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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep.50: The end of Rescue, and Quicken for the Mac, too

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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep.50: The end of Rescue, and Quicken for the Mac, too

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CNET to the Rescue is going on hiatus, but before we go, Rafe Needleman and Sharon Vaknin tackle Quicken's lack of love for Lion, how to deal with multiple Google accounts, how not to drop your earbuds, and more.

I everyone. Of the CNET for the rest do. I -- -- in in San Francisco and its its Sharon Beckman. From CNET how to and this is the show where we try to tell you what not to buy how to fix the stuff that you got. How to -- headphones that -- department that. And I also have to say that this is my my last -- -- to the rescue. I'm not leaving CNET but I am -- -- to the rescue we're gonna put the show on hiatus while we figure what the heck to do with it. And I'm gonna be launching -- very cool new show shortly. But -- can't tell you. Meanwhile Sharon will be continuing to do CNET how to which is fantastic content and if you have questions on how to do the stuff I'm gonna forward all the rescue email Sharon and also you and send you can send emails to how -- to. -- At cnet.com impact and honestly. Me see comet comet -- that while I've read it and there -- -- -- Governments and treat mean data. You're sharing back -- back action packed the eight K bum. Thanks for coming in again I love doing the show. And I would keep doing it -- -- ever. Anyway so organist that this show is that I got to pay is gonna the -- this I don't know what that we're gonna talk about today. We have a couple questions medium we got a couple of protests -- and I wanna start that with I think the most interesting -- We do the road tests and we'll do questions and then oh way to teary farewell and and the become a teacher and with each. In honor -- think this is water. All right. So. Yet the first protest I wanna do is Google -- REU and I'm on Google are -- Google plus that was not a Google -- are you on Google plots out there in the world. I gotta tell you I it was very suspicious that Google -- could do any good for anybody -- is this is Google's third. Fourth what if -- as far as I know or at Orkut buzz wave yet and other Google this is not their first attempt to do a social network. And I really believe that the social network's quality has very little to -- with the technology and everything to do with actual people. But I can't tell you -- -- door Google plus so I've been doing this experiment where I'll take up a post that squads I personally took an attack -- a personal. And I'll put it on Twitter and FaceBook and on Google plus. And I've been doing that the last couple days and the feedback in the -- that I get into with people on Google plus are far more enjoyable to me than they aren't any other service. Two and I'm wondering if network grows. It'll be able to sustain that kind of in -- -- question yeah. Because right now I've -- very exciting and people don't have many Ryan. And I think because. Luckily I -- Connecticut for -- -- and so I a lot of people are following you. Are probably following it may be another hundred to 200 people not -- a lot compared to where it's going right that. And that is the big that the unknown is as. I -- apparently ten million people who plus -- ready for something like that it even so it still feels pretty intimate physically got that the the social network management with circles. Almost figured out certainly better than Twitter where you can't really have a conversation and train people. And he tried fixing yet with the new Twitter -- -- down. And work. I mean I'll put something up on them. Here's how it is from a Twitter put something up on Twitter that is of of interest to geeks who follow me. And I'll get a couple replies in the first five or ten seconds on the trail off and after a minute it's dead brain dead topic half -- of Twitter -- is measured second. I do something on FaceBook now also FaceBook fan page which is news that on many followers on that but my personal FaceBook -- a put something up I might get -- the discussion going. But. Its general because that's personal. And it trails off pretty fast. And Google plus -- put something up and I'll get within the first thirty seconds in my experience as I get a lot of really good. Interesting fun replies and a conversation keeps going for another. 5101520. Minutes or anything about it well I think part of it is cause what you said which is that -- a smaller number of people on their but I also think it's easier. Then splits the difference between FaceBook which is kind of like blah everything you know to everybody. In comic in connections and Twitter which is broadcast. So you can follow me but I don't have to follow -- see my stuff but. Via at work wasn't the same way Q that's what I mean it'll -- just like. Has the broadcast model of Twitter for putting stuff out and getting feedback. But the something about FaceBook for the intimacy of having a conversation. -- and I just -- just think it works really well. Problem number two is -- -- cannot stand how. Re sharing. As someone -- shares the comments are split up -- -- after -- and how. Some posts get really sticky in -- my feet because people comment on and come back yet there needs to be there's a -- function. -- you know. I don't wanna -- it completely and just and -- the other things to write like Twitter is created. That we'll see it in the public -- list of changes