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Crave: Crave Ep. 80: Ewok Fight Club

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Crave: Crave Ep. 80: Ewok Fight Club

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This week, the Crave crew and Admiral Sackbar recount the myriad geeky DIY gadgets and projects recently featured on the Crave blog. Also, Donald pitches his idea for a new Ewok TV special, Marvel comics take on a new dimension, and two upcoming movies, "The Lone Ranger" and "Battleship," receive a healthy Geek News debate.

It's Tuesday march 13. You're experiencing the crave podcast. I'm Donald -- -- It. Bonnie -- And if it means -- getting one person. The admiral Akbar. God. -- more Rhode Island and enjoy it with me of panic and the quality and looked up into little his little -- -- a little of the Harry shot -- and a little bit yeah because it -- it's a little bit in the evening. Trying to funnel the lava -- it's gonna be trying to milk this rules -- -- them and welcome to the create podcast every one. We have another exciting lineup of vaguely nerdy geeky crave mobile news for -- there. It's not vague -- all and absolutely. A 100%. Grade gains mirrored quality news -- yes it is -- feel like it think it's bland. I think there's no point to the show yeah. Employed -- okay I'll bet that you like one of the other hundreds of millions of people who prefer not to watch the Asia X it. -- put those -- few we have another great one for. And it starts with. The marvel AR. App for comic books and -- -- We have an exclusive. -- -- that's coming out April 2 in 99 cent app that continues to laugh. Get extras out of your comic books. You point as specific got penalties of our -- and then you get this like 3-D augmented reality. Animation that comes out or you get these extra is for the and a mineral come up and talk -- about how amazing and is to be a marvel comic -- In order military -- and and I am and then this another -- -- it'll go through the actual. Our process and show you the original black and white art and and coloring process and all. Schools. -- window. Into the behind the scenes. Arsonists. Of your -- but yeah and -- dimension. It's a way to you know keep comic books -- Paper comic books relevant -- you know -- giving you a little extra. Thing to do -- UNICEF does make that the appointment via US immediately it is kind of awkward it would become -- tool to read comic. With the iPad hovering over -- waiting for. That little -- -- pop ups as you can -- and it's only certain panels have yes that whole mean. The idea that yes I can -- -- direction Blu-ray may have a little thing where. You watching where you get that little. I -- -- -- -- Davis and anxious and zine you can watch right now -- not every scene has. But still very -- which -- -- he showed it to me come home. Last week the marble came by with the -- -- it. And you can actually in 3-D them. They aren't that Iron Man model that came out in 380 core around it and see different angles and stuff like that pretty -- it's -- you can. Kind of not really interact with -- but -- standing. Yet have a good night vigil there to head into -- the scene guys kind of thing yeah I drive and a lot but I got -- -- -- got a few hits and could. The -- so there's that but now here's the thing. -- it does seem like kind of like a weird. Meeting of like the old medium and the new medium that could just be simplified by having. Your ipad's comic reading app peeled to do that. Stuff every -- right every great. But like I said they tried to keep. None digital comics -- relevant. There if I think it's I don't know I don't know that you I don't know why they don't just go all digital. At this point -- other than the fact that public shops would close down and mail. And there's somebody said about comic shops and local -- I I still love going to accomplish vote register comics is to just a whole -- neared. Feeling and it's like toys and comics and games. That you know you wouldn't get at home -- iPad. Lights out now. Comic games and experiences -- and has great town of -- yet he goes -- every Thursday just 100 yeah. Yeah exactly -- there in the mid nineties and and they they would have artists there and you would have a raiders who come there and -- out of apps and just hang -- and you don't really you have to get at an event at home digital. Via so I. I I understand that especially even -- coming from a dead medium like physical formats for -- for music. It makes I mean I love record store is I love being -- story and worked in them in bigger part of them of course I totally understand that but. It would be like holding your I phone over CD. To get the audio extras. On the CD when he could do is download -- -- app right here and listen to it. And -- read it seems they get a desperate gesture to him have I mean how cool yet. Odd lead -- this project isn't -- gimmicky. And. It seems it seems to protect technology and he really -- it. I don't think it's it's the it's little things -- -- well let's just try and -- -- and see how we respond to -- -- I think things like this. It's good to get out. And how people give their feedback on written because the next version of this could be something cooler. In some money so want to say number electors but he has tried this in the -- -- do you think -- that let's try that. And -- -- and even more worthwhile. You know it's also always better in realized was that. Yeah I mean really. Can you compare the experience of like -- digital. -- it -- to one you can actually take ten or craft may -- even with your own hands. What -- thing you -- here you know. They've been known to do that they carry weapons they carry crude but effect -- Weapons. Are seen as I've seen that there is some documentary -- -- accident and I. Lieutenant general have you seen this guy -- -- -- -- -- My father and my -- is picked up recently you make a a dvd that has both fight the battle and or and -- that other weird spin off. Once there's like to spin off. TV yet yet. Yet tonight and collect them like watching DP he was it it was a while with a two kids or the brother sister wreck that older -- and a young girl. But don't -- don't think it killed at some point. -- -- That in the second movie at the beginning those two characters getting killed -- -- -- -- that might miss him everything that's ever make -- itself we should meet do you want to -- -- -- Making a trilogy. Where it's really like. Its its its quality goes it goes dark you know where it really think kids are figment of it created down. To add to compensate for the loss because after the battle to -- all humans the moment we'd love to -- really well. We panic yet there is some -- artistic -- -- -- -- psychotic split that occurred when he accidentally spear to them in the first landed before. It's killed him and -- really horrible about it brand way there imagined cells follow them out and -- -- And then and multi. You -- -- Is yes the fish was beaten them. And sorting out there yet but became beacon -- that a story boarding -- we can get some delta. And some twigs and we can actually meet this point out a lie you get what we talk about advocates in the next that we -- know yet why don't we can't -- actual. Protect your precious flowers with felt he -- Oh man and provide your own soundtrack apparently and who knows the words -- this. And into the dual. From the now. I said this is the -- While global -- yeah that's what it dubbed Apple -- I wouldn't read it. So this is part of -- seem DIY Star Wars crafting book. That. And snack bar over here was born from a first. I was born from scratch. We're -- -- -- flat. With -- it was as he -- actually are pretty innocent. Out of there. So. Should you be inspired to either be pursued these -- project or the contest -- -- may be coming about the. -- being asked me. Aren't looking for -- craves most dedicated Star Wars fan and we're holding a contest. At night. We have yet sending your pictures and a little brief description on to name by -- Wednesday march 14 Union Pacific and the winner is going -- seen. An autographed copy. Of the -- was -- Man money for herself and. The crafting will have no land at that way it's just the ball down the rabbit hole of craft do you want villages that have -- And fall down the exhaust port of crafting the. The -- an explosion of litter -- felt. Shake the universe -- And you had to rebuild. Now I am -- goodness -- its own I think you -- you can bet that at and gone down that the plus -- Our rights and that I can't get contest because the winners being picked tomorrow now and you gotta -- got crashed right now. Welty keep -- in to the podcast. If feared just a big towers and in May be -- hold constant it's huge. That used to be -- Me we got one into that. To be. Apple already hitting them in a username and hand -- I wanna see -- We will we'll definitely will hopefully by next week we'll -- have a -- and -- -- -- -- Most excellent. I'd done more on the digital crafting the more factory DIY crafting them and the felt the Star Wars the glittery -- crafty. We have the piccolo draw bot seventy dollar assemble yourself. Robot here. With an adorable little video nine. That you can that. You can program to draw something specific or you can make to be. -- self aware what am -- trying to say autonomous so that it can pull in data from -- how much light is around it. And they make a little drawing of the tree whose side is -- You know. Characteristics are defined by Ambilight input yeah or like -- can receive information over the web and somehow the you know you can have it. -- -- Little animated. And I animated little -- generators are based on. Your Twitter feed or something I don't know if it's it seems like a cool little hackable. Seventy dollar. Gizmo for people who -- in the -- we know hacking kind of faint praise I want that to be me -- wants -- -- -- age gap if I had money disparate. Order it now and figure it out later. Because it sounds cool I can feel the desire human. I do I would totally have just like some butcher Paper on my desk and at the bottom working out how the little piccolo drought but -- kind of -- -- degenerative he -- art. And then no matter how well it might -- those guys on the power. A series of my actions -- And makes me. Forget about my problems yeah and that he had already have a little drawing to contain -- -- -- and my boss. Yes. For an argument that commotion and his moustache is on my. Hot and this is that that my sad stories actually have another -- by. I I ordered like two years ago almost. I am back. Is it uses like two Sarah motors and hanging on the wall -- are rumored -- -- terms. But it and it makes that I had like am Mandela might dry kind is based in in the super. Cool. Circled -- what -- patterns. And -- and I am. I never assembled -- I haven't had never had a Walter can use it on yet. And they didn't wanna -- the one mall Ed you have my house is kind of treatment and only get butcher Paper around the site never and put