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The 404: Comic-Con 2013: The 404 Show Sideshow Collectibles booth tour

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The 404: Comic-Con 2013: The 404 Show Sideshow Collectibles booth tour

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The 404 Show's Jeff Bakalar tours the Sideshow Collectibles booth, a toy distribution and production outlet known for the most realistic and detailed figures around.

-Hey, everyone. It's Jeff Bakalar from the 404 Show right here at Comic-Con 2013. I'm at the Sideshow Collectibles booth. I'm here with Robin who is going to show us some unbelievable figurines and action figures and 1:1 scale to life characters that this company offers. They're a huge toy distributor. So, Robin, what do we got here and how much money would I need to spend for something like this? Do I need to remortgage my house like what are we talking about here? -You don't have to remortgage your house. -Okay. -In this section here we have our 1:1 scale-- -Right. -Reproductions. So from our Star Wars line you can see Boba Fett, Han Solo in Carbonite. -Right. -And to the far side you'll see Darth Vader. -So this is real Carbonite. -You would pretend it's real Carbonite. -Right. So how much this go for? -The 1:1 scale is between $4,000 and $6,000. -Okay, so affordable like so I see you have most of you like Star Wars 1:1. You got Darth Vader and Boba Fett over here. -We do. -Do you have any other 1:1's? -We do. Behind us we have Ironman and we also have the War Machine. -Okay. So we are here with Bruce. He says hi. Can you tell us about-- this is an unbelievable life-size bust of Batman obviously. What goes into the making of this sort of stuff because I don't know how close you can get in, but the detail and the attention to detail is mind-blowing when you really get up in close up. -It really is. Everything is hand-dressed, hand-painted, hand-created, and even hand-packed. -What is something like this usually go for where it's like bust? -For bust of this size in this nature ranges anywhere between $350 and $500. -Okay. See that to me is like I can do that, like we can make that happen. Oh my gosh. What's happening over her with Miss Ivy? -This statue may or may not get you in trouble with your wife. This is our Poison Ivy statue from the Batman line. -Yes. -And-- -Oh my gosh. -Obviously one of our most popular-- -Is it really? -Female characters. -It is popular, she'll rock a-- -She's got a great personality. -She really has a perky personality. I could tell. Something looks familiar I can't quite put my finger on it. -I'm not sure. -Yes. Is this Poison Ivy thing something you would buy? -Oh, she's a little skanky. -Yes. She is letting it all hang out a little bit, yes. -She is. -And so here's Harlequin and this is the closest I've ever been up to it. This is sort of new, right? This one's relatively new? -It is. Yes. -And I'm blown away not just by like the eye, you know, her eyes are pretty shocking, but you can tell that she's wearing like skin-tight-- what is that latex or like some sort of Spandex? -Yes. It is. -It's Spandex. -We have fabricators in the house that their specialty is costume design. -Okay. So we're here at a totally sort of different line of products. -Yes, we are. -They're a little bigger. They're not exactly 1:1 but they're to some scale-- -This is our Legendary Scale Figure line. -Legendary scale. -And it's technically half scale. -Right. -There's some characters are a little bit larger with Galactus. -Right. -He's basically 30 stories tall. -Sure. -Can't really do a half scale. -No, not anymore. -We threw in our little Silver Surfer so you can get proportion. -Right. Do you see that? So that's how much larger Galactus is than Silver Surfer. He's just this little guy. He's like a fly to him. He just buzzes around. And what's really cool about these is there's like light-up elements to them as well, all right? -When the costume and the character calls for it, then we will add electronics and other detail features. -Very cool. -So for Galactus in particular he's got the light-up eyes and the chest piece, and he also comes with a beautiful display base that shoots the purple lighting up on to him. -So we're here with Saron from Lord of the Rings and this one is blowing me away because number 1 it's the most badass villain here in terms of just terrifying and just so freaking cool. That mask is unbelievable, but what I'm noticing is all the different types of materials that are being used with this and if you get in real close you can see the unbelievable detail to like the branding on the weapons. So how does the team-- what do they use as like source material to replicate this in such amazing detail? -We use whatever we have access to. -Right. -Sometimes if the film is in progress-- -Yes. -We'll actually get access to the prop weapons to be able to start etching so people have onset photography. We'll have actors costume test shots-- -Right. -To go from. -So from start to finish like the second-- okay, we're gonna make a Saron to the time that it's done, how long does that take? Yes. -Sometimes it could take 2 years. -Yes. -Sometimes it could take a year. -All right. So we're here in the Hot Toys section of the Sideshow Collectibles booth. Their stuff is out of control. -Yes. -For sure. -Beautiful likenesses. -Yes. -They go crazy on the accessories. Everything is super detailed and they have sometimes 6 sets of hands because they have so many accessories, you need different hand gestures to be able to hold them all. -And you could see that with the Batman or Robin. Here we're looking at some characters from G.I. Joe Retaliation. These are more Hot Toys. -Yes. -But I mean look at Bruce, that's Bruce Willis, he's right here. -It is. -They shrunk him down. They put him in glass and he's right here. -We also have The Rock over here. -So would you, guys, are you ever in the market for getting a replica of yourself in a smaller sort of-- -A little mini me? -Yes. How do you feel about that? -Well, actually I stood in line over at Mattel trying to get the Batusi and he's sold out. Can you hook a Batman up? -I think some Joker took all of them. -You may be right, Robin. It could be a plot to take over Comic-Con. Quick, to the Bat Cave. We haven't one moment to lose. Sorry. Bye. -Holy bat brains. -All right. See you. -Robin, thank you so much. -Thank you. -It was a pleasure meeting you. -Thank you for coming by. -Of course. -You got a credit card. -Yes. We'll take care of that off-camera. Okay. Don't worry, but you'll get it. Don't worry. You'll get it. -Thank you. -And if it's the client don't worry about it. Keep swiping. -I will keep trying. -All right. Rock and roll. Thanks for joining us here from the Sideshow Collectibles booth right here at Comic-Con 2013. For CNET, I'm Jeff Bakalar. Thanks for watching.

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