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Dialed In 149: No Facebook phone: Dialed In

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Dialed In: Dialed In 149: No Facebook phone

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Well, so much for that rumor. Facebook held a mobile event at its Palo Alto, Calif., headquarters today but it didn't reveal the Facebook phone. In fact, the company pretty much shot down that idea. Still, there was plenty of mobile-related news surrounding the popular social networking site, and Jessica Dolcourt is here to give you the full scoop. Plus, we discuss the new data plans from Verizon and U.S. Cellular and recap the week's reviews and news all on Dialed In episode 149.

Miami line and in Wednesday November ferried 2010 and welcome the -- -- unit itself owned by. -- standard. And but he took invalid. And I -- -- -- -- and and are okay now the other instances though -- and that in under fire world and when her and -- electricity insist oranges and -- it's orange. All over. It's a beautiful beautiful and -- and the giant yeah okay. -- is off on a little vacations and he won't be joining us today but we'll be back next week. And I will be in San Francisco next week. A -- aiming to get it down been. And today I think you'll actually be the first time I mean that you and I have ever been in the same room I like that. We didn't I never thought I thought for -- -- again for a -- on the team. Marina very special occasions on the dot com security -- that -- check it out and we -- aside from the giant parade. There is another event over and Palo Alto today. Yeah -- -- -- you know. Time -- and actually. In London I am pretty hilarious there -- all of this you know build up the -- -- seeker in him in violating come to -- event. And we get there and when of the first things that fact that his like actually it this -- -- about and only be stopped him on the street which is like fat Doherty an thing today. And that's pretty -- -- and I enemy -- on you but I've heard rumors of the faith that I'm now. Bad dreams die -- done. The -- they did an advantage a lot of -- -- Off -- me if you lightning -- one of the first things that an announcement that being Android and iPhone. Apps would be updating today. They're available they're being rolled out slowly. Update other interesting -- it when you're. Hoping to hear something really -- playing air not that interesting. And so being -- an app is actually getting and then the bulk of that day where it is there's gonna be a little bit more parity there spinning gap between night and happening under an -- -- -- -- Zuckerberg admitted they have a third party companies that there are gonna have filled out because -- engineering team of little small -- And Google came up and but -- companies found that there are hooked up behind. Hello and so that's coming on and it's gonna have places they're introducing -- to iPhone and infrared and one of the other things that they're introducing that they announced with an API for. It with in the places. Feature. On the iPhone Apple only for now in the US for now. They're going to be doing deal thing. Proponents of partner and there are other partners as well. But it's basically gonna be so that businesses can offer deals. And actually you know group -- it because it is the check in partners about actually something different -- a lot of -- happening all at once but it. Similar. We had few Yelp has they're gonna be deals are offered locally you can go in and search nearby places and you'll feel -- little flag -- you'll be able -- -- idealist. And redeem it right away through -- back. And there we did she did video on that and not seeing it in our. Lot has yet keep your eyes -- it's done -- and you down. Is that it's a deal is that that I don't know grainy it's up. So check it out we just shot it right there. It may not be poster beautiful but it gives you ninety it was live we did it on -- and I've fail -- -- -- only for 50% of -- and don't -- just hold it. And he said that available now I just this updated FaceBook app -- available now but again and will be rolled out so keep your eyes open for it in May not get it right away and we you can use the leap app. And then reinstall it and now -- usually it's -- force an update. -- Well -- -- -- -- the video and moving on from next story. T-Mobile has announced in UP paid injury phone called the comment the T-Mobile common it's actually re branded version of Ali's back -- yeah okay. A -- a ideas through it to that much it kind of a lower and -- it -- But there it can operate for ten dollars or 200 dollars as prepaid option -- -- ten dollars on contact. And is actually running Android 2.2 -- and it has -- I'm an attorney megahertz processor. Those fifty point two megapixel camera. And actually it has my -- occupant the only thing that's -- -- for -- and