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CES 2012: Cooking with Linux just got a lot easier

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CES 2012: Cooking with Linux just got a lot easier

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At CES 2012, Rafe Needleman searches for the cooky and gets the QOOQ, a Linux-based tablet that helps you in the kitchen.

speaker 1: Hi, this is Ray (??) from CNet at CES (??) the night before the show opens or 2 nights and we're here at CES looking forward (??) the cookie and we have found, get this, the cook. It's a Linux space tablet for the kitchen and I'm here with John (Eve?), yup, who is the CEO. Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: Really a Linux tablet? speaker 2: Yeah, this is a Linux tablet and incredibly it's working very well. Speaker 1: Why not an Android tablet? speaker 2: Because when we did (??) it we wanted something very easy, very accessible for people, very intuitive and Linux seem to us the most easiest thing to use. Speaker 1: One generally does not consider Linux in the kitchen as 2 things that naturally go together. I mean, we were thinking of a kitchen and (??) think but the iPad or something simple like a Kindle Fire. How do you make this easy and what are you selling this for? speaker 2: In fact, we have the hardware, the software and the content and we wanted to master the total experience, meaning it's a 10-inch screen so it's not a 7-inch screen. It's the best screen to see the recipes in video. It's... we must complete the application so it means, we know exactly when we push the button, how it's gonna happen and we master of course the content and the content is more than the 3600 recipes in videos with more than 100 chef that explains step by step how to do the recipes. Speaker 1: And it sells for how much? speaker 2: It sells for US$399. Speaker 1: I can get 2 Kindle Fires for that. Speaker 2: Yeah, the Kindle Fire is smaller. It's not dedicated to the kitchen. Here you can (??) this glass of wine, throw it on the screen with no danger. You can throw a tomato sauce, you can throw whatever you want, it will work. You can use it on an iPad. You can use on whatever screen you want but this one is really specified for the kitchen. Speaker 1: All right. If somebody wants this Linux powered kitchen leak pad for the kitchen where and when can they get it. Speaker 2: For the moment, it's in France but it's gonna come in the U.S. for the next semester. Speaker 1: Okay, good luck. Speaker 2: Thank you.

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