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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep.#28: How to fix your relatives' computers

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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep.#28: How to fix your relatives' computers

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You arrive at the family homestead for the holidays and the first thing your dad says is, "My computer is slow again, can you take a look at it?" In this episode Seth Rosenblatt and I help you help your dad (and other relatives) with tips on the tools and attitudes to successfully tweak other peoples' tech.

Hello everybody I -- a -- -- welcome to CNET to the rescue our weekly podcast where we tell you the truth about tech products and living with them and answer your tech questions. This week as we all gear up for holiday travel. A special show I'm preparing to help out your less than geeky parents. Brothers sisters in laws assorted relatives their friends and all the people to come over to the family dinner. And ask you to fix their computer given tech advice how do you talk to them how do you fix their computer what are the tool that you should have with you when you travel. We're joined today by our special -- Seth Rosenblatt. Ultimately of CNET reviews CNET download. Who can help fill thin and we're gonna get certain -- the second now if you have a tech question for -- the rescue calls with their questions to get on next week's show. The number is 8774386688. Again 8774386688. Or to send an email to rescue at cnet.com. No question is do basic. -- it got -- promised and bug in new. Similar way -- let's -- start now. When it comes to the issue of helping your parents and relatives. With the technology I mention that -- in the show that Scott Carter editor in chief. That's -- that what -- -- means that do it. That and -- more to it is a great way the get away from the family living room angle hole up in somebody's all the -- and and eke out and -- at -- everybody he loves it absolutely so there are benefits to being the resident geek. Now before we get into some of the tools here wanna talk a little bit about the the the approach over -- import the engagement how do you approach. The problem of fixing mom's computer. You wanna get into this and this is more about the psychological approach because it is possible to go in there and be technically completely -- And ruin it for everybody. Absolutely I I've actually spend. My entire life watching my dad gave tech support to my mom making use of the resident. Tech genius and -- And he always always always cluttered up her computer with was the and he still does -- -- -- her computer with. Junk that she just doesn't need. And some of the key needs which is important because when you know if he has to detect -- it -- it up with junk mean so he puts on PC anywhere or or in all these different things. But he puts them in places that are right on the desktop -- They confuse her and it's really important I think to approach any kind of tech support for a relative or friend. He -- their friendship. To -- it really. The year. What you do for them to varying means there's no reason to have all that stuff there. That's just for you for this one time usage and have the front and center right create a folder keep your tech tools out of the way and and -- -- -- good idea to ask them a few questions about what they wanna do with their computer or they only interested in browsing and maybe. Letter writing you know email writing. Today one word processors I think not advertise that kind of thing. But basically you're going to be getting -- that you're gonna show up at some relatives house and within my computer is slow right I think I have a virus. Can you fix it. And then you go in there and you see that yeah I do they do virus or they're running too many -- at the same time -- -- -- -- And then you see a desktop in my case you know my parents' houses they're they're separate -- Both of them their desktops are cluttered with files you -- apps and installer and all sorts of crap and the this is that the LCD organized enemy wants to put these all you know snap to grid put them in folders put -- in directories and all the stuff. And I did this once when I was much younger and with a big mistake in basically my my -- every -- out there is never do this if your. Facing a cluttered disorganized horrible messy. You know. Tangle of a desktop. Don't touch that is not your what you're there to fix for them. So yes I'm absolutely absolutely and and and at trying to understand the terminology I mean -- -- her mother says that. Her can be if you want worries that -- computer has a rash -- work for virus -- fathers like. He used anyway I think he's he's since improved refer to the Internet from Google and it you know people just do that you -- their lingo for you can help -- absolutely. I mean I remember at one point eight years and years ago having to write -- a list from -- mother of how to start the computer and then once it was started it how to get into the three programs that she is season. You know these it's not complicated for us that you know were put in whatever reason -- -- that it's we have to make it simpler for them right are right so assuming that we've got the -- lock the geek in non geek in a lot going on -- -- speak in the same language. And you are there to help them either fix or upgrade their computer. Basically. If you if there's a relative the only see once a year or something like that you're going to want to do some basic maintenance make sure that in -- cover their