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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep. 24: Hacking Thanksgiving

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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep. 24: Hacking Thanksgiving

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What's a geek to do with a houseful of holiday Thanksgiving guests? Apply science to the meal prep, of course. We tell you how, with Cooking for Geeks author Jeff Potter and Chow's Roxanne Webber.

I've -- -- -- and welcome to get to the rescue our weekly podcast -- we tell you the truth about tech products try to solve your tech problems. Most of the time this week a very special -- a different episode a pre Thanksgiving episode on hacking your Thanksgiving dinner. We have two very special guests here first. Dialing in all the way from Cambridge Jeff potter the author of cooking for geeks. Jeff welcome thanks for joining us from your kitchen. And -- my -- thank you for having me awesome all right and also sitting here in the studio across to me Roxanne Weber. Of CNET sister site check out just announced -- from us thank you for coming up. So today shows for you if you can -- flash or routers but you always -- biscuits. If you can assemble a PC from the motherboard up that you go crying to your mother when and you have to make a chicken or something's lighting. You get the idea this is the show for you listen up if you wanna bring your -- tech skills to the kitchen. So before it's -- out there to know that we were turned to our regular tech topics next week. If you have a tech question. Proceeded to the rescue call call it in 8774386. X 88 at 8774386. X 88. Or send it to rescue at cnet.com -- question is too basic. Also I have to tell you guys that are regular -- Josh Lowenstein is. Leaving his regular -- slot because he's now on the Microsoft be so he will be in here. Once in awhile talk about Microsoft products and windows and stuff like that other than that we're going to be having rotating specialized gets votes. In to -- the rescue just like we're doing today. So let's get started. Thank you Jeff by the way you -- great and have -- back let's get started and talk about Thanksgiving in particular. Turkey's. People fear of the Turkey if you're the bird. Why -- Is a try so hard to cook. Because a Turkey that pretty complicated -- when you think about it you've got breast meat got leg mean. -- it -- to different areas of different levels fatten them there's different kinds of tissue and there. And you're trying to put them all the same time and that just doesn't work but chicken is also a similar bird is not. -- in a similar -- -- this is true but at the smaller Burton and also things like you know the chicken legs that are really think of your thing down and -- on a chicken leg prettier you know. Your Thanksgiving dinner because it certainly think. This big murdered circulate -- has pretty good. That actually becomes a substantial portion of me. But the trick with things like turkeys is to figure out how to cook them in such a way that the Turkey breast the white meat doesn't get overcoat. And that the dark meat isn't undercooked. And the secret to that is. The singer and that is a long public in an answer but but the trick is there's -- to -- different. One as you can put them separately so if you take your -- laid off when you go and cricket independent -- Turkey breast well you know how this problem of these few things knocking down the thing time. The second thing you can do is you can actually take. And figure out how to cool down the Turkey breast so that it doesn't cook as long essentially but Turkey leg does want some of them. And some enterprising through -- writers have suggested. I'm using things like ice -- -- -- Turkey breast. Throw -- I -- over the actual breast meat for half hour before you put it in the oven take the -- take the ice back off of the Turkey before you put in the oven. I think you -- and they get the traditional it. Now how much should planting he -- do you want your 'cause we. We we were. Get get let's go there yes out of -- -- -- the conceit cooking tips anywhere but you you know right we don't get chemistry too often on the show so. What's actually going on what is it about these two different -- but -- and the different could mean. Turkey is not what tofu is really simple and put that the medical block of -- substance everywhere and -- Sure veto different parts of -- have different levels back and her levels and that's approaching -- -- Though collagen with really long complicated -- -- provide structure to. On the animal to actually the tissue beeping at nothing like a square they're ought to put on these animals on with it have you skeleton their structures action provided by collagen. Now that's -- molecule