could be. What is -- -- the competition for you can make the cheapest Android phone. And this is. It's kind of on contact how easy it yeah yeah and then -- a ridiculous. Another thirty dollar 800 and here we talked about last week -- now. Well I think and I yanking their kind of go on for you know the full range of customers and I think that -- By a hot spot the ability is actually part of two point you say yeah yeah -- then and -- off them they get and T-Mobile is finally kind of started. Offering that options on their phones and along with they've announced there patent. That's -- or that it's so it's gonna be fifteen dollars on top of their thirty dollar with unlimited data plan though. In -- you're paying 45 dollars. Right -- to have just not like you that it's not I you know at TV there you -- -- -- hot spot plans ammonia that this is definitely compatible. Andrew -- and there's no data captain on top of -- unlimited data plan. -- -- and it's happening and arrogant. Yeah and -- talk to T-Mobile and did. It'll depend on the defunct on the phone -- a factor as to how many devices you can connect up to a bit of the between two and five. And that's a bad had it -- and the higher end phones five is usually typical galaxy anything I have to -- yup I -- making music even though it's something that you buy it yeah yet they usually a in the -- -- -- The -- -- I just jump and relief athletic I forgot to mention they had a year -- people and and it you can see those but this is they expect vitamin water. Its called connect the fees they connect and -- need for fans or fans on the back. And that he -- -- it is but water it is it's 8 o'clock academic it take to get these the water it -- it's been haven't. Really act as -- the water when you -- get the people start talking to you I don't know but does this a lot. I -- random read -- -- day and I'm done -- introduction over I. I did the -- but if you. Having a hard time making money -- -- -- -- a does. -- speaking with -- laurel -- they also and started rolling out an update for the DT today. That brings Wi-Fi calling you -- no. He said it today introduced that in early October they -- they're gonna bring that to select number -- Internet phone. And so in addition to the G to -- -- about the T-Mobile myTouch -- and my girl at the thigh. Which I -- truth is actually the first phone to get -- by calling. I know what I know my passwords. Yeah and -- I mean they've had it before but it's kind of shifted as far as like the pricing in. -- at. Service it and you don't have to pay an additional fee anymore. But it does -- the minutes from your regular voice plan so spewing. -- -- before it did and did that in fact if you're running -- -- -- -- yeah. -- It Hellenic correctness of its not FaceBook water it's farm bill water. Even worse best yet it yeah I was confused. At -- any post this link on the am and the chatroom did. But you can see from the water. I should say what you connect with very tasty -- black -- -- flavor. Game and then. Yes -- -- my wife -- has been around a long time I think yeah if if if your opponent is is less capable at the the my -- net access. In -- it -- -- -- Conning. Is not not anymore -- -- minute. Suite because -- blanket in a sort of -- leave it. -- -- -- just get that -- -- -- the moral defy what haven't I think eight the ultimate Peta I had it at the moment I mean he said that he will support in the future. Great so. Now you know on them like. AT&T introduced a new phone to speak on that and agreeing to -- than Britain yes. So as the name suggests this is -- eco phone and it has all of the posts. Consumer recycled material that you would expect in the packaging in -- The construction of the phone itself this is a quick messaging phone and it actually pretty cheap -- for thirty back on contract with -- and he. And in our little accident -- looks pretty spacious this looks like a lot of other Samsung quick messaging phone with them were not expecting a lot of surprises America. That again. -- -- -- nine denying it after fifty dollar mail in rebate and and does a nice little gestures Samsung has also donating a dollar. Q and nonprofit organization called cell phones for soldiers and their capping that in a 100000 dollars. -- We'll be looking at -- -- And Samsung released and other messaging phone her favorite. Product and Google and -- -- very. Yeah have. -- -- So yet it's called the messages that he yes that's that's right -- cannot kill you that they got every time messenger. Five them closer to think that violated -- -- -- -- -- And it does it that there iteration of the masters from -- yes I think that it to look at a couple of them something. I didn't actually take a look at any of the need to look at the touch -- message attached that you would -- -- it and let me and so I guess many of -- and I think I movie making a link at the plan but yes the