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Dialed In: Dialed In 145: BlackBerry reveals its PlayBook

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Dialed In: Dialed In 145: BlackBerry reveals its PlayBook

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RIM took a few of us by surprise this week by announcing its first ever tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook. Donald Bell, our resident tablet expert, joins us to discuss it and what it means to the mobile industry. We also talk about Windows Phone 7, 4G LTE, and a weird Sony Ericsson accessory.

-- It's Wednesday September 20 ninth tiny -- -- into doubt is cnet's cell phone pot as I'm senior associate editor Nicole eat. Thank you in the San Francisco studio with Jessica bill. Tiny Dolly. Well hello -- know who haven't technical abusive -- Gonzales. And in Dallas Texas is -- each and a and Texans treat you Bonnie how that changed -- -- -- naked. That day so you -- -- -- Delis for some. Reason may. -- -- -- -- -- -- community I think it's not fair is a bit and it must reject the Samsung wasn't located. Texas and can -- asked -- this and don't typically think like cowboy hats and yeah. Now I rates. Let's just get into the news in this week was Blackberry Def content when he tenuous and it the -- it was -- -- The reasons -- this year for some reason. Is because. A good enough. I always right. Let's and now as I -- yeah. Seven is at the keynote. Pamela let's see you. I love aren't like -- and thank you could -- June. Goes he goes so. I wasn't expecting a tablet from me I was kind of expect the -- view you make you know what it was a huge. It's easy for me. But. It. The rumor mill is really -- yeah so -- build up I was just I was actually really worried that colors yeah it may very skeptical that he would I was. -- scheduled to and it. And even as the guy who is there specifically for this possible announcement housing this mean that -- human Erica were about thinking am I have to sit here and I listened to develop a platform -- for Mexico and a half hours the last time that there is like a Blackberry or really any pod but even that specifically a Blackberry products like hardware. That before an announcement didn't get leaked out in some kind of yeah and photos and blurry photos and -- -- answers like -- nothing with that at Apple times. And you can -- -- really proud of themselves. There are problems on Iraq and -- because that that probably doesn't exist yet you can't. Take sneaky photographs and product that not -- that's ship well they had. Three cases you can take sneaky photographed two but -- for the -- Alex hands that would indicate that they're trying to put together some kind of hands on the -- hands on -- -- on video. They what they were just camera lens cleaner running at a constant loop real -- like promotional video on it wasn't even like you can even see how the device worked necessary it's just like a demo real. And you know what I love is how you'll -- you know that there were some people who spoke means there are very happy to have the first hands on him -- why. -- comical and I can't loving it there was this India only the iPhone numbers came right infected -- kind of it was a case as well hope cases add that book cases surpass the bulletproof Plexiglas on and. And they average that collect and there was no camera camera holes. So body like you -- you mentioned that you can as surprised as well but what let's. Let's not take it in now. Aiming at was pretty doubtful that they we're and a capital and it. Currently spreads. And it's so let's just go and talk about the actual think it's called the playbook the back right -- but the students I think -- very good -- It is that I keep calling it the black patches because that's been at the code named -- I'm gonna hyenas and I'm not trying to get this -- and typing and I like. -- -- -- And it's seven inches just to be the norm for non night -- -- Look at its part is like the Sampson county ads in -- concerns and the same -- to -- okay so. If the Blackberry playbook that oh it's very interesting -- the tunics beasts. Operating system these is running on cars it's very robust according to them and buy these targeting the enterprise is that this is that -- that what and it's of a consensus is. When they enterprise -- public would include the words -- saying we're like professional. Yeah like and powerful. And so but not necessarily consumer. Friendly and -- are available and Tina yeah. -- -- I have something else from completely. Rim wants about ways. Absolutely want it both ways what they're doing is. I think that's some of -- criticisms about the iPod and maybe human tavern that. There's no real business argument for yet and people aren't really sure what to do with the device. At least anecdotally from people I've spoken to you there are business apps but -- Rim is offering and one of only -- VATICAN really differentiate is they're sort of Bentley area without enterprise security -- -- -- these nineteen policies. So they're taking that kind of putting it at the forefront and maybe. Trying to do what they're doing with that Smartphones and if they can't completely