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Dialed In: Dialed In 160: We're a Triple Crown contender!

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Dialed In: Dialed In 160: We're a Triple Crown contender!

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It's yet another busy week in the mobile world, with the Google launch of the Android Market Web store, a preview of a 3D smartphone from LG, and a couple of 4G phones from T-Mobile and AT&T. Oh, and apparently we're a Triple Crown contender in the Kentucky Derby! Sort of.

Welcome pointed out in this in itself -- -- and it's Wednesday February 2 and -- eleventh. And Groundhog Day and I'm not happy and anybody who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It heats you know at the ground -- monthly of the calendar -- It -- it. And that I'm joined addicted to look right in studio -- -- and Bonnie tang you know. That. -- eight panel bit -- and now. I was under -- nobody was talking about my Staten Island -- story. It anyway. We hear you I -- it that's by but the -- for the company to develop behind the filmed it and that's just added that used -- a lot of things went at this week -- with the beat you today. Google has just announced its -- -- and -- And yeah this essentially did note that -- -- and insistently pre to buy and -- Apps on the death okay by an install at their freaked out by India and -- actually -- meaning that require reading for this for quite awhile. So it's not exactly -- -- in fact people -- during the event. That Google music might be announced -- -- have some people. The announcement of an online -- for America that kind of a letdown. That basically it is Google's first comprehensive catalog. That it and trade apps you can install. Over the air. -- we -- questions out. I actually have questions out to Google on what it it's. At that time is when I tested this out in violent -- -- present that tested out and is doing more in depth hands on and some how to videos freezing it we sometimes have the -- -- at the problems getting on it this morning coming in on the ground. And I'm also looking into what recourse is if you don't -- your download right away because. For the -- Alan you are pending -- if you haven't already. Included your credit card information than you can do so. From this online portal. So it is really big deal if you're not getting your download and especially if you only have fifteen minutes to return it if it takes ten minutes in and there are some prodding -- Then bang what kind of customer service issues with opening for his. I should -- -- at this site is lie. -- market dot Android dot com and then. Don't some problems signing in earlier and is that right again now the -- Great and you -- to -- and -- and they have been divested. It's -- declaring yeah when you -- went to go purchase you know. Have they would -- -- in any sign in with your Google account but they needed an invalid request. But it -- we were able to get in with in the past couple of hours and it just seems you know I think Google said you know. It's working fine for salmon not for others but it should be. Smoothed out shortly yen -- so one interesting thing -- that I have multiple entry and at my disposal. Anti it will manage multiple phones you had to have to go in there -- -- a little bit sometimes I have from that were listed as phone. I and then he added it's an idea so I've and its net -- accidentally bit keys blurred naming -- an individual of a unique -- its -- use. -- but an indie. Allies these contain really quickly in the -- on setting the market in. From the web street -- the nickname of their phones wouldn't exactly yeah if he did that it doesn't like given that it will -- -- -- him but it does not appear to support. Multiple. And user account. For 1% fat -- it gets -- if you like a personal and -- one or whatever. And only -- -- -- -- time anything -- -- and Mac and it does not appear also that you can uninstall. From the let's say you're still -- data on your. Again I think that's -- and and it -- Down but -- -- is definitely a step in the right direction -- dents in it he said a VA requests for this kind of functionality April quite -- now I think this would definitely boost and I think they would look -- what you say. It would boost yeah definitely it just waiting for it by making everything work -- -- and it's funny because. Google in this in fence has been lagging. By planes rim -- which has had its. Blackberry app world online catalog for quite awhile which of course is you know I mean -- nineteenth which -- In a mostly or at least first. That top app. -- although there is an online August while. And then another interesting thing that came. The heavens today with bag Google will be supporting an app payments. And rim just announced this morning I get to have -- Half as good to myself that but that is interesting that Google finance. Lagging behind a little and even now it has surged and taken -- such huge proportion of America. We should also mention an. That also -- that doing the same press conference today. As Google talked a little bit about the honeycomb alas this of them would -- a little bit and you know it's. -- it's -- it's a