DD sent a message messages messages with the messages -- heck yeah. Is to -- if it -- that iteration of all those messages and and it is today's -- -- Clinically keyboard music external number keypad and one point in the no pricing as of yet but you'll when when an -- happens. Hardware you offenders must be the -- -- on your picture and -- land game and right at the bottom of the display yeah yeah. And this thing out it's rare it is rare -- -- about for now. -- -- -- -- -- -- And. Promise sprint turned on for G and the New York City area on Monday November 1 though. Available now -- all Five Boroughs of New York City and they also and to -- in five of America including Tampa Florida. Trenton and New Brunswick, New Jersey and Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut -- Here in those areas check it out we tried it on our sprint Aaron. -- it epic four G and the we got connected here in our CNET offices and we're averaging around to. -- a forming a bit. Megabit per second down and so will continue. And if any -- and then I think next up is Los Angeles on December of person and impetus they'll get it. Leader in December. Now. They come and finally the a few guys -- -- actually discount off topic but it. You know and a whole team mobile forgy thing yeah I just -- a something about that. Yeah and well basically -- There it's -- PA plus network isn't technically forgy it's just an evolution of you know their -- now where -- you know they promised forgy XP. But their whole marketing. They're they're going with the whole four -- marketing. Yes they are to be very strongly going yes yes and -- I think they just released a commercial that they were at me and we're attacking the iPhone in eighteen he. Heart. Yeah. I mean Hartford Verizon and then -- but plan what do you think about that band -- pentagon with the hope -- it. Agreements -- it's forgy right. Though. For me it's. Just not the 2 -- -- it's not going to technology by saying. As a consumer I'm seeing it well at the -- beats -- yet but once the megabytes per second yet -- was also -- -- the second. Visit Mediterranean diet that's back yeah I understand I mean their business decisions by the need to do that why I need to call their phones for -- and things like that rain however it's our job to point it out and to tear it down into explain the technical -- -- for people Hugh -- The server I don't wanna now -- it's it's dishonest that I can totally see YED they have get away with it from a business because that's exactly everybody else is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you could -- -- -- -- We had it to FYI would nodded yeah this is new at this. Actually erect. By now would you -- for. Now I just insane. -- a call you can generate as you know. Does the customer really care as long as you're getting those ordeal XP do you know whether it's called four -- you're not you know are technically. I do thing is this honest I do I do Nathan and I do think doing nobody's gonna see them about it yet I mean and and and long that perform then is anyone really care what you call it. -- I mean. It's not right -- yeah. And I -- that means beyond that I've gotten better speed than care it -- -- exactly and and it would take them more time to explain what it is. Brain and that's it's okay okay -- -- -- -- actually legally -- can't mimic those claims are due they have to say forgy bike speed. -- four day I mean -- It pretty much and from the personally I've been reading at the found forty -- in -- What you galaxy tab three lead with about Iranian plane now and it even issue a correction I can't -- his or -- -- has -- G at the technology being sorted by being bad by. Like in a hat has -- and it then sort of appreciate it but -- but. Organization you could argue that since for a G Issa hasn't been nailed down in terms of rape case -- -- Apple gift giving for a generation. Rented it it and call for -- being right even even WiMax. So WiMax is technically not what he declined to some organization. And are keeping track and so you know there these technologies that Bethany at penny before. But I -- white people within like you know you haven't nailed it down. That come after it is -- apology -- even though it's not writing now. But I do you think you know their job -- to push product and they're not gonna push products and unless they have something produced offer. Yeah and honestly honestly though I'd like to thank you said -- -- -- -- thank you found to be asked if at some point acted and you know my next something he. And this. It's easy year it's cheaper. To -- -- PA and the -- a whole new other authority technology. He has the advantage of for the tying eighteen scene that need to be faster and cheaper it -- it has -- -- It -- compare -- to competitors ethnic. -- -- -- -- And -- kind of high end Q -- interview last Friday. With and -- executive from