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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep. 48: Gadget clothes, kids on laptops, breaking RAID, and more.

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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep. 48: Gadget clothes, kids on laptops, breaking RAID, and more.

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CNET editor-in-chief Scott Ard joins us today to talk about a bunch of cool new products we're actually using, and to answer tech questions on computers for kids, video on DSLRs, and a lot more.

Hello everybody welcome to CNET to the rescue our weekly show we try to. Answer your tech questions in some sometimes succeed. I'm joined today by very special guest editor in chief of CNET Scott card. Thank you for coming in Scott you got a -- that's my bosses make me look smart everybody. This is a valuation. -- -- And shivering with fear if you have a tech question forcing it to the rescue email it to us at rescue at cnet.com no question is -- basic. So. Anything really please send it in. Make me look like -- matter. In front -- Scott. Also I have to say we have a new thing -- -- CNET how to. At that happened at how to dot cnet.com you wanna do a quick little Potomac. I yeah well we've done how to content. For long time on CNET byte CNET does so much content that the issue is that it's hard to find there's not a dedicated home for just -- gets lost. In all the -- -- -- coverage at we have reviews news podcasts whenever so. Now how to dot cnet.com we've got a nice house for all that stuff we've got sharing. -- mean -- -- dedicated to producing video for it we've got a bunch of bloggers in internal staffers running out to so. Checking out I learned something about Google docs and how to last night in -- -- we teach me something that this article how to is great content because it's like getting something for free. You know like when you download a piece of software free software that's great that feels good and I can now play solitaire -- a free. How does the same type the -- -- same type of thing you know I now know how -- -- something better are now on now. Yeah it's like the show. Exactly we help people use stuff better. And we're gonna do a couple of protests first before we get into answering your questions. And that is in fact the reason and excuse me I'm wearing this jacket. This is a Scott. As far as we know who. Know Scott Jordan companies around since 99 doing technology enabled clothing and this is his latest -- -- edits and tech without. -- out that -- it has. 26 pockets and it has conduit for running wires there's the special pocket right here is clear touch pocket. The spectrum it with clear -- pocket. You can put your phone in. And actually that's fabric this clear fabric is -- Electrically conducting if they can actually use the phone through fabric. And then plug it in and your little headphone cable runs up here. And -- -- little cut -- where your earbuds can connect to the cable. Your collar. So. I got -- awesome I doubted I needed a raincoat and this is the -- versions federal them put them development with -- partner. But the thing about this -- as much as I think it's cool and doesn't look like the total to leave here jacket and that the logo is nice and small on the back with -- doesn't scream and enter a week. Is. I actually find that the cable routing is more effectively than just jamming the iPhone in your pocket -- -- -- the cable up I can imagine a reason yet and 26 pocket. -- after years -- freedoms and gums and loose change and link the finding when he five of those it will be like us like. There's always something new to find. I I -- -- -- not put food in there and like you know some people are closely related to me and my father who always has statues and some pocket somewhere that vote this jacket. He could have the -- of one pocket and the shells and another and keep them totally isolated. From his life savers and his tangerine. So it's more than just attack Jack yet actually they're selling it at the travel Jack and the great thing about it is if you loaded down with your camera there's even a you can put an iPad and then there's a pocket in their from the iPad. If you loaded down all your cameras and your gear and all that stuff and then you after going through airport security news put -- belt. -- -- the whole -- are pretty good idea anyway so I like it. And as good ring code to which is -- -- -- primarily. That's -- you've been trying to some stuff I got this demo system of the the views own cameras which recovered before -- -- -- -- about that. Yet and I think -- -- a question about this but anyway. -- -- got these new cameras will hold up here's the they're small but the cool thing about it is that this is the mounting bracket for. Got that little peel off -- on the back or you can screw that in and the concept is in this particular package you get to these cameras. You get for these mounting bracket when you put these where you need him and you can move the cameras are easily the magnetic make its magnetic the camera can twist and turn and turn left and right you know no screws to one mountain I was kind of stuff so. That's the camera set out. Now the connector is -- that there's a box that goes right into your router with a little ethernet -- home. And it's drop dead simple to two against all I played around the Panasonic. Wireless camera years ago. Years -- excuse me and I spent more time on that helped the support line than I did was actually using camera. And this thing hooked up and literally about five minutes there and and then you of the web site actually through enemies out of my backyard before it