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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep. 43: Loud keyboards, obsolete networks, used cameras, and more.

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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep. 43: Loud keyboards, obsolete networks, used cameras, and more.

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Josh Lowensohn joins the show to help us pick input devices, get things done with to-do lists, and figure out what to do with our old Tivo when the world moves to IPv6 networks.

Hi everyone welcome to CNET to the -- do. Our weekly show we try to answer your tech questions and sometimes succeed. Today we're joined by. Apple reporter extraordinary Josh loans and thanks come in -- yet to be taken a break from covering the ongoing saga. Of the location issues yet on the iPhone and busy morning about it -- PayPal account this -- they did. We're gonna be doing by the way a reporters' roundtable on this topic on Friday. After that I and I wanna get into the Q&A in the tech tips and all the stuff but -- before we do that. Now that they've come of the statement is there's still stuff to talk about oh yeah there's tons that -- -- -- literally. -- -- you can -- -- -- -- So if you look tech question for us as that you would like us to attempt to answer. Something getting on your skins them and can't quite figure out something keeping up late at night. Senate to its rescue at cnet.com no question is -- basic so let us know try to help you out with a rotating panel of experts. Now we're gonna start as we usually do with the road test these are tech products that we have been using and liking or not over time. And the most important product obviously come out in the last them. Brief period. Is. Portal two yet which I finished I was I was off last week at some time to kill and it's really fun -- -- awaited. -- -- But but but it says sorry that's the portable music that. Any we have -- game play video to hear from a -- -- friends over gamespot. It's really fun it -- it's not and in the game mechanics are very much like portal one. But. Which is cool cause they're great but it's not it is -- who wasn't quite as. Eye opening. You know when you -- Yet the geek and don't expect Andy to be difference obviously you go -- theory mean an organic feel the first game -- and dilapidated. Broke down like I have no idea along its content and experience. It makes for really good sequel -- -- it like it's almost like an act the Jurassic Park like connect -- Broken yet. -- some really cool that it and I anyway I really liked it. I didn't love it yet and you have to finisher -- -- -- -- so we can do co -- yes. That so -- and I know I know me or me to an -- on -- -- you know the Kindle. Anyway so highly recommended. Works on just about everything doesn't or an elaborate it works -- youth thing you play you know what implant and -- like it she doesn't mean MacBook. And -- hand in some things turn -- runs all the united news of entering it. You know on -- a pre coming in and think it's craziness lot of moving stuff -- it still runs just fine. W I mean that's its engine its yours tool via the -- about you know. Yeah I was pleasant express I was expect attempted tweak up the graphics and -- slow down my computer which couple years old and it ran beautifully yeah and -- extreme. Up plus it has -- It includes lots of -- it -- I without giving too many spoilers away there is. Bouncing due accelerating due and portal wall which is really -- But it. And -- -- -- by far about it now games besides the -- -- the sound the sounds urges some of the best in industry yet oddly. Or is opening in the liquids bouncing in. Just general movement it's -- -- Plus that guy who plays. The -- your your friend at least for awhile now what is this Stephen Merchant he's hilarious if the -- anyway portal to highly recommended we love it. And other stuff speaking of sounds. Remember when that Josh you're on the show right took of the DOS keyboard we got the das keyboard black in the on with -- Nokia tops on it yeah almost had to send my life -- -- -- at the area review -- well here's your thoughts on assignment credit -- clip I got this instead. This is. Okay competitive this is the unit -- customize it. It looks just like an old IBM model and keyboard except it's black. And it has hanging -- with the microphone and speaking here via an analyst -- -- I'm a sucker for -- keyboard. -- the sound of productivity that's -- or capping Josh if you while -- -- and you don't hear that sound coming to get back to work there's something wrong that's right. I'll of this -- port and promise accounts it's I think with seventy or eighty bucks which is about forty bucks less than the -- keyboard yet. Now it's not quite as bad ass looking -- it doesn't have the all black thing going on there and it does it when you pick it up to feels like a flexible system on the desk it's super solid. And that's Leland is that media buttons and stuff but now -- England Austria like I -- a keyboard I don't have here only on my left like at wild Microsoft keyboard and don't have the volume buttons no having to press function to go back to regular function keys like that's a Microsoft keyboard nothing fancy like that. -- Good solid switches. We type as men here. I love this keyboard