computers tunnel clutter with -- -- -- software garbage. So what do you do what you take with you on the USB -- -- -- To have the tools what tools you need software tools to fix the computer that you are nothing in front of -- with cluttered with crap short. The first thing I. I do is. As I wrote them I go to download.com and -- -- -- on the left and I go to the windows starter kits or you're on a Mac the next advocates. And these are kits created by -- download.com editors that had everything that you'll need in them. To get a fresh computer going. For the windows starter -- you have Firefox even an option of browsers Firefox etc. And then we going to email client's office productivity. And we also have three different kits to make it easier for you because. Not everybody needs the basic tools some people need utilities some people want security tools so we have a security starter -- we have a utility starter -- -- that a good. Now they're -- there. So what I'm looking at. I wanna give you might. Kind of might take somewhat of a deal with my mother's computer Sherlock -- because it gets it's an old computer and it -- there's not a lot of processing headroom there if something goes wrong. -- -- You know background processes and stuff like that. My favorite apps for dealing with old slow mostly XP computers -- Our. CC -- to see secret or secret inner secrets secret I love -- look absolutely. Secret there were in in my opinion is with without a doubt he -- that's registry cleaner out there that it has some really fantastic tools for clearing -- browser -- -- -- an installer. But -- -- -- killer feature is its reg cleaner and back up it does the job. It doesn't mess around. And it's free now what about -- not renew its highly recommend that the relied only uses a little bit below un installer just -- necessary app I believe so. I use it like it's you know if manna from heaven then this -- that he is this is an app that basically does what applications are supposed to -- -- himself and you don't happen on all of them why we need. A lot of the an installer is for apps are a little bit sloppy to to put it nicely from they'll leave tracks behind -- registry keys behind. And and and sometimes the -- icons and another junk. It's really good idea to run -- it also gives you multiple levels of -- so few are dealing with a a program that has deep hooks into your system. Like a security program. You said revote -- two the highest since lowest level for uninstalling. And it will take longer but he will get rid of everything that that program has put on your computer never -- looks like one of those apps that I would not leave behind. It looks like it could do some damage. Well you wouldn't want to accidentally get into -- might be a good idea. Two. Create a folder on you're near relatives computer and put the tools in it that you want to use that you know you'll have to use again -- future you can always uninstall something also -- -- three though there's a portable USB version you can run straight -- you speak -- and the USB versions of these programs I think if they're available. Or are fantastic. And you can get them from portable apps dot com or you know the specific name of the program can get it from download.com. And in what one thing that that. What I -- -- And touch -- really quick is sort of at a tech support pattern that I've created from himself and so if I go to it took computer that I and -- -- to -- -- anyway. The first thing I do is check out the security situation because that causes more problems than anything else. -- security programs. That haven't been updated or like -- and having multiple security programs on the same computer he will get cooked it tricked into installing all sorts of -- -- -- -- terrible and it doesn't make any more -- So the first thing -- do is seat check out the eighties this situation. Personally I'm a really big and right now a vast. I also really like AVG. AVG's new 12011 version. Or panda cloud -- those are my three sort of go to and I've been recommending -- -- -- essentials for a year to now -- -- -- -- -- that. No problem with -- I think the hand of cloud AV if you're going for a thin client. News security program in panda cloud -- is it is a little bit more robust. Little bit faster I find. It doesn't really. Take up any more system resources and -- messy and updates are frequent. And in and you know -- as hungry to grow that program they're they're paying a lot of attention to it. Microsoft I kind of feel like they put out a messy and it's just sort of been sitting there I know there's a new and a C two beta kind of as -- the Canada yet -- took. Hole filled -- that's exactly yeah exactly. So once you deal with TV situation. I set the AV AV -- silent and gaming because nobody who is non interest in tech support wants to know when there are easy updates they want to be out of the way they just wanna know that they're secure and if you're dealing with the person in the room this might be a good time to bring up. Social engineering threats and and -- guys if you if you it's a Mac you're dealing -- you're still non safe -- -- -- can. Very easily get tricked into giving up your personal info. And and that's that's a really big problem. Plant second thing I do. Is as we talked about deal with -- Clara all the crap where all the bloat that you that you don't want in -- and -- relative doesn't want and there. -- -- run C cleaner right click the -- reboot. At this point and make sure that that you do. A fresh boot. And then you can start installing -- -- Last pass is a big favorite of mine that will really help your your relatives