collagen exists in things like -- Turkey chicken mom but really in the portions of animal that -- load bearing. Essentially both -- of animal but need more structure. And because of this there are differences between those Turkey legs your -- rest. -- it happens to be one of these. Really long complicated molecules but think the long -- to break down -- when you put it look at it doesn't just what instantaneously goes wrong I like. All out of its -- confirmation. I'm gonna -- -- that reaction but the nature and -- -- actually happen so what you're tricking your cooking in the oven that your he leg. Think about it it's a part of -- actually bearing load. That takes longer -- it actually connect -- at the Turkey breast which is much lower collagen does and how. As much you know how are hardly in collagen and it at all and that up are actually gets to a point where well it over cooked me if you -- and cook the Turkey where the latest on as well. Now Roxanne. From -- how do you guys deal with Turkey and the issues of the load bearing structures etc. Well we actually did a pretty ambitious project for -- where. We literally did hack being -- -- up with I ED -- we -- the -- certain raw yes okay hold. Pulled all the mean out of it and then we actually created basically of -- lot rolled the entire thing back ups you're working with -- solid even little -- line. That you season I'll evenly and we modeled after -- had which is pretty diligence work rests. From Italy how ambitious and how difficult is it too deep bone to deconstruct disassembled. A gigantic Turkey bird. Before it's got any cooks structure and -- that counseling and Italy -- job it is pretty messy and invasion pits and it. -- you're through with this project. Year you're serving as Turkey and you put all of light and dark -- act together and it's cooked perfectly even because you made this evening meet -- -- And you also get around that problem of sort of like and sticky because you -- it threw out ruled that packed up and -- and all these great -- that matters now. Yup perfect -- -- -- can lighten -- meet them perfectly even that is to clear are there instructions for doing a function out yes and there is a recipe and -- dot com port for Canada and it will be out shortly okay and. Jet you're looking for geeks American people see your. -- -- as well just for this. I can do a blog post yes I -- if not a peso but you have enough look at look at this and it than their somewhere okay excellent excellent. -- let's moving on here so we talked a little about why turkeys are difficult they're big they've got different chemical composition in them. You challenges heating them evenly your heating different parts of different different rates. -- talk little bit more about Thanksgiving in general. The sake of argument let's say I'm -- Let's say. -- a I am all the sudden responsible for Thanksgiving. This is not something -- come I am comfortable with what are the tips for people I'm very good at following instructions. But the something up cooking is just not my thing I'm not yet -- that what are the best tips for me as a non accomplished cook. To prepare and Hoechst. This gigantic banquet how -- gonna do this. -- gonna get the chow dot com Thanksgiving app which it will actually walk you through the entire process. It's been out. Few days now I hope you -- -- so. We basically took the entire Thanksgiving menu you download the app you choose -- recipes you wanna -- we give you the shopping list. And then we walk you through the entire time -- starting Monday before the dinner so. We're gonna break it down step by step and then you don't have to worry about planning -- mean stressing out about it. -- give me some more reassurance I mean and Jeff you can chime in here as well some reassurance I mean this is. A rather large undertaking with a lot of moving parts. I would probably jump at -- keep it as simple as possible -- -- the thing about holiday meals. These are like one that -- here we've got and we coming in -- -- -- lot of different people -- kind of picky about how they want stuff. And if you keep it simple if you start with something it's really basic -- can't don't go too far there is left with you go wrong. So I've actually been trying to figure out how to put together a blog post and essentially titled how to make Thanksgiving dinner and fifteen minutes. I love it. And I think you could actually have approximate a lot of the mainstays of our traditional -- -- meal. They're the mashed potatoes like you could actually is a microwave to -- your potatoes -- finds out who collect five minutes all about. National up person sour cream milk little salt or butter you know -- Reagan are doing it can't be. Like you -- really simple quick rustic mashed potato. Thank thinking for things like veggies you know -- extreme