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Dialed In 137: When it's not about the iPhone: Dialed In

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Dialed In: Dialed In 137: When it's not about the iPhone

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It's all about BlackBerry and Android this week with the release of RIM BlackBerry Torch and Android 2.2 "Froyo" on the HTC Evo 4G and Motorola Droid.

Hello and welcome -- -- -- -- itself on podcasts it is Wednesday August 4 our first. Podcasts artists to roughly ten. I'm Kent German and I'm here with Nicole Lee Jessica -- -- -- it is all the hats and is now. Could also -- -- Jason -- and in New York we have of course China had no. I. Has everybody -- today gave me. We are. -- spent almost a whole episode maybe even the whole thing that ultimately. That's about as. -- yeah that's kind of and he can't have them on hand here. Isn't so hot get with the -- -- President Clinton that behind Google for us now we're gonna try maybe maybe we will get. Almost there. And we are gonna kick off with a lot about another Smartphone that is out there. The Blackberry. Yet today or yesterday actually. Blackberry and AT&T announced the Blackberry torch. Bonnie was on him to win the argument majored in two. See what's going on in this is couple notable things about this -- -- whether anybody and more for so long it's gonna be the first device to ship with Blackberry Owen fix which we've been seeing preview videos and so it's finally coming to market and they announced that this will be going on sale August 12. -- -- nine you know with a two year contract soon. Next week. I mean. If you're lending and -- I did. I did not have the same lines I -- yeah I. About the same time yeah. I had -- and -- it out of the way. The torch is also. -- -- first fighter though they -- actually. Eighteen T in -- got together about a year and a half ago to start working on this phone. Though it -- a -- -- yet it's been in the works for a while. I've we -- a chance of look at it yesterday and briefly. And and -- pennant. I'd like Blackberry -- -- they think it brings a lot of good features that panic catches. -- up to speed with competition I don't necessarily think it overtaking him at all. -- -- the Internet. Yeah I mean when event features that we've all been running is a better browser and so. You know in what can browser it you know its ports tabbed browser being -- -- humor five. No flash now and my people were asking that that there's no action when he told me that would even be added in the features now. Got a chance -- -- bit you know it is kind it. Big navigation was better -- is -- slow but I mean we were and little lobby with a ton of people so I mean -- who -- on the network so. Could be that. And I can say that the rest and yet at -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also has a new. Navigation scheme which actually really like is allowed you to swipe to kind of categories of apps like -- favorite media. Indeed it in nice job that. My only concern with the torch. It is. Can of the hardware -- -- fighter design is nice but you know it's that is 624. Megahertz processor. When you're kind of comparing itself as Smartphones on the market today you know just kind of pills and there's been. -- with a screen. It's -- it's AT DA though. -- -- 360 and -- and mean you can tell you like look at you like and you know it does feel really outdated. I would say kind of had a preview of the heart -- you. Contends that. -- -- I was ordered a couple things -- no one is do you think that this device will be able to satisfy. A blackberries additional business news mainly email and calendar people but also attracts some new people that maybe -- Blackberry before. -- I think -- I. I personally think it's gonna check mortgage current Blackberry users you know kind of brings -- -- he with a touch screen and you know. Unlike the star I think they did a really good job of integrating the touch screen in the navigation and everything. I don't necessarily know if it's gonna detract anyone away from Android or iPhone necessarily. Feels lake you know it's -- -- -- leaky and existing Blackberry owners for not jumping -- now. Yeah -- yes edited it out. They put it it's okay about the diet NBS -- new hotel yeah. You know honestly it does -- -- Yet -- alleviate pain you know in a -- a good good job I think of keeping those current Blackberry owners put it. But I don't know -- it's gonna attract -- new you know and kind of mean that's kind of of that finally if you're not -- not hearing attracting new customers in just. And -- it is to thank you for -- gigs of data and we'll say house and have them Ahmanson for a long time and I think that. There was. Some examiner at least some hope in circles that this was gonna be the device I was gonna attract a little bit of attention back -- the Blackberry yeah and it just seems like a lot of -- I mean especially. With the U. Let our -- again it's just trying to match. Features in the let kids browser is great but I think our means -- on talking about hardware -- they needed to do is at least -- and again with the union match. And if but