password manager Lafayette avenues -- that lately it's really really nice -- -- -- Good idea to put malware by its on and if they're willing to upgrade to the to -- version and you -- -- regular. What malware might regular schedules and our -- is an anti malware program its its it was designed to resentment for college students from. So what right does and -- -- -- -- -- that's what the make me trust them yeah we'll -- agency created this fantastic program that's one of the most popular and Lynda com. -- -- -- -- Facing an old computer. One that is may be like -- that lacking headroom and old XP machine appointment. The thing is that windows over time even as if that data gets slower because of the more more -- from obscurity but it's built in so. The computer that was running it separately at one point might not be running typically fast anymore -- and certain apps that are used the lot also get bigger and slower. The biggest culprit there. Is Adobe reader oh yeah with -- liberal people who want to read PDF that files which is basically everybody beaten. Somebody clicks on a file that they get they legitimately it happens. And they try to open it up and they've got this huge Adobe thing which runs background processes watching for operators bubble -- law -- One of the things that I really like to do is replace the people Adobe reader and I've been recommending box it. You have a better recommendation. In earlier this year I gave nitro PDF reader a new free product. An editor's choice I'd like it that much and it's very similar to -- -- in terms. Resource. Intensive usage. And and it has more editing powers so if you wanna go into a PDF that hasn't been locked. Which in nitro PDF you can go in. Type away and make changes and print things have. There's no water marks there's no is that there's no hang up I really really enjoy. Enjoy using natural wholly recommend not that Fox's bad. But I -- -- to be even better. -- -- put a couple of more useful software tools in here one of them a disk drive. The disk usage analysis tool I like it yells oh look there's a windier stat which is in the starter kit -- utilities. Is a great program that -- that will analyze your disk usage and tell you. What's taking up your hard drive and a color codes that it's a great little program -- originally designed for Linux. And it takes a little bit to run once you. Once -- -- -- going by that means to slow as molasses topical news. Definitely but we're -- three. But completely worthwhile if it's worth the time that it takes a look at your hard drive especially with these bigger hard drives -- in -- getting up into multiple terabytes at this -- and and if there's no room and whatever you wanna see where things are going. On smaller computers it's fantastic because you can -- Here are you know. 700 megs of temp files can get rid of those instantly. You know. I I love when your -- there is a very very similar app for OS-X called. Disk inventory X people put a link into the -- summit with -- -- dot com or something. Both these are really useful. For finding -- You don't like is that if there's like this image backups or stuff like I've just clogging up the disk there that's speaking of disc. Should you go in and immediately defrag your relatives computers is that necessary these days it depends on actually what kind of computer they have. You've got if they've got a windows XP machine yes. The writing is essential I recommend. I obits smart defrag or Ras logic -- -- -- If you're on a Windows 7 machine turns that you don't need to defrag anymore. Hallelujah -- Microsoft did something. To the way that the operating system. Ranges memory and that the -- is not required okay. Now. One of things I do wanna mention here it used to be that if you're going to your -- -- you really want -- to install the software either burn it to dvds the dvd or put on USB drive. Because to do that is still very useful. But -- -- is the most people have reasonably fast broadband connections even just somewhat -- that's good enough. Basically little notebook with what you want to where to download it from -- work also. Don't forget to use 98 and IN ITE. Which is. It's not download.com but if it does package all the stuff but together -- are really nice little way I I I love I use -- -- as much about what should. And honestly as as -- -- -- -- -- Right for download.com and honestly 99 is just brilliant at the penalty that there's a couple other sites like it at nine nights -- ago. Now. My biggest advice here if you are dealing with the relative that you want to help out an ongoing basis. Is to put on their computer. A remote access tool -- My a parent has been talking about that yeah my parents both I've installed LogMeIn. I'm both my parents computer so. I mean this is the -- ever trust relationship here. So I wouldn't surreptitiously install. -- -- -- or any remote access to log on and friend of an in law or something like that -- dealing with your parent or you know your sister or brother or something like that and they trust you and you trust them. If you put remote access to on their and then they're having a problem they call it -- and -- my computer has. Turn purple and -- wait a minute. And you can log in into it and check it out from the comfort of your own home from very very viable for keeping things -- an ongoing basis the downside -- Is that then your on the hook -- -- then they call you up. At 11 o'clock at night like I need to do such and such -- to help me any like it now and I need now -- to outsource might like India. Seriously. -- want one of another tool that I recommend fair for remote