win over. The consumer segment because there's more competition maybe they can at least get more of the -- -- inside of corporations. Right. You can. Sounds -- Little -- over the -- a little bit Jessica you were just little rundown specs here. Site you -- -- just go verdict is the basics on what this thing has. I'm sure well it's got a seven inch screen as we know it's got pretty high pixel resolution. It's pretty small and but if you yeah yeah -- small. It is based on that same complaint I would make not yet existing galaxy tab is that it's. It's in the middle space where it's not marketed in your pocket I'd buy it not big enough necessarily to. Kind of replace a magazine or book through it at the iPad would so it's some middle ground that hasn't been improving habit. It's still it looked down is -- the more portable it weighs less it's like under -- supposed to and to see amber and has they yeah. -- pretend I think you know and this no doubt and it's a self knowledge of a recent accidents actual cell phone. Wired quote unquote right now there is a mobile device -- -- little divide them but we decided he. He hit it off it off and and gadgets here and yet one of the demo. I guess one of the demo highlights with that you could make video conference call off. So right his wife -- way you know 1080 he writes a billion billion wanted to be used for calling purposes. And also the sense they get is that they they're marketing it as an extension of your Blackberry exactly right now is what -- -- over Bluetooth to. Two -- phone -- Blackberry phone. And then you get that secure connection that ports over all of your email your contacts year year the past your calendar all that right to the device that their shared that way but and I shared over. -- like the three G connection some kind of. I've -- -- to what you suggested I use it has has has both a front facing camera and of in a -- missing camera that was something that everybody went wild about it right quite high megapixels with I had back it and it's. I feel differently just what -- -- I think -- hired -- front that the cameras aren't the G1 point -- maybe nurture it and you know as -- channel five and so -- they're very strongly pushing that as that if you know fight flashed that we have flash and air day of both worlds and Adobe -- while. So you know you obviously astute minds yes to me -- definition. It's team down high Def video we should say that even though this particular version does not have the -- antenna. They did say that future versions of the -- that will -- -- or forgy. Antenna in the future which is very good like Samsung did the opposite thing where exactly all of our defense and tags are gonna be. You know three GM and we might have a lot enlightenment mildly yes and I think it might affect price. Right because the pricing of the tab was -- a contingent on. The -- to that he should not miss this one that comes out could give -- new expensive because -- Carrier subsidies that go along with that maybe he couldn't see it. And still be sold as a subsidized. -- usher in north you get your hands only got to go to a carrier and you -- -- contractors. Which is another question where's it gonna be sold again. Are -- gonna get it. -- I think anything -- don't say much about my song. And if we cast her mind back to the nexus line with Google. Sort of failed for them and and we decided I remember one of our podcasts that if your company like this and you don't have experience. Marking your products online don't do it. Important to mention as well and you did you just mentioned that you can tether it to your Blackberry and -- Being mentioned that very specifically and he makes you wonder if you can tether it to -- like these can you have -- -- -- -- -- lot of unanswered questions to all content of the Blackberry. -- to do that now how happy will carriers be when their Blackberry phones being pandered to devices like this and will it will carry doesn't want to that charge extra for attending they might as surcharge right because -- -- it that especially if they sell it. Yet if they're selling -- anywhere that blackberries are sold as like a really make -- accessory. They're gonna want some sort of -- especially if they are not getting any subsidy -- Bonnie weakness is something. -- I know now that I did anything to see. No this -- a tablet thing now I'll stop ranting on about how well it. That -- there's been so many -- had been announced -- coming out that are very media focus you're very kind in that scene. Kind of iPad cast where it's like. Like kind of very consumer friendly dumb down laptop kind of experience and this is like totally different tack -- like it's like. Was give me kept saying was like earth. It out it was uncompromising. No compromise and that and that sense that they're they're just done everything in -- and seeing if that can entice this other group of people who might be unsatisfied with all of the you know things that -- cut to settle for in and I Paterson other talent that's that's out there. -- -- seeing another thing if I man but I uninteresting and that I kind of have one on one interviews with with some -- -- About was what -- what are we doing with apps we'll credit app store redundancy. And again there were -- really conclusive answers for -- But there is sort of a little bit because they've got two different operating systems now there's the Blackberry OS operating systems analyst excellence I have shared exactly and then this one which is based on tanks -- -- just Unix or Q enacts. I could aggregate -- -- appearances connects out okay and -- I heard. And -- a service was to have more flexibility -- that more programmers can program in a wider variety of languages and after an hour playing well -- They mentioned it was each channel I've capable and and it indeed used recently that demand -- -- platform exactly and each channel -- focused very web. So that web developers can really very little -- that -- on both platform. Mars -- this is what they're gonna say yeah on the question the question that I think a lot of people wanna know is if you get one of these things as it can abuse sort of like -- I OS situation and -- you can just -- -- about cern at the same apps and some of them are gonna be optimize for the tablet and some aren't. And written didn't really have an entry they said they were still hammering out the details internally but they're hoping for something to help leverage that -- that RD -- Because otherwise that they -- this thing -- -- -- and are now out sonnet but going to be a disaster might. Get it very neat -- -- eat now it makes. Taking over of black -- last app on their Smartphones is that. I don't think it's an -- Yeah. Our friend. Up Bill Clinton administration yeah. There's -- it's in -- end the -- our friendly and Simon fades into mobile got nice little negative information in humans at a breakfast meeting yesterday. And he got it from somebody wasn't necessarily exposed to share that information depressed but it seems entirely likely so. Rim isn't confirming or denying that. It seems very likely that in the future and that would be more of the distant future could be possibly even after -- seven. And definitely after their rollout tomorrow ethics that they could be creating and on that operating systems about -- -- tablet. Operating system the Blackberry tablet operating system that uses. Addicts Unix cancer human -- -- that sort of core. An interesting. You know it is still very early days even the release -- of this -- but it's apparently 1011 is that right. Between human and it. So -- gonna -- prediction and yeah it's only eleven early days more expensive than you wanted to be. Probably pretty bad battery life. I'm glad to -- he noted in mention anything about united united anything about the memory capacity either. I actually all the models -- -- on the floor over sixty -- -- resident of buying an event in there wasn't anyone like officially from him that would confirm that those to be the model is now with an acute listeners are interested one of those prototypes with -- -- video of -- Let me and Nat Robbins. -- -- so that's. The other Blackberry use of the week of which there as much as knots so Jessica you mentioned it one -- -- other music you know -- -- -- Is giving. Blackberry messenger he thinks that that's right and it's sort of re energizing. And -- ability about it had the fifth or push communications from one Blackberry to another. And this isn't a surprise we heard about it -- actually told they were gonna mention something about it and almost well that's what it was too. So what they're doing -- -- just opening up some APIs for developers so that they can start including Blackberry messenger which -- and communicate from -- Blackberry to another in real time. They're gonna be able to you at -- -- their apps so if you're -- casual game for example. Am I can invite and cold or Donald play that game and we can trash -- each other sweet real time but only impacting. Now. It's like face time for I think except there are marketplace that's can use it great yeah great. Cool -- something sort of unique Blackberry I -- I just. They'll think they're the same thing I think face time secluded something that. I'm so glad to be. -- yeah. -- -- To meet face time is an entirely optional if you don't -- yeah it is unexpected is an extra thing that you can you make calls within that difference is you'll. You know -- I mean that's about main messages -- specifically messaging. Yeah but that's kind of like a little treat you get if you have a Blackberry -- -- get added bonus of being able to speak in real time -- the only thing is that. Date time so many things -- it was not just messaging. It is is it's -- social aspects of it. Dallas' e-book that the -- application that they announced. The Cobo. Which is I think the same platform as a lot of the U borders an -- -- And so -- this bit with the but and this -- you eatery consider tightening via BBN. And you -- -- Changes it -- the reading experience into his social credit makes it more sharing our recommendation. Messages seeking cock you piece that you share my books you're reading what sector you're on it being and I do hope that they offer other avenues for sharing certain diet. Takes it outside of the Blackberry experience add that to me is. One of them