very interesting OS and obviously is very tablet specific. Right so he has this new -- into staying at fragmentation. For the Gmail pane viewing -- who who so that's very interesting invasive -- Are connected helpful -- assignment. The cool thing to come out -- that was a really brief preview of Google body. -- -- -- app that Google again just sort of like flash for a couple seconds but it described as kind of being like Google Maps. For your body and add it to be. Okay and -- and here's the muscular system but there's an awful structure. I can be pretty fascinating and I think these kids with something about it felt -- that I am not. AM today doesn't it doctor pneumonia and definitely. A. So I'm no bill would get more information about become as at and those items in editors Donald now that's a look at it and you have any -- has -- -- -- shortly. -- -- -- Yet out there were eighteen apps between apps -- orbiting them and now Napster coming and then he got yeah I know apnea. We'll see. And the next and so it that this isn't and -- mostly -- and the next use is. The -- next generation unit. And apparently they might be -- Blackberry. Touch in the -- And interesting. Stop arming it because there's no keyboard is -- means. But it's interesting to meet the -- period of -- -- page now that -- meet conjures up an image of the very basic messaging phone with that the quality who -- -- and it began. So. I. Like you nobody I am not really huge fan of the Blackberry touch phones a man IE being an atom of his have to keep it well they -- mean they got rid of the -- -- The click -- it in a -- eleven. Are breast cancer press yet they got rid of that on the -- And they're doing away with. At least that part in the first does work pretty well -- I mean that's you know that's personal preference obviously. -- -- and it seems that it affect from the -- from the print managed and hosted a talk about the Blackberry Monaco I believe an additive attachment encoding for. It's investing only -- penetrate neglected at the touch market and you know -- Again Blackberry and we think he writes though it depends on the and the audience may be many many into the -- It seems to be you know -- but some -- -- the five. -- and I guess we'll see that and mobile. Hopefully. Speaking of mobile world comments. Ion LP put a little press release. Those sneak peek preview earlier this week. And apparently you'll be unveiling the the first ever TT's Smartphone. In Barcelona. How much the Nintendo 3-D S the optimists DD will require any glasses -- -- viewing is it's less free greedy. And you know we've been calling this naked guy he naked eye and eye opening to get ready get your and I cannot for both a look at your -- -- pick up. Does hold on the economy -- -- got a second -- that academic classes than a -- -- is that it's it's I mean we know too much about it but now of course that meet those high end the strike again you mind -- connections. Very nice display at Sony. The dual core processor -- -- all those that are of high end features in this. The -- thing to think of the eighties. And I -- is that are we ready for that we want that -- I mean I don't have. Pressing need for it it's -- my also is -- is being increased the price of the right when word game. And I can't -- street meet me yet and who doesn't -- -- avatars. And people -- the -- annual regular I don't think yen but you know it's it's. Public the cost. At least twice three times its original -- at the expense. -- -- of the goodness but no game companies don't yet you make a good point game you know where. Most obvious yes and husband and a you know it's it's something interest the and I -- have to say it's very neat. It's our fourth begins very much that -- the ability to do you know again you get immediate dual processors non connecting them. -- -- -- -- -- -- As moving sensitive new -- this here. As many simple aversion to -- use EQ says yes to you 100. Very basic phone here for the cheap -- -- PP incidents. This is basing it against Juliet VD can't read the cute. Very limited functionality tens of web or text messaging. But you know it's made -- what is that appeal will plan and that to get -- 15100 minutes for thirty bucks so it's very voice centric and a very it's. -- -- Next up is the Blackberry app world -- point one news that Jessica I mentioned earlier. Parity if that -- -- -- -- pension at its head and he can aiming and yes I'm app world two point one will be starting -- roll out and with that you get in and a purchasing. Though. Mostly see this thing games where. The developer can offer -- for free and then you can buy a different levels -- Excuse me by different levels incrementally. So this has been enabled by a new payment service fund -- back and and and it came sort of couple hours before Google announced pretty much the same thing. -- -- -- -- And intercity patient if you don't fear update right away and your name -- -- -- account for so many of handset you coming up here. On -- TC thunderbolt might get from the -- -- was indeed. How how how can that be. Well look at the timeline and -- -- basically this -- That the thunderbolt might get simultaneously sending that we posted first on handwriting