Orange is asking about is Wi-Fi really faster in Europe. He raped and or or is it -- you it's -- me about it -- in Europe compared to the US he and they answer was that. The networks are there at the -- that in the future it won't matter here on my Mac for LT you'll just have fast connection. -- -- so all the hubbub that we're making now may not even matter in the future then yeah. And in Iceland and mean that -- wouldn't -- opinion one. Let's move on down the line up at sprint IDs coming to more devices I don't I don't know how to make it spirited debate out of the fun. And a third sprint I had -- and open developer conference. Last week at a very inconvenient time that CEO Dan has he came up to speak. And he actually announced that spring paint the which is sort of this. News service slash feature for quasi customizing your -- I get -- about later but that is coming -- galaxy tab and that epic -- -- but the beat -- -- devices. And -- -- of course. And he didn't say exactly how about it's gonna be rolled out to existing owners or if that was going to be -- on new devices. And it is software. Now again it it really mention it. -- we've reviewed different idea. They're pulling their -- basically limited users if kind of a gallery of all these -- a -- things like wallpaper it's not a theme it is beyond that -- -- -- it it does include some similar. You know attributes. Like wallpaper is a law also -- apps are shortcuts taps and furtive within a certain themes that ideas that university of and make lion places of businesses can make -- and huge corporations down to start at startup can make plans -- you can download a social. Profile sprint -- And have quick access it takes a while to download we were really huge fans of it but sprint is really our -- they also added AOL in UPS. As partners along with a bunch of other. Partners that I I'm I'm familiar with. I -- is a HT body media and selects an enterprise partner. So sprint really getting behind this in pushing an. I can I thought it was a lot like crap where. Yeah worried that it could be like crap where the management and think they get but the small speak that they can fix they can make it a lot better but it is interesting that there's a galaxy -- -- gallery within a gallery. And because it is kind of separate from the Android market since you're downloading bundles of apps. And I'm not really on board yet I think of a little bit of work they can improve bit and then it will be sort of a personal preference thing but they really are investing quite a -- at this point. Yeah I was -- at some other -- about it. Sprint IV and you know someone brought up a good point where some people just don't wanna take the time. That there -- customize their device you know they kind of want to the EV turner -- and spent idea might be that you know maybe -- Disney and -- one. All -- you know Disney on everything in Newton you know with. I could even back and I think that's definitely -- cause. For awhile they Disney was selling it to a Disney phone's -- that for them alive -- easier yet in he had the ESP was saying don't phone listening to that and in the record -- -- -- -- you know. So this is -- but an easy way to do that at the same time I think. This is why I think most people have varied interests most -- have more than one thing they're crazy about. I think you can be a baseball -- and you can -- -- and it's you know and I mean yeah you don't you know one of the others so I think. That's why I that's -- skeptical about this because I don't think you always wind always that one person all the carrying all that all -- -- you you only one person. So the disastrous -- but ninety but maybe some people -- You can count up the five profiles right now man and you can customize them individually my big beef with that you could only removed -- after the fact exact that we and our lifetime and it downloaded about stuff what if I want some things that I don't like that all and you -- Atlanta one alerting from the Disney -- do you think we've got -- idea yet we've -- the idea kicking around before it's gonna play K it would be really great if I had a different kind of setup process where -- -- have to balance the same -- over and over and over again. And that's not just talking about the Google ID where you get a new phone and you wanna -- on the apps you RT -- And it's it's sort of like G it would really be great it -- in the hacker does and I'm not richer what they've implemented at -- -- -- is the solution we -- want. In on one hand I really appreciate what they're trying to do another -- Can continue using it. That's not -- -- And up thank you we have like a -- -- they may well. Yeah and invested in it and I mean they make it easy to make sloppy Knapp for east and made -- may be -- -- -- I just really get it she at the thought of of the whole branded you know like there is a