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Dialed In: Dialed In 143: Nokia fights back

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Dialed In: Dialed In 143: Nokia fights back

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Hey, remember Nokia? You might have owned one of their cell phones once upon a time, but the company's been rather quiet in the U.S. lately. Well, the company's back and looking to take on the iOS and Android with a vengeance. On this week's Dialed In podcast, we discuss the Finnish cell phone maker's latest plans and debate the chances of their success. Plus, HTC is spreading the Android love, and if you love BlackBerry, well there's a whole lot of BlackBerry Curve 3Gs going around. Tune in for more of the latest announcements and reviews.

Hello and welcome to thousands in itself -- podcast. Today is Wednesday. September 15. And watched and I can Green Day that producers thirteenth I'm Kent German along with here in New York along with difficulty. And -- answer and -- your commandments. I think he's thinking so much about New York -- -- -- where upon his. Having technical issues again on -- money but we are and so. Funny it was gonna -- this week but if -- -- -- So on the -- -- Jessica and I am happy about me be back. And help -- yes that's that's -- it's testimonies and when it's convenient. And we have Jason -- here as well of course. Sweat bullets over here and ask -- -- -- -- you know. Jason Jason really really who's trying so hard and I -- I. Can make it it's what I get. And and from New York hello funny -- Get -- how it's live video -- this week okay well that's definitely poignant and they can on the not as if it. -- Peter are prepared to them. Anyway we are -- let's talk about this week lot of news. Is usually after liberty it's it's holes and -- cell -- news and yeah let's say -- that started. First Nokia world is going on in London this week and -- England from -- -- come. Is lean over there for the moment and he was able to turn them -- -- and see what that offers are. The first is that they -- you to be a couple of Symbian three phones so. These some of the Smartphones for a long time at -- and really. If parents are from -- don't have any Smartphones -- the carrier at the moment. And and answers devices -- They are going after violence and Android. Yes it's interesting photo. Nokia's general manager at least is that you and yes I needed fighting -- -- Yes and it -- the marketshare yes. -- -- -- actually had quite a lot of executive shake up slightly. And this week -- design from palm. So lot of changes over there are they're really going to come back to have a conference call for north American Media yesterday where. Say they're committed US market but. I don't know I don't know I don't quite see it quite yet money -- money agency. You know and -- on the cough and and like everything I've heard that we should hate it. Years ago. Now only problem we're committed to the -- too little to link using -- exactly. And that's kind of let Maggie Reardon -- news.com also -- in her keys last week when she was talking about. Executives whichever. Yeah but it's too little to -- just. You know affect carrier doesn't pick happening in these -- -- and it's gonna be paying 400 and 50600 dollars to get an -- that's an initiative. Especially if -- -- get the same phone with -- more features really for much cheaper. For 200 dollars yeah exactly -- differently interface yeah and Los Angeles Nokia house and bring -- -- today. Hasn't been haven't jumped on Android so we're not seeing much from which is releasing that Ximian continue back. But if you wanna it's -- a minute Thomas that if these new phones because. There the first one is the Nokia area -- have and and that's a business oriented phone with the -- equity keyboard in a four inch. And knowledge touch screen with something they're calling clear back technology which is posted improve it. Outdoor visibility. Kind of a higher and phone it's gonna go for 495 euros which would be about 636 size US and mocked. The Nokia. 3.5 inch and widescreen. And -- -- optimize for the social networking thing you'll get instant access to FaceBook and Twitter. And -- eight megapixel camera actually all of these phones happening megapixel camera with HD video recording. -- -- going for 335 heroes which is around 430 dollars US. Loop and the last line is the Nokia C six -- -- neighmond. When my daughter had seen 60 and yeah yeah they -- there's. -- gonna say that -- -- things about something -- her name is is that it is -- 60 yeah there's something there's the street and there's a feet thick. Then he would he -- that one now pounding fail. I'm not gonna cellphones that any original lineup yet bump bump -- it if it isn't the more active and -- one of the group. Again social networking