it together. Haven't that this machine's focus -- -- having it on your desk and and has two points of a articulation -- -- you can draw. You know horizontally -- -- and also adjusts for pressure. IB Zoellick and a mustache is taking kind currently -- to make little. Analysts I don't see why you don't have this he had a if you keep my -- drop but you know company -- to be friends. Maybe -- -- nice to be -- any game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Has agreement that has yet -- in that DIY spirit we have we have photo gallery of various projects. -- of this is -- -- -- missing. You David Kramer in -- Yes and that who has a pretty amazing collection of oddities that he's made including -- ferry men that has been stuffed into the taxidermy carcass of the badger. Yeah I'll makes -- -- what you do that means only went because playing a famine is one of the most annoying here activities anyone can undertake. And it but it fits into that there's a -- badger. Ferry that you -- forgive it here. Imagine enter the chairman and. My favorite one not put the link to the video for this next doing the right and it is this sat. -- -- This quartet of -- driven dancing -- It's -- pretty simple little device but. It's and -- has a little motor. And the motor drives a little belt over on the left hand side there. And that -- -- -- is little alternating cam shafts that no make that known then appear to have been. It seems oddly sexual I don't know I think the -- of -- rotating things since. I have. And I want to be my alarm clock -- if you set this to a time. A -- of lot of different settings these -- but. Thank you -- IP logged village some lets you know that celebrations on share. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just check out the gallery Al it's in -- will be in the show notes there's about ten different photos -- of this from project sees he's -- rom pretty crazy. But the -- -- And the end he doesn't have known what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I and then -- and a though not quite -- equipment my second favorite segment. That must also get this -- -- Islam aren't the topic -- -- usually peaceful. Atomic Islam. That was us they have now for us a killer -- submarine. A 100000 dollars. -- -- your own person submersible. -- -- And they'll -- in -- and real killer down he I think this is not is not exists in dissent or don't mock ups -- -- -- -- And -- -- jumps a little more like yeah this. And you should also all over again. Enlarged -- -- click on these smaller photo there that enlarges and they can see that view has you can see the two people in yeah yeah capitalists that. And the one guy that -- An electronic -- way out of in other guys probably laughing when -- clear that I -- Yeah yeah exactly. As -- the background painted -- -- You'll never live. Trap a tractor -- here. This actually would be perfect little getaway vehicle for admiral Akbar -- -- -- either one yeah. To share. -- -- -- -- -- And then he would get it is is -- -- -- BC planet. Killer little submarine. -- rules as a monitor. -- the party was silly bird finder home -- it didn't. -- -- -- I love this thing this ends. Via. An -- rich. -- the fifth with this means someday -- there that's the best that's illusion. The one to believe. We're -- -- so my second -- segment that I can only really started as of last week. Choose the form of the instructor. And this week and choosing the Delorean quad copter. Or quad copter to let me to be evidences. Analyzes -- because this is the it before the analogy this is to stay puff marshmallow man you don't think that this is the thing that's gonna kill you right now you go. And it looks really cool it like Hadley EL lighting on the side -- it looks like here. This futuristic Delorean that's gonna go into the air -- into the future even features it runs a mister fusion run them like. You know. Which garbage. But we've seen what these -- captures. Can do we have right yes but they're not all this cute little throw back to your your childhood memories and of your -- and -- it may now. Are not cut to a second video as a second a video underneath it. Once it gets combined with this technology. Well that wasn't just the cutest thing I am now -- thing I think I've probably wanna. Now -- the frozen tundra right here -- better Delorean. Quad copier doing a better person because -- -- that. -- -- -- And man this is alright guys get channels -- of them and they're all gonna like autonomously figure out. -- where they are and where their buddies are and how they're going to take you over. And deletes little micro bots that are gonna eat out your eyeballs and then just leave your courts by the side of the frozen road that shaking yes. Half alive. Yet. It's that it makes room. -- -- -- Now all -- are you afraid yet but where is the I -- -- -- the boundaries goes could be historians. Don't be fooled. President Omar automatic had -- dropped out of ethnic multiplied. And that buzzing sound as -- last sound you hear -- I added -- -- your voice over to them that the good candidate. On that that had sex and fastest currently it is -- -- -- -- -- yet -- -- The -- -- system reading of the first chapter of core -- McCarthy's the road share you know yeah exactly and there are a -- They're playing to all of them yet feel again that they're trying to make it's like -- -- -- you guys like. Music that's vaguely flow down the list view. Apple -- plan. Apparently jumping and stuff. And with sadness after it killed us all