coming. Yet they do and they also have an open -- API which they will. And then we'll start to see things like. Something some variant of tweet -- although Google bought treat it but some console the multi column view for from local plus is -- -- -- need to watch. My circles in a circle of two. The incoming for people don't follow and keep conversations -- -- -- wanna watch all the that the ones so I think Hulu -- could replace Twitter as. You know -- a tool for for guys like -- mean people who. You'll a lot of inputs and I'm just -- and people outside of the -- -- will adopt. As big if there you actually if you get stuck in this bubble and he stuck in the bubble. Wrap -- up for our right. Now other. Protests. Did I mention the Galaxy Tab where this is Galaxy Tab. It's not an iPad looks a lot like when but all the tablets and ipads and try to turn on announcement trailer it's not like that -- here. It's not turning on. I hate this machine this happens all away and it's rebooting the Fiat it it's written yet. And doctor don't think my microphone movement and so. The. -- tablets are not bad. This is one of the best out there but there is a major flaw with Android tablets which is power management I left this thing on over the fourth of July weekend. Not on but I just in turn it off. And when I came back it was so did you wouldn't even turn on when plugged in it at the target for supplements port the music. This would never happen on an Apple out. You know you leave the thing off for companies to come back they're waiting for this thing and by. -- of these -- -- -- pick them up need -- -- pick him up and wait ten minutes port to charge. Right then you -- as a parent a yes. One thing. Other than that -- the battery usage and I have to say. I I think it's a good tablet. But I think the iPad is just patent holders above it in terms of smoothness usability and turn to effect when you buy an app or download an app from the App Store you have fairly good. Confidence that will actually work. A lot of the -- you get from the Android App Store they have this fragmentation problems so first of all of FEC that you like. You can't download them they know they don't work and some of -- do download they don't work anyway. Right because they're not written for this platform that's the number one thing I tell people -- -- asked -- should -- get an injury are -- -- and like well if you want to. Look through thirty music players that are an excellent button and an integrated one have one that -- -- Just not or ready for mass adoption yet -- -- -- -- people -- and -- And you. Now -- talk about something actually do like -- This of these hats at somewhere and you notice I'm not wearing the standard seeing an issue that's that's which have Brian Tong germs on them for forgot that I am wearing. These -- -- These are. Me feel really well -- from -- -- out your wonderful woman out on this point it's at thirty years. -- just pull them here. And I think -- -- and so another reason these are not the world's best. Earbuds in terms of audio quality but there they are they are not bad and they are they have these rubber plant -- here's in the noise isolating which like. Because I -- the -- and your community. But what I like about -- the best and the reason -- -- over all the other headphones is that this is one of the few iPhone had that with -- -- from now. One of the few -- you can get as -- Jake ward which means. The court is short on the left and long on the right and wraps around the back of your neck like -- that. So that when you don't want to listen to your headset to popping out and the back keep them around. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and I've many of the white court where if you think that's that's I've got that -- somewhere that all the ground and drag on the -- which is really. Really discussed it and those -- be really really is spot it magic -- -- oh by the way it's like -- in the chat room has a pro tip on take on taking headphones out that are -- like this well. -- draw and twist out no suction -- Or. So. Thanks right out to save me a trip to the upper layer -- -- -- You're Ian T you know. If -- -- now going wrong first I'll get it wrong with the entire. Are you Netflix user I am not but -- -- are you going to continue to be an expert -- I actually just teen's name plan and I only -- Yes and Netflix raise their prices from I think 99999. A month for the one -- -- plus unlimited streaming. Two if you wanna keep that service sixteen bucks a month for 799 for streaming and 799 for discount -- -- it's a La -- That is a huge. Price -- -- at these -- does team yeah. And where they have that revenue issues they just went public. There are huge. I mean what the heck is currently there area. I -- -- and the thing is the there's their selection on the streaming site is an -- -- its its its okay good documentary in. And some foreign films but you're right there are some things are only available and -- I'm really pissed about it. I mean -- and you don't want gonna kill the dvd subscription because I don't do that anyway because you know one day to get -- -- in the mail or don't have the -- I can't I need instant gratification and streaming. And veteran box now I want something. On dvd -- a video store in my neighborhood if -- from -- I wanna watch Star Wars. And it's it's not on Tivo -- it's it's it's not streaming which it isn't which really -- -- but the videos -- my neighborhood is gonna get more business thanks to Netflix. Blockbuster. Though their -- -- -- yet. I think that's the program I don't know I don't think that price -- Apple -- many people away. And