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Crave Ep. 81: Who let the dogs out?: Crave

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Crave: Crave Ep. 81: Who let the dogs out?

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This week, the Crave team reveals their favorite Super Mario Brothers-themed lighting fixture, along with a $50 solution for adding sound effects to your doorbell. Japan offers up an off-the-grid vending machine and a rice cooker that commincates with your smartphone. Crave's most dedicated Star Wars fan shows off his tattoos. And in Geek News, Eric discusses (no spoilers) the controversy surrounding the Mass Effect 3 ending, and shows off the trailer for a new space horror film, Prometheus.

It's Tuesday march 20 you are experiencing. The crave podcast. I'm Donald bell. Eric Franklin Bonnie Cha. You need speed at these interest -- -- can only -- at that time is being like and Kenneth. As I pull -- back a little bit. For emphasis user and I feel like it is kind of dances. And -- just parts into your mouth again insist that. It's Tuesday march -- money if your experience and crave podcast. And I'm Donald now. And Eric Franklin and I body job. And I am seriously gonna tell -- an existing iTunes. And to me and admit that no Angel. If I'm not as pretty good I think that's a keeper is the -- -- it from Alan. Can't that was just to those who are WW IE version of the intro every time. I. Know it also like. -- -- -- That reference and via video games of my youth. I may love that I love when that happens -- -- -- at that moment I'm a fan of that that -- I would automation. I think that yeah -- know we go in we and by we I mean all of us. Yeah everyone want -- guys listening. -- the next time. We got to visit -- is that what you call a team player. -- -- -- I've been selected team -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot of podcasts here in the studio. And produce stuff -- only excuses Steve we know we get to sneak out and visits. Some makers. Making stuff that we. Today Bonnie -- comment about these makers. Yes well we are at the announcement and to meet -- -- experience Adam of the plant. And name make this -- -- questioned block Winamp which Super Mario -- -- -- fan into it recognizes that claim block it. Mayan smashes to get coined that. The Washington for the record he doesn't head but. He actually he punches punches it and I close basically yeah that's kind of that we can -- overcome -- with a hammer -- Africa. -- but yes. That was that people now it's it's always been his fist and that -- -- -- you know. The capacity is activated. Lamp or touch lamp and it makes the sound -- -- an iron eat every eight K you get the one not found out. Which we are telling us at. -- -- -- amber at and Brothers Paris where an -- because it is not every age every hundred -- and then set it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Musical story of a brand has a -- -- needs it's like Cindy Buchanan DIY project them. Weekend but he if you can do music -- and we do this but as he sent them something they do if my name right -- talking -- ask them. Politics is things up again and it has an -- mountains -- -- -- revenue yet. A future media is doing so many cool thing I'll let Al -- is. It's awesome for. I see you at -- -- frequent you know. It's. But anyway he Humana put Brandon Aaron with Adam and in making these and other cool things and other musical start young -- mice and again they need embarrassingly young premieres and -- yeah exactly and then. Exactly you created Mario. Blocks that people can punch in May make sounds -- more than I've done in my entire three years of existence. And tell you can pick them up on at -- yet. Or if you mean you pick them up after the meeting you have paint makers have an Intel. It felt pretty assembled are eaten by ideally -- which is what have you -- by you do that did you put the -- via IIS almost done. Okay not long -- -- a deal with a workshop in your garage -- only then that you. Didn't goes into them. Gonna work and the constant now I just put a TARP over my head and then I get soldering as I get kind of buzz on the opinions and then. And then these magical visions. -- happening -- and I think that I've made them right -- that. It's really I just have a bunch of assemble kits in the -- basically you just on the floor drooling for editing your kid comes in his CNET every time -- It's that it's that is better than the actual work involved in trying to learn how to actually do the stuff. You know it's -- well. I mean there's some club and is it better it's probably -- the it's it's that yes that patent if you like simple. Yet fun. It's a good witness its banana and then there have -- kids crime and under the TARP and yeah and that was. -- soldering iron burning summit fingers from an asset to its. The following -- -- and I should tell -- its regular how to -- that stuff is apparent ethnic food. -- Eric Franklin. All right so that's cool in you should check out the article that dead