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Dialed In 152: Soul of a Tablet: Dialed In

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Dialed In: Dialed In 152: Soul of a Tablet

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Acer claims that it's new 4.8-inch Android smartphone has the "soul of a tablet." Seriously? At that size, maybe they should just call it a tablet, soul and all. We also discuss the Dell Venue Pro, Motorola Olympus rumors, the burgeoning 4G market, and all the latest reviews.

Yeah it's Wednesday he says -- -- And then you're missing out its units by the geniuses at. Nicole. Cologne and end. In December. I I you know select any of reducing the need the and in New York City bought -- I play their says. If so it very energetic way to. That the venue month and they're all happy after -- -- eating them very happen. And how piggybacking on the distant and again -- festive around in the sense excuse to use ornaments and to. The variety of Christmas decorations. Holiday decorations and I can think -- there -- -- C actually has won a holiday and -- the and Kenny keen -- And it's -- -- playing but very little look at Bobble -- stars on them and wire. And that on my microphone -- cents a somewhere they -- that there tell your. Yesterday asked if I and note that that's. If you phones that not human not too much news that -- -- get into -- shortly. -- -- Though this is he -- -- windows phone seven device but it's only being sold directly from Dell. But it's available for purchase today but estimated shipping date is December ninth. Am so if that's their -- Not in any T-Mobile stores not in any T-Mobile stores says -- And we aim I think when -- -- first announced that they're -- Trying to figure out why that was in. You might have been because the Dell aero didn't do so well and so maybe he -- once the -- -- time NN. So. He did we forget to tip her original effort has issues of the Nexus One how he could -- items terrorism saying now you made. Think that maybe -- -- change their container on that right now it's just the Dell. And and there -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that just because of this size and you know the keyboard and everything like that. Because the price is not insignificant and me in a hundred dollars with a two year contract and we got a country it's it's a 58. And yet so that's exactly so it's not like and it's not like it's not on -- money you wanna look at it before you. -- -- -- -- and as -- think they're actually two configurations -- when you described I'm Nicole with eight gigabyte version and there is a sixteen gigabyte model. 140. At 149 mini nine with contract and then 500 -- off contact sales. Simonyi -- our solidarity unity you're people's only outlet to this found -- have -- taught -- it's not a lot of pressure there to land on the but anyway we have requests -- unit so hopefully and I was I was impressed with the phone when we first side by it in the design is definitely. You know. Not gonna be for everybody that is rather large dam that. Portrait -- right yeah -- -- it in math in grades. Oh yes not the -- -- I thought it which might be fine because windows phone seven he has limited in its yeah. -- an important and import it relevant points good idea that but anyway if you when it's available for. It wouldn't return policy like on -- no I haven't looked dead is and within I I would thirty days adelphia. -- policies of but I do think it should. You should at least at them. -- -- T-Mobile would have waited many would probably go through T-Mobile just if. EM they probably manage that that particular portion of it as a teacher from their phones but I don't know it's now all they also sell all their other fans through their retail -- found. Yet it's a -- -- it's nice and damn -- -- at least expanded. The mother beat Boxee -- and maybe in the past -- -- Another and -- month this is willingly a windows phone seven human and -- and misses the UI is looking more point nine inch even. Answer that's a tablet and Intel had better -- I would probably -- about this. Yes -- -- happen right before the Thanksgiving holiday. Acer introduced a number of -- devices including tablets. Including -- smart phone which doesn't have a name now. But they go albeit as color -- I'll let me a big screen and a big screen Acer. But they called it a smart -- with the soul of a tablet. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well as I'm sorry -- again. Has the fill the tablet and yet -- government writing poetry being. Hike -- listening to -- just awful patents. -- -- But apparent reason they -- and that is because of the four point eight inch it -- is yeah it's not. It is -- feminine and beautiful that would be the face like a big. Really Dell's sheik -- yet and and so they're saying you know it's gonna provide more of -- PC like user experience you don't have to zoom in and -- a web page you can or. Have to scroll left and right Disco -- scroll up and down. The -- and -- after him and Houston you have to carry it in a patent -- Yeah yeah yeah I mean what it -- support. Meaning we think is the borderline like in my pictured in this four point three inch screens are a little big for me per yeah. Pretty big name artists. -- -- a little immature little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet it does not -- noted that the listeners if you added that there but it. I'm but keep it a lot of features one key processes. An eight megapixel camera and has a front facing to make a camera crew. It. -- -- -- -- -- DL and -- support Maine and dolby mobile technology. It's it's a quad band phone and quad band GSM phone with -- -- -- -- And no mention of -- -- now they're saying it's gonna launch pad around April 2011. And believes it chiseling away. And you know 888. Bulletin with it last year can -- for me that they announced like a gazillion. I found it was the year before the year and hours that I really painful press conference they've been my -- where they went and they talk about. It talked about the history the company about the yet people. Left in the middle -- unless they repeat -- again nobody ever wants to hear about the inner company. Nat and they -- to the very ethnic and every Barcelona press conference there was holed -- that was from -- They held during a possible deal which is one yet buildings and it's I mean it's nice if you want Lutheran and -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- -- -- if they're just small and they just that the lights Turbo and it tries to be really hip that I'm -- Vodafone -- money now. But -- out of our interest. You don't apply to them now. As Smartphones that were announced at -- between meetings at the left -- I don't know if that's gonna be defeated on diet and its attendant in the history that is -- and actually -- them. Then there's. NASA well we'll see you food nugget he can get in look at this. This seems very interesting there's no need for -- -- that -- and I -- Philip capsule when it was -- -- abnormal -- tab and me odd. And I think it away and that. This is the Motorola and that's apparently -- Announced it will be an eighteen keys -- -- Houston. Yet this is the one of those -- things that we see a lot of lately actually. So a reader who boy genius -- had announced. AT&T share which is their. One of their FaceBook portals I had asked them whether. -- original. Result that -- had -- a question on a law saying. -- win the -- Olympus which is their tegra two powered Smartphone is coming. -- our way to be wise to wait -- -- -- an upgrade. And then the -- responders someone respondents said that he would be available in December -- in December or January. Now that comment was quickly polls but you know -- -- out long enough for the world to CNN. Get a screen -- and programs that can only mean yeah again tegra two is the dual. -- -- -- -- -- So. There's a lot of discussion about what we could see. Scott Webster at the -- this. Think he's he's probably right and that they can do with the next couple weeks -- in other cool if you get too close to the holidays. -- digital -- handle it insists on was radar yet -- so. Lot of course he asks in the downside is CS is there's so much else going on and it's really hard to. Distinguish yourself but if you have a big news like the pre did. You can really make a splash out then we'll see what happens but CES is a likely candidate which of course begins very very quickly after -- -- parent. -- after Newsday -- generate that I think I've ever seen yes. And yes I would agree don't yet easy guesses is and Motorola usually has a as a presence there they -- phones they they always consider something announced five that feed here and yet. So -- that we should see it but that's the Motorola Olympics could have a different name when it comes along you never know. Yet I'm he did and and it is the city -- there's also -- paying. Motorola's working on ways similar handset for Verizon which we can't -- at. That's the code name at least February march basically. And hopefully that's not it -- -- it's hours but anyway it also sounds like insurance yes yes yes. Accidentally deleted. So yeah that's it that's the Olympus and the Aetna -- -- look foreign possibly at CES. It's. If I didn't sound -- -- are. Android atlas correspondence collapsed and heels of another. Posts and what content ratings. Which is the latest feature on the end -- not the place. Yes the content -- this is the -- the developer will be required to -- The application on its audience so the weather -- be all preteen teen amateur class of fifty. Some of these the distinction between those were some amusing. There's one that if the application lets users publishers show the location -- others as you get a teen rating. So -- references to alcohol tobacco or drugs will garner -- -- -- wears an app that focuses on the