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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep.44: Reuse, repair, and re-wire

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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep.44: Reuse, repair, and re-wire

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Dong Ngo joins us to discuss how he re-wiring his house for gigabit networking. Plus, your questions answered, including rescuing old laptops from evil malware, and stretching out battery life on a MacBook.

Hi everyone welcome to CNET to the rescue our weekly show we try to answer your tech questions and sometimes exceed. I'm joined here today but don't know who is is an editor -- in CNET reviews you cover storage and networking and all that hard technical stuff. Threw me -- international -- -- your financial questions I cannot I hope so. We've got some really interesting questions here today government reminder to everyone if you would like this -- -- questions than it to rescue at cnet.com that on the emails. No question is do basic so that something it's getting your skin I'd drop a line -- try to help you out. Now as usual on start today with a little bit of road tests fun. On my ongoing quest to reuse recycle and -- talked about -- those things. -- and working on some networking projects at his house and talk about that then we'll get into your questions. And see how badly -- -- inform everybody. That's good start so first of all. You guys know that I am a big believer in referred -- recommend them to everybody referred laptops. Ipads whatever you wanna get a new computer new -- year referred the thinker the Waco and I wanted to see if I was really write about that's. And -- and new vacuum cleaner thoughts on whooped. At an offer for a Dyson DC 25 vacuum cleaner -- So I did it. Now normally you wouldn't think about getting a used vacuum cleaner if you get somebody -- dust. And this thing came I got -- saved up a little money on the referred here. How much like and a -- like 200 dollars well yet and the canister nuclear canister. Is a little. Has a little grime on the -- little eroded and -- that happened and there's a note saying if you want a new when you can go buy one. But I love this machine and I -- at a reasonable price with the -- and overpriced thing plus those. Actually do it again -- fantastic they look like they're from demolition man -- some of them you know -- movies and so. I like the Dyson but only at referred or eBay price is not new. Also for those Dubin tracked inside of my broken -- -- which has been broken for more than a year of that left channel popping hissing. I finally got to fix the cost 200 bucks get a and AV receiver from 2002001. Repaired at that it LM electronic Daly City. And it was a difficult choice I have to say. Between spending. Four to 600 dollars for a modern AV receiver that can handle HD -- -- Or sticking with this one which does not have HDMI but -- otherwise unbelievably great beautiful beautiful sound. And I decided to get -- fixed the save some money because they don't have any chemical actually is symbolic home of a machine to fix -- -- Now if I when I finally do get a flat screen. And I can't go HDMI I ran -- little to TV. Then I'm gonna have to find a way reached to switch HDMI inputs and I thought what I would do is get a -- in that of the switching forming and use the audio -- -- -- -- -- run into this -- and and and do the switching in the TV. Which is kind of -- G but. I'm gonna say my stuff like for 500 but wouldn't that way so this I believe saving money in loving tech review acknowledging what here's mine. What screen. Oh wow look at that a -- and touch. And we're and we think -- about communion can touch not Macintosh computers that seriously that's yours and I saw one of those the shop when I was there there beautiful. That's -- -- channel aren't yet an old school. In middle school finally in -- save the planet series here. As as usual I bought myself a new case for my iPhone every -- by new accessory got this this is -- -- -- five dollars and default case. Dot com -- -- like that I got to them they're so cheap but shipping. Five dollar case and -- -- spending 35 dollars at it but it's nice it's you know it's got the will repeat things for this perforated but it's a little. Bigger than it needs to be so it -- -- -- and then of course as it happens I spend money -- a -- -- get a free one element -- office. And this is a bios -- case this is made from I think recycled corn husk or something I don't know anyways both beat by -- degrade. Which is not necessarily something you want when -- -- -- -- -- -- anyway. It's really nice and -- it feels really good but it's like 35 -- 35 bucks they go for free. And a wide data for freedom thing I would not pay 35 bucks for but I do like it anyway aren't moving on. You recently had a networking crushed in your home which I'm very interested in because you had performance issues with Wi-Fi which you do. Actually do -- here have any problem the Wi-Fi base always slow meaning have a fast in that -- had to chain. -- to run and delighted by the house and -- and Apple to give -- And his soul must differ is so so it's big different because I normally ivory coral that of the TV show and save on my NASA. An extreme that to my you know computer taught to -- different rooms -- and the it -- with the Wi-Fi it -- five but -- kind of go with them got a big -- late. But now -- moved to be can be is no -- I don't just completely it is. Instantly so in order to do that you had to wire your house yes ice is actually I Glen Allen bought a bunch of not okay with a very cheap actually you can buy likeness -- -- -- handle those four. You know 10200. A -- yeah and anybody had no the the the -- know that had that I mean those into the ports. And the you know the connective -- and -- -- and connectors yes is actually very easy is that right yeah I'd always heard that he do wrong you lake. Have your your your throughput or something. Yes that's true but -- -- today if you do anything wrong indeed the problem revenues you can followed -- -- -- But of cable -- -- together and has click -- actually very easy aka if you do -- lighting up to the third -- can be -- you can be sure we can -- -- because it's -- So the worst thing if you have to -- -- for me I have to drill the hole in the wall. Because you make sure that you have to really want -- it went through too many holes -- -- -- world so. And then it just brought it can go around and it's it's an art project and if drills -- the -- is actually actually really satisfy and they like it took me so we can actually have to who'd been hard but now is open or -- and I am very happy if his site. You know I think is wireless from my laptops and iPhone of course but when -- come to best stop and the TV if you view annuity stream the movie. Very fast. It's so -- -- yeah ideology that I wanna put my all my oh my my servers -- down in the basement but there's no wiring down there. And I got -- I think he can even run the wire outside your house and running inside me like you from some kind of no clinically and while the little things speaking of saving money. There's one at one time I tried to save money -- did not work out. I hired an electrician we had our walls opened for the for the downstairs were doing some work. Two do the wiring to put in the phone the network in the end the cable TV wiring downstairs. Think at some -- -- connect to the upstairs kind of separate system so they put into a nice patch panel. In the basement. And I ran this super -- wire to the to only two -- down there plus from from the outside from -- the -- math night for news for. Internet phone and cable. Or so I thought the only go -- set up the cable I I'm I'm I'm got the Jack mobile via. I open up the jacks which in terminated it into the blank plates there I say -- Where's the cable flick called opposite did you some kind of special wiring here for cable -- that no I just did. Ethernet and ethernet and phone that's what he told me -- technologies. We actually had to run the cable and outside -- that I spent and granted I didn't spend much money on it but as much money wasted and an opportunity lost then you know I do not have cable actually -- -- And its hands who actually you know I'm so have -- a -- because right now it when I try to trust for some things about hundred megabits per second. That's fast that's a -- this his speed as you -- three that's that's faster the most part yes hugely fat is incredible ways. So is chili's has fight it I -- -- -- more TV now I actually do wouldn't Annan and changes to defend file to see how fast speeds stooges movie you know what he is -- -- -- -- I appreciate you use a technology. The DS for ten you're gonna set me up I got the BS 411 slim -- on the deadly mall -- -- three months to to make thumbnails from a photos. I think you should do is up and upgrade the foam where the acting I think they -- that we knew from what I did upgrade firmware we've still slow on -- yes I did not have that don't have that many many photos and I copy photo actually. I you you can use this software acting the technology something that direct something you can do it on your desktop yes and asked him via by the -- iPhone -- for its most evolved from data and storing you know record like -- so I mean its its pretty. For the usual WRT. This analogy -- here let's go to your questions folks we've got some interesting questions. This is this first one is one that -- -- first and I've had this from before don't Donna says. I received an HP simple save 750 which is -- USB hard drive as a gift he's with my laptop which is on Windows 7. The power light comes on but nothing else happens I know the device works because I plugged it into my desktop which is windows XP and started right up. Can you tell me what -- need to do. Besides going to staples and paying them dollars for help but they do not -- staples and paying them to help. Here's what I think it is only think it's -- -- -- here's what I think it's. I think if the drive is working on your desktop not your laptop chances are. That your laptop USB port is not putting out sufficient power to run the drive. This is a small portable drive I don't think -- with the power adapter so it draws power from the USB port. I've had this problem with portable USB drives thumb on. Where if you plug them into the USB -- looks like they're gonna work. But the drive just doesn't in the -- -- doesn't spin up and it doesn't have enough power to tell the computer that hey I need more power it just doesn't work. But the light comes on and it's very confusing. There are solutions. One is to get this kind of would tool US -- called a reverse YUSB cable. That has two USB connections that plug into your computer so it can get double the power and one output mini USB for your drive. Some seagate drives or as a -- -- camera what come with that and these secondary non