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Crave: Crave Ep. 76: It's a trap!

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Crave: Crave Ep. 76: It's a trap!

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A special Valentine's Day episode of Crave, featuring robots, Champagne, little bits, and zombie chocolates. Plus, X-ray leggings, spider battle bots, hover boards, "Star Wars" crafts, and a peek at the perfect date movie, "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."

Hey it's Tuesday feb fourteen. Little daily called Valentine's Day. I'm Donald bell. I'm Bonnie Cha you are experiencing. The lovely the loving the valentines and Green starts the heart. That you -- Harding yes. -- -- -- -- -- And -- Yeah. Thanks for joining us and we have a lovely and exciting assortment of stories here today I'm excited I'm genuinely amusing so well and at night. And -- not being in -- Well I mean if -- It removes some of the first factory dead sleep but I think the the -- is found -- -- throws a little bit of the back in class. I don't think it's too soon to give away our special guests -- let's keep it in the per fact no I have look at them. -- You'll be saying that ally and as -- -- heads and the nano and you think net. If you're lucky. Your Valentine. For it yourself acting as your virtual Valentine. But you. This first -- zombie chocolates. Bombardments on being -- by line. Now -- these actually come up the rifle case. Well that's enough. So. That. And one of -- is bill. Pretty pretty -- yet. And the best way I mean I feel like. It be better though if you were the zombie devouring human -- There is actual and then I can read too much into this but it's still pretty great. I would actually -- -- -- -- and spyware is on the element in our little you know -- human heads yes but I guess if you sold like little. And -- bomb -- safely BB heads. That doesn't spewed out sell as well as the -- I. And that's why are probably right it was also around how to -- and meeting they have little baby -- it. I don't know that's delicious ice cream if they re yeah when -- acquired -- now plans and that bit. The lengthy primary -- -- on something about. -- Bonnie was doing last week -- -- -- very proud and excited to see here experimenting with. Little. Bits polish a little bit about little -- It's really a little bit of a little bit at these are basically at that a circuit boards that you can snap together they attached via -- And you can create whatever you want eats little and module has added a function and there's like -- LET a bar graph pressure sensor half the movement. Q when you play with and talk about. All the power sources in. -- Q packaging first of all it is but this is actually in if you make a little nerd -- And your Valentine's Day and revelry -- That is to be something you'd buy for them app and it -- -- like -- and educational tool for race -- of the prison in -- this winded and for people understand how electronics work to get the interest and creating their devices instead of access consuming. -- little bits was -- you get like a little. Little kind of to potentiometer in little button and a little LED and connect altogether you connected in different pathways -- yes get the idea of how a signal path where exactly content. So that starter kit costs on Amazon rain without signing to. And so that costs 89 dollars -- there. There actually giving it away in. A reason to read the -- love episode check that are -- Italy at and then the week. And then have of this. Was born -- -- It is in -- -- -- watching -- trying to make this the. It. Out under. Normal water on May be this campaign via. -- -- -- open and -- on now we can't do that for the down. Well since I was eyes light up ahead I guess that that's that score one for soldering mount up and not to worry about the -- Users if they're good they're not stick -- and -- a thorough. If if you -- -- to -- take a later you're gonna need melt the plastic you can use it make a permanent thing -- get a while we're not gonna take a later to a the -- of error. Accelerate we can't him -- again about the boxing robot named already taken yet the little -- and right he -- my mile little can now all we need your help. Listeners. And send this in name to crave at CNET tech commonly human rights and prizes for you will -- with the end -- -- instantly could be easy. Whose bodies of the box. If you. Like that -- and then the name NA it. Big V. And the -- -- and keep on and. Anna and Allison inspired by -- is working on the robot that I -- little. Crown for me on out of -- Peet's Coffee cup holder says he noted I'm pretty proud of myself well lets -- with a thirteen. Adding that it was -- them. I'm so they can keep his company you keep the keep the romance alive and of that table. -- -- thing that you could make for yourself for a loved one and fellow fellow nerd. DLI we -- project make your own Star Wars admiral Akbar. Sex car. Any Paper bag fashioned admiral Akbar -- actually one of the better kind of little Star Wars projects I've seen -- yet. You could