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Crave: CraveCast game on: World Cup nerds, cosplaying, E3, and more

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Crave: CraveCast game on: World Cup nerds, cosplaying, E3, and more

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This month the Crave cabal discusses the rise of small cons everywhere, the new Assassin's Creed and other E3 gaming news, and more fun for summer playtime.

[MUSIC] Greetings from Greenville, South Carolina today. My name is Eric Mack, and this is the CraveCast for June 19th, the month of June, 2014. We are in the midst already of a sweltering summer, and I'm joined today for the Cravecast to talk about the games we play during summer. I'm joined today by Stephen Beacham, Bonnie Burton and Kelsey Adams in the studio there in San Francisco and somewhere hidden at an undisclosed location in central California is Jeff Barkman. How're you guys doin today? Good. Good. Welcome! So how, yeah, welcome! Thank you! [LAUGH] How was everyone's past month? We got together last month and we talked about summer movies. We got more summer stuff going on. The World Cup is happening. Bonnie, you've already been to one comic convention. Yeah. There's been all kinds of gaming news. All the stuff we're gonna, we're gonna get to but any how's everyone else been for the past month? Anything exciting? Any new developments that are left out that we're not gonna get to? Well, I just wanna say George R Martin is now on Twitter officially. So, and I know everyone's heard this joke, so he can kill 140 characters at once! [LAUGH] Bump bump ba. Bum bump ba. Everyone's heard this already. I, I, as soon as I did the story on CNet, I actually was gonna time it to see who made that joke cuz I didn't put it in the headline or in the text on purpose, cuz I wanted to see how fast someone would do that and I couldn't wait so I had to do it myself. The comments. Yeah. But he, you know, he's a live blog journal guy. He's the one guy still on Live LiveJournal. So. [UNKNOWN]. Him and all the goth kids yeah, that are like elderly goth kids, like me. So we're still on LiveJournal, everyone else moved over to Tumblr to talk about Cumberbatch, but. Yeah. He [CROSSTALK] When he's not working in dos. I mean, you can, you can be on LiveJournal and be on [CROSSTALK]. I know. Well, I mean, we also, we also did that story that he uses dos to write all of his, all of his books. I'm not saying he can be on both. [CROSSTALK] Oh, right. I'm just saying you can. I, so, it's not a shock. I'm a little shocked we got out of twitter. Cuz he said on, you know, all these talk shows that he didn't want to be distracted and. We don't want him to be [CROSSTALK] distracted. Are you sure that wasn't like a PR thing? Like a PR guy made him do that [CROSSTALK] I don't think a PR can make George do stuff. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Maybe the book. You know, the book, Oh, you mean [CROSSTALK] Twitter! The book, you know, literature. They made me get a Twitter when I got here. Did they? You know, we Get them to tweet for you. Over, when I worked at Lucas film, we tried to get Lucas to get on Twitter forever. And he was just like, no, no, no, no. So there's a lot of directors. I don't think Spielberg is on it, is he? Probably not, no. That would be like news if he was. So there's a lot of famous directors and writers that still won't tweet. Yeah. So that's endearing. So the fact that George is on that, that made me kind of happy. But of course no one believed it so. They had to go to a publisher, and get verification that it was, cuz there's some really funny fake George R Martin Twitterers out there too. So, I follow those now. I remember the one at Kim and Kanye's wedding. Yeah [LAUGH]. The wedding. You went to [UNKNOWN] that, too? Yeah. [LAUGH] yeah, yeah. I don't think. I don't want to interrupt. George R R Martin's never going to get another wedding invitation ever again, let's just say that. Except from Amanda Kutzer, who sadly can't be joining us today because she came down with [UNKNOWN] after her own wedding. But she said she would like him to have been there. Yeah, Yeah so that's Yeah That's all I have that I wanted to add in that we're not gonna talk about, too in depth about cuz I'm just excited that he's on twitter, so. Well, let's go ahead and jump into your other recent travels though Bonnie cuz. Yeah You have already been to a Con. You went to the one in my hometown, your previous place of residence of Denver, Colorado. How was the Denver Con? Yeah. Denver Con was great. It was you know here's the thing with conventions. I'm not, I think this is the third year at Denver Comic Con. This is its third year I believe? I took a lot. Oh that's, by the way, that bird house on the side of my Twitter was not at the Con. That's in my scrap book. [LAUGH] So if you see a weird bird house. This is [CROSSTALK] winner here.| But if you go to my Twitter, you might see some picture. I don't know. This is a very, I am afraid for you to go to my Twitter now without going [LAUGH]. Directly to the link. Uh-huh, umm. Cuz I don't know what I tweeted recently last night. Uh-huh, [LAUGH] Nothing, nothing bad. It's probably just pictures of, I try, I'm on a Cumberbatch hiatus. So I didn't. It's probably just Xena stories. One of those, on the dalek, if you click on the dalek that was kind of blow to surround. Yeah. That's a home made dalek. There was a little kid in a little boy. Yeah, you can kind of see him under the eye thing. I don't know my dialect anatomy, so I'm gonna be really. But you can kind of dissect how he made it with his dad. It was on father's day which was really sweet. And there was like a pie pan that was a kind of the breast plate part. And then there was a whisk, an egg whisk as one of the weapons. Obviously, the toilet bowl plunger as like, part of the Dalek. But he was going really fast and I, I had to stop him so I could take this picture. And then his dad was like, oh, yeah yeah, it, that's fine! And the kid was, like, no, no, no, no, no! And I was like, that's not what Daleks said. He goes, I have to pee! And he was trying to, cuz you see the little wheels on the bottom. He was trying to wheel himself as fast as he could to the men's bathroom, and I felt really horrible. But that was the, one of the great homemade cosplays. There's also a homemade R2D2. There was a little girl with [UNKNOWN] home made that, that's not That's the heart that I tweeted. [UNKNOWN] now you're just going through everything that I tweeted last night. Okay stick to the [UNKNOWN]. Go to my tweeter page [UNKNOWN]. When I went to. Yeah, yeah, so that was [UNKNOWN]. When I went to a BayCon last year. Yeah. There were two women dressed 20s Cocktail Daleks. Nice. They, they had cocktail stripes in metallic colors. I love it. With stiff skirts sticking out. I love it. And cigarette holders. Oh, yeah. In full Dalek. Yeah. Bumps and everything. No, I saw so many renditions of Daleks, and let me tell you, like, it was kinda sweet cuz my parents was, were with me last day who've never seen Dr. Who. Hm. Even though I watched it as a kid. And so trying to explain what a Tardis is to parents who have never ever seen Dr. Who. I don't understand it, can't be bigger on the inside. No, it wasn't that. My dad's like, you have all these great costumes and they all want to dress up like a box? [LAUGH] A box? Like he just didn't get it and he was really kind of sweet trying to explain because, you know, he's, he's probably like where's the Longmire cosplay. Like, you know, like, they didn't understand, they didn't. But they appreciated the, the work that went into it. Like, that R2D2 one that you just saw that was a little girl that was dressed. Wait go back to that one. Yeah. If you can go to that homemade R2D2 costume that a little girl was in which I also want to bring up because they're a lot little girls in cosplay at this stage. And that's a homemade R2D2 which I thought is very sweet. Her brother is dressed as Luke right behind her. But I just loved this costume, and there was so much detail that went into it. I find this super endearing, and so, I've noticed going, cuz I go to about ten to 12 conventions a year. Including San Diego Comic Con which is the huge one, this is the first time I've been to the Denver one. But I noticed in the smaller conventions, because this is, people's conventions, they are not all going to big conventions, this is their convention. So much cosplay, there was more cosplay at this convention. Mm-hm. Than I've seen at most conventions