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How To Video: Destination entry on a 2010 Honda head unit

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How To Video: Destination entry on a 2010 Honda head unit

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This Quick Tip will show you how to enter a destination on a 2010 Honda head unit.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:09 >> Brian: Hey folks, Brian Cooley here; this time in a 2010 Honda Pilot Touring to give you a quick how-to on entering and managing destinations on the nav system, which, by the way, is standard on this car but very commonly found on many Honda's and Acura's so you learn a lot from this with any of their family of products. Entering a destination is pretty darn easy on this vehicle. All you've got to do is hit Menu and you're in the nav mode and right away it defaults you to address, that's easy. This big controller in the center is your Enter button among other things and it immediately offers you city or state keeping the interface very clean. I often start with street and you can then start rolling through the alphabet. Unfortunately, you have to click over even the impossible letters which makes no sense to me but you got to do it. Nice that Space and Delete are just a kick either way on the knob, that's a real time saver. And then I finish the rest of my address entry. Notice that it quickly goes to Street List as soon as it gets to a predictive point where it says, "I think I know what you want." And then when I'm ready to enter that I kick up for Done. Notice we have no touch-screen here, by the way, because it's so far away and that's why there's glass over it so you're gonna be using either the knob controller or the voice command to do this entry. Here's my city that's why I didn't enter city initially it does a good job of predicting what city I want and then I just confirm and then hit Okay one more time. It's all very quick and very defaultish. And off it goes to navigate and get my route started. Now let's say you want to cancel the guidance 'cause you're done with it, stop talking to me, hit Cancel and it defaults to Cancel Route, again, good predictive navigation. Enter to do that and now your route is done. That's a quick how-to on how to use, enter and cancel a destination on this 2010 Honda Pilot and similar Honda products. ^M00:01:58 [ Silence ]

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