if you remove OSX an untested and talk about this too. -- -- Did that give you what you wanted and is that really it is is an inspector really stepping up parents and okay here we wrestling -- here we have -- it's completely a step forward. Or is it just they just threw it a couple of things and said oh it's -- operating system. -- -- -- -- -- I felt like it was a good major overhaul of the operating system I mean they at a lot of catching up to do and they think they did it but I don't think they -- it. Our Nat necessarily it's kind of say -- and Drayton iPhone and have an announcement were coming after you. Saying hey we're here to you now. -- -- Don't mean to decide it's positive it pessimistic. Point of view but it it seems innocent they're very happy could be significantly. They'll like -- if I'm being. You know like this that I underplay -- and and yet Blackberry it -- still -- and yeah it's. Probably 8 outlets today I -- very active. Now -- in every two companies have an entire industries that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my way to number to you as. That's funny I have a question because I'm just looking at picture -- -- how you have had the distinct pleasure of holding this device and her hand the how does that compare in terms of -- security plus touch screen to something like the pre. Well competitive pre and I think it's -- bank you know only. Needs to from a client standpoint from a designed it. Totally I think it's a much more comfortable typing experience and it's actually that -- keyboard on a Blackberry so. It doesn't quite have high quality feel like as the bulldozers -- you may think you know the buttons are that size and they made sure that there is you know enough -- around the sides in the top edges and so that your thumbs down -- Catholic everything. -- -- So. And you know the bottom edges -- very -- First sound like making a -- the touch and and accordingly him yet they'll think well yes. -- green is not sure press like the black mesa additionally other I wouldn't say I don't count it item like the screen just like everybody else and like you mean. But I gotta give them credit for trying well yeah something different an idea I mean well it is sort of following an Apple. Pressed down on something yeah. And magic. The track pad track pad -- -- tracking whenever. Which I did get a chance to try out that the sure -- is -- is sort of a more. If you in the face kind of click there's -- yeah -- -- thing so it and this is planning. -- -- -- Being the actually -- -- an option where you can make a clicking noise -- new types of chords you just thinking yeah and that aren't I yeah a lot of and -- -- A lot of -- Couldn't -- yeah I bait and click it bad idea injured. Well Jessica also wrote a little boy about OSX and told those. About some of the devices that it's coming. Yes. So. Not yet but in the future we should be -- -- on the Blackberry bold 9700. The old 9615. And the Blackberry pearl three G. So. That is of course subject to carrier certification and right now eighteen -- has the exclusivity for this device. So rim hasn't yet named specific rollout dates but it should be coming. At some point. It's now. And then I'm -- assume that most devices going forward would have this is well yes -- devices yes. And I think that the -- developer conference with coming up in -- far I think we're gonna see a lot more development around that especially with things like the Blackberry idea. Yeah and and a lot of other service says that they have rolled out I feel lake. All of that is gonna coalesce and there'll be some big pushes towards getting -- services known in news and everything I'll you know all the puzzle pieces fitting together yeah. I I will say did you -- You know overt -- search was one in the new -- Blackberry and I make a really like the fact that you know -- made that available to the developers so when you do it as search and your phone it'll actually search third party apps. -- -- it's -- you and and it's really useful but again and catch up. Yeah yeah that. It's -- catching up I mean you know on on it's on it's only to -- don't want if you don't compare it to lake you know the dried or the joint and whatever. -- -- -- pieces microphone like is he was impressions anyway. And I -- yeah okay. A yeah I mean I knew I was. Happy with -- -- I mean. -- -- -- being -- something different than others but as having with us it was just it was more the hardware yeah yeah a little bit like buying. And it's pretty quo and -- stay tuned on that front because we'll have more there's been a lot but. But that's all right there's that he and -- does this week because there's. Motorola released a new eco friendly environment certainly some speech completely -- and it's called the grasp. Yet the press is it within your through this didn't happen. Actually I don't know with the -- but I'm I'm some I couldn't -- he's gonna be pretty horrible when of those. Simple messaging phones it is. -- -- is. EBay -- include -- friendly design and Motorola promises that. After you're done -- the it is the 100% recyclable. The dissident interest and more hello lot of other equal now or hide