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Crave 77: Is that a camera in your pants?: Crave

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Crave: Crave 77: Is that a camera in your pants?

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This week, Lego goes crazy for Minecraft (even if we don't), the Death Star gets a real-world estimate, DARPA invests in making Avatar a reality, and Eric and Bonnie make their Barbie dreams come true. In Geek news, Eric is obsessed with Mass Effect 3; he also shows off a mash-up of "The Prestige" and the latest "Dark Knight" trailers.

Okay it's Tuesday February 21. Your experience in the crave podcast. I'm Donald -- Eric Franklin. Bonnie -- and welcome and we're all here again. While -- engine in the -- -- If you. I'm feeling really good -- eight. You fools. What is this man he now again a more dynamic and exciting that you need to -- -- -- -- -- -- really. -- holding back kind of builds -- -- out there like ethos and that it is included in the look at the site. -- -- You note that no soul at me if you want to talk about like -- -- crafts I do it happened and who doesn't. It's already happened it's happened it's that they -- have a preview page here for you can pre order your 480. Due this summer or 34 dollars and 99 cents. -- And the they have the -- Allah that I didn't feel -- little connective pieces that connect the little grids of of mine -- Soil together yeah you can have you ever and craft world you guys in -- -- -- and never played -- -- I've never actually -- -- that you have played the iPhone version -- craft for five seconds before it decided that. It was important. I was more excited about this just being an expansion of the universe -- -- -- And I have yet to explicitly known and well. National -- and I. Down -- next week and -- Seattle Lego Lord of the Rings set coming out -- be just as excited about that right. I'll be more access I'll be -- yet he's -- -- -- coal exist in the same Lego universe he can have. Lord of the Rings trampling over your mind craft creation. Can have my craft more or yeah got it works attacking -- -- -- Europe. Fortification that you don't -- crap and it's and that's part of the game what you do these forts and people coming months is an attack -- -- them -- for some. -- -- -- -- -- -- I get only the video office and -- there and innovative. Stating Leonid. That guy he really looks like -- that looks like if you're watching CES must ES CSI. And they have the one guy who create mine -- -- one guy do it -- view -- -- I think I like. Not that one guy could communicate with their -- when they did it would be -- -- -- anything you make it offers them when -- him. We'll serious years. Ago -- craft and gonna buy these guys -- Simply need to monitor -- his dad and that than they did and that print out online. Using their road. Ninja the treaty -- skills industry partner now disputes are pouring out of -- laptop well the -- -- parents as it does. -- All right so what you will not be -- in -- craft and let's have a very long time and actually no I guess that's the only place you could. In your lifetime build this thing in several knots and that's -- You can build in a mine craft digitally. In a day maybe pain she'd better quicker and collapse. But if you were to actually build that death star using. Real world materials in this case it's estimated that -- -- a bill that out of steel. Right and using at the typical -- density of a modern worship. It's been estimated. From economics student at Lehigh University that it would take. Around 800000. Years. To produce the death star. At current rates. Yet. -- that nets -- the opinion that this can be built by robots drag -- -- and -- a little spots and a fine. Yeah this thing you didn't look like they you know. Well it's not about -- -- Return to that I of course when it like it's like it's like two thirds of the three force built already -- -- is that -- -- it wasn't built yet and so build. Well aren't yet I mean we can Begin debate. You know the fictionalized. Movie -- version of it but if you if you're an actual person you like you know what that was a really good idea why don't we do that right now I don't -- build a moon sized warship. -- just travel and outer space -- this race stuff -- why do we do now but. Because -- -- -- hundred. According to the -- these guys -- inch. I'm just saying. Why why why limit -- to see -- let me use of this the tool meant to say you want your you've -- -- -- -- to something in great mom if you gonna do this little. This -- -- estimate -- whatever. I I I I don't want people to be discouraged in building a real -- stars spinning right. I don't want people to be out -- -- wallets with their -- -- that why that's possible places like people we have built the pyramids are like oh well let's look. You -- forty. Thousands slaves. You know. A hundred years to build these proxies huge boulders coming from miles -- days signal immediately available utterly wrong when he likes what do you imagine appeared action conspiracy he began -- need. -- consistent and there ya know -- just. I don't want the next evil empire to be discouraged. You know and not building the best so if you -- system. If you're -- Peters second in command that is survived the that choke hold ya. You'd say you know what we -- do this a lot faster militant balsa wood and a stronger force field Plexiglas. That puts realizes that the way the future