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Rumor Has It: Could the new Xbox hit in 2013 after all?

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Rumor Has It: Could the new Xbox hit in 2013 after all?

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This week in rumor land, Donald Bell and Emily Dreyfuss wonder about new Kindle Fires, whether Samsung might drop the Android OS, and they don't mention the iPhone 5 once. Kidding!

EMILY: Hey, I�m Emily Dreyfuss DONALD: and I'm Donald Bell in for Karyne Levy. EMILY: Welcome to Rumor Has It! The show where we round up the week's hottest tech rumors. DONALD: And vote on what we think will come true, and what�s total bunk. EMILY: The best part is that you guys can vote too, so don�t go anywhere EMILY (To my camera): Let's jump right into the biggest rumor of the week. A 56-page PowerPoint presentation got posted in a forum thread, allegedly from Microsoft. In it, their Microsoft�s supposed product plans until 2015 are laid out. The juiciest bit? That the Xbox 720 will drop in time for Christmas 2013. DONALD: This excites me waaay more than the idea of an Apple Television. The interesting part for me is that this also points to a new Kinect and some augmented reality glasses hitting by 2015. EMILY: Though this could very well be a fake, it�s in line with the timeframe we�ve been expecting for ages. So whether the line drawings of jughead and veronica dancing to a new Xbox Kinect are real or not, the question is when will we see the console? DONALD (To Donald�s camera): This is the question every gamer wants to know. Will the new Xbox come out this year, next year, or the year after? EMILY: I�m a pessimist so I say 2014. That�s what we�d been hearing all year, and I don�t believe this product road map is real. DONALD: Well, I think this year would be too soon after the refresh they just had, and 2014 is too late. Next year sounds perfect. DONALD: If you�re watching on CNET, cast your vote now using the thumbs up, thumbs down right next to Emily�s head in the CNET Interactive player. EMILY: See 'em? Right there! You have the next 30 seconds to vote. Go! In the meantime, we take the rumor to the streets of San Francisco. Stick around, because in a few minutes you�ll see if your vote was the same as CNET�s experts. EMILY: Let�s go run down a few more tech rumors from the week, and then reveal what our poll of CNET Council of experts thinks. Don�t go anywhere. Stick around to see if your vote matches up with the experts. DONALD (To Donald�s camera): Our second rumor comes from our good friends over at Digitimes, and a bunch of you who emailed us. The rumor is that Amazon may be planning to introduce several versions of the Kindle Fire in three sizes. EMILY: All I know is I don�t care about bigger versions--I just want a faster Kindle Fire. DONALD: Yeah, three options are a bit much, but people have wanted a 10-inch version ever since the original came out. EMILY (To my camera): Our third rumor comes from an anonymous developer speaking to Tech Crunch, so take it with a grain or 100 of salt. This dev thinks that the new Auto Layout feature in iOS 6 is the smoking gun that proves that the next iPhone will be bigger. DONALD: It looks like Auto Layout helps developers to size their apps across a wide range of screen sizes. I like this rumor, but I think it�s probably more about an Apple TV than an iPhone. They�ve already solved the resolution issues between different iPhones pretty well. EMILY: Yeah, and between iPhones and iPad. But this could mean that we�re going to see a wide-screen iPhone with a different aspect ratio. DONALD (To Donald�s camera): And finally, the Wall Street Journal says that Samsung�s new CEO wants to strengthen their software capabilities. CNET�s Roger Cheng wonders if Samsung may finally abandon Android in their smartphones and make their own OS. EMILY: Since Google is in the hardware business now with Motorola, Samsung could feel threatened. It did buy an OS called Bada a while ago. DONALD: Yeah, but Android really is the best thing to happen to Samsung�s phones. He�s probably just talking about more customizations of Android. EMILY: Don�t do it, Samsung, you waited too long. Google and Apple have a patent on everything. Can�t you just imagine the lawyers drooling all over themselves, ready to file new lawsuits? DONALD: OK, back to our first rumor. Let�s see what the CNET Council thinks about the Xbox. EMILY: And the CNET verdict is YEA, the next Xbox will come out in 2013. DONALD: The CNET Council was split 3 in favor, and 2 against. EMILY: Blerg, the council shot me down. Check out how you guys did. See your results right there? DONALD: OK, that�s our show everyone. Tune in next week for more rumors. EMILY: In the meantime, if you�ve got a comment, a rumor, or just want to gossip e-mail us at rumorhasit@cnet.com or call us at 1-800-750-CNET. Our comment of the week comes from Tonyx42 who said Android is like driving a stick shift. You have waaaaay more control but it takes a little work. iOS is like an automatic, easier, but you�re limited. DONALD: So leave us more comments snd don�t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Emily: See you next time on Rumor Has It!
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