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First Look: Dell Studio 15
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First Look: Dell Studio 15

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Dell's first release from its new Studio line, the Studio 15, sits between the Inspiron and XPS lines and offers a good mix of features for the price.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> I'm Dan Ackerman, Senior editor at and we are here taking a look at Dell's new Studio 15. Now figuring out Dell's product line is actually been pretty easy lately. They've had the low-end Inspiron line and then the high-end XPS line. Well now they've got something right in the middle, it's the new Studio Line and it takes some of the high-end features from the XPS. Although comes in a few hundred dollars cheaper depending how you configure it. Now you can see the design is coolly modeled on the popular XPS M1530. It's got the same kind of rounded hinge right here even though it's a little more angular on the new Studio. The Power button is actually right here on the hinge now. But because this is kind of the cheaper version instead of brushed-metal on the wrist rest, you have plastic, but you do have a lot of different color and pattern options for the wrist rest and the back of the lid. A lot of personalization options. So, there are a lot of features we'd like on the studio 15. Some of them you can actually find even on the cheaper Inspiron models now, like the touch sensitive media control keys and the HDMI output over here on the side. You also get a slot-loading optical drive and right here in the express card slot, there's a little credit card media remote you can pop in there and use to watch movies and music from across the room. So if you want to trade up from kind of the plasticky look of the Inspiron line, but the XPS is what I can get up near $2000 very easily, well then you're probably right in the target market for Dell's new Studio Line. I'm Dan Ackerman and that is the Dell Studio 15. ^M00:01:19 [ Music ]

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