company like hand mark -- -- is using it from -- all their apps. And up in a -- -- -- would do that fail but. As a consumer. -- sort of Balkan idea that the company is only giving me or is predominantly giving me their apps when their might be better apps out there. -- So I would like to see something editorial you know lake. App at that -- -- marketing we're gonna make at CNET brand hidden. Just being made it with -- Thinking about apps. And. No more takes about them. And let's move -- -- next story I'll tell wireless picked up a couple Android phones this week as standing with the HTC wildfire. And this -- -- lower and -- that has. The two point 88 inch screen an -- -- point -- and I in the compact camera we actually reviewed unlocked version awhile ago. By a -- there bringing the phone to mourn North American regional carriers starting in Q4 in. Obviously out all wired picked it -- and can be thirty dollars with a two year service agreement and in -- the pretty -- there. And then they also picked up HD he desire. Oh which is and more of a -- -- -- three point seven instead dvd touch screen. After atom processor and that one's gonna go for one the with a two year contact and we took a look at the US version of the phone. It's can -- -- -- wine but with the HTC. Leo. For. Alltel is no longer around -- as these celebrity ads Rihanna and heard much from them in on time yeah -- -- -- I think they sold some of -- invest. And network too -- yeah me. -- -- is just a science so it's on few your customer aren't you met a couple -- -- and it's very affordable 39 dollars -- instance can't beat that. The stocking hat staff here if -- -- Actually just added in film have and the -- euphoria in. Nicole Lee had the story about uniform -- -- -- a new data plan. SA -- Seles and offering new 69 -- nine -- and -- -- plan it's part of bear on the customer loyalty program. That can't blunt about about a month ago -- -- the belief project is as a way that they. -- coming out with -- reward customers and what the subscribers and -- and fi GPS navigation to. Its has lot of fifty voice minutes -- call. For nights and weekends in mobile to mobile com also is called primary plants and down. The design firm -- -- for those new to Smartphones and it's just you know. The week to get into Smartphones and these -- the in the new portable media -- -- cellular. And now they're really pentagon this happen. It's great blue and bright and also unveiled new -- data plans. Yeah it's very interesting I mean. Verizon has mentioned early this unit -- been -- to skewed data pricing simulate how -- he -- -- the -- skewed data missing and yet. And -- as -- concerned that it would get rid of unlimited because eking -- -- but Verizon's is still keeping their unlimited data. -- still at me nine dollar and nine cents. Is no longer requiring you purchasing new Smartphone which is a cute name and began because previously if you wanna get a smart when you needed to get unlimited -- -- -- that -- dollars a month. Now I can choose a cheap option a fifteen dollar option -- it's -- -- death. This is the -- -- yet only a 150 megabytes. Is. Pretty nuts you like -- here they decided to give you march 8 and hope that yeah -- -- in your country and if I can make a little bit more. That's set -- -- dollars -- 4150 megabytes but over it species act and ten cents per megabyte which is not. As bad as. And -- -- -- the so you know and deals have like the same goes for the singles that featured phone bills -- an added option. 199 per megabyte and of people use basis point to Egypt is that -- little rent and you know so. Good on them that -- that required -- -- anymore -- -- tiny that is just washing usage in -- -- data usage at fifty isn't yeah. Yet though may -- if you don't use CD it -- that much -- something you can use that. And maps and and our last story in and fortunate for generate X users. Looks like after an update Android market -- be missing. Yes some users are noticing that. When they updated few hundred to -- -- their market disappeared. So that's a glitch there are other problems to -- select number of direct users we don't have those numbers because they are not being released by. Motorola right now. We -- get -- statements from Motorola in Google that they are working together with Verizon. Perfect but nothing has been announced yet that's happened in late September on the 22 and when we were -- and and users are very frustrated and have written -- plenty to let me know that -- I'm. So. Again that's kind of links back to. The problem or maybe a side effect of a hundred being open is that. It's a lot harder -- -- point fingers at who to blame there's not a unified customer service -- -- and this in detail. And -- it basically -- it rests somewhere between. Google for making. In the platform. Hand but it out of their hands as soon as they release it and few