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Cracking Open: Cracking Open the Samsung Galaxy S III (T-Mobile)

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Cracking Open: Cracking Open the Samsung Galaxy S III (T-Mobile)

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The Galaxy S III is to crack open, but Bill Detwiler explains why replacing the screen or front panel will be costly.

With its beautiful display and stylish design the galaxy S three looks great on the outside but what about on the inside. Let's find out. I'm build -- -- and this is cracking open. From a parent -- repair standpoint PS3 has both positive and negatives. On the plus side. It's poly carbonate cases ridiculously. Easy to open banks to -- user replaceable NFC capable battery back cover just pops off. And after removing a few Phillips screws I detach the motherboard cover using just my fingers. The headphone Jack and speaker assembly came -- just as easily another positive is the motherboard connector placement. Online BH DC one acts most of the S three's connectors are located on the side of the motherboard that faces the -- back cover. This makes -- easy to remove and reinstall. Unfortunately while getting to most of the internal component is a -- replacing them may be a bit more complicated. Some components such as the volume buttons earpiece and service light. Appear to be joined together with a single ribbon cable if you replace one you'll probably need to replace them all. Also most of the internal ribbon cables are glued to the internal frame. If you ever need to replace the frame it very difficult to remove all the attached components without damaging. If you're wondering why you'd ever need to replace the -- that brings me to my biggest complaint about the phone's construction. The front panel display and -- -- all sandwiched together and held in place with extremely strong adhesive. If -- crack the display where the front panel which happens a lot you'll likely have to replace the whole assembly or just get a new phone. Now that we've discussed the pros and cons of US -- construction. Let's take a tour around the phone's internal hardware. Unlike the international S three which has a Quad Core Samsung X in -- process -- the US version like this T-Mobile unit. Have a one point five gigahertz dual core Qualcomm S four chip shown here -- and under the two gig ram chip. They also have either sixteen or 32 gigs of onboard storage. A micro SD card slot and eight megapixel rear facing camera one point nine megapixel front facing camera. And -- four point eight inch HD super amoled display. As of this taping T-Mobile version of the Samsung galaxy S three is available for 199. With a two year contract. And despite my complaints about its repair ability it's a solid Android phone with top shelf hardware and -- highly competitive price. For more information on the phone's software real world performance. And battery life test results. Check out Jessica -- court's full CNET review. And -- -- -- out photos and read my full hardware analysis and go to tech republic dot com forward slash cracking open. I'm build -- rock and thanks for watching. And -- can and can't.

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