very happy with it if it's them. I have to say though this I brought it to work or I can close my door not annoy people do not get this thing for home. Because -- cumulus at all for me. So I wouldn't do it there if that was next to me were I would I would probably -- the money right exactly seriously that's why that's awful the you know people used -- tight for -- at typewriters and things again of the we move we move forward I'd like to hear the news that the last typewriter business and on manufacturing. Plant on the planet just closed. Widows street poets can do when it's only poetry for five -- I bought one of those -- -- -- -- opponent you bought a person not one I bought the -- home -- I heeded a poem about mice and science instruments on it's actually quite nice -- -- Omnia my fridge. -- -- -- What happened to animate them like I and I saw -- -- rails we don't and I saw this a documentary Harlan else than. No site -- writer yet he still writes on a manual typewriter. In his -- course load and he's written you know a billion books and you know many of them and very well with. And he has in he has like an armory. -- -- -- when you say -- mint -- box. And an IB typewriters just waiting for him to use -- that their old but they've never been opened a and -- just lined up in you know for asked from the rest of his life. That unlike my high school French teacher this fellow. Very nice guy he found a pair of shoes -- he -- and you buy something like 150 payers just in size. And -- -- like a storage units keep the men so he would just have a pair of -- issues every -- and you -- -- one -- for his entire life. Yet a lifetime supply of the same issue -- -- people are saying in the chat room at the -- effect is that the typewriter factory story that has been developed. -- debunked on -- well wow well should be watched tactic they've started on time if you Eric. Anyway so hey I have a good Segway the S and seventy dollars -- that -- Yet well guess what else seeing it for seventy dollars what a fake melts. It's a piece of aluminum big deal. -- yes this is the -- -- had nothing new product by any means however I recently switched over to a Mac laptop. To my beat. And I I got very tired of not having the track pad. For you know various little things Micah and making document bigger I didn't when he is the keyboard shortcuts for -- Calm things -- or teach in and scrolling around. I somehow this -- seem like a good idea honestly haven't really used it it seem like a good idea at the time -- it's very cool. It is very cool just look at I want right now I wanna do with it -- -- as a coaster yeah well. You can. There Ingle coaster in the intersecting about it is that -- -- Even hinting at the Mac but track -- And you can't -- -- arrangements and Coke and do it you can't really tell its class. On the laptop's skin cancer yet but it's very interesting you'll it -- you can actually see the pattern in here but you like using -- Occasionally idea of like when I need is human stuff just using a -- instead of doing the control plus or whatever it's just slate very natural -- -- reach over Ringo. And attached to -- -- page is really -- for PDFs and everything else that I mean it wouldn't use it. As a replacement mantle now that they if you have two monitors like I do it like you don't turn the sensitivity -- out in Needham there's a lot of movement -- -- -- would not buy again. And what it's gonna find patterns or on batteries -- -- the fact is wireless but it's. Like a foot away from a USB port momentous commute while I know I hate wireless things it could just as easily be wired just they make things more difficult that's one of the great things but -- keyboard yet. Wires on my mind come out with a wired version before you come out with wireless yet that way if somehow batteries stopping -- -- -- -- -- product. But Steve hates wires. -- -- -- -- -- -- I believe -- OK. Our brief topic today before we get into your questions that I wanted to touch on because it's something that many productivity apps that's productivity -- -- people worry about is to do lists lists of things -- How you manage your your tasks and I have been a big fan. Things for a -- -- used on my Mac my iPad and Mac iPhone. And it's very expensive present to -- different version for each of them. And the great thing the thing that you really need in -- to do list manager if you are modern a modern person have more than one device is you need your list to go with you. So you're sitting at work. You bring a program on your computer and you type to -- this -- and then you're out about -- phone that -- -- to be on your phone and things. With synchronized but only when it was in Wi-Fi range of the other device and only using your computer as the main ones -- It in order for me to sink my iPad -- -- -- phone they had to be. On the local Wi-Fi with my Mac. Which meant that they didn't think when they were separated which I guess isn't that big deal but -- attack from every animal on time or who. And it's expensive so I've recently switched over to this thing called wonder list. WU. Wonder -- and it's free it's not nearly as slick. As things but it does pretty much it does the basics well enough. And it sinks to the clout. And there's a windows version. And there's a web version and now I have my to do list on all my computers not just