consumption of drugs alcohol. I'm alcohol tobacco and -- just sit and see what kind of app would focus on Turkey's. I'm would carry a mature rating them this is something that's gonna come along -- -- -- And they're just now required that it's -- which come in advance -- judgment excuse me. And they just retired to heart rate applications so anyone searching -- Android market will now whether it's appropriate or not. And they probably buy it anyway. Today at and I'm wondering about -- a lot of any indictments and -- could that this will be. Hating tennis and I just one of -- things that you know it's just -- the cautionary note the -- that parents can use. And monitors that use. They -- Or ratings against -- -- the next that we have. Some use of the eighteen key aren't cute who fly. Suggesting mean -- -- by not uninteresting stuff. The -- -- finance from the for the Thanksgiving holiday but you know why should. Organs actually take those off the table just because -- passed it is -- -- -- dollar prepaid phone. -- AT&T. That's when he dollars non subsidized. And funds usually cost a lot maariv and apparently simple in their campaign that's disposable -- -- actually add music for a day who have not that I advise the assembled. Which is actually pretty great if you've got somebody visiting friends out of the country yeah or any any other purpose that you might have. So it it's pretty basic we haven't gotten our review unit and and yes we will be reviewing it. I will be reviewing it and -- and you'll be able retaliate we pay attention to -- no intention -- it expands because our that we not spending dollars is amazing sound and it -- -- grade yet that is. -- I think they're known for a lot of that are -- -- in the US anyway. We still haven't -- that breakthrough device. -- bring it into an Alley show they always shown high -- concept stuff from there a Booth -- mobile congress in here. We're just -- -- Just use it to collect it and testing he think he meant killer cell phones and zapper I didn't quite know to make -- this photo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sounds -- it -- -- and they Jessica's dad is cutting something up on the counter notice in my hand how -- stick to pick out that the picture. It was just funny though I don't know can you see how young an elegant -- -- content. I -- -- -- a credit -- that it. What I don't actually have for him I can't take pictures and I never known. A key principle of gorilla thing you know someone who has yet that gonna set up -- -- -- iPods that's something mr. mr. However think that people -- And if that thing it just basically -- -- The size of a and I don't -- game. -- -- -- No way this -- what is it -- plastic is actually anything in here. It's basically -- when you have a GSM only by conference and another that you hold it up CU. Something to receive public radio our conference and that we we have this problem -- You get a lot of chatter and ears -- be able to suspect that's right down on the buzz killer card. And it will stop the chatter to put the phone on top -- -- the phone on it you can hold the card up to the phone if you want and what it does is it axis shield I went into Cuba was invited -- is actually just optic. -- like what was it evidence. You don't have to -- -- like. And you don't have to edit and actually. Installed at work but who who. And recommend and but I wanted to be realized that the very and the he's material. -- Looks like it either metallic or have -- predominant and it it really reminded me of the material on mine -- Boleyn. And that we think that patents it's just sort of my assessment of it. And of the card. You got and get when as the stocking stuffer. Yet -- and seven dollars. And about them and in exactly and some fifteen and maybe in a couple conference -- and pals use it -- the cuts target driven them away you get more opponent when -- -- on the radio -- three I don't get how crazy here. Is that they -- let. It out but like a fat is it's a sad I had it my him and Allen and the went. What was more of the story went into it it -- her Cave Creek has a point you should try it with my -- so much of Britain you know I got rid of that object. And I -- it on I didn't drop out there and with time. Okay you have them for that -- -- -- -- that occasion celebrates your. Entry into this world political thing you have the -- of -- -- and in tablet I mean a idea at the independence on it okay -- Academic -- didn't. Living -- sound in this MetroPCS is expanding. Its. A piece it is cute he guided me tenants to scam it's very exciting -- -- MetroPCS users out there and also friends because an extremely -- day. -- found -- -- -- yes we can actually test as well as for users at least now -- am tempted to get back craft back in the office yes. You are -- the significantly cut. Com well -- you probably most that's and secondly you've probably heard that Verizon had a big -- announcement today