiracy theory is that. AT&T also donate significant amounts of money to these groups it's. A letter to the partners yet so. Isn't -- that they are obviously especially. -- -- and for the peace and you know Internet same mind. Fair disclosure that glad as a group are supportive of four. It's -- -- this is a group that stuff that the devoted to. Concerned with how chemistry Fuller picture are depicted in the media but nobody -- Americans from a four -- deployment so it's just brain interest in a little. -- -- -- -- But I can posts that are certainly to my machine. Why would somebody gets you everywhere but I will say that -- give you somewhere -- straight. It on -- -- I think there. -- men. And an -- -- -- that him. You and T-Mobile hasn't slowdown in this news first hit. With that back and Medicaid rate them through partners twenty -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which by the way it was a Tuesday. Yes in October 17 in 1989. And well by the Bay Area him. I like them where were you mean in. And by advancement -- T-Mobile from Trenton. You know hints that thin. New deals and stuff including this daily -- bandwagon. With mortal army. Now in -- and fan of the day if they aren't about you the morning T-Mobile announcement that lake 9 o'clock last night -- for the care and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So look. My fault for just not working and paying for our day. And I'm a slacker reckoning of it but it's critical it is a new app for -- -- and it basically aggregate. Daily deals. From across the lab there are some partner organizations. Payers. Living essentials and the one that you would have heard of most likely and then there are some smaller -- like -- And gold star -- and an expert -- and you don't like that remote typical worker from a minus BEO. And and then from other social keep -- services has also been our creator on one -- -- but -- it is interesting to me of that. There's also an opportunity for T-Mobile to -- some of their opponent deal offers like and it's one and then demand picture for like 50% opt in -- -- like. Actually really cool we -- your -- right off currently can deal. And structure it that way and you're not just giving somebody a favor. But you're giving them an opportunity they can't possibly -- up -- -- because the clock is ticking and not everybody yet that and then there's pole exclusivity part of it -- -- really good idea because. There are so many services these days than in their services that aggregate services but -- there's so many -- on that level play you know. So I think that this is -- get out in the -- the -- way to add services you know before the carriers. Carriers have -- -- the -- for -- to differentiate. A lot of times those ways are replicating stores you know -- You know. Other annoying things -- trying to sell you something you can get for free or whenever. And I just think like -- this is a good idea in -- -- fanatic that but I think it is actually potentially useful. For their customers and partners about -- -- -- -- and you can download it. And crap like this there as services that aggregate services. -- -- the -- that independent pictures line up airlines -- yet it isn't if it went in and yet. Imagine living in those communities in the geo quiz -- associations and diseases and architects and whenever that there is an association associations. And even true for the American -- file association of America. -- -- -- that movie reference. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And things we learn about just I know Jessica's the only competitive dodge ball player though many different -- -- waiting for a punishment but a punch on our hands in your head maybe. Banned from the looks about. And have a department imagine news like this and -- -- little -- -- like coming out a Bandana and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know -- -- that -- and then you could. -- continuing on the T-Mobile. Doria and here it looks like the main beach front -- on a new and -- leveling and any -- -- called the dart. In and and that Webster but the therapy and the -- It was clear. Come out today and today are and I haven't heard anything yet I still haven't until 11:59 PM Pacific market very difficult -- -- today. And that that I -- -- -- understand. It could very well happen. I'll be checking but what we know that is practices. Looking like it's gonna be an entry level phone. With a three megapixel camera two gigabyte micro -- the card built and three G phone. Probably because it it does have web browsing of flash support. He hears that pretty good chance -- Lauren for radio which is entry and points there. Or another option is gingerbread. So. And then I I guess also affordable. With another talking point that out. Scott is dancing and I think it's pretty kickass that it might be about fifty back that the -- -- and it's a pretty good at different and yet. That will be keeping honor our eyes it. No