data power only. USB. Connector is little red to say this is not data -- power only that we'll do it another thing you can do. Is get a powered USB hub that has its own AC adapter that will inject enough power into the USB signal. Those are pretty easy to find on Amazon anyway so that's what I think this problem is the -- any. Authorities are right but let's say that -- if you use that it still doesn't look the -- -- -- could be because -- software was made primarily for window XP. And then you can do we can plug the drive into new XBO -- when it works and toward a bit of software. Then maybe when you bring it back to window. Seven -- gonna what. Also you know -- -- in Windows 7 if you disable the alto Ron when you -- -- and then the drive actually walking but nothing is happening because most of what it's being run them you can actually go to my computer -- all computer right thing. The new computer and -- you click the opened the drive. And then you run the software Emanuel. And then we go through the option and then make it run by it's -- -- -- Okay that could be the case to but I think -- I think may be some problem with the power to I think so you solution might be those most of the Bible. I will. I would recommend trying the software solution -- always the software before you break at the screwdrivers. So friend you can Charleston try using a -- -- -- B cable in and then plug -- into the bike computer because he was just talking here about a AM and left a laptop via. -- -- -- Maybe some camino if you do short of really short cable like USB cable if it held the power to because -- all cable than. And use that and will provide -- -- power. For some reason if when you grab the cable it burns your hands you're losing power. That is if you're really an app that a target period -- Related to that this is I do not think this is likely on this HPs. And HP laptop -- Wii -- and laptop. There are some laptops Thinkpads that I know for sure but probably some -- on a positive where they've got different flavors of USB. Where some are high power some are not some remain powered even when the laptop is is in standby mode so the continue to charge -- device even on the laptop -- -- was off. And as a modern thinkpad that different USB ports and their colored differently look at the man he would try to try to import -- if you beat that war. Moving on another netbook question notebook question -- from Switzerland who we think is a -- -- -- from Switzerland and female my XP notebook is slowly dying Omnia takes forever to boot. I guess it's because I like trying out software which -- clogs up my system I'm gonna soon buy a new notebook and to avoid having the same problem my question is. Is their latest sandbox software that I'm only evaluating like putting it in a virtual machine. And how would I do that on Windows 7. Well on Windows 7. Actually it -- if you use Windows 7 professional or ultimate than it actually com would -- -- more. Which is basically virtual of though we -- XP with the unit. Right so if you if you use Windows 7 you can use window XP mode and -- talk where I would -- -- -- that that actually did affect Windows 7 itself. So that's and that's them. The direct answer the question I completely eager to argues that I know some people -- means that as well. Windows XP mode I don't -- -- it. Included in the disk -- hours -- download but whatever that is a virtual machine that is a little stand boxed. Version of windows that runs under Windows 7 you can do exactly what you're saying and down then when you blow away of that. That -- that virtual machine. Windows 7 and touch it we -- if you look can be downloaded its free yeah it doesn't come with -- machine itself but he can just you know Google -- that we know XP mode and then you can download for. Both used it before and -- would be. -- and I will say this though that might my impression of windows XP machines from. Or even Vista machines from like for five years ago which -- maybe when his computer -- from is that they were. Adequately many of them mainstream machines were adequate adequately powered for the software of the day. But that's -- little overhead room left over that they quickly got bogged down when you. Loaded up the register -- with soft perhaps. Or even got XP updated with. With future -- and bug fixes are really slowed them down a lot I think that modern than Windows 7 computers have a lot more -- -- That's were not over -- headroom and I don't think you'll have this problem on a modern window seven machine I personally you know my job here. Try out stuff captured on viewers to. I've got a four year old Windows 7 machine. A -- with themselves result but it was before year old machine running now Windows 7 at home. Granted it's a desktop granted -- Quad Core but of all the computers I've ever owned it has stayed. Fast responsive and stable. Longer than any other computer I've ever had and I believe that is a combination of Windows 7 being a better more robust operating system that last longer better. When you -- -- into it. And the fact that modern. Computers CPUs just have more headroom I I don't think this is a problem -- like it was a couple years ago. I think that's true these very issues -- mean. Effect I think you -- last few years the -- in the development of hardware as kind of going faster than software in a way. So I think older machine can run you know the new is offers them -- well fights and its -- everything and known that -- it. If the