my Apple computers plus on the web whenever I need to get. So. As much as I think that things is that absolutely gorgeous application. The lack of cloud sync is -- real -- to me and wonder -- is I've switched over it and it's hard to get me to switch for productivity from yet another let's switch over -- the U straightening and use. The old map and not abandon and -- -- spent a probably ninety bucks on the very first of that app that the -- For the free ordinance that -- that does the job better if it works that's that's. Evernote by the way drink. Sucks when it comes to managing to do with yes it has little check boxes but that's it -- -- -- and mean it's just it's not a good to do list -- -- there's no time based deadlines announcer reminders system you can probably hack stuff into it but it's too much work yet it. And for -- groceries that you wanna mention that the the -- big thing -- have a big if you remembering what to get. I use as little app I don't know if it's paid or not but wasn't the only a buck to called grocery IQ which also thinks -- the cloud. And that -- cool things like if you put. Apple juice and orange juice in there it knows that they're both in the juice -- so you walk up and -- figure in the Acre I'll. And everything that should be and that's you need to get in their child is clump together no matter how you entered it really and it's a smart and -- along time ago. On an issue like this -- we discussed that that piece of a privileges as a bunch of check boxes for her -- -- and has its analog form it's fantastic as though you still use all what -- -- use and keep track your carpet like such that -- like -- -- a couple of them aren't. I use a mix of things any for work all keep a lot of my general task lists in various topics in something like Google docs and then. For like daily tasks all -- send something else and emailed my boss seminal count keep that email. Much simpler just I'm paying an animal outsider just in an -- have been coming back to it. As far as actually making that better there's tons of solutions in the past I've tried out one note for Microsoft Aaliyah I couldn't really. I couldn't get into it as much a because if you when he's on the desktop you have to be a PC user they don't make a Mac version. And then the only kind of recently in the last few months a push that out to iphones CFC actually -- -- a mobile version. And that's it's not a bad Apple but it. I think the problem for -- use that because there wasn't using in the -- press the ecosystem on the PC side that it wasn't gonna -- depend. On the the mobile version yet and -- You need to be everywhere that -- -- this I'm big believer in cloud think that although maybe not so much and clouds and gains you know what happens there zoning. Right let's get to your listener questions. The first one. We've got some -- -- today I'll get to as many as we -- in time we have. Is from John Kirby from these small animal -- dialysis unit at UC Davis. How's that for a place to work -- -- -- small yet anyway. And he's saying I've been interested in the transition to I PV six of course the new Internet address and scheme and I just went some -- -- start rolling out hardware to support it. Partly to test systems and I PV 6 -- so I am wondering. Are you aware of any I PV six routers I've done little cooling and I found the it group released Netgear WN and the 4000 which. Quote supports I PV six what does that mean can I use it. I PV six inside the rather router just outside have you heard we need to use that wireless connections and legacy devices. Etc. So last -- about this he's on the show before. And -- -- regrets the jenkins' story about moving to I PV six which I'll put a link to show here. Here's the upshot for everybody who is really concerned about the transition to I PV six. Don't think it's just it's not a factor right now. It's going to be a big mess. And it's because IPV six is a completely different address asking for my PP IPV four Q what -- -- now. The biggest advantage. Will be that your. You won't need to do Nat network address translation at the router -- you know it when your network connection comes in your home -- one IP coming into your home. And then it's kind of temporarily. You get. Special IPs which are used elsewhere in the world for your local devices and there'll translated here one -- That's called Nat network -- translation. With -- PV six we don't need -- -- eleven up by Beatrice forever everything it also means that these static URLs for Europe for your devices. Might have been -- security that -- static URLs button. That's a different topic. Net and yet -- -- the Napster that was a huge deal when Xbox Live for started. I mean a lot of while the problems we were having with connecting to service completely senator and now router settings and some people. If you had a very it's like speed connection. And it really good router sometimes you need to go through and actually set that stuff and and as you know it's it's a pain. Yes he can be a pain it's pretty it's much better now. Most routers will be able to support I PV six via firmware although we don't know which ones yet. Asus is also working on new firmware or palm but from a consumer's perspective dumbest thing. It moving to I PV six or consumer doesn't really give you any benefits especially right now and you can