How To Video: Delete your MySpace account
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How To Video: Delete your MySpace account

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Remember your MySpace account? It may have been a while, but find out how to delete your MySpace account and keep spam down to a minimum.

[ Background music ] >> Wilson Tang: So you've given up on MySpace like everyone else and moved over to Facebook but you're still getting those pesky email messages in spam from your MySpace account. Is it time to finally put the nail in the coffin? I'm Wilson Tang with a how to delete your MySpace account video. ^M00:00:17 [ Music ] ^M00:00:26 >> First log into your MySpace account. It may have been awhile so you might have to click forget password to retrieve your password. Once logged in take a minute to refamiliarize yourself with the new design or if you're like 1000s of other people your account may have been phished. That's where someone has guessed your password and is now using your account to send out porn messages. MySpace will ask you to change your password at that point. Once you're done with that select my account in the upper right corner, underneath the giant banner ad but right above the square ad. This is the account settings page. Click account in the navigation bar and scroll down to account cancelation. Click cancel account. MySpace will ask you why you want to leave. Unfortunately, you cannot select multiple entries. MySpace will pester you again to reconnect with your friends who have also abandoned MySpace but just hit no thanks. You'll be asked one more time to confirm and you know the routine. Just click cancel my account. At that point you'll be sent an email with more pleads to stay on MySpace and at this point MySpace will ask you again whether you want to cancel your account and this should work in theory. MySpace asks you to wait patiently for the next 48 hours while they work their magic. So there you go, you're MySpace free, we hope. Check back with CNET TV for more videos on how to get rid of your other social networks. I'm Wilson Tang with CNET TV. [ Music ]

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