more valuable aspects that I prefer calling people -- reading passages aloud to. Coming on a photo -- you aren't going oh I love you haven't and a yeah. -- did I had vegetarian he had his first chapter and -- -- -- you're right that BBN's definitely those things that a lot of Blackberry aficionados that the read about it pressured excellent you the BBN's it's critical that whenever the whenever I see the the commercials or for -- make it all is going on about BBN you know those sounding -- and everything. It'll I don't know that on the critical factors that actually I out of that room is putting out they were sort of wearing a lot of advertising dollars in -- in Indiana. Oliver San Francisco. They were telling me about -- worldwide campaign about they dead. And I think it was happening -- that. People who have blackberries didn't necessarily know that they could use at the turn of this hidden. Feature it lets you go and explore everything that's not a selling point and I think they wanna make it more of a selling point now. I think yeah -- -- -- -- evening and another thing -- And recently. Well. Well -- those those. The name is silly that concept facilities Blackberry messenger account and you don't BVL BBN. A messenger -- research and there's. This him I mean Blackberry -- -- I mean this to to ease in Blackberry but you went out and analyzed. Again it's. I'd I don't think they capitalize ahead opera that is -- patent doesn't ship that's. I -- since keeping it from -- now line up to you on this and other news week with them. Misguided at rim launched -- -- -- And that was basically opening up. It instead of just using Java T create -- it was -- creative in. It can five yes that's have a more open source met -- development. And double BB you'd be usable on both the men. But that he has that as well as the playbook that's. Another thing -- -- Letterman as -- developing in use at that -- And this is -- -- I and -- notes it's it's in app advertised so. Note beacon now it didn't did nothing of -- development and able to offer free apps if the scenes of pollination. Communists -- it as a paid apps -- it you know. It. And I think according to this release here and 50% of the revenue -- developers. -- -- -- I don't know I don't either but -- big fan of -- in apps that if you wanna get. Yes that's Hanley is the big thing Nicole. Incarceration probably all leave right now find out how to capitalize on mobile I. That is I think it's -- Wave of millionaires and Amy. Stop listening right now and go figure out yeah. Two dollars and mobile labs and yeah. So that's the big thing. That'd be announced. So on the other big news is that Jessica he took a look at some of OS some of the devices irony -- -- Yeah I that they had a little showcase area and that they have that on T Blackberry bold so that would be the 9700 in the 9650. It occurred three G and they have the pearl three G all running OSX so I picked them up and -- him for all of them and checked it out and actually. They worked pretty well and I have to say the -- three G is probably not the device I would never buy it because I like. In a full keyboard it pearl. I liked it but I -- -- -- -- but I was six looked really great on it even with a much smaller screen as a -- cluttered at all it looked mean and concise and universal search was great. And so I think that if you're in the markets -- -- that is going to be and -- treat for you. Yeah you eat that you've had it easy enough even to touch differently Eric -- Southgate and last. I'm used to using the track patent. So it has no problem for me. But probably if I -- there you know tapping add a touch screen final day I would still like try to tap at the screen to get basic muscle memory. Yeah I think the optical track -- makes very did -- candidate because did a few of it. It's very similar. To a touch screen but to channel announced they east glossy and yet it's actually. Typically see how hard at work actually so that's naked and then it decision OSX is coming to you evil -- -- hundred. And succeed speaker of PG&E. Promote the I don't think it has announced that the -- will get DOS six update. And you have right Bonnie and I think those people aren't expecting it. Yeah I feel like they're generally. Another storm model with -- six rather -- It. Yeah -- I received a lot of lake. The complaints actually read I bought the storm to thinking you'll get a -- states. Yeah I received very similar emails I think that the tour yeah exactly. -- stops in the -- yeah. Shut down and yes I believe that the tour will not get. -- mean. Yeah it is possible with an update to -- -- and sensible look at. It says sorry. -- moving on to its the release -- ATP announced today that it without offering. Both did that make refugee and the kernel -- because speaking it's similar violence be reviewed by it mobile it -- In a two megapixel camera and all of -- as well as steep yes. And all it'll only you'll get you'll be able to get AT and he's humorous mobile app on it which if you happen to be humorous -- because sneak in. You can miniature DVR recordings and it -- news this he's here. Also on the pro did you beginning Tiki is -- -- and that's