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Dialed In: Dialed In 163: Mobile World Congress recap
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Dialed In: Dialed In 163: Mobile World Congress recap

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Mobile World Congress 2011 is over and the gang's back together once again, but before we say adios to MWC, we thought it'd be good to recap some of the highs and lows of the show. Plus, Nokia may have signed on with Microsoft and Windows Phone 7, but the Finnish handset manufacturer says it's still committed to Symbian. We discuss their future, as well as RIM's, and much more (hologram phones!) on this week's episode of Dialed In.

Hey everyone it is Wednesday February 23 2011 and welcome to -- and -- in cnet's cell -- podcasts and senior editor Bonnie -- here in New York. And in San Francisco we've got Kent German Nicole Lee Jessica -- court and that he took and hi guys. And and -- I'm expecting him -- -- back from Breslin and -- and cola. And a would you like some ham it. I'm only in Japan and that it makes got it as a hitter and had with legs and hands. Dad okay me like it's everywhere ago. Get off the plane in the vending machine is him when the accident and -- -- -- -- my first trip to Spain the healthiest thing I it was the entities. I think you -- -- -- -- -- -- You can tell us countries -- -- by the flavor of their potato chips. Because again Germany and -- -- paprika or something like that youth in the UK you can have steak and Rosemary chicken. And then you get to it's been -- and -- they're actually not that bad but still like him I am just simply would not this time. But the Atlanta apartment but you have to have yes well nobody got -- -- stolen -- No -- of -- are a group them have their but here's did not fares. Video camera and video can me to within fifteen minutes and mobile -- going from -- -- in. Where they stolen. A -- on airport -- And of the bus from an airport to his hotel as it -- and I think that -- have and then there was another girl who got a phone taken out of her jacket pocket. Are -- -- it's not -- that -- our heartland and us you've got on the planet in your bag that hand and planet a federal money but everyone knows -- -- -- mobile world congress. Has yet to actually -- it only fitting that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I know people NEA. I think that's. I didn't know what a great -- -- -- And -- in -- just kind of wrap up the way it happened and -- had -- posts about. Highs and lows from mobile world congress and ran an -- everyone -- -- -- Echo what their -- -- -- Now -- my I was. Impressed I am I -- the I like LG stuff alleged a pattern like LG -- 3-D I think the -- to -- 3-D in the -- couple times and I don't know how much it would use the 3-D capability but I thought was pretty cool and it was much better than I really thought it would be this is going to be. You know you get -- look exactly the same as a normal -- -- -- but -- three days and union in but then -- you know that this stuff does appear to float about the screen so. I thought was pretty cool I like that -- lights. I liked Sony Ericsson's hardware on the new in the pro especially. Shakespearean play I was glad to see just because. I can stop talking about it again confirms and I mean we're doing really well we're getting FaceBook phone out of the way the -- -- got Verizon iPhone out of the way we're getting PlayStation phone. So I'm pattern ointment that rumors that the something -- has had to be something for the course and -- -- -- and -- was. Every phone was introduced there and pretty much yes it's pretty surprising. And those of -- coupled with. All. I actually really like that -- TC fired tablet. And this is their first tablet from HTC and you know a lot of people -- -- criticizing it because it doesn't have. Any -- that dual core pay it and BB did a really good job with the hardware which they always do and they. The have this. And you can use it's -- it's called scribe technology. The basically it's kind of like a vice -- and -- command on the tablet record -- you know it's I just think it's. I worry that I'd probably lose it but I do like the integration and then violate you know what they've done with the tablet how they've made it different from others so. I was -- was impressed by the fire and icann said we finally got -- FaceBook phones the salsa intact. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ken is pretty genuine in his statement that it. I -- I honestly don't know what to think that -- -- I don't know. And the -- A semi attraction to -- you know with you know people are addicted to FaceBook I am one of them unite economic time on the phone and whenever but. And I'll feel like it's something that you -- is especially uses FaceBook to make and it could be delighted to -- -- -- The communication not the -- Starting at need to -- it to tech day yeah I don't know what what difference. People's reactions to that and white -- -- -- so it has this. Dedicated button yeah you know aside from united just -- in going directly to space but it out it's also context aware so -- basically if you take a photo. It -- kind of flash and. -- -- To store my theory posted -- button press this button here you know so I don't -- act. I don't think I really need that constant reminder now can do that I think sting. -- gimmick I ran it like an. I -- this little Smartphones. Wrap up paying for the -- And it puts a little pull it out of all the flows in announced issuance -- -- -- -- -- pretty interesting net. But 40% of -- the majority of people. Out of -- hundred and something people voting. The -- the sense again it's as to mean I all of the phones that don't like the one phone -- -- just. Mostly sequel and -- You can effective but -- you couldn't physically because we know it could because we know that world. Or at least that's the -- -- -- -- that actually come here yeah you know like assembly line in a -- what we're not getting hammering -- And America and get it. A little outside the -- and -- are going to be AT&T yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It should you don't but I may have a hard time getting really excited about a lot of things because we are he knew about what was gonna -- -- There is a little bit of a let down and then there were a lot of sequels that we are you. Seeing a lot of those -- -- and then. I had an -- from over here. Scientists. Just not interested. In I don't know. Our mission to assassinate him like -- got their panties and and I don't know if I could really get super excited about any one thing. Now because there is nothing. As surprising things I don't -- to say. The one announcement back -- means that up and check my have a little vetting at heart pounding even just a little that were probably -- -- fees are currently found in. Now -- Anna. Nicole and I Nino into -- -- them just. -- -- to me actually was not even device specific it was the whole Nokia and Microsoft. Thing that really got me. Thinking about the future -- Nokia fugitive. Microsoft. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet it when Nokia definitely can -- that. Sony bet to me is advantage is keeping just to see -- -- -- come out with you -- Nokia and Microsoft if that's. So interesting to me despite device does -- eminent biologists. The Sony Ericsson clay looks kind of interesting just because it's it's it's -- -- being clone but then. In at the same time make and was -- that exciting I just didn't really buy into it and other seekers not yet again. But looking in. The the principals. And and other mobile world congress down here and yet but and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- then there -- -- and yes attack by an -- -- well and so I -- the collectible and repentance and I didn't realize this until I mean I saw a big -- of them but I just. In -- -- -- army unit walking past in getting via instant in dynamic and -- -- -- depends on human. Whatever and you just you know I carried around so -- -- -- -- an accurate that is -- -- These were like really high commodities -- Baylor alienate eighty -- -- -- yes and that the -- and never sounded you know only a few people had a mainly limited quantity and I mean I haven't checked eBay and I'm sure some of these things ago. But I ran kind of a spokesman scene I went to party last night when -- spokesperson UK and they were. I mean when this is -- Luke he had a whole bunch about -- and he made it and he made a chance to go around and just. He made -- -- made -- point going and getting them but they also have. -- -- -- -- -- -- honeycomb. Cupcake and the unique declare I think in all blended smoothies this. Yeah weather mechanics eye candy and yeah now I know I cargo of arms and put a photo a lot of recipes. And an account was with product part of the past. And they had a slide in the entry -- they had entered statues everywhere including some -- -- just -- bikinis and if you think Android as well. -- -- -- -- you know and I -- lady you could be can be initially open to interpretation he. An anti. I didn't see this but I guess they had a whole sort of almost conveyor belt line of all every Android phone ever made. It's just a day -- -- by a couple times and so insanely pacts that I had a couple times anymore get into it that it what it was a pretty quote. Yes the -- conference and that he might fusion or infusion of honey my cheese and lavender -- for children. Sounds like just the thing I needed -- -- -- -- west McLaren was gingerbread I was exposed to blend of an orange and Apple -- -- -- lose weight and a hint of gingerbread spice. Apple staff during formats that we get and and it. Don't you guys are heard about what I hope but anyway yeah they give the analysts say he was pretty -- it was. It was it was -- -- they would I -- a slide was was pretty colliding -- that