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Crave: Crave Ep. 100: The Final Chapter

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Crave: Crave Ep. 100: The Final Chapter

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For their final episode, the Crave team does... well, exactly what they always do. Donald goes nuts for a free adapter that can create an unholy union between Legos and Tinker Toys. Bonnie recounts her dramatic day of technology detox. And in Geek News, Eric gives his two cents on the Hunger Games movie.

-- Tuesday march 27 annual rates I think it may podcast. I'm Donald -- -- -- and I'm happy to. My -- most of them. That'll that'll be great news that. -- Yeah huge no no now this is the episode where we actually just completely. Keep it real you know because this is. The final -- Is -- -- -- -- the final chapter what do you mean I mean this is the end of the great podcast. -- -- -- -- Solutions. And -- An -- -- played in the moment assignment. -- -- Please say live long and prosper yeah. And -- We brought out we brought all the ways we -- all the guys that I am my spirit our -- and I -- animals that are over here we've got and this can happen. Mikey on a 901. -- my space -- I don't laugh now and our goals is crowned a and then what with Sierra you shared your spirit animal that my spirit that those are pure evil use the demon of the ancient world as -- -- on the right. -- -- -- -- The whole world. Good. Debate. On so I'm glad everyone could make it to this. Last episode that -- not -- now -- really -- and then there if you haven't heard the news that many of decree of these CNET podcasts. CNET I think a lot of them are going off next week that would -- Let's let's give you time to mourn them separately and that's -- giving U 8840. Morning yet morning. Morning morning -- gives us more time to start doing the next thing. Yeah and then we can surprise you with extra arsonist earlier in the other than we can get the jump on them basically what we're why we're doing and let's be honest. I've been doing this podcast -- two years now. Pretty much as entertain myself yeah you know yeah so you guys -- entertain as a result in them and on cool yeah that -- think about out of time. I thought that this -- -- like well like in this talk about stuff that I like and find entertaining and other people will feel that. Excitement possibly through my excitement about it -- And even that has no bearing their life for any kind of practical use or purpose bright. -- us this far. It has this -- -- actually -- kind of great that we didn't get canceled specifically. Well we got canceled and -- and I collect in -- yeah yeah they're just being nice to us and got audio podcasts I -- that's what I was thinking like. Among these is really didn't wanna bring it really don't want her Donald's -- -- forgotten hands the world. -- -- -- such -- sleepless ties into his personality and self esteem really close its -- it is kind of make it up every week -- -- plan. I'm in the channel commitment at this time of her head. And a waste of money -- now. -- afternoon that. Is it it helps preserve my -- that's. But dead -- -- will still be the for a force and don't worry that we are still planning of good podcast round reporters' roundtable still going to be around in gasoline I think retool so -- Look different -- -- what it is now as well her thing excited about is now also take away that this big CNET CNET CNET TV news.com all this. Six floor CNET arsonists we have here is all being. Cranked up to eleven straight -- and inventor of putting ourselves into more useful and -- purposes yeah. There there is some there is a silver line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In that you -- -- now I think that the thick silver lining is called -- -- -- -- and calling this episode 100 because we almost made 200 yes yeah and -- feels more. The final period crave crave 82. -- -- little -- -- -- I like it I -- But. We did nothing special this is just another episode of -- yeah. That we got -- had a friend who. And as such I will introduce the first the topic of conversation here which I'm actually excited about this is the the free universal construction kit is. Am I universal adapter that -- and all the disparate kinds of -- -- hallways and construction toys to get this and they can all co exist. End you don't even buy it you just have a 3-D printed -- by -- That that there in -- of the free part of the universe construction right yet about it. And -- -- pregnant yet but that members or else you'd like go to a place at the three printer. And they make something if you want to have placed in a place like -- -- -- -- Go. Think -- -- that but this is this is great I mean this is always liked the -- as a father of -- -- -- this is one of the things that EU media companies to face with is that you have a floor full of toys. That eventually they're all gonna get -- again you know me you know of course. So instead of fighting in trying to contain all the Legos and Lincoln logs -- on the step into separate bins and clean up one just -- all -- yeah. It's one shared universe it uses what's cool and -- orgy of holy bits yes well only for your kids if thanks a touch screen a a -- I mean you know if there's probably a weird twisted kind of perverted thrill of you know connecting it and zoomed in -- -- Lego. Right position BE but it is now with this. From the justice and I think that he wouldn't -- -- And those celestial and I will go down. And its. Own the real don't grownups