play games though you do have to play games otherwise analyze brain will atrophy and -- exact gains keep you sharp yeah. -- -- games and mole games. Limb from Texas and -- games and more games. What game what the best in nature. I would -- stuck up so -- deeply competitively. I -- but then I feel so I just played can have friends now via. -- never demo the player aircraft is very stressful -- stressful I have enough stress in my life and what is plugged up but get stressed and look for buddies do portal to co -- That and that single player anyway. And that's good puzzlement I Lin says I have several laptops and desktop -- my home all on a wireless network. My daughter's laptop came down with this malicious malware that takes over the PC and -- all the executable. What is the best way to remove the software -- certainly has done. I was able to gain access back to the PC by identifying the running process and killing it but later found that there are numerous other files -- that one -- removed. Removed another drops in to take its place -- -- removed five different files. With starting with Jake -- -- the and there are popular files. None of the malware programs are working what can I do before starting -- -- its PC again for normal everyday activities. And be absolutely sure it is clean. With Al reformat thing which was my first answer reformists -- -- you have a solution. Yes I think actually this kind of I was actually easier to deal with anything. Because is a beta software that run multiple threats and an extra -- other threats so. So busy trying to want to kill one of the processes the other one -- the other one -- up so you can have a kill them. You know like router -- away because. We don't have to have up to the -- to kill more than one process addicts have so these virus buddy system and so what does that way doesn't it just made a plea -- all of those in executable and so you can run antivirus software because -- -- -- hey this is bad can run it. So -- -- you do I think to delete you can log into the machine. You do is you download. Any kind of like -- -- one hand clean cleaning software like you know doctor wet. If you use a Google phone like the odd -- wet. And -- to the computer and and changed the name of the of the software it's who explorer about music he. Because this though the violence we not block explorer -- because if you box that then we know cannot run. So we've basically -- it and make it. While you writing something that part of windows itself. So your hacking windows that you don't -- be -- you you download antivirus software and you -- the the the program that went into explorer about easily equal that work. Yes because the virus if -- -- Vegas casino explore. And part of windows and it allowed the anti -- or to -- Now there's another solution that you had we talked about earlier we're kinda like as well requires a second computer -- excessive -- what I think if you can do that and you know I think if you can do we can download doctor wept. Which is you know it's easy enough for free an -- in the executable to X for about he's a he and then copied to the infected computer and run it. And that should fix it if not you can also take out the hard drive of those infected computer. And move it to a new computer to a clean computer and -- scanning formed in with the clean computer I like that solution. As -- -- to mess around with changing. Leo excusable and I think the first one is easier though you have to open the hard -- the computer into other hard drive but -- -- the second solution or what you do you take out the infected drive and then you run you do not boot from it. No definitely not a new property on -- spread the infection. And you put in one of those US that this drive toasters yet acted as this as a secondary drive to another computer. And then you run an antivirus app from a known good computer against the bad and that ride on. Or where you're nothing's running our if you know the location of the bad -- you can go there and delete it -- to. Right because it's not running is -- so. I think is hard because some you know is open the laptop and -- some -- of enclosure or via a hot right Rita before it can do that. With a -- solution if you can just download to. -- to -- web or some as many cleanup on the -- and change the name of the executable to. Explorer adopt easily eat what happens to the real -- and if you don't you don't implicit it is probably -- into the -- -- for example you don't replace. The you know the five we know to put it on -- stop them. Because -- that execute -- -- expert on easily in the the virus could not stop. I can guarantee it because. They cannot -- you know they cannot checked the -- -- -- -- -- to make sure that it's you know not be don't do than go to windows they had to. To do I okay -- wheel how -- these thing to run because part of windows yet and and the rest to apply. Little let us know what you decide to do on that whether you can. Use the changing the exporter is changing into. I receptive or ready exe and running it or you have to remove the drive to make this thing work or -- you decide to work took the opening up the window and start all over teachers know how you solved a problem and start to hear about that issue. Another -- up question Matt says does not PC's Mac laptop though. -- another question I'm sure you guys travel a lot and use your laptop on flights I have a fourteen hour flight coming up but does not offer power. What can I do