it was it was just a nice and additions. To the normal. Humans. Kind of standard company with the phone Helen stands there. And united front -- -- And play it really ions and we -- touched on -- to foray into precede it and before congress that is big news that Nokia and windows fun. Microsoft have kind -- entered into partnership where windows phone will be the primary operating system. -- Nokia phones and to kind of help -- developers. Nokia. Are there they're giving out when this phone devices to developers -- India and yes indeed -- -- every year that Microsoft in Tokyo while Nokia's going to be giving away VE seven Smartphone. And -- Nokia made windows phone when it's available to developers in the launch pad program. Which specifically for mobile developers -- they're going to be a couple other little perks like giving expert help for a limited time for free. Things like that and what I think that this highlights. As that Nokia Microsoft now that would they have to do it's the sort of win over. Developers and potential buyers alike is to you offer those apps and to make windows phone are -- me. Viable -- and compelling. Operating system. And a lot of people I think and then Nokia side of things are probably a little bit disappointed and -- discussed with Islamic in the sort of like. One of the only in the pennant and Smartphone makers in Europe. And opening of national pride. And -- -- pride in her Finland and analysts in Houston independent -- And now there's a little bit of backlash about it's going to be -- -- to -- Microsoft's well okay nothing official has happened yet but I think that. Sort of points -- finger at some of the problems going for it that both companies have to surmount. And trained to blue developers is one of. Chief reasons do that now. -- to be interesting and and pan -- -- -- story you know this story comes from -- -- from CNET Asia. In Allen. -- one -- the general manager for Nokia think importantly in the name was saying you know. Just because you know where switching out my windows phone seven as -- -- Indians going away completely. I believe his quote what is the -- is here to stay Symbian will still be around but it's just going to be somewhere around the corner. Also -- that quote it doesn't mean that they existing platform is completely -- -- gas completely any and it would be -- just completely stopped. Supporting Symbian -- around for a editors. And and there Erica. You know according to Nokia -- are currently 200 million to mean users well. You know litigious completely drops what happened and -- be marked birds not Smartphones there's just yet -- funds rate. And -- still improving entire planning over fifty improvements. -- will be rolled out during rest this -- And will be transitioned. To -- -- seeing the change please via. And actually he that point T-Mobile. Has. Added Nokia phone as a prepaid option click yes so this is termed active and attract. To my post since an initiative post this and it's not a Symbian on at -- -- authority okay and that's kind of the main sticking point series bodies cannot make there. Basic yeah alone again OS -- -- -- that the basic and can you weren't ready for running -- party. And you know its T-Mobile prepaid so it's -- -- basic he -- usual text and multi media messaging. I'm opera mini to speak it and and -- EV GA camera up like they can get the expects. -- be available for eighty dollars but -- about Equant. -- -- And an -- T announced today that the Samsung captivate and finally getting from Leo they're -- Start that updates -- -- and they posted this on the face the page and they'll come back Marlon -- a linked to Samsung's website where you can get updated instructions on how to install it. And there is also video with that a product managers talking about. Free updates for other devices and they mentioned HTC RIN said that. As a free update for that phone is also coming soon but didn't get -- and -- has been a long time coming with a lot of user complains yet. Yeah it has so what are we would have left on on the go we have the facts and meat which is with Verizon. And I can't. And remember and. If you -- Miller released on for them right now they're out yet isn't it thinks cellular south has yet to neat you think it's carrier dependent. In some sense. Yadda yadda yadda. I think part of it is on -- and uniting to TouchWiz it. You know as much as they said they've done enough do you know ensure that. You know -- -- -- would be a problem might be a problem. And then of course when they'd get through they're testing me have to go to carry -- he's so in each carrier has there is now. -- -- -- -- -- -- There aren't related apps that they have to make sure which is -- I really vibrant it's -- an appointment and capacity of frank has racism. -- it yet though. -- -- -- -- they're coming out by it yet it's been long delayed -- people. And -- -- time we know exactly who to blame. But it okay. Moving and