everything -- 100% -- you know what I wanna start aren't gonna start dropping phones and the compost -- we have here our. Saying it's like post recycling closer cycling and recycling. I'm votes the issue has an interest. We should or water ions heated by me but yet it's on has one -- -- -- printed in regulating the camera you can try to. Actually if you embedded and it's -- and it -- -- and it gives back to the planet. Is gonna. Stay. -- should but but comes at sequoia agent kind of a hundred. And yes it and this is and -- -- people if people if I know unit that just pretty decent adolescent MP. And of the mill and pretty standard messaging -- According to the Motorola site. It has EV DO in the 17100 megahertz spectrum so that that some of suggests. Aspirin or acting and is now one option but yes I think it may be going to -- -- -- Today. Couldn't Acosta told us about cricket and they have a -- come out this week now you rate plans switch yeah I'm positive reception from lot of corners. And also it was fifteen new devices is that really. Yet so would -- -- the big cool new. A lot of news yesterday and cricket wireless announced that you have a bunch of new -- all inclusive rate plans. All the way from 35 dollars a month he -- 1860 dollars a month. So and end these Mandela and and amid that's unlimited data and minute voice unlimited text and well all of that he basically 35 dollar plan sound lacks the that's what you'd you'd get unlimited voice and -- The interestingly get one of the -- -- And drug plans on the market the 55 dollars a month for everything -- -- the device -- data everything. Four what you for the Android plans and this one the cheapest in the industry think. -- for the dead a dose of sixty dollar unlimited plan or voice at the Indian -- -- Blackberry devices. And that's pretty standard across board I think and it's it's it's very affordable if you're a cricket customer I think they're mostly. And emit less than not and tonnage acting -- sort of regional unity in regional carrier. It they'll think -- announced that it adding fifteen new devices to its lineup and that includes Smartphones as well as any broadband devices. The announced the inclusion of the BlackBerry Curve eighty find the -- he -- -- institute touched and very interesting Levy. Sanyo zeal. Beaches near by Kyocera I think can -- the look at this -- yeah -- via. And the -- sentiments that's yeah I am. Well yes there is this is Kyocera -- -- -- announcing and you know. -- keeping the brand separate -- Harkin. Going away with the San your -- continuing to -- it's their first Android phone. And it's that simple it's. Kind of fitting for what you expect from his journals for cricket and in it's -- -- analysts and it's -- -- Yeah it's. Saying is you kind of relatively little an Android phone hacking one point snakes in the streets below but. It's pretty standard for cricket -- he said. Yeah a lot of lot of news for cricket customers some. Yeah cricket you know as we don't we don't get. Camera -- -- its core areas they are smaller carrier. They do you see in Maine and there are. They're smart they're less Smartphone lineup has been pretty small suppliers hasn't been really bit -- haven't had a lot of haven't had a lot of Smartphones but their attention there and 27 cities territory some states and select cities in the states -- -- -- -- three point eight million people written down. And -- their profile certainly with our so no longer being around hands. But -- -- specialists say -- for somebody will -- but this could. And it edges they're all it's a prepaid carrier so. The prices for all these phones are in 250 dollars for the sun Louisiana the best and that's the dollar contract yes. Over an -- -- this for you okay amount that -- -- -- got to that came out to two devices this week it first came to the evil forgy. Now we downloaded it yesterday and it also arrived to the that's right this week and I actually. Our average rates and around Simon -- -- look at it on the dried and acts forever and -- hasn't had never specified dates. Stars when it -- -- said this week but I -- -- frail a little bit yesterday and -- -- it's hasty. It lives actually and -- -- -- Delicious so funny that -- working back while market and one of those compared imitations today in the yeah and they have -- -- -- -- -- for him coarseness. Me -- brilliant you know I ACP. Actually -- -- Graham. Yeah yeah it's yet oh man. We may not be fully admit that they did the Google hands say yeah. Yeah I think that that's -- -- that's that's on cool. Components of opportunity but HC even listening. Well yes so -- -- -- -- anyway. I didn't drop your and India bucket of topic and I couldn't and I'm you know trying to program -- and butter fingers. I years and years ago escalate. -- ZVue lie now and well. ET PTI that -- And yeah yeah. -- I don't think there are -- -- -- this day I have some trouble eating frozen yogurt. -- -- like memory and yeah it just -- like that you know that the job -- Yeah. Anyway I'm -- -- at prioritized recall I think and I do like of course to the biggest things that I'm excited about our that we stamina for Clinton. -- working out and -- -- T