but. No matter what price assessment your PCS's January 1 carrier out there with commercially available OT network. And they've had it for awhile soap opera some. -- I'm up there and a lot fewer cities pertinent details details. In this is the there's will be the sixth. The sixth city after Dallas district now Las Vegas -- in Philadelphia. It starts today are at least it's probably available for while but its official launch date today. And they cynical about 80%. The -- success in -- footprint in the Bay Area and so if you look at that map that pretty much as. Around the day. And you know San Francisco some of the coast of Santa Rosa -- -- and how a little bit too. Places like. Are you American McLemore and then there's some places equipment that -- -- but most of the major populations and there's so. That is and now we of course remember crafts but they do have -- -- -- that six dollars per month there's -- -- a little cheaper than that doesn't. -- streaming video -- that includes regulatory and data -- real trick -- taxes. And is there's no contract cores and that's unlimited data and text and and voice data and replace. It anyway that's unlimited voice data intact so. Starting. And now also a Verizon is. -- -- -- the Verizon has mentioned that it launched its four G wireless network on the Sunday. -- 1999. And use and then don't you -- -- to duplicate songs that I'm. Yes and it's it's 38 cities including some in airports so them. And their plans are going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The data. Or you have eighty dollar month plan for ten gigabytes -- yes and it's ten dollars. Where every he -- buy. Of of it. And right now -- they don't have any they don't have any phones they just don't. USB card devices but we'll get phones next year -- a mixture and. -- data they said they talk about him at CES event date via buying -- here but now now. So -- Google. That's a pretty neat with a sharp break -- -- -- to reviews. And -- back. Celestica look at the first review we have -- -- reviews this week that the duplicate the LG quantum. It is a windows lose seven. And -- -- -- on. Yet it's third -- for AT&T. And when I first saw this phone and it windows phone seven lines fan and wasn't. Particularly. Impressed by and looked a lot like just a quick messaging phone and they were kind of billing it as that business Smartphone. And I don't know if they just had dummy units out of from -- Babbitt after the union I'm actually quite fun of it it's nice to buy and design and in the little Vanilla play and -- -- subjective thing you might find it attractive. It's actually really happy with six point two ounces wow yes that's one -- -- -- hand that they -- the -- -- it feels like a very native who led the premium device but yet it is is rather -- And the other downside about -- design is that it has -- modestly to 3.5 inches. Which is. Find bread -- -- mean there's gonna be a little bit EU lose little bit of multimedia and -- that yeah. And but the keyboard is excellent really do need nice sized buttons. They they pushed the function and shift keys at the left bank. Very cute. Volatile buttons and a -- left side and have a problem with the placement of that but there's enough mollen -- need on surface that there are a little difficult path but it means. Those kind of a minor if you. Performance was -- in his and it has a one gigahertz snapped at a profit fair which is on the -- and -- -- -- seven. Ran smoothly call quality was great -- it definitely think you know. If you really want a physical keyboard. That quantum. Very Good Friday and would say the Samsung focus probably best device over also far from when -- when that in. Again if -- if you like the physical keyboard. That -- And it's available now for 200 with contract and -- AT&T has. Ad buy one get one free app for it now for windows phone seven devices but it's. Among them is 200 dollars than it is eating its -- different -- it owners. Idea I mean it -- that matter whether you wanna -- quarter. Yes if not -- in an opponent in the six point two ounces may yet see a few hundred K you Albert grand. At that spent perhaps. Habits like 1990s. But you know I'm gonna tell us and Canada us that takes -- anyway about the yeah yeah. Around them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is the latest in the company's galaxy series of -- though this is the one with a little ticker display at the bottom. Again though you know I think we're all curious whether -- this would be really useful or just -- -- novelty and them. Do find it a different and very useful. But it panic and I little prairie kinda have to customize -- years. -- taste of the way it's gonna be a little overwhelming because it's -- light up with all these different to what what's really the but what's really -- point of it what what what -- great design and it's basically. It is just tenement and its -- and -- and notification systems