across the board. And if there wasn't a costume they could buy, and alter and make it their own. Mm. They basically made their own from scratch. And, there was a great Wizard of Oz house. I think there's a picture, a link to that. Yeah. If you could show that one and it was, someone had [LAUGH] it is the witch, so it was the house that falls [LAUGH] on the witch that's wearing the shoes. And those are her legs sticking out. Yeah, and I was like how do you see out of that? And it's the top window, that's her only way that she could see. That window's down at the level of her collar bone. I know. And of course my stepmom was like, that's not the house. That's not a farm house. I'm like if you did a farm house you wouldn't be able to cover everything. So it's like you can't be next. That's the thing with cosplay you can't be perfectly accurate. You kinda have to make allowance but I just, I loved all this coslay. So the story isn't up yet but it'll be up probably before the weekend on cnet of all my favorite cosplay pictures. And I, and I took a ton so it's gonna be a gallery probably but. I, it get, it's, I love seeing, A, I love seeing people make their own costumes. B, I just love people dressing up and being passionate about stuff, which is great at these smaller conventions. So if you have a smaller convention in your town, you should definitely go. And then the thing I really loved was seeing all the little girls out there in cosplay. There's so many little girl batmans. I think I have some pictures of some of the little girls that were dressed up in cosplay. Oh yeah, Captain America. There's a little girl Captain America. Yes. So cute. And I love it cuz they made up their own. They're like, no I wanna wear a tutu or I wanna wear a dress. So they wore like these muscled costumes with the dress, but then have the mask and have the shield. There was a little girl Batman. She said she wasn't Batgirl, she was a little Batman but. Yeah. I I tweeted that one out. Oh my God. Isn't she so cute? I've never seen that one before. And DC Comics retweeted it. So DC and Marvel both were following my pictures and they would retweet these little girls costumes. And there was, a, a, there was a superman girl, she was not supergirl. Like this is a thing, these little girls are very adamant about, we're not the girl versions, we're the boy versions but we're wearing tiaras or we're making our own armor or whatever. Look how cute that is. So yeah, it was a non-stop, like ador, adorkable line. [LAUGH] It was like a dorkable parade. I have to use that word now, it's official. Is it? It's like I. It was, it was great. It was one of the best con's I've ever been to. So if you have a chance to go to a smaller comic book convention in your neighborhood or in your city. Don't worry about not going to San Diego ComiCon cuz that's really too big now. Do, do you feel like it's become too much. Yes, we do. Big business and, and paying $100 to get- It's a trade show. It sound like a trade show now, because it's all the movie houses, all the, every single move network, every single TV network, every single show. It's not necessarily all about comics anymore. Since Sci-Fi [CROSSTALK] Right. and fantasy and the horror. A lot of it is wrestling, you know, a lot of it's reality shows, a lot of it is things that don't really fall into the geek sphere. But because there's so many people and all the media are there, all these TV shows want to be there. Right, oh, attention. [LAUGH] Attention hey? So I mean it's overwhelming, and also I'm noticing more and more San Diego Comic Con, there's less and less home made cosplayers. Hm. there's more and more. They want to be professional looking. Mm-hm. Like they want to look like they just stepped out of the movie. So you don't have that kind of homemade feel anymore. You have all these people who look like they're auditioning for something. So, I miss that. I like homemade stuff. I like seeing, and I love seeing little kids in cosplay. And San Diego ComicCon is so hard to get into that, you rarely see kids anymore unless they're in strollers hitting your ankle. That makes sense. Or, you know, unless it's on Sunday, which is kids day. So, I don't know. I, I love these, I love these smaller cons, so. Where does Barkman? Where's Jeff Sparkman? There he is. Where does Jeff Sparkman come down on, on, on the, on the cons? You ever go to any? You went to WonderCon in the past, right Jeff? Yeah, I. Back when it was still in San Francisco. Jeff and I both did, actually, but we did not meet there. Yeah, that's true. We were probably wondering right by each other. [CROSSTALK] What did you think of [INAUDIBLE]. Well, I used to go to WonderCon back when it was still in Oakland, and it was really small. It was, it was kinda, it was cool because it was just a bunch of people, kind of hang out doing the same kind of thing. And then even the last time I went to Wonder Con in San Francisco, it was just like kind of like going to a really big Costco on a weekend except everybody was in costume. And there wasn't really a lot of room to move around and stuff, and so it was kind of a drag, but. Now that I don't have one to go to at all, it would be kinda nice. You know, what Jeff let's just dress up in costume and go to Costco. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] There you go. It's sample day. Why not? Oh my god, they would give us so many free samples if we dressed up. I'll dress up as Godzilla and you could dress up as. Moth, Mothra. And a 12 pack of Yeah. Now let's just. Paper towels. Let's just attack cos, let's just attack Costco dressed as Godzilla characters and see how many free samples we get. [LAUGH] Before they tackle us and, Yeah. Escort us out. When I was in college in Oregon, somebody talked me into dressing up for the premier of the Mortal Combat movie. This is back in the 90s, which is just an absolutely terrible rendition. It was a horrible, horrible movie. And we, we all dressed up like the characters and went to the theater in Portland, Oregon. Not, not only were we the only people dressed up, we were the only people in the theater. [LAUGH] No. It was such a bad movie. Well that makes it easier to be the only people who are dressed up, which one were you? It's just kind of a sad thing. I think. I don't even remember. [UNKNOWN], no that's Street Fighter. See now I'm confusing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat but yeah I blocked it out of my memory. Aw. That's a sad story! But [LAUGH] That doesn't have a happy ending at all! Well, there's the time that I dressed up and went to Kmart is actually sadder, so we can't get into that. [LAUGH] Wow! yeah, yeah. Sad, sad upbringing. I mean I dressed, I dressed up as Jabba The Hutt to test out a custom when I was working at Lucas Films. There's a Starbucks right next to the Lucas Films right next to the Presidio. So I literally like went down there flights of stairs dressed as Jabba. It's not a custom you can really walk in. You shouldn't walk in. And then I made my way slow, you have kinda wiggle your hips because of the long tail behind you. So I went, I wiggled my way all the way to Starbuck and it was like a wind day. It was like no reason to dress but was of course the Starbuck for instance like they expect us now. And so they were just like I got a free, I, I yelled frap, even though I was java and not Akbar. [LAUGH]. And I got a free Frappuccino, so I think that if you costly the right place you might get free coffee. Did they make any Jabba The Hutt jokes. They did, that's for name of the IOM, that's the name of the official IOM coffee house, in the actual building. If you work in IOM is call Jabba The Hutt. So I went there too. Cuz I wanted load. Once I learn that you can get free coffee, I went to every coffee place I could find. So to be aware, does anybody help you move to that thing. No, I didn't have any help. People were like, what the hell. And then of cour, oh and there was someone that was applying for a job, and I went to the interview dressed as that so that ends up in the employee handbook that you can't cosplay during job interviews. [INAUDIBLE] I know. But I thought that was a great indicator to see if someone had a sense of humor. If you were at a long line of job, people like coming to interview you at a job interview and then suddenly Jabba The Hutt comes in with a free coffee for you. I would be like, sign me up. Jackie, you're not invited. How much stuff has got added to the handbook because of you? I've gotten a lot of things added to the handbook. [LAUGH] No