gadget had the news as well. And they were kind of bouncing back and forth and updating it periodically you it and -- -- -- -- it as certain time period last week in and in this week. And so they have what are supposedly some internal -- documents. -- from Verizon. At that because although it will allow simultaneous voice and data on the rise in three G network. They can't promise spreading can't promise that experience will be consistent with their brand -- you know let don't even mention that that the benefits here products and so the first question is is of course. Is this trail. And the timeline -- benefited because we have heard that this -- man. Development group will be releasing. And penalties voice -- data at you all carriers than ever hasn't happened sad that there are going to you adopt the technology. They've put that around spring time and that's about the I'm not -- -- with an amount. That it -- Should implement the second question is why wouldn't Verizon you know -- that's that's that's about it not being consistent brightens for and why wouldn't they want people and now I shouldn't be it sounds as it. The technology's maturity. -- definitely yeah especially -- as an -- officially about yet anything any thing they wanna pay. Their name behind yet they want in there and essentially what installs like -- also is simple and killed. -- LTE -- would -- wouldn't matter however if you're not in it and then I AG's used to -- analyst at and a -- there are good this is one of those things -- play -- and exciting river -- it in and it's actually less exciting because and you know it has the Internet plays only a sneak peak -- some feature that's -- -- -- and -- and that's the case. And next up going back to Blackberry for a second here. Let -- -- and released a little bit of -- videos he would spleen trying to sell. The -- -- playbook its business potential. Right and rim does those from time to time. Is sort of -- these videos to turn against you -- dead -- and their teaser video for sure. -- -- interesting to me. Is that this video showing how you -- the Blackberry paper tablet with a Blackberry Smartphone. And -- -- to be appealing to corporate users well this is Marty in the UK -- a -- and familiar with. And I think we're -- really -- -- US try to sell it to consumers especially given this. In an issue with the Blackberry -- software that's getting lots of people including us all up in a twist. And because there -- a lot of things that you can't the U on the -- tablet without carrying two blackberries are. Though that's actually -- -- -- they've really easily -- the corporate model. But it's less obviously a -- for consumers though -- means that they're trying to get the corporate. Market father's -- and -- in America it's a little bit preaching to the choir and I think I don't know -- the -- ironies of schizophrenic but there's definitely sort of an identity -- says. That rim is going through or at least at a crisis and how it's going few. -- it's it's -- -- of consumer and corporate. In a user friendliness -- the general populace they want us to image -- really -- and -- -- -- camp went and then. Sort of -- but very interesting -- that of late breaking late last night actually. -- you got the story about the Samsung galaxy XYT. Yes so when team all intents and confirmed that vibrant forgy a couple of weeks ago they didn't have very many details but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually now going to be called the galaxy S or. And -- interest. Yeah it's an MPD said that it's gonna be available this month -- give a specific -- or anything like that but. It's gonna be their first Smartphone they'll be capable of theoretical download speeds of between one megabit per second that. I'd be pretty impressive what your data. Definitely -- you know very taking -- of those four G speeds. They've learned that at device with -- TVT mobile TVC to watch animal safety programs on it if he did not inception on the speech yes so you know hit the T-Mobile kind of had a habit of doing this they'd be preloaded a lot of their devices with movies -- vibrant had. Avatar and now they're gonna -- you load that galaxy authority with a copy of inception. Though. He wanna watch -- Could benefit said before in screen you ever played and pressing my parents to talk about opt turn ons right now analysts the -- -- a built. But -- -- expects that they release is gonna have -- program or its screen a one gigahertz hummingbird processor. They'll come preinstalled with a sixteen -- you might. My maker SD card loans and other apps that'll be bundled with it will be double twist and accurate you know -- ninth and quick for video -- it has of rear facing five megapixel camera. Not sure about that on that camera yet it does have -- -- camera am not sure the resolution comes down. -- -- -- quick out bought out by Skype. So they now have a great site where is it Allen now -- It. -- So I mean I think a very. It for a while the -- again it's sunny ninety meaning some people are just when in -- -- -- it. Yes. It that's your -- and if users looking for something like the vibrant but -- next. I think I know pricing yet but. It does it its its so funny