manufacturers. It and make sure it works on their hands -- the all -- -- bashful. Interface overlay me we have is an -- defenses exactly. And then they found that out to the carriers and and it's the carriers job but it. Nobody has any -- in the -- and family -- this has happened TU. Take our little pole and only take -- back -- And let this thing you know or your air is bad enough that you wish to read that in at the back to the factory Ares I would just kind of what Google's telling everyone -- -- A lot of people are turning to Google -- in turn help in the -- -- -- like hey you know better -- hairy fat it will wipe everything but no laws that would turn the clock back. In terms of your operating system -- -- so. Despite not having American and not being able to download new apps you know there are about other changes. For you -- better. And not having to point line ordered -- -- and how many apps that enough that you'll except in hand the two point one. Operating system take -- -- -- -- -- -- Arrington -- it's reviews were gonna take a quick break so. Your TV may be beautiful. But it only does TV. One if you could control everything you love about TV. All on one screen. Maybe show's web videos email and social networks. One of the TV tomorrow is here today say hello to smart TV. Imagine the possibilities with the performance of Intel inside your TV. -- -- welcome back now let's get to this week's your views and I'll start off with that T-Mobile myTouch forgy. This is the latest phone in their -- series of -- phones and then. -- but they actually -- the most advanced Android phone in general. It. The first out of sever the design it's it's a lot better than the previous. My touch models because. They've added some kind of in the steel parts that just feels like a lot more solid. -- of the ones were very plasticky and so you know if you -- and paying the money I. I prefer having an effect -- them like a premium -- -- that'll and that made but the myTouch pretty. And -- -- screen and it's got that the minister -- the fact that its unibody have anything to do it that. And not -- and the united known as they in that sense a big difference between that and you know previous my pitch or error and -- touched the life but I mean it's a very basic device again. -- You know HTC's kind of been very good about hardware though. And I really like me optical track pad and he -- yet he is. Yup though. And as as saying it penny uses a combination of -- with -- -- user interface and each piece he cents. And the interface you know -- -- -- to everybody but I think it's it's good for consumers especially if you needed Android. Is it that more users and me and you why. As far as features attorney 102 point 20 it is an HSP ape half phones so. -- -- that I've gotten great speed and taxi hit seven and make of it per second down one point oh. Direct averaged around five point three happened. Allen and one point 31. Making it and you can -- season as a mobile hotspots. That way -- calling. And and it's got a second and after a -- there was very -- It does have video chat how ever. That's -- unit. It didn't work very. And you need to eat may -- -- over Wi-Fi or the affiliate network. But at the time we we reviewed it you can only make it to and I found this -- -- that it was you can only make. Video calls to other myTouch four G users that would explain it because I could see you in here you batting down like. You just can't you can of their yeah Feeney it's giving your -- -- a keeper Jose waving hello and I using anything that's happening yeah I bet it. And but -- had said very. They're gonna release are actually today they released the software update that would allow -- it'd be used with and -- -- that epic authority. And so. That should be out now but I did try it with another myTouch for -- user and it didn't work. This time we got audio on both and they -- video though I mean really -- winning. There needs -- yeah yen kinks need to be worked out though the and when and get it for that featured a fairy but I think it's a very -- and Android phone very powerful and they now. I still would recommend it. Political and I can't eradicate it's that bad up there and one thing about an evidence -- and you turn on -- fat. Yeah it's that if I did nothing like four or five seconds yeah yeah. And like that a lot so it's available and you name for 200 dollars with a two year contract. And -- don't. You know and and would break it up there with the T-Mobile G two so if you don't -- keyboard this would be. The good alternative. Ray and Nicole Lee took a look at the blackberries. Yeah recipe -- -- style. Is -- I mentioned before it's the first ever like baked Apple with the clam shell design equal quality keyboard. That results in an invasive and -- -- sheep in the hand. But does have a full QWERTY keyboard -- keyboard is very similar to the -- departure