at the -- sprint is been teasing their new handset over Twitter and its. Pretty easy to. Guess which phone is coming because. If it but. This one for example which was put the city said if you could design brand new phone -- wouldn't have ours will have a hub for gaming music pictures and video. Wonder what. At the windows phone seven which for gaming music -- fifty. Maybe Fiat and mean do you know but at the windows phone launch -- they did say that they each -- The fees if that you think -- in that it'll become mean and they're down that -- my benefit their -- -- was come back epic twenty ports now. -- tunes for the official announcement from around. The testing on windows phone seven and yes yes and you know of -- they -- as bad this a little bit mobile world congress that you now. Part of that the is support for CD made devices so. In English speaking lines and raised its Microsoft -- becoming careful about -- every mean it's sort of march forward buying. Having a lot of manufacturers pick up these phones and it's kind of releasing them and almost saturated market. But it also had the sort of backed down back and operating systems to back -- up. And so -- we've only seen a little bit of an update and -- still very very young operating system. Yes so it's not just -- the supply but there has to be -- enough. And anyone -- they demand but there has to be the noted marked improvement on the back and for windows phone platform. Them mr. We do need to get we do need to get an update we do it on what features they promised to upgrade yet and may -- and they said the president it will becoming in the first two weeks of march and then in the second half a year it will be there -- more -- -- at least that's what they'll -- -- our devices yeah now yet it's the act and you know hopefully that'll go smoother than it has enjoyed since you know -- wouldn't have that can lie down hands. -- the Xbox on skin and yeah yeah exactly what that though you know and they been -- but you didn't poke fun but they can tell it's -- injury during mobile work on it and -- -- have. This kind of fragmentation that you know -- FEMA I mean you know you'll have other issues but that was then what you automobile and -- And yet though that's coming. Play. Consumers cellular. Never -- both the front of -- have pro yet don't care. They've that introduced to be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He says I really do well moon indicated that they're kind of a small okay the kind of anecdotal and you know -- -- that the eighteen that the GSM make any GSM and you know which is. And usual. But there is very focus on senior friendly devices -- review one of their -- phone ECU. And -- although and this is the Motorola WXP for five again it's basically -- very basic phone. But it does having of the large keys to bright screen feels it has pretty decent features for a supposedly basic and you get your camera you MPT player. An FM radio even but the instinct -- -- and a -- many firms. And -- It is free but there is if they're different colors actually activation fees than any free but it's been a pretty good -- -- -- iPad. Because -- a one -- thing yeah. I we're paying a mailer when time that it I don't know -- yeah yeah -- -- that. And Google has released their final -- and he -- and it's very comfortably -- Whitney is -- earth where partners. And this could you -- but let -- -- basically that they've released it and -- -- -- a couple extra features that developers can incorporate so again this is. The final final final version there was also -- an earlier version -- Google rolled out. Last month. Basically ever thinking -- tango developing for an income. At an American -- the -- products now. I'm betting that Motorola's am materialistic and don't mind -- great little gradient Galaxy Tab tablet. -- -- -- And and -- violence but not -- eighty feet firing yet technical and product doesn't love that took it with. Yes okay yeah -- Webster -- another field of Blackberry talked about last week about now. I'm speaking at the -- -- -- number -- my mind yeah if you did Adrian opposed about what's beyond any home. -- you know what's to come and you know you know what -- future with these devices -- and heat. It's a lot about. Well move when the questions is that you are he wrote about was the way we answer and -- really -- already -- a question that existed before it was whether honey come -- -- -- phones and we know that it's not -- but -- Elements of honeycomb on our end ice cream -- and certainly it's it's going to be a combination. The two. RM sorry into dramatically so you're gonna see elements abound in the phones and talked a little action article some top most screens -- enhancements. And -- -- -- about. Couple of emotions you can to -- -- -- -- it -- if you are impressive the screen. You can. Are just an eighty don't know how to long -- -- -- that's not something that you -- when -- president militant