taxidermy. Not surprising. Don't hang mannequins from the ceiling, they scare the cleaning crew. Things like that. [LAUGH] You know, anyway we digress. We digress. But cos, cosplay is good. Cosplay makes you get free coffee. That should be our ender I used to kind of semi dress up as Mrs. Peel when I went to Wonder Con. I did that twice. I will say something that was very intereating though. And I don' remember noticing this at San Diego Comic Con. But at Denver Comic Con they had a weapons check. Hm. And that's to make sure that if your cosplay has a weapon, because there's a lot of video game characters. Sure. They did that at San Diego too. Did they? Okay. They took our backpacks for [UNKNOWN]. The line was like this. I wanted to take a picture of a, the line, and I didn't have a chance. But it was the longest line of the most gigantic. With swords, and realistic looking guys I've ever seen. It's, it's, it's like that classic sort of scene you see in different movies. Yeah. Where people just keep taking out more and more weapons. Yeah, but it's funnier. [CROSSTALK] So I looked [UNKNOWN] the line and there's like all these anime characters, manga characters, video game characters- Right, right. And then, in the middle of them was someone dressed as the log lady- Oh. And she was checking her log as a weapon. How sweet is that? [LAUGH]. It was like the 20's moment where I'm like oh, I never thought of a log being a weapon I thought it was her husband. But it was very sweet that log lady wanted to check her log in the weapons check [CROSSTALK]. I know it was, it was pretty great. I just was like, it was like a moment where I'm like [UNKNOWN]. Yeah. It wasn't the log. It was actually the splinters. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So, conveniently, I've got a list of upcoming Cons here. And there really does seem to be kind of a boom of these smaller cons. So, this weekend alone, Texas Comic-Con in San Antonio. Bayou-Con in Lakes Charles, Louisiana. The medicine had fan roundup and medicine had Alberta, Canada and Con in Jackson, Mississippi. Next week one in Albuquerque, Savannah, Georgia, which I'm actually gonna try to check out, Oh, this week? This week is also Philly Con. Philadelphia. Okay, the, Philly, okay Philly didn't make the list? Yeah. Yeah that's a big one,. That's a pretty big one. Is it? Yeah. So we've also got Saskatoon. Next weekend Round Leak, Lake Beach. So I mean these are, that's Illinois, these are everywhere. Yeah. And then there's another month of them before you even get to Comic Con in San Diego. Yeah. Plan your summer accordingly. [CROSSTALK] That's the thing. Like I highly recommend, anyone watching this, that you know, if you've never been to a convention before, it's always good to start with the smaller ones, so you kind of work your way up. You don't wanna go straight to Vietnam, that is San Diego. Like you don't. [LAUGH] Or World War, normandy. I guess it's more of a Normandy. I don't know how to describe San Diego Comic Con to people who have never been there. It's overwhelming. So if you're, It's not [LAUGH] It's massive. So if you're not wanting to be in a masive con where you can't get to an exit quickly, and if you have social anxiety issues or crowd issues or just, you wanna survive. I would highly recommend doing a smaller one first. And, plus, smaller ones are kind of. I like them better, cuz you know, there's room to move. But, Denver one, you are allow to drink. They have bars everywhere. They have people open bar Kiosk every. Over my favorite booth. So, they have like, you know, all this, really. And they have their own beer. They had a beer called the Bruce Wayne, which I loved that one. [LAUGH]. Yeah, it was like, you know, Bruce Wayne, batman holding a beer of Bruce Wayne, it was great. And, it was a good beer, so. You know, go to some cons that are local to you, and support your local mom and pop comic book shops that are there, too, and, and have fun, and then you'll have kind of a good basis of what is to come at the bigger one. So, yeah. Enjoy yourself now, before it gets too big. Were you allowed to do anything besides drink alcohol at the Denver one, that being in Colorado. Oh, you mean shoot people or something? There could be legalized [CROSSTALK] Oh, that. You know, there were a lot of people, there were a lot of people, it was probably the most mellow convention I've ever been to. There you go. And there were some people that were advertising, you know, hemp stuff. There was no, there was no one dressed as, you know, a marijuana leaf, which I was kind of expecting more high times cosplay. But or at least Weeds, the tv show cosplay or something like that. But no, there was nothing. No [UNKNOWN]. No, there was no Walking Blunts. There was a Towelie. I did see Towelie from South Park. I think that counts. I think that counts as pot cosplay. You know it was pretty conservative. I mean, that's the thing Denver is liberal, Colorado is liberal on some respects and then very. You know, not another, I took my parents to that for, they have never been to a comic book convention, they have no idea what I do. They just tell people I'm a writer, which is safe, but they don't know that I go to these all the time. So they went and it was cute because they were overwhelmed. They have no idea what Dr. Who is, so they were like, me trying to explain what Tardis costume play is. Well, it's hilarious, my dad, you know equates a [UNKNOWN] with like a giant UPS box now. He doesn't. [LAUGH] He doesn't know that it's for time travel. He's just like, why would people dress as a box. Like he didn't get it. And I think he was expecting a lot more Longmire, cosplay. And sadly there wasn't. There was no westerns represented. [UNKNOWN] He must've been thrilled by the wizard of oz. [UNKNOWN]. That was, that's like, analog cosplay. He, my stepmom got Wizard of Oz, and he picked out ****, he was very happy about picking out **** Tracy. Cuz that was the comic he read [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] era. So, there were a couple guys dressed as **** Tracy. He figured it out, and he was, like, really excited that he could figure out some cosplay. But there were so many, I mean that's great thing about conventions. So many people make these characters their own. Or they dress as obscure characters, that not everybody knows everything. Like, I don't, I didn't know half the manga and anime and video game stuff, but I know all like, the classic. Sci-fi and superhero stuff. So it was, it was fun. And it was just great to see the artistry of the fans. And it was a great con to take my parents, cuz I would never take them to San Diego. I would lose them, [LAUGH] they would just be lost forever in talk about a Tardis, that whole convention center it's, it's easy to lose everybody, so I'm just glad I could start them off slow. And they're used to stock shows, you know, National Cattle Association Stuff. So there's. [CROSSTALK]. There was one person dressed as a man eating cow, which my dad also thought was hilarious. So that was about it. There's gonna be an interesting convention in a couple weeks in San Francisco. It's called Gamer X. And it's for LGBT gamers. It was started as a kickstarter and became this huge thing last year. And then, so they followed up this year and I gather this is gonna be the last year. Like their giving up because they couldn't get enough money, even though there was so much support for it and so many interesting things happened. And I actually know somebody who runs a small con, like a very small con, like a baby private con up in the Northwest and, apparently cons are like weddings, like no body has any idea of how incredibly expensive it's gonna be, until you start trying to throw one, and then it's too late to back out. So, yeah, there's just all these crazy expenses that you have no idea about, till you start, is my understanding. So just to wrap up the con topic here, anyone planning to go to any other ones? Let's go around real quick. Jeff, are you planning to go to any [UNKNOWN] in this year? well, you know, if they actually had some around me, I would consider it. I think the closest one that I've been able to go to was up in Sacramento, and that's a little bit of a schlep for me. But I took my son to one of the last ones they did, last year, and he seemed to like it. And so there's nothing really in the bay area these days? Yeah. There's smaller, there's smaller cons. There's Super Wow and [CROSSTALK]. [UNKNOWN] con. I went to that last year. There's something in San Jose. There's Image Comic