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Dialed In: Dialed In 165: Android on the march (podcast)

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Dialed In: Dialed In 165: Android on the march (podcast)

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Android has powered past RIM to take the top spot in U.S. smartphone market share. On this Dialed In we break down the news that has CNET readers buzzing.

Hello it's styled and -- -- podcasts I'm Kent German time when Wednesday march ninth to -- one except for some reason. But it's Wednesday march ninth Kent German here along with Nicole Lee and Bonita Gonzales December -- Me and monetize join -- as usual from New York. -- I and just -- court Aaron -- team member is on vacation today so she will not be. I'd come in time where people can out of that for. C Terry -- going to south by southwest tomorrow yes and where she will be. Not really officially representing CNET but she will be there and -- looking around. Looking around gone for the music on for the -- more detection said. -- attack if it. -- to the music and tech people get along and like to cancel itself yesterday. They have a different. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rank equally the hook up and -- -- totally different crowd -- -- happen funny. -- -- fascinated how southwest south by southwest turned into attack and detecting I had just I'm still would -- quite yet I. Allow to have the Kobe there I'm -- checking in on FaceBook and tweeting and and foursquare and doing things that they do it up. -- social media. But were actually in a required period right now not a lot going on between the two in the even though this is our trade -- period. Such as CTI has always it's always the last one and it tends to be the smallest line and it's not a -- that we're seeing going into the shadows of our it seems like. Everybody blew out there. I'm gonna -- after -- of mobile congress and C -- Looks like personality there's some murmurs about we'll see -- new tablet from Samsung media -- LG phones but. -- -- are gonna -- a huge huge stuff. Not -- -- and -- can have a lot of buzz and I think keynote. See that the tenant is an almost everything in it for two shows of him at the end of little with the hope aloft. And executed by Anna now asset as gonna say you know amendment a policy today -- -- Motorola has unleashed and -- already -- Daddy I want and I mean we got and -- -- quiet show we got that I got them press conference in there and test whether it's not one not you're not gonna for a five like Yahoo!. Okay me. Via the right that was rather amusing Afghan we are we'll be there in two weeks it's exodus two weeks away in -- Orlando Florida. And hopefully we'll be there are running tests that. And calling -- -- the news of vegetarianism. However -- of people there are so -- via -- patent. But so but in the meantime we have a little -- to talk about. I the first thing is that Apple released I Lewis ward three today which couple days at a time actually in response to see it on Friday. And there is a -- is gonna -- -- yesterday that it happened Apple to release an iTunes update. Whenever they release an iTunes update its unique and some content. It's huge update and incidently Friday as when -- -- two but we are having an am. We are having. That's are -- -- and -- -- -- it's not a huge huge update. But it is it brings you the hot spot feature that -- -- AT&T users will now be able to use that. I a couple of changes though from the Verizon version. You are limited to three Wi-Fi -- can sparked -- five devices that you are limited to three Wi-Fi connections at one time. So it writes and you could add up to five Wi-Fi connection so you camps run extra to you if you have -- Bluetooth or -- have. Eight wire connection and -- -- that so far and I tried using three wireless connections in the fine and and I just tried adding an extra one justice it would happen. And it wouldn't connected to -- dropping out but then if I took one of the first -- a way that anyone would automatically connect so. -- you are limited to three million as I really can't get the Bluetooth due to work correctly I don't quite understand what I'm doing wrong. By the phones are not connected where they are hearing but they're not connecting -- in the Bryson says are the obscenity iPhone says that the the other handset I tried using it tricks -- and I can access four G. So that they are not -- that form -- does not support it. -- was going on -- -- figure out. By it works it just and works very very much the same I mean -- -- the interface the same of course it's very user friendly. The member that you have to get tethering plan which is twenty dollars month -- -- That you don't have that and it won't appear in the menu under your -- when he -- the option to use it. And it is tornadoes month by agency and -- the -- you get Ford needs a data -- Yes and rationalizing it to do so tips raised -- So it's a yes it works building though is so I have an. I was in my office some men are building here and in its its an inside office there's no window but I'm not that far from the side of the building. When -- in my office I actually couldn't I can use the iPhone. Browser when