this is what the resident of data. -- -- -- to -- one million shipments -- -- music. So we won't accept all the instruments will be made out of -- you know -- and trends and human out of the business. -- -- -- -- -- we've learned that -- -- humans actually do delicate -- -- And this instance I say yeah -- -- share your fear that it looks. I guess I'm thinking more. So officially. Behind can take those and control. I can -- continued them he -- for my own evil domination. Of at least -- -- his -- -- button that would be the form that -- -- you're right to make clear minds think of nothing yeah that looks. I thought of the just the Delorean time after the few yeah it's Mac and am looking -- -- I would say it as just a fusion everyone loves him. Are right now for. Everyone's -- said. -- -- -- Boom boom. You know -- this is actually adults -- bars its didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- segment. Yes big news this week. -- say the Lone Ranger. Oh well the feelings you get when I see that name -- -- the long -- -- what what what. Conjures in your mind. White cowboy hats and ask it's all right Bonnie. And a high -- there than -- written okay -- My question is -- so they release the first shot. Of -- making a new well -- making a Lone Ranger movie. Starring Johnny Depp and on -- -- the guy from the social. Depleted -- -- alone. In the -- super shot and Steve you can put that -- there. -- -- Johnny Depp in the background as Tonto. Of the Lone Rangers faithful. Native American companion. In this you know. Earning him -- hammer as the Lone Ranger that you know with a -- in the white had everything just like you said. Com. And ask at the smartest and -- that yes but I meant. Yeah I don't exactly. -- I see that and I'm excited personally I'm also an old -- I don't know that this won't need these to be me like I don't let it like. Wells grew up in the late seventies early it is like Lone Ranger cart it to the Lone Ranger -- reruns on TV -- he's reruns. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- no idea all I know that love I love that the music -- -- -- -- and let you know the hordes of the and you're just beginning that very -- when he's he's a once over and -- and with -- for a -- -- in comparing in Toronto and -- is -- I loved it -- it. -- don't care what questions anymore. They're put -- so much money into this movie they're putting. Late 200 million dollars and it is -- they get court -- -- the president Caribbean dean to directed. See the point of doing this a few -- it's gonna be an excellent quality would then yeah he's looking yes yes blood. West like HH right cowboys and aliens -- -- -- died suddenly recently loved it tells great. But I don't think that you couldn't effectively market a western. These days. Especially at 200 million dollar western and get to money back as I don't know what order your -- and does -- -- cancer over west as it does -- matter is -- -- just matters well I was such as. Reading -- and emphasize reading wired recently in -- talking about. What's the -- the John Carter removing yes and there are type example holly the big Disney have the rights to that -- seventies so yeah I earlier than that share and they. -- either couldn't make it. The way they want it to or repeal would pick it up and not make it -- -- event. Then and then -- they were out of the idea. Like assumption that kids just wouldn't let -- not a budget -- have to put into this to make it work. Right when payoff because who goes out and seized his wild scifi movies anymore right and then avatar came and they -- Apparently people love this -- Actually recently -- -- -- really fast tracked down harder to get. Avatar momentum with the thing is it's by that point is too late because avatar takes from that story in its followers. Lists on this story heavily Star Trek. Everything that -- -- written by what many years ago -- that. -- values against derivative of all it was -- looks like. A lame version of avatar to me you know. So -- look quite as being like you can't really ever predict. Way it suddenly and being the hot this nature the same I would think that pirates of the Caribbean Miami -- to regulate M tech is gonna go see a movie about it -- right yeah I think again. Miss -- on when you think they're taking that chance -- -- if someone I. I wanna see that movie and they'll get me wrong I guess I'm a fan. You know. And they they read -- -- made some some pretty cool Lone -- comics recently that the true whenever. And -- really good to -- has made an art really good art column. It is a little and look at that normally. Note that's gonna capture the imagination of the -- -- today. Also -- the western Maine has the cowboy western thing has done well in the different. Areas like red dead redemption for gaming show or even like. Tracking in the distance of the -- hit movie with that this was out recently -- -- can young guns. -- and TrueCrypt shoot him. Only -- an electorate but I. Asked if I get cousins from twelve years. It's really hard and -- But it came on dvd -- I'm loving this. I'm -- via the Oracle is literally actually and -- -- western and making it management anyway it's. Thousands in the sailing TV seriously again. This and they won a site that did the railroad. -- -- -- -- Rules and finances. As but the guys that section next generation -- -- payments and then. Deadly diseases like that -- -- series -- yet Dell but aren't those things that appeal more to older audiences yes suspicion right. Home. And is I