came to work today. And there's the live shot there of the backyard it's -- hard tells -- because of dogs running around and maybe you'll CN bus passed by the back and -- once while but. And there it is and you can that's got motion sensors. He cut back here in little motion sensor on the top there -- so what's really cool is remotely. You can trigger the remote sensor so let's say. There's people -- or they're leaving now you can didn't sign in from the from worker wherever. And have been motion -- turn on and then when it'll do is whenever it senses motion will capture some images and -- and not know where you can view those images. I have been like Panasonic cam but what he -- with paint us enough now trusting about that that's wireless so it will -- when I first covered -- company's products I was I took him to task because. There was no motion sensor because they couldn't do that wireless so that's got batteries and is that right. -- -- -- One of those stubby little battery things that comes with a couple -- -- they're about history. And it's like twenty dollars for ten of them on Amazon and pretty cheap to replace I have no idea about the battery life again we just got this and -- But it is cool I have used it on the PC works very well I don't think there's an iPad yet. But I hack I can say don't want Android phone I've had trouble I'm getting to the site economy says. Connection issue or something like that where on the PC at the same exact -- Mikey get to it so that might be some problems with the -- do we know that package sells for this was -- 27 the year 280 with -- -- since -- motion sensing cameras or in the little bracket than and that device that hooks into your routers -- that's a deal compared the Panasonic -- -- -- Italy and have to -- we'll have to -- -- -- they -- -- power. This went yeah yeah and then you get a year of the web site monitoring it and you can. Sign up for various plans and remember the price -- the lake for twenty dollars you can hook up like twenty cameras here little web -- so for business or big house we like it. -- them again call Marty. Ordering and I -- good that I got recurrence but they need to back. And you also recently. You were talking about home AV gear and I just had -- ants might. Fifteen year old ransom thinks fifteen years old as our nineteen prepare for 300 bucks. And I was really debating whether I should get. A new receiver with HDMI. Or just -- this one which -- awesome awesome sound and the one I was looking at I was looking at a new -- they have airplay and you actually. Are making me very envious that he went. Out and bought the new demo -- again well Matt Moskovciak reviewed today and ending it in editor's choice on what was forced our support half stars. And I he loved it I had a channel -- -- on my onkyo and home. So I picked up the and then in nineteen to 1912 I think it is. Yet there is in nineteen -- an airplane built in -- and buns on the front their direct buttons to like a pandora account. You can you know program -- -- go to -- pandora it's a specific playlist on pandora got maps got some other services in there -- got -- -- might in I believe. The one thing not I don't like actually have a seven point one system as you'd expect. For an editor at CNET -- And this thing has some point one capability but I also have his -- to set up actually for the backyard that you saw it -- some speakers or run off the receiver. I'm so I thought I'd be perfect solution -- it's one of those either or things the outputs. For the seven point one are shared with the zone too so you basically if you use F five point one court -- -- -- one -- -- -- zone and you have seven Catalonia. I send -- well. So when one. You like but yet the receiver is great that in the beauty of -- you can. -- their plan on of people played with this but it's pretty nifty confined songs on your iPad and play them and then have a pointed out to the receiver so it's kinda cool new in the backyard for example that you zone to. You can use your iPad. -- to select songs or to go to your pandora account and actually play them through zone to control -- Deployment elect kind of stuff and never -- the people who are using you know watching TV -- this is a modern receiver so it also has its own web interface doesn't it. Yet he tried that. I haven't tried the web interface -- tried the iPad so you can control the volume and that -- -- works like a giant remote forests help cool yet. So you can select -- inputs and do some of the rudimentary controls on the receiver without ever touching the receiver. -- -- he can do from your backyard because it's all through the Wi-Fi network. Com. In a unique ID need ethernet to the back in the device yet have Wi-Fi capability -- -- and that in the deal. But yeah it's it integrators here don't go -- was great to edit it blue channels so. And -- grants I have is great -- it's a bit also I I had this blown channel replaced or fixed -- which I don't know -- or that but now when I was looking at 500 bucks for this vs 300 for repair -- -- without. But the sound of a while I'll try I'll get -- -- eventually. I wanna talk briefly about Google apps to making the transition from outlook two to Gmail it or via the corporate version which is called Google apps it's something we've just done here at CNET. And this is kind of going to be I think going to be a little bit of an ongoing threat because. It is such an interesting experience. When life when we first transitioned over to Google apps I hated it I mean I've been using Gmail for years for personal email but the at the flow -- the traffic and my personal account. Is manageable. That the traffic on our work accounts here you're an editor at CNET