soul. Even if you wanna check the tiny you only have been gripped the bottom part and you can see that even half elliptical phone. The -- you wanna see your missed messages you can -- the -- keeping this might help in reducing battery life and I and ninety dollars. It's supposed to I didn't -- significant. In an increase in battery life I mean it's it -- -- city Jay-Z -- -- just ease of use. -- and I did you know what I found it really useful for is actually multitasking because you can control your your music player. With it the ticker -- and do other things on the main display. Yeah or if you're watching a video in a call comes and it'll. If you and I think that the -- ignore -- that we can do. You know work with other apps -- you have to -- to late now Dan. I like -- say think you need it. Customize it with what you you know if you have kind of access -- there you know your social networking. Updates coming through -- -- -- -- An excellent. As I can say with Twitter. As a went against Canada and -- back. There's only option to have on your your -- it's not -- mentions -- direct messages everything I'm gone though you can't filter that I think. That's really bad yet I mean yes. There's you know if you are I mean even if you found ten people amendments could -- I don't overwhelming signs that yes and so I tune that out completely at. And I think that's that's an issue abouts a lot of responses that that when you have the steady stream of information I mean. It almost. I mean is distracting yes but it almost makes you crazy because you're just yet constantly -- it's -- -- constantly looking in a phone and you're getting overwhelmed and it's almost like an attention deficit thing where you you can't do it yourself distracted by whatever is coming next and then -- you get trained to teton that this stuff is coming so -- the phone sitting next year -- -- what's gonna -- -- -- -- -- Knowing that -- 8000 convey you know out of the clear language you -- tickets display Atlanta hospital. What's what's new in hand though it. I guess the technical side the flip side of that would be that you just wrote to ignore it you you any part of -- you know of gas and mean and it helped with an -- Email Fiat and much as -- -- But it -- gives you a small preview of the message so if you don't want if it's not an important you just ignoring it you might wanna reply you have. And something I would like to see in the future as far as multitask if they could open this up to third party app is right now it's kind of restricted to -- -- Though I only absorb that and I'm cool yeah. And I think the chat -- was asking about being it this this phone is restricted to being as the default search engine. But you can use Google Voice -- -- and of course you can go to the mobile -- and went to Google. And IE not I don't really have a problem with being it's just being restricted than ever probably you know I am I would rather have a choice. -- that's that's and that's been my issue that the -- of the Verizon and roads and a good man whose battle. I think it's. Nominee and I have added province have been perceived as he said. Ray it is an Android phone and you know you -- Google apps on that so he does would be nice yeah you -- -- -- -- -- -- for -- -- I -- I wanna -- the -- found in. And another of Verizon Android phone you looked at -- was the Motorola Droid to promote that -- announced that the seeking any yes. And so I think -- It's a very dead. Blackberry alternative I think for some and and a price users there's still my issues because they don't encrypt data that's. I transferred over there -- and but they do you haven't VPN client. Says. They are gonna add device and SD card encryption in early twenty -- and and it also has remote wipe those those are all you know. Issues that people had. Who have blackberries but one it is which enjoyed plea in now and -- -- IT departments make no you can't because of these issues but. That some of that's been resolved with the jury panel. -- and keyboard is very much like a Blackberry and a think it's the thing. Nicole yeah I know that create thinking yeah there. I felt that -- the -- purpose and I don't a little -- -- just because its -- -- at the bottom. And I don't know if I -- think it was presented an east -- a bit of something upon yes I'm a little more than a hint at the place to -- yet been around it but anyway. -- yet. And plenty get a touch screen which is -- integrate. Its keyboard and more compact on. -- clicked on Hispanic paper do you prefer for -- latter. No I do like the candy back -- -- and think of pretty funny but it didn't have to be -- unit that tactical via. Oh but I do like that -- -- came to. With the company and the sun is is if the international. Yet so you get there first in -- global into. Markey and new business for a yes definitely. I mean if you can deal with is -- there is an act and securities and are coming. The encryption and