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Dialed In: Dialed In #157: Hello, Verizon iPhone 4

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Dialed In: Dialed In #157: Hello, Verizon iPhone 4

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What with a huge CES 2011 and the "big reveal" of the Verizon iPhone 4, the Dialed In crew has plenty on their minds.

It is Wednesday January 12 2011. At listening cute dialed in -- help them podcast. And basketball courts here in San Francisco with Kent German and -- police and and -- We've got on -- on the phone from New York -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm hand. And that's an Aetna or an earth like and no -- no money and it. Now I don't have no honey -- habit I finally got music Christmas mean Ronnie -- we're gonna. Dress it up in different. Again it's becoming the argument that you. Winter yet enter it handy then actually it that I would -- and its -- know what's the apocalypse was at them again and again and -- -- -- yeah yeah. -- -- -- Jules. I mean the body differently. Deployed VMware's ongoing -- -- -- podcast. I also hunt you know when you come up with -- them -- Need to get involved and I'm sure we won't -- -- involve technical. It does so today released at the we have survives quite an eventful even -- and we also by Alia Ireland Italy. I barely made -- Called and the ODS revenge we will have to study entry -- an article littered flew the -- who -- -- -- -- At that during -- giant peach it is evident it is that. I'm in picnics. I -- when -- Check it out I mean really if there are a lot of hands on lone Butte. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's I don't have anything to -- until it absolutely. And wipe it down on a little could actually clocked. At that you -- And so anyway -- fuel. -- things we will do it via three cap -- more importantly. We're gonna kick out the show. Starting with yesterday a -- among yet it's now more important to us. Now it's equally equally that I pay more in -- of -- and -- like it but it is important that we have been talking about it first though line. And you can -- that if anybody ever bring this up to you again you will. They can bring up the topic -- can ask me when the iPhone -- Because getting an. If you -- -- when I think of the iPhone on Verizon I will be glad to talk about ask link and -- as they went on -- don't ask these brand. Boost mobile virgin mobile T-Mobile. -- -- -- sailor -- -- coming to cricket wireless and. Southern and cellular BellSouth does make them a good -- So yesterday we had -- and in the -- coverage from our New York team including Bonnie. We're live in Lincoln dinner in new York -- you gotta have now that's that's -- I like that Bonnie live from Lincoln. In a -- bonus -- -- -- and she wants them. Mr. -- and opera on two locks on high end gaming with the united -- on here. I have -- -- alive. So bunny were able -- ged in hand on -- and a year the first whereas the need for extra -- an adamant about. A -- at the Verizon iPhone and has announced yesterday. Rate. So what are your first impressions that and email it it's pretty much the same device. Jeff -- of earnings in them. They mean there were a couple key differences. You know and we heard in a lot of added during -- -- live but -- kind of redesigned antenna. And so now that eating meat and tenants are at that. Top edges. So they've actually moved it seems that little black and buy it yet so I've and I've -- On the AT&T when there's one on top correct me if I'm I'm -- -- -- there was one on top amendment to bottom. Join our side yadda am so now there is on the sides there's four. Top and bottom. And the top has been the the one on that. Top of the device has been moved him so. There's no longer run at such -- now move right just about the ringer switch which was moved -- the -- -- orbit. -- and so as a result none of the bumpers that her -- you know that you can use an eighteen T one. Can be used them and either party eight got my first -- says or -- -- yet for a case has exactly. And -- well I should know that depending on the case you have -- -- if you the the opening is wide enough. It could work but -- though the form fitting with the companies like he said yeah well what. And never has been little bag here and -- tailored to me. There -- yes and so Verizon won't be giving away free bumpers with their devices and we did try. Didn't see any continuation and. Student Bonnie called me from the room yet and I can actually a pretty well I. Now trapped car that you you know I said that -- this and make her statement you gotta remember that. They're probably -- name everybody tanner fifteen -- and iphones in the -- -- never actually in -- forty AT&T it from the iPhone right and so. Yes and same thing we did a speed test Wilson tang and -- we did -- speed -- and you know. The Verizon iPhone and we we pulled out the New York -- full page in bright and blue AT&T -- -- -- and I'm you know as the weak and noted in a blog and video that's not as definitive test and -- pretty sure you know Verizon had -- An accident and send out sap for -- -- -- I mean it's not truly indicative and I again you know Eric. An enterprise and I find it around my avatar and but you know we -- -- when it give you an idea of what we thought now and had to be done. -- had to be done so let's that infuse some of the technical. Specifications. And other details such as cost and availability -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And accurate and -- created every Wii in that African Union need to know about the Verizon iPhone and spreadsheet are not a spreadsheet rather -- pest. So the Verizon iPhone is going to be the same price as the AT&T -- 199 dollars for the sixteen gigabyte version. 