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Crave: Crave Extra: Everything comes up iPod

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Crave: Crave Extra: Everything comes up iPod

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This time on Crave Extra, Donald and Eric discuss the new iPods and their relative worth.

Welcome back Donald. To the three extra show that we're calling us or call it now -- dole is what the real name is gonna be. I like I wasted he should have a dramatic -- and he should be crave. Extra creep actress Emma much filming -- -- -- mail accounts not -- but anyway. A -- This picture. Being very let's talk iPods let's talk iPods. Called today how all the new iPods. In the studio today and I got all and there are -- of them -- all reviewed and you know -- right time making wonderful first look videos. Full reviews in definitely -- himself yeah I mean they're amazing that the best piece of -- deal. And it throughout history and literature they are best pieces of writing -- -- But -- -- to turn this Arkansas and everything that's. I haven't anything in this context -- would be the kind of altogether and I am recommending and talking about -- -- kind of collectively buy an iPod purchase decisions right. We need an holidays this again a year you might be thinking up purchasing an iPod. You might have questions. And answer -- I I I have a question for actually as an owner of an iPhone. Which -- if you know this the iPhone plays music. An awful lot of people know that there are put -- it. Com. How how does Apple get -- -- in more money on these products. Like these these new iPod with -- have an iPhone and I don't need another music player in my opinion on the -- is right. They do that by making things like this the the new nano. Okay dealing here which has the little clip on design this kind of meant to be. I mean relatively inexpensive -- a 149 dollars for. And reporting -- bird eat looking in sixteen patents -- -- a 140 and Henderson land. -- little shuffle via the here which is like 49 dollars. Just as music. But podcast audio books they listen for that. Though guys are essentially there's this things -- have your iPhone which is. The most precious product in the world to you contains all of your contacts -- and -- constructed out of you know and it is aluminum and glass -- and may not be the thing that she wanted to go. He -- hike. Yeah after climbing mountain climbing or your part core right apart whatever kind of extreme -- -- into. Yes you -- -- considered and then -- the ET drop them into the lottery step on memory crush them whenever it's. It's not the same kind of -- only -- that -- nine dollars -- call well. We're talking whatever I get a -- come you know pay -- here just as somebody at a deal or at least is not a big deal emotionally compared to the yeah yeah X. Well like old all those photos of my aide to my child that never sync back the my computer and I lost forever and I -- for weeks about -- clothes because I'm -- this and there also there's a lot of other things and meet these more. Kind of fitness friendly like this has. A built in Saddam her name you get the Nike plus immigration something like the iPhone to -- -- still like. You really wanna go jogging without and he wants that that in your arm he's -- -- that that makes you very good point my wife was running the other day issues. Should you should do -- -- her iPhone now. To run because it's a big clunky thing I usually listen to me that when she ran as you wanna hold -- -- -- issue is -- -- pockets and worked out here. -- so yeah this will be actually a good alternative for her if -- she's running. You know. And also I guess it would be not so bad for me if I'm doing some kind of Carty who exercise at the -- -- -- like that. However the credit is as I do -- the Jim Earl video based. So you lots and lots of any help while -- -- the at least you to listen to the video right on me to watch it. The video. Just -- it doesn't give -- -- you -- -- is that handed out that I don't let -- live it is kind of like of like the very specific and each need. All what do -- -- that new iPod offer like. Could would you be -- -- a -- a video to either of these. Now and that's and that's when looking into making that the reason and it instead -- -- like three years now the nano has supported video. And the amount now they've they've rolled that back and now -- this cool you know multi touch screens displaying. Weekend like iPhone like icons relevant business way. You don't get video playback on and so now the you do get that from me honestly cannot coming in right or iPod Touch easily listen to. When you maybe Hillary can tune in today. Station engine. And then they'll they'll podcasts that TV. Ideas and -- autograph my way. Film -- -- my twice sanity and it's right. Have been alienated and that's here so they've got that they got John price and they've got you on kind of -- dispose of Billy the inner sense compared cute. Someone who doesn't wanna take that I've found with them shed gotten it okay yeah but that makes that makes sense to me that makes -- me that said. If that's what you're into there are some other products out there that aren't I -- that I can be cheaper and probably better value for a -- -- SanDisk. Com and the lines and PP not -- about a 180 dollars from SanDisk. Rose -- -- that that's that's the subject for a different sir. If -- extra which sell iPods that that would -- anything. Home well we are talking about so they'll get that kind of answers -- -- -- Well I'm getting is that neither of these out on the behind these fixture