data where if they attend -- The dry -- And and practical look at the Motorola Bravo for me teens he induces another one of those Motorola -- that was announced that each day. One of the five Motorola phones and this is -- of for -- he and it's interesting mid range sonic as -- could say intense and to -- one and and I don't I IS Motorola is depending on -- -- to keeping its views and it wouldn't comment on it but I am assuming good abandoning. And it'll -- that the moto blur it a -- in hand. Notably in a -- Bit the fourth factor is very similar to decisions that can we'll talk about later. It may very interesting -- -- -- seismic maybe. It's a very nice -- -- -- seven inch display acting. Veronica numerous incidents of sixty million. Colors on this as -- and nice and has LCD. Glass business newspaper diamonds and colorful. I was Canadian leaders have eighteen. Eighteenth he liked hot spot seeking heat maps not and parent and feasible it's -- -- -- that in mind and -- call quality was fine photo quality you know it's the megapixel -- than what you would be the best pictures -- Because it'll -- those complex the simple candy shops and now. Called what is actually quite good at being it has Motorola's crystal talk -- -- -- -- tests them. Which -- very little background -- infused them with it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- -- at the -- hundred in duty -- and then it's been used. The that's another phone and then looked at last week. In the elegy -- attacks. This this. To me because it's me. Verizon's version of the -- optimists. He'd have team mobile ads from visiting the two pieces and the system and the video in Medina have to do -- -- they have been counting in the county -- -- -- And it's an optimist he was at native speed ten dollars and and edited on an -- -- -- at two dollars. -- Watson writes the same phone -- And other image. Oh okay. To go there and equipment. And you know it's it's it's not and you never -- don't get that. Ha okay. -- -- -- up from the division. -- Right now it and ninety point and it's a good it's just that it's printing is competitors that it's just not as a portable. And because it's a Verizon phone case at the point used to it being searched in new Bing maps and that so. It does it intensive care unit and we don't think you -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- and -- this excellent. It's -- the same and you get the entity to delighted by the keep yes the -- -- Wi-Fi hot spot capability and in it does have EV DO Islam. So overall it's -- bullet I do like it a distinct -- eighty dollars. Can get much better but not that much more and you want if you want and really affordable -- Android phones get optimists heat with their dollars and that's the dollars. I just think the -- the marketplace that. Abbott if you're watching the -- -- and you may not be shopping around adds to it that's. I like it actually that but it's it's it's isn't the into the captured my. And then I looked at the -- products from Verizon Wireless. Each distinct phone and -- it. It's there but it's a slider for the screen mechanism so you slide it up. Two locked down that -- the screen so it down to this and that's all I think that's that's the key -- -- those -- There's not -- camera and a the only thing in the -- -- despite not going to have them and the F I don't know with them off answering your meaning. That whenever it. They decided that this is I looked at that means it does -- -- -- -- buttons and have. Useless. The notes. At. That's the plan to cut is immense and a pretty decent you know he should -- -- to get featured. It has the GPS that issue not resin at that it messaging. And if it doesn't have them and -- -- and keep on the top tech that was very useful with the music player. And I finally asking to be a little bit finicky -- -- passive. Screen is different features but just not know the response fitness of the -- was just not very and -- -- -- and browse browsing browsing and that it is and parents and sluggish not the best experience in the world so. On paper it looks really good -- -- EV DO in the camera and and music there. But actual experience and -- -- experience using it I just didn't -- me. Hey it's expensive. But it is built for two dollars and -- and -- at the end of me at the Motorola citrus. It's this is party's seats in a series that -- -- -- that for -- mentioned a little while ago. It is the most cheapest of the bunch as far as price I'm pretty -- and -- also -- features and -- -- answer it lacks the keyboards of the flip out -- what society doesn't have some of the -- higher end features -- to the security features of the Droid pro. It is feature is positioned as a eco friendly designs but it. I think. Anyone can most this phone watchers Italian Jessica -- San Antonio area because the evergreen. That it's between different -- plants on -- comes -- made only of 25% material recycled materials. And