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Crave Extra: Windows Phone 7: Crave

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Crave: Crave Extra: Windows Phone 7

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Crave Extra welcomes Bonnie Cha! She and Eric Franklin discuss all things Windows Phone 7.

-- But seeing his -- case. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah but -- -- but faith. -- beard now that's what she calls me when I I wouldn't clean shaven completely I don't think it was gone. I don't know I don't know if it's been gone for awhile and look like and and at first it was kind of -- like like have an ironic -- thing but. I'm not really want to him so and that's not bad at all analyst -- I just -- -- weekend. -- at all all off and I'll be back to put that it did. Okay thank you. You and my -- -- Room. Thanks for joining me. Ask me oh cool. Com we're going to talk about windows -- seven. Today I know I'm very excited about that she actually am kind of excited about this because it's. Like I was really disappointed with Android. After. After I'd already used -- Portland sports highlights -- you if I don't get interface -- It's I don't like the fact that you have to use the actual buttons on the phone. In the interface. -- than necessary like the back button -- menu button the home button. That really threw me off after using I alas like I've without -- one button. Which is the way it was the home button but also be -- they integrate the back. A lot more in his it's the actual. Yeah exactly like that like that -- -- like here. -- -- that works better and me you know it and -- -- just kind clunky to me I don't know I'm. -- It's funny because I've used injured herself. Now and for me to go from injury island -- street and -- grill yet Tenet river from my way. Why can't I bring up a menu to dude this in the you know all the you see that Holy See where is my back but you know -- -- yeah. I mean it. I mean that happens with an. XP and bring back mag ten back accidentally you. Exactly exactly. Arm we got as volatile -- like like a little -- haven't abused like -- Politico way late. Yet -- they officially you know they debuted it officially back in February 20 and -- mobile congress and okay. They gave -- technical preview over the summer and now that first devices out. Bank and his November re in the with -- okay what's the name that's definitely -- well and -- at first. When I -- different and windows phone seven theory. Okay and name. Finally figure out after numerous complaints can predict that means the theory right you know right -- -- -- series and it is double the official name on as part of the official name while and then yeah. -- spotlight that it got the theory. And but wasn't it just like a Lego like an internal like -- this is windows phone seven. OS and what we're gonna -- of a new name at some point a new good marketable name yet we're now internally that's was call. And didn't just come stick is that what have because that that's gonna be lab with Xbox -- was yeah turtle named and then it goes labelled content. We're right you know you I don't know the whole back story of whether -- -- -- you know code name they had in the and they. -- -- -- -- -- if they're going with that you know with the Windows 7 you know -- but I want what exactly than it some kind of like but yes I mean market synergy yes he. And don't let -- do that you think now. I love. But -- -- -- -- windows photo would probably and better -- They might keep one -- that. Yeah that -- that word -- that -- word that will that be mentioned yet anymore okay. Arm so okay so. -- use a little bit and kinda like it it's still has that whole late. He claims the buttons on the. Not that I don't let -- but I feel like they're not as necessary somehow okay as as they are with Android it seems -- of them in my. This is maybe as we mean and -- and now I see I feel like they're not as you don't have you those buttons. As much to navigate and get things done in that left as you do it and it -- -- fair that area OK all right. Okay that's that's that's impressionist -- Arm but what what's. Special about when those with that was what what makes it different from Android OS and obviously it's -- violence. -- you know a lot of it is interface you know they've kind of and any with -- it's funny I feel like there's two different -- -- -- then you've got that right screen and the application menu which agreed to. Basic really minimalist -- and then they have what the call. Okay where they kind of -- to get there related contents of people. It's your contact eBay but it all couples in your FaceBook and -- complaint while now the -- and pictures and things like that for your contacts. And so this -- goes are you also like you can make calls from people. You know and like text message in all the constant rate apparently got it edited and individuals card in the right you can -- all -- -- ran. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At first the little it via but I actually like it they had these dynamic tiles in the city you know Mueller and things like and new and completely customize it. That -- green earth. The menu and I'm not a huge fan it's long it's really lives his cuddled and I got a lot and loan. Grief from the -- I mentioned this in my opinion and not a big fan of -- you know right and I got a lot of grief from from the reader saying. You just scroll the big -- Fair enough -- it. The more act few activists. Longer -- listen I mean this is all your act. That's a -- -- crazy yeah and there's no way there's no no there's holidays or anything entitled Eric had you know definitely universal search -- -- -- you know solve the problem there you know channel. And I just think -- is and has a more efficient way to do things in this is. It -- yeah -- along with that he would you prefer half to have folders. And there is okay is that Armenian like encourage viewers into a little more efficient way to do that means yeah it's at the minor -- I'm not gonna -- -- use the phone because at that rate you know. But yet -- it in and I really like they're kind of hub feature how -- Integrate everything with and a certain hub okay neat that -- music and video -- one and okay we've got Xbox Live games and other. Yeah what settled out cause I mean obviously I'm I'm am I'm a big gamer and right at. To be completely honest I actually -- -- -- -- -- in getting a windows -- programs for the Xbox Live integration so you know are you familiar with -- that and how works. I like that you don't you don't game -- huge -- yeah. And that you know I like casual games but I'm not only I don't have a console right or anything like -- and you know you can and bring over your Xbox Live profile and you know have your avatar and then you can see your profiling -- -- achievements and things like that rental. I mean I think they wanna pull in those. Box users and yeah I've had that experience kind of work -- -- yeah yeah I know I know there a lot of really -- and I know you know the iphone's -- have been. As far as casual gaming and things like that even greater -- -- PayPal a band leader. Yeah definitely it is yet they just launch -- center web -- that's at their gaming hub type achievement gain that I haven't used it all the well it's funny is that I. I don't know anyone else that uses that uses it yeah exactly so it's like why would I use it and while regularly get his core I can't compare -- to my friend right. So would use -- -- when it's on that Pollyanna -- what did I do that with my friends on Xbox -- -- -- -- -- -- -- him. -- -- you've established exactly exactly exactly. So it about it like that the actual interface and like it looks like a very very very clean interface and it bomb is it. Very easy to pick up is it easy to light is it is a -- learning curve was. Yeah. There's a slight learning her yeah it's not a city's other stuff -- -- and you know. Credit where credit is due iPhone does that as you pick it up you know bodies yeah you definitely support you know -- being. Customizing it knowing how to customize it. You know in navigating through the different hot -- -- -- in -- I don't think -- that typical -- -- yeah I'm telling -- that the problem. So. -- a little bit about like the right. The Google integration. IPE mail integration and -- how well -- network where it bricks well the difference here is that you know it works with -- -- man -- outlook. Although it doesn't. And only works with exchange dole -- out -- -- outlook it won't. You can have to do this work around to bring in your contacts hair and passed. That so I know that and it irked some people. Because it -- use active sync anymore and of itself it easy interface rate in that. But I mean as far as email capabilities it's much on par with -- except you're not getting the unified in box. Which night. And that's fine that's fine for me but I know some people really want it -- it yes I would rather like people who really want to. T unify the work and yeah I don't email may -- consolidate everything you gonna I would rather keep it separate and certainly -- it. Less -- yeah and sometimes you just don't look at work -- exactly when it -- that. Yeah now it's funny because I turn that off Friday Friday night yeah I -- -- -- like I and that -- and I'm like. -- -- how the job you know until like Sunday night on -- -- that can do something tomorrow what is that -- -- -- -- it's the -- As -- -- I -- like that it -- weakened as well that's idea but. Working here in Oslo different sometimes you have those high priority things he's via by Monday what do you with the phones -- -- You could probably as a whole other podcasts right there time. -- -- -- Let's let's -- He's gonna talk in the arm but yeah soul like. And appreciate I appreciate like being able to separate that's that yes now I understand that some people yes and. I mean -- -- that features in general windows on famine. That means matches up. Yeah could you love to two other operating systems right there are definitely the missing features than basic features like that way. You know like copy and paste between now it's coming okay. Tethering the power right now things like that so I mean -- tethering a basic feature these days is that some many people are cutting. It's getting -- you know and yeah. -- And totally blanked. The long -- like to think that each and -- and -- It couldn't have been that important. I edit it I feel exactly. 