sense and has been in this capital on where and -- attempting it's good to our a lot of times show on their page momentarily and -- some ketchup yes. And -- be removed by. -- this should mean it becomes pretty quickly. At that indicate which means that I'll have five fan -- Munster -- and human and who -- on them that I. She'll say I remember when -- got on the phone -- she -- I want us manufacturing it's gonna give me a lot of phones a nice that. -- the lines. I know I really wanna manufactures -- remember they had a power. Strip that I bet that at any backtracking and I can make on a tape recorder that convert. I announces. What we -- where he -- -- the of the tape recorder to record these. You've got me there you mean -- it's perfect for a. -- -- If any via these things he's getting with gas fired at and they keep you on your toes -- -- And finally yes Sony Ericsson. Haven't heard it from lately has -- -- the new feature found innocent. In a while since we've -- hands so these are two new feature phones and of course feature phones that are. And that's aren't quite Smartphones but their basic models so they'll have a lot of features but -- -- can have a third party operating system. And so this time we happy. Mix walkman and the text pro and that's TX TV isn't he doing about this -- right course there. It it makes walkman is -- while it's. Person -- -- -- gonna have the -- style player and isn't just thinks I thought they were coming to anyway with a -- program yeah and but -- be wrong about that right I mean I don't like to technology to -- you know maybe they've changed her mind -- Listening -- -- walkman still pranks that walkman you know tape recorder can take cassette tapes and but this is going to be have -- media player -- song idea stereo Bluetooth so all the music features. And also have a three point payment had such acts -- Sony's definitely moved away from its proprietary formats which is nice. Yeah -- have game. A regular SD -- micro SD card. And that's mainly on a man so that's mainly on -- it has it has -- of our format and it has a touch screen. And three inch touch screen and then the text pro is more for your messaging means it has a slide out keyboard also has any. I 3.2 megapixel camera also is a three inch capacity touch screen and it comes in. Pink black -- -- The -- walkman is black but -- -- there's choice colored bands that circle. We don't know pricing yet third quarter this year. I didn't expect Sony Ericsson didn't doesn't -- specific markets but be your first. That will be it so that Sony Ericsson's mix -- and text. -- And that wraps it up for the news portion that at this podcast we're gonna take a quick break in and take a look at -- and it means any emails we -- Okay -- are back that a lot of reviews this week but -- -- universal argued that each TC marriage for US cellular. Yes and I about it from the adherence their. Another third this is. Sort of add midrange injured and it's got a lighter. And planning you can view he heavy it's seven ounces actually. Great have to even you have a brick is brushed aluminum accents so that adds to the week and then -- keyboard also adds to the -- to the thickness to you. And I I would say -- features -- it's okay it's definitely -- here -- -- five megapixel camera on the back and in. 720 Ph.D. video capture and I I thought that was really get the camera is actually pretty good outside. There is pretty good inside and not an -- to your shots because for some reason I'm never satisfied with there's two years of so. Anyway and it brought -- -- -- and read it and bigger heard. Processors so. It's it's pretty good it's not the fastest that's not even close to dual core. But it and it's it's all right so I would say it's pretty standard and there's not that hunch that different cheapen. I'm from some -- -- other -- in in terms. In terms of features so. That again it's free US cellular I would say at the very beginning I had a really hard kind sliding it open I think my fingers -- used it but. I kept fumbling it as there -- -- sort of novels on the back and they're a little bit more shallow and it's trying to opponents like if I -- it a certain way and just look a lot. And effect on a passed around the office and some people have no problem and some people have the same problems -- -- and -- -- with a keyboard. I'm fairly response women and pretty good but it just seems a little then -- remember Nicole -- using that. Expression to talk about the keyboard on the Blackberry style. At first didn't know what she meant an anti candidates -- -- -- again feel like there's not really anything supporting it like. He think of it could she -- order something that just how a lot of payment -- doesn't really -- padding around it but. But you get that nice tactile feeling can't -- on an unbalanced. Quite as much as on other keyboard for how to -- phone down analysts despite complain randomly cat you know -- just kinda feels like it disappears