Con in San Francisco. There's. Theres Cubicon. I went to that last year. Cubicon. It's a gaming convention, all kinds of games like board games and people have elaborate models of like 3D and with spaceships and planes. And, and the child care setup is really amazing, like they have [INAUDIBLE] dress as a barbarian and he leads the kids all around and like has them shout war cries. Wow. [LAUGH] And the kids love it, but they're basically following us from room to room, you know. My friends and I were like this is adorable but I don't actually need any more war cries shouted at me. Why don't we go over there. And then they'd show up. You know. Yeah. But yeah, it was a, it was a beautiful scene. Yeah BayCon's actually really fun. I've been there a couple of times once. And it was, I think it's all in one hotel type situation where they have just a bunch of different rooms. And, then panels on it, cuz those are where real authors show up. Like you go. I saw Will Smith and [INAUDIBLE] there. Yeah so if you're a big sci-fi or fantasy fan of books. I don't know if people still read. But I do. The real authors actually show up. So you have these Hugo winners that show up all the time. But I go to conventions all the time cuz I'm promoting books and comics that I write. So I'm gonna be not only, are, I don't know, are we all gonna be at San Diego Comic-Con, or just a few of us? So I'll be in San Diego. Don't cry, Jeff. Aw, Jeff. I'll make a puppet of you and you can come with. She's got one already. Have you seen it? I feel like we should just do a teleconferencing robot of Jeff. [LAUGH] Like, we could just ship him. Yeah, no, Jeff got 3D scanned. Oh, yeah, right. The company that came by sent it and it's really adorable. It looks just like him. Where can I find that? And, no, those two statements are not incompatible, Jeff. [LAUGH] It's a little shorter [CROSSTALK]. Well, well I'll bring it. I'll take you with me. So I'm going to that, I'm going to Rose City comicon in September, which is in Portland. Geek Girl con in Seattle in October, and then comicon, Stanley's kamikaze in November. So, I think that's all I have for now, that I know about. I, I'm guessing. Right. But those are all smaller cons. So, you know. That's the cool thing, is like, like I said, there's gonna be a con pretty much everywhere. They're just springing up. And some of them are good and some of them are still starting, so you know, if you go to a con that's only two years old give them, you know, cut them some slack. Cuz like, you know like Kelsey said, it's like, honestly it's, it's like a wedding. So hard to do. Yeah. It's like a, it's always like, especially if you take a holder you're always standing in the longest line possible just to get in but once you're in it's fun. So, just you know, be patient All right. And so let's see, moving on from the cons. What else is going on this summer? Well there's a little thing happening in Brazil called the World Cup. Soccer, it's soccer con. Soccer, yeah, exactly, football con. [CROSSTALK] Football. And so you know, normally this wouldn't be the kind of topic that we might embrace here on the creative cast. But back around Superbowl time I tried to make the, the argument on a post on Crave that football has actually become a, a game for nerds. And in the case for the NFL what I meant is, is that it's so much about data these days. And then you also have even players and coaches, where they're basically, you know? Somebody like Peyton Manning, is basically just a, a human algorithm. You know? A six foot five human algorithm. But it's almost, there's so much data in the game these days. And since, if I'm making that argument for football, I feel you've got to make it for all kinds of football. So what do you guys think? I, I feel like the World Cup is somewhat nerdy, like especially in America where its kinda like a little more foreign than anything that happens. Yeah. It's, kinda, it's like an artisanal sport. [LAUGH] It was, it was very nerdy in the beginning because exoskeleton kick happened, and I was following the story. Yeah sure. I read this story in January when they announced that they were gonna be building, there were these researches that were gonna be building this life-sized exoskeleton for this guy who's never walked. You know, he's a paraplegic and he did the first kick. That clip, that tiny little clip, was one clip that one cameraman got, because all the other cameramen were busy looking at, I don't know, hot girls in the stands, or the players, or- But that's all they have? That's, that's- That's all they have, is that clip! Really? Like, fans didn't have anything, cuz it was way, way, way off in the corner. Hm. And so there was no way fans could get it. And fans were busy looking, probably, at the other entrance where all the players were gonna come out of. So, you know, it, it was the most hyped thing that was supposed to happen. And, I mean, in here you can see it kind of in action. Luckily there there was you know, a couple of news outlets that cared enough to get back round and, when I wrote the story there was hardly anything out there and now, you know, hopefully this get more attention to this whole concept. Cuz it's a mind controlled exoskeleton. He's wearing that helmet so his brain waves you know, the information can be collected and it goes through the suit. And then there's hydraulics that vibrate near his ankles, you can see the hydraulics. So it gives, so his whole body shakes so he knows that his, his legs are moving. Good feedback. Yeah, so you get a feedback. And so this is the beginning, you know, and a lot of people who can't walk, this may be the future for them where they'll be able to have a machine that helps them do this that's not so cumbersome as the one you see there. But it just, it was one of those moments where I'm like this is such a huge, no pun intended, maybe a little bit. This is a huge step for technology. And it was being debuted at the World Cup, and it got little to no coverage. Cuz I was in the airport when it happened, and so I was checking Twitter every five seconds, following all the World Cup reporters that I knew that were there. I was following all the Tech reporters I knew cared about. And only a few of them were like, hey wait a minute, where'd that kick. You know, all of a sudden the game started, and this was supposed to be the first kick for the game, and no one got the footage, except for this one video clip. And it's so tiny. And it's just, it made me a little angry, but at the same time, this World Cup. They're not coming here for science [UNKNOWN] they're coming here to watch their favourite teams beat each other but at he same time the story had been so hiked for months and months and months. And then as soon as World Cup started it like people forgot. So I'm glad that [UNKNOWN] recovered, I'm glad that other tech [UNKNOWN] recovered too coz a lot of [UNKNOWN] world later gave it some coverage but man, it was just like, it was amazing to see that clip, and that guy was so excited. And the people that you saw around him were the scientists that helped build it, and he trained for months, you know, that wasn't just the first time he wore that suit. I mean, he'd been training, almost like an athlete, to be able to walk and do that first momentous kick. So I was, I was a little verklempt when I saw the video and then, you know, saw the games and got more verklempt, but that's just soccer. He's literally training with his mind. Training with his mind. I know, I, I just know I could never wear an exoskeleton like that, because my mind wanders. So I don't know. [LAUGH] If I thought about something else. Like, what would that, if I thought oh, you know, I love that music video. Squirrel. Squirrel. Squirrel. Would the exoskeleton chase after the squirrel into the traffic. Would I die? Would the exoskeleton think I wanted to do the robot? You'd be amazing at Dance Dance Revolution. I'm pretty sure. Yeah. Dance Dance Revolution, I would kick everybody's ****. Like I just, I wonder, you have to really concentrate on walking. What if you have, what if you're ADD, you know? What if you just get sidetracked? You literally would sidetrack yourself into traffic probably, so. Hopefully those bugs get figured out before I need one. But I imagine if you really wanna walk, you are, I mean all joking aside. If you really wanna walk, you are concentrating pretty hard. But for the rest of us that have problems concentrating, this could be a disaster. I, it takes me huge concentration to walk across the room in heels. Yeah. I