that's I think -- 60% price hike will turn a lot of people even from streaming no not for Chiming and people keep the stream right into adult -- -- -- -- leave it up with completely. Although there are -- competitors. Is voodoo. The U -- -- Amazon has -- and now the prime yes I have that as well and I -- finally succumbed to go prime. -- -- -- And there's on demand which you know. I -- And what else is there Hulu moon. There was one more than -- Clicker for TV shows. No that's -- we bought. Out what the heck is it. Another one for TV shows. This waters too strong and remember. So finally. On the road tests I have to do this song off by now before the -- started the pre show we replaying the -- -- Kat song Biden. The harmony yeah well -- -- -- down the Gregory Brothers -- did a -- of a look at which is Sharon's favor you'll them. And I did a review of this Apple -- find out formally the company that did this. Arthur called that they had this thing where if you would sing into it. Off to. They would auto tune it and make it into a song on now they have this thing we don't even -- you to speak in just eight. And it puts it into pre canned music and auto -- -- and current talks that trust me in to the tune. And it its its all you try it yet here it is hears me doing the iTunes term. The service remember those can't -- -- license is effective until terminated. Your rights under this license will terminate automatically got notice from Apple you fail to comply with any term's of this license. On the termination of this license -- shall cease all use of Apple software and destroy all copies of our terms of this license. On the termination of this license to -- she's all of these -- Apple's software and -- When I did it with top up my name. My dialogue -- more yes some people I -- in and you never know you're gonna get. It's one of its its a great film. Novelty app and has the benefit of being free. But I am told that you like to so much that you actually paid the money coming about this. Well I don't really injury and that it like right little routes and -- into the fun of by. And I wanted to option to have -- tune so I bought a couple other transfer rates that's -- -- make money they get an F for premium yep. And it's actually good business model if it works. Have you played The -- for anybody else yet I haven't. Been a problem. Good. Idea but it I mean yeah I could see how. -- people -- and blah you know I paid for it would be keeping the -- its perceived value yet but they -- -- -- -- value it's it's worth the shot. And it is kind of fund their other app bloodied which is the one that all the answers on is actually -- paid app so they're experimenting with both the models and -- the same developers and. There is also key pain on the T pain app on the I was very -- an author on the premium model. And no it was a paid app and you can also buy more song and let's -- -- -- Listener questions thank you offer indulging me -- my my mania final road tests. Some of these questions are gonna come up with -- -- excuses from your rants and get ready although we will try to solve your problems as well this one is from Ian who says received notice from quicken -- -- it. Makes -- stating that quicken 2007 for the Mac. Will not run on a Mac that is upgraded to lion this is because lion will not have Rosetta installed which is the run time that that some apps need optic equipment. If my memory serves correctly. Quicken was originally developed for the Mac platform -- -- back at least a couple of tickets -- -- And what the money Spinner for them then along came the TC and -- it was adapted for the PC platform as well. I've been using quicken for all my personal finances including investment -- -- ever since Clinton was first released for the Mac. With so pleased with that I purchased MacBooks and MacBook Pro -- Mac. I'm currently using quicken 2007 I considered upgrading to quicken essentials for the Mac. But essentials cannot handle the investment portfolios. The investment or photos and many many transaction and -- -- them -- -- an option which they do. Well in personal I'm not sure about your history I've been using quicken on PC. Pre windows I think forever and I I think was originally created world where -- could be wrong or whatever. This is a big problem one of the only major acts that will not run in -- Is -- -- and you said you consider upgrading to quicken essentials that's no upgrade. I mean it's -- newer product but essentials is really a streamlined slim down. Other version of quicken that -- as you say it doesn't have the -- the complexity of transactions that many people who are more than 22 years old meat which is like investment transactions. So what you do in your your options that you gave -- I'm gonna run on Symbian options and talk about some mothers one can we pressure Intuit. To rewrite this thing for -- lets them know. The the it's just not gonna work that it's too late -- -- -- -- The -- the market on personal finance apps is moving away from the monolithic do everything app on your computer. Two things like -- and which into it now owns. And other apps like that which. Would give you a lot of information. But they're much simplified and they push a lot of the the end. Thanks bill payments up back to the banks which now have a quick launch they didn't have built the banks that -- new -- -- checked for. It's so. Into it. And other companies such as such as it is -- not making a lot of money and -- personal finance -- so it's just that that markets not going anywhere on the windows or the Mac side. It could we pressure Apple to release -- with Rosetta yeah right