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CES 2012: Dell's first ultrabook laptop, the XPS 13

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CES 2012: Dell's first ultrabook laptop, the XPS 13

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Dell's first ultrabook laptop is here, and it's part of the company's high-end XPS brand.

Speaker 1:Let's get to the gadget (port?). All right. What do we have? We're gonna go kind of in order. It looks like you've got 3 and Scott's got 3? Go, go, go. Speaker 2: I'm gonna start off with the... with the Dell XPS 13. Now Dell was of course a little late to the Ultrabook party and they took their time but they've got a 13 inch system right here that's part of that high end XPS line. You know, it's super thin. It's not quite as super fancy as some of the other ones but that's because it's sort of meant to be that consumer business hybrid crossover system where you can get it and take it home but you can also ask your IT department to get it because they have an IT version with like a TPM chip and other stuff like that and it's got a rubberized bottom. If you feel that. That's kinda cool. Speaker 1: Oh yeah that's nice. Speaker 2: And it's super thin and what I like is the footprint. It's a little bit smaller but then some of the other 13 inch Ultrabook, it's closer to what you find in a 12 inch screen system in. So... so it's a little bit, it's a little bit more petite and still super thin. Speaker 1: I gotta say too right off the back, I am really struck by the similarity to the Macbook Air. They're just really... they're not even pretending not to be making a Macbook Air clone. It really looks like it and frankly I consider that a plus. Speaker 2: I think everyone stopped pretending and... in the last couple of months and last year... Speaker 1: They kinda do. Yeah. Speaker 2: Like okay fine. Here it is. You want it... Speaker 1: And I'm glad they did. I mean it's, you know, it's the perfect size, it's the perfect shape. Get it done.

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