CNET News Video: Dell previews Windows 7 tablet and more
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CNET News Video: Dell previews Windows 7 tablet and more

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At the company's event in San Francisco this morning, Dell showed several new models of laptops, desktops, and workstations, as well as a prototype of a 10-inch Windows 7-based tablet due later this year.

-Now, let's start with our notebooks. So, this-- this is our new Latitude Notebook family. This product's been designed from the ground-- redesigned from the ground up. Every part of the product was looked at both inside and out to focus on things like reliability, durability. But one other thing you'll notice, another form of consumerization, is the design. The design has been really influenced by what our end-user customers are looking for in their product. It has far more consumer appeal. It even has consumer-oriented features, but it doesn't compromise on the reliability, durability, and manageability that people come to expect. This is the 12-inch version of the product. We have 13-, 14-, and 15-inch versions of the product as well; in addition, the 6-- the 6 Series, our premiere series, actually now passes military specification 810G. So, for those who really need that capability in a mainstream-type product, we offer it. And if you really need to go to a higher level of performance, we offer our ATG product: security; supports Dell data protection; as well as TPM; as well as fingerprint; as well as contact-less and contact smart cards. And so, a whole host of security features and it supports the virtualization solutions that we offer from Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft. In addition to our Latitude Series, we've also updated the Mobile Precision Series. This is our new 15-inch notebook. You can all see it. What you'll notice that's different is that previously, our Precision 15-inch was built off of our Latitude form factor in our Latitude product line. We decided to redesign the product completely based off of our 6500 17-inch platform and bring all the design characteristics, reliability characteristics from that into the 15-inch. The desktop products have also been updated--a complete redesign of our 3 Series, 7 Series, and 9 Series. The one we have here shows the mounting with the all-in-one stand. And as you can expect, the kind of things that are very important for our desktop products are things like ease of serviceability, so, one big panel pops off the side. Tool-less service: You don't need screwdrivers; you don't need tools to services these products. They could be done without any tool requirements. Virtualization is clearly more prevalent in the desktop environment, and these products fully support the virtualization solutions that-- that Dell offers. As you can see, it's also available in several form factors, our ultra small form factor up to our towers, and we think that just gives our customers more choice in-- in what they need to provide. Also, all of the OptiPlex desktops have up to 10% recyclable material, and we also BFR- and PVC-free options for the motherboards for customers who desire that, so, eco-friendly, updated design, great serviceability, seamlessly integrates with our virtualization technology and strategies. All of a sudden, these little computers are becoming very important in the security and the manageability of the business. And so, we're previewing our product that we're bringing out middle of this year which is our 10-inch Windows product on an Intel processor. And so, why are we working on all of these different flavors of products? Because our customers are asking us to. The Windows 7 products, not unlike what we did with our netbook products for commercial, for those who have followed our netbook activity, we built a network purpose-built for education, and it's been a phenomenal success. It was built to serve that market very specifically. Customers are looking for that same solution from a Windows environment product in their enterprise. They want it to integrate with their management systems. They want it to integrate with their security systems. They want it to be as easy to manage as their current Windows technology products.

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