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Crave: Is that an iPod in your underwear?: Crave

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Crave: Crave: Is that an iPod in your underwear?

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Boxers for your iPod! Hand-stitched leather! 'Ultimate Flight' sims and...more leather.

>> Air Manila flight simulators, and iPod boxers, plus CNET's own Bonnie Cha. All that and more on this week's Crave. [ Music ] >> Hey, what's up guys, I'm Brian Tom, and you're watching Crave. And everything that you see here you'll be able to find on our blog at crave@cnet.com. Now today's guest is my hostess with the mostest, Miss Bonnie Cha. I like to call her Boom Cha. [ Laughter ] >> It's her cool nickname. And Bonnie, can you tell us, like, what do you actually do here? >> Ah, I don't do much. >> That's why I brought you on. >> I review smart phones and GPS for cnet.com. >> Excellent. So if you'sre familiar with the show we talk about everything hip, cool, happening, and tech, and Bonnie, what have you got for us? >> I have got the Rim Blackberry 8820 for T-Mobile. This is more for business gals and guys. It's got pretty much all the wireless options you want, it's got GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The only thing missing is 3 G, but T-Mobile doesn't have 3 G. >> Okay, well I have the -- it's from our friends at Hammacher Schlemmer, if that's how you pronounce it properly, and they have this motorized mono cycle. They kind of showed pictures of this, but basically it's like this huge 67 inch wheel, and you can drive around in it the I don't know if you saw it or not. >> I did see it. >> Do you think that a guy like me might be able to, you know, get girls' attention by rolling up on them like that? >> You'd get attention, yeah. >> The right kind? >> I don't think the right kind. >> Okay, it's 13 Gs, so -- >> You're going to drop that 13 Gs on it? >> If it helps me get the ladies. [ Laughter ] >> You never know. All right, what else you got? >> I have got the ultimate flight simulator. >> Flight simulator? >> Yeah, so it's from the company V R X, I believe, and it's got, like, three 22 inch LCDs and aviation software that can actually count toward your pilot's license, so -- >> So that's pretty nerdy. >> That's pretty awesome. >> You know, when people come to Crave and they bring in things, it's typically things that they want. So are you telling me that you're liking the flight simulation? >> Yeah. >> You are? >> Yeah. >> I shouldn't have judged people next time, based on how they look. I didn't think you'd be a flight simulator type of chic. >> Yeah. I am. >> Okay. Cool. [ Music ] >> Now the next thing that I have, it's kind of cool, it's right back here, and it's called the Air Manila. Our producer REL joked, dude, that sounds like the newest shoe from Nike from the Philippines, which it could be. But if you've seen the whole Mac book air thing, they say how it can fit in an envelope, and this is a hand-stitched leather case from civilian labs. And I just wanted you to check something out, and you know, we have our Mac book in there. Pretty cool. But can you put your hand in here, feel the inner lining. Is it soft? >> It is soft, yeah. >> So it's a pretty cool item, I just thought it was kind of fun, and yeah, there you go. The Air Manila from Civilian Labs. >> Not the shoes. >> Now I want to get you guys involved on what you see on Crave, so if you see anything cool, hip, or happening, just e-mail us at crave@cnet.com, we'll drop your name and give you credit for showing us some of the cool stuff. Now we also want to congratulate our winners from last week's episode for answering our trivia correctly. Angela was the girl that I was harassing, and next week it might be Bonnie. So congrats to Greg Landra -- you like that? Okay -- Greg Landra, Christopher Shay, and Bon Dwan [assumed spellings]. Now Bonnie, you have the question for this week's trivia? >> I do. >> Okay. >> How many animal sounds did you hear during last week's segment on pet fur cases? >> Oh, that's a good one. That means you've got to watch last week's Crave, e-mail us at drivingmecravey@cnet.com and the first two winners will get these cool flashy little cases from Spec, we've got a 13-inch MacBook and a 15-inch MacBook Pro case, hot colors right, you like them? >> They are. >> Now it's time where we look out for you. You know what's coming, do not crave. [ Music ] >> We're always looking for new ways to carry our iPods, and the iBoxers from a company called Play Underwear brings our iPod closer to us than ever. The iBoxers feature a pocket stitched on the outside of the boxers for easy access, and the web site also features this weird pic of a guy playing air guitar. I just don't get it. Also, the placement of the pocket kind of concerns me. Haven't they heard that the iPod have been exploding? What if someone calls me on my iPhone. Yeah, these iBoxers are really a piece of i -- [bleep] -- and I've just got to say do not crave. So Bonnie, what did you think of those things? >> W-T-F? >> What if I wore the iBoxers and you saw me wearing them. >> I don't know. I'd be traumatized. [ Laughter ] >> All right, thanks for joining us on crave. You can check out everything you saw here and more stuff at crave@cnet.com, and Bonnie, you'll be coming back sometime down the road? >> Absolutely. >> Awesome. All right, we'll see you guys next week. ^M00:04:19 [ Music ]

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