is. I think technically speaking the word is unmanageable. Yeah if there's too much email coming in and outlook with barely handling it with all the sorting filters and folders that up then we moved to to Gmail. And I was just. I couldn't keep track of anything that couldn't process all the information coming in Gmail -- -- for the first week now it's been two -- it's in the -- into the second week and actually getting there. -- got filters set up going to labels which are the replacement for folders I've gotten certain folders that show up. When they're stuck in -- certain ones that are always hidden and -- -- from the fact that I that I called the interface. To Gmail. Like trying to fit people through a porthole. Because it does so much but the -- its web base which is dumb yes it's an amazing -- and it's an amazing system for managing. And handling intelligently email if you take time set it up new filters on it. But man it needs a better you life. I haven't taken the time -- around and still on the drowning fazed by the time -- show and I'll have 130 now exactly probably five -- really what -- -- -- sorting through those as a real pain by. In addition the biggest problem I have with it is everything. Being in the browser tabs. So after a short period -- -- we have to open exactly whereas before I can keep my email client separate. Type two -- set -- -- -- open a separate when my little heart I noble what happens is -- in the email and there's a link the U wanna click on so you click on it and now you're browsing inside that. Browser window -- and then. And you realize you got a second when opened on another screen and you've got twelve tabs over there. You've got three tabs enter your email because you keep you know re hitting that bookmark to open up your email again anyway. I don't like that -- and plus like you said the U lies is horrible. You -- there seems to be no rhyme or reason to whether it's forward or whether it's reply all -- Moving -- folders just kind of this random placement of usually asks there a lot of really useful keyboard shortcuts but again -- -- can't figure why they are what they are like delete is. If the pound key that the which looks as good as most of what we do or reading emails -- stuff. Rights are Italian -- but. Now I have -- happened looking forward and offline client or an not at all like our capital but have a -- -- -- an app a client app. In the best when -- happen all my devices is actually the iPad app. -- -- email app it is is best for this I've as I've said before I've tried sparrow which is beautiful but wait a simple with the north and thunderbird. -- a big windows machine at home works really nicely that doesn't quite everything. Thunderbird on my OS-X machine crashes when -- plug in India. After running for bit and I found this new on the other day called male mate again Ellis and very expensive -- -- It's beautiful and in the way the did the view options it has and the way it handles filters and stars and all that stuff and Gmail is really really great. Have to -- to. -- and so I'm stuck with sixty -- and the version I live crash on an -- question though you know maybe you may be when you pay for about the -- I don't think that's the way it works. Anyway if anybody has good advice -- a client app for Gmail or Google apps please let me know because. Going through the web is like you know. Eating a stake through -- -- it's just not working out for -- -- take questions. Okay okay it -- a question that was the core I just took it okay I'm one on. And I regret that there were keeping score -- listener questions from Chris. I want to buy my first DS LR digital SLR camera the problem is that I would like the camera to have video -- -- The Nikon 3100 looks like a good camera because of its price and performance but I can't decide what do you recommend. It has the last awhile than anything -- -- -- Well indeed so to answer this question I asked our camera expert Laurie Grunin and she says. She gets a special time and she feels it's always like people asking I'm hungry what should I eat. Because it there are so many factors to consider. But she did actually get some very very sage advice here she said a lot depends on what why he wants video wise upgrading to the -- -- For occasional -- she says the 3100 it's fine if you're looking to get into video and film making you really should spend a little more. And look at the Canon T two -- For photo quality -- 3100 should be good. If it if it's for speed it's not terribly fast and you may want to bump up a little -- to -- -- -- to buy. Bomb also consider the Sony SLP 835 which is and shipping it. -- throughout the optical viewfinder. This is good advice from -- because everything they hear about -- that -- videos that Canon is better at it and it pains me because I'm an icon oil. I -- that an old Mike on film Ethel. That's alarms -- -- it was born and I got the lenses so now but can't what you have. A brilliant idea and an older one it doesn't do movies. I haven't got to the point where wanna upgrade just for that the movie capability. I use my phone all the time for HD movies -- galaxy S takes. Quite acceptable movies you know considering it outdoors in certain parameters but I've shot a lot of stuff for -- that worked out just fine and wants -- -- homes so. Yeah I'm not to the DS LR. The -- stage yet. I take videos on whatever handy in this never the F alarm meaning of even if I had a video -- less well are mean I never carry -- -- with me that got the iPhone fan videos on. I've -- Canon S ninety which the standard Def videos but they're really nice and in the US 95 does HD as well. And it got a Sony blogging which is with competitor which also has