yet you can do that. -- main it's a -- drag and drop scenarios. Skipping down a long press in the home screen will take you recent applications. But some things that we can expect. And also that what what we're gonna see apps which team -- -- so we'll see some of the support for some of the media types of -- -- Kind of decision and not a whole lot of details yet I'm allowed to -- -- -- -- -- -- firm -- -- we're -- -- But I topics and an interest in -- release I scream will be taking hot taking honey come a little bit internal templates. You won't -- -- -- Great. But he has -- expand on that so -- Little more in depth -- And we'll be sure that having to that in the blog posts. And and finally he added -- Korea does. We heard later heard of -- -- -- Well I did it with the quiet and have -- -- -- there are yet been in hand they weren't. So can you find -- this email to me by Adam and yes pretty interesting question about rim and Blackberry and he was basically asking -- three years old. An analyst says the blackberries for older people is why not -- when the young generation company news on them and annual -- -- she's been going on about how. You know there are many young people who don't like sliders that -- -- -- -- physical keyboard and was wondering why doesn't mean get so much heat like why is an on going after. And Diane and I OS is just hype isn't know is I'm people away and guys too fragmented. Is in the overall he's it's news available to people so it's a very interesting question is we've been asking ourselves -- -- is -- going that the Blackberry the Blackberry. As Texas and of address in the habit and in my in my article here but about how. Blackberry just seems to have lagged behind this is if you get is so -- the corporate world for so long. The -- does have been falling behind because you falling behind because human space consumer in -- -- and an iPhone just -- the hit with consumers as that and it when he first came out and you know. And it in -- penny took for black predicament OS six and -- but don't do it by different from happening thing you know. So does that the peace the peace of upgrade -- SP soul. Meteoric meteor and that is -- -- -- -- for such a long. Senate and changed company is the -- but at this and I think I did acknowledge that. You know OS six is an improvement. The latest phones are -- the torch. And it does have authority come out with a good touch screen exactly -- tasking to -- testing phenomena can it -- past them. And -- -- catch up. Internet recognized that people really -- that -- may wanna demon they wanted to email only wanna corporate leopard corporate and everything the Blackberry brings than they wanted to have the have the touch screen as well and have the apps and in a Blackberry has -- -- -- But if they haven't spent the time on on the other -- other. Other -- they don't come around to the same decree letting them down what people are thinking is that since blackberries are traditionally business devices and consumers are willing to pay more for the apps. And if you want to reach out more consumers who are unwilling to pay for apps -- you sort of have. I guess the slate dearth of really good quality apps unless they're made by sort of the Big Apple has Israeli -- -- -- radio things like that. In where they can employ a lot of -- in house developers to create. Apps for a number of different platforms but -- may or one person to person five person operation. You're gonna prioritized right. And I also mentioned you know Nike said -- when you -- that the market analysts -- expand this into more evolutionary than replication yeah -- -- in -- face percent of caters to existing consumers not selection and find -- -- humans as. Monochromatic its name and -- -- and I were -- Evans like those stuff that's not very -- very flashy icons are really. -- you have to look at and they all look the same feeling what it which one is that you after -- and can't know -- -- let's -- -- -- -- -- -- it's -- based game you know so eccentric and -- and disputed email they caught up in Ghana and and -- you know. So I am us. As -- -- hang almost -- -- their kind that can not. Exactly down the road the road but. Like Nokia and Symbian you know only -- you know there -- -- on a very slow path and you know if you know. The need to do some tests that yes -- based fair trade approach but that physical -- and yes it's pretty go ahead. Yeah yeah as the enhanced security features that many Blackberry business people -- you know. Explaining you humanity is the reason why people -- -- -- and proper security now so I I mentioned -- -- -- -- this is probably like the playbook -- -- -- necessary. In in the -- the -- -- in its trajectory on the playbook is exciting he can expect from looks. -- -- -- -- -- The very impressed by and we -- it. To just now the busses and I think I don't know because I've I've held a playbook and it was great and some really great in my