like playing with Legos and Lincoln logs and -- to. -- an adult you yes. Yeah I IA I don't know gesture is this combines -- list of blood as a kid. I never had a problem a mixing my universe is my toy universe is never had a problem with you know -- attacking -- grey skull. You know or the transformers. -- defending against signal snake mountain or someone they -- Ernie but this little different you can you can literally -- and the by Adam -- -- Right in the makes a flight that thing which is. I don't know that is. Indian eat whatever you want it to be that big 80 yeah and the imagination Apple so this is -- for me. -- -- insane I'm excited. I am also excited that this is eat fish -- Believe it is not for clipping fish -- and then it's not like hand. It says insulated the -- it's like a backlit. But instead -- Being like that they going across a scene of the bag it you -- inches that I panic button to and a I -- cave man needs like to -- This active just -- anxious. -- What it does -- -- clips off when you make that -- the well. Images like cute little fish. But it's really really tight. And it's any different like. Freezers that link if you have a bag of presents you can and it -- -- yeah and it comes into that seat on Obama's recent. The enemies of -- time the -- Maybe I do this volatile whereas -- -- will open up like at Baghdad frozen measurable achievement and aesthetically even. I need something -- that I just had twisted yeah right -- hoping. My brain edit sync -- in the -- -- -- -- hope I want to write -- into the back -- that -- that I will likely it'll stay fresh. Air. Hopefully the actual package will freeze in that position. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is cute the and a high tech obviously but -- Life changing immediately. And adds that -- -- the kind of prices like five bucks a pop. But -- to get. Three tenth enactment of human human -- it all in those that it just -- is excited about that there's anything except that you know if he's examining things -- get behind. -- -- That's that's -- Also exciting this -- goes into the making yourself I should put this with the -- The latest. And -- it is this is -- -- project but nonetheless let's talk about it. I Dziena have a name is like a drop -- this is like the last week we're talking about that what was that the driving young -- I think it Catan as with its room a little over a little -- try to -- a -- the and is that could drop by -- like you dislike hooked it up and would trolley cute little things in response to your Twitter feed of and -- -- tell us stuff we are in different parts now. Each being honest. And me with that idea was the piccolo something yet -- and a -- yeah that's cute couples. But still the -- -- the music fisherman -- now with different pain anyway if you drop. Bail me out about -- Alia data. The global deployment trying to make here is that drawing robots automatic drying machines are faint delicate drag and -- -- now yet. And it is -- can -- with two old turntable he may not be using anymore. You set them up and opposite directions -- connects them at kind of articulated pieces of wood with them and a sharp peak. And you get this. Kind of freaky to watch they -- just the kind of relax when. -- -- -- can't program drugs such threats. -- random I think it depends on what records you put on the you know making it the size of any of it make that commitment I think you can put let Herb Alpert online and then each town on the -- -- the and Apple should be able to accommodate -- now. I could trumpet a burrito and a boot. And or light. The bullet. And let. The trumpet. The bullet witch and the Copenhagen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet so this is they and a Ohio University student put this together. And and it is amazing that it has not. Occurred until now again because it's not using any technology that you couldn't have gotten like 3040 years ago. -- so -- onions to schools along with them yet. Whenever it's the each year in the art printing business at that point is it a little little little stand out local farmers market media. -- your drop but things. That the Paper routes and in some such -- the liberals and -- -- -- simple and is based product though like him or something like that any hacker activists used in soy based ink. And that but -- that's exactly. If in doubt and collected it if it. But it should you not. Want to do that. -- you really want to. Fashion your -- trying this. Without the aid -- technology. You could be Bonnie Cha think if you didn't think thinking that 24 -- with -- of technology that -- subjected to. Then for the national day of unplugging and rainy took the pledge an expectant eyes so how how and -- Why isn't written -- actually do this than. -- on habitat and personals and -- then -- mean it it started at sunset on Friday. -- -- -- -- -- I -- put my phone away but as with and I think you have in -- -- instinctively grabbed at any point you know what I -- -- taken an -- to your phone system and now. -- -- -- -- plan. Now by day it that instantly reason with income equal to -- just turn it on in nine. You know replied text message you can -- -- see them but I can defeat of pop up. Steadying yeah enough. And then suddenly view the next day because you gonna take a picture for the story and actually talking with him not yet. I am right night but I did they like it it was rainy -- gaming the use of phone. Now now we set it up Friday before the whole she did. -- -- -- -- Technically it's like the holidays if that -- -- again -- you know -- But at that morning that I figured out a photo I can do at home I don't need to take a photo but there's no way I can it get in touch with you to be -- I am I coming up -- -- of an expensive yes it is. -- -- -- You can submit your your -- via. So kind to him and banding is great news -- and Munich at -- and yeah we actually talks we did we need to sit down and to taxi to other. -- we usually just. Now. That it's cotton to currencies and it's and then run the hardest part was -- -- -- -- if. There -- was experience like sounds of despair -- Allen's I was is for -- -- a couple lessons were fine but there is -- and -- is going to do an enemy. And -- -- telling your college friends and testing. Added between injury to you'll be looking at the Pentagon and. How harmful is wake up the -- has -- yeah opera is the liner. An automatic I DC running in its -- any agreement I you're uses. The -- from the you got it to people lake bring their phone down an amount -- impacting the area and -- and -- -- you can get it back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and and then there is a -- I was just like watching a movie without the headphones on. I was wondering if -- -- sometimes I'll. It would do this we double check to make sure you head on cables -- -- connected in there are I do not like. Picture yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm listening to that like sometimes like party rocking in the welcome to actually know in -- -- illness -- -- -- blatantly guilty pleasure and. -- it up. That's what I mean and I think it's actually -- this people more credit than there. And they're worth indicated -- may be accidentally they're watching the movie without. With the speaker's re yeah baby and ended at the -- headphones there's something Russia and how they fell off -- head and you plug I. It knows you -- at a so do you find yourself being like more aware of other people using technology because -- it. And in the really like -- towards an insanity and was late and wasn't even thinking about it we've been looking down on people. For their dictionary -- it sounds like now. You weren't too little -- -- mostly because as channel at the -- consists changing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Craving and monitor it you know. Compared to the beginning -- Need to turn it down so you your withdrawal period lasts only a few dollars in -- -- -- policies and nighttime surgeon -- day. Like its guidance outlook Bonnie is like act. And -- ends with their like Victorian -- in writing with other. Way around. And -- you -- a -- -- But the it's still licking it like Diablo the syndicate them all papyrus handcrafted envelope bugs and hand press -- -- Leonard -- update. -- -- -- -- Well I hope that is a a sign of the that in the kind of life affirming. Experience that crave podcast listeners -- And the withdrawals that they'll certainly be having when this podcast -- in nice it. Because now they know well -- -- could be done. And -- action in and then the next piece they had appeared -- actually. Be appropriate for them is a manual type later I have this -- that I do not crave. Category but now I'm thinking about it. In this unplugged world media I would -- this children. At it's a little bit. A list items. Of an odd thing is it's being. Made and sold by comic or Schwimmer purveyor of wacky technology he and and his games is what he -- It's eight actual might fully functional standard typewriter. Nothing in new USB ports. Notebooks and have yet to hit the that you wanna -- -- handle school typewriter again. You can for 200 dollars what is and a gap wasn't an -- because they -- People actually pay for the isn't it what -- as much as they can -- anyone buys anything from the arm a person -- -- catalog. Yeah I guess though. I feel like it's a misguided thing to like capitalize on like the retro. Turntable -- Phenomenon you know -- -- -- kids are buying up turn tables to listen to vinyl. Maybe those same hit physics don't want to go out and buy -- console -- old tiny typewriter. What they would. -- as they get it -- flight eight books play an analogy and -- now that for a brand new infringement of bucks a kind piece of purpose doesn't make it feel like most people's real hamsters don't yet Apple's villages are gonna. Get behind something like this right and link that the advantage now yes it is is -- isn't you do your head incidentally there. Territory especially if it's like it's. All encased in plastic I mean a lot of typewriters were but it's not even stretching for -- an old antique tea -- -- -- saying it looks like it was just. Thrown off of some IBM. You know -- -- -- as little or no vote typewriter. -- health that was a good thing. But you know if you've got no other option and we really do have a -- apocalypse all forces to go back into the typewriter -- group. This is what you -- lets you can text messaging on this thing. -- -- -- -- The -- and text messaging phone. I Adam for our last piece -- -- show. Thankfully. We have a and -- feedback. Saying that we have this is from. -- less said and lives. Was. -- is. Thought. We had apparently. -- -- and you guys had the best podcast on CNET Bonnie just added a little bit of extra to balance off the curve aspect that I love. Keep up the great work we will we won't -- But thank -- for the note it was well. Currently known and that is good to go though and to this pod cat board not -- pockets that you still have my favorite segment coming here Baghdad. How this. Others don't the last show