299 dollars for the 32 gigabyte version and that is with. A two year contract. Extend it. And I can imagine that they went that you -- today the president will probably not and yeah I've been battling -- right I think -- You can't start clearing if you're a Verizon customer already about begins on for every hour about as an entire week before everybody else get that on February -- You can view these very special for you actually went really well annually -- you're out opponents are yet. I'm so there are -- -- -- other differences. Nicole you created a comparison chart in -- market reform than. As so like -- said the iPhone far on the AT&T and Verizon. Pretty similar you know except for the that the location. Some of the site the size statistic -- speaking mentioned. Of course the main difference is that it's -- to network and the eighteenth you -- GSM in Arizona TDMA -- I think some of us might have predicted in my head B a dual mode something like that and no this is -- CD NA it's TDMA and it uses analog -- and yes. Yes so you know because of that I think can you going today -- -- mistake but. That just means known global -- not really great so that's got -- -- animated aren't limited program and also the AT&T -- -- Beloved ads of mentions and allows -- continued use of voice -- Verizon because of the currency -- technology although we should say that. -- me supposedly will -- you have version later this year that might have. Smoking is one -- to dance and house. They're released -- -- -- main theme in development group is releasing this technology that -- Yet we don't Mary here he has said they will implement them so that's say important distinction there will be possible right arm yet. So this this. However this was the primary being tested out to me personally. Was found -- Verizon version. Version. We'll have the use this mobile hot spot technology. And that you can use Bluetooth USB and to Wi-Fi. T broadcast the Wi-Fi to up to five wireless devices range right and yes that's that's unique to -- right and I -- In eighteen -- -- so far and I guess you might amount dictionary is the rumors going around. Any -- but that's cutting delays of an -- you know that's. That's the perk. Expect to have the Obama but yeah I think it is. It supports the device yes. We don't notes and now it -- in human mind is that Verizon charges twenty dollars that functionality and sounds that -- And Verizon has not come out with there pricing plans yeah yeah -- -- plans -- he had and been area -- rather -- a cagey about it so -- -- the we don't know exactly and the restaurant. It's interesting to me so -- -- AT&T get up I I mentioned in might -- you -- took. -- -- -- was that the data plan for that. Eat a decent device has not announced the data plan for the iPhone on its kind of I didn't. A suspicious. So we don't know exactly what that but the get up and pricing would be for the president. And then -- of goes right into a Jessica's next article that Adam. Both -- iPhone on AT&T and Verizon will only be available in black and white. -- -- -- -- -- -- From the white -- so flares -- first split second when present first pushed out its splash screen but iPhone or. We went -- we checked it out and we thought that under in the technical specifications. Under a section called color and capacity -- There was a white iPhone listed right next to a black -- -- So this being the official word and all. We assume that -- that a white -- -- with coming soon funny actually need now and you know -- a match I have actually able to confirm that's French and -- app that meant. Yes I asked the Verizon president and his there had appeared you know -- -- they're gonna be a white iPhone on Verizon and you very adamantly said now anything it locked up on your web -- -- -- the little baffled that you decode double -- it yen it is now and Maggie followed up in bed you know she was told by different and that it probably becoming in the spring. We just to see here which is to seeing as eighteen to -- me so that -- spell out what the big deal with white iPhone I'm sorry I just don't get it what is so blurry that I want one. Why this is good is beautiful because it is pretty it is be different if you don't it's beautiful it's just it's amazing looking. To -- -- tiny -- it it it evokes an old school iPod -- Old school -- -- iPod. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and bright red personally. -- -- And I that would be named Billy Payne and have to be classic red. Can't you can't -- or whatever whatever code they use the number you know earlier. -- -- that differentiate it. -- -- So I feel only mistake patent for awhile we -- fitness -- Verizon with -- via iTunes GSM spec. County that CD mainland teaching you think they totally get a copy Sony like I hate the early -- caught -- video stadium it was even with. Prospects about GSM and investment for Intel anti -- -- from the Apple. That Apple never ever ever -- -- are allowed if this had been an in house operation and project. They were really taking a risk kind of moving from their turf. -- territory of Cupertino San Francisco. And allowing Verizon the carrier to make all of these announcements and the thought experiments. -- -- -- And this has been fixed and changed but it with in this sort of an interest in stumble out of McGee. And for Verizon's you can. -- So. -- are. -- being fed AT&T still have over Verizon now although we have. Heard from a lot of people that they are planning on making math accidents and I mean during -- An announcement -- in -- gonna have a very. Enthusiastic. Response from. Somebody in particular and the elite John Oliveira from the day and he's been attempting adult and -- happen. Well basically we you know we got into the room and we had seen -- mine -- Aaron. -- and her and it was and that before that keynote started he. You'll see it on The Daily Show clip now but he's the he yelled out -- act you know and was just very very happy. -- -- -- -- Yeah and I he had to do it a few -- because the gap in the several T Saturday there are three of those yeah yeah I -- subtleties and death sentence but it's already happening here. Implicated stand long enough -- It -- there. Meaning retired the side and by the end have a pretty penny and I think I -- about it and so if it's. Going back to you know whether or not you wanna stay with the teens he over the you know you wanna move to Verizon. Obviously the the main issues call quality I mean that's. That's the basic issue let people white people in a move. -- -- think it's gonna be a better network TV than Internet ad Gavin O'Connor isn't beer and they've heard so many horror stories about dropped calls and bad reception and people who have that slows it yet. So. The case to -- thinking. Well. Their -- things. One is that and we were little unsure about this but I -- it anyway. Is that it was going to be. A and CNN ailments -- email only device which is what it is it's expressed did not choose to make development. Means that the AT&T phone is the only one that's GSM and personally well of course not when the world with GSM as the only -- -- -- its its just them. And can be used and other countries outside North America so -- -- -- -- -- -- in some places it in Canada at some -- -- and number zealots and India and China have anything these are -- countries that him. These are big -- you know huge economies but. -- if you wanna go to Europe if you wanna go to places nascent human and Africa if you wanna go a lot of other countries -- does not work. So you'll be unable to take your iPhone music and I've heard from some people on the com -- -- -- that's the video on it for me on Twitter talk about I think it's a big deal personally. I I detail an eye exam ninety -- -- personal machine -- -- think -- -- -- long time Verizon customers probably. Probably got -- is much the -- media -- -- but yeah I think. Four I definitely to the needs a big deal especially if you travel overseas and and lot of active. So there. I went -- I think we mentioned is that voice and data it's not do voice and data simultaneously. Amnesty said the city made it -- a group of fixed limitations some time by. -- big deal until Verizon decides to implement eighteenth -- but -- still happen. -- that's that the tradeoff for the mobile hot -- you know sorry we're not gonna give you simultaneous voice and data because we can't be here have a mobile hot hot buttons that. And it's running -- seem like an in the the press conference -- -- and if they were asked this question specifically and they just they can't really say. Right they're really saying no -- -- voice and data. Yeah they just skirted around it with anything they were just trying to change a thing which is just funny to me because yes blossoming make him sort of -- out raids in two minutes from that the fact that and so they wanted that. Technically. And name you know -- many people argue with us by agencies. It just PA is network is three G network now I'm not talking about four -- is technically faster than Verizon's of course. Practice is always different and people in large cities are probably gonna -- many different. That still is there -- you know I do hear from a lot of HI distilled a lot of attention from customers that don't -- -- New York elements and -- Salmonella yes I -- problems. Yes antenna problems yes and and I hear -- other -- that. There iPhone users that don't use AT&T so iPhone users in the UK that have problems so. Yes this isn't -- sure things with just remember that and then. App price two if you are any two users on contract. It can be a lot of money to switch at least for the moment and snippets of well you can -- -- iPhone and there's there's how much money -- -- here. You are gonna be paid early termination fee and that can be as high as 325 dollars. And then you have to buy a completely new found so rain over 600 up -- administration feasibility I mean if there's a lot of stuff going on to say okay. So and more than any other company Apple is. Raid -- squeeze and out of retaining camp -- Apple listening CFCs but. It's gonna be the case here and it is going to be an AT&T is -- -- or termination fees so. Yeah I would. Which keep that in mind. One thing that's interesting and kind of will be seeing who picked up the Verizon -- -- In is it gonna be mostly Verizon customers who've been waiting for that are waiting her -- Smartphone in the -- an opportunity and