means. I'm -- -- -- and -- what can boiling water -- the thought would quickly drain them and then throw in my play it but agreed veggie. When it comes to actually main course -- your Turkey again -- -- -- -- your Turkey breast premier duck leg you can put the doctor he -- in your oven. It's using a traditional path method and then using approved a monitor no you can't apparently on these guys that you know. Make sure you get here appropriate temperature -- And then your Turkey leg he can actually do copy style and a slow -- so when I think fifteen minutes -- -- -- -- fifteen minutes of cooking. Like -- I'm like my time involved in the kitchen. Not fifteen -- -- -- overall plan. Mom and I think. If you can't scale it back a little bit try to pick things that are relatively simple and easy to do and try to avoid putting on the perfect Thanksgiving because if you're new to the kitchen. And your first attempt going into the -- may be to turn an amazing thing getting help. You basically have a recipe for disaster there. So like my number one suggestion people who are not normally inclined -- the kitchen -- wanna go and do some impressive. The past scale up -- Think we have relatively straightforward to do and then go from there. Now what if things that people -- -- up here in California probably gonna Cambridge's well known in the camera to notice like. If we don't wanna do the whole Turkey thing we've gotten the -- are vegetarians coming over to dinner is the whole idea of the -- cookie. What first of all I have to understand this what is -- perky and then how do you make it so that it is not. Inedible. Well we undertook it's how not content here as well to reverse -- it into something that actually -- and because. The commercial product is kind of it looks like a little rubber ball a little they -- -- out of it actually little pound the -- what I make. Making marks -- -- aren't -- -- something yet it's it's not very appetizing but you know everyone deserves that nice home with little. Centerpiece for their meal even the vegetarians yeah. So be reversed engineered that in our test kitchen and it's actually made it pretty easy to do that by. You'd take it tells you your diet -- -- train it and then we just put it into a spring form pan. -- in a monster and rice -- make it and then you slice it up like. I basically and it's served with a gradient. Vegetarians begins and meat eaters -- -- it really haven't yet. And I will play here is that I was actually in the child kitchens and they how'd it in the fridge -- near the -- -- it there it's actually really good. Yeah I mean it's something -- is usually unappetizing. But we wanted to conquer and make it and it and it can be you can. Check it out if you have eakins vegetarians humans in the -- Turkey pie recipes benefits are to predict he recipe. Okay. And we will be right back with more tips for you after this -- can. Now just one of things that you're talking about there is. Than magical fifteen minute. Preparation time it's -- that there's a little work ahead of time or to get ready for the fifteen minute perhaps but. You seem to have a lot of tricks therefore accelerating the process that goes on in the kitchen whether to microwave or I don't know what. I mean making ice cream and what are some other ways that you can use the tools science chemistry. The kind of bypass -- traditional apply heat and -- three hours process. Well in some cases. You can't of the things like Turkey with collagen molecule. I guess you actually could technically accelerated by dipping in and delightful here Athens. But it would not exactly the -- point -- -- and it. Yeah I know I I that would recommend it but you could -- to the -- -- a lot faster I'm using chemicals but really with -- -- collagen like your Turkey -- You really can't do much -- -- dollar actual chemical -- action. On things like liquid nitrogen are fun to play with and they can freeze things really quickly and you know we come back that in a while. -- the thing for me about the kitchen is I really like to get in there have a good time. You know couldn't her friends -- -- -- -- meal but I don't wanna spend all day actually spending time in the kitchen. But that doesn't mean that IA. And not -- -- I am willing to go into the kitchen and -- think Andy's improper and think ahead of -- head of the actual mail. So you're taking that that Turkey leg and -- it how to get quickly from likely -- If you take a slow cooker if -- some olive oil canola oil and there and then put the Turkey leg into that and but it is local you can back -- -- hours later. You're talking about maybe two or three minutes of up front time. And then when you're on the other -- when you're gonna take out -- another couple met the cap -- out. If you lot throw it under boiler to kind of -- outside to get them mice