one mystical let me. It you know -- in this is true with -- and includes any voice recognition it hasn't always -- you so you know sometimes they call. And so this just want this is one of the biggest. Complaints anything. Right Atlantic phones in general and yet he couldn't do that he couldn't immediately you couldn't do it over with you gonna do a hands free and I don't -- -- he -- -- that so little yet. So are you are able to do that now and you are able to store your apps on your memory card you do you have to download them to the phone originally and he can transfer them over. Other processes -- easy -- governments of the -- area in your settings -- -- management. And there's just a button that says send cards and -- -- -- found -- pretty simple ignorance worm moved ST Tuesday. I couldn't you know -- for something to be here. A couple other highlights as you can share applications you can. Use the camera flashes and lastly in on the screen you'll see. And you see there's a video attached his party once. You'll see there's an image of Mac -- of that -- -- And you can -- -- up to three brightness settings. It out that pressing this also be about consolidating -- some places so when -- in the photo gallery you can now go without leaving the photo gallery. -- -- interface but that's FaceBook -- You can actually access your photos that you have just on FaceBook found. And then -- -- your -- photos you can comment on it comments -- also lets you also works with the process which okay discovered and had no idea until I opened up on don't know. Carolina south. And access data point if -- -- this -- and you finding other things about four of these common now focus and we kept finding these that this is the lists that -- gave -- union the other things like Easter -- hunt for them so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just nasty and T have that -- on your during I have a version of for happy Apple itself may. I think I think we'll get -- that in a little bit but Detroit hasn't -- yes -- Stick. It. As you can also. Get your -- -- commands and your friend's -- show from the main calendar. You can search web results to its -- only on the phone and you could search both. Alphanumeric passwords. You can. I'd give web browsers getting some improvements as well I I'm still enough -- lacerations just if -- -- -- and -- one ants. Specifically. -- hopeful but anyway. I add their companies into and then you -- when he had to ask about it or I don't know it was this when your your friends stream. And your FaceBook status updates from your -- -- coming over. And that some of comments and on the person on the sets you can add those people as friends that you're not -- already inference stream without going to Facebook's then again it seems to be very much about -- Just -- consolidating. -- nice I was quite impressive but so far so we'll continue to check for some of these changes specific to use the you know. Or are these for audio in general I'm most of these from what I've looked. Our our room our part of for you in general I actually haven't done a good comparison. I would we do have a list and look at this in the next blog talk about -- was a retention to come to enjoyed. And a lot of them are in there but some aren't so but but the concept behind it and commodity user are basically. Now I would I would just go ahead and say one thing that I really like about the new euphoria is the new kit that changes to the camera which. If he ever use the camera on the heels on the -- software to make any sort of changes to -- here. The white balance settings or -- required you to plot this little slider and go deep into these menus now it's all like laid out an X ray and friend doesn't pricing will touch makes so -- -- -- yeah seem to be settlements on the it's. Yeah it might be different like -- -- might have had a different camera -- -- and these stock Android camera apps yet that's the one I have and the Nexus One yeah it's and then when you're talking about yes oh my god okay yeah infinitely. So. Expect advent on the front of the so that. On the other hand on the -- as we said the -- getting frail. One thing that that is not getting frail and frail -- at a hospital functionality and it can tether. Universal come to destroyed and accidentally. The hot -- feature that's currently on the Tivo will not change he was too low paid 291990. -- So right guys so that in mind this is incidentally you're getting away -- I -- I don't three hot pots he has been a little there's been a little. Controversy around what -- our -- Verizon's official message on this wise. As far as -- -- restaurant and I have a lot adolescent readers say. While the person's line and I. They're not really line I mean they most of the time here are people that -- but. What they do what what is true is. -- definitely if you people who were routed to try it. And even use an app which is PDA -- I think analogy yeah reforming yeah I don't mean sorry for it and you can tether but remember that. -- and having a device serve as a Wi-Fi hot -- for other devices are not the same event and asked him if it thinks it is a confusing and Detroit can certainly