can't think about anything else, I can't. I can barely chew gum and walk, I don't know how people text and walk and not constantly get hit. So, I mean, they do get hit. Yeah. There was that great video on YouTube of that guy that was texting and walking down the sidewalk. And there was a bear that got loose. Oh, I saw that. Yeah. That was awesome. Yeah. From the local zoo. And the bear was coming right towards him, and he was still texting. And there were people screaming from windows going, hey, hey, hey, there's a bear. [LAUGH]. Just totally not paying attention. And I really wish the bear had just plowed him over. But luckily he figured it out. Well, we had a writer the Politically Incorrect book, basically specializes in stories about horrible things happening to people who are using their phones. I'm not sure why. [LAUGH]. I love those stories. You gotta think about those [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. You know? Oh, a girl fell off a balcony, yes! You know? Yeah. Does another post. Yeah. No, I love that and I think with Google Glass, we're gonna see more accidentally run, accidental run-ins with bears. I'm hoping. Yeah. I'm hoping there's more bears, there you go. There's the bear. There you go. So there's the bear. I love watching this video. Where's the guy? Yeah. [INAUDIBLE]. I don't know. It's like. **** this. There he is. There he is. Oh. Hey, ho, hey. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] I just thought it was a guy [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. I know. This guy is such a, I mean, what an amateur. Like what? No bear selfie. Come on. [LAUGH] Come on, at least do a bear selfie. Hey Jeff are you a fan of bears or soccer? [LAUGH] Sing it. Sing it. Soccer bears. Soccer bear. Jeff is a fan of Sky Room and bears, Jeff. Oh yeah, I just got, I just finally go Sky Room on the PC so I could like, make the game as ridiculous as possible with a whole bunch of mods. And one of the coolest mods ever is the autotune bear mods, that replaces all the all the bear roars with roo-roo-roar [LAUGH] autotune. Wow. Yeah it's awesome because I always forget it's gonna happen and then when I see a bear I just hear it and I I just kinda lose it. Every time. Between that and the the fart shouting, whi, which is also a big hit with the kids. So, What? Yeah, I heard that kids were into that. I, I, it's been a while since I've, I need to play Skyrim. This sounds exciting. [LAUGH] yeah. I I play, I don't play video games that often. I get bullied into playing video games. I think of the last. You better [INAUDIBLE] The last video game I played was with my nephew. Well, I played Lego Star Wars and he was just so embarrassed that I was bad at it, because I worked for Lucas Film and he thought I knew like, all the tricks, I'm like, I don't even, I don't know what I'm doing. And then, and the sims I just would always, I mean, I don't think people play that any more besides me. But I would just make rooms that had no doors and put a baby in it and see what happen. So, I'm like, I'm like a Hannibal version of sims. So, like if there was horrible things happening to people sims I would play it. I just, I guess, I don't know. If there was like [UNKNOWN] bears in any game I would play it. Like if call of duty had autotune bears. I don't know how they would work that in but I would play it if that was the case. Yeah I would definitely check that out. Yeah. I'm not that into games these days. I don't know any of these crazy foreign words you guys are using. I just know I'm pretty good at carmen sandiego. Well wait a minute, aren't we gonna be fighting? Where is she? Yeah where is she? What. It's just like the new Waldo, but more stylish. I saw someone on Twitter, they said slowly Mister Sandiego and Mrs. Waldo started to put the pieces together. Yeah, exactly. But that, you know I do, not to bring it back to cosplay, but I do get pretty excited when I spot Waldo in a crowd. Yeah. I, and it's the easiest, it is one of the easiest cosplays to do. And I still get a little excited and I have to scream it. And I'm sure he's just, you have to be used to people screaming. Hey there's Waldo. You're hoping for it. But, you, I love seeing him in s crowd still. Especially if he's close to a Klingon. I always wanna see them fight. I don't know why but, Hm. [LAUGH]. Anyway sorry, but aren't we supposed to be talking about games? We're supposed to be talking about these Yeah so. Eric, Eric you know what's funny is no don't look at me, look at Eric. Go back to, there we go. [LAUGH] Yeah, that's better. To me when I look at this, what I see is mist. Oh. We can look at Jeff, too. Oh, yeah! Look, Eric's background does look like mist. You completely look like you're in one of those. Yeah, there we go. There you go. Like a steampunk control room, sort of, look, maybe looking out on the water. Yeah. Yeah. Well you, you are at a writer's retreat, so I feel like you could rifle through people's journals, just like you could in mist and see if you could find things. Yeah. This just might help [CROSSTALK] this gives you like the the prison perspective [CROSSTALK]. Yeah so yeah, [CROSSTALK] I'm like trying to find my way out and like But the other thing I wanted to talk about which is summer around this time there's always ton of new gaming, new games coming out and I'm really [UNKNOWN] behind time on this but I think, Kelsey, you've been keeping up. And I checked out this new Assassin's Creed Unity trailer, which which was just unveiled officially at E3, I think. And so this is the latest from the Assassin's Creed series and it takes place during the French Revolution. I think [CROSSTALK] we've got a trailer and some games but but, so do people actually want to play a war game set in the French Revolution? Yes they do. Chelsea, what's your take? I, I will let you know right now. The answer is yes they do. Do you get to be the hawk? Cuz I would have been the hawk at the very beginning there. That would have been great. You sure you don't wanna play an old guy in, in a wig? Hawk is better, if I could claw out the eyes of the general as a hawk, i'm all for it. Well, my first thought was guillotine's, like little mini guillotine's, like cigar cutters. You carry them around in your sleeve's, and just like ch, ch- Oh, but, but that might be wrong. Anyway. [LAUGH] So, there's this. There's been this big controversy about this because they made apparently only male player characters and they said that it was too much work to make a woman and someone on Twitter apparently claimed it would have only taken them two days which is obviously ridiculous. I'm sure it takes two days to make a rain drop. But the question of why they didnt think it was worth doing is another question. Right. And, Well wasn't the number one fre, french assassin during this war a woman? Yeah. Charlotte Corday. Yeah. [LAUGH]. So here is what I was wondering thou, okay, I mean the people that I know that play this, three out of the four of them are females so maybe it skews my view a little but whatever I'm not getting into that. But if she's not a player-character, what if she's an MPC in the game or even a psych act. Like, what if you're, if you walk down exactly the right street and you look up at a window may be it's like a silhouette, me, me, me,. I'm seeing a bunch of women in the preview. There's a lot of women in the game. But immediately when this news came out people were, women were upset that there was no pl, cuz there's four player multi-player. You can play as a team [UNKNOWN] Oh, I see. People, right? Yeah. And a lot of women were really upset that it wasn't- Well you could just, I mean, this is a horrible way to think about it, but this is how think about books when I get bored with them. You could just pretend a lot of women are fighting incognito as males. You know, so you can always sort of tweak your appearance and not every game I've played, people have deliberately messed with the gender. A lot of women that wanted to fight in these revolutions just dressed as men. [INAUDIBLE] virtually obvious how different, I mean if you're this [UNKNOWN]. Yeah. I mean and you're wearing hood all the time can you actually tell the difference between a player model anyway, but people say [INAUDIBLE]. Mm-hm. And therefore they wanted to be really, really distinguished. You know you can't get away with this as a video game designer if you just make really a dragonus character. Well that's what I'm saying. Yeah. I mean that's what happens in Star Wars, but Star Wars games always have al lot of, mostly