only. Fully move over I PV six when every device on the network supports -- that means your Tivo. We'll have to support I PV 62 and I'm -- fairly certain -- TiVo's don't know maybe they will with a firmware upgrade but I don't know. So for at least couple years the ISP will move to I PV six Mabel translating their traffic to I PV four. And net and send that to your router and in your router can. -- to use I PV four. It is going to be a complicated and confusing transition. Hopefully. Consumers will not have to worry about it because I PV four and V6 addresses do not co exist well. On a network they're gonna have -- some very clever -- written to handle. -- in a market. Dolan at stop people buying a router -- -- is the moral of story. There's I mean buying by your 8800 dollar router it's gonna burnout a couple of years anyway monthly -- like garbage -- They are monitoring in the -- knows about that. Some of -- -- All right speaking of things that are rebuilt -- and lovely Cleveland wrote to us. Saying in my last email I asked -- -- -- -- open box items and I followed your recommendation. Apple. Anyways that I got -- -- of Olympus EPL one and so far I am loving that's relief. Now my only problem is that the kit lens that comes with it only opens the -- 3.5. And slow -- my old film camera with a Pentax KX. And had a nice fifty millimeter lens and open to F 17. -- on Amazon that I can get -- came out to micro four thirds adapter but I don't know that will work with the came out -- that old. If you could what -- think of that well. I didn't know so I asked Lori Grunin and Steve Franklin -- are both experts and photography and -- said it'll probably work but the auto focus probably won't. And -- -- probably doesn't have -- -- focus anyway it might also take some. And a going to change the aperture to get -- -- of that wide open lands. If -- -- cheap it's worth it because. Lot of people a fun playing around these -- lenses. And -- says. -- folks is harder than in the current era in which cameras don't come with manual focusing aids a lot of the new DS LRs. The focusing screens. An old DS an old film that's a large had a split prison where you know it's the people's faces and of the snapping into focus they would line up. And modern PS -- don't have that. So it will be difficult to judge focus and at one point seven if things are wide open like that the depth of field -- -- the child was not a lot of leeway. Yet frankly I'd rather have a -- -- does you know nice and a half and then meet during all that stuff verses one that's potentially faster but I have to. Change like eight different settings before it take every single shot and again for something that's great like you you have time to set -- new -- tripod shots -- me some landscape stuff. But he wants speed obviously you're doing a lot -- hand held stuff that it focuses can be critical issue here especially with that very shallow depth of field. So I have AM. I'm an icon guy and I have an icon and an old Nikon SLR that hadn't -- college -- FE. And villains are used on most the time was fifty -- at one point eight and not their high and lands and -- And I put it on my new Canon DS -- well knew back then for five years old -- fifty. And if it melted. And it -- metered OK but it was just sell manual means the what I did was actually spent the money and I got a fifteen millimeter. New auto focus fully electronic plans and it was. It was not expensive for for a really good -- -- the sharpest lens is out there. But fortunately right now the problem with getting new lenses especially those nice -- prime lenses thirty -- which is that. The standard -- link or prime. Com and DS LR especially via the smaller -- -- at the expense especially if sensor size and -- our. Is that due to the earthquake in Japan a lot of manufacturing. Is slowed or stopped and lenses which used to be. In the hundred dollar range -- shooting at 35 millimeter lens and I'm looking at from -- an icon has gone up to like -- -- yet. And for -- TVs digital camera pricing scream and scream that scheme and third party market it's it's unbelievable price -- liked it's it goes up in jail time and lenses that you might of wanted to purchase not that long ago. Suddenly jump up and pricing and no matter what what kind quality like you said like you in the fifties switcher you know usually are -- hundred dollar range. Huge huge -- which -- -- funny if AME lenses are still these beautifully mechanical craft -- craft many things. That the kind of transcend the the pricing curves of electronics there every -- is cheaper better faster and today's camera today's 800 dollar SLR body is like four times better than the one for two years again and that just that the inexorable it just doesn't change but the lenses. Mostly. Based they hold their value yet -- -- crap but. You know the fifteen millimeter lens has been in. Tweaked and perfected for. Probably. Going on and 6070 years you're standard fifty -- -- lands they are just. Beautiful -- and anyway. Get -- the -- camera here. What he is mostly you even -- as well aren't yet get a really nice 35 millimeter -- -- -- -- -- got that -- yesterday about I mean because the main station ends -- -- about fifty -- -- switches. What you get the full frame cameras and its yeah that's great it's quiet but -- as fast its its ninth. You're here to