because the -- does -- -- Lakeland how many months ago and and Minnesota did it really -- at six to proceed. Now yeah I rightly and then it's it's a few months -- and it has RG. Yeah and -- and -- the big thing yet as as a as a new -- and you consume it to T-Mobile it stayed out. And public. Health cards here and now. Interesting that it. And we'll -- if you've been so that it. -- is a disk cleanup itself. The life cycle. In order speaking of four G next for a deeper into the sensitive key here is the -- TCU's spider. So this is eighteen -- first four G phone and they announced that its gonna be available February 13 -- -- really green paint it pink in 9999 with a tier content. Though there yeah so now. People are priced to sell -- is say that it's under a hundred dollars for a party Pardee firm yet. Eighteen he's kind of like you know -- losing either I'm doing right yes. Literally I rarely get people and is smart is -- smart and it's very smart and -- They're gonna get more aggressive with their Android -- to which has been acting. You know. It's a good move and app are yet but. Another couple things about that -- -- aside from being their first -- -- also gonna have there. New mobile hot spot app -- I. Which state just announced the -- and -- not the time but it out. Yes it's gonna be a 45 dollars per month for four gigabytes of data and that's actually bundled with their data pro data plan which is still okay and if my -- ten dollars. -- in general it. This on top and is on public. So the EE heavier data plan rate which is 25 documents are treated give -- right if you want them mobile. 454 for a gigabyte interest yes. -- and they actually AT&T -- -- and that you know people customers dirty on their tethering plan. Which is I think it's three dollars and -- -- delaying -- yeah they're gonna add that extra two gigabytes of data. For no additional charge so you get four -- That's what regulates. -- -- eight yes. Them. And some other features that inspired eight megapixel camera has to believe mobile surround sound. It'll be running Android 2.2 and one gigahertz processor. The name him speak at the -- and. And -- and we have been saying we have this. Explaining things that inspire -- even though it's boy gee its -- -- plus eight sees the happiness cannot AT&T opium now because. The air lines -- may be here mid year so yeah very different. -- -- -- -- -- -- and eighteen he and since you -- me. Okay let's move on to reviews I reviewed a couple of Virgin Mobile phones this week. The first is the argument -- be seen this before with the S -- model. If this isn't the same photo really has the debate existing text messaging interface that he assessed circle -- trying to contact the group. The group sent a text message is -- -- interesting. Paint knows who resisted -- wasn't the -- most responsive in the world is expect for a feature like that. Overall I like it it's only available for 149 mining -- which is he did. Except if I had the money out what he's been on the LG documents. -- is about the same prize but it's an enticement. So this isn't a very neat very competitively prize and you have and it's an opt -- would be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Affect up to that end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is hoped we'd be last in particular is -- is rampant and yet -- and -- and intimacy of BE KAB. 88 -- see it through there that the -- six post op. I owned by god. So this is the -- -- keep an image in mobile and I guess it's only 150 dollars without a contract. And you get you know and to Teague at life by TP -- EV DO read a pretty decent -- -- megapixel camera. Overall a very decent entry level Android -- we have to say that because it's Virgin Mobile that is no mobile hot spot versions so. You won't get that mobile hot capability on the there. Optimists. Thanks but I think original mobile but keeping it that the -- and really. Apple an entry level Smartphone and the -- And another for another prepaid phone when you look at the quality and -- -- -- her. So. I've talked about the spam before it is why it it's kind of -- -- at 99 dollars without a contract and that's not a Smartphone it is touch screen but it -- the -- list -- display and -- violence. Rich -- -- -- wild there. Who suddenly broke back you gonna call it retro cool. I might well -- -- Yahoo! -- and also has sort of an interface that really reminds me of the Samsung TouchWiz two point out. -- -- -- Slide out tray and you can drag and drop widgets on the trail on -- the home screen but it does have multiple home screens three megapixel camera. Actually -- pretty good photos for what it was. And like it was really hard -- it my current the current expert of a minor minus -- relieve the -- -- touch screen. Is the biggest negative. But if you like the way elect and that's exactly the kind of -- you want enough about the price that you want -- pavement. It's definitely going to kill the fact that this island if I probably I would be happy -- I mean you can -- it says. It makes and the fact of the -- that there are involved the that the screen changes moment your original Hubert pops up literally wanna be sitting here -- I think really hard picking -- -- -- This type in everything that a little changed. It especially -- because almost everything past that now instead of the resistance. A lot of feature phones -- to resist and I think it's -- actually. And some resistant -- -- Are okay they'd been fine but I don't need a little audio also are little that the larger you don't you don't need at least I honestly. -- -- -- when he of the violence because it's just a little bit too cramped and parents that not how Lan in my hands on math. And lots of problems. -- -- -- I wouldn't it -- not just you might buy it it's not bad. For what it is but. I think that -- -- -- -- -- -- phones out there. Yes definitely so. I let's look at the Dell venue. Pro which is aiming to use -- Yet it's so we've been waiting and waiting for this land since the -- You know. I had below expectations -- Dell aero but the venue pro -- struck plan ion. Mostly because of the design it's the only portraits later in the windows phone seven portfolio -- I'm in its huge and pink -- going to be the biggest. Turnoff for a lot of people. And you know it's close to seven ounces but on the flip side -- you're getting a very beautiful large screens for point one inches. Really sharp and prayed. And and that and keyboard is actually really I liked it it's a little Blackberry ask that. I -- month. Say it's better in some -- respects Ammann has you know. The -- very rectangular an event like unto them so -- easy to press. -- the phone isn't too top heavy so you know when you're typing into the feel like it's gonna tip over any feeling that. If it is a top -- it mildly you know -- now. Yes so -- -- that was one might consider it depending on their way on the -- the heavy phone and -- pretty and I wouldn't yet but it's not infect the it was very comfortable to use. You know and so it. It's got one gigahertz process very -- it it performed. One downside it doesn't support enables it to speed on network though. Yeah that definitely. It is. By you know people looking for premium him that -- a premium speeds along with chair. But overall I think -- the ads and find device again and you know. -- is gonna be an issue of whether you can deal with such a large phone. Dell has it reasonably priced reasonably priced actually think a gigabyte model is a hundred -- with a -- contract in the thinking of my is 149. That -- -- it's the no -- about it and it's why there's the anti Cuba eight yes exactly there's two different -- so. And if you are gonna buy you can only get it through down and I am not available in mobile -- That it -- -- and that -- and asking if there don't. I don't know why they would want you restrict any data we talked about that my earlier as we don't know if it's because you know -- -- -- -- in -- -- they -- island the fanfare you announced though the kennel like an editor on demand in -- custom tool for you after you put in order. Yeah I'll take you six weeks to get. And then there's Apple delay with the shipments. -- in -- you know. -- led to bad customer experience for people. -- actually. -- -- -- Yeah I want it in my -- -- stores. Those. That -- pop up again. -- when. We'll see. And -- used and reviewed the HTE. Yes that this is another when -- phone seven device but it it's designed for the European Asian markets -- you know we just decided to get -- -- -- -- take a look. The unique thing about the most -- it is it's only one with eight megapixel camera everything else has -- the pixels. -- really kinda pushing the multimedia. Features on this device that surround sound. And I thought this -- found an enhancement to agree -- -- to leave the camera. It still does -- a selling point of the phone you know pictures as. It was really hard to get sharp image and without indoor and outdoor gas even outdoor air. And good Dianna how -- it looked washed out is hard to get a check image and the video is tremendous pinkish hue and he's -- -- though. It it just did an. -- I just that it can and it -- violence ethnic component but I guess it's Yatom. I think you're so funny that they get a little bit better after you write -- search Austin for bright and things I'm gonna -- and means a lighting issue a little bit. -- added that. The the sharpness it didn't mini. Help so that make this is emblematic of just because -- eight megapixel camera invented it -- is gonna be it's gonna be better -- Now my vale am 735 might have taken better -- Yeah I meet at the Samsung Focus citizen of the windows phone seven device has a five megapixel camera and it took excellent -- it's all the software yes. -- So that there is just -- -- And it's of course an unlocked hasn't -- -- it's finally nice though and we have plenty of their camera phone pics -- content. Now and we have a few upcoming reviews and security in the -- -- only. IPOs eat the idea is perhaps I'm calling it by a kid I think -- this for the phone that I got and Anthony and -- that phone side and -- CES and I got an an unlocked. Version that subsequent mean stopped working with Abbott said and -- I have has anyone that can sort of fine. I said I have that that the full review at anything and I've got almost the compute review our via credit that the first day. Just couldn't include all