tech support -- is cross loop. Haven't looked at it recently but it. As of six months a year ago it was still one of the best light we. Easy to use clients for. -- person to person tech support. To be dealing with somebody -- a little bit tech savvy and doesn't really feel comfortable with you. Doing. The LogMeIn thing. Or if you know you really wanna sort of -- try to teach somebody how to do things. Across of his great install it you exchange access codes. And then you're good to go they get full access to the of the computer. Now. Other stuff we -- mention here when you're dealing with helping of people out there technology make sure that got a backup solution put in and a -- go for off site backup. It it just it's safer and to keep that the -- safe off site. Both my parents are on Mozy not to be fair both of them having problems with the most installation. And I'm really looking forward to using -- go on installer can blast out -- old installation and reinstall -- Mozy is very difficult on the uninstall. Other options are carbonate which I've used in the past which is very good and crash plan. Crash when his -- thing because it has the option of doing computer to computer -- so you can be the backup server for their machine and vice Versa if you want. Which keeps their cost slow which is an interest in option but anyway make sure that they're running and unattended kind of all the time -- a product. And other stuff to take with you when you go visit and a compressed air -- So. If they're complaining about the computer being hot or noisy. Then blow out the events I mean you don't wanna get in there and dislodge components but open up the old desktop or. You know be gentle -- on the laptop and and clean the gunk out of events because that will actually make a big difference in this. The the experience of using -- computer by lowering the noise but absolutely. And -- and it'll it'll have a computer running -- -- it will keep the hardware itself running better over time. Always a good idea. Let us do something here let's take a quick -- and when we come back we have some questions from you guys about. What to do both computers and some other questions. -- -- -- All right we're back so now one of the most before -- Get into that submitted questions one of the most common questions that we get what we're sitting around the dinner table -- windows using family members as. Should I get a Mac. -- -- -- And my answer to that question is. If you can't afford it. Yes because your secure your support cost personal support that you have to give people who are on Macs in -- way down it just they they they maintain better yet. It AS your debt -- certainly hear your personal time will -- If it's valuable -- you. My neck and a Mac and you can still allotment now thinking -- remote access and of course time machine is reliable back enough onsite not off site but you can you can. It just. Oh my god I've -- -- the people I know relatives over to the Mac and they like their computers more and -- -- that -- -- and I hate Steve Jobs but I like that in it until it although if you're getting a windows machine. Don't get anything less than Windows 7 and and and still do that I think you can I think there's three firms out there and fizzled machines. Companies are still trying to unload it. I think honestly people just he'll go to Windows 7 -- and if if if that it's the closest to -- Mac like experience that you can have on windows. In in that it only -- wants an oil. I'm -- an art while I've never had I been using it since. The first beta was put out in January ninth and never had a blue screen -- But I'm not going on what I've had one it has been flawless I've been so impressed with it. Who knew that Microsoft to do something about got a tea is he getting slightly off the rails here but Macs. Degrade over time and Mac also -- on the fact that they're like a hundred times better than windows is a myth but. -- just easier absolutely when I went before we move on one quick tool that I think is is really important to have yet if your dealing with computer. That you relative has has bought a new computer you they want to sell their old one. Or if they just want to have a clean install of everything in you've been nominated for the locally task. Get a program called. It will wipe out all the data that's on it I'm and I'm I'm a big proponent of not selling computers with your personal data on them. Parents call me weird -- you know it's it's really important to clear out anything -- personal we -- any banking information laying around not only dig a big fan of this we talk about -- are stored show we have to back okay the other thing of course you can do if you don't. If you don't really wanna sell the computer is you can just take the hard drive out and run over with the car. -- not good because other than us then it's hard to sell or the -- -- yes. Now so we have some questions here here's a question from Charles The Who says -- a small question I'm bringing to life an -- laptop I've -- old Compaq Presario with about five years old. And will make a perfect computer for my mom. It's clean of all viruses and malware but performed very slowly and even on even small tasks. I was looking just wipe the old thing and reinstall windows XP the problem comes when I tried to make the recovery disk the disk -- does not work at all. -- also tried to boot from USB but the system bios gives me no option for that and then tried to use an external USB. Dvd drive but with the USB one point oh ports performance was not good so the question is how -- I want this computer and reinstall windows are there