and multimedia. And made of a theme that stealing and glasses that means. That when is time. In order. Think in later this year to sixty euros 334. US. Okay it. And then Nokia a couple wasn't a couple more today corrects they have one more today around the -- is. Forgot the name. The something Texan type I think it's another C device -- -- C -- -- I can get 56 Texan tiger is what it's calling has a touch screen and and traditional keypad. It's it's at forty device and that one has. Lower price point which I think it's around one in when he went thirty. So Nokia yes but they say they're coming back they say they're fighting. -- seen eye to -- it is sweet to. Take a look at you might remember back at time when Nokia was actually -- -- cellphone company out there. And you he had Motorola you have mr. Tenet you have a couple -- -- But I yet Ericsson before Sony Ericsson you never back an age when Nokia remained the most popular phones and they have those couple models that. Everybody in the world again and packed my Nokia for the record directly back -- my Nokia 51 tan was my first phone. And I know -- probably laugh at -- now but aiming a tech analysts it's in the top of our tech design yeah absolutely so I've put together a slide show -- cellphones and -- can glory years this is what I really considered when they were really at the top of their game at least and at least in producing the phones and everybody really talked about it -- he won it. And Kelly I know that their keys to open up phones they're huge and emerging markets right now this is a -- -- just -- there there's -- or movies color TVs have 5110%. Led -- with that but then I had to and and includes an iconic models like the lipstick phones -- 280. That one -- 7600 which is shaped like the tear drop the continent square problem. The phone -- the circular keypad the phones that they've joined keypad so. That puts you took apart you could draw a little designs on the paper and then put them back and side. So it shoots up and actually link to the original CNET review -- I can find it and attention to -- -- -- -- that. I read this Nokia -- and 2000 and that's that it has a flashlight it's the coolest thing out there. It has a camera as CI AF camera you know like that's not ETA a -- cameras. To take a look at that some how tell us how many of those you actually owns. Looking fittest than I am IP because hat owning in this at least one of these I think one of the -- -- yet. The -- one. 76 if it -- mind. Says that's -- of -- it's a flashback fashion. It was school by. But anyway so -- Nokia we really would like to come back but Nokia did take the opportunity to show a another that was going on among them some. A sort of to an HTC isn't where students -- also and they released a bunch of red balloons. And and they -- Atlantic and yes -- get them much. And basically I tried to show up and say hey we're -- Nokia and needs to see you're not taking it lying down. But apparently -- he had busses with their name emblazoned on it. Mining happened on Nokia world in really -- it wow. -- and even check and nothing funny of Nokia world badges that I think probably didn't make -- you very happy. Yeah I guess I guess I guess they just do that Adam climber -- I respect 2000 name was. If as far as service and I went there program Republican Convention and -- -- the Democrats have bus route around the block the whole time. Something it doesn't -- again we do. Although from our point of view that's pretty convenient it. -- yeah brought together. Everybody so ACC -- some -- then but what it what that thing. Sydney announced they did that I Ares V and that desire. And HD which is a pretty much they're -- the European could ever equivalent of that HTT -- four G and T-Mobile G two. And the desires the which is the -- two has 800 megahertz Qualcomm processor earned three point seven inch screen. And and I believe this the difference is that it's gonna be and it. Two point -- whereas that he too will be shipping with Android 2.2. And it's very the desire HD lot of the same features of the -- for. And they believe Vodafone will be an -- -- carrier. And along with those announcements -- introduced the new version -- -- -- one of the key features that this is that you'll be able to cashing map so when you're using the navigation mode doesn't really helpful yes. It won't take so long offers -- to -- -- which has been a problem. In line being that -- map from Nokia has been kind of hey we you know their maps and -- faster -- refreshed so. They should -- them even have put in there. Hatchet man I'm pretty intrigued by the design of the -- being. The Slidell. Equity he learned well -- -- flip out the -- ansari Dennis pop -- dad. Yeah kind of -- on the popular. Yeah -- that I was reading that it. Apparently having it pop out like