really -- video and edited video image stabilizer. That's speaking of which we got a question for Matt he says I was listing your -- -- podcast a while ago and overheard you talking about an app that takes out the shaky when your. Doing video -- you know it it looks shaky. What was -- name of that app. Well I mean go back and watch a show again look at the show notes but the Apple was V reveal. Letter -- in in the words reveal and it's -- paid app. I I just I I wanted to take this question because I find this to be -- real lifesaver if you're taking video on a phone that doesn't have an image stabilizer and it because. Videos hand held videos and lets you are really careful with them. Our -- this is like watching speed to. You know the movie was admirable if you jumping around a screen because they thought will be cool or the Bourne identity where -- always -- -- camera to make it look realistic but it just gives you motion sickness will also. When you're using your -- -- -- -- your kids recital or something like that understanding and Packard chief Steve you're holding -- you know after a few minutes. You can avoid getting sheet and has excellent software can fix them and would make it more useful and with the amount I drink from -- central idea so. So. But I I did when she interviews with Steve Wozniak for the only computer history museum and and so forth and use very gracious and -- Many minutes of video and after while it was -- -- very noticeable so. So the thing if you're going to be using be -- or something else I think there. There are a lot of video processing. Applications out there. But not all of them do -- image stabilization because that's a harder problem to do the math for and this one does the other thing to keep in mind if you're using V reveal. Or anything to -- post production stabilization. Is that it will do it by basically giving -- digital zoom in and using that the boundary as. -- Extra space Antalya and elsewhere so it kind of doing cropping illness on the fly -- -- -- in order to keep the image standard though you have to keep that little bit of extra white spaces in in your image to make sure. You have the room for the stabilizer and it's only for iPhone as -- -- -- no -- it's it's a PC a window now. Kelly when you're doing editing. -- do you do stabilization post processing. Not usually that we try to rely -- camera guys to be. They don't -- heavy cameras on their shoulders it -- and a little bit of life is actually probably do -- war. You're shocked that yet but that you get. Them off of the effect iris optically mounted. I -- you can get the iPhone that are the cradle your phone kind of float the -- more units were pleased we were out at an idea. Art and gym and your pocket mechanical. We have a couple questions that people with families. -- a wealth from Bakersfield says I have ripped several of my children's dvds in order prolong life the dvd itself I -- bit for bit copies -- want to extract in the -- only the movie portions leaving at the menus etc. I don't know where to start. What do you recommend. We don't know says either -- -- the movies into Divx -- to save them as an ice though which is felt like what you're doing -- Most media players can play back the ISO files wait dvd player will play back dvds. Donald says learn to use hand brake which is the app that is designed to do exactly this. And it should have a setting that says. You know export to whatever format but you Scott have it even simpler way. -- -- -- want Hambrick lighter Hambrick expressed. Because the regular hand brake and have a -- of different. Options though port that are pretty much overkill via like and burned a lot of my kids dvds. Into my computer and watch repeatedly in pennies on the road via an iPod whenever but yeah I use -- -- Light I think it is almost exclusively Canon dropped it simple. Plug in the dvd. Takes a few seconds and -- attracts and then you just press go. And -- -- -- -- -- drank it in iTunes and in sync with your iPod and iPad that's good advice I -- I -- -- -- -- get you know. Overwhelmed by the choices out there and -- -- you've you've -- mop I don't need any fault in Internet and claiming that and codes so he did it wrong and -- -- -- and reclaim our free. In my free is already free at 330 for her was when I got -- I haven't actually used a little while but for. -- -- -- -- -- My three year old son is always trying to get its hands on my laptop and he's finally getting as -- I'm giving him an old laptop -- no longer need to do an upgrade. Three year old giving up to anyway although his time using will be supervised and -- involved browsing central and sites to be on the safe side. I would like to install some filters to make sure nothing inappropriate pops up any recommendations. The -- number one recommendation. Which doesn't sound like it's workable because what you're doing it's -- turn off Wi-Fi. Larry Magid but with if you if you are. Browsing children's website then you've got an issue Larry -- -- who covers the stuff for CBS all the time. Set to me I certainly agree with your decision supervise your son and -- -- the laptop. And I would urge you to limit screen time for kids that young however there are a number of good free filters but the one I like most is called Norton online family. That not only helps block content but also helps educate children. Also I recommend people check out Larry's pro family worked -- connect safely. -- or. What -- -- monitors kids I don't let my kid on the computer. All that no -- watching -- over the -- -- all of my daughter was on my old Apple 7500. Back in late ninety's. I'm most pleasing CD roms at that time -- she's been pretty much on the computer sense now has