other phones the Samsung I 70% recycled plastics. Eco is depending on how you look at. But. It is pretty small device is just -- screen only measures. Two partners and that I've ignored the screen isn't that big. And yet. It doesn't mean that makes that as a consequence when you look when using the virtual keyboard it seems a little crowns. It is. Little. It's kind of hard even if you turn it sideways really get and press the buttons that you weren't. It. Has -- it also feels just the tiniest bit cheap -- plastic doesn't -- I think that. These kind of devices -- -- -- needs to -- completely solid but. It is -- though like I wouldn't wanna drop it in -- -- on my watch that. I'm not sure I -- citrus but. Well it is at the just for city is paying for such -- maps like a different standard prices so -- we talked earlier. Something's bad it's just that you know really like being forced into that you can go to good although the web page and search for Google but that's little cumbersome. He candidate Barbara -- progressive spirit experience wasn't that great it felt it just a little programs -- To have a good call quality. It did have -- functional feature set includes a file manager. And it is it is 49 dollars at the bottom line of -- -- to two year contract. So it spreads very portable certainly. By outages I don't know I think that if you're if you're gonna go this route it's not about -- -- -- think. -- little more and just get a little more with your phone which would which would which -- really -- my conclusion. -- that's Motorola citrus. Data that's the analysts attempts and Jessica you looking -- -- that yes that'd be the last -- -- thinking if Motorola hasn't yet. -- -- come out later today I did take a look at it and you have all my great call quality I experienced pretty poor call quality. And out on the Streets of San Francisco and here in office. -- using the same crystal technology I don't know what happened and that's. -- I didn't -- but I am gonna have a full review and -- some other features that every demon and such as. The port for Microsoft Exchange wage -- are -- and found pretty useful. And that's the flip side and the messages three finally -- it'd mess Niger -- insider. Not. And -- T-Mobile comment. In the -- June and also the -- to global. Yes and there. That's human. And it. Yeah take it away I think. The first -- from Walter in and he is as is its reverend like the would like and has an excellent -- -- compatible. Wondering if there any Android phones that have blades in past music. And in time it. Wondering if the Dell venue pro becoming AT&T are there any other windows friends on the right and as -- news and as -- -- I don't think they're in the injury firms that it. -- complacent -- music and I didn't need it someone got it -- arbitrary access them through some third party software. But I think as a whole. If it does and it's not compatible. The Dell venue pro is. A we need. It's not coming to AT&T you -- -- it. Unlocked if you want but it will be compatible with there three G network if it's only really for T-Mobile and -- -- you -- -- -- yes you're in paper that will be an important priority for. -- The lightning I haven't heard anything recently about that and whether it's coming -- -- -- at their windows funds and I think that's it for the year we do know that. HTC. 077. Pro has that the -- that. That's coming to use sprint and early tiny island and and then there's the rumor that if -- and look at HTC. Trophy Italy and -- those -- but those won't be till after many years ago. -- Sony so I -- I wonder falters objection is -- operating system are actual him fat. This. -- harm bad -- they -- it it sounds like he's not. Well they -- -- think -- -- Sandra impediment says it. We need that design with but he could what you -- -- my -- -- media yet -- disease. In which it what you think you know -- but again you period. And that -- -- -- we have. And this has been on. My contract is up and I'm looking to buy the G two -- seven from T-Mobile. I'll look to the terms conditions determining interment in the first 181 days to termination fees which actually this is common. I just because you get one from Amazon or -- -- so if you buy from Amazon where by. -- -- from the carrier and you can that when -- retailer. Take a -- done deal yet. And I -- has special -- 15100 any time minister for 99 plus unlimited text and went for twenty dollars with a new two year contract which -- And by the HD two -- -- -- for a -- -- -- activation fee from someone like Amazon. But Amazon has enough for from a plan. So. And then I called AT&T mobile on the satisfied by third parties -- -- -- back from a third party to moments on after the same customer service that if a problem with them. So I'm missing anything in a termination fees I think this is this is. And it's really boils down at a price and looks like comes down to 200 dollar difference so by -- T-Mobile with