other things you can think of the worst case scenario I am willing to Linux it. A bunt or any other distribution that is easy for computer novice. I mean I wouldn't use this for -- relative is anything other than paper weight. -- -- -- -- I'm with you I mean I think this is a great project computer yet. You know if you want experiment to maybe put -- meet me with that little media center in your living room or play around with Linux. And a little bit and that a five year old Compaq -- it can handle immediate and -- and that's that's the real thing for me and I'm with you on this that's real think. Even if somehow you managed to re image this machine and get XP installed it'll be slower than was originally because XP's -- right. And it will not be as satisfactory experience for media for video capsule and that. Five years ago that was not nearly as big an issue as it is on the web right now you won't be able to have a good experience with Hulu. Netflix or YouTube and I don't care who the user is you know young or old novice to pro. If you can do video on it you're missing out a lot of the stuff on the website I would steer clear that's that's the solution now that this really sounds like -- where you can. Start playing on the hardware rip out the motherboard put something in that in -- You think couldn't make it do better but do -- for yourself don't don't burden your relatives with something like this. So we got some voice mails from people speaking of -- technology Jakob that's the question for -- Have a question -- backed up by eight years. Old movies. Like Peter or CDs. Eye camera along operative. On developers await -- get. 880 meters that -- like -- I have it be agency which had that little adapter. Take this to Google consented but it. Poker. Well at the smaller. Though. It and it suggests that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When I first heard of that but if -- but at eight millimeter movies. I -- be talking about. Anyway regardless there are metered -- no movies like you know. -- Howe the great tip on on how to take old film and projected onto a screen and and how to you know. Take that with a video camera however when it comes to any old media you. Film based media or even old VH. Old you know compact VHS or whatever -- -- you wanna get them into your computer. Take it to a service yeah absolutely it's just not worth it I mean this thing is it's not cheap. But it's not actually that expensive either well digital pickle for example charges. I think 25 or fifty cents. A full Newton so a standard three inch fifty -- reel of eight millimeter. Film. Will cost you I don't know you know -- about them. Sure but if you'll have a couple -- that's not so much for you know preserving memories for a lifetime of a converted dvd order form -- -- -- you can archive it. On -- for. -- absolutely absolutely -- don't do this yourself unless you really like the project -- -- yet. So go pro or spend all night we got another voice mail from Steve on iPad. The call -- San Diego got a question regarding decision did an -- I'm really looking years and I. For work purposes for needing something -- call it but I've seen wearing one and we'll meet and a noticeably typically burn regular paper or school had in with them as well. The university who are taking -- -- -- advertising on the keyboard but they use single finger type of cell -- I think. I'm a touch typist I could type a lot faster -- the market right. What you recommend -- -- software and or additional hardware add on. It could make it truly a meeting. Note taking device -- -- some Bluetooth keyboards of a loud and disrupt the meeting -- about a month screen and writing -- -- Hello Mike I had a true leader and use that -- But -- question district my heart because I've been trying to do that as well the great thing about the iPad in a meeting is that it is so unobtrusive as a device that if it's not nearly as socially disruptive as a notebook or laptop. So I've been trying I've been using Evernote which has -- -- government take a drink human knows I love Evernote you know Evernote are great note taking application however and they -- -- -- iPad and iPhone app. However the iPad keyboard. If you are touch typist. Is a problem -- you can you can do it but you have to. Basically this is no -- feedback you have to be looking so -- that a totally different social bloc which is. Instead of you know sitting there looking at somebody -- and taking notes on your laptop and touch typing and maintaining our contact for the most part with the iPad you're looking down all the time. Is it had slower is there an iPad app that you could use some kind of stylist. To right on the iPad and take notes that way in and have them convert to -- -- -- and other -- happen. Now now there are keyboards though right -- you can get even have a peripherals to -- well there's a keyboard case a Bluetooth keyboard indicates that makes the iPad that's because at the notebook you one of those stuff but all I've seen it yet -- the problem is there's no right hand shift key element which just but -- -- The major design oversight in. These things work. Josh cattle for while he thought would be great it wasn't the -- -- was looking at it yet so you can get the keyboard the the the at the Apple's keyboard stand is. -- right so that's not recommend what what do you feel about about widespread. We've -- -- look at that invade and and announcement that seem like generic I have no personal experience of LightScribe is that although it does depend motor finger you know use using and yet my handwriting is so horrible that I don't anything having do