a little key tap. I felt like my bones -- getting a little bit tired after a while humans so there's not really anything wrong with it on the keys are a little bit small for some people for -- really mattered or find -- for me. But a couple people did comment that they puppet. They wish it had been spaced out a little bit more I don't really mind it if it's not based out because an -- reaching across -- To turn to him youth and so law I would say totally -- it. Call quality was -- okay it was variables sometimes there's a little bit disappointing but. US cellular -- -- -- roaming network here in -- Francisco. -- I can't really confidently -- to -- here it's here panel I can never confidently speak to what anybody else's experiences going to be like. Anywhere else but especially because this wasn't tested on US sailors home network. I would say take it you know with a grain of salt but it. If you're interested in this phone at all to think at that price is steep embankment check it out in the store -- -- you make a commitment. But that's me with Siemens oh and also another -- -- it. Is HT CNN does have the sense interface but it running than when -- -- not the most recent version of about what they confirmed it -- by a second although -- version certificate Manhattan about it when queen. Thick fail. In Manhattan that's what I'm going off but it can definitely not the newest version that has a period where did that after -- Cameron enhancement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Packets all have face detection which this has to be touted as its new thing and that might work differently I have heard and seen the new -- But it basically. It -- These built in fact united name but down 93 party apps -- Different effects on a fact. -- Alan and -- and Aaron it it's basically built into the software. And still hunting like -- -- focus through. Yeah turn around I had you can record your expert -- dot -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He turnaround and I beat the brackets to identify with -- and pop you know from in the -- is in -- -- that's her out ten anyway I don't think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And testing stuff fell. It will be -- -- -- between three no promises on when that'll happen of course. But overall I would just say. It the phone absolutely fine and US cellular doesn't have a lot of the higher and advanced Android phones at least not yet. So there's says and then there's. Tempting Matt Matt Burns but it has which is when and then -- galaxy phones. And Allen doesn't have a creaky -- circulate those are payments your -- best options. The -- for 150 dollars you know it's it's pretty decent value up there for -- -- cellular. But it's. It's not back on it and they're not asking 20215. Which but the top line -- they think it's appropriately priced. -- Well me we do have a bunch of upcoming reviews link -- -- sensitive. Resiliency and -- for planning and -- the phone via an amendment to follow it right yet they married immediately -- -- And -- it when it winners Lebanon's -- and getting. There's -- -- it exhilarating yet that gravity smarts. The trend her trend there which is the messaging and then there's -- out in -- for cricket. All three of those Netherlands -- T-Mobile and maybe the dart. The main outside at 11:59 -- it to me I mean if and I know where I'll thickening and monitor expert yes yeah that somebody actually rated -- to fear from tech expert in math that's why we had reviewed that -- -- that we don't have yet. But Bloomberg we will -- -- him. -- about that it. And there may eighteenth month I think you'd. Think -- second. Though anyway let's move on to email me -- is -- email from a fee and then yeah well yeah want to get it because it -- separate yet. I'll read it though wants to get our opinion he currently and. Then nexus four -- -- sprint and -- over a month and it has -- radius he says. Considering selling this on Craig's list and buying a Motorola expert when -- basic -- teaching sprint Samsung or -- -- have a fix or is this hardware related. And -- this is an an issue that we've talked about before Halloween it. Yes I'm -- we're gonna are we doing some more in depth testing an ominous just hang tight we meet again said when I was agreement -- -- I've used -- I haven't noticed a problem but I know a lot of people have he's -- isn't getting any further comment Thomas and on the thing. It is an outline that -- great phone and it's only when -- we are catastrophe back so. An animated and I'm sure all those things are true. Yeah I think there are other truths lurking in there as well and we're gonna do some. Testing some -- testing dispatcher does this mean it's going. -- -- Well. And it economic investment in how likely is that he malvo -- desist from -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I how likely is that T-Mobile are indicators will be getting rid of their unlimited data plans like AT&T. I asked