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CNET Top 5: CNET Top 5: Ghost-hunting gadgets

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CNET Top 5: CNET Top 5: Ghost-hunting gadgets

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The five things you'll need to spot ghosts and other spectres.

^M00:00:01 [ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Welcome to CNET Top Five where each time we meet we count down another hot CNET list. I'm Tom Merritt. When I think of ghosts I often think of imaging hard drives. But you know there's the other kind of ghost--the spirit of the departed kind. And there's a lot of tech involved in tracking them down; you may not realize that. That's why this time we're counting down the top five ghost hunting gadgets. ^M00:00:27 [ Sound effects ] ^M00:00:31 >> At number 5 a Digital Thermometer. You don't use it to hunt ghosts; you use it to measure changes in the environment caused by ghosts. You know, it gets cold. Coming in at number 4--a Barometer. Is it a cold front or a cold bone-chilling spectral presence? Well you can't tell if either are there without a Barometer unless you're not wearing a coat. Up to number 3, Digital Voice Recorder; never know when ghosts will swing by and have a conversation, so you'll probably need one that's voice activated and has a long recording time and hope the ghosts aren't boring. Sliding in at number 2, a Camera; whether it's film or digital it needs to capture ultra red and ultra violent wave lengths. A wide angle lens and a tripod are also handy accessories so you can leave the camera running while you take a nap. Ghost-hunting's hard work. Before we get to number 1 let's check in on the worst tech for ghost-hunting. What finger? Not good. All right. Let's get to our number 1--the ultimate piece of ghost hunting tech. At number 1, it's the tri-field electromagnetic meter. Magnetic, electric, radio and microwave detection all in one package. Why do ghosts submit radiation? I don't know, ask the ghost after you spot one. All I know is your hair doesn't stand on end for no reason, and this little baby will alert you to any presence that might be other worldly except for maybe Michael Jackson. ^M00:02:05 [ Sound effects ] ^M00:02:07 >> Well that's it for this edition of CNET Top Five. Head on over to news.com and search on Ghosts Tech to find Elsa Wenzel's in-depth story of the gear you need. I'm Tom Merritt. See you next time. ^M00:02:20 [ Music ] ^M00:02:26

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