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Quick Tips: Customize Windows 7 Start Menu

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Quick Tips: Customize Windows 7 Start Menu

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Change what shows up and what doesn't show in the Windows 7 Start Menu.

Windows 7 Beta is fun to play around with, but to do proper Windows tweaks, I miss the Run command. Sure, you can use the Search in the start menu to find programs and launch them, but it doesn't give you the snappy Run command feel. And I want to access control panel items right from the menu, not click on a link and open a Window. I'm Tom Merritt with a Quick Tip for customizing the Windows 7 Start menu. Click on the Windows button. Right-click on empty space and choose properties. Select the Start Menu Tab then press the customize button. There's a lot of Start menu customizing you can do in here, actually. To solve the two things that were bugging me, I'll go find the Control Panel listing and select Display as a Menu. Then down to Run Command and check that. Now when I open up Start, Run appears as an option And the control panel folds out as a menu. Now on to more tweaking. I'm Tom Merritt, CNET.com.

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