I'm in my office but I could not use the I cannot use another device while connected to the Wi-Fi hot spot. So when I was trying to browse and matrix rents and tried a bunch -- device. It kept timing out if I left my office and when outside next to the window -- worked slowly. But it did work so -- Idea means just -- in my very -- testing it wasn't as fast is the Verizon and yet I'm knocking him. Really try to say what the reasons for that can be right now but it wasn't quite. Sort of impressed that so far so we'll have to -- But. Are some differences the three things the three devices based one and I guess I -- -- -- I three is the -- -- the standard and -- if you can -- the carrier wants to -- an additional -- -- So finally. It. Only we should note that the four point three update is but he -- TIO yeah yeah me. Not the Verizon yes -- -- Well yes and that's that -- that's what that's what -- jobs said during the keynote last week him and to submit to I have. Now that you get that screen from Apple but says the obesity a device that supports -- I -- I added the government would set up but yeah it's it at GSM iPhone flaw I felt hat and iPod Touch generations I -- it -- no mention of a -- in me. I missed yet sales have -- reasons. So the big a lot of people it's some people set was the beginning fragmentation in the iPhone and adding it's a little premature to say just because the prices actually have a hot spot right -- and there are a couple things it gets like this part browser you can. -- -- -- the airplay which generally use -- with pain so I don't know what Verizon has those. Options that everything them but I'm should look at them at some -- -- -- from Africa. -- -- -- -- -- I had this story that got a lot of comments that it was really surprising and surprising Bennett Scott Webster wrote this is -- -- and he was blown away by. How many comments -- less than others Andrea list that Android. Is obviously studies communal time. But this particular study says -- it has. Leaves the on rim to take the top spot in US market so according to -- score. And trade has the largest market share of device Smartphones so it means -- Powering the most Smartphones in the US in a three month period ending in January November December January and so it has 123 point twenty point 5%. And I've had 31 point two in Vietnam and that's a big climb over the previous periods haven't point 7%. When it was 23 point five. And in the past rim rim drops a little. But the order went Google rim Apple Microsoft. Says. So it's no surprise that it didn't happens and happen. And does he know he'd been kind boundary -- that path the path. Humans -- -- and not surprising. The planet is just really interesting how people practice. Heated about this topic in his comments things in and -- out because -- began grooming June comments. And -- I don't think there on the way -- but I think -- You travel in the catfish and the it because rim has had momentum because it's wide adoption in the corporate sector can. And now that injury is not and this has all the machines addressing those issues again yet -- in this in those same issues and with. In on the security isn't quite there yet but it Mickey steps to make it that -- make its -- and then. Apple's infinity gimmick is that Microsoft like this that 400. Yes we've got them. The -- the lot of arguments -- and dread in I analysts bands. And excellence in you know it's that wind is usually our comments pages -- roll around -- what the numbers but they roll over the second page there's certain at a certain number. And they're about ninety or so comments the thing yet and they're all on one page because that means that everyone's just kind of argument and other findings each -- -- today because -- -- -- hit it. But yes you wanna hear and then I would also would. And -- -- have a little bit of comes Barroso tracked which manufacturers have an excellent picture and Samsung is still on the top position and they were followed by -- Motorola. And rim and Apple so Apple has. The lowest it's engineer Louis campus -- -- -- -- products but they have a larger market shares for Alaska. And and can actually surprised algae was above. Yeah I was just via. I'm considering you know they don't have a competitor it's really just getting started on this adding he really have a lot of we don't -- historical epic and anything else. This analogy Addison incurable optimist who owns them yet is this is the outlets here on the mine after my ass kicked -- This is only US market Arabia yeah -- just. -- there's -- wrenching stories so you've always get these markets are supposed to. Scott also wrote about the emperor LG rumor two -- headed to a T-Mobile -- the algae. G to access this is just to remove whittling and tried. I could set -- to acts -- -- that was the found it was released at CES right. Our most recent release them over for Florida -- -- delusional about -- he had. It was the first phone to have the Nvidia dual core tegra processor -- have personally should seek out on that and what -- -- and that afterward. Had it has -- those. In the -- as being the -- against but. Yet there was a big deal about that phone. The so -- it's. Yes so we could see it at CT possibly hands -- -- it could be coming to the US right according. And we might see. We might -- G. The team -- use that G energy and a lot of I think so because of the -- they isolate -- one G 00. I don't know IG they could. It's grown at -- Google's could be good -- -- it. I try not says it strive to think too hard about white players and other manufacture and manufactures name phones to -- that they needed to them. And it's then I think Scott -- about that Motorola will not be updating the charm but beyond entry to. Cities -- on the flip out and I like the flip out -- -- you know I'm not back. -- -- arm to have the -- such a squarely -- old deemed key focal -- -- didn't surprise me on -- now now that the -- re entry about mr. beginning of ideas. And I don't like the flip -- -- -- it was the swivel phones sort of because it it just. It's really small and it didn't lend itself -- of Smartphones and own them. So it's -- a. And then -- I mean obviously these two way. Stellar devices in this update -- that. The -- -- I mean the kind of an anti -- but -- -- you think it's a problem with more and she level Android phones just internal you know with. And the hard -- -- six button because though is that -- accident. How about a -- back -- it. No way he was -- algae would upgrade its optimists race meaning that the latest and as a handy Andy and went back honestly I unity in the Beaverton -- -- -- But -- -- you know. Because of that and she levels. Owns and can have their processors built Bolivia to handle though it is less of this that's basically that this area here is to break our heart Ares I restrictions -- that it has huge factors -- -- definitely know that. And is unfortunate that. If you can slow process and he can -- that -- -- that you can really support and the neatest greatest. Hand him. -- is disappointing for the product and I know it's gonna be upgrade of our management and outcomes yet or not that's the main things that don't be -- -- -- those say it's a credible guy. -- you know. -- -- That would support -- An Islamic art -- Yes I'm adding movies and put this is just one good reason -- -- could have been a big thanks to get as a thank you bought it at the -- In a simple phones. Running wrote about a new phone from boost mobile to get its fifth Samsung factor and -- it's really just the basic flip phone that. But he -- -- -- text and multimedia methods. It does have Bluetooth and web access as well as email but really and they just kind of wanted to give people an option for a simple basic phone. I'm an -- really affordable it's 49 -- nine though. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's available it's available now but only in select boost mobile -- -- by an online. But it it'll be widely available at the end of April. Okay this thing. Then Samsung also -- appeared the galaxies are. Yes at this rate now -- just -- finance for international markets specifically it's coming out in the UK later this month and then. Other European countries in the Middle East and southeast -- -- India theater. But it is it's basically that kind of like a Blackberry. Form factor actually -- -- from -- Asia. Had some hands on. Time with -- and kind of likened it to the Motorola charm which they just -- again via. Very similar to square yes so it has a two point eight inch touch screen and has a full QWERTY keyboard -- that an -- design. -- any Android 2.2 with the TouchWiz interface. And has you know exchanged -- -- -- Adobe Flash Player. Template line and would say this is a higher and phone and only got 800 megahertz processor and a three megapixel camera -- -- warranty them in Apple's now. -- -- -- -- -- US availability yet but did as a quad band GSM phones now. He happened to like -- -- it doesn't come to the US he could buy it. It is interesting that its it shared the galaxy you mean even -- -- so different volume yeah it's here yeah and that. John Falcone actually here in the scene in Munich office the thing you make it kind of looks like a Nokia phone as well as someone else mentioned this could be lake. What Nokia will would've been like had begun with experience -- -- -- benefit and a site that hasn't yet been. It's so that's our galaxy devices. That expanding -- he's looking at the. And then we have rumor actually we mentioned that we talk message a minute ago that no -- something -- the sprint might have. A new nexus S is the -- and its new even -- Gas that this kind of started off. -- earlier this week if you typed in that. Are now dot sprint dot com slash nexus it they came up with this place holders and can be grabbed the -- -- for the ticket down but it says. Oops we're not quite ready epic comeback because as people be ready soon so people can it's at this as an indicator that you know it's a funny enough that -- have yet. Dynamic web master just doesn't get the -- Data that would have to go and the but any way to -- people -- it -- -- as an indicator that indeed you know and nexus S is gonna come. Compatible it as Sprint's four G WiMax network. So it'll be some way to the nexus S which then can you reviewed with T-Mobile. Or and -- -- one will be compatible keeping me. And then the other two where the 3-D. Now collided because there -- -- you know 3-D capabilities