Nicholas an analyst Michael -- Somebody will write that email the Stephen or play it back with -- -- reason -- I -- he finds it you know. -- -- -- -- -- Another critical acclaim that be right back if he actually right back currently have really not often. That's what it's like Michael the -- it's like. You know you you you pray to your gods it for -- hundred Europe for fifty years and then finally get one -- one person -- one answer and smart it's it's like -- value through scarcity. Effect. -- yeah away. Eons also gives another option. Which was I think a stop gap which was to split the hard drive into two partitions. And run snow leopard on one and -- on the other and put court -- obviously in the snow leopard partition. Without work I've never done that so. Now. And that no one of the things about lion is that lion. We've it has been reported will support will allow license -- and support technically virtualization he can run. Align with and align right or probably. Snow leopard installation with in line. So you might be able to do that which might be a little bit cleaner -- -- -- partition you just have a a different Macintosh. System. Embedded into big content -- total. So that might actually be good solution if you can virtualized snow leopard -- lion that might be your solution now there are some other options com. Give up on the Mac options and run windows versions of into -- apps. If you can get the data over that'll be good it is expensive though but the Intuit the windows versions of quicken and quicken. Small business -- -- books rather. Arm more highly developed in windows in the -- -- and anyway. But any -- -- a windows license -- parallels -- VMware. And your data transfer that's gonna be very expensive. Yet although it's a business expense might not be a bad idea. And finally. And this is a new solution that -- just found because looking this up on them I think -- comes from Lifehacker which is great site. It's that he too but nobody outside pretty pretty -- are. Check out this OS-X app called I bank. Now they are very few good personal finance apps for any platform especially OS-X. But I bank actually imported my. My Q nine QIF -- quicken data files. Which are literally twenty years old iMac twenty years and -- and quick and meet him and anyway a lot of data equipment. I imported into -- bank analyst and and the demo version and and it actually picked up most trans I think all much infection including my investments. And -- good money dance. Not so I was doing -- -- -- question two and a lot of people are talking about this program. And it and they were saying that they easily migrated from -- money mailing it. Credit Eric I think apparently that might be -- and looking good money against. -- bank. That will not solve the business issue right from actually running windows. Our tech -- it says. I could use some help clearing up some confusion about Google -- I have to Gmail accounts one is a personal Gmail account and the -- -- a Google hosted domain account. Google plus doesn't currently work with hosted domains or Google apps. Should I take advantage of Google plus using Gmail or wait until Google plus from Google hosted domains comes out at a figure that since CBS moved to move you guys to Google you might have a similar issue. We do here and everybody here is on Hulu plus we're -- -- our personal accounts. Google has a really important task ahead of it in in figuring out how to deal with multi account management now there is one way you can do this at least -- get. The data on problem browser right. Right -- you can be logged -- to your corporate account and your personal account using multiple fine in different camps in different times right. Yeah so that you can just enable in your Google profile. And you just turn not planning on -- You'll see it. In the top bar there's an option to sign into -- account right and if you're logged in you can just switch any -- to any other count. -- It's a step in the right direction I still think it's. It's not nearly there yet. The do you think that they should allow users to associate multiple IDs when profit I don't know that's -- Linkedin does and Linkedin Linkedin is really cool because -- You have you know your login to you can log in north and like with them with most social systems your log in -- or email right. But with Linkedin you can you can you have multiple emails when for the same account log in with any of them. I think moving -- some sort of universal. Sign it wouldn't wear. Your log in should be associated. With EU it somehow rather than your email -- as if Apple's facing the same issue of the iPod. So many people ask me I have to Apple ideas and I've made purchases on what do I do and I a -- that -- apples and -- Yeah yeah Google's more open -- and typing -- -- will have to address this issue more stable I would recommend tech elements that. You. Use Google plus with your Gmail account and and don't miss out because it really is -- service and wait for them to. Bring it along to hosted domains and apps which they will if it's a matter of time. Jason asks. After sever years of computer upgrades and backing -- files. I'm sure that my current computer and my new -- network attached storage has several duplicate files which are taking up important hard disk space can you recommend -- -- program. That will search for duplicates on my computer as well -- -- mapped drives economic decide what action take. Jason yes. I think if you after many years of using computers most people have a lot duplicate files. Not just several but probably dozens or hundreds or even more duplicate files spread all