now mired. Reactions -- and has brown outside. But a lot of it for -- -- -- about what tricks and you've used to cut -- human time that's involved. Watch -- -- meal together look let's hear what it what are your best. It's been well the good but the best bet hands down connect they've actually -- the -- -- who really loves indeed put up what it's -- I'm still need is a if they couldn't technique essentially ultra low -- Where you take a food and you put it into a water about the that are really precise temperature them so I -- to back up first thing here let's talk about Turkey breast. And it if you look at what's actually in a Turkey -- the proteins in there. -- is composed of more than one type. So Turkey -- how -- proteins and active proteins a little bit of collagen protein about the much but it's actually an issue for the texture. And it turned over these different proteins. 120 degrees Fahrenheit. And if you get hotter the rape and you -- patient picks up and there's after. And then the other protein act and against the nature around 150 degrees and again as you go hotter but later reaction picks up. So this is where the calendar entry comes and -- -- -- but dot net for the Turkey leg. Hot or not for long enough the collagen breakdown but but a time that's happened both acting in the math and coaching many have all the -- -- and -- And it turns out the textual when he view that we like meats cooked where the might have some proteins -- -- -- no longer in the native state. But that act and -- you still native. So if you look at things like stake this is the reason that we like. Things like they cooked medium rare which is around 13500. -- degrees. I need above the temperature we're -- begins to cook -- -- nature well below that point -- acting goes. So what can I do in the kitchen actually like make sure that we get those my sympathies -- and that's -- but he's not. -- -- sky's the 1970s figured out hey if we -- -- water out essentially a container of liquid that's exactly out our target temperature. -- -- 140 degrees in the space. And put the in this case that -- Turkey -- into that environment well that your your -- Will eventually come to 104 degrees the math and proteins will cook and -- -- -- NATO and what you'll get will be essentially it perfectly cooked Turkey. And you can't over -- it like you can that there for an extra fifteen that -- our next for two hours and actually it's gonna be the thing. Because of that is really important you look at cooking is the actual temperature that would -- it. Because that's it's although the crooks who have undergone physical and chemical changes and those changes are brought about by particular temperature points. So you avoid getting too hot what -- -- single workbook. So if he wants it looked like -- had actually needy and -- point at my third behind me here you are. But now -- -- -- that you but -- however parents -- amp RC probably this is what actually called numbers are circular that are not all the second. Let's just unplug it for the connector -- -- -- -- the camera. On -- -- industrial on especially house. It heating -- -- here in the bottom and then at the respect. Is -- just. Temperature -- -- -- the temperature -- water now. And this unit actually -- the water agitator and -- that gives them a lot. Essentially this that in that water about and use that at whatever temperature that -- about it here on the knob on so I think that with 200 -- degrees Fahrenheit. Dropped my food and come back a while later and essentially it'll be -- Now the term -- comes from French for under vacuum it refers to step in the process retake put editor it it is your cooking and you drop it into a plastic back and you steal it. So what point I think back looks like you -- take a treat breast dropping here and then -- with essentially -- home you know. -- consumer model good favor I think this -- the -- I have my kitchen you know basically if that's your sheep if you dollar variety from Bed, Bath & Beyond -- wherever. Still lucky -- what what about you can back you know sufficient length of time later on there are -- -- temperature tables online and also in the book. And then your -- rest of the simply -- the book. And the great thing about this is that it doesn't take any of my primarily I mean I -- the -- -- I feel -- -- walk away. And I can go to jam making you -- laundry -- can hang out and we were coming over here -- Thanksgiving dinner. And it works beautifully and other cool thing is about a lot of it's actually available already. Frozen and could packaged in sealed plastic bags so this is system -- in my case from -- restore. And I can just drop with a not -- about run to the gym and home that the bag open and put on a -- and then I have her to pick a fish. And -- the plastic it's -- The -- statement and this point