is my equipment and -- Is that I guess now in -- thirty -- That the toxic residue from manufacturing entire planet's worth of Plexiglas it's a movie overboard he taught me anything. It's that Plexiglas. In his answer to all the our problems. Are likely be walking around the -- -- and that is that reek of plastic that -- down then. Lowland bog you get used to -- -- -- I think. While people if we're gonna really make talent we're gonna have to work with Eric and these economic students define yet around because they should contact me for sure can't really rule over the universe. As a single empire. Without -- really kick ass moon size. You know battle station at hand really really stupid weakness and Wii points -- giant African laser. You have a little hole that you can shoot torpedoed out of them and that there you go out every now and I. Have started pretty. Anyone discovered that there is gonna let a little -- anxious to settle a lot of room with. And I plan I don't know and I -- smells we -- basically -- worries. And of this or that blends the movies with the reality here is that DARPA is actually putting seven million dollars of funding. -- program code -- avatar. Which will develop. Develop interfaces and out rhythms to enable a soldier to effectively partner with a semi autonomous by -- machine and allowed to act as -- -- surrogate. Okay this is actually happening this is at and we act we have five million per but he -- dog -- seven million dollars of funding -- -- -- here in the second environment. Doctors got it they're gonna make it happen avatar ish and at least robotic lead in becoming closer to reality -- is not on. This James Cameron influencing. The real life or is did he get that idea from like -- like an idea of someone else on engineers had. Years ago -- and he was as I want to me as an equally out of you know and make it in and you put that movie recently that was -- -- is -- -- -- feed off of each other in this. I don't know definitively. I don't know how to get these democratic -- and I don't actually you're going to. That particular you have. This seems like really in an occupant having just finished I hate to admit this amount he credibility having just standard -- Finished Clarissa Scott -- Anders scheme -- translates again. For the person for the first well well nice a -- and talk -- Aaron it's like it's not this oil. The book but it kinda plays into the same thing we had our share -- sure -- -- all -- -- -- that. And he wrote that means like early tweets initiative they shouldn't really -- -- -- hindered. Or something under program. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a condition -- at this point -- action at what will forever they've actually tested it just you know actually actually are doing it now. The -- the kids. Odd I think in the in the (%expletive) like from five to ten may be right. -- -- -- the first half of the book. But like here casting -- twelve -- -- notes that it just fine I don't wanna five -- Euro for an act of instant -- It's internationally turn into a business -- Johnson and and I had. He get kid wife Julie ask why do it can and it does that by monster because that best or is so -- -- revised -- -- -- -- -- -- At least it does you know I was eager for the that stuff and so this is -- deep religious. This -- Hollywood can do weird twisted things to a story that involves children. -- -- -- No one can help. Middle of -- million hello I usually get bad -- is horrible things that have now that's I mean. If there if they're done in the way that this book was done her cheating kids as -- kind of the malicious and adults -- Hollywood has a hard time doing -- authentic picture without making it but that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's the best part in his game. You know there's -- -- work. Murder scene. -- that book. Kids. And some kids try to murder one -- and and people person gets killed in the shower and astronauts and -- on the Williams -- And excludes anything and that book is like. Forty years old so I think -- chat create an antenna and and I don't mind. -- talk about the last blending of reality. And horrible -- quest to -- And they aren't freezes and asked that it -- that. -- Barbie and your photographs. How about -- it's surely might be -- club it and out using augmented reality contract and -- Thank you for that -- I think it will -- with Korea. And -- being -- -- -- content and yes a buck bunny came to me last week it was like to -- him. -- I can finalize the -- visually -- went over to her and she made -- I did try. Our view is close initiate virtual clothes you happily volunteered. On even put that on -- forced into this -- well. And but we did get a at least one very cute picture about that TR com on this. -- has -- had to extend it until about the these letters that be that the content are made for kids for and it makes -- the -- Flexible neck there's something you're supposed to go -- I thought I did a narrow shoulders to try to fit into that little thing Cisco has yet -- Isn't very intuitive -- and it was kept switching yeah I don't know if someone doesn't like museums. But. -- make fun pictures that. Pupils and -- it in -- -- To this latest in the soundtrack we've had I mean unfortunately now vitamin that -- -- that this is it is like my my life soundtrack that. In my head so I don't really be -- -- this and media group of I added cycles between this and hope by hand picked up