send and receive a Wi-Fi signal so if it's hooked -- to your home -- accidentally download and upload into -- -- that but. It can't necessarily it doesn't have the ability to. Then take a -- -- they were take away my signal and broadcast it out to other devices and service hot spot for them. Did so. You know you can rightfully say that it should have that but in this particular case that's why Detroit can't. -- and I think we had Darren Kitchen from Hak5 on earlier and he. He knew way more about this and I don't know right now -- basically was saying that the type of hot spot that you get on Detroit when you -- Andy's sop really ballot that I actually. Allows you to turn the Motorola -- it into hot spot it's possible to do it's that different type of hot -- serving technology as opposed to what they've built -- for -- Leo. Not really quite sure why they went with one and not the other -- maybe there's some security implications on its own -- And software back and then yeah that would not to share so that's where a lot of this confusion comes from twelve your -- you can do it but it's -- different type of hot -- -- action and then what they've built. Yes so just keep data mine immunity it is seen on the news is not good -- -- I'd I'd love for the -- I'm almost when it says you know devices get all the features that come with any kind of software by in this case -- happening but that there are reasons why it's not just. Yeah bright and hot line they're just gonna and you have. They're just maybe not but it's clear that indecent. -- So what blow you guys were doing that I fist of -- flash ten and ten point one in a press release. And friend June -- and just answer that question and say they redesigned it basically with mobile and and other devices in mind. So according to the press release of this the first release. Flash player that brings the full web across desktops and devices built from the ground. With games animation. So this is basically is their attempts he moved away from the current flash -- that's right -- -- -- Two hours and more of a Fuller version quotable coloration. And I want CNET TV videos on the new front room and look at. Yeah and let's get the thing about flash right now -- that it is still beta so it's actually yeah hard to get Asia used to be offering it to the marketplace you just gonna margulies -- -- data that you can't do that anymore. But there are ways to find it online. Still it's the same data file -- -- you know you install it and it's and it gives you flash let you know I'm sure there and expelled an official release here race. I'm so yes that's one thing that always comes out every few weeks and -- -- about -- it's it's again. Lot of interest is. There's JD power -- about which carriers the best in certain areas and T-Mobile Verizon traded -- this customer care board. For quite a hard time present -- at last it twice here Bryson Gordon February and then they do it about this time July August and T-Mobile -- -- so. You know it's funny is every currently sparks at two get a lot of comments readers on the blog -- actually used in mobile really -- them so -- I don't know whether it's you know -- moments. Have and other employees -- mineral content. Buy it it doesn't seem to see that eighteen she actually did better this time you should there in third method became a second this time. Sprint's have a little trouble. I do like the 18 PM website. Adapt account. Calipso. And like that at least. I can be called honey candy -- that -- a new website some great -- erase he had an. So. And it -- my thing and then. Tesco is gonna tell us about Google and present Austrian and -- and I. -- -- -- And basically there was a small little change that came about yesterday if you go to google.com for rehearing Android phone or iPhone. It is the optimize version the Google website. They have added on the means screen kind of sandwiched between. Your. Log in name and -- Something else. They've kind of added this history and and if you click that you'll be able to see a history of all of your browsing assuming you were signed in on your -- account at the time that you started browsing. And -- science and it's pretty nice interface they've tried you start items and all your history items. And in some ways it does sort of reproduce -- your browser already does. By suggesting. In any including your past browsing history as part of search suggestions. But it's so nice to have -- on the same place and with the start items I really like that anyway can access the start items -- my life a lot easier. The critical there's a thumbnail and -- -- Of a map. And has been associated with the -- by you have starred. And so it's a nice feature it's not -- world changing but it's sort of nice to see Google continuing to develop. The mobile optimize web site for entering it and I -- and I'd actually really like to see this extend its Blackberry as well. Yeah and are you listening -- Include data backup -- Delaware and I'm gonna send them -- could copy okay. And save him I suggest to him I think that's. Which can take a quick break we'll come back we'll -- -- reviews. We have a couple of used to talk about this