they're gonna switch. In our test device to device -- -- their care or are they're gonna be people with an AT&T iPhone will actually jump ship or we. Until their contract is over -- come over or will be mostly air freight users. -- disliked AT&T are waiting for Verizon to offer up something that -- a couple of. Markets he mentioned that an idea of some Verizon customers who -- the iPhone but couldn't get it because it family -- there. Yes too many friends who use Verizon's something like Andy disk -- really use it without a lot of hassle. Found this week to begin no pretty easily moments and down the other option documented if you -- -- you know percent of Cisco. At the moment at the current. Stay status know he added. Redmond does seem to have the better and better quality borne out -- -- B don't know if the department I think it's a part of it currently does nobody know. If it -- invasive. Acting normally -- Palestine with no idea. But it if you are dead set on switching to encourage them to get I found I. Created a little -- on how to switch over so. Sun. Present to produce an anti -- and that we Democrats things that were in there so. For example should you cancel your current contract if you want -- the phone number. Editor's note and even think about it go into the Verizon store. Told me in line and they will basically do all the heavy lifting for you essentially canceling -- contract for you with your other carrier. In the coming -- you will need to find a new two year service agreement as we mentioned. On hand. Depending on and everything -- mine is in front Indiana and we're switching from. It could take quite a while -- a number by quite awhile we mean a -- you may mean. -- -- Warning of that it could be -- three hours. Fell and just be patient -- -- events and the benefit of course is that everybody you are in contact with are he -- your phone number they don't have memory as -- -- You can start using it immediately just have the -- and flips out. If this is -- planet -- -- there are other -- cute. And as well so check out that in and -- of course all of this has been made official with the -- thing. Yes it has -- this isn't the basic and SEC using -- new iphones and I believe this -- came out but analysts. But -- time for the press conference at -- 100. And -- you know TDMA EV DO and they. IPhone far and all -- the same specifications except for the location of the intent on -- he mentioned. Am just -- Interesting information and that them. Es Sar rating which is the specific -- -- meet for the iPhone form Verizon is. One point 18 let's -- per kilogram which is -- and no not that much different from the -- huge -- at 17 so. The difference is pretty small. For those who care about the mediation -- with easements. So right -- iPhone or not. Even -- only interesting phone to come out of the past week we have just returned from C ads where there are a lot of some of them for Verizon. That -- took a look at Faneuil. We all had our share. Looking at the new. Phone but Kent in hand with great wrap that you get. We did we get a really good CS it was various interest in profound much interest more interest in and last for years even two years ago we -- the pre. There were about a got a discount this and I think they were up to over thirteen counts -- reduced and these aren't just -- what these were insists. Sort of -- thousand that's I mean these -- pretty big models with lot of interest in features and some really incredibly innovative style that didn't come from. That we haven't seen before of course it's a -- and also. Always companies -- takes -- to three companies that will probably come and had them SC yes with Motorola. They once in its best to see you CES award for the -- -- tablet and the HX forgy. Won the past Fazio in the cell phones categories and they really came only with a good CES page it really went paid -- introduced. Four G phones. For Verizon Wireless and Motorola -- AT&T. And summer dual core as well so I really of the H expertise. Let -- -- talk dark and went went quote I thought it was an amazing device and really is. Shows some things I haven't seen before -- -- that you could. Take the agency to plug in and -- that laptop dark and basically have a laptop in and you don't have to Markovic -- -- house the browser and it's the browser is it was. Part parts -- -- -- product remember her it was I thinking it it. And -- yet what's so you basically you're just browsing on your phone which you can use the email you can use messaging you can use the media. And it was much more comfortable cause I and then looking at your phone for long periods this. I can be at home and I can -- -- look something Omnia mine watch TV and I wanna look at Wikipedia's have. President and found -- even after a few minutes idea I get eye strain so it's great how about -- laptop -- doesn't -- have big time problems that now -- well you know I never yeah I usually plug them. And it hooked it turns on -- -- as a -- basically man. I guess they we should get a couple of those in the office I think so I mean I was -- New -- -- -- -- Detroit ironic. Is also. Dual -- found on HX forgy -- Dual core but these this is that was processor chemical it was. That -- -- -- -- that it is basically shows in d.'s and Nvidia's commitment T-Mobile platform at -- Have to wait in the future I think. This year's CES more than any others he -- Shows that. Computers -- close and -- -- reason yeah so with so many phone announcements at CES this because they are consumer electronics because they are computers. And dual part tegra two phone -- -- that's pretty. The -- -- -- number the number one online and really they're really you've heard all time that there. That there mobile computing devices more analysis -- this this now more than have yet to power a laptop Egypt and I am very impressed we saw the Sony Ericsson H tricks. We -- Price and also had a very big channel. -- of course had the program commitments and have -- thunderbolt -- revolution. And they talk to these -- the first devices for their -- network. Don't forget the Samsung -- -- refused to mention that. Saying -- sorry. And -- worst cell -- name. Ever learn but even worse than the mass ledger where despite I'll absolutely -- you can at least I -- -- -- -- -- -- those. It's an actual lady they gave up their -- in its -- the name of day or whenever -- fed from children and called something that's like this name hello my name knows it's like hello my name as a Smartphone and my central. I am human and they had another name before this they did have an irony -- that I think -- -- to pack. You think. Maybe they just change their mind and they didn't like the previous name that shall not be named. And I I don't know why the -- last minute switch but that the Samsung orgy OT EU -- it's not -- -- -- This phone for Verizon. I'm -- if. -- -- -- And another frontier that. Maybe not gonna grab as many headlines but it was the busiest part and that kind of idea worked with me via tablet yeah I mean there is the one -- -- Thing about that without it how about IR blaster and yet -- -- -- -- remote emanating out of the thing that we might be seeing more of in the future but the board. It did it is a -- and this is invalid outside of phones eluded them I just I was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- need a tablet. I kinda think the -- -- yeah on the manufacturing. And the -- and you can. Came up during an email or does he asbestos he has discussion -- like video is really kind of creating -- connected home. Yeah ecosystem yet having devices via let me just. So -- am I am bundled. I know guideline get cute and -- isn't it. And AT&T took us by surprise by announcing their first four -- confident their Internet. But today announced -- -- -- -- is one of course you -- and announced the aspire forgy. And the Samsung infuse for achieved yet but -- let me touch -- And me on a better about that. Although I have to say that the party -- that the -- growth. It felt a lot better than their previous Nokia phones -- -- -- and yet happy to see that. -- Very big CEOs and I mean it in this kicks off today. And it was renounce violence with -- -- -- with CS with what Apple. And then we have a compliments that talk about men and there's any of affirmative sprint to them coming -- No -- there's an -- -- -- congress in this web OS some thing amendments. The inundated me if you -- look at. So. Yeah I was gonna say -- sprint and really have much present via. Yet they are relatively quiet -- -- -- announced even shift forgy but as I headed home alone kind appreciate you ask me and then they announced that there are gonna bring a -- back -- playbook -- Say it. So they yet they didn't have much of that hasn't it TF bring his friend was really controlling the Blackberry playback with their math that they it and they had a that was Olivia Wilde there yet talking about Haiti in the playback and trying to are trying. Yet on legacy thinking -- I'd like -- -- And NASA with a sprint presence really wasn't well at Abu anomaly in the hordes of people around I opinion and get through from a meeting -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it was that there is desperate Marion and there's all rim -- and a -- so. Looks like sprint has something in store. Yes they and I just sent -- an invite this morning for a February 7 event and it's an aquarius CEO Dan has he will be there. Along with the -- David blinking. And ill -- -- and a Smartphone I mean. I -- London when he lives in the glass box suspended from them -- now how exciting for you and the people are just ridiculous that we're just mean -- just with throwing eggs and unaccountable. -- that can -- a Vietnamese and a glass -- Is reviewed. It separates you don't have -- infinite time for this like. The key theme what -- -- doing them some great sort of thing but -- -- if they -- in London though I think there are more international visitors tourists and. Residents then. Local. But it anyway he's gonna be at the event to show that the impossible is possible. And ends the invite said that you know Sprint's gonna show off another industry first and I -- really don't. Have an idea what they mine and -- there. Another iPhone. That's -- -- I'll keep up that's what people are very you know -- Kerio river and well being and you know dual band. Some people -- -- maybe it'll be the WiMax thing yeah you -- know any if any doubt that thinks of it and some people -- -- in ninety tied in with the HP permanent. You know -- yet and then maybe I. Terminals. Hesitant about that I think. And to do it has that to transplant but -- -- and now. And others are saying in the comment in May be the windows phone seven girls but it -- it. Me and -- and don't back off a present industry first ads for a little villages -- any will be a one man -- And now it day -- day event starts at 6 PM eastern and can't tell me. Yeah heavily it'll be monitored on an Armenian WiMax that's not an industry went responses and an industry first it's like an industry only. The -- I don't I. -- -- It's anyone's guess -- think -- will -- -- a live blog now about a month. -- the and speaking of windows and feminine. Yes so they might have risen on on those kind of ho hum. -- -- -- -- -- As a car's windows phone seven staff you know they've pan am. Just to rehash everything that they talked about ice year. And didn't really talk about and updates just it just to say that you know copy and paste is coming -- there also gonna be performance based. And actually. The -- that and intact at a demo of that performance -- -- data and video. And you can actually see that. There's there's a big difference. -- one example that the game was loading up until you know we noticed this during our review that. Games take a really long time to load and it was pretty frustrating. But with this new update it loaded up fifteen point nine seconds faster than it was on. You know current version of an offensive and so that simply something seventeen -- -- and that's ridiculous gas you know and and Joshua Aaronson actually talk to you know the windows forms of entertainment PS -- There he talked about this -- heard this updated its. They've made these changes and to have a system manages memory and so that's gonna help performance and but it might affect -- differently now. We don't unfortunately have and me details about when that update is coming at them. We know Adobe early twenty and it. -- -- And -- info news there's been a rumor that MetroPCS. Is lining up another Samsung LTE phone. Their first one with the Samsung craft which is a feature and bad. Launched in early October. And -- have the distinction of actually being the first LP capable and none in MetroPCS those market and -- that environment first multi room. Yes. Yes exactly and I was symmetric keys and go to market their own commentary to -- Program groups are gonna -- the -- Have to but that was a feature phone and don't know what there planning the river is is an integrated. So -- -- report did have picture of the -- there. And it does clearly show that it's at -- man announced he -- and firmer version inquiry into -- Q and then how the mobile number if there are so. If this is all true it would include a five megapixel camera one gigahertz hummingbird processor. Average two point here is -- -- and that the Samsung TouchWiz interface. So over -- so we'll keep our eyes out and outline. In the meantime sprint. Has released EE another. Then interest found no links and -- Yet rugged it's been married the similarly talked about the -- -- -- itself doesn't that it implement it silicon. And again in -- and so tells about it this is being Motorola. -- eight. Assets can't just mentioned date they talked about it last month but I think they just announcing that it's available now. Yes and so it's eighty dollars with a -- contract. After fifty dollar mail in rebate and likely -- -- it's that it's a Nextel direct connect currency to make push to talk calls on it. I'm its the first one and have less side sliding full QWERTY keyboard though. -- and you're into that kind of form factor and here's one Korean. -- and needs you know. The military specifications. That it can withstand dust shock vibration that stuff from. Not an Android phone and but it does have Bluetooth GPS a two megapixel camera and MP3 plan. And includes to do -- by -- -- address he thought and parent card excuse me. Implement them on them and. -- -- -- -- So we are going to take a short break and the will be back with a couple of reviews including our first take -- on his -- take the -- -- -- Welcome back that is actually -- First take on the bread and I. So yes first take -- -- -- -- course we talked a lot about this already but I'm gonna go through quickly wet. But we think the device and certainly this is a big deal just wrote to -- and in the iPhone it is for iPhone and Apple it just means it's on your carrier. And for Verizon they do get a very popular handset. And they do get the opportunity to get even more customers -- a minority have so. Big deal for both of them. But cautioned however though this isn't a spokeswoman from our Smartphone market as a lot different than it was four years ago the first iPhone as an artist. And we have it's much more mature and we have a whole set of devices that are really relate -- it on the market and we are a whole bunch come last week. The iPhone on Verizon is gonna have a lot of competition. Not only from. Other carriers have sprint T-Mobile and for nineteen -- and also from Fries with an insults and some of these Verizon phones that. Are coming out are going to be four -- which the iPhone is not. I do really like the hot spot functionality I think that's great -- it's nice to see one we are inch we will be watching the tornado government charged to see how they. Bundle it with the data plans. I not surprised by the lack of four G Eminem which -- -- it but -- not surprised mean Apple is not the company to really. Jump on the technology that's just -- -- coming out and we. Especially when the -- is not available everywhere and it's not available and it hasn't been really tested by Smartphone users -- mean forgy. Presence LC