and I'm meet me and that's -- so happy on its own -- and -- it. And -- need to do that. I the -- from here. I'm doing because I don't know how I feel about it I am an ambivalent about this the the camera of the future. Let's get to basically the -- said. You know. Now that we don't have lake -- film canisters anymore you don't have to have cameras at -- square. And he thinks this is -- more ergonomic leave. -- camera sharing a -- and it reminds me aren't the of the light -- camera -- and have more about the lands and then the the actual so you like posting bogus. Selection can put this as well. It's it's really just that -- cat fancy here but in place. I guess it has -- -- is just the scale of this it looks like it's beer cans. -- -- the end isn't the picture and. And pixel that. Ice is something that -- -- -- -- and then. You know that the batteries -- anything if you -- dinosaurs -- a pixel and this. -- -- understand if that could affect us for some mental and in my pocket and -- electoral quarters it might be -- -- -- plans or it might be beneficial would it be -- -- keeping Eugene easy yeah I'd say you angle the right way. Squared he could interpret as a wallet our camera his -- honey don't like. -- This right isn't it. As me Donald bell walked down the street is solid even light show goes for a little bit more of a square -- design I'm sure the person is -- legendary. Cylinder like -- someone's at. One and me looks a little -- -- -- -- into your kids see the kids. -- -- -- -- Kevin's walnut street just -- it's like that fight club subliminal thing. Kids walk past you know -- know whether upset that start crying. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah so to. -- they make -- ideas I think it's -- needed design revision history program at the and using. Share. Yeah I -- think amazing pictures yeah I think we're focusing on. Exactly the reasons why people won't buy it. But what it out of but it but it's all about ergonomics and I by the fact that -- -- June 5 principle -- -- woman. Others -- -- questions and no. Call it a little bit but it that Mac legend has built from vigorous to com -- Now language in particular -- you know if if you're. A is blunt about the gadgets -- it. -- no no welcome to do. Our favorite segment. Eleven. I love I'm gonna perfect -- replies hello I -- hello -- -- can. Because it really does feel like you argued -- told the of the board to tell -- is all of a sudden -- just like. Friends. That you -- you -- Or something then X. Please utilize it to conclude -- does it. Away yeah but yet willing. News. On. So was -- last week its few members. It's good that knows missed all -- one of the things I did to RO when I was homesick. I finally woke up after my column my cool induced. And consciousness. Is that all of the mass effect three demo. That's a bit too MS they wandered to my favorite games real time aspect too especially. These -- great games that are their RPG's but they have a very out. -- I define shooting mechanics will be there almost like gears of war plus RPG. -- on top of it you have all these decisions you can make all these moral choices. One of the best -- -- is that it was a -- in part one will carry over to port to lead to in -- to -- three. So characters let you know part won election to decide if so what's going to live or die like these two characters you can't see them both inside as the live -- dynamic selfish choice. In part one. To save them the woman I was banging on my character has -- -- -- -- -- -- And the subsequent mass -- -- out what the -- -- -- shows that have killed you had to. And -- and -- is kind of weird and I don't -- Amazon prime viewing via the so anyway out one of the sell items and view that the around. The table and it's it's a part three. And so good like that. Part two that the control with was awesome but -- -- further refined it to to be more electric it is more Agile ran past isn't entirely he's running on these -- I think it's certainly an anonymously rant -- -- -- idealism look -- -- face when she. Intelligence. It -- that -- -- ST SA no that's that's that's the great thing while mass effect is that you kind of you create your own main characters -- Create a woman or man they can be. You know what what would ever reach you want them to be they can be -- to be straight its not like -- pickle gay -- straight you just make organic choices throughout the game. Of of who you want to have relationships with you can momentum picks certain men wouldn't compare it certainly know you can pick the opposite sex as well you think aliens or humans ever. This is now what right now -- -- to -- -- multiplayer not a new thing a mass effect mass victory is that there's a multiplayer mode which is basically. I love that -- gonna use the inception music for this stuff. Works -- -- but that the new thing and that's exactly there's a multiplayer mode that's basically horde mode from our gears of war. But you you know you're trying to survive these eleven rounds column is -- like fifty -- -- where Moses like kind of and attainable stuff to another outlet can survive with what I've done in the demo demo and basically -- -- You're taking all these -- -- to become -- -- and huge kind of the finger positions that you also have -- missions every. Every couple machines you have specific mission to take out certain ai stuff like it's awesome stuff. And that territory yet actual -- -- -- in the multiplayer so is like