crank sound every ten folks this is -- Again. The wind. Focuses like that and I I take a lot shuts my fun though get a B -- like I. Shall appear on the DS -- of its its great on pictures that kind of access he would just by not -- on the -- can give you better job sometimes -- -- company's tell us something I am really wondering if I'm ever going to buy a camera again I mean I I have. Technolust for medium. Upgrade to my point shoot which is then -- Canon S ninety and this 95 is much better and likewise you know that the fiftieth -- -- -- old and the -- -- By the Q1 hundred looks fantastic. But I don't carry either of my cameras with me anymore I have my iPhone and I would say 90% of the photos I take -- -- on the phone. And demos the videos too and they're good enough -- yet and in some cases. I don't know if that they're better than the point you have like three years ago though for sure. It -- have -- Took it for future show perhaps but. I boxes of old pictures basement like most of us guys my age. With the best way to get them digitized. My I mean -- -- and thousands and thousands of pictures. Well here's the thing good question their Kelly. Here's the thing man if you. Try to do you don't try to do it yourself you'll spend hours and hours I mean you could buy a scanner. On eBay. Or new one. And all your pictures in and then resell it which is the best thing to do if you're not -- the scanner again. But scanning in photos manually. -- finder service. They it's expensive. We have to look at what your time as well. And the services. I think purple -- is that right -- -- the cleaning service or green pickle I don't know digital -- I don't there. Anyway there these services out there that you send them your photos if you're comfortable -- And they have a gigantic you know table size scanners that'll -- should -- pictures in a scandal for him -- charge you you know. Pennies on the dollar well my time now the cool thing is codec I saw a demo at a conference a while that I think I mentioned before of a -- The scanner picture scanner designed exactly for what you're talking about money -- Look listen and -- yet but here's the cool thing about it. It's a Kodak scanner and it has -- built into its brain somewhere this database of how pictures looked. At various times and what photo papers were being used in processing at various times. So it knows -- the scanned the front and the back and it reads the paper type. And the color balance and the border type in the size and all that -- to a -- -- -- approximation of the dates that your pictures were processed. Based on the type of picture they were and that's that's a commercial -- that's not -- combined. The iPhone there's also the question -- if you wanna do photo scanning in -- of scanning. If you needed you usually get Tim -- a much better quality and -- beautiful and up ended in. You that the the chat room is who is recommending -- cafes -- -- defense argues cultures and I was gonna say like when I was going through my -- -- -- to do this through its. Usually when the worst experiences ever about a scanner for a negative negative scanner attachment all that -- -- super -- I dutifully few hours and like I don't ever want to do it again and -- pages that you get through. Maybe like a hundred and -- owning -- -- neat development FaceBook errands like. Oh what -- doable in -- -- removal of the but nothing good can come out of there air hip old grade school pictures. And it and -- -- -- and my for the month. Terrifying yet funny there's this there of history which is like he would -- before digital. Where nothing really existed and an eighty after digital it's like everything is documented death yet. We had two questions here. That -- related one from 11 from John Jonathan. One in Peru says I have a question about. Because of pictures and videos my laptop hard drive is almost full -- I want to get a larger drive but I wanna know if that requires that I reinstall all the program. I have. Is their way to copy everything to the new hard drive including programs. And Jonathan from New Jersey says -- about in the Internet about swapping in bigger hard drives and laptops but haven't found a comprehensive instructions for putting. -- back when putting windows back on the new hard drive usually there are mentions of burning the -- so installation image onto a bootable dvd. And harvesting the original windows product key its veterans just little bit too much. If I roll my own hard drive will have to spend a few hundred dollars for -- new windows license or disk. Both you guys -- what you want is to clone your hard drive. Try Acronis true image or Norton ghost will you do to create a bit for bit copy of what's on your hard and smaller hard drive to the newer hard drive. And them. Put the new hard drive into your system and it should be fine now if you run into a problem in windows pops up asking for license key. Chances are you can call Microsoft the number will be there and they will walk you through re authorizing that system -- and it's changing. B hard drive on that youthful time. Now in order to do this you need a way to plug too hard drives and together and -- the second hard drive. He is just the bare drive you can swap in he needs some way to connect them -- you have some experience with that. Yeah when I use who's -- this little toasters