MacBook air and and so forth. With kids at three years old I think it's you know disconnecting it from -- that router or you know the Wi-Fi is probably did the best -- And under another trick that I have used especially on a kid that young is to just. You know go to web -- that they do wanna play on my -- mini -- something when he's popular kids flash game sites and just drag that the URL on the desktop. And then whenever anyone using you -- say that's the U you know you just double click that you don't have to constantly going on on the web and doing all these are things you just click on that it opens up a browser and they're playing games. I also have a router that allows you to set some parental controls and things like that but -- three years old. Mean do they need to be on the web. Com but. I think just you know at and keeping a few bookmarks. -- -- the easiest way do you create a separate account for them so we can't get in and you can but I I didn't do that here but he was just like when you wanna play double click on that and there's many. This by the -- is one of the reasons one of the things they hate most about the iPad. Is that it doesn't have user accounts and I keep my kid who's almost five the -- conference we can play. You know that thing where you. Annoyed -- or Angry Birds like that but if I'm not watch them I mean he's a smart little kid and feel like going answering emails warming might that the public and I think it's. But that so he sent not just get it. But I do and -- on it I wouldn't put -- path in I wouldn't put it past the that's one of the reasons I like -- in my old CR 48 because he has his own account and can do anything from my account -- -- yeah anyway. So he added that trickier question about three years old it -- well if anything right when -- -- and FaceBook they're talking Twitter in their pocket and YouTube or whatever -- -- you're getting into you know you want penthouse and freedom and learn in the -- is wonderful moment there's also dark areas to. To me that's a -- your question three years those -- solution via. And get them via. I I don't know I think that's the young to give acute unfettered access the Internet and just -- Larry says you know you want him to be. Not so much engaged with screens that's a whole different discussion. And is kinda cool to see a little kid like navigate technology there's something really Elian and and I have some video clips. My daughter sitting at the desk space to work from home little in the morning on my machine -- my -- Apple Sony 500 sitting there and you know she was 234 whatever and cruising around the CD roms and putting a man and you know it's it's a great little. Flashback in I don't know why not have any problem with the computer time it's gonna happen unit has been all day on it -- not. You know criminals younger and and there's time. -- little you know you. There -- related question came from Jeff and Cody Wyoming who says the views here are amazing but the Internet is not. We live just that accounts are only options for Internet -- dial up. Cell phone or local satellite system with a large -- and so we opted for Verizon. Wireless so we could -- the device and take it with us wherever we go. We have the LG five -- and so far we really like it and we have -- wrote that by the way on this from -- which opened the show and it's Mercury here. The big kicker though is that data cap we only have three to four gigs of data per month so the question is my son likes to play. Flash games on various sites like Star Wars Cartoon Network. A monitor usage daily. And it doesn't seem like these sites take a lot of data but I'm sure it is taking some big chunk to get the -- it -- downloaded every time. So is there a way that I can reduce this download load. I have -- Chrome do we have to do Firefox's part you know whatever. And you have a -- answering we have an answer from. At gaming this now aren't and that's -- I think -- from Donald. Forgets aren't forever -- answered I apologize. It totally depends on the app you know flash games cash just like ordinary web pages -- that is in flight over and over and you might actually have the app cache and not to -- about the re download. But you can. Download -- flash games and we have a video tutorial on this. Which will put a link in here. -- We got this working using flash came from PBS kids and and -- can play -- with the flash movie player actually play a game using flash movie player and a download available on download.com. They can go offline. And you know anything and you -- So this can work. So basically they download it wants as long as you don't close the browser or that tab or window or whenever whenever they. On the PC it's there regularly to keep hitting that router even yet and even if you do you can be saved the flash file locally in any case -- It's meters its 34 gigs a month and an -- that's actually not as little as it sounds. For most people -- -- the data plan yeah yeah. And Hamachi -- Unlimited home phone and currently phone I kept my Comcast -- I'm I'm I'm never over two or three games in which I -- additionally Nike and -- there's a feeling. And it just bugs me it. I know what you mean. That's speaking of data ceilings. Meal that truck driver from chiseled and -- -- in the in UK. No comment. I have a truck driver and I want to take. And use my laptop when I -- away from home for a few nights I want to minimize the amount of data I use I'm using a pay as you go three G plan on the laptop. And would like to know if -- -- mobile browser I can run on Windows 7. For quick browsing -- use the phone in the iPhone but I would like the access the same mobile pages and get that on the larger screen. The very