have a lot of good female characters you can play too, so. Oh, and this guy was saying that they would have had to make the female character models short. No. Because that's a realistic biological average. Someone hasn't been at, someone hasn't been at fashion week. How many ridiculous [CROSSTALK]. Yeah. Biological averages have nothing to do with advertising in video games. Yeah. Nothing whatsoever. I mean, that's a design decision. And why would the character be an average person? She's some sort of Italian Ninja. No, this is all backtracking. This is someone that were like, I'm sure there were like a handful of people in one meeting that said, hey, you know what we should probably include women and then very high up. They said no it's going to cost too much no we don't want to do it. It probably never even came up. No. They probably didn't even realize it until they made the announcement they were like oh, wait [CROSSTALK]. I would almost bet my hands on it that it came up in numerous meetings but the people who brought it up weren't important enough to make those decisions. Cuz that's usually what happens. The sad truth. That, it happens at gaming companies. It happens at entertainment companies. There always is someone saying hey maybe we should make this game more diverse. Maybe it shouldn't just be a bunch of white guys. Or hey, maybe we should put some women in this. Or hey, has there been any thought to putting gay couples in? [CROSSTALK] Video games. Which did come up. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, that Nintendo. What was that? Domadogee Light? Domadogee Light. Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah, that came up. So I mean, these are things that I know come up in meetings. [CROSSTALK] They must. And then another game just announced that they're gonna allow same sex marriages. What was that? They're like, our game had same sex relations [CROSSTALK] was it sims or [CROSSTALK]. They just made an announcement like last week. Yeah, yeah, we did a story on it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. [CROSSTALK]. I'm not even up to date on which US States allow gay marriage. I'm sorry, I'm not up on this [CROSSTALK]. I just know, [CROSSTALK] There are only 16. Yeah, I only know from the wedding invites I get. Yeah. I'm like, oh, I guess that state's clear to go. So that's how I know. Every year you have to travel less. It's awesome. Yeah, I know. Its great. So, I mean, I don't know, its, its, I, I firmly believe when people say, oh, you know, those excuses for not putting women in games. I, those are, what they are is excuses. [CROSSTALK] It's a decision that was made during development. They were forced into it. It wasn't something that was accidentally forgotten, because games take forever to develop, they cost a lot of money to develop, and there's a lot of people checking boxes along the way. So it's not like one guy forgot to flip the the chick flick, like the switch that's like, oh yeah, add more girls. There's no, it's not like making, that's a horrible analogy. It's not like making sausage. That's a horrible analogy. Maybe it isn't. [LAUGH] Well I don't know. Well, actually. This is making me, before I get all bummed out about the state of the world, maybe we should move on to another game. I mean. Yeah. Go Ms. Pac-Man. No, I'm sorry. Okay. While we're going retro. I just wanna say, as a very anyway there is this game called Grim Fandango. Yes. So excited. You remember? So excited for this game. So this is a PC game, or at least I knew it as one, but it think it was also a console. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't know, I always played it on PC. Oh, okay. Okay. So, this is a long time ago, and I actually got it as a present for my grandfather cuz he had this incredibly morbid sense of humor. And I thought that he would love it, and instead he found it, he, he, like, thought I was telling him I wanted him to die or something and refused to play it. [LAUGH] So I, as a kid, I was kind of like, so could I have it back? No, no that, that didn't fly. Aw. So I've been curious about it ever since. So when I saw it had been actually re-release, so that we'd be able to play it I got really excited cuz I, I finally get to see Grimm's Fandango. And I, actually, Steven I sent you a picture. Is it in here? Oh, okay. I see right here. Yeah, yeah. It's one of our pictures, we're allowed to use it. I'm hoping to see [UNKNOWN] now, I mean I would love to see that; there's some great costuming in this game. Right, but it, it's based on Day of the Dead. Yeah, yeah. It's like a. Visuals. Visuals. [UNKNOWN] of going through a Day of the Dead themed, you know, that's the artistic background. I really loved artistic themed games. Yeah. I'm sorry, because this is this [UNKNOWN] shaper game, and he is one of the way back, he's Monkey Island [CROSSTALK]. Yeah, it's like old, old Lucas stuff even though I feel like we should. I feel like we should pour out a Red Bull in, in honor of Lucas Arts dying or being killed by the giant mouse that is Disney, but that, they had so many great games. I mean I want Day of the Tentacle to come back, that was one of my favorites, favoritest game ever. And I mean, no surprise cuz Tentacle. But still, I mean, it was a great gameplay, and, and there's great storylines in these games, so. And Monkey Island was great too. I mean come on. Yeah I played that one. That was, that was monkey, you had me at monkey. I played Monkey Island on an Amiga. I played Amiga too. That's how I played Lemmings. I still have the Lemmings theme song stuck in my head. I like almost failed out of college because I was obsessed with Lemmings. Just since you're a, an old video tech-nerd. Since you're old. To, to the [INAUDIBLE] No. The games, the games are old. Oh, okay. Yeah. Good save. You let me know when. You don't look a day over 20, 25? [INAUDIBLE] Tell us something. Yeah, tell us something elder. Game Elder Gods. Something. Oh, well, okay. I am being an enabler for everybody who is as bad at this as I am. But Steam just started their super-duper summer sale today, and I'm really trying not to look at it. Because I tend to buy a lot of games. You have a problem. I, well, no, it's not a problem. Well, yeah, it is a problem because I'm running out of room for them. But in terms of retro stuff, I've been able to share a lot with my kids. My son just turned 11 and like all 11 year olds he asked for a Sega Genesis for his birthday. and, actually this It's like a Genesis. Yeah. [LAUGH] And it had to be the first version. It couldn't be like one of the, he didn't want any of the emulator ones that you can look at, at the stores now, so I had to go to a classic video game store and buy one, and. This was after he got the Super Nintendo for Christmas and he's got the rig [INAUDIBLE]. So now I'm really just dreading what he's gonna ask for next. [LAUGH] TurboGrafx 16 That's what I'm afraid of. No. [LAUGH] Ebay is your friend right now. Yeah, Ebay has a ton of that stuff. He also wants a Virtual Boy. And I'm like, yeah. Just get him a Simon. Just get him a Speak 'n Spell. Just say this is the new thing. Well, he has a Speak 'n Spell. A Mr. Wizard math computer. Teddy Ruxpin. Yeah. Wow. Like Hotel Mario. He's obsessed. He's the one who made, oh wait. [CROSSTALK]. See, I love, I love introducing kids today to classic video games. I mean, we, we, we always my self and some of the other writers follow the Fine brothers on YouTube, and they always have these great kids react videos, of kids react to rotary phones, and kids react to you know. That's what his daughter wanted for Christmas. Yeah, oh, well they still did the Fischer Price Rotary phones, so it confuses these kids that are now on, like the actual using iPhones. Yeah, they don't, this is a nostalgia thing. So,. Speaking of nostalgia, I'm sorry but we're kind of running out of time, I wanted to mention Mass Effect. Oh, yeah. Do, do, yeah. Okay. So, I'm sitting on the wrong side of the table for this, so I'm gonna turn, all right? This is my... Oh, way to represent. Yeah. And here's the thing. So I bought, because it's awesome looking, it's got a whole hood, whatever. And I'm a huge Bioware fan, have been since [INAUDIBLE] was public but I've never actually played Mass Effect. I was busy when that came out. [LAUGH] So, so whenever I wear this jacket, total strangers want to come up and want to talk to me and they're so happy to meet another Mass Effects fan. And I mean, I called to drink the other day. It, it's got really embarrassing. Okay. Cuz I have to explain