of the details -- about will be filled in urgently -- Mara. Well embodied in look at the inspired by these -- yet mentioned is -- he got it drinking. -- Then you're gonna do you know kind of -- -- Looking living on cute email it just added a DEQ this lineup -- dead became dominant. K this one is from James you're on Verizon and currently has they -- Mercury -- -- which is a regular feature found. But he as a ready to upgrade to a Smartphone and wants an ally banner -- -- uses Gmail calendar clock contacts. And other. Google feature is. But -- he's still considering the iPhone as well and is not much of a gamer. And has an iPod Shuffle for music and podcasts. So basically wants now is the cloud aspect -- -- with -- the Google -- -- alone. Reason to switch over QM -- or is I've gotten better choice and he specifically that he really wants to hear all of our opinion and they cannot keep any -- Well well I I. If you Larry Google and brightness and he definitely still look in an Android -- -- Verizon has all of those pot then iphones right. Now dried pro in united tried -- in the that the latest. In the district and he saw and it's an -- -- accident and I coming I'm sure it. So you -- is dead but then as he said you're a Verizon as the iPhone coming out a swap. I don't really know it for -- the nice and -- tonight a few years ago. -- use it when I use it as an MP3 player and revenues might might shuffle or whatever and Martina and it's my music player. So it depends only the UE one have both devices -- -- what he chapel. And and equipment that then -- phones can play music and podcasts it. So my aunt -- actually looking for her first smart -- and she -- uses an iPod Touch and I showed her. Now and dread and explained everything cure and I think honestly it was a little -- humans she might be more comfortable. Sticking with the iPhone and is also really reliant on in the podcasts yet -- -- -- -- And so for her just easy and -- use case and might make more sense because she really is tethered to iTunes and she does not interest and inherently learning. Another. Another system and -- and work around so. I think it really. Comes down suit the features that you wanna use if you really want -- return -- that the drive alive and you don't have an in -- navigation. Then -- might be the one for -- So I'll say it comes he. That -- as the question whether you have to think everything right he is via USB and answer is actually. Yes for some things you mean you can buy things online main if you Wi-Fi connections -- not really. And athletic -- He is by hand. So for the mostly do you think anything -- USB and that's sort of the outside as you mentioned Google and -- Market is on the way to spy on the browsing is Viera Cast them -- Both Seagal movie as well buy stuff from opponents -- -- yeah yeah I know I get it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- you know what. It depends on usage you not -- wholly connected to Google services I would fake both Android but again. -- you said -- -- -- it depends on how much years of this new music and podcasts is that really and then have a part of years by. Yeah you might yet consider that iPhone -- If not and with the Internet and if it. It. And -- -- This is very interesting -- by being yanked the Kevin that -- lets parents units and cannot development. Team. He -- this is very interesting link. Apparently he. There's the -- in the Triple Crown Kentucky Derby. And the -- -- Is dialed it. And when. I thought and cleaned -- -- raiding according to the thoroughbred time aims. Point five out of ten. Forget -- that's but he did it back up or do you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's also the -- though some of those -- -- think -- So what you -- listening carefully -- the and team to win two is a gain I might help them. And send that Kevin is from our -- Oval Office yes now what is the content every -- and attract. And now. Are important to know anything about you can take -- and -- it with cool how their entire fiscal -- it. You -- have that Kentucky Derby and yes engine to look as big cat. Apparently it came in first in some kind of raised over -- Based in for the win. The horse style lived. And two and an excellent community and the derby is on April -- -- -- at any one day yet Triple Crown contender. The -- Hollywood -- very closely. At. As it is. Movement -- and with that we in addition Motorola. No tents disappear. Not you know I'm not a spectacular -- and actually -- and I think -- we can -- Arab and kid's bedroom -- the. On a very special review that usually when -- back. By the and and an Nvidia o'clock 6 o'clock 8 o'clock at the -- -- Come back on cnet.com -- -- -- seek -- review of something something you might remain just that and yes. It makes me -- it is a little nugget. For all of that and -- injected doubt in that CNET that cover all of our past episodes -- that he can those so. Call or email. That he he -- that -- at CNET dot comedians of congress want it six expires UT he seeks the eats. All other CNET -- and speaking at the podcast dot cnet.com. That's it for this week so I went I I every -- and come back affects.

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