First Look: Cowon iAudio 7
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First Look: Cowon iAudio 7

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The Cowon iAudio 7 beats the industry heavyweight iPod Nano in price, features, battery life, and sound quality. The user interface could use some refinement, but all in all this is a very impressive MP3 player.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> Hello I'm Donald Bell and today we are taking a first look at the Cohen I-Audio 7. The I-Audio 7 looks identical to the I-Audio 6 but there are some changes under the hood that make it a much better player. It uses flash-based memory, which is going to be a lot faster and more reliable and it comes in both 4 GB and 8 GB capacities. What we loved about the I-Audio 6 is still here in the I-Audio 7, it does really just about everything really well and has a rated battery life of 60 hours, which is again another thing that is going to put this thing at the top of a lot of our best of lists. It has a 1.3 inch color OLED screen, is fairly bright although you do get some glare if you're looking at the thing outdoors. I think probably one of the most unique parts of the design of the I-Audio 7 is the touch control, what they call the swing touch control. It's a little touch scroll wheel that you can either slide your finger across, tap on or hold a corner of to quickly scroll through your music, photos, videos. I-Audio 7 also has dedicated volume control buttons at the top, a menu button, and a hold switch that also doubles as a power shut off. The USB port is one a standard USB port, two, it's concealed behind a really durable rubber door. As side from great battery life another reason to buy this player is that it has excellent sound quality. If there is any one drawback to the I-Audio 7 it is the fact that you have to convert video for it. The video looks great once you get it on here, but it is kind of 18 to convert. I'm holding here both the 4 GB Silver I-Audio 7 and the 8 GB red version of the I-Audio 7. The 4 GB player goes for about a hundred and seventy dollars and 8 GB player goes for about two hundred and twenty. I'm Donald Bell and that was the first look at the Cohen I-Audio 7 MP3 player. ^M00:01:51 [ Music ]

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