them. Passages in which T-Mobile told you about the customer service. Has. I I don't know exactly what they're referring to but if you have a problem accurate count the T-Mobile customer. You would go to T-Mobile. I guess maybe that's been happening. Means if you're having problems with the -- just need -- -- -- -- you would go there the other customer service I guess you'd I guess that's which means. These -- termination fees suck to be honest with -- and they are concerned. But they're only concerned if you think you're gonna return phone and I don't know if there. Worth -- -- after yet you know. The first half a year yes -- that's trailed by at. Well or is switch carriers and you could switch your phone without payment termination -- -- and if you're happy with T-Mobile and you don't. Feel that you're gonna have any change if you're gonna switch any time soon -- I think you could just go with -- when you. That I would. Yet take a good chance to -- look at two phones really decide which you want a testament -- can -- friends or just go to the story just use -- this you weigh as much as you wish to really get the best to really understand what she wants. It -- hundred dollars is no significant amount of my. You know it's it's -- it comes down to the same managed. I get bad but of the get cores -- for free but by the blades. I mean if you have an opportunity cute by the blame for this case your service. On a permanent plan -- think ticket EM. Amazon and others to visit me last night that he do his life he became the only phones -- free -- -- any thing to try ethernet treatment penny for awhile. And it's I don't think it's -- and identifying assessment of the do you understand that you did you that you but I -- I'd rather pay more for the phone initially. And then paying less every month. -- or get better value every month especially because I am you know I may not be the type of person -- which is my phones at that frequently. -- two years on the phone goes by pretty fast if you're reasonably happy with the and I don't know I think I got it did -- do -- that it is a good -- each piece of their money like an abusive behavior and I can handle anything in -- In and check out the phones. -- -- -- -- hundred dollar difference isn't a hundred dollar difference if you're looking at recurring monthly fee so. Tried try to phones out but I wouldn't I wouldn't. Be bothered by -- But if you aren't getting or any other I've kind informed him get him on a deal in the -- -- and I think that's okay even if you do face the possibility of such an early termination fees which. You probably are gonna pay. So and that's how I'll look at it its T-Mobile that house the prime. -- cannot wire fire -- the time anyway. So to me -- Why would you bother with T separate termination fees if you think you're gonna pullout but maybe you know what you're why you think you might pull out and -- -- person who compulsively switches. And characters and -- -- A -- -- -- -- -- to me less than a few weeks -- this is about the the LG chocolate on Verizon Wireless and that -- person with that scheme. And he he he or she was noticing that the body -- is to recruit is offered as in refurbished which means that Italy -- as you. Anymore and he's wondering if elegy is continuing to follow what's going on it down to Kaplan -- them. IAEA I do know that out to talk attachments included. Release any -- units -- -- treaty on I guess. They're not setting this much and I guess I'm Brian's offering it ethnic for the device and this person was asking mostly if any if any recommended shipment recommendations and other. It music phone and think that and as far as Verizon that it took a look at their offerings and look LG phones that -- -- and offering uniting messaging and -- young teen -- -- -- I've been posting messaging phones I think however. All of these phones -- music -- so. It's one of those things there and the music phones and a nebulous these days. Which phone -- tests found a guest. But if you gonna -- -- that plays music -- elegy octane does it pretty well. -- -- some of the Simpsons played decent music here and -- -- Check on the so the opry in his appeal of the packet traffic music -- most law and we have the best music -- the time yes it does now it doesn't check that out and them. As press new LG phones -- -- is coming up. And the -- some announcements this he answered me Buchanan. Yes that's a -- -- press conference. And from the Greenland. Then maybe you edited in humans could edit it if you an -- announces that yes. And then it -- -- So thanks to listen you can call lists for email -- acts. What it 66 fuzzy -- -- sixth via email as it dug in at cnet.com he can go to. Our law in Italian dot cnet.com for -- emotional and -- episode. All others CNET podcast -- gonna keep podcast dot -- com. And adapted for the shouldn't. The president ever and never I have.

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