money right up on these guys and he had -- the question marked -- not. The Mario Brothers Lantana. And I litigation -- asked the question mark block -- and it's cool. Also tech shop the place -- did an MB and I wanna go -- him. After the MP3 DJ door -- is my next topic of conversation nice transition. Watching these two go together well because the Mario land is this thing where you -- and and it makes that. Special Mario -- -- -- this is another one -- you. -- this touch device. And you can program to bring whatever sound you want you load up your own MP threes. Up to 101000 different songs and people read your doorbell you can be delighted to hear any number of these 101000 songs. Or just one ring -- for -- -- -- Which -- them. While. I think it would probably best if it was like who let the dogs out and then automatically triggered doberman pensioners to come and I think the -- -- -- About release that town yes it. -- them. It's like Latin via. Human remains in human brains -- -- its own right. Like you say it's a great idea one -- those Islam. That lets. Yes that's a new -- advantage. And me. -- -- Leo that's -- a remake of selling Green that was a movie whatever the message out. But yeah -- may be Mercury -- -- -- feeding and it's exploding population with tasty desserts. A secret it. -- school I think especially I have I have kind of -- Tom Cole about that. I've broken accidentally -- discussed the flow. -- tell -- that we broke and not quite connecting to that time soundness and stream it about it is -- during your Durbin or others like them. Creepy old man -- and close its only fifty bucks. Fifty dollars you can upgrade to this MPT doorbell technology. Savvy. It looks -- Go get it and create an agreement -- For these next few stories I -- But -- these -- under idea think you Japan. Tag line and if -- Stressed on is a Japanese. Hand cream vending machine. That takes a long time to charge up the once -- Crank it for about like five solid minutes in arms about the fall off -- a winning why you're doing it. You then have enough charge in the vending machine to dispense at least a dozen drinks just -- -- It yet. Now the last well -- what what -- this -- of the design and for emergency situations Bellic an earthquake or something. You need. So there's no longer -- them via Ukraine -- that I paid for even an earthquake or something. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet is doses goes for -- well that's if you really need weren't any airliner. -- players that they -- tsunami or earthquake knocks out electricity and then he'd gotten these. Streets in Japan there is line with -- vending machines that you can. Actually used because the powers -- down -- break them open well maybe they're too hard to break open -- the Japanese are too polite to do that -- here. So this is a way he can get it up and running in. On its own power and then catch the delicious you grew out of it and -- and you know. Got any go to Saturday's sheets about your -- -- -- the -- effort. Orchard here you got here -- -- zombie apocalypse soon be bad because all the hand crank sound would probably track the zombies out channel down and them. -- -- It did in the neck from behind some here. Well we'll have to find it better way to zombie treatment is that -- better died down pretty neat I just left hand crank anything you know. -- -- -- -- -- and I'm really here avenue yeah. -- -- -- -- And -- rises -- the jokes is writing an American cellular holes and dig in and audit violent yet. Of a -- and would you do you know who -- It's a simple question though its campaign to make it is -- digging machine -- promise of weeks and I. -- -- X I don't know there's no there's no dirty anon is that -- sun and Dell myself out there the Panasonic rice cooker. Now. Responds to your Smartphone. You can wave your Smartphone over the years certain kind of RFID compatible Smartphone over this Panasonic rice cooker and -- will automatically. Start cooking your rights to your preferred. You know specifications. And and it will also apparently. Beam up a number of a -- recipes. And the it is over a hundred oral it'll download of 200 rice recipes to your phone. So believe it only. Means that it's not apparently have to -- -- that's eyes hoping for it was like. You beyond the bus or sent him by access America exactly. He's waving and an early detection -- that is used to record. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And as -- you know this -- me right and I'm gonna start cooking myself dominance. -- -- whom you could. This little printer I don't know I think so well what's what's the convenience in India who have -- the rights and two year rice -- a -- -- the phone doesn't. Doesn't -- automated. It -- really helpful steps. Instead of you having to announce pressing the button input in the selected time in moderation all the different it is and settings -- -- -- -- generated. -- and I over it. But now I -- I mean how it is very Japanese for this to be a rice cooker but. This could trickle over into the American markets right for our more americanized. George Foreman greatly -- trying NIG. Fat -- is sure a barbecue the lusty cheers. Doughnut maker's -- yell yeah. Sure it. Yes yeah yeah. Yeah -- Though I'm hoping that those things and what is it was like complexes where our allies and only agree that needs to -- that are especially since it in the not a lot of phones yet to have RFID and a little. Things things that are -- -- literature talk about at a military is. RFID yet again. But that you can have like an airplay enabled. Toaster. Something -- your iPhone sure wore it lake. And it's wired I like your idea what do you with he'd been on the -- again. Instead of beaming -- I feel yeah. I mean that's that's seems that they'll be well -- Ellis commercial power like you can make sure your garage doors closed -- when -- -- vacation in Hawaii somewhere like. Let the garage door opening up. You'll easily dial and he adds to relieve the vacation or disclosed this -- nobody and you can remotely close all apples -- -- well. Although the -- minority interest here -- -- -- -- -- at that point it's too. Because originally had been trapped them and shouted and it becomes home alone -- miniature in your insulin and -- -- and it. And is reaching the analysis on this and it's been -- -- you know. Now. This is a regional Delgado. Atlantic -- -- -- Aren't bad ideas I think this is -- the connected appliance steel that I like -- -- -- migrated yet. Its trajectory is. On the brain and -- -- Only that -- so it is over thinking every. -- didn't -- that -- And meet the agreement Will -- and ideas and I have -- the. -- here so now rat out the jet that was the Japanese segment and -- and organized the we have a follow up to last week -- we were looking for -- -- most dedicated Star Wars fan today. And when we found one -- we find me. I -- I think we've gone beyond. The winner is. Crane island and found my Atlanta Georgia. Gay and he has most of his body covered in flowers had to. That's and that's his hand think on the other hand -- two DT. And have them too and she came at him and a fight is like which one do you wanna -- -- -- you see it but what I can do to. But -- and over 600 hours of work done. Ten to millions at this a giant -- -- and has -- Yet. But we got lots of great and well I think you everyone -- -- and I can see. Next are -- gonna have to tattoo your face if you want an out and. It may fifth -- 550. It just me and I'm not trying to. I'm -- one thank you for entering and -- SA though that -- had to Ian. Other than the Darth Vader there. Animal that space doesn't look very style was -- to me. Like that it -- the -- planet with the rings with it. And didn't -- that the nebula. That doesn't look very Star Wars it's at least always is always just like when -- at -- Star Wars it looks like oasis is the Star Trek space yeah. It does it does looks something more Americans -- you know the Milky Way galaxy is an -- So what I think it's always I think of just stars and an element -- new movies you seem a little bit more variety. New -- excellent care of those that don't know how much black ink had to be put to disguise intimate Darth Vader. Like to -- inside -- that -- alone acuity gets jump the link. In the random access don't have his act at hunter and the art equipment. Appointment that's -- -- links. I put in the -- down. I'm and it's I see as -- -- -- And men. Do. I'll be doing regular checks and you -- -- Net income is well there's like you know. Explicitly poisons into tumors. -- of the black music so they. The -- the guys have problems with this and saying his visit like there's it's like -- -- -- -- -- opens a giant tattoos and X. -- -- -- -- -- How could this all you -- well here is the other side of that. Yeah exactly. You're dying slowly. As you -- -- two died later. -- I'd bring it down and I think that's pretty. I know you don't -- -- has come down here with me for enjoyment and well on that downer tip here at guide Dan. At the do not -- segment -- -- This one is me. -- phone charger. Powered by your breath. Specifically. Harnessed. By this horrible looking -- -- wearing -- face. Can we play area -- mask. It looks like the league of shadows -- its Batman begins to kind of to me it looks like Adam. Like an original Battlestar Galactica. -- asylum style -- -- USC's sense and get them on the line. Does -- have liked it there yet as it -- have that -- -- that image and so yeah you can get this and just breed UA team recharging your iPhone then back down. And it's it's actually just a concept can't get it probably can't. The for the content. Yet came in this this is not I don't think you're gonna find kick started funding for this particular concept via an amount that. Being that NASA's -- to comfortable now. And in and it the idea yeah. And teacher. The idea is great. -- again and iPad. -- have tons of great ideas and then you know in this world. You don't like sector its burden aren't we -- some fan mail. Being played -- yeah well -- and if you look at that