to keep my non removable battery on my MacBook kicking to get an external battery. First of all in amusement MacBook for fourteen hours dude -- yet it's actually time -- Get a book. At that for books notebooks who will be removed and mourn over it was. So there but there are games -- games played by Apple -- -- battered trees though. That's true that's all right so there a couple of things the first all you can't get an external battery Josh loans and has been the UI doesn't show by the time. Has talked about hyper Mac batteries now hyper Mac -- sued by Apple because they were selling. MagSafe adapter so you need to do little -- -- -- -- by the hyper Mac but that is a good external battery company. And to hyper Mac will give the external battery that will work on Mac books. But he figured out ahead of time that he edited some hijinks to get to connect. To save battery life and any laptop and MacBook in particular. Turn off your Wi-Fi unless you've got you know. Wi-Fi. Internet on the airplane which -- overseas working -- -- you probably don't know. Turn off Bluetooth turn off all the radios turn down the screen use internal graphics if you -- -- that -- legible graphics. If you want to watch movies on this epic flight. Rip the movies to your hard -- you're not running from dvd that takes -- more power and turn off any servers you have like -- -- air video server for sharing video. Turn off that and turn off -- I am you'll be using and anyway the server apps thinkable outages and he recommendations to make a battery lasts as long as possible. I think that's though it is all it is by -- PC and by multiple batteries. Yet or you can get an old MacBook. That's what routes via -- my I have -- aluminum free unibody Mac -- yet if you can chain of veterans that are used to do that I'm used to travel with thumb. Extra batteries and never use them -- little daylight -- it's true I mean every egg in the and you never actually use all the -- I mean yes you have some of them letting them for waiting for you than you gonna end up sleeping. Do something else. Surfing the web on the chat room recommends. Also turning off spotlight indexing and if you're on a windows machine in your running turn off via. The windows. Search indexing as well. That will also if -- power -- -- you know now CEO -- -- I remember I've. I've been covering computers forever and technology -- -- interview him from time to time. And he would show up you know some of -- compass he has -- I was working. Straight from the airport. And literally his pockets where -- Toshiba laptops. -- who we like here's my laptop. -- -- what's -- to pocket things that battery battery battery I just came from Tokyo Lego these batteries -- literally travel like nine battery -- them well three literally. Figuratively. Maybe they help you too -- -- -- invested in jump up and down in and dancing but he was like well a walking lithium bomb. I mean that's a lot of energy stuffed into his pocket and he generates such a huge electromagnetic field anyway I really legit maybe then the batteries and a critic -- the David quality job to battery because you know himself and judging them in that probably trivia. How it works. Let's. EOL it and the like that Richard -- says. -- -- -- post a video to a web sites and creative for me I downloaded from a flip camera to my Mac but I can't figure out how to post. All I want to do -- and links to my friends. Well YouTube -- it. The Richards is kind of confusing question -- -- the flip software includes a feature to send video directly to YouTube which is by far the easiest way also check out photo bucket I just met with -- yesterday allow unlimited storage of videos and photos. That's easiest way when I -- to share videos -- -- home movies with my family -- put them on YouTube. And I set it as -- yet private or unlisted. So people have login that doesn't get index. I need -- can invent -- -- your YouTube videos to web pages. Also Josh -- check out mean that US MI and a US drag and drop. -- -- acronym says after the news at Cisco closing down a -- camera division. At -- -- -- you might protest of the Kodak Z I eight a flip style camera with a big difference. It -- great video. But the big plus is a microphone in Jack. This lets me connect the lab -- or wireless might be on camera Mike isn't that either beneath -- for shooting video from a newspaper. And corporate. My corporate masters with great results. Fixed focus went isn't wide enough in some situations so I use hot -- to attach a ring to attach a wide angle -- that while that is dedication. Anyway. It's got the flip out USB plug as well the card slot for expansion is a great tool for situations when a full sized cam corder the -- -- overkill. Of course he says the looks like collectors terminating and the the I eight the south looking into. You know. And people are asking you know what can I do flip is going away when an intuitive camera work and I get another flip camera like missed a great the thing is. Flip is dead belong with the flip concept so we got the Kodak ZIA I have a Sony blog he. Which was some giveaway which is the same thing it's that little camera with flip out USB ports used plug in -- software is there and the -- -- come straight over. Of the flip concept will live on. The bloody by the way is really nice image stabilization. Which is why I like -- so much against the -- and -- HD. Actually actually knows Cisco a day bot -- gonna be killed -- the date -- Charles for the concept -- -- through router so all the new router from Cisco the the new. -- very easy to use it -- ways to use four or use it. They flip -- USB ports. No not like that day they ahead of -- software that basically you know make it -- -- set up. -- a very easy. -- -- can just run it and have the five -- you have the whole network up and running so. Even somebody who had no idea about networking can set up the router and the whole whole whole -- looking without a problem. I challenge you on that I'll tell you what I'm gonna do I'll I'll I'll take -- to my mother and if she can set up a wireless network I'll eat my hat. I think you'd better get -- -- that is biodegradable. Aaron I'll eat my iPhone indicates that -- because I can I can't guarantee it -- new mom can use computer and double click the on something they know what to double click on all pigs yes. She can do it. -- apps they can do it is very yes when she needs -- new wireless election. The -- Android question. -- Wrote I have an Android Smartphone issue I've recently come to the realization that I have not backed up my HTT. HTC desire running and rate to two Florio. And installing and updating and give any suggestions or solutions for backing up apps contacts and photos that losing a whole lot. And actually another listener answer this question inadvertently by -- sending us this note Robert he said in your iPhone vs Android show. When you're asked about the contacts think you should have mentioned that with the Android the contacts are backed up into the cloud instinct over the air into the user's Google account and -- bi directional. In case the phone is damage or -- and get a new one. All your Android. All your contacts will come over things you sign into the phone. This is actually a big advantage over the iPhone a thinking contacts via iTunes -- the physical cable. And if your weight from your computer for some time. While getting a new replacement iPhone you won't have to contact me physically -- -- the computer that's a really good point that's one of the great things about Android phones. Animal all the Apple over but I think your purchase records of the -- will go over -- are stored in the cloud as -- that an Android phone. Is really an interesting and fundamentally different device from an iPhone fluent in that an Android phone is a terminal on your Google account. It's just it's like this. Like your computer browser once you log that phone into your Google account. Everything that there is an Android equivalent of in Google test comes over. It's really nice you don't have to worry about keeping it up to date and -- them back -- all -- stuff it's all stored on the Google cloud services so very nice thing about. That Android devices makes upgrading changing which -- gonna wanna do because the new cool Android phone coming out every three days makes -- -- the in time for one -- more. Oh yes Steve in Milan in Ohio or Steve -- in Ohio I can -- by competent -- I'm getting ready to switch from dial up Internet. Well I'll look into that left the whole thing. Wow -- to Verizon mobile broadband welcome the 21 century. And I was told this summer I will be able to connect using a new four G network my question is what is the best wireless USB adapter for my desktop computer. And others on the side of boxes at the -- that the very. At the connection speed. Changes very -- the -- -- can vary and change so thanks for help looking forward to download it. Downloading a podcast in under eight hours. Now. It's gonna be a few second actually we'll just let us so how does say they know. That's amazing because -- and we move from dial up to mobile because. Actually -- -- of Vietnam. You know you get and we don't have it. These things change it completely from no phone to mobile phone that when no Internet through mobile Internet has no wiring anymore and -- -- you can exercise so. You go to give them almost everything and countryside is mobile Internet and phone and and everything else. Yeah there are there are a lot of places and a lot of times when people -- leapfrogging. Technologies so -- does give the whole wiring -- I regret I LeapFrog videotape I have never owned a video. A mobile camera with a videotape I went straight to the flash. Anyway so -- -- if so what would you recommend that so I this say this in a way go to mobile Internet access that the thing is that the speed varies. Very very greatly from one place to another so if -- -- -- home is in a good -- apartments area you have a very very fast speak very fast a site. The same as fast Comcast speed probably like twelve may -- -- the second are even more. You know assists and a half custody if you have a twelve megabit -- second speed you can download a ten gigabyte movie about an out. Tanguay it expects usually fast. So but the thing is that you don't if you live in an area this new apartments that is going to be slow alright you have to -- out two to three G which is site must must slow. So this is like you know -- that I you know meets he dummies -- -- hard to know to say which on the best one. But I actually recently reviewed -- Though motive to use remote and the LG VL 600 modem from Verizon and it's very fast in San Francisco Bay Area. Which is not a very good -- area in we've got to carve its Verizon actually yeah and I use that also in Las Vegas that few other places and it's actually would be passed in and constantly of three -- percent. Now it's Steve what I would do. First like -- Verizon will get you that LG device because that sounds like the best one. -- make sure that when you do sign the contract that you. That they let you do -- return on that if it's not what supposed to be and maybe try and have a device that I don't know but they should know I mean it sounds like a community where. They're rolling out four G wireless. I assumed that they will have a device that they recommend. Of course we -- our recommendations are better and there are so you know try that LG 600 led the thing is. But while using unit for Gphone phone from Verizon particularly -- they have -- So they have like have -- to -- Ten gig a month for example. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And is very very small cap to you to have relate tended to by all five -- to -- a month a school's eighty dollars off vehicles respectively. And you can go through that -- allowance we've been you know an -- to. So be careful and if you go -- the allowance you to pay ten dollars I think the extra -- If so let me that if you would -- you by emailing a dollar podcasts like these. Is not too bad but if you -- like streaming on Netflix HD movie. You gonna run out of they have very fat in a funny thing is -- Comcast -- home wired and random -- -- actually. And extremely satisfied with -- and it's not unreasonably priced and there is a cap on its 250 gigs. And I -- -- usage from time to time I never use them for actually I actually I got email from them -- I am an excessive use their. Because I don't know why but -- -- one month I went up so with almost 305 and -- -- while and because I showed my friends to enable -- -- I don't know who did want really hard to kind of strike who. Did what with the connection. Bad form on actually went all of the up to. 500. Half a terabyte yes while the total amount of thing that I'm I'm most concerned about with the -- the -- in data they use. For the work that I do which is -- whenever government does but I -- -- -- downloading. Some amusing you know between two and five gigs a month. But I black back up to the cloud and -- I get a new computer I restore I re sync from -- cloud synchronization services and I right now got about. 180 gigs. Of photos and stuff sink to the cloud so as soon as we get a new computer I do from a cloud because it works better than doing local. So let's say and that's that's gonna enjoy Iceland and new computer yet -- below yeah you'll be up to the entries at a fair way to do local. Anyway. So speaking out of wireless adapters. Your question was specifically about -- desktop adapter and I believe we answer that however I will say. That I'm a big fan of the concept if not always the execution. Of the wireless. Hot spot -- the MiFi it's which I don't believe it's four G and the overdrive it. Actually did you MiFi supports UI port through my recent heavy duly if a few of them -- I'm going to review the one -- Verizon very soon which again. These would I think and they doing it looking very well that the welcomes spring is forgy and is the only one that give you unlimited -- we have. Yet so we communicate useful as -- -- one. But it's not as fast as Verizon and it is still very fast fast fast rising. And they allow far a maximum five clients at a -- which mean you can connect up to five devices to the house when its intent which. You know I mean it's -- you know many but it's in half for one person I think if you have a computer -- laptop. And they iPhone and iPad -- -- -- -- probably use a -- the plan yet so I would recommend getting -- the four G to Wi-Fi -- like MiFi because that way when you get smart -- has the -- planet. You'll be able to use that Wi-Fi connections that of going over. The three year portrait well actually some authority -- fortieth yet redundant but if you have an iPad you won't need to get the iPad with -- -- with whatever the cellular and it. Analysts alike if you want you can also get one from T-Mobile. They have the same got a team of product and this oh mobile hot spot the same limited of oh of the about clients. And is doesn't give you that we haven't kept the technical month that after you you which it can be doesn't charge you more instead he gonna make that -- since slow. That's like what China if we do you know I negotiate and discuss lol yeah dad used to liking I think one of the duties of the of the reporters -- So you know always have bad act by not only that by mid the second and -- -- to be got to make the point one -- the second when the caps I would. That's -- our public Wi-Fi here at CNET. That's why that's why I never use it we -- that -- over our cap. All right that is all the time we have this week forcing it to the rescue the don't think so much for joining us guys you can find all your work well don't work on CNET reviews Estes. -- just you know follow me on on FaceBook. -- -- the FaceBook and so from my name if you find me follow me if you don't then -- government with. A thanks Kelly for producing. Thanks everyone for watching if you have questions for us please send them to rescue at cnet.com and if you wanna see. All the stuff spelled out in all the links that we talked about it is cnet.com. Slash rescue for the full thing. I'll see that's all on Friday for reporters' roundtable were talking about. Drones in the military and UAVs and you. The navy's unmanned combat -- view aerial vehicles -- a great -- I don't miss it. You Friday announced -- next weekend for earth. Part about.

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