with handwriting recognition and go and -- -- here. Now one of the things -- will say about Evernote and about some other apps. Is that the there's a microphone. If there's -- from the iPad. And then there is one in the in the -- spirit and to write words what's being said as you -- you can record -- now most meetings are not worth recording. That now we're you know that's back -- it's very useful although you're going to go that route. Get a little bit off topic here get a windows machine and use one note where -- keys the audio. According to what you're typing -- -- -- what was being said when you're writing what was written or vice Versa the LightScribe -- also does that have a similar thing. -- -- -- So I have gone back to using my MacBook as my note taking machine in meetings. So I can touch type and all the sudden and taking more detailed notes and with and that -- much -- wanna put the -- and this is why I'm really waiting list Chrome was just commenting that because being able to it because it is if people don't know -- we're on a corporate Gmail and to be able to take notes directly into the corporate system where everything can be shared very easily. You don't have to worry about. Copying it folders drive whenever it's all they -- ready to go that's gonna be very interesting because there isn't. Thief of time for one or more than just -- -- here. How about. Well here's one patent Atlanta says I'm more of a geek wannabe eminent enthusiast. -- -- lunar that are real geek. Well your -- -- registered. At I know I can get good deals on a PC from a white box maker but how can I tell a good one from a bad one and looking at he -- the list vendors in Cleveland. Just as importantly how can I trust the white box manufacturer not to up sell me needlessly on components. I do want to buy more than -- need at the moment. And that they can even use much like USB three point oh I think we'll be useful but I don't want to be talked into digitized and it dies polarized galvanized pipe or drive -- the passengers. Help me out here. Nine it output capacitor could easily lose. Yeah it's an add on on your next PCBs. From the back would be very honest so what's your advice here and dealing with white box maker cannot totally a dispute here and and now. In an HP. You know I have to agree with you on that the prices on. On PCs especially desktops. From from a custom builder like Diller are -- really quite good -- -- if you wanna do. Used a white box manufacturers gonna going to be using off the shelf components you're viewing have to do some research -- if you want the advantages. On a meter high level machine and you might be able to save a few bucks by making sure the machine has everything you need and nothing you don't but in -- to know what it is that you need what you don't need you're gonna have -- for research I'd recommend -- Toms hardware and -- for great system builder guides route. In a research I think is required regardless of what kind of machine you're getting -- and unless you unless you don't care. But it sounds like. -- and -- advocate that the person does care you're gonna have to do some kind of research find out what's out there find out. What kinds of things are better suited your needs you -- -- -- -- USB three point known as something that's great. You know keep going with that. One -- thinking might might pop just bought himself a a new HP that he he customized and tweet. And one of the things he did was -- knocked out 700 dollars by getting an AMD processors and sort of an Intel and and you know comparable specs on both and everything but -- you know Andy's hungry and they want you to. To go for them and -- significantly cheaper so your money's an issue and who is a not for these days. You know consider alternatives. Every couple of machines I end up with -- remain deeply into that price just spasm when your in the market. When when -- make much sense you. Again from the chat room people are recommending I referred to I did a whole. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go to Dell dot com or anybody out there -- outlet -- -- the referred store and you -- really great deal of course you can't really customize three for. You know but you can get an amazing deals. That is it for the show one thing I do want to add in order to make sure that you get the best value out of putting all those working for fixing your relatives computers. Make sure ahead of time he extracted. -- -- -- -- Yes the deal personally I prefer. In exchange for for my help and services. Unless it's my parents who you know the -- -- -- -- -- -- suggested this a prescription from doctor whiskey from. And to do the job -- suggested cookies -- homemade cookies that's -- that's might cost for fixing it but music in so if the shipments. It's true whiskey it would not have to share the exact although with the kids in need of more trucks and at a facility -- Thanks for joining us that no problem thanks for having me on again -- and leisure -- we find more of your great guides and packages and more of me. There's a lot of me on download.com. And there's some of me on CNET TV. Excellent such a -- that's work on those seen at channels send questions or -- Pristina to the rescue rescue at cnet.com or call into 8774386688. Thank you -- -- -- Who called -- I didn't catch past episodes and answers and all the links on the show and previous ones at cnet.com slash rescue. And don't -- following a Twitter are great aren't -- happy for me on the latest -- shows and it. Thanks against that and you think Kelly previously. He definitely.
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