now. And -- her about murder. Kind of ML into McDonald's little children in a weird and -- About what may happen. It's from the usual stuff you'll -- -- -- Joseph but -- easy. He says hello -- broadcast group. Analysts every -- wanted to -- that says you guys always say that you barely get any emails when I'm ready guys to get the word out. You guys are making a freshman in college in Las Vegas -- -- very happy. When watching the crave podcast. When the -- this freshman ends. And last -- it's a -- just. A -- I would love. -- grave I believe is a good complement to the crave blog which at which is where I -- trying to many piecing things we buy we can get to hear you got your guys' thoughts about the highlights of the week. That was posted on the -- and when I found out that Bonnie child would be leaving dialed in for the crave podcast I was thrilled. But doll that marriage should be proud of themselves for -- -- individuals such as myself on the podcast. He loves -- speak news segment he's been pleased with the recent episodes that have been longer. And that we fill his -- with -- geeky jokes laughter and lucky funny perverted comments. Keep up the network but we definitely got you covered -- -- this particular episode -- the O'Donnell. Donald is the -- down dozens of corporate. Human. Hair with his -- and Hispanic and things. I think he did it as it made me yeah yeah thank you for that and also it's our iris hours. Winner. Randy can't I did it. I don't know yet exactly them that I'm not that I mean I think everything is great -- -- that it is a wonder I worry about -- seeking. His Hilton -- and concern. Anyway -- -- his room. In -- -- oxymoron in chambers segment. Called. Meanwhile. Came back earlier than expected to disrupt dependence on. Us I mean you can. I -- an active in. Ends will sentence me the campers are we talking about. Com. Ones you should speaking of being picky you have to. But that they -- -- -- it is a media. There is out. A home a growing group on the Internet jobs that are dissatisfied with the ending. To mass effect three -- -- the latest scheme has X series and there are a few people on Internet who. Into the game. And didn't like where there shepherd. Ended up I guess. I haven't played it a whole game so far I am trying to avoid spoilers -- -- will make a little small piece was split research in this today. Now mass effect and is in that. The game -- talking about it a few weeks away lately you have so many different paths that you can say yes so I would it would. It would make sense you have a lot of different endings funeral range impact suppose that there is there are eleven different endings depending on your your your. Galaxy war -- Nissen you're trying to get like this whole huge group together to fight in the main enemy. Column and based on that base how much resources you guys have gathered. It's going to affect. The ending. But -- but people think I feel like people have different problems with the in the some people out -- -- stories and people -- problems with. The execution some -- -- have problems with. You know it just. It is not what they would have its for the air character they've been playing through three games with and I can feel that few people like people have palms -- -- I really have a hard time with. BioWare. The company -- the game considering changing the ending to appease fans -- I have a problem with that. I don't didn't know what the ending is and -- -- a mechanical weaknesses in another castle that's exactly right now sorry Shepard -- -- I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let -- Al hill the ending is -- doesn't really matter. I feel like like like succumbing to this kind of pressure he. Home from fans who like this one guy -- old. Filed an SFT east possible FTC -- -- I pay for this game is not satisfied it's like c'mon man really. This this this reeks of just like. Just. Out of control eagle -- in my opinion -- sources like all I. I won't stand for -- supplier where I pay sixty dollars for his game and expect the ending that X expected -- can't. -- -- -- -- IBM. And apply the -- ending a wouldn't -- like I do understand like when you invest that much of your life. In these games now where it's like months of your life going to playing them and getting developing it -- is getting. The and you want the payoff to be some things -- Surprising. And it worthy of your time yes you -- to be worth well you -- -- satisfying it. I agree completely that and I and I everyone is entitled to own opinion -- to -- the ending is so if you used this as of the ending yes more hearty but. Asking the company to change the ending. That just seems like it's going a step to forward do you guys like -- view for the me is that something that you with support like change. I'd be to make a pain as -- and not buy it yeah I wouldn't. It army right now blanket gasoline -- -- -- Haitian -- It. -- other -- that's why people. Got so annoyed with -- -- some -- look -- An -- today you have kids and stuff and acting didn't