if AT&T is has eighteen to context or six months -- And T-Mobile seems have the most affordable data plans with -- -- five to make the switch from future -- -- Pat about podcasts live -- mean if we are at the alumina plants are going to mean 64 cartridges and I could -- -- the tips in order to implement a plan before it's gone. Well. That this depends on things. It seems by. That not so -- sprint yet but it does seem like that. Verizon. Might be moving toward that model in -- equipment. And tested -- talked about it happened. -- Maybe they did so -- I can't remember but if this about. Presently get rid of the moment is -- rest and a day and there are. Changing at this summer the family sitting give any specific because details of government still it wouldn't -- months -- Verizon is doing that definitely. And of course the T-Mobile -- want to start depends on what happens of the merger. If -- if AT&T has purchased of course and you are T-Mobile customers. -- your T-Mobile customer. So eager to switch for instance. You would be able to -- -- T-Mobile plan for its life so if you sign up now that would be two years and so -- a merger goes through and follow let's say it would be another two years. But the thing this is after that -- up AT&T can and -- encourage you to move to -- They can't really. Go to grandfather in your plan but they may not honor it -- but day epic a well but you will -- -- for the life of the plan but then once it's out that's another story. So I would. Add it really with AT&T mobile depends I'm right now sprint is still a premium unlimited plans and they -- to be for a long time but Verizon disappointments. Rain and then also. You made it could mean answer of T-Mobile offerings to relinquish Father's -- -- -- And here like a free phone or predict well. -- data credit. There's a data credit or a free phone -- there were two options. And showed that is it if you wanna take advantage about it mean that contributes money to think about post two -- if you don't care. And certainty that but if you do care then sprint might be a -- -- The commission -- and everything plan interpreting the term hurricane creek in our chat -- and from California. Hit -- -- we -- get a little nicknamed there's Nicole. I called -- on -- and the called although I know. It's still really do enjoy her pretty and well sorry monitors to Phoenix. And there's me happy all the time you of the merit -- I need -- little -- -- -- light and the -- you actually hear it tends mr. senior year mean I am a stationary that has now I am not have to smiling humans. -- -- -- -- And then funny present frame flash -- flat that's out. That's about right and Stephen but the behind a pain control there's no antibiotic -- generic yes. Stevens is purely geographical. -- -- body had been -- Okay so critical -- -- Ethnical -- and coastal plain awesome you shouldn't even need another -- and but asked often about I hope I don't have to reboot for the happy all the time we kind of -- but it has yet. Now because -- -- -- -- track now yanked it from the gravity of an inch. Which is with the algae -- -- -- and repeating it issue have we heard anything about us yes yet thought of lots put it. And I think and it's been -- -- -- again I would just on reprints. -- -- -- post it in the chapter for keeping the program and we'll put it on blog of while it's in -- So I'm personally and our out of stock -- it may or may not change the situation and you still couldn't. Take the -- -- home and find out that'd have three issued its tail but he is thinking or his friend is thinking about. Getting the authentication -- -- -- and patients or team instead. -- and should he meet at that question number one. And so actually they're both editors' choice from her phone and I mean he reviewed dispensation for -- covenant of the opinions they should forget how she Leavitt said. I I -- the I mean as much as I love stock Android and HTC just did a really nice job with their sense. They're -- at three point -- but -- new version has sent a and it they just make beautiful software and it's not just that it's beautiful but it actually useful and very thoughtful. And well implemented so. That one difference that a kind -- -- is thinking while content. Dual core chip is then it not and that B isn't Nvidia tegra two chip. But I mean that I mean -- many -- I don't think the general consumers really gonna take them to the notice. But other ways and really this has been seeking authority -- they've got some like it. And and harnessing networked theatre -- -- Nokia phones and they are book and found that if the re -- this for having him on sun. I don't see any reason not switch -- in hand if it's the same price that you're gonna be pain and and I'm like. -- even an upgrade. From -- -- of hurricane -- question is is it worth it upgrade from any -- -- energy to the Eva 3-D. Or should he wait and he -- hunt the camera button. Not merely the -- part of the button. It another