has considered meat and a -- forehead and then you know chastising me -- for -- -- -- one F. Unsolicited yet maybe all right. But now. For the last time. -- segment on -- security assistant to remind. -- old -- less than the mountain admiral snack bar. Is sad sad. Lol -- mean. -- -- Snack bar. I was -- bar from the very very popular series and movies. Stalwarts -- -- That's that's that's his his his pedigree. And speak -- a popular. -- -- -- -- That's exactly it is yeah. Yeah -- -- -- sent -- that it needs it as an empire strikes act. They go. And it was -- in the end. He was and I use only in regions that it. -- -- -- monopolies that I didn't think. -- -- -- -- -- Alone. The hundred games came out last week. Com and a -- -- and a 152. Point five million dollars. In the US in the very first weekend. That put it at number three. For the top opening weekends of all time -- -- in the US is right behind deep Dark -- and last year's Harry Potter difficult part to. Yet please put that into two movies. I mean yeah pretty impressive I saw the movie on Friday. Like a -- I really enjoy it I thought it was a really low may well act will acted well written -- it was it was surprisingly brutal. With the violence because of the don't know what the premises is basically went to kids. Killing each other to one's left out like twelve to eighteen year old -- it's. Pretty. Pretty awesome concept and handle really well. But I didn't expect it to be this popular it is so it will might just might my question then is. They'll have have the -- taken over because this is currently the twilight. You know -- look at twilight that the populated of that those movies. I feel like -- You know if you if you make a book kind of kind of targeted at adults at young adults. The site -- -- printing money these days of -- -- -- Harry Potter twilight. Have betweens in the team's taken over the question yes. Now. Estimating what what do you want to -- Do you want. Me I think that -- there is -- is there is at it that. The tough part is how to -- and capitalize on the -- economy without completely. Debasing the art of movie making now with things like twilight share in -- And I've had to sit through those who screen six when it well then let's. -- is a -- six because it last scream came out. And wasn't complete dud at the box office yet because it was the day it is now at that and -- -- it is now it's like. It's a throwback -- parents having seen. -- it's not something you present the new and something you take ownership is like album -- wasn't that scream movies it's not that cool. We're gonna save them and see what made you he -- -- read the books I think we could look at home I'd like. It what may BC was desperately need Dark Knight was threatened if you think it. Is an edited. Added get a million mean -- this column. -- I guess early reviews. And you know what she read the books and she told with the premise wasn't like okay. It's battle Royale. Of is that American version that Moab desert scene I had the Japanese -- Barrow which is based on -- Japanese but I think is -- -- column. This is basically that isn't that did you know that -- with. White people white people. This is pretty good mix -- and which noting that was in -- that we've come alive that it's really I value added that it. In that district is pretty good that they're infected you -- separated to -- districts like twelve -- -- -- that's pretty. It didn't -- until later altered its immediate -- It yeah that would have been different technician. But tell me there's a mix of you know color in the -- -- -- appreciated column. But I. It was. It is that in the early reviews and then just the concept that is about -- -- And another probably an identical as far as general they don't really goes part of but they do get pretty brutal. With the killings which heavily into inaction was shot well when. It was very suspense -- elected -- -- effects using that it uses a -- the effects sparingly. But they're very late. Story based effects which is gratuitous -- on this cuts down now. -- -- -- -- -- Now it's down. It's basically same thing but again like I -- -- -- -- -- the hunt down Cuban maasai might get inhalants is gonna and leave it on me now poses and nice -- picked it up. -- Talk about it next now only. I was in the -- it -- killing teenagers before it was cool. Six. I think they'll most TVs have that kind of like. Apocalyptic fancy way that I you know what. When it's my -- things happen at my high school and we tactic is every -- and now that sounds young that the and -- -- -- transco McAfee -- -- you know friends -- though a nun chuck away out of the school right yeah. You know whoever gets out first. Lids and some like that again. So this is that -- that's therein lies behind the -- appeals like I wanted to see this played out yeah I would receive. Which cornice it was a what are the best practice this. Stressed that remain fairly common for them when the students and yet they liked. I'm having now -- -- -- thank you everyone for him. Tuning in these many years to create podcast do not mourn for us down we are -- That list that was the man that's how we -- into the Huckabee and you know surprised. Everyone's already dead -- -- recorded at this. Now how we are going to be doing some really fun stuff and so you -- in February 8 CNET. -- Lover of CNET and the -- Blog you're gonna see more of us and all of our Austin has so this state to stay tuned -- continues and yes. And until next time.

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