have kids and -- and change it make it more kid friendly and whatever. But you've shot the movie that you shot it. In 1977 whatever was for reason it's it's that it's the way it is because of who you were when you -- that movie. And because if we were into it because the way it is it's affected me in a certain way so -- -- change it now. Then. It changes my perspective on that movie I get it I don't have you'll hunt -- lowers its its. I feel I would say to it to both. In both cases the the punishment for having a crappy ending for something -- built up so much is that people just going to buy the next one. You know more like -- you're gonna lose the hardcore fans that support deal all all of this way should. I think -- -- because this case there's there's just there's so much momentum of it's -- wars. Tandem and Michael lights and tattoos -- been -- into -- hours a vanity that you can probably afford to disappoint them a little bit. -- without getting sued by in the case of mass effect I could see that I mean I'm sure they want to mass effect four and they disappoint fans. And get people thinking like watching and is. Screw me over this data nest and stop investing in this mass effect franchise keeping -- happen and that is half -- -- -- really popular games. It's a -- popular game series Dave said that. The mass effect this is the end of the trilogy. Is the end of the trilogy doesn't necessarily mean this is the last mass effect game like but the -- even using -- this is probably that character's last game maybe. But. I think the data -- franchise will continue in the years to come because as it is a popular and French isolate and protect. That IP you know me and if you -- meta critic -- like that it's got it's got. Really low ratings from users are really high readings from critics and a home because -- just sticking points I think -- gets really really popular. It's kind of easy to -- -- -- -- you know I and I think it's almost expected these days when something's. Really -- pay comes out. And maybe it's not. The -- they can ever live -- to everyone's expectations. And we will be we have really high expectations. You're bound to be disappointed. Com. And when that happens people you know people react people react emotionally cause they're like -- -- emotionally to of these characters for a long time they're mostly -- its of the universe in the characters understand. I understand be upset about I don't support. Trying to make or change. That. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah sure okay you know. In bunny while you're you don't -- -- I mean I would never have edit it and if the ending is like suddenly. You know rainbow bright pops out of the space capsule and -- that. The universe is -- this issue. You know you shouldn't have wasted all your time playing this game -- -- be a little bit upset and that it's them but at -- I would love to save it started. People about it that is the -- and -- and -- if it's just like half hour of my hand cat and got. It gonna be like. That's. Just that's going too far you're definitely toying with me -- -- point yeah you know I series saying what. If that's actually since it was a little SP art yet in this yeah it's. With the consequences at wells we have all -- we have speaking of content. -- -- The characters of the -- -- meet his trailer often have to do some really really dire consequences. Of their curiosity. And they -- kind of assumptions about the universe. It is new trailer we ensure that right here. Came. -- -- -- -- ancient civilization. -- separated by centrist and yet this indigenous. Government and every one. Clearly because of math teaching kids found -- -- So much an imitation. Stock. -- see what. -- -- probes leaking news -- up. Changing time. Things. We can -- Don't panic and. -- -- I I had I think -- -- -- of them has a requisite. But our own fun option you know like dad doesn't the two instruments so wanna take -- now -- okay yeah. That bassoon trumpet or whatever that is like well. I can't -- Carmona. And -- -- whatever that's screaming -- -- bird song. Yeah if it really well then -- -- I know that's in the sound channel. Property is of them yeah that that looks and looks awesome while I like. I -- like all those actors that are in it. And it just looks. With the of the effects look great from you know the scenes we've seen. And we don't Helena polar science fiction movies and space hormones like Verizon and alien. And aliens was great but not really horror -- -- Aliens is not -- is an action movie marked as. Alien is a horror movie. Aliens. And I. I did they aliens do that. I see any aliens did -- but then I said it again and then. -- -- at. The bacteria and -- Here and human -- And that's -- its eyes as it through the crave podcast and thank you for joining us we'll be back next week. Until then you can read more of the store is will be talking about on cnet's crave blog. Due to emails -- -- at cnet.com. And we'll see again next week.

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