it's like eSATA oh or firewire or USB two. They usually do all three at once for some reason it's like a little toaster for normal -- three now and -- of or whatever it's the two different. To that heart -- without having like open up your PC year your laptop or whatever and and you can do that with like up to two are transitory you know you can take to her drive from two different computers and it. Image them into one -- ATV you had that one was a slave from a PC and and put it -- one drive that's plugged in through -- The toaster it's not -- it sounds complicated but it's not now it's not uses is it just a way to connect a bare hard drive the one that's eventually going to go into your laptop. To your existing system then clone it over using one of these apps. And then swap the drives and keeping the that is -- -- -- -- -- -- turning up your computer up and Catholic with Leo and reported -- only about. I -- the same thing mine isn't a drop in but it's just that it's it's a big -- the cables with the box in the middle of it was like 2030 bucks -- portable hard drive adapter. Money well spent -- he can borrow one from a friend -- it's sitting there it's like cause they're trying to keep a site that -- used once or twice the you don't need via a should be community resource. As like a man's -- agents are buying our dad's using this is an external drive. Perhaps right out now Mac users time machine within its four you don't need to clone maker yet time machine if you are not always time. Will -- time machine now there are some. Time machine like systems I think like mine eighties and knowledge he server doesn't won't to a bare metal restore and I should shut up that much about a -- -- regular time machine to a USB drive will. Clone and -- just -- new drug and boom you're done. Are moving. The way to actually make those are drive -- -- -- toasters. Really little pop up thing we've tried displaying -- -- -- Posting a picture. Local or at Lincoln but it instruments and have a five slot -- that's adorable. -- done in Indiana says I'm using Windows 7 laptop and I have both passwords. For FaceBook and Twitter stored in the auto complete feature. I know by apartment FaceBook pastor but I'm having trouble -- finding the -- for for Twitter how can I get it out of memory MI laptops I can write it down on paper. Add to that I'm trying to confirm my email portrait of -- I'm having trouble getting confirmation back from Hotmail. Do I delete my current account for Twitter. Well here's a thing if you forgot both your. Twitter password. And the email that you signed up that Twitter account with. Getting a password reset is going to be difficult -- one or the other. So you can change like your your Hotmail actress -- that's not working out for you. Now here's the good news some older browsers will display password that -- stored in clear text I think old fire versions of Firefox -- do that. Newer ones realize that the gigantic security risk and they don't do that. So if you have an older browser check around in the browsers that use and see if there's a way in the security settings. Two find your -- enter password lists and a Mac that's that's the key chain and ends and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- clear clear text passwords. -- so you know if you're having trouble getting. Twittered it -- a -- password you -- -- in touch with their support and find another way to verify that data. You don't always seem to go through their system. -- and verified its -- Right authentication verification is is the key here and if you are missing two pieces of your -- your password. Chain you know you're password and your email -- you're gonna have to go outside the usual system which might mean. A caller an email Twitter figures out four and that's one thing going to make -- -- they have multiple. Recovery emails admiral will back -- be -- so it's like hey we think the holding you from these two others -- -- a third yet they remind you to which is nice because they realize you know. Once you have to make -- a personal phone call or email to Google with the only -- traffic may have seems true for FaceBook and Twitter any big system. All the sudden. The frustration factor in having the -- real human being it just becomes a nightmare. Now I wouldn't use this as an opportunity to recommend to everybody out there that you used a password managing. App. I'll mention again I use last athletes -- robo form that both the -- that's as nice -- multi platform. And it is also free and everything but an iPhone. I pay for because I like -- so much I want them to -- -- -- -- And last best means you'll have to remember one password. And then it remembers it that's -- if you forget that one password you're totally off the deep and forget about it. This encrypted personally that back. Let's see. There's a -- thing one. Ivan says is it safe to charge your gadgets like an iPod Touch overnight. Should I be worried about overcharging. Well -- -- thing thing you know. Current modern lithium ion. Electronica -- -- piece of equipment like iPods and iphones and and most laptops use. It is safe he is -- plugged in all the freaking time and not worry about it. And a chemically. As I was researching this I found out that lithium ion batteries just stopped accepting current when they're fully charged up. Now and and good electronics will cut the current. Cut the power before then so you you can't really overcharge or burnout. The lithium ion battery you can definitely trust me from personal experience. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By leaving a plug in all the time world even -- rundown all the -- those batteries are -- -- or worse. And know which -- by Kevin diploma medal at right then with in my town. And those other two technologies are just not as good -- with him on it yet and it -- -- over. And -- as little wireless. Helicopters are now on effort went through and obviously it horrible and lifted -- and I actually get the -- -- and and the battery. Went from its two -- -- nine. That's not a battery I believe that those helicopters if I am not mistaken. Our. Powered by capacities. I could be wrong on this but I collegiate RI and I'm not sure about that that there. Or some really weird battery technology roots and -- -- one on how can -- -- them in the over ninety -- and -- thankfully they'll leave the plugin this time. -- Fly it buddy fighter. Not com. Now also because of that stupid track pad of -- -- -- the battery life Apple has a solution for that right they do they Mickey. Three charger. And this is actually this is beautiful that are turned. -- -- It's it's better user -- clears silver. Looking. But the big deals that they say it has a very -- standby usage. It is ten times better than the industry average in terms of them. Vampire draw and write all so this is the other issue with charging things overnight even if the device to stop charging. The power adapter that you -- plugging it into. Will draw power from the -- -- now its its miniscule it will not. Show up even -- that no matter what Apple says having turned fifteen the -- it's just not much power that's what a standard charger takes Apple's takes thirty in standby mode mean. That is a miniscule amount of power it you won't even notice it but over time and over the planet. All these billions of charges that -- -- plugged in not connected to anything -- up. And it does it is it it is an issue of wasting energy and is an anti green initiative is that to leave these devices plugged -- can -- Or there's another solution. To charge up. Devices that -- a lot of modern phones and music players. Is use the USB charging cable and believe that cable plugged into your computer. That doesn't use up any power when it's not connected to anything yet although your computer of course in standby mode takes them way more power -- name. Charger but if you turn your computer off -- not using it now you're turning off the power adapter and power. And -- how we -- in a time Kelly. We're way over one less -- here. My friend. Come up in Washington State. That when -- recent podcast someone asked about converting an external drive to NT FS and I with. And I almost told. I mean. -- says in -- you can convert from fat 32 NT FS while keeping your data intact but not the other way and here's -- link. To the document on Microsoft. That says how to do it thank you Tom I stand -- will put a link to that in the notes. Cut the fat. At the fat 32. That's very -- Josh thanks for joining us -- -- be here Kelly thanks for producing. Remember everyone if you have a question for CNET to the rescue -- to its rescue at cnet.com. And if you like see the show notes for this and other shows. -- -- at cnet.com. Slash. Rescue. Our right. It's been a good show -- her own opinion concealment.

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This upcoming iPhone 6/6 Plus case incorporates NanoSuction material that emulates the adhesive qualities of gecko feet to stick to...
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Playing Super Mario 64 in HD makes us want official Mario game remasters (Tomorrow Daily 152)
26:59 March 30, 2015
On today's show, Ashley and Khail discuss NASA's wacky plan to give the moon its own tiny asteroid moon, one programmer's excellent...
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Top 5: Affordable cars
3:47 March 30, 2015
Brian Cooley runs down a list of the top five CNET-rated affordable cars.
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Open up to LG's premium door-in-door fridge
2:29 March 30, 2015
The LG LMXS30776S warrants consideration despite its 4000 price point.
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Amazon takes on Angie's List with handymen for hire
2:56 March 30, 2015
Pay for help around the house with Amazon Home Services, listen to high-def audio with Jay Z's Tidal, and stream Spotify for free on...
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James Deane was born to drift
6:51 March 30, 2015
In the world of drifting, James Deane is, despite his youth, one of the leading names. XCAR found out how he got into the sport and...
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Spotify's streaming service arrives on Sony's PlayStation Music
1:25 March 30, 2015
Spotify brings streaming music and playlists to your PlayStation console, and you can control it all from your phone.
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Samsung's premium-looking gas range costs less
2:06 March 28, 2015
The $1,699 Samsung Gas Range with True Convection, model number NX58F5700, has a lot to love at a reasonable price.
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