'cause I -- copy and paste the iPhone didn't have editors yeah I mean and people complain about a -- time may have as a woman gonna but. You know it like it didn't hurt sales and now an -- just -- -- -- you only you but I use it sparingly I used only for immediately. Copying when your house and they don't I I I think my problem was it with it was just the fact that. You know. Having those lessons from iPhone not having copy paste and people being up in arms about electing Microsoft and -- -- Coming out of the gate would one include that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Multitasking third party -- yes. Though sees a third party movement village for example you're listening to music if -- using is -- the built in zoom there you can listen to music and united things they -- now -- and a web page. -- yeah yeah. If teasing another at third party app like pandora slack and you can if you exit out -- it's done. Okay so I only use for my phone while you type -- -- -- don't you represent an -- is pandora's but -- people who like that streaming music -- now but I totally get that yet know like oh yeah pandora alive in the right like I couldn't might play a game and -- -- time -- -- -- -- -- you have the damn Democrats. And now it's yes. I mean there are definitely some some features that are missing and you know I think they'll come here they say no they had they said they did make some sacrifices to get these phones out on time right so. And the other thing about this about when -- -- having my cassette. Fed from the very beginning -- kind of putting restrictions on the Allianz. Okay and the carriers about how much they can customize ray devices you know which with Android you see all these different skin from my -- and things like that right. There really restricting that. And -- point of that is to give each end user kind of a consistent user experience gray matter what yeah. And I -- I kind of appreciate pat do you really idea so you -- you wouldn't. You wouldn't prefer that kind of like completely open ended like almost an open source OS I know I like Andrew and I think that's -- -- but I health toll. I can also appreciate what Microsoft thinking like -- the right you know -- I mean. Part of the problem with integrated back fragmentation. Right -- yeah it without it's like heavy skinny on windows phone seven you're gonna be able to push out update. To all the phones without having to go through testing again yeah for the thing that every in yet every little light that adaptation of of that show us in that sense it's kind of -- an -- yeah now. Okay what quality equipment and I don't know I -- And that we had to get rid of my iPhone brain I mean my phone -- and I'm not gonna do that. But if I was just curious about it -- Funny though that -- And I'm not an Apple fan boy yeah that I'm not like mannequins and draped it that family days -- -- long behind me yeah I with -- Sega Dreamcast okay. But -- these days I'm just like. Like I -- this is this is -- like you -- I don't care about market calculating and something I want something that works for me -- and and islets for works for me. That's wallet and your iPhone -- an already held with excellence -- way right now and. And that's kind of the point I've been -- physical pain it you know varied -- loyalists out there and you're you know when we reviews from these on that. You -- an iPhone or whenever I know people get. And it all well that phones that could not right right it's I think it comes down to just giving people a choice I think that's the bottom line yeah they. Whatever works for you work for you so so do you think that's. When this -- savvy think it's going to be as like ubiquitous as Andrea -- UBU I think it'll get there. I think it's gonna be kind of -- below. Sorry yeah but -- -- And that this is another good thing about windows phone seven. And an Android compared iPhone you know they have all these partners yeah -- -- -- different designs -- -- You know they're giving people more choices so they'll be able depend upon that at them right -- yeah I think it'll get there I think. The top three I analysts are. The top three operating systems in no particular order are gonna be violent. When his phone feminine -- in those. -- -- content you're here first the top three in that order. Yeah yeah hey. Not any of that fire teller and I mean me no particular order okay I. I'm in -- in this one. In the fields disabled -- You hate don't you really need it now I don't I really make it and I and -- -- he cool now. -- --

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