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Ovens: Connecting with GE's new freestanding ranges

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Ovens: Connecting with GE's new freestanding ranges

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With great safety features and an affordable price tag GE looks to bring their new WiFi enabled oven to the masses.

Hi I'm Andrew [UNKNOWN] for CNet. I'm at GE appliances park. I'm here today with their first wi-fi connected freestanding oven range. This oven ranges connects to their brilliant app which is available on iOS and android. You can use the app to preheat your oven when you're on the way home. You can control the temperature from your couch. If you left for work and don't remember if you left that oven on, you can check and turn it off and get that extra peace of mind. The handy thing is that it comes with a couple extra security features to make sure you aren't turning on your oven when you shouldn't be. In order to start preheating the oven, you need to hit the remote enable button. So, if you're leaving for work in the morning, make sure you remember to do that if you're gonna wanna preheat on the way home. Additionally, if you have the remote enable button pressed, and somebody comes and opens the oven, it automatically turns off. What that means is that if someone is messing with your oven that you didn't know well then it won't let you turn it on it's a nice handy safety feature. Once the oven is actually on you don't need the remote enabled button pressed to be able to do things it's already heated so you can change that temperature, you can set a timer and like I said turn the oven on. This brilliant app is already available in their built in double wall oven, but these are very costly and you need to have a lot of room in your kitchen in order to be able to have it. So, I'm very excited that their finally bringing this technology to a more standard free standing machine. So, these free standing ovens will retail between $1,600 and $2,000. They'll be available in both. Gas and electric ranges and they're all gonna fit within GE's profile series. LG has a connected oven that's only about 1300. But, the brilliant app does work better than LG's. Thank you. And this thing. Isn't a slouch as a machine just because it's connected. It offers true European convection. Customizable rings on the top of the stove. So just size. So connected technology. In all this is still a high end very capable oven. All on it's own. From GE appliances park. For C[net. I'm Andrew Gebhart.

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