the city has the smaller sure -- keyboard you have to optical track and he said. Obvious VG. It's a better camera that -- point two megapixel camera brands as -- -- -- on him. They -- -- is 99 dollars and nine cents for each NT. The pro CD is 149 and it's expensive it is just. That you get you high megapixel ambulance lights little. That's news to you and by you have this -- moving off in. But -- -- for a moment you're going back to you. Other Smartphone use on a year is -- about windows phone seven. It their latest -- where I am from windows -- -- it apparently edit it and I think that. When it's -- seven devices account on cheap in the US on November 8. And year. Actually and there it October 21. Let you know we haven't received any interest confirmation that what we do now is -- -- is gonna hold an open house on. Adam but it's not solely focused and witness stand firm sentinel -- and patient cases out there on products. So. We look -- some devices. And the -- -- and yeah I mean we know that. Take care it's only gonna beat GSM phones that there really seen an ATP and -- and it. Will protect you. And I also over the weekend. Terrorist -- that where. I'm not it would be their -- that YouTube but and features a -- each each -- -- again. -- -- -- Which I think wise your duty -- we do. -- -- But just an appearance at the work out of -- can't -- -- -- And now and yet these because -- GSM the global just -- an air line. Yeah and then it looks very interesting at -- of the union in unison tablet maybe. I think they need to get there -- and house in order for yeah. But the kind of Make or Break it isn't it. -- is. That they need to do something. -- in an indicator of -- flop I'm not release her way it Windows Mobile six point five sales are gonna be at my gases. Not very much. So when they are currently we just saw the need to -- is the end right. Eating the lunch really and you know I OS and all of the -- all of these new up pieces of eighty kind of eating lunch that he really needs is -- -- -- -- in the. If it. Back to the Turkey burger -- hundred. Okay so that's -- that can. Let's talk about T-Mobile G two. Bonnie -- what do you know -- Yet there -- officially taking pre orders for geeky -- Only for -- T-Mobile customers telling you have to get different after the fourth in order to get it -- -- -- six. -- next week -- to get going people. -- yeah. That's when it'll be officially available data and talk about placing them. Best buy has at 11998 and -- -- But RadioShack has the better deal -- -- one -- and I think tank now. I'm so excited that there's a phone out there maybe that's not gonna be like all about. Robots attacking me who don't. It's -- kind -- -- Phone thing is that like those that does this is rights hew our way that percent comes a drawing of -- if -- and they tune into like very start I. I think I can understand like the -- equals -- five -- that there is not really gonna happen and I. Eventually were actually kind of getting into some liability over over promising what your phone can do this and turned into. Yeah it's still fashion model landing on the mega Borg thing that's not cool like. Even -- you'd think it's a little too aggressive form an opinion now I just can't. My comment I just wanna check my email and social and you could turn into the -- -- Site on on the down so here's the thing that kept me about the pre order and I really but the go online and it with no idea about how much money -- -- and let's organs yes without even seeing it in -- elect yet. New treaty be used to -- Yeah I think it's none of those things that -- really relying. Existing. Customers get buried in -- in line. Hard core beliefs and we're just gonna win backing -- -- -- -- -- -- Today saw briefly I'll mention here Tanzania are. You know blogger here he heat what about you MetroPCS. Launching this second four GLE network market. This when in the Dallas Fort Worth area -- think -- veterinarian Bonnie. -- did they actually plan that. That way they knew Ewing -- we're gonna get there and I like you know I have who we need some time that's relieved upon arrival. Here's a phone. -- yeah yeah -- -- second at the Samsung a little bit you know in the backyard and they get the far do you actually buy an and I wouldn't slip back crop them a unit I received into account pocket before he laughed. My fault again. Anyway so. Their first service was in Vegas and the second market isn't Alice over there he -- -- insulin making another one step at a time. I mean MetroPCS -- -- need to remember as the smallest a much smaller network than the other. The forum carriers I think it just thinking their network one step at a time -- -- I think it's a very exciting to see for a deal he uses. Getting out there and hopefully Verizon would get on board -- you -- born and have you know they'll -- Move the sounds. Didn't tell you really fast party it's. -- over as acting. I think that's -- on use reviews. And interviews. And the first reviewed here is that -- Nokia XB touch and. It was not all. Of -- extra text. And its -- And mean I had to get mind -- that this isn't technically -- -- -- Pretty -- -- device that has and a touch screen which man -- -- compact and it's at forty to buy and it sold unlocked for one -- which is a yeah -- It that it is our -- -- -- and it had email but it's limited it's an idea. And see. But this is -- screen makes it. It difficult. To see what ages and you see that -- it. But that by making it think it's fine if you want an unlocked phone -- making -- architects but it keen. You know -- -- and contract and -- -- you can get -- features. -- -- -- -- -- Eight days in the market where it may be limited date you know this if you really want an unlocked phone you -- be -- Patrick. Do so -- -- -- it is public -- type. -- has touch screen that's like too small to be useful. And it and it doesn't really have a great touch. Typing keyboard. Yeah I mean the -- He added they you know it to traditional cellphone keypad and I think it's -- protecting again I had -- -- -- -- step -- -- -- -- Can -- be off Smartphones and I'm looking at it as a Smartphone but it take any take a step back -- -- -- -- phone. For texting. Yeah but they don't called the Nokia XP just the phone. -- call that the cuts have. Well I mean you could technically touch and type I mean that they. -- It cannot run home. Yeah yeah. The number keep I was it's it's instead of -- three by four -- -- -- by the audience that it's like it's that the the bottom at -- keys -- on the right hand side. And you know that's weird yeah. -- -- Yeah I -- again it did I think there's a small market where it and it's fine for what it does just don't go and thinking it's smart phone and you'll be -- any discipline. -- state that -- had just inexpensive. Right yeah. -- -- -- an unlocked phone you wanna traveled to know -- to users there is. Global decorations went to the second Parton soon. It depends -- it. I I. That's the Nokia XP and -- ideology on -- last -- And that's a pretty -- -- -- -- has been found but you know far. In the is -- it is it it does have a resistance tests mean it's. I'm not -- expand. Me as the different homes means -- -- yeah that you make it's that parents apply. I mean I just. I think after all this time playing with Smartphones and maintenance and higher end -- and -- is similar -- this apparently is how sluggish it was that -- -- is not as responsive. -- using using resisted after after a watch as he gets -- -- center allowed it to you to think it'll launch position between different screens. But -- and it's only a touch screen phone dissidents no actual physical keys TT uses well. And the the sand key -- -- -- the send key and the end Kia also touch sensitive. So good those things and -- is. And does not very including used to -- -- think -- it's really inexpensive it's only fifty dollars you know you get you get executed picnic it is the camera you get your. Quad band -- -- you get all of these basic media features. Or relatively inexpensive. So that's fine but. It's -- -- inexperience and that the put the lagging performance. -- I just wouldn't I wouldn't recommend for. That's usually an encore is though right and all Clarkson and goes on like a little too Long Island has concluded if you -- to -- want -- to come back onstage. The president then yeah as an -- But as they are -- -- now. That's typically what happens doing okay US where people now get ready for the fifteen minute jam -- and get back in your card got that idea. And confidentiality -- and the other thing I reduce the Motorola -- quite. -- yet but it should be up but in -- the day and this is. That eco friendly nesting on a unit similar this is called the Motorola -- New and pretty basic -- -- megapixel camera you -- may be seeing music player. How huge fan it in a 100% recyclable that's to see that I mean it's made it. PVC free BP A free materials us. So that there is that going for it. But a second that I just wasn't a big fan because it doesn't have a built in web browser -- that -- and download it web browser for it now what. Syria would have a browser in the what I but it goes to the store and download the web. It's at the tail that's -- As a delegate. Yes no text messaging and all that the keyboards I ain't he doesn't optical track and it's I think very nice to see on -- on -- If -- optical track down on the announcement. That that was pretty cool. It's like forty dollars. With a two year contract. -- just that. Then pulled it if it's not a very advanced and so if EP gold in knowing. We just get a very basic messaging and very based -- -- If that's -- -- went out of it that the Senate's proposed that U haul. Has most honest name of the bunch grass I think we're at all were promised and you're -- -- a whole new thing. -- grass is good at being held. Not slippery how -- that -- pilot do you use the keyboard knows it's finally it looks -- -- -- as messaging and that. Just and expect utes browsing abilities. But at the Motorola crap and and -- any question -- on. -- -- -- At one and -- Active could question if you buy it right and while on in the US and attacked and training in using it execute and phone. If you're talking about in the US eating etiquette that not -- turn it won't work. It's. Not cute this TDMA -- Taiwanese it was great you can't you know pocket. -- -- -- -- -- Even in -- even