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CNET Top 5: CNET Top 5: Tech predictions for 2008

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CNET Top 5: CNET Top 5: Tech predictions for 2008

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Tom Merritt makes his forecasts for the coming year.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Hey, welcome to CNET's Top 5 for each time we meet we count down another hot CNET list. I'm Tom Merritt. You know 2007 is over friends, get past it, the year's over and you know what must be done at the end of every year beside to that. It's time to make my Top 5 Tech Predictions for 2008. Let's count them down. At number 5, the internet will suck and I don't mean what's on the net, I mean the connectivity. Bandwidth throttling, crappy wifi, slow cellular wireless, it's just gonna get worse folks. Coming in at number 4, the PC will become passe, sucky connectivity be damned, we're goin' mobile anyway baby, laptops, smart phones, even UMPCs, ZPCs, weird internet tablet piggies. A desktop? What's that? Up to number 3, Google becomes overlord. The crystal ball is a bit hazy here, but we know Google will somehow dominate. Could be android, could be the 700mHz Spectrum, could be a $ 100,000 stock price, could be all of that plus a Google OS, Google airline and a Google care for cancer in convenient [inaudible] form. Sliding in, in number two, Apple will do nothing. That's right. It will the year of the update. New iphone, revamp the Apple TV, new laptops, crazy media players, but no crazy new businesses this year. Before we get to number 1, let's check in on the top 5 2008 predictions not being made by me. Others are predicting these, suckers. Alright, not bad, but let's get to the top. My number 1 prediction for 2008 is the Clinton- Giuliani ticket. No, no, no I'm just kidding. It's the death of broadcast TV or at least it will become extremely ill. More and more people will take to the convenience of watching shows online or on demand and at least one network with stream shows online simultaneously with on air. You heard it here first. An internet connected to the TV will begin to be the norm. Whooh, okay, well, that's it for this edition of CNET's Top 5. If you have your own predictions for 2008, let us know. Come on over to our blog, blog.cnettv.com. We'll keep them all and compare notes next year. I'm Tom Merritt see you next time. ^M00:02:30 [ Music ]

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