that kind of brings that keyboard a little bit closer to the touch screen. So instead of having this bifurcation to raise the touch screen or to a keyboard keys to both maybe you can swap back and useless -- yet suggesting it. And I'm -- Steven on I -- Kurds there against these. They -- -- she -- press conference that. Well unlike Google we give walking directions amendments or something to that in fact it's -- it. And recently he has had recently it was like less heat is actually -- the last thing. That in I think quite understand that you know. This I guess they have to this kind of -- on to -- and understand that they -- show everyone else share anyway. Than windows phone I should -- of windows phone side and we are coming it's coming to Broadway October 11 so of this -- I don't know what we quite mean by this by. I mean that they're the street. Well there's a New York debut event I mean it -- thing which is kind of play along the same lines -- the holiday event at Microsoft home. Last year in New York so it's it's trying to go for the consumer angle in Allah and when -- -- has her. Microsoft has been primarily going after business users. A lot and has certainly captured. Me of the imagination of consumers that are trying to definitely be fun -- young again. -- and I don't think they're gonna announce any Lionsgate are like specific models but they mind have some prototype there they can actually. -- windows phone seven in action. Probably the sort of stirring up somebody do any idea of the tiny -- all in the first one it will be out. Now I mean there's been rumors about October her. Okay now I'm putting up though right yeah and I just -- this segment was it October 11 there was -- I was -- It of -- one of those are both are anything like kicked around saying this assisted the October 11 event is is it really a launch is more on the open how -- yeah. So in every time -- -- Mac Microsoft about it they just keep saying weren't scheduled for our holiday you -- -- who room you know and they've been very clear to say that. That doesn't mean it's coming out. Right around -- -- it doesn't mean how lame. Yes but -- it'll be. And plenty of time for the holidays not right at the holiday -- doing -- yes. Okay now -- Marco thinking there is considering that they debuted this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So windows -- seven where we're really excited to see them at least just out of -- phone and have people buy it should -- I just have it doesn't have a way of akin. Yeah and that's gonna -- -- -- -- yes is really to I think I'm industry hand. I -- I so wonder what it's like to get out there at a press conference and but they had to know when they announced the -- that. And there's a chance that we're gonna cut that's especially in the light of a different everywhere -- -- -- and just it just it just happened yet there and announce -- be honest and that this is great here's a new products and all the father flashes and -- and of the videos and then the lights and he and the fact your mind to have that nagging doubt them with the -- -- before and a well especially. -- all of us were there we kind of had a pre show let. As well at some of the new features and other journalists rafting on the hard questions about our -- compatibility important compatibility and why doesn't have this might have to have that they were doing their darnedest trying to answer that question -- positive trying to stay on methods. You know and it is is gonna do from the beginning -- Japan and -- -- -- market. Again neither -- the market even -- the market is. And hamsters and funny -- -- So. We haven't a couple of -- this week I was -- sweet but Motorola -- coming to T-Mobile. This was parity in ads for the European market but it's basically kind of a thicker version of the Motorola island which tickle -- thinking to -- yes Easton sprint yeah so it's -- -- and fed it water resistant that's -- It -- with -- to point line and I mean. The camera idea now. He -- and a quarry. Interestingly this -- debuted on Oprah Winfrey. He had anticipated it to everyone in -- let's -- that and he and that episode is that epithet which he -- that. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah. Can I just flown into it to -- On. But it pricing and availability date was really mean and it. Well you know the idea I think that's I mean and -- and it was an Android one point one particular point -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's an opposite end of the features deal sprint -- -- -- also introducing it has introduced the Samsung T 369. Prepaid. But threatens -- take effect in the spotlight this phone we will be getting -- an office here review. But so far what we know is bad and it comes with a -- out -- keyboard of one point three megapixel camera with the video recorders that up kind of ninth. There's Bluetooth support and the room for a sixteen gigabytes of expendable memory. It's got a couple other little things -- one thing that planes the prices ninth. And also looks like it's quad band world phone. It's eighty dollars so this is not this is the second most expensive. Prepaid phone it in T-Mobile. Current prepaid US -- So the other and it's a touch screen phone and this thing -- computed images of the full QWERTY keyboard and a one of the things that makes this. Pretty attractive and another thing has just anybody who's ever sort of been locked in fear of the tier carrier agreements -- -- -- they're definitely and and it just to prepaid and kind of -- Wi -- a lot of prepaid phones on it and you know second tier networks -- and it's nice to see in other offering on as here when network. Today not selling this through their proposed its service as it prepared Wilmington -- This -- I believe it's just prepayment. That's you know those of -- -- Brent Bryson for instance usually it's just they're they're printing problems or whatever -- -- -- brown opposed and network. So we can sit down and her agency brought out a prepaid from a hello from an external screen. And vertical to that yet but -- and it. What -- is that no -- and bigger external display and a flip phone arms output from the external -- them. -- I T-Mobile G two we have more news about that what's coming specs -- up on channels page I hands -- it's coming to best buy and radio show. -- That's I started their pre orders are ready last week and there's signed a phone for 19999. With an instant rebate but with a two year contract and there are gonna be in stores October 6. I'm yet to go into -- -- actually -- pre ordered on my it's -- Announced this week at the arrogance on the phone for 15 the undercutting it -- make it here they -- ready to fight. Didn't even and bring it back by. -- irregular -- yet they announced that via Twitter and me didn't say when they start taking pre orders but that details what becoming and so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- RadioShack and it gets he gets -- cut it. There's intrusive -- RadioShack is just. Kept going in some ways because if -- think I mean I do go there every every once in awhile to get some sort of cord that -- -- no one else house but. It's they've they've gotten on the phone thing pretty -- then you buy -- -- it's it's -- phones in that position best -- to the of the -- and -- unlocked phones -- -- selections growing. -- British I can't let. Wal-Mart have all the fun yeah -- think of it. -- riding arena so I Wal-Mart actually just don't skip medical -- -- -- Maher is announcing. A new family mobile service now Wal-Mart has stumped for a long time prepaid service yeah and now they're doing post paid so the big W -- It's it's expanding. Yes I guess if that's current American -- cellphone services thanks so they do have common sense and straight talk. Both are PP services offered on both -- Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless perspective because of piggyback on those. Networks and the new so of his skull warmer -- -- mobile and atlas of the -- -- and the T-Mobile units seem like and as is small but -- seems like him very inexpensive to get an Internet calls and text but but dollars a month but the first -- -- every other line 35 dollars. So it's definite yet to its families its post paid. Is not related design aimed at four -- in a consumption of because according to this. You'd get one gigabyte of data accessible for the entire family and for that is -- -- -- with a one gigabyte an. I -- -- it will be carried over a month month and the -- is not a monthly -- its -- PP sort of deal -- interesting -- there. Also according to the sounds -- the phones that look -- this service include the Motorola clicked XT. -- -- -- -- -- -- An old pencils -- gonna be in -- basic handsets and -- looking for 35 dollars. So is nothing more geared to it to -- to found me very inexpensive for -- attacks. So much Medina but acting definitely BP target audience listening. Now and this is only going on -- -- Yet it's it's a Wal-Mart -- mobile on T-Mobile USA. They did say that even though it's that is on T Mobil's net -- you can't use -- T-Mobile phone. With the Wal-Mart service it's one of those weird seen block you regarding -- you're -- -- -- from Wal-Mart. Yeah exactly. Well you know there have to -- -- have to build restrictions on and this service will be am offered starting September. -- -- Verizon and France have debuted the Blackberry here three T one they're there's -- hurt and anger and yes. It and you the flow chart and I haven't encouraged there but they. -- Verizon's announcement was. Yesterday right sprint was today it was a the other -- yet residences yesterday's incident -- -- -- Yes