First Look: Creative Zen Stone
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First Look: Creative Zen Stone

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The Creative Zen Stone is a fantastic choice as a secondary MP3 player or for first timers on a budget who want a simple, great-sounding device with limited features and a bargain basement price tag.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:01 >> Hi, I'm Jasmine France, associate editor for and I am here today with the Creative Zen Stone. As you can see this player is quite reminiscent of the iPod shuffle, it has no screen, the same round controller pad here and it's very, very simple. It's a little bit bigger than the shuffle and it comes in six different colors, there's black, white, blue, red, pink and yellow, just kind of this bright lime yellow green. You have your standard headphone jack on the top as well as a switch for shuffling between shuffle and repeat modes as well as a skip folder function, which is quite handy. You have a standard mini USB port, which we always like and there's even a loop on the side for looping through a lanyard for wearing it around your neck like so, as you can see there is no clip on this as there is on the shuffle. Other than that, that's pretty much it, not a whole lot of features, this is a very inexpensive player, for 1 GB you are only going to pay 39.99. Very good deal, sounds great if you are looking for a budget player. I'm Jasmine France and this has been the Creative Zen Stone. ^M00:00:54 [ Music ]

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