I have and I and I and that's fine Eric -- is itemized -- -- -- -- -- down though not own. Mr. I'm liked the Chrome magnum and let the -- -- guy in in the decade Venus and the yeah science yet you're like bobcat gold -- the first police academy. I feel like I mean actually I've -- I feel like I'm gonna I'm like the control you know like we have all the lab rats that are on the special -- -- -- -- wanna keep that control it -- on the mad. Yes that to have an HD -- -- right now that's -- way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you don't have and I get -- either because you now. The expense. Or BI's whatever could use -- when many lots of -- need to -- afford to repaired or whatever whatever -- -- -- and having an iPhone. Maybe you're younger -- your parents are buying an iPhone may be apparent for -- is asking for an iPhone just like look. You know look and I don't know. You're I don't know exactly -- If -- with if they give that -- that they the most. The interest -- in apps and communication things like that. The iPod Touch the fourth generation. -- particular and this is actually my editor's choice this is the thing that -- you those of you who do not have an iPhone but want all that. Fun of the iPhone right. That -- generation iPod touches is get a few more -- than ever. -- -- -- That -- the ability to make phone call no face time yet -- time we do it yeah so it while that's. If you want to -- face time phone calls over Wi-Fi you can -- -- -- or two desktop like a Mac that has if -- -- you can get out that's. It's got both on her face and cameras he can pick them up resolute to 29. And they go all the way up the team ending conflicts with the board -- -- -- my -- -- launches while one and he's swearing at least yeah actually and I am I heard from scenic you Archie. Former C Nikkei now wired UK's neat links and who bought one of these for his mom and his mom like uses this as like. Her away -- you can you like me calls to news. The haters like it kind of check in to see her baby boy's face that yes so -- from -- a different way ways that this is still relevant product that's actually the only really kind of iPod product Apple sells it still has like an upward climb ourselves that way -- It's a killer product I mean it's like everything that is -- about the iPhone. But none of the care contracts and -- be ethic comes right right you pay you well you with -- with -- iPod Touch is to be clear now you pay for an iPod Touch. -- -- but the nine year subscription fees or anything now unless you've yeah it's entirely yours and it's like super thing and it's like yeah -- -- can -- the tiny -- Will be an edit actually better than the iPod nano Pittman -- out this -- by now way that is like Steve can you make something. -- -- But -- -- the united steel and glass and -- break right now and if you. It's -- -- really strong product compared a lot of stuff out there that. Try to come up with a -- -- knockoff alternative way how are and how much is such. 229 for a gigs and -- -- -- 99 in treatment in public it's for extra hat. Robinson is my -- this is like -- third generation. IPod like five -- -- storage. This -- with like three. You know they as far as -- like what we -- -- are at odds over time. Now now on -- -- confronting eBay for like okay. I -- you say that was three gigs of storage like that the prices for the iPod Touch that does email browse is the web right like you know. With your kids to sleep and you know -- -- he dinner and that's like everything. It's and -- like this what you pay for this thing seven years ago pray that only there's music read those late as much as like you could -- the price of light. A that the united they do I think we're it would never satisfied now. Like a very consumer focused society who always wants matters. It that much -- that way we connect that kind of contacts it makes less sense yet you know yard you -- pretty good deal where. What it is. -- I mean which one -- I recommend to most people I'd recommend the iPod Touch my people and my Gavin I've you have and I found the need to buy an iPod. Probably not -- -- you thinking about you know. You're extreme X might. Sports X ray and so for the extreme sports person -- -- -- -- extreme sports experience whether it be like mountain climbing right or your you know your whole record thing. I -- in the ear clip -- and I've warriors except don't because you can -- get a better deal by getting -- right. There's also still but you know one of the talk about it that's the classic -- you know -- -- -- -- by then you know -- your circle of friends the wanna give Apple is likely. So which of those to which again. Right the nano to shuffle -- Yeah now the -- it's tough with I. I really and I've been pretty vocal about this I'm not really big fan of -- -- -- touch screen design on something this small it doesn't is not that practical okay. Com that said. You know like things like album art and the genius mixes feature and like both in the bad that are on here that you're not gonna find on the -- and less. I am a Klutz like I would need to like this is like those western keys that -- public restrooms what I need to attach it -- safety -- this. -- -- Luzon minerals is done exactly how much is that by the way -- the 49 dollars will. What for -- things that makes. Excellent idea to -- a -- it would have to come in six pack grad have my back for it to the -- colors yet you actually. Com okay I think we have your recommendation. Go to an iPod yes. -- holds. An Apple thinks you two. I've -- it. Good I -- for --

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