that the current 3 -- it was -- and it is an announcement T-Mobile person and now it's. The CD MEK is getting became Verizon has been both offering their own versions of the current ETS dissimilar you know that's not really much -- Both phones are incredible COS six -- -- and Bonnie because we have -- -- Adobe a bit with -- -- six of Wi-Fi. Mike mystique I'd be doing a 512 gigabytes of -- I mean GPS. I think they're both billed as entry level Smartphones and it was a very very inexpensive but -- Verizon nexus between nine. Many nine after a hundred dollar mail in rebate wow the sprint version is 49 and nine so. Both are really inexpensive. Both the three G phones and I think -- -- it's really inexpensive are that he and I got our lands me of that pond I think yeah yet another. Very aggressive sort of like a -- call. But it is is that we have very aggressive move by -- -- I think you know if you wanna keep Smartphone. In its upgraded to two yes and it looks and you'll get off features all of the features of -- -- the study -- -- -- -- what what will happen. I -- they just sit that communities here is something that has on rain has said 2000 permanently I really -- Adam. By a yet I think I think T-Mobile is it that a this year are -- version. I don't know about Verizon -- -- lot of curve test like PG. So jumping out to from -- -- forgy. Clear wire. It's announced something that and a lot of people on waiting for including this. We for awhile it's few weeks CNET readers that time hasn't been an advocate Sprint's four shrink there -- four -- service -- York city. It's been -- and it's maternal in certain areas but. I -- are coming out this week that I've had started operational readiness activities. And what that means -- -- just finishing up the network of the finishing up the build out. In New York LA's San Francisco so those are important is because. For New York LA just too large cities in the country and they haven't covered yet San Francisco is good for us we can test some problems course -- -- And they're also coming to you Tampa or Miami -- Nashville Denver Minneapolis Cincinnati Cleveland and Pittsburgh. So we don't know when actually they're gonna switch those on completely so when we'll have the full service and -- -- full rollout but we know it's -- anybody India. So that's good thing by starting now you have to get some -- service and I have wondered the same people and so that's -- -- said that they get it and upon have you tried to borrow differently. I mean tried -- -- known Chilean -- I've had gotten. Four G. In parts of New York anything even Molly of when he's been visiting his -- and -- -- So that's exciting. I was gonna I was like him -- more markets normally when she should. I'm. And then sprint has also debuted these Sanyo innuendo and this is an update to the end card -- and if you remember that phone. It let's have a little bit and -- in design on the outside. It had a had -- hitting keyboards that means it goes and went back when he's -- he can't see it and had a touch keypad so I'm outside it looks sort of like a regular phone. And then when you open it up sort of like a book on the on the along the -- on a vertical axis and you would get the full keyboard with an internal display itself. I thought the phone with a K when I looked at the -- you know it it heck I'd. Liked the insider at the keyboard was fine in this way but I wasn't crazy about the outside. Found -- title keys a little difficult to use what's come up with the small display and outsiders could -- a lot with the -- that's not stopping -- -- -- introducing it again so this is the Sanyo innuendo by Kyocera. And that's a complicated relationship. Because Kyocera -- owns the Sanyo brands but they're trying to. Shake it up a little bit so not every from -- comes out as the Kyocera phones and other Sanyo by Kyocera that's way to the upcoming. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An -- yeah. That's so I'm word -- really admitted to by business but with the same whenever -- innuendo. Pretty much the same. Feature set as -- -- found to -- at a 3.2 megapixel camera instead of a two megapixel camera. And it is 4999 with a two year contract and after fifteen -- after stone. And a lot -- people complain about the innuendo anymore and move. It to say. And then it's a 21 thing only to come back to -- away from. Little on interest in areas that Carman who of course made the -- from. Is considered X considering exiting the Smartphone business. So basically it amnesty finance officer. Said in an interview to Reuters that you know feels for their new B phones -- -- -- company expectations and that -- pragmatic company. And you know if ultimately these devices and that's what -- -- them you know there they're gonna evaluate sales over the next couple quarters and see