remember that is that the profit within these bags does not contain BP eight for one. The second thing is we're only taking the -- back up to rent a 140 degrees -- as well well well below -- but we're not dwelling -- there's not a -- of degree temperature. And Kathy Johnson connection manufacturers of what ran back to that their bags are -- they up to 170 degrees. And also they don't even you indicates -- issue isn't believe in the picture. So it seems to be a nonissue now if you are still concerned about it for whatever reason you can't just. Put the food directly into the water -- with out having the -- that. -- reason for gonna pocket bag of more delicate things -- ballpark like if I try to do this fish. And now what about -- would -- -- completely all of the players but it -- a Turkey leg where it's pretty much impact you drop it into a lot about it's not gonna really know all our new. So I made personally bought the considerable profit issue and we're still need degrees -- birth even beginning to be an issue. Networks apartment well. -- what other the -- it's also worth noting that if you don't wanna spend the money on the really expensive. Speculator. Jeff was actually down it's how -- -- how to hack your slow cooker if you'd do this process and there's actually video on chat comment -- right now hacking and slow compared to -- -- into -- TV machines snow. Another altered. Excellent now I highly recommend it there but the from project yet is it. Hundred dollars and not yet I'm not even bring your console her and you know. Seventy or eighty bucks the components and you're good to go oh it just requires actual hacking electricity things yes. Why are letters and -- -- are not. You can spend a little bit more money and actually get -- -- the house. It's -- -- from a couple wired them. But for me it's like hey you can -- forty or fifty bucks by -- a wire news wire nut and then you that they actor you need you know -- -- kind of cool. Yeah -- the pundit. Now what that's another thing -- weakness the couple other tips and I have a few short questions. Tech questions come on on preparing food so. It. We've talked about heating things up. I I believe earlier -- I'm. The doctor science the rescue here. -- This -- -- have baby. What he got -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it happened that pocket and my hits and original everybody does. I'm you don't ever Disco here editor's -- it's supplied by the utility. It competitive pipe at all. Oh yeah I -- -- emirates has -- you have a few things that it. Cambridge you know really that they need to get on that I'm still you know I was thinking with Thanksgiving how can you really get in through geeky desert -- what can you candidates fun. And liquid nitrogen is definitely fun and geeky also a little bit tricky to work -- at least it's tricky to get and acquire and bring home. Though it giveaway of getting home and we're comfortable working with that it definitely -- fun -- -- in the Thanksgiving meal. So I actually have with the fights here -- good that we've got time how much time is take. Yeah or cut back and -- can spare what particular what are we about -- okay so let's start with the kitchen and expand. And administered in an -- I am going to pour. Delicious delicious milk. I'm the great thing about doing this that you can really make any flavor you want and also the error tolerance. On here ingredient that's pretty wide open so some milk on some sugar. And in my case -- have some other third -- and then talk them here as well. You can really put whatever -- you want and I highly recommending that the opera hall. Because if you do stuff like daily by stream or -- -- slaughter. On you can make -- flavors that just normally under traditional methods won't let up because ethanol won't freeze normally but with liquid nitrogen at negative 300 point agrees. They will definitely is that the -- And so to do this on -- popping reasonable. -- -- on and -- -- liquid hydrogen and it looks like that. -- first on that unit to the rescue. So. I did that really quickly and I wasn't paying that much attention. We actually have right now it's kind of very frozen up almost put it heavily and there. Hear -- -- into the camera. It hard with the but they if they -- an incident but they didn't actually turn into normal ice cream and -- -- clustered. It in he had exactly that it looks like. -- so that -- but the the cream became. Ice cream obviously -- grossed a cool. And that's -- that's now. -- swoops you think older. For twelve degrees ten degrees so not dangerously cold it'll freeze your tongue off. No I didn't want it that was very embarrassing I mean they're they're they're they're gonna find but. With the -- On -- candidates -- do need to be careful working with that make sure you don't do any damage and no. North America