week. One is the LGD lights and the call I mean look at this phone and it's it's I think it's quite interest in -- got it it's it's definitely has a design. Not for the -- masculine time. If you -- here I would but it but I like it's it's it's a -- I like the display looks nice and that pinnacle tells about. Yeah that's so -- When it inefficient it's you to an easy it was -- very tepid -- like this company and one thing that I expected that he and a surprised at apparently notes of all the reasons that. -- -- -- -- by the Tokyo is Ellen and I of that and steady dissident Korean Asian phone advantage it's a -- very feminine have a -- hefty -- designated like bring it. Yes hello -- it's like it. It. Today -- at this time. So yeah it's a it's a it's a very it's just it's very long that. But on the -- this is LED matrix -- passes -- it displays the variety of patterns. And I really like -- and and the animations. And at the age of the phone. Anything it -- it LTD -- that sparkles different colors as well Americans. Are all Barkley and drag it. And I think analytic my review it -- bunch of -- No additives from X -- and handling and actually better cause review -- scratch and it smells like strike put up. Yeah I have a Snickers yeah. You know I was I was just kidding that -- -- that unicorn by eight would you like the -- that when an -- thing is it's very it's very -- I have to say thank you to -- a -- A little bit sensitive a million masculinity and -- maybe it's just that but yet this told a very -- -- and he can becomes an becomes a very bright bubble gum pink. It doesn't bubble gum pink it is not a -- if it comes in blue other than the blue and pink. I think it's so silent like forest green and the light -- displays like nails. -- -- -- -- -- explosions are yeah this is overly stereotype there right. So yeah it's it's and if it's X treaty cool idea isn't in very interesting illustrations in the -- -- For the wallpaper -- just -- Very cool I'm almost children's -- -- like illustrations. For the menu interface for -- but but the settings menu. Is -- very neat. Whimsical very childlike almost you can write it reminds you of the stationary stars for kids you know -- in in the in in the Chronicle Books -- island of them -- that the notion that you look -- any kids site and look it's not the and that that the interest in craft. Stationary. It's very interesting is very colorful. A site found that in a decent -- actually get to the megapixel camera. He is three G on it and has -- by let it implemented but by then hit that's haven't -- But that call quality is great music player on so I mean it's a -- -- -- Feature phone gotten and it's gotten good reviews from other people an annualized. That is big UI is -- -- The -- like is that -- -- -- -- hand drawn you know. Its hands on the font looks hand written pollutant programs that come in -- on its -- -- that very children's storybook like. Some of menu interface it's an audience redesigned it -- -- that the way it that the lights. Are. And it's -- portable fifty dollars. Continue to -- tickets in disagreement with them mobile and this is I think there a second the third in Latifah fourteen -- so I think it's at though -- great phone. -- may be that tween it. Teen girl in your life. Well no. Again I think of what's called it. The cost of -- at the Motorola rambler him I'd have to say that I'm so glad -- Motorola did not spill rambler Armenian -- he. I -- a Canadian firm now run more like -- it and you know rocker operator appraiser is there. Very glad for that. Yes -- can -- a ball again if naked -- so this is another book Motorola's phone for a boost mobile. This has. And that I am I found -- be the designing a little bit not -- into it was a very comfortable to coordinate and because the back on the phone is very -- and very flat. So when you hold the following its its just not very comfortable than the one hand but -- -- what I mean the keyboard again -- and thoughtless of a bit too cramped for my taste but. But if the -- -- -- Arrington that the surface so. That's something that. -- don't -- pretty simple -- -- three megapixel camera not if not the greatest put equality. It doesn't fit stint at text messaging the call quality was great speakerphone quality screen and -- -- mobile phones I have since Greek -- it. -- call quality. The interface is pretty dated as most with mobile phones are unfortunately but you know. Overall quality of the phone that the call quality is there as silly as that the phone is and granddaughter fanning -- the dot. -- Although Smartphone owners -- say who cares about calls nobody makes -- and -- And now I don't make a columnists. The thing incredible and then it just comes tinian -- and people care. -- -- gonna make calls on the thing the calls are terrible and. I way to do things coming out the year Motorola milestone. And that's a EM lots of money yet upon -- And like the European version of the united. This a Motorola Bali yes so that's the non could evasion up the gambler basically. You feel it you you use any others and afterwards yeah the Samsung -- full review coming out tomorrow. The and -- Intensity did you -- minutes. I