what happens. Not making -- money. And -- gonna continue to invest in their probably hemorrhaging money actually and I -- research and development yen and I mean they didn't have -- -- -- -- this Smartphone business and there's probably looked. Now the -- -- numerous delays their first device I've with. In its junk you get you get a -- -- can't remember. That I don't hate it think is either two or two and a half room. Yeah and they get much better with the -- finally meet that standard Android and I liked it play. You know. At right is only so much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One assists and just. That alone the fact that we're Garmin and we have GPS and a -- not enough for and not enough to differentiate them. I mean yeah in if you dominated -- apparel might be -- -- -- -- the forum has amassed before yeah exactly or anything really and I think you know garden like a lot of other around standalone GPS makers I think they're suffering in general because. Most people -- getting GPS when their opponents. -- -- -- -- Didn't you know I understand I can see why they got into the business because they saw that coming you know people are getting GPS on the I'm look at how money -- -- moved more towards the apps base. Accustomed to -- -- -- -- now and other educate people have a -- Yet debit injury is undercutting all of that here because there are offering their -- with great navigation for -- -- -- right and all those other apps are monthly subscription and and right. I mean I have an expensive you don't have any interest content from eating up -- that marketshare back kind of things like the way things are going. Reminds me. Mobile browsers. Actually back in the day used to be premium and our effort is offering them for free him and fighting over who's gonna download their free version. The competition. -- -- And -- -- I'm probably serious about patent few weeks party browsers have coming up with CTI in the it's only three weeks away. -- -- -- And the for their last show in San Francisco beacons teaching is like San Francisco. I'm starting position -- gave Mallory. Is let me just -- -- good and gave him my. Yeah. I mean I I would be. I don't know about two minutes travel office instantly like Canadian economy and that's it for human nature did it anyway you know I'm gonna pass about don't work. So does this have a lot of news this week to look for things to continue to be very Disney as we go through to -- -- next month -- October and then through November's. -- -- -- -- -- Few reviews not many of the LG has completed bear a G mobile Treo with the LG GS 170. Yes so the -- -- yes -- insanity not a very exciting name but now what delight not that I'm really delighted that -- it. Yet -- at the other reality phones for T-Mobile. And it's just an entry level funding you -- unity the cameras PGA qualities that -- the best out of vanity. A high end phones I could even see that you speakerphone the -- is it is it normal that do not stereo Bluetooth so it's not just not as an aerial. Music player on -- Pretty basic but then you know the pricing can of matches it is it's free. Continue to use -- -- agreement. So very entry level basic -- could very decent call quality. You know saving to of the -- basic and you know perfect -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's an Apple very very it written. And to -- back to the BlackBerry Curve three G and -- actually reviewed one version of this -- That this is the Kirsten -- I liked it a lot it's very identical. The designs -- -- a very similar TU previous currents that eat pretty smooth to the 85 Tony for T-Mobile and this the could be different tiny there was no 3-D in the GPS of this adds that he the -- at the GPS. It has Wi-Fi has immunity he has although it does some of the that it features you would expect out of thing in normal high -- featured phone. And -- two megapixel cameras of five. Very inexpensive as well like agilent -- -- -- -- as he residents -- 179. On -- sentence but then that's a -- pricing. Great entry level device I think you know yes six to any form they can just processes that are the fastest know about -- decent are. Chinese the display is -- no he did he get optical track pad -- really easy to use. And overall I think I like that track pad I have it meant yeah optical track and molecular lot actually and it looks fine for me and them. Call -- it was interesting yes yet external media keys on the top -- play -- music and easily without having to go through the phone to access to media player. Overall what -- level Smartphone I think it's really -- however if you want to get. The that the cheapest possible price I think of course like we said -- at the Verizon version -- provision like the seem to spend the same phone -- Lot cheaper. Some austerity locked -- IRS are reluctant to keep cherries gorgeous and you -- some publicity since you know might be worth the threat when he backed. So. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the last review is a Jessica did it and -- Well Alan ETA it's he's -- ZTE to get this found while she was Alex. Now we have -- actually battle with the fact that several people are out for the review. Is actually coming out later today in a couple hours we tried to get it in time for the podcast we can't. -- you to review but and it has been reviewed Google. And if you come back and visit later today you'll be able to see average you know that's cooler. The what did you think of the com. On the -- is cheap it's -- -- dollars. Yeah I actually really like. Sometimes for disciplining I was hoping back call quality would be better be continued -- have a lot of features opry shop for something. -- I was pretty happy with the design. You can't really tell from the pictures batter up. It can't really tell on some of them unless you're looking at the front of the closely the first place to find details but I appreciated and kind of a sucker for -- -- and in that way when it comes to mind -- But it there are some interesting textures than to from -- -- then and I thought I was really appealing and it's a vertical slider. So there's a dial pad. There're a few features about the screen was was a little bit -- and but I can make calls pretty easily and this isn't -- dollar phone with Verizon so. I think on all -- pretty good deal and I is admitting to cancer earlier this week. My first phone ever with a free phone and it is terrible so if I were getting this for playing back. And I was determined not to pay a penny more than I had to look on Verizon's network but the new contract I'd be pretty happy -- Remember your first -- Yeah -- and I don't remember the model number of it was a key affair. Now cut back in the day in -- a lot of play kind of alternative yeah. -- -- not a Nokia and not raised there yeah. Well I don't date myself and at the time I visit I just you're -- if you intimidated so more than. Yeah -- burnished and white gold color. I shoved it in my purchases of ours like I. Mean building isn't like well -- -- the Nokia was because a limit -- -- an unlocked GSM some reason that. Nicole had ahead of your time. And playing let's hurry I'll I enable it to set on -- problems with I was traveling a lot -- -- student what they say. Linking girl -- -- you said year's first is 51 time and now -- -- -- -- but it was actually start track. -- -- -- -- -- I had inherited it from my cousin I was went in and I don't need them when and one -- -- on the -- that in a car accident and. You're getting -- -- Yeah emergency that your case in their careers. I wanna say it was Kyocera swallows. Very long slender -- -- saying the same thing I held out for as long as I could so I probably can totally other rates that is. -- can -- candy bar. Like -- Kyocera phone them. I don't yeah. Monochrome screen. Its external antenna and about the first and I ever loved truly truly love even tedium and we can't so. Upcoming just arguments in the Samsung T 369 yes. And it's anything else coming from is trying to get -- -- Onkar from last week in that's been -- -- the. Cool. And that pretty much sums up this week and anybody have any reader listener -- Yeah just really quick ones from -- the evidence he's asking about the -- you -- -- -- have known about for along time ago. -- notes on added I think that it wouldn't let you touch yeah I edit you watch CSO nine. And she's asking about it because she excellent and because you can I want to have an idea of like a watch phone even -- of -- be tunes can't use bank is being watched. That's -- and I looked up online and it's like crazy expensive. It's 800 dollars on Amazon. And that's the unlocked version of course that the key assembly can achieve the cute in VT camera advocates and those cell phone. Allison looked up. That -- CNET UK media -- TD 910 because it's not available here SE carrier. Subsidized phones and -- those unlocked -- -- for the you can get an analyst. But UK get it I guess and quote online on Amazon. And according to this and it's see that you keep people re read it three stars so when the watch function breaks -- have to senate backed LG. I don't -- yeah. You and your past peak right. And according TV CNET -- -- review that he said that it's undoubtedly a cool gadget. But it's not a lot of peaches. And -- expensive. I think because if it's -- on the words don't buy into it. I just -- everything. I do not okay. -- -- -- -- And Alan from Claudia Daly in the -- case that type I team as -- if you have any major interest in Windows Mobile seven he think it will be hit our Mac. And I did have an interest in windows when -- and you know I took a look at the -- preview