network is really -- laptop usage right now so we are. Exactly know what the experience and Apple. Was there customer experience they want to -- could they wanted to be consistent and and that's not science happening LT LT. I think he did this summer and when you -- think this summer and royalties that no -- -- -- from. Did you iPhone -- maybe he could have already getting you have to you know -- might have -- -- quickly but am an Apple executive. It does have all the feet of new features it does have I OS for dot to dot five over Florida two -- one. We don't exactly know what that brings if it's anything beside the spot hot spot we assume that that's what it is. Or just how it differs maybe just to see you may think are -- now. It is. Does do the voice and data we are disappointed by the lack of global warming. And performance seemed okay I mean Bonnie try to now button on YouTube you said you liked it right that -- -- And for was pretty fast. -- not on his audio. Hold patents I say and by -- like difficult thanks Max Headroom on -- Who went anyway. -- -- back. Anyway yes she did -- and they often I was in the office -- economy and looked it sounded pretty good she did do the she -- is speed test looks good so it looks very promising but -- got to remember that. Is lot of people have that are really expecting this device to be. Cure rather iPhone problems it's it's gonna be perfect it's gonna be fine and I took credit Bryson has a very good network if you'd get almost everywhere -- strong it doesn't drop lot of calls by. We're gonna have to see how it performs when you have so many a lot of think about how many how much data iPhone users use and we need to -- -- on the Verizon network. -- -- -- -- Which can have to watch I I think it has a very chance to do better but I wouldn't guarantee it at -- -- -- keeper expectations in check. Because the expectations for -- High would be to see how I would say. -- and I think it's I think it's important to note considering the -- uses its its not its January -- Apple's gonna Apple's going to announcement on an iPhone -- in June possibly. And you know that's what by -- fixed until. If he can only you depending on a new contract -- -- -- I would hate. To see what he kept coming out underlined that again you know I understand what people people honest is because you -- an iPhone and you've been waiting for salon. And it and I know I would wait maybe at least into an excellent. It. Yeah I mean I think that's a good idea so. Any and just think you we have -- so much of the competition means -- panic. The and -- -- -- -- -- is gonna be on Verizon and they're putting people out there who. Have a present from our -- entry -- to some of the device. And they have no interest in switching so. We'll see if this expectations in check I think it is going to be good and I think will offer different experience and AT&T. Its iphones on -- -- but it's one competitive field. With. The -- and -- a much more modest bone is the canyon Tahoe that you also took a look at. Yes I got and that's something seems like so long ago and it was only like two weeks ago but it. I'd do -- -- -- RC yes this is a and you -- -- found her a -- It is. It's. Very durable and -- -- military specifications. Really really easy is controls very nice keyboard and keypad. It's functional -- feature set call quality is pretty good. Except for the speakerphone volume and a post -- -- could be a little distorted at the higher volume levels in but I -- performed well does have a 2.5 millimeter headset Jack. Not a moment that that's not really -- media found so much to complain too much I'd does give it points for record simple design. -- quality again. Could be better bet I think it's a good phone most people seven point three or three how stars. So and I still amounts to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- air penetrating off coughing and I hadn't. NASA that was the Sanyo -- have time and I -- for. Good idea to earning parents mechanisms yeah and he never -- -- -- for some. So we have a couple more reviews coming up will be looking at BH TC evo shift -- she that was announced. Almost at the very beginning almost even before CS really got under way. Here's the algae cause most types. The rim BlackBerry Curve three G and the Motorola clicked to get so -- -- Panacea. -- programs and net -- the click of course it's yes and we will be looking at that does anybody have any email today. Actually. Now I am and I think a couple of wants to do the talking about -- -- action in and -- can't commenting and CS Android phones in the future of handsets but it. Very long emails so I don't know -- -- typically my command and that really are okay good -- -- other a decent -- -- -- -- Yes so that about wraps it up unfortunately -- standing. Bonnie we lot of funny so. Again. With on not behind their -- -- -- I think he laughs sorry harming the Gateway funny and it in the air. -- -- Say hello will catch on next week yes so you can email us with your own impressions. Questions about her as an iPhone for any of there are awesome phones that we. Thought FiOS or anything else that addresses dialed in and cnet.com. Believe -- the -- -- 866402. 638 and as always check out our blog -- -- cnet.com about offered this week have a great week everyone and -- -- in about the minute. The bank. Oh.

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