hands and thought really maneuverable. I -- -- so far better than violates that Galaxy Tab yeah excellent Danny is a very -- what I economy this afternoon Mino like all these says. I think that the playback is great and I also don't want to be such. Down and you a lot of area seems to be -- negativity today coming from me and I know I actually really like that content they want him to -- -- I just. I don't know it remains to do you -- -- -- we several pearls and again it just means some sort of fire -- a little while whole day. The lower. A new breed of people are bold new strategy and that's a gamble and it might not work -- MIT's -- I live out my article within of them it's the boldest thing but there are so many caveats and actually that's bridging -- -- need to do with an almost look like you know with webos that the touchpad. It seems like. Having you remaining with in the ecosystem is a benefit but it's not necessary. Is that the tablet stand alone and with the playback they're -- so -- question working over about. We'll tell you that of that as a template in you know and a call I got an. But about the playback specifically it was he my contract I -- -- like Blackberry. But I really -- tablet. You know. Tell me about the playback and -- this is gonna be good match though. Look COC and Nina and I hope you're listening did a lot of comments in the tiniest of comments and one of the -- with some of from the UA EC that he -- -- -- is not giving it up. So no that doesn't allow fans and looks at me and if I -- With the very well that wraps it up for this week's news we're gonna take a quick break and that tenth inning go in your view -- yeah whenever -- -- operating system again but it -- whether it's not. And that they demanded the data will find announced it could do that claimed -- -- an outsourcing our next week ain't. And the transfer -- All right welcome back to be -- it be through with this week in views and starting with the Samsung galaxy in -- for MetroPCS. Yeah I think a look at that and -- you guys were going in covering that little sail over and I know I don't know. The no I managed to take a look at this this is part of these same -- galaxy theory -- it's a phone for MetroPCS. And I it is for -- as well this is interesting just because it's -- her PCS's first. Smart phone to get -- -- And what they're saying actually they're claiming that it is the world's first commercially available. Four GL PE smart and so we've already -- orgy WiMax where fans out the -- thing mrs. the first one also MetroPCS grabbed. The title for our world's first four GL -- phone of with the -- at Verizon in which was not a Smartphone and so. This was pretty exciting to some people in. -- -- their first legit in -- forgy found well. And depends on how you look at it but definitely the fact that it's an interest and is a benefit I think always. So. It is part of the Samsung galaxy each -- but it's sort of one of the lower branches of the tree at the specs are definitely. Not as up market as some of those other phones like the captivate and and the fast mean and that epic four G event which is kinda what I. I really compare it to because of that flight out pretty keyboard. And so I would say it's a good but not great galaxy S phone. But it kind of costs a lot even for a no contract phone at about 400 dollars. Without a contract and pulling the two phones next to each other it's really clear -- -- the screen on this -- Is not bad at all and an H Beijing screen and it looks good and then you hold it next to that super Amylin. Screen on the epic four G and it there is no comparison that expertise -- -- saturated with color the students and speed test apps CU. And and check out what the -- she was like. And August that a second but just looking at apps you know one sort of like a late W dial and other when was this really rich vibrant he'll. So -- can really makes a difference and about fad if it's a good phone. And the -- she didn't seem to be as fast and those speed tests I was using it and diagnostic. App so that doesn't translate into the real world tests but I was using -- exact same servers. And MetroPCS -- really wasn't quite as speedy. It seemed fast enough anecdotally to get everything -- and one in -- and and I never sat there feeling -- -- the -- a distance that they're thinking gosh this is late mean faxed me. So. I would say that out of all of MetroPCS -- -- this is every week -- phone and probably one of the best phones that they've got except there's one really. Awful grinding Natal and that is the battery life is really lab. So it's only rated for about three hours and there are some days I have -- the thing twice. It's about that mr. Really bad really bad especially if you wanna watch the Iron Man movie that came preloaded on an incident on the train wondering if it's gonna May -- Harry Allen using the 93 hours of free nmap but it really is is -- -- again led to -- saying