after you unlock it Arizona those you can even -- Yeah I can't I overseas that can be eaten. It can distant part can be unlocked I said. Yet he can't -- -- -- -- without -- eighties there. That. It. At this and -- it from that is. And in huge he acts. It's sprint actually did I want that -- but I haven't had too many good things about sprint. And it and I question a lot and it is pretty good is -- and it is sneaking he did and -- depends on what you Len glee when you weren't. I think -- is -- is okay. Not terrible. -- easily isn't the best -- yet -- it's getting. I don't know did that it yet and have you ever experience has been at all. -- -- -- Yet just generalities which -- spent -- -- -- and finding art and I haven't heard any complaints -- about. And -- where yeah. In the past they think it's been about access terrorist. -- Yeah and I think sprint is one of the cheaper can swing vote if yes and -- they bundled a lot of stuff that you get you get you'd be that you -- -- you talking. -- minutes 499 dollars a month that disks that you know when it -- Unlimited -- and limited of that for it and dollars month which is competitive it is one of the cheaper ones as well so that continent. We have that -- wireless tool and they leave it -- protect your area hopefully we'll have coverage area that shows. Out what other people have said or reported. That different service -- It's a -- thing now I don't buy it -- be heard about this Sony Ericsson live view for Intron. Yeah that's -- that was one of news. I skip there in the lineup but let's this is -- there isn't about -- that is seven and can of -- here. Yeah hello hello -- trade Mike Hanna update as take a look at the Sony at some -- you end it its own it's an accessory. And this is this something that you parent with -- and right right in and you king is a military -- an old. -- on the screen and twenty inch OLED -- And you can use it to view un things that you text messages -- union -- but that's. It's basically it's like the size of the silver dollar and yet as and it's a Bluetooth -- -- the idea of that you put it on the table or something you carry Wiki -- -- tiny. -- little tiny thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So they can instantly check your email and sounds that you can generally respond Andy well now you just passing -- -- -- so what is the point. There -- many things like it does not does not Pristina sky in it that with a Bluetooth watch it being far from -- -- but watchful play at a time to give you some. And they you're right it. I have no idea how much it would cost. -- -- -- also has some sort of attachment or you could actually -- robots rip off a watch is in -- that is your watch is now. I don't know if your right please change you don't really wanna carried around with you this is one -- -- -- relate if like meteors school -- -- movie -- you raise -- gonna bust you for having your phone down. You can say is not a phone I'm it's live view actually spent one acts with yeah. Tiny because -- is that it only works with injury to debate yeah eight Eric. One point. Yeah and that's funny because is a -- yet. And didn't listen units and that's a lot want moment -- and useless. -- -- and funny is that and then I just an excuse for this is that seed that check your phone. -- take -- -- view but is saying annoying factor for a year didn't dining companions still looking at something other than them right. Some -- and. There is like having to explain what you're doing yeah could you are looking at your phone people understand that they if you're looking at this little tiny like pebble. Now audience I think you dining that the crazy -- didn't. Yeah it's. With that I think -- -- -- Thank you Donald for dining is giving -- insight on the playback and volume hope you -- a tiny Dallas. Accommodate -- and that island. Yeah just to be astonished at about you know rim that Baghdad on it stands and it gave me the ninth raspy -- -- life. It made me. OB one episode next we applaud the busiest -- -- eighth -- many tens so there won't be a show next week but then the week after that. It'll be like -- doubles all be back. And are able to speak we really quickly. Okay and then that's sit you -- -- it. Cause he can Collins at one. It's XX YZ fifty to sixty can email it's a -- at CNET upcoming gets you. Thousand dot cnet.com for all of show notes -- past episodes unity podcast CNET -- on all other. Now I can take out -- other podcast what do you do Donald. They create podcasts until we accept this week -- and learning mystic -- -- really does it but I usually catches on Tuesdays at noon. We'll -- -- we do -- create podcasts and ten cents at Franklin tomorrow -- -- in buzz out loud like solo need to be -- -- well. I didn't know I'm Molly would know -- need only know Brian Tong is that this is it's gonna eat it's -- the wheels are gonna go off the wagons and be crazy. In May particularly as I know that it's actually I'm gonna be on -- hundred outlets tomorrow it did they get and -- -- That's all our podcast -- -- today and thanks guys listening to you guys the week after next. I have an idea. What.

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