actually. The end I like it as much as I thought I would I mean it's in. I think -- mentioning a tiny keyboards specifically are the whole fan. Did keep a it is acting by imagining your reviews that the key one of the on the torch fell a little bit flat on -- and something. Yeah yeah even -- I was and I just felt there was little -- Lindsay. Yeah I am in capitalism and does a robust as the the bold he would -- than expected it to be right but in. It's better than a lot of other -- by thinking it and he is still isn't very usable but you just keep that in mind. The -- what the -- contract at Allison was really nice and marketable even though is that it. -- -- -- Compared to other flip phones it it's maybe a nice display has -- -- -- six on it. And this way -- being is very interesting to me because the release of only ever COS six on the -- -- isn't patched in device. And I I would add that I wouldn't think it would try to think -- it out to an optical track pad. And -- the testing on on the style. But at it stated it very very well because -- basically used optical kept at the -- speaking to scroll up and down the various. And drop down bars and OS six and just didn't click on it to just drop down that particular part of that note that occasion -- -- navigation bar. Though anything is that it is not not as precise. Because of the -- can just pointed -- -- there. -- happened to the Internet -- if you scroll too fast he actually has gotten that over you'll wish you -- -- exactly and yet get a little bit more precise he. On the same thing when I. -- -- -- At the Blackberry developer conference earlier this -- on pearl. Rain and I thought no way and I think that and actually really that's in an that -- had -- -- -- -- they don't the only thing if you -- -- -- live -- -- In universal search finding that yeah exactly. Universal search is the thing that -- is that they can just stimulate -- on your keyboard any being any he would come through your mind and does. Such it to the entire and a nice about it is one -- -- with a big screen I think it's an even bigger been on the smaller form factor of apps yeah absolutely. So that that was a big saving grace for this. The display was I was great you know the the camera is seen analysts it's okay caper or it's okay but nothing not no great -- for the camera. But -- new -- browser better multimedia experience call quality was -- -- right. And I I do agree with Blackberry aid that the form factor -- -- -- clam -- foreign factor is very appealing. Cute those who may be nudist and it is very appealing to that market than anything that would. It's probably one of it their biggest features since it's only 99 dollars. -- the cute -- Houston's agreements to appease the department. -- -- It. Very cool and you -- -- silicon that algae optimist he for -- It is the elegy optimist he uses between nine dollar and I -- since -- we mentioned. S three -- it is. You know this -- a portable phone and did you won't get that glass display you won't get rain you know at. That full line. Want to get -- processor on years and it's not that. That that fancy. All very nice -- seeing you know very nice and light weighed very slamming. The nice twenty inch -- that even though not as if you're it's still pretty nice in in in. And graphic in May cholera like. It just command end right he points used not used in -- and the surprises there and the flight keyboard. People if I -- of any headset Jack in all of those that features and the best thing about it it -- and ninety point. So that as avoid dying of Bluetooth at exploration and memory card. So all of those features there is is indicated that it that with the contacts list. My only big gripe is that one of the features up and keep me to was -- and the browser raid this -- does not have. Cut because of the apartment because it's not as fast. Because the processor is not there -- that you don't have the next time in the browser. That they did in the main thing that that -- -- -- -- that you but he had you -- YouTube app on there. You know it kind of -- Has had a -- -- hot spot capabilities that documents and data mobile phone. And -- alt alt Google apps you know by search all of that -- song. Over rock called quad muscles and really get three G speeds as the standard team with -- yet and it that was fine warrantless. Applications. And -- a -- and honestly I -- for what you get for the money. I -- -- -- alive for thirty bucks if you but is not a bad idea. Yeah it's not that it is cheaper than a lot of wears clothes. It's letting ray I think -- -- a great deal. Very good. Full of Jessica you to go look at the quality Athens if I -- author a pretty good deal and a different way. So this is a few hundred dollar phone. Or actually highlight it's -- 150 dollar and people who live -- Except there right now -- -- and even better deal and about it but right