it. After nearly -- and usually the real life tests. Don't go up to victory hopeful lauded rated battery tests if you're using data heavily -- -- of that. So. You know I would recommend it with some reservations. Everything out of -- repeats in the lineup if you have a lot of money to spend on a phone and you don't mind. Plugging in your phone every which way then the foods are very -- it's. And -- -- -- -- -- Better you -- and one -- up a little bit interest saying it publicity stunt. -- -- fans sang announced today along with that via via a collaboration with -- time. Isn't going to spell your last name with four energy use and maintenance it'd help map out ballot -- foraging. It. -- of the new dog ago. -- did -- double down on his today. While while the -- which carry it who have -- -- an -- in. -- I would -- -- revived Hewlett. Yan name Maria. Everybody wants the -- goes -- and many in it was the best buy -- That the thing. -- -- They another galaxy in -- Just the -- a look at the Simon. XP 3300 force in the event and this is what I didn't -- it. Okay now we need is -- -- it is he'd ever had and well. Isn't just right and what happens now they never sent an indestructible. They never have me in mind that these certain amount of food and definitely. This -- -- phone. Fun and Australian and American -- in fact it looks exactly like its predecessor which has. Next he thirteen hundred core that tend to collect -- and dunked -- -- -- anti freeze well women with cold anti freeze. And I'm so I also -- truth -- says. We stomped on and not off says turn around. It was encased in concrete -- the pressure tested -- don't have been calls underwater. And is -- really fun -- I should see it if you want and fear I'm kind of getting the crap kicked out of it. And and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To get out and say dad -- thought period after about a particular I thank you but I do feel anger issue hasn't been any. So and I didn't intend on with his beautiful -- Visited here on the phone. Basically what we didn't play -- smashed it down on the concrete. To break it out. Shell which is why they're sort of bits of concrete dust all over it and other things -- the authentic look. And then for the last shot on the video I tossed it in the -- now I know all but it is and -- -- certified for drops up to you think six and a half feet onto concrete. And it. Since I was standing sort of on -- level area and actually standing on on like alleged maybe -- foot off the ground. Hard geeky into what that height was so it's very possible that -- -- -- and cracked the current -- house. I don't really -- blame this one on on and but it does true that if things are an indestructible and if you push it it will break. But other than that I I would -- call. Quality was really get I thought that accused were pretty cramped for somebody -- this to be wearing leather gloves supposedly is is really geared towards a lot of outdoor workers construction workers. And public works workers at -- at. The battery life is just being at between twenty and 24 hours which -- very candid. But I thought -- was a little cramped. For navigation I just put on my regular winter gloves which are very Kate fitting. And I was able to get it but that I put on -- -- of sort of oversized gardening gloves or something that I thought would be a little bit thicker. Had a really hard time even thinks this in the hands of -- -- his who works construction. You you know I'm prompted said this is a little tiny infinite in our harvest -- to press these buttons. And -- there's. Some more stuff inside and and compatibility with apps that the previous versions didn't have. So sort of like the almost like CRM tools for construction workers -- and of that -- -- Inside I would say a little bit more advanced on the outside almost exactly the same as previous models. -- -- rare and -- -- in in the chat -- once it does have a -- And I mean to check on that I don't think so it's got some -- keys and mother buttons on the side. It like I said that was -- really highlighted with -- editor ability in the writer Dennis and are highlighted in some of the other things. I can -- -- packed him. -- -- And finally in -- -- to the look at the Motorola ES 400 and. Yes so I. -- -- PC is an yeah PPC is -- -- is not really -- -- of the consumers. -- This is definitely a business phone and enterprise. For industry workers in new sales and as retail health and so you mean you can't even really by the phone and as you -- -- business account with sprint so it's not consuming device. And to even further emphasized is not a consumer device it has Windows Mobile six point. I know. -- -- still use the old systems facility to -- it more compatible with those systems. You just have to use the old Windows Mobile six point five you know in. And I think that I was using it as a basis of flash to the past Pluto now plans to -- -- is -- this is pretty distinct. And