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Cracking Open: Cracking Open the HTC Evo 4G LTE

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Cracking Open: Cracking Open the HTC Evo 4G LTE

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Bill Detwiler cracks open the EVO 4G LTE and finds a lot to like about Sprint's version of the HTC One X.

Sprint won't have a working LTE network and told mid 2012. And even then it will only be and select cities but that hasn't stopped them from releasing an LTE phone. And now that the HTC evo four GL TE has finally cleared US customs we can crack it open. And compare -- to its cousin but one -- People four GLT -- a lot of hardware with a one acts. But there are several important differences beyond that you -- kick stand in two -- case. In fact the first difference is the way you open the phones. And using a thin metal tool I popped off the upper half of the back cover and then remove -- TiVo's internal motherboard cover. I then removed the speaker cover and battery compartment cover. In contrast the one -- -- a single piece cover. Now we're inside the phone we can see more differences between the evo and the one -- for starters you'll has a larger capacity battery. 2000 million hours instead of 18100. -- battery is also easier to replace as its connectors mounted to the top of the motherboard speaking -- motherboard they're also different. You -- board doesn't extend down the side of the phone as the one -- -- -- and on the TiVo's board most of the connectors are on the top. This makes working on the eagle easier than working on the one -- Lastly instead of a micro sim card slot -- -- those motherboard has a micro SD card slot. -- the rest of the phone's construction. -- vibration motor is mounted at the top instead of the bottom. And the lower speakers mounted to the front panel assembly instead of the back cover. The evil also lacks the circuit that houses the one X docking connectors contacts. Despite all these differences the phones at least the US versions. Do share a dual core one point five gigahertz Qualcomm has four processor. One gig of ram shown here on top of the processor and sixteen gigs of onboard storage. As well as an end and -- three axis gyroscope and semantics touch screen controller. And although I haven't tried to swap them out yet there -- cameras also look identical. As of this taping the evo four GL TE is available for 199. Dollars with a two year sprint contract. And like the one -- it's a solid phone even though the US version lacks a Quad Core process. As cnet's Brian Bennett wrote the new evo is light years better than its predecessors and -- enough features to strike real fear into the hearts of competitors. And see more tear down photos and read my full hardware analysis. Go to tech republic dot com forward slash cracking open I'm -- -- thanks for watching.

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