don't honored beyond that they aren't -- And you can and that's it it's very -- -- to talk about this. I just there's also writing a story they've will be about later today. On Android where it's come from and all of the different -- the different updates that we have -- -- Against him all. With what it's I would -- -- Hello there is cupcake then okay Claire Claire -- -- and what the what the different updates are brighter and isn't temperatures and what she expects and to Japan it's -- -- we know it's after gingerbread them. I don't think anybody has officially let anything slip have a that we don't know and a college. And daddy mean and mean a million in an alternative -- with the -- I thought -- Is that even if he if I actually thought comments house and is finished and oh yeah. But nobody would ever be able to spell it hot -- well the idea than. I'm I mean -- you know I mean. Contests means and now -- government anyone's gotten H deserves. And again. Really good ones and not -- anymore. And then -- -- sir Andrew -- he's working. Sort of where we are referring you know he's taken a lot of is looking dollar current devices. And -- when we're so significant for updates are now becoming too. So -- a lot going on the -- on Blackberry -- notes. That we. But I think that -- -- showed us if anyone has -- Owen I need parts for a moment -- -- It the end is gonna happen announced it would have any. -- are listening. -- I Kaplan and spam our friend Molly and yet the minute myTouch -- sleigh and he was told when you press the phone that it'd be a -- -- 2.2 but he hasn't seen in need being about it series when you can actually get it HTC did come out and HTC made the myTouch besides they did say that the flight would be getting the Android 2.2 update. But as far as timing -- -- -- -- -- specific they -- work with T-Mobile are certification everything. NE CC Canon has said in a general statement that they hope to have all the updates out by then second half for the -- so. It could be later -- It has that 3-D side -- inflated for -- pre. Okay -- and calling and even. Yeah I just said -- cymbal -- in here. He -- things are putting on a great podcast -- yanking Jessica has an awesome addition. And or. Yeah. -- -- He -- and that's Edith and and -- and I don't know. The it's by Adam. And he says I adequate I'm looking to get a new phone in each year contract someone told me about -- a fight dot com. He seems like all the prices on here -- less than Apple what the installer that the carriers. And he's basically asking what's the deal why why is why apply. So. Inexpensive and I think this is -- think that this is this thing with Amazon and Amazon sells phones. Memphis and of the third party distributors -- -- You need this you he would deal brokered. The -- to carry air in the am I haven't I think it's okay to get those phones from those but the two because of -- as long as you know what -- getting to and you have yet you have a warranty and you have a receipt acting it's. Yeah I think it's fine yeah it's. And that's of that was by the -- -- -- the company. Jerry. Wants to now a new here and plainly messages apostle MetroPCS on the just might be Detroit in each instance confirmed release -- This indeed a real thing. I don't know a thing that's coming and -- -- to you and even and you heard anything about Android Motorola -- I'm -- and trademark for Android Motorola IP answer -- imaginative -- yes. I could he was it going -- -- Motorola actually I'm not sure of the actual. Mean of the Motorola does Motorola and iPhone is going -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that was -- -- -- that. But apparently it is a Motorola slider. A Marshall -- mean -- of it is I don't know Bonnie -- ahead of anything about. Menendez from farm to peace I have not but I am I mean I wouldn't be surprising -- they did get one yeah and -- IC is -- is at its. Probably Motorola phone yeah I certainly see it happening yeah check out -- anymore -- I know anymore anything anymore. -- -- -- Just one. Or some other suggestion. And it -- the -- in have been Paul honey cake. And huckleberry pie on. -- a flat line tiny -- -- -- -- Hidden trash yeah. Android three point one to work could fly with the button and you name. As -- I -- -- -- and I kerosene. Trademark and he's known that to implement ticket and is the -- the analysts think the problem is our actual individual ingredients and those aren't actually completely -- -- -- -- -- -- Sparrow. With Google every. -- -- case is Seth lesser of anyway. I mean and then -- well this is privilege level discussion of hundreds again with a little weights. IPad right at the event and privacy by the -- raid and thank you -- arts and and the company and it. Thank everybody for joining us. We appreciate you listening you can always and is in -- moment and it's dot com. I didn't meet the phone message at one its its its ports -- 22638. And to -- very -- -- on glory Amber's show. But opposed to show later in as far as regular blogs and it's going on the cell phone world. But -- -- dot com. I think it and we we'll see you next week -- by. A way. -- --

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