them all that I'm just being a poser. This is my poser jacket. [LAUGH] So. I finally went and bought the [UNKNOWN] Mass Effect trilogy. Downloaded it which took two days cuz I don't have cable. And I finally started playing it. And so, I'm partly through the first game. I've been trying to plan out my romances over the course of the trilogy [UNKNOWN]. [LAUGH] Anyway I've been having an amazing time and I'm obsessed with it. And I really wanna go buy everything else [INAUDIBLE] store, because I would have bought everything in every store for every game I've ever played. If I'd known there were stores, and had a credit card at that time, you know? So, so this is my happy. I'm living it for the first time, that thing that a lot of people remember so fondly. I just wanted to share that. Aw. That's sweet! That's great that people come up to you when you're wearing that jacket. Yeah, yeah! And they wanna like bond with you over Mass Effect. Yeah. Like we were at this bar, and someone stopped by and said, hey, hey. I just, I saw your jacket and just down the block, there's a guy in an N7 t-shirt, you need to go talk to him. [LAUGH] Wow. What, I should go tell him I'm a poser now? I can't say that. No. They should, you know, lots of people that make the Grinder app should do something where it's like. Nerd der. Yeah. Nerd der. Yeah, you can hook up with gamers. Yeah. But you know, gameder, gameder. I don't know, I don't know. I always think of how can I find other people. Derp derp. like that like the same thing I do, but most of the people that like the same thing I do don't want to be around people. Yeah. No. It's not so much that you don't want to. It's just that you really suck at it. Yeah. I hear as much. Well, yeah. I collect whimsical taxidermy, but I don't know that I wanna hang out with all other whimsical taxidermists. I mean, that could be a Hannibal episode if I don't watch it! Or it could just be a really quiet conversation. Yeah. Sit and stare. It was a lot of really creepy staring. Yeah. Like, I don't know, like, you have to be careful what your interests are. You might end up with people just like you, which might be bad. So, but no, I'm glad that you brought that up, because yeah. There's a lot of people rediscovering games that they hadn't had time to play because there's so many to play. Oh, I'm sorry. And the reason I mentioned this was there was a Mass Effect 4 trailer at E3. Yay, full circle. There we go. Memories. So they are actually making another one, although it doesn't seem to be very closely related. And I'm not actually going to watch this because spoilers. So let me know when it's over. I'm gonna watch it cause it's hot. It's, it's from the press conference, so it's not really like a trailer. Yeah, are there. I don't care. This is important to me. Oh, of course, I'm like, I'm like, Mass Effect, why, the game takes place in a conference room? Yeah, it takes place in a recording studio. That guy doesn't have enough armor on. [LAUGH] That guy's gonna get killed. Stop tempting me to look, dude. No, we're making fun of the things that don't matter. Oh, my God. We're just showing some of the art and some of the. [CROSSTALK] Don't worry. We'll let you know. We're not making fun of any. I thought we were on to Jason Momoa already. No we're just making fun of the people talking about it because I would love to see a video game of the developers themselves fighting. [LAUGH] Well there's that, there's that calendar, like, hot guys of developers or whatever the joke calendar. Oh, really. Yeah, you, you probably don't wanna see it. Well, I don't care about that I just, you know, I would love to see it's too bad as bonus added material in the trailer. They don't show the developers fighting in conference rooms. What do you mean we can't add girls? [LAUGH] What do you mean [CROSSTALK]. Mass Effect has Jennifer Hale, FemShep, as everyone calls her, at least in the first three games. She's amazing, wonderful voice actress I love her in Star Wars the Old Republic Two. She plays more than one character. I will, yeah, I will bring that up. There's a lot of great voice acting from actors in these video games. Mm hm. It's not, you know, when you think voice acting you think people just reading off a teleprompter. I don't. [LAUGH] It's actually, it's like old radio shows, Yeah, [CROSSTALK]. You know, people put in a lot of effort to make it realistic, and there's so much random dialogue and joke dialogue, and scary dialogue. It's not easy to to that. And I, I've seen some video games like the Lucas Arts, Star Wars video games. I got to sit and see, you know, a lot of the actors do their voiceovers and they really get into it. Oh, yeah. And they're really, and they're gamers themselves. They're fans of these video games as well. And there's just a list. If you look at a lot of really well known actors today and look at their IMDBs, a lot of them have pretty substantial video game voice over listings so. Nathan Fillion is in Jade Empire, for example. But yeah Jennifer Hale, or Hale, I've heard it pronounced both ways, she's not a fan apparently of Sci-fi, or gaming or whatever. Oh. But she takes it really seriously, she just wants to do a good job. She's like, I'm going to convey the sound of a javelin hitting my stomach. No, that's is not right [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, well how else would you know unless, you know. But well, she's amazing, you really, she's perfect. I love it I love that so. Okay I'm done [INAUDIBLE]. One last we wanted to talk about [UNKNOWN] this isn't really games, [UNKNOWN] except that it involves Jason Momoa who on Game of Thrones is Khal Drogo, and he's recently been cast in Aquaman. What the hell? [LAUGH] So what do you guys think about that. Who predicted that? Yeah, there was a lot of discussion about this on the boards or in our comments online, on Twitter. So what I would like to point out about this, is Ronon Dex, on Stargate Atlantic. Conan the Barbarian. This Khal Drogo person on this Game of Thrones you all keep talking about. [LAUGH] And now, Aquaman. This is a big turn in Jason Momoa's career. Because it may, if they stick to the original costume, this may be the first time he has worn a long sleeved shirt. [LAUGH] Yeah, yeah I'm excited to see what the costuming is going to be on those. Because it can go really cool, or it can go really camp. Really camp. Either of those would be good. Yeah, but see. Let's look, be careful, careful when you do go in image. [LAUGH] Have some scale. Definitely have to have some scale. Yeah. Probably not going to have to make him orange. You don't think so? It will probably be dark, like orange dark. LIke gritty get out orange. I'd just put him in shorts. Yeah, I mean look at this Aquaman, [CROSSTALK] right here, that's pretty cool. Yeah. Who's directing it? That's like one thing I was trying to find. Do you guys know who's directing Aquaman, because that's important. Oh, I did IMDB this the other day. Well not only who directed it, but who wrote it. You know. I know. Screenwriters are just as important as directors, depending on the ton and. Look at this Aquaman, he's got really long hair. Yeah. But Steven, you're the one who wanted an Aquaman movie. Yes. So tell us, tell us how you feel about this. Yeah. Totally excited about it. I, I, I love Khal Dragos character in Game of Thrones, I thought it was really awesome. And I think he could pull it off. They needed someone who was not very well known, you know, like Ben Afflecks gonna do terrible in Batman. Oh my God. But I'm totally excited about it. If they do it right. If the director's good. If they do it right, they make it look really hardcore, then it's gonna be cool. I mean he's got Mamoa. He's funny. He's charismatic. It's not an image, I mean, I'm mainly known from Stargate. It's not an image that I really associate with, with Aquaman, but I recently learned that the person I thought was Aquaman was Submariner so I don't. Yeah, don't mix those two up. I was horrified. Don't mix those two up. I want to see that costume. I want to see it as cartoony as possible. I want to know who's gonna play the seahorse. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] No. Oh. Oh. Maybe it'll be voiced, I don't know. o I don't know enough about Aquaman to get excited about this, but I'm glad [CROSSTALK]. But also you know. [INAUDIBLE] Aquaman. Where's my freaking Wonder Woman movie? That's all I keep saying. Over and over. You're supposed to be in this too. I mean, it's the non-ghetto version. Yeah. What's gonna happen is she's gonna swim by, and they're gonna be like, see, there's your wonder woman movie. Just swim by. [LAUGH] Look, there she is in her invisible jet for three seconds. See? Quit whining, Bonnie. There's girls in films! This article gives the producers, but not the [CROSSTALK]. They might not have announced it. Oh no, oh no. The sucker punch guy? No no no, Zack Snyder's done a lot of movies since then, and are actually pretty good. So have faith! Wait, wait, let's go and look at his IMDB real quick. He did man. This the guy? He did man of steel, 300. Oh, okay. 300's good. Watchmen? Keep in mind. Okay yeah I'm on board. [LAUGH] Man of Steel, Man of Steel. [CROSSTALK] I think, was that his most recent? Yep. And that was gritty. You have to admit, that was not a kid's movie. That was a lot of death and a lot of talking. But there was also some good action sequences. Is a lot of death really what you want from a Superman story? And the casting was great. Well, I mean. He's doing all these. He's doing Batman versus Superman? And Justice League. Wow. Yeah. That's where we're gonna see our, oh look, there's Wonder Woman. Dawn of the Dead was good. M, Morice. I love Morice. [LAUGH] Yeah. [LAUGH] [LAUGH]. I mean here's the thing with Zack Snyder. He can be a little bit controversial because obviously not everyone loves sucker, sucker punch. And Okay. You know what I mean? I was thinking of a different movie. And then Man of Steel really was, it's hard to do a Superman movie cuz I swear that whole franchise is cursed. Mm. It's hard to like, [COUGH] make it kid friendly but also gritty, but also Superman is such an odd character. But I think people thought you couldn't do Spiderman right either and then they did and they won't stop doing it. Well. [CROSSTALK] Over and over and over. Yeah, but some people are saying that, okay, Spiderman's done to death and it's still not. I feel like we could go on Spiderman hiatus. [CROSSTALK] so I mean, there's so many characters, I mean, Mavel and Dc, Let alone all the independent comic book characters from idepen, you know, from independent comic book companies like Fancy Graphics Con. I feel like and [UNKNOWN] I feel like there's so many different choices out there, we don't need stay with the top three guys all the time. We don't, I don't need another, personally, I don't need another Batman movie. Personally, I don't need another Superman. I don't need another Spiderman. I wanna see all the other characters. [UNKNOWN]. And so, even though I'm not an Aquaman fan, I'm excited about [LAUGH] a different guy. So. Yeah. You know, I just, I feel like Hollywood can be kinda lazy sometimes where they're like, well we made a lot of money on that one. Why don't we just do it again, reboot? Well, I heard Howard Stern talking about Hollywood's thinking about making an Ant-Man movie which is pretty obscure. Well, that was supposed to happen and then. Which would be cool. Edgar Wright. Yeah. Well no, this is, I know. He got kicked off it or something. No, no, no, I know the story on this. Edgar Ray had been working on this for eight years. And working closely with the screenwriter. And, I mean, this was, this. The thing with Ant-Man, is yeah, it's not a major character, but it was a beloved character. And Edgar really put in the time and effort for this. Everyone was excited for this movie. [INAUDIBLE] Michael Douglas was gonna play him. No, be careful what you're Google searching, cuz you're gonna end up in like [LAUGH]. This is live. This is live, man. I just put in Ant-Man. Be careful with your Google searches! What are you doing? By the way Oh my God! So nervous! I want to finish the story though. So, the problem was, is that this. This is way anticipated, a lot of people were saying, a lot of fans were saying Edgar Write is a great, I think its a great choice. He already proves himself obviously with his own movies, but then with the Scott program, I feel like he could do that but. Because it, yeah its got program director, or every right directors got program and so, because of that you know, he's got the chops to do this,. There's humor in it, you know it would have been great, but there's creative differences between him and Marvel slash Disney. And as an artist, he really takes what he does seriously, it's not just a paycheck. And I think all the changes they wanted to make to what he had already agreed that he wanted to do, he couldn't in, in good conscience continue on as the director. And they left on you know, amiable, they left on good terms. That's refreshing. So hopefully they will be able to do another Marvel or let's say Star Wars movie. I would love to see him do a Star Wars movie. But especially since they're using a lot of independent directors for the new Star Wars. Are they? Yeah, the next spin-off was a director then only a very young director, I think, that had only done one movie in his 20s. So I mean they're doing a lot of, the reaching out to unknowns. But with Edgar I'm just so proud of him, because that one is, that must have been so hard to walk away from that project after being on it for so long. Yeah. And so many people excited for it. And he, just, like, I can't do this. Not with all these changes. And they left on creative differences. And a new director, and I think, I a new writer were assigned to it. So. It must be so hard when you're used to having so much control over your, your work. Well, I don't think any director really has major control over their work, unless they're way up the food chain. Or unless they really saved the **** of a you know, of a film studio. I mean, it seems like Themselves. Yeah, it seemed like he had a lot of control over hot clothes. That was his own. He wrote it and directed it. Right. But, Scott Pilgrim he had a lot of control over, and he didn't write that. And Scott Pilgrim was based on an independent comic, and you know, it wasn't a blockbuster hit, but it was a great movie. And a cult fan favorite. Like, a lot of fans loved it. And you know, Kevin Smith has had problems when he's not fully in charge of a movie. You know? Bruce Willis, cough cough. You know? There's. [LAUGH] Things that he has to deal with. [LAUGH] And, unless you're way. And Tarantino still has to deal with stuff. You know? There's, every director has his problems. Oh, of course. With, studio network executives. I mean, if it was, you know? If it wasn't for George Lucas sticking to his guns. Chewbacca would have been wearing [UNKNOWN]. Because that was one of the notes that came down from the network. And. [LAUGH] George just pretended that it. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, George just pretended he didn't get any of those notes. You know, and if that was, you know, because they didn't want a naked animal. With just a bandolier, copiloting being a copilot with one, you know. I think. Maybe I can solve all of this. I just hereby appoint all of us in charge of market research for all films. Yeah, I agree. From here on out. We'll see if that happens. I, we, I think we can roll with [UNKNOWN] as Aquaman. But everything else needs to be run by us from now on. Yeah, I don't know why people don't check with us first. Though I will say there are a lot of t-shirts that I saw at Denver Comicon with the Batman logo and, logo and Affleck across it. So I don't know. Maybe there's quite a few fans. Oh, backlash. I, I don't know, I always think of car insurance when I hear Affleck. So, I don't, I think of that duck or whatever. [LAUGH] So I don't know, but I, everybody we can talk and debate, and that's the greatest thing about being a fan of these movies as comic book characters is, no one, not everyone is going to be happy with casting choices, and directing choices, and screen, screenwriter choices, so. That's what makes us fans, right? Right. Silence. [LAUGH] That, that and the [CROSSTALK] I'm blaming the delay. [LAUGH]. Well I have, I think that's all the time that we've got for today, so let's plan to do this again in July thanks everyone for, for joining us. If you've got any suggestions for up coming Crave Casts why don't you Tweet us at. Crave, and we'd love to hear your feedback. And gee, anything else you guys? To escape from that room, Eric, you're gonna wanna find a lever and pull it. [LAUGH] Yeah. It's here somewhere. I know it's here somewhere. Hope it's there. Alright, well. Thanks, thanks for joining us everyone. I'm gonna go find my way of the island and we'll see you at the Cannes for Bonnie Berkman, Jeff Sparkman, Steven Beecham and Kelsey Adams, I'm Eric Bach

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