guess -- -- older audiences can take this film and lifted in and make their money that great I just feel like. I don't know how much -- -- to let it made -- you know. I don't know how much kids are gonna be in the pirates record setting -- Johnny Depp and elicited pink I think I loved him as a pirate you'll love him as -- -- -- has recently -- -- American -- -- -- with them. Dead -- on his head yes. -- -- -- What happens and I think I look like he's about John -- -- I feel like there's. They have to be careful with this -- have to show the get go Lone Ranger. This is cool kids -- I felt like the the marketing for cowboys and aliens really did a disservice. Not showing the coolness of it. -- you shall -- the western. I feel like initiative should have been more of a bait and switch because you watch a movie that you really well written written odd is that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On this is -- this kind of slow it's kind of a slow -- is not all while actual time was increasing the whole time it's compelling the whole time. I felt like the the trailers and marketing for the -- didn't really. Really get to show and then when people see that name Everyman theater and in what I saw the trailer people saw the name and it is until after it -- I think they gave. Audience is too much credit. Like yes call cowboys and aliens but. That's -- That we don't mean there's a joke. That's is the name of it I don't you know as yet you can't you can't figure out any of these is -- -- can't be or cool well I know we can be what was like. -- -- -- is -- aim is knowingly can't be we get that we have -- -- -- -- we did that with. We -- in on the joke of the name button but the movie is actually very well done and serious -- -- -- Products into which side of that balance and fitness has -- -- two -- three comes out yeah I like it. I'll also there's been a new trailer for -- -- was for -- -- outweigh the mattress -- it's battleship. To new -- -- who has seen this. But we should quietly -- because. I liked his direct -- Peter Berg he did I Hancock he did -- -- other movie with Jason Bateman in. Team. Yes cricket team will surely cognizant of the it was it was -- war film on him was consistent imagination looks like because I don't awesome no inside but it -- ultimately like the most. Visceral on the less action -- and at the in the -- news results Palin -- elected director -- To a battleship. -- -- -- -- There anyway I think that's. Where do we find. -- -- -- -- -- -- They just kill us off. Think fifty can -- a 500000. Where you orders we're not going down without a fight. -- -- Is how you make it for an action trailer okay that's how you get audiences they -- thing you like. Last year while this is pretty much that. Com. With a new -- -- paint paint on it. It -- -- it is the best of Michael Bay trailers and like Titanic. Home and he's like -- and what took a pretty girl face and Ariana and they all -- -- -- I bet this won't makes. Tons of money because of its -- like that did just that carry transformers derivative look as in the trailers like us. -- just like in the trailer transformers -- the same -- can't. I mean that -- the Smart marketing man that's. On them like I wanna see that movie now I -- I had no actually it's the movie really like transformers but some says he'll discuss just -- -- -- consumers. As well Peter -- and like him but I bet. I bet everyone dies. That though that won't. I does feel like. -- -- saw transformers. Like a Milton Bradley executive. Right we could do it ugly -- of of of battleship the game but now a plate in leadership someone's side yeah right. That guy and -- recruitment officer from the navy sat down -- like. You know what we needn't. We knew what what do we need -- create our own chances are -- takes place on the C. If we can sell video game are navigated the board gamers and -- -- want to get it says from Hasbro. Makers of transformers. I. The -- but that always. With the same company saw it. And at the L word will take -- will -- -- explosion of potential robots. We'll give you got enough money it is kind of pressure Thailand and don't tell -- -- building split in half full read exactly. A level libraries and we felt that they want -- building split in half we've got an idea. And -- Down and -- -- of those can read it what is it about -- turning off is is in my view. All called god. I don't I did. And I was a navy boot and purposes and hand they'll let look -- that ownership of Rihanna -- -- -- And all -- baby -- look just like this expect it. In general the F. -- does it mean it's. And that does it and yeah so you're you're saying that in your title transformers. I'm kind of hasn't yet -- -- -- but some reason -- -- you with a mobile supplement for a I would that Peter -- directly call the kingdom. Pretty awesome movie actually. With Jimmie Foxx in preschool Clinton. I do hope that this sparks a trend for more movies tied into boardgames. Had a pretty great and we EG the -- yet. Candy and -- and the issue. Operational -- but. Like I can't pay. There's these giant robot -- transport him. We're gonna take him out now that -- A great -- hopefully will -- talk about that. Next week right yes -- will be back. Join us and you can email us though. At crave at cnet.com and you can check out the crave blog at this thing down year to. And that's it that's all you have to do so we ask you -- -- -- make -- hard now I. -- -- -- -- Should try to --

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