button. Assistant. Amy and -- that the ten ton. If you -- that faster processor and does have the benefit of the larger battery is so. -- -- get those. Those upgrades -- And hard to tell -- in. The phase. Yes it absolutely must upgrade. Saudis the -- -- and better features. And -- enough to care about treaty it's. To be honest I don't really care about PD but the evo. Was the first one -- actually -- knows it well that's pretty cool. Whereas other -- them and when it may be a party trick. Yes exactly if I needed it right now -- just it's more of a novelty thing anyway because. And think there's as much content partners uses you can you use with a Smartphone that. -- -- -- -- -- Mr. -- -- -- then it parties'. Ads and can I think mr. serious station replant them. -- -- Howdy from Brian I'm not treatment AT&T swept him lately to check their phones and -- -- but AT&T is turned completely under an underhanded tactics. Similar to buy new iPhone online without signing a contract and fewer new customer. The most expensive plans voice text and data are selected by default if you do not change it you'll be paying eighteen -- 130 dollars month. Kind of business model was intolerable and -- -- -- checkbox opting in for -- where we need to promote free. Software such as flash open office sleeper office of the way. And Java updates for -- -- 1% extra. Trying to trick people into paying hundred plus dollars mentioned equipment lines. I I -- wish for you on this I. I'm not sure that selecting them on -- I thought they they've they've pre select another box 130 thing for a long time but. You see that a lot actually and I'm not excuse me you see that with all kinds of things that they just bundle the biggest thing because -- they want you to purchase it. And yes you have to be -- -- going and selecting the the cheaper wanted to mark -- going to mandate -- office which trying to -- human in the moment which trying to do the most popular plan -- Where the most recommended -- that's something that happens. And then as far as the -- -- iPhone online without signing a contract. You know they did have the non contract -- this is willing to change semi -- I just can remember. They did have a non contract prices and one point which I think we're funded by forty by 49 and 649. And amber right. So -- -- aren't available anymore than that some things I did not know. Buy it with making you buy contracts in -- encouraging about a contract and they'll do that to him. -- the -- but for the the upside is you get you get to the cheaper price but of course you're stuck with them for years. It up and down of contracts. But I do think that it's not very nice the weighted random web sites then I would have here -- there. Also there with that is boring. -- and operating and that I heard. Her remember -- You you read about it. Are we gotta release of which run -- think. AT&T knew what day their redesign. I don't think I certainly -- blog it Ira you I think he treated with no -- -- some familiar. And they aren't they are redesigning. They're redesigning their stores so yes I did I ahead and think I applaud thank god. Every day designer stores. While some anti like they're they're doing these sort of movement IRA it. I actually went to one and I tantrums them on climate system's her apartment while ago -- subsequently. But and it's -- it's AT&T experienced sort of thing where it's -- its flashier and bigger and and they had you know the Microsoft surface. Oh yeah well they have one of those in there so we'll. And I think they're doing alignment here in terms on third to market -- developed by -- dividend was closed. You hand they had a -- -- on the street so their modeling says seems like they're trying to -- In imputed income from our mind and they take pictures of -- Apple stores around and it's usually the New York -- -- rate me down until part. Nobody is taking pictures of me AT&T -- Welcome that system line was up from for the iPhone but that's. -- -- And here's suddenly breaking news. To escape but the in thing in was not the -- unit. -- -- I have -- -- blog. IX and that fit in their infinite wisdom. Now -- -- -- and ask them who if you guys have any email that with both. You could send it to that data in and it cnet.com. Or content -- execs. Or 022638. In of course you can -- on past episodes -- Blogs and thousands at CNET com and podcaster available at podcast that -- And we will be back next week in. Will be awesome -- development a couple of I just can't. Put off the machine often mean yeah -- teller or white and -- -- not a I. So -- but the we know I'm gonna be opening -- -- podcaster and it shall govern out and just efficacy that we. And we -- little -- rack -- can't. But yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- There are 8 PM -- have such an impact on Saturday. If -- -- Apparently while the ceiling for joining us there and that you think I had. To.

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