on -- -- evil like models. I. Being parents and grand am API documents -- -- Douglas but yes in -- And then -- HTC -- view is supposed to be at this TDMA version at HT he fired tablet -- outlook on the Tony kind of cool it. -- -- -- -- No fires one -- that but that has. Excited about. But this grant will be having a press conference that he K. And Tuesday -- -- and yes it's that it yeah yeah. And -- hugging Apple's time and actually it it runs from 430 that an attorney. Saw that yeah as they -- -- and I villains before I don't know what's yeah I wouldn't do for about I don't know who put it -- well. It'd really is just like three phones -- -- -- -- rating and a dedicated and at parties. Now I'm at play well here about as. Company philosophy and Emma craft with -- and have seen them out now and -- We we'll -- you think does -- mean you need really he'll often. Sprint's. -- -- for the past two shows so I think it's. It's good to -- its commitment coming out with you as you each again maintenance and making people would be interested in these phones and secure and efficient nexus S but yes. And and people have been kind of waiting for the next -- as well and there -- that he and one. It was it's yes you only the evo four she. That shift for -- much differently yes and then -- know hey remember aired during the whole live blog of that Kyocera. Echo. Yet in a lot of people are disappointed yeah but even then -- -- -- the an alien -- edit things out too well. Via. But. Anyway so we'll see if this is due in. Both the if the thought and -- thinking. It is very good. And -- Nicole had. Portsmouth new Bluetooth -- -- cents. Yes so this is an example of slow news week here if -- -- -- It's important -- -- -- don't wear it as an anonymous -- -- -- upgrades so it doesn't release being unique is headsets. The more than 6415. -- of an update as of -- line of products. This is gonna one of those mono Bluetooth at this -- you can attach it to parents and yet that's the tune -- to. Japan stay -- -- -- it with -- 800 dollars in the press release. And then the next step is the H and -- -- 600 -- The low end model of that not a standing -- that it's a -- -- to DP streaming -- And last but not least is the 64 is the -- -- 1510. Invest that the super basic model and Sony -- reductions like but it also has. He can keep each used to be taken commons being PCs and eat it -- Even with basic. There our kind of dollars -- -- -- -- -- An appealing. Well if you -- to me. And and the last thing I read about was that team rumor about T-Mobile and sprint taking in a -- emerging this kind of real attack again. And they were as some discussion that in Bloomberg actually Bloomberg wrote a story that they the two sides are -- discussion well actually Sprint's argument to its Telecom which courses to Mobil's owner. And they can -- -- -- -- valuation for T-Mobile. But. I know I wrote about this last year and I thought that I thought it was pretty unlikely. Only because. Outlook couple reasons that they have a contract -- -- competing technologies and sprint -- time. Integrating Nextel I mean they're still getting that worked -- -- -- -- find -- there but they are being worked out. And man you have really two different company images and I think teen mom has a really good one in a lot of ways they went on these words constantly their customer service is good. And there are big on Android their first and -- right. I don't think Sprint's public image rightfully or not it's not it's -- right. And I'm a little worried about them -- -- like having two carriers that just -- that was an idea don't think will be great for customers but then. Or some discussion about an anti well I guess I just had second thoughts about that helps you wear this really a long term paying this wouldn't you know. Merging them and saying okay you'll want -- -- -- -- Maryland sophisticated GSM. This is about I think long term insane well at some point they -- -- jokes in the -- And the two devices are gonna say are that the two sides are gonna go that wasted -- he -- sort of bridging technology between them and tried it over a long time. A compress it might be able to happen and I think it and it could work I don't think I'd really wanted to work and I don't really like the idea but. If they they go the -- you rout of the merged and used a different maybe images and use a different brands and then the long time and LTR published on the -- -- -- comes along it allows them to come together and but the idea. -- -- Yeah I I do. Agreed that it -- solidity incompatible because of the Q -- -- analyst in this is so different but it became -- in the ways that keeps it. Separate but the same kind of situation where -- community they keep you mobile ally of at least because local I mean you know is such. Created petition -- he says make him great customer service -- very loyal customers as while. In the they're really great some nexus SQ my office with mean note that the move with you on the key to. So and if the -- benefit right to keep used -- allowed to -- -- mobile alive. So now so the -- So anyway -- -- was an interest historian and we'll see what happens with that I mean obviously we're. It could be a long -- opera could never happen