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CNET Top 5: CNET Top 5: Top-rated products of 2007

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CNET Top 5: CNET Top 5: Top-rated products of 2007

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It takes a lot to earn a high rating from CNET's editors.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Welcome to CNET Top 5 for each time we meet, we count down another hot CNET list, I'm Tom Merritt. As we get to the end of the year, it's time to look back on 365 days of product reviewing. What products got the highest ratings? This is a competitive system. You won't see any iPhones or frankly, any phones at all. Only the highest quality tech meet the standards for our tough reviewers. So, let's count down the top 5, top rated products of 2007. At number 5, DroBo with an 8.8. This data protection dreamland folks. Use any ZETA drive and be able to pull drives out and put them in without affecting operation. If this thing ever goes from being USB to networkable, it might approach a 10 rating. Coming in at number 4, the Nikon D2Xs with an 8.8 as well. It's expensive and heavy, but man, does it take good pictures with low noise even at high ISOs and if you know what that means, you deserve a good cam. Up to number 3 the JVC KD-NX5000 in-dash car receiver with a 9. One of only 3 products to get a 9 or above this year. Basically jam packed with audio, video and GPS features, everything you could want in an in-dash unit. Sliding in at number 2, the HP Blackbird 002 with a 9.3. The highest rating Rich Brown has ever given a desktop. This thing has excellent design, high-end component and an easy upgrade path. But even with all that, it's not number 1. But before we get to number 1, let's check in on the back half of the top 10. These are the products that bubbled under the top. Alright, let's get to our number 1, it needed a tie breaker. It also got a 9.3, but the user ratings gave it the edge. At number 1, it's the Canon EOS 1D Mark III. See, our camera editors are not easily impressed, but when they see a good unit, they recognize it. In Philip Ryan's words the Mark III is a luxurious cocktail of high resolution, extremely low noise, blazingly fast burst shooting, abundant customization and a build quality and ergonomic design among the best you'll find in today's camera market. Enough said. Well, that's it for this edition of CNET Top 5. Remember, these were the highest rated, not most popular, pretty interesting huh? Also, I should note, video games and cars were eliminated from this list. The criteria are different enough that you see a lot of not. Have a happy New Year folks, I'm Tom Merritt, see you next time. ^M00:02:56 [ Music ]

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