probably in stores on my shrimp chips in there and get the year. The genuine C alien. Robot kit is I would imagine actually allowed -- smells lately element solution. It. Yet these are found by -- Burton's Star Wars. Cracked the and -- we were gonna have one learn galleries commute and -- -- -- Some are sent by -- Yemeni in the sand can have mouth. Of the -- it. Not a cent you should be -- now. You can listen to yourself if they hear a little low hanging out that -- that -- around and it daylight. Well just attract. You and then him and. -- something I'm not creating for Valentine's Day as. -- sexual as I think it's meant to be truly disturbing. -- these -- -- -- forty dollar pair 75 dollar pared back of muscle leggings. Again you know somebody -- They could look a lot worse I'm welcome I'm apparently -- someone who would otherwise you know be very attractive. There are actually pretty -- it. -- But I bet she'd they stared piece Iowa and student -- -- have a red imported -- and in my hand. Adam who is that was it doctor Peabody and it's my insecure and amendment mr. body and -- -- yet. Healing for me again that he had a role in the full thing and yet is that and the after amber -- you. Again I areas yes yeah. Yeah yeah you're you're a good idea that if there. Now I know. -- Afghan warriors. And. -- -- mean if I mean the end so. This thing gets a little bit more attractive than that it and we take this over that I -- yeah I would not. -- I want anybody doing -- the air. -- -- -- -- -- The actual credible gadgets this one's coming to us from. I'd like to preview. From the toy company. Visit. -- stuff. In -- and -- India has put the gun not policy viral -- -- but its its -- -- human YouTube has displayed little spider toll. Robot prototype. And -- and -- dying who is its maker. Is half of the video's appeal. -- and it always so easy after -- -- -- and we -- you should ping pong balls by touching experience. -- we should not involve. This -- it doesn't really cool is not the launch vehicle donated cheaper and the more charges up in the -- looking hung lawsuits seek. I definitely want some crops up in an action different distances to get in whole or injured area -- -- -- This is the studio. Political -- like you realize that this is media this is what happen. -- -- -- date this back to like Robin Williams being the toys movie day asked where he's like the Willy Wonka of his toy factory this guy is it product and yet here it. Different here and now there's like a little armor in the in his arm that goes on top of the armor that can pop off if you give -- a direct hit with a ping pong balls and let little foam darts -- -- -- -- And but we can't take yourself away from his enthusiasm about it and I -- at its its just the toy -- got a pretty cool toy but not there. As -- -- maybe his they enthusiasm -- visitors come with a -- and you can have the have to differently I don't and a bad guy in the chase each other and the fifth. Shoot at each other. It's easy -- -- the thing and had. -- -- -- Yeah I mean we make a lot of jokes about the perpetual adolescence of -- -- technology in gas and penny but. Pat and I and I is making -- work for me and it actually act like I I really do appreciate those little. Peeks into like bad job yet fat guy having my job -- clearly he's pretty -- I have a job yet. Like I want him to go to lake high schools from the web. Talk about is inspiring kids that like take on think -- -- is -- treat me accidentally be nice and now I mean. You probably shouldn't show up and adding that -- -- it -- about it idea. The earth. Idea I've got a long ago that of that. So you can see the whole video blog in motion announced check out and and -- -- do we naming contest for two they didn't have a name for this spider bots that he can submit your -- to name and name and a -- Ideas but there's -- -- losing -- I am. Another. -- light among columnists like this block of stories the retro block yet retro wind -- because. Converse is actually releasing in Japan. A version of these. Once aren't both tops with Mario -- and that the star from Mario Brothers on the side he should be seen them. Only in Japan. Apparently then you know at an undisclosed price at an undisclosed time. -- -- As pretty as -- and -- and a -- Iraq the lack here and now. And in. As much of that I -- I want them against a collector output on the shelf -- I -- I had them I would feel camper. Mike I would -- like there's so late and -- no late. Adolescent. Lake I would feel. Like a letter asked walking past the school -- you -- you know. And never thought of it that way I'm doing well as the acting against Muslim or sent to these issues -- but -- -- is normally. I would that I would limit on a shelf. You could do it. But what I would deal has -- next -- Be back to the future hover board. It's got a lot of traction on crave -- pad and but now they're actually coming out with -- -- -- -- well -- prop replica. Of the back to the few records to. -- -- -- -- Yes so -- announced that they toy fair this -- and -- that they're finally releasing a cover