and it could happen very soon. I mean I don't eEye noted that -- -- they are him. AT&T and if Verizon you know they are the figures out there of their biggest -- -- they have a lot of these clients release of the glamorous devices. Another sprint -- -- -- don't have them but they don't have this -- -- and they are getting and they are taking customers away from the -- -- so at some point in me an Apple -- Batman. -- Youngman dubbed in the in the -- says that if sprint and T-Mobile combined together they may be of formidable force against Verizon and AT&T. -- that the accused mob can be becoming one -- of the company aimed at beacon because of as a better chance to. The largest -- market yet and if. So we'll see if that happens the side button. We just have a couple reviews this week -- -- a whole lot. I -- I looked at the Nokia X too this is saying very basic phone actually something so basic that came out for T-Mobile it's it's part of their prepaid service. Has a full keyboard. And there's things I really liked about it -- In Nokia their instruments pressure right now obviously they're coming out with four -- in the coming out the windows phone seven devices and I think this found that shows Nokia but now it's really good at I think it is always excelled and design. That the phones -- Seven they try to get too crazy with the keyboards their phones usually pretty user friendly. I they have into they have very intuitive interfaces they're easy to use and is found felt sturdy in the hands -- keyboard was comfortable. So and it's not -- spun around but I don't believe that's the point here. But I thought as it showed Nokia's design chops it how straightforward design keyboard. Lot of messaging options you can use email instant messaging text messaging multimedia -- -- Decent call quality. The display is small but I was more concerned that it just was what resolution because it actually has a full browser. But and I know a -- at the -- -- like this recently where. Has a full browser but the display resolutions doesn't yet it isn't him so the point you go -- graphics and photos and -- really pixelated and choppy and they just. -- -- -- -- experience you want I would just rather use the mobile version of sites which it defaults to most the time anyway. But I would. -- -- a mobile version of sites and -- set of do we -- college of art actually it's also. The data speeds top out at -- so bringing -- bring in a four brasserie it's. Not a -- experience -- see any new rating your. Create a design good communication options -- and it's December and now let's remember that's a that's -- not no contract price so you can. You don't have to and you -- dollars and then -- music on its way so it's about. And that Bonnie looked at the are taking -- close look at the Motorola WX 345. Yes -- -- and -- should be going up. -- this Wednesday. It's a very and basic phone for humans -- -- mostly based. The target market appears to be mostly seniors -- -- the quality mature -- market. And the phone is pretty simple in a large keys bright scheme. Speaker phone camera if you just have some of more advanced features and the basic. Phone has MPT -- and an FM RadioShack that was interesting abilities he a lot of comedians and tones. And as -- as -- of cooking it at and media app on this and you can record radio shows. That of me he's the -- and can record some radiation of the -- -- Stardom on the phone. -- the micro speak that's not so for a corner and put basic phone it's also been -- -- a male ATF. In its its pretty -- -- out. Any new contracts and you do the 35 dollar activation the you know there is -- is yet to sign up for but. You know for a sentence for being keep opponents. PD easy to use -- -- that that student -- isn't the greatest and the cameras in the -- back. -- the price -- it's a great great deal though the -- in the. And only a couple things coming out -- time by -- looking at the Dell -- Yet so that that -- second Android phone -- better than and I can clean it. The -- yet. And -- I will look at the HTC freestyle. On which is from for AT&T is -- eleven entry from them and that's when it's. Yen on its -- and by -- -- area yet. And man Jessica Lynch expect we'll look at the US -- -- which is really basic phone for cricket and management and -- these. Have meetings coming up but of course in two weeks we'll be at -- -- against march 22 into the 24. Will be in Orlando would not have it permanently so that's two -- don't have one but. Would back after that Stucco and everything goes on -- you can expect -- -- coverage from Atlanta of course. And then and -- partner. Experiences Universal Studios. I think it'd at -- to have had a content -- content that's been sentenced on election. And go sit in an accident France -- going in the McCain is actually really gonna -- music to a beautiful gotta go past the music and then. So that -- so thank you for joining us this week we will actually the Coleman's next week so those fees to be doing our Q and Austin. If there's something. I'd say it's just -- back next week and will give you a little bit more little more over previous each day though thanks for joining us and we'll soon. --

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