which had most of the features -- windows phone seven except for. Xbox Live in the marketplace and -- -- lot of things to like about it and there's some major tournaments and fundamental features that are missing. But. You know I'm kind of looking for -- to playing with a final project. Far -- whether to be hitter -- -- I don't know I think it's gonna face an uphill battle that any might spread some people to you and I -- you I think that. I really hope it does I just wish that they were coming in with you know a fullback. That they had all of those features and they had their copy and paste and and everything else. I think that's really gonna hurt them and they're yeah they're pretty fundamental. Gap. I don't understand my there launching with. Should. I have -- you know from Katie. She is. -- about upgrading Motorola tried to 2002 to two got two and having quite a few problems. -- For -- -- force closing applications. That typically happen to me remember. After the click had -- updated. In -- -- have software update but they have this wouldn't update that was supposed to make things from smooth and it didn't happen. Have been and seen others -- asking her Brothers and searing experience in such lax and -- creating. It's a general maintenance I do to clean the software. And -- the task killer. And but no dice and she parrot and a majority as a rebelling due to the mini in this case -- about before it. I think that's -- Anyway. You know then definitely one of the issues with. Definitions of -- is the task killer and what happened with four is it actually. A third party task -- are working and -- -- set to go end to. The settings application in manually through the tests of a law that it takes a lot more work -- Then we haven't really gotten a clear answer about why they did not like what they're about but definitely these third party customers and networking might be used to. If you're having forced their applications. I can't really give you here's what you should do you know and -- worst case scenarios is you can you can try. Taking a phone back to back percentage and reinstall. -- I hated abuse of my last case there -- successor takes up everything you have it. The other thing I would say is that one issue with. It's been developing with Google in these and these updates is that no one really takes responsibility for them once that there -- so. You have the carrier you have to manufacture in the you have Google on the -- working together to put the instant instant -- an -- to phone them something goes wrong. I really discover that whoever what sort of pointing the finger at each tolerance and routes this person's fault this person's fault and I think that's the consequence of Google's free -- -- sort of -- You sort of thing that's going on with them and that's a sort of one -- -- consequence of Android so. -- that's -- -- I don't know -- -- if you wanna have anything. And there's also the school of thought they don't really need epitaph killer and that those programs running -- the background -- actually leaving you at your memory of doing anything that they are. If you're worried about battery life there are ways to reduce battery life as well. By turning on things like -- -- -- and and that. GPS. Repute Wi-Fi as close I heard another notices. So substantiate examples of -- that Skype is that they. So big and battery means there. You keep it convenient and yeah I I would just say if -- things by your not using if you don't mean your Twitter streamed to you. I keep pushing a day out D'Andrea fifteen minutes into your settings and change it take dock at -- -- I would say I just removing any applications -- system. -- You know Tuesday because they camp in any sitting here phone's memory council it down so you might wanna you know wanna pick up as well. But sorry to hear about you know you're not human -- having some prompts for him actually. Accurate and harassment he column. Last week we for -- actually answer this question and talked about so there's a check we can put them. -- -- But -- that's how we have to me. So government thanks for joining us and things on there are slogging through a listening a year ago. And Jason thanks for. Tried trying to make this. And that's who sent me yes we are technology company kind of figured out its next week. So we were see you next week everybody thanks for joining -- The abort if you wanna send us an email. You can do -- -- filed in. And read them here hopefully. And if you wanted to some phone message you can do it when it's -- ports here 22638. -- check out CNET and -- -- -- where the post most of this news that we discussed as well us. Finding -- a podcast listening to them again you gonna open it. Thanks a lot and we we'll see you next week -- -- -- War.

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