and the pilots. So graph as that. But again it is is is it's an incredibly. Old school law corporate device is mainly used for you have a bar code scanner. Can scan bar -- with the camera on the back that's critical it has -- biometric fingerprint scanner on the back is now seeking to believe it is security using your fingerprints news. Accessed the phone. So I -- overall it's a very industry specific device back. I you know honestly if if my company gave me use this for -- where it wouldn't be cute. Upset about because it's very rugged -- -- to tot. It has equity -- -- protecting -- and his isn't very compatible operate. Support as well -- corporate -- means and -- for that I think it's treaty -- So. And -- I again if I 500 dollars but that's because it -- the business product the copper product range and I I don't like those on and that's not individuals probably are gonna go out and buy it yet how they're going to be given it. Yet so. I again I'm not really to assume it does slow things -- -- and I understand why they need to use that they need to use it -- an app that you need rain right duty in that industry. Most of that -- -- violence at a middle school. Bad idea. They -- return they erection and -- it. Irate and we've got a few -- coming up and I'm gonna take a look at the Samsung galaxy S foreign gene which just came out today. It's a lot like the vibrant but with -- -- -- behind now the thing and it's got infection. That. Again. Six and about that or higher you can implement the X Ray Nagin around who actually has -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't think he could watch and substance and how to. I don't actually have rain now offers -- -- I mean on the involves no via. But here is that. At that point -- -- and if you rule the camera people. And then have to go look at the Palm Pre to for Verizon Wireless finally -- 18. You know how -- takes -- -- I'm pretty -- -- -- HP. Just AP. That's not even it -- a national. Yes planning at p.s Samsung T 259. This week for T-Mobile so far call quality Axel Laurence it's -- -- -- -- and -- taking a look at the Motorola brute IE six anything yet another. Sprint Nextel. Should talk walkie talkie phone. Pre ged and might and that podcast with them I'm reading email our homes and believe we have one here in the line yes. -- distance learning enough from Dave it he's basically asking about. 3-D phones and he knows a lot people are skeptical about it but he thinks that app possible into -- uses it for example movies -- -- -- 3-D might make more sense on the largest screen. But for viewing 3-D pictures are shorter videos -- -- -- -- -- -- for will be more convenient. In -- -- put on glasses just to -- Skype C a couple of DD BB pictures. So my question is if you take a picture elevated the -- 3-D -- what kind of -- with his seat did the unit as. The use of -- of any of any other 3-D. I've yet to set the -- to a 3-D technology that elegy for uses beauty beauty image. Around from my understanding is going to be very soon it's being intended EDS's. The idea and -- sense that. You know regular in the united I'm not about my entire nation the media doesn't do. It and it -- -- video -- that the technology. Yeah if you. And that imitated and that -- He he mobile decently by algae but it in nearly ten. What files went -- the image he had admiration and yet -- romantic date. You know and China and quick little video and Babylon requires classes and the phone. Yet -- really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That I mean I was really quick hands on with it isn't just seem because even YouTube is -- Now. What do you think about three -- phones. -- -- Told the thinkpad at the fat and that man -- I just anything that needs that much training on your part to get used unit and he just will not catch on. Again. -- -- much training accumulates. Why didn't he he's just not in the form but in some future format rain could be laying the ground -- but I mean remember when holograms of -- -- -- -- Remember I like the holographic -- -- paper. In finally have to leave your heads and look at it and Apple learned brand and age rated and that's stuff we have those pictures you have to stare at that it and and -- amounts of -- hand there's this thirst culturally. I have. 3-D imagery. In things and it just seems really hard to execute on. So interesting it's gonna be interesting technology I don't know if it'll it'll speed this me. Yeah my company began might just be released first gen Yang again. -- The so I think -- -- if you have any questions are common. It's -- suggestions please email attachments without and it Or you can leave -- subway smell at 8664022638. For any past episodes in show notes you can check out the check out -- in that and for other CNET podcast. Check out podcasts at And that -- and we will talk to you next week thanks for joining us if we went. --

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