over. Now in my experience insurance -- -- has a different answer than I do. Managing duplicates -- a real pain in the neck but. Storage is so cheap that I don't worry about it. I did it maybe -- more wary. If he's organization only concern like he just doesn't want to have multiple files -- -- multiple photos -- that I mean. Then he might want to address that include and -- -- and I feel I gave the -- I'm I am as well yet. But it is such a pain in the neck dual that I Cuba via but there are utilities right out so I found one called -- -- utilities and -- -- -- out. It scans your drive seeking check off which strives -- and and then it'll. So you which files are duplicates and you -- take action from their -- -- completely open. And it also has other utilities and and when you're searching for duplicates you can filter by file type and size they can ignore things that are smaller than five megabyte -- -- Local area utilities and it you can get on CNET -- spyware three GL. -- Check out. Nicholas after reading introductory here you're respectable work is a large inspiration. My one man company plug netflix.com. And many friends now listen to your podcast -- well thank you certainly -- and his question while shopping on Craig's -- dot com I click on email address and my browser Chrome unfortunately brings up outlook and how can I change the action of clicking on the email link to bring up Gmail signed into another Chrome to have instead of outlook -- Windows 7. I at the same problem my PCE Aaron -- Use -- yes okay so. It's funny because. You actually have easy weight changes and Internet Explorer which like one of the invaded right but in Chrome you have to download an extension called -- from -- And it'll automatically change. Button here browser when. -- -- -- little if we into at a bar. No -- -- anymore and marketing the button I can in theory can remove the button -- it the most important thing about it uses your default and made by Google and clean. It and I -- just go to some setting changes in the edit -- -- tools options. -- -- In a chat room. Who he says you can also use Google Talk which automatically doesn't -- yes theoretically although I've been trying to get global -- to do this in Google apps in -- -- in August. That's who -- though not -- the corporate version of the reason is important for me although that is the -- he recommended solution. And only he. -- -- -- temperature. And kicked me off. I -- a meeting attend anyway just he says as a new school years around the corner and -- is evenly as a college student. Many new students are getting laptops I think around -- of the top apps is an order and would love -- your most used apps are. Human collagen like 25 years. I understand that Microsoft Office and I work are probably common -- love to hear about some others as well. Like pixel meter and other interest in on a budget. Essentially I want to hear some suggestions to spend my 100 dollar Apple gift card on. You got any ideas first I'm sorry that you're marketing -- -- apartments. -- and and that hearing and target card -- I would. I. Money you know Kaufman and I think don't buy it until you and -- -- -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You put yourself to dive -- You're gonna need it and as I know what I shared that is. Excellent advice has let me tell you all the good apps that we were thinking of for the show are -- -- -- offering Evernote drank the last time. Is a fantastic app for taking notes in keeping yourself organized and it is free I mean you can -- if you want evidence -- you don't need to pick a hundred dollars spent on games I'm with you ignorant. Where Mac and that's like -- still have 99 dollars less. Or 98 whatever. -- KO. Here's the one that them. Again this is a question has been bugging me for awhile but that's got -- -- of -- of awesome finally figured that. Figured out -- my brain and in new that I want to this question answered. I'm a veteran he says of the windows world. And I love the Mac but there's something I can't figure out -- his one foot in each camp the Mac. And has great keyboard shortcuts which I love but when it comes to enter acting with a dialog box both my mouth. -- Mouse and it is the telling indirectly my computer. Isn't it and my mouse and make and keyboard shortcuts fall short. If I want to use only keyboard I can command Q or W to close a window or -- but if the Mac -- needs for meeting indicate that. Whether it's okay or not to lose and those working on or to save it. I have to go to the mouse I must be missing something. It's playing I hate it's I don't know why help me if I'm I'm here to help. And so if these -- preferences and then go to keyboard now. And get over -- he -- -- -- and you can enable all controls under it at the bottom of the -- And that that'll allow you to tap through user dialog when we can tap through and hit -- -- don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I human flight I have a how to video on it to her pick up with like for other tips like that -- -- -- -- that it's here where we find -- How to -- or CNET TV yet Mac -- we have two more replete with city. Patrick says. And things to maximize my wife is a high school -- biology teacher in one of the few schools that is going entirely digital. Internet for a decade. They are getting the schools obviously limited and budget as they -- are. So they are providing each student with a Cairo's tablet by Colby. Which is better built well and many other -- -- he says but this is not an official Google build of Android and consequently does have access to the app.

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