interesting solution because course mobile sites and mobile versions of sites that are full sites are optimize for low band with and bring its slower computer -- slower machines. So the question is how you get -- Laptop to tell the server that -- the mobile phone -- It's a question and we out of it I immediately see it and it needs for that -- there -- two ways to go -- there's my solution and on the much smarter won't share. -- and who -- how to videos -- my solution is try this first. Whatever site you're on they'll end up whatever side it -- to accomplish that seems to be the developing standard or site dot com slash mobile. And you might get the mobile version that way but. Even better solution is use Mozilla Firefox. Then download and install the plug in are the add on called user agent switch. And a and then. Go to the tools menu and change your. We'll put all this show notes and then your browser. Will tell the servers that its mobile and you'll be getting mobile versions do exactly what you want so Mozilla Firefox plus future user agents which. There's an answer for everything isn't that I never have known well there's an answer for every question that ends up in the document that we used the right to -- -- -- for. You don't see -- questions you don't see the questions that we like what dot. We have one last one -- raid zero nor do that -- now. At at and not at all console scarred from SCSI I don't wanna go -- zero what happened with. -- -- what happened with that the. I'll just I don't know if people have ever used SCSI devices but -- ended daisy chain and then there -- A gazillion different connectors you know 24 -- mailed to 36 -- female and and being a certain order -- you couldn't have a certain external drive after a printer maybe. -- have -- terminator at the end all these cables were like forty dollars and have it was just it was a nightmare. Well I have good news for you. This peer to SCSI lives -- in raid drives. We were talking last week about. The dangers of raid zero drives raid zero -- take two drives. And you strike them together. Which means that bits are data that the other being written to read from the drive goes in in alternating sections to one drive -- the other so it's faster. It's also twice as likely to -- you cap structure. Catastrophic failure because there's no back up of one of those drives fails both drugs fail. Anyway so be -- said regarding raid zero. How do we get out of raid zero I bought a Dell on the last tax free holiday and I like it except that it the one point five terabyte drive turned out to be. 2750. Gigabyte drives in -- raid zero configuration. I'm a network administrator and I am not without skills although there aging. And when I started here the server had just crashed because my predecessor -- raid zero on the server. So my plan is to get some imaging tool like Mozilla to make an image. Break the mirror or go raid one and then images back it sounds simple but my alarm bells are going off and -- -- after hours of work. -- end up turning -- perfectly functioning. Functioning machine into an un bootable box. What do I do so. Yet be moral of this should work but I'm with you cloning is Dicey business. I would feel much better re installing from a file back up onto your rebuilt non raid configuration. For that and its system restore disk in -- should be able to make you want if they don't already. Another thing you might wanna -- with the clone. To a new drive. Like though one point five terabyte hard drive or eight -- -- -- terabyte hard drive you can get for about seventy dollars US. 78 gigabyte. Haven't predicted by treasury and -- that -- the imaging doesn't work you still have your raid zero is back up. And I asked Dell about this question and here's what they said and this is this is cold comfort. Dell said to me this should work. In parentheses should work as he described it there are no guarantees with -- thing you're going to do when it comes with two -- -- patients. I've done this in the path and and his work fine it's thinking it's correct I would say. Create the image and then remove the original raid zero configuration completely and replace it with new hard drives -- rate one then apply the image it should work. If not north but the original drive back later they sent me another email saying this. I think also it's worth mentioning that none of us here ever used clones -- we use ghost and Norton ghost and with -- -- in our labs and don't see any reason why wouldn't work. But as we point doubt there are no guarantees when it comes -- -- So seriously dude. Seaway -- -- not erase the original raid zero config keep it as a back up just get a new drive they're cheap you will save yourself. A lot of -- fingernails. All right that is that that's all the time we have for the show any final words -- Now I had fun I'll come and do it again. Thank goodness -- Thanks everyone for watching you have questions send -- to cnet.com. It's now if you have the wanna see the show notes go to cnet.com slash rescue if you wanna send questions send them to rescue at cnet.com. If you wanna see all the new great how to coverage go to how to. Dot CNET. Dot com and that check out sharing. Awesome videos on how to do that you never know you could do we're gonna get her on -- -- to -- which -- really give him. Thanks against Scott. Thank you thanks -- for producing. We'll see all in two -- them -- next week by one.

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What's coming and going on Netflix for April 2015
1:37 March 26, 2015
On April 1, Netflix is giving a lot of movies the axe, no joke. Not to worry -- here's what's replacing them.
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