art. -- -- -- That it doesn't have a -- there a July aids -- -- flagged over most surfaces Hao was doing as -- I don't have to I was and I -- Figure that out but I am not gotten in there. I am but you know meaning out there including neon colors and a little more -- you know Michael J. Fox -- in the play ripped off -- him alarm for all. They're taking pre orders starting march 1 through the poignant and and -- with expected to date of November December 2012 but. If they have to receive a minimum number of pre orders in -- go to production because of the high cost item. Still. This and. Should kick started this and then you can tell them I have yes he can really get it and -- -- utility. And they have not released pricing information it's. And they should do the bundled with the night you with a -- -- and and like some kind of garbage -- through that can help fuel your car yes. You can be I think it's an -- but there's a replica that you can -- hand in hand. This very thing that they can't watch clips -- -- it. Recent change it and put it at if it. Pretty great on this has been a pretty good week -- Let's. Venture. Even without Eric. -- and we do this okay into the world's most. Don't don't -- over the Holland -- no right at the. It is very important we get a lot of Xbox and plain rumors -- around. Somehow the 360 seems a little long in the tooth even though they did this and the remakes of it -- the price lowering of Dayton the connect connecting -- yes. And you on Xbox 120. And one of the latest rumors for is that it will have a touch screen. Remote. I have mixed feelings on its one outlet where -- Concerns and it -- the -- CD part of me knows that. The Xbox controller I have in my house -- probably one of them is -- ground zero for whatever kind of Ebola break out at him. Okay right -- yet it's got the bid to -- -- when president and Mike. Just hours of nerd aggression having -- all greased over the years -- yet on that amount now. And -- marrying. That to my other part of my life which is using touch screen -- day. To review tablets may I know that those things turn into -- just a greasy and -- mess shared and used them via. And putting them together. It would just make this thing look like -- at -- double. It would reveal how truly disgusting these things really are the best thing going for -- current controllers designed -- that. The matte black plastic kind of does I doubt that idea that the nasty -- The touch screen who -- in the. But on the other hand the end. Would it be -- that detect an annual. Make I don't -- and I know that the new Nintendo -- so as -- how the big -- dream that we it'll and you. I still don't -- still don't see it I feel like. The best thing about a physical controller is the actual physical lens and then you're not looking at it while you right -- used -- -- it -- be kinda cool and a few differences in a deal to -- -- targeting on and the controller while you're playing it. I -- it cease and use cases on that but mostly I just want. I control here I -- but -- maybe -- old school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is is this gonna bring about the price of these things and of course you know you're gonna need them for the whole family in bank. And that can't have you kids over the control and actually yes can do the targeting. And a the vehicle but. And not been. Well the cool thing about that we use like if someone wants to watch TV and you can display your Nintendo on your little touch screen that maybe they'll break down. -- Yankee dealing and a mini games something Omnia. And it's been in -- permanent royal theater box from one in. Do you plan execs and a number PS triple. Yeah that's how -- -- that we. Both. Both respect and still sat at the -- If the -- I can understand. The other thing that -- -- my radar today is having been released yesterday. -- Abraham Lincoln vampire -- The two -- expect him bird ten and let's not forget while watching this is going to be in -- -- Okay I. That something -- wanting to see vampire hunter Abraham Lincoln -- to a tree share but to know that those -- in the come flying like Antonio based. Whole other thing. -- -- And I heard and secure the lowest soldiers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a real zombie chocolates -- -- the vampire hundred Abraham link -- Meaning you got all the bases covered and so we got robots robot romance -- and that went. I think that's I don't think you do again that -- I -- things are watching guys he should check out our crave blog at. The same on here and I usually say create that cnet.com the embassy at dot com slash -- they'll get -- than they do. Man we own so many domains and -- you can type half of the things you can fit both with and not comment that you crave CNET crave yet. I am. That's it Bonnie thank you for doing thank you down and there may be next week we'll get Eric Franklin back in here I'll come out of -- -- -- they coma man. -- -- -- -- It can bring another robot in -- -- -- finally I asked if the I. -- -- -- --

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