now if you go online you can get it 430 dollars with. It's so. It's not thirty dollars to keep in mind that there is no contract with cricket and -- you regional care. We checked it out -- Sprint's -- network here call quality. Suffered a little bit -- if you don't plan on using it. And if you that more sporadic computing feature -- and if you're in a different area. You know it it might be possible by your call quality will be a little bit pattern you're an experienced but we did but I still think it's a really great deal. And -- it features hundred -- point line and it's pretty slick it's got some interesting visual elements. So. It does have multiple home screens in fact it has nine of them and it leaves that out in -- of this nine panel grid. And you go down -- the bottom right corner and you click on that an expert -- -- zooms you out to disappear where you've got. The -- that you can sort of just like tap. Quadrant months on a quadrant and anyway he you can can them stuff on it where you wanna. Zeman and and again if you're just wiping tree kind of public res screens on the fact that -- -- on July 10 and for -- -- -- -- -- -- And uninteresting I mean if the -- I think it's a little bit of overkill. But it's it's there and it's different. -- couple other visual elements are a lot of preloaded apps. And as well. And 3.5 inches. Touch screen. It was pretty nice -- -- -- -- -- -- I would say you know I have very few complaints the -- -- -- while mean especially with the call quality. But I think it's really good choice and I think -- is. One of the -- phones for cricket right now and I I would certainly recommend it for people who are looking for smart from the pack carrier. Oh very in if you know call quality of problem for that effect but honestly all these days in effect but that if people ask me the I usually is not to go check it out anyway -- -- gonna -- -- take a body that's -- -- -- -- the parking lot of McCall you know with the elements that are on there and if you can handle it. And finally in the Samsung. S -- -- when he Ethan -- phone. Yeah I like that that there in now I about it and he and it global. -- about that's -- just about -- back and Apple's pretty nice of him at got a little curve on the back at the things blue colored keyboard is pretty -- -- has bridged keys again kind of looks like the Blackberry. Keyboards it was pretty comfortable we had a couple problems where. I I referred to keep sticking it might just be the software bank and is trying to it -- hands. There -- no translation between my key press the -- was showing up on screen. If I had to abort the mission. And of communications early and that with. Really -- them I repeated the fountain and that was a problem that I can forget that experience than in half hour -- anybody else just -- -- be off especially -- happen repeatedly. It. Everything else about the was pretty comfortable. -- pretty -- it is with. Eighteen -- So again it's it's pretty basic it is your basic messaging phone there's an email clients on it -- like a lot better than some other evil plans but I've seen. One thing is -- you use Gmail you won't get notification. You won't when you will not get an outpatient Google for Hotmail -- for the T and I toughness. And and photos. You just have to think it -- tune manually checking -- but it is there. And it's a third party emailing features it's with whoever -- and he went and but again if you're looking for prepaid phone it's eighty dollars there are works. On the list -- have I think it's totally serviceable and there's music player if you have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The next week I'm gonna take a look at that HT THD seven which is chemo with windows phone seven. Device and also have the infamous bank which is you foreigners. Samsung galaxy at. Theories to pay for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And technically that a couple him. Looking at the Motorola -- fire and now it's that that rugged. He mobile firm. An -- and then also the -- that they -- BT which had the six. Okay and just as then the EU I'm looking at the PP agent -- -- via. It's really terrific. -- it and -- AMP cookbook. I think -- probably can skip listener team -- -- -- just because in in a bit late but yeah we keep them coming and and we -- Check them out and answer them next week so you can send those into dialed in and cnet.com. Or the -- of -- 986 X port 02 -- 638. And you can check out -- and then all other CNET podcast at podcasts that unit that content and and that's and -- No we refuse guys next Wednesday all of a person -- -- and -- then hopefully no technical difficulties and we don't have to rely on it for the gap with the -- -- -- together definitely gonna be a -- Though we'll see you then we need hat. It hangover in -- again -- I couldn't.

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