you make these. Meaningful choices every time you level up like imputed as affection don't make as meaningful as many -- it -- -- like it can be like -- you can choose from like. Well what 30% more damage a listing all I want it to affect more hours are larger -- -- -- -- make any meaningful choices like all the all the time. Totally awesome in it to the class isn't -- yet it. March 6 is when we get it mom I really played the demo blows does much like it's a demo and I am -- in that. -- -- it's it's crazy how much how addicted I -- -- right now says this by the agency last week that well -- That's when it -- -- an. Now I'll. And -- interest in the mass of the universe you should check out I'll manage it's it's great now when there are -- had a great write up on call wide mass effect. It's the most important science fiction universe. Of our generation and you can read -- and and read out of his take on that why he thinks that is one of the best things he says about that is because. In making a start textile wars and its other sensation universe -- Dvd main protagonists is whoever they want to me -- -- to be put in this you know in this universe. I like SAD does mean that has to be non -- non -- and can be -- you know so slightly in and that that the character in main character Shepard is one of the only characters -- explored in a video games were the main character is people's favorite. Because it's you and you make your choices based on that would be one you know you could be -- be go down the Paramount. On a way got a really gave way and make -- really -- bad -- choices and be like you know you're in an effort to whatever. It's so it's really -- that you and it must. I actually do agree that I thought that it -- if I read this I was because it sold well thought -- -- detail I mean there's a lot of reasons is go Eagles into what. Like. Peace -- history that can become more of that universe. It's very well thought out. And it it seems very plausible at the same time and when that the biggest thing he says is that human beings -- the most important people in the galaxy in this universe where it's like. Look at Star Trek is always like look at the federation is like. The federation of planets in this like mostly human announcements of even make jokes about and the Star Trek in recent -- -- was the hours you'll see as mean it was a -- humans and with -- with this when you get to see like human beings. -- your place and only you guys we can just start this they just -- this fashion like travel you can't have this much responsibility comes. That the admiral Akbar quotient is based that is definitely definitely definitely lots of ports anyway to a home at -- -- Odds always attractive. In the. So that last that is yet to you know but I have an excellent. Excellent. Support and why -- and -- highest rated show ever. I England was not there when spoken to that -- -- the meaning of that humans. There's also a new trailer -- you can -- plane that -- we don't have to like the growth and hold Taylor and doing their but it just looks really core. November -- -- about winning the picking -- poultry is -- -- take back the years. Because -- -- their they're there. -- -- -- perhaps finally attacking earth. It's been kind of you know there's something in your characters kind of predict it's gonna happen and no one can believe you and it's finally happening -- being attacked and whatever and it's just really really basic CG CG do I check it out we'll have played a whole thing here. Our -- move on to the next thing but -- -- -- Someone did. Awesome. It melded to my favorite what what when -- -- it will result in a woman -- movie series of all time in the prestige and the tech niceties. Becoming -- that. And that and -- kind of like kind of put the -- -- these audio over. The three Dark -- trailers or between that -- -- to say that right now. Since it's really -- And -- magic trick consists of three -- Thanks. First content. And -- Changes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- school and child. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- making something decent. -- -- That's why Disney magic trick. Dollars. That pump cool. Street. Opening -- as us and he didn't know about the idea to add or remove it again you just assume that -- most elaborate. MacBook trailer for the dark matter that when he went to his home that you can -- -- to ensure into the magic treatment in works management and Internet. But -- as it proceeds. In unstable I have I've seen -- and -- -- its -- It in and that's a ridiculous rules this week. Again this technique that aging -- blocking ads on ME but each -- is slated confident. -- -- Well they might even -- little browser that lets not blood umbilical about the shaking -- Spaces -- hands are so I couldn't actually. -- and you -- that use Internet there it's not fun. I -- got Donald bell and this day. Hello Donald -- Apple doesn't get hooked it up and it'll little -- yeah -- love is eleven point three today -- Donald bell hit the studio. Blitz which is so sure it -- -- aware that about. Dominant -- And a day. If you know them just -- it -- he. Could. Thank you guys. For being in the -- this last episode. Now -- -- owner has -- and it. And have -- if any lack will be back here next week Tuesday's. The opposite please join us continue to giants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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