does -- -- goggles. But it it's -- way to bring this. Grandpa and it does that create an amazing -- it be Kelly Humphries I believe. Minor ice crystals and -- at your freezers -- you get -- incredibly smooth creamy ice cream and really you can't it just because it freezes. The ice crystals the smaller the texture that is. -- -- -- -- -- -- So we've got geeky nicely textured. Instant ice cream -- ten any best -- dishes that you can think of infamy we'll oppressed people. Well -- now I was thinking about the whole -- -- thing earlier and I was checking out. Some -- you need Turkey -- and it it is pretty funny as Jeff was describing to pull your Turkey out of plastic bag but. We -- talking a little earlier little more old school but -- fee method Greer actually slow cooking and Patton and putting the Turkey like -- that walking away. It creates an amazing texture in the meat and ended also doesn't really take much attention you just like slow cooker and leave it alone -- need it that's perfectly. Falling apparent savory Turkey. Now aren't I we'll add one thing here on the -- -- the end of it that -- -- equation. For setting up for coffee vacuum coffee makers. Very very cool process most people have never seen it -- it uses principles of the fact that when you. Heat up air expands and they -- goes through -- little filter -- remove the heat. The air contracts and because -- closed system it pulls the coffee down through a filter. I've I've done this before and it's it makes the very small amount to very good and -- Kiki doctor science -- so vacuum coffee -- you can. You can actually find him almost anywhere even look kind of like -- that -- -- -- That blasts and speakers and again and alcohol flame underneath that. We have a couple questions here from people I'm gonna start with my own nagging question from a technical perspective knowing what I know about physics. I am very surprised to find that the induction cooktop. Which takes electromagnetic energy and transfers it directly. As magnetic energy to the cooking. Receptacle pot or pan. Which then transit the food is not in use more that is a much more efficient method of cooking then electric heat cooking or gas -- Jeff. What do you know about induction cooktop why don't see them out -- more. You know I think there's really -- reasons for. There's a chicken and egg problem when it comes to food writers and -- consumers. Good writers don't wanna start writing recipes that give. In the third instructions for -- stuff because nobody how induction those -- and then -- -- who's you know but you consumer marketplace they're -- about veterans those that are not seen it written about. I'm aren't there your brain on here is obvious -- -- a little bit of fear about using them versus traditional like. Within an -- stuff -- have metals that are essentially magnetic that induction. They're just part of way that it works relies on. -- -- being cable. A government -- treatment as well. I'm -- you can't really like -- -- in the traditional method -- -- -- handout and Elster and we'll open up. You can -- to bring -- off the burner well -- no longer in contact and didn't mean to see the camera fail somewhere who used the cooking we'll find a little bit aggravating first. If you change your -- -- -- like it here that is a very good point trying to hit around that anglers. We got a a Twitter question from altitude says it seems like all my clear large measuring cups -- inaccurate. What can I replace my pirates with the -- is correct measurements. -- -- -- -- -- -- For -- -- up for for liquids. If amber -- I would I would know. They're not -- -- animator stuff and there. Liquid what you get because the doctor McCain puts him again I think matter anyone I'm nadir exactly you can literally -- -- the amount and he gets the level that you want. You can terror in between heats up or that you're doing it all I'll know what -- McKeon blueberry muffins you that the put all oil milk and some other stuff on there yogurt may be. I'm -- put in the right announcement at the terror button between each ingredient. A summer you have to get the table of what eat your liquid ways but yeah I do I little yeah recommend the there are an angled measuring cup that hot so make. And it's for liquid and you can actually read it from above which I like his you're not like trying to crouched down and see where the line and com they actually haven't inside the -- that you're just -- -- thing over and you can even measurement. From above which makes a lot more convenient nationally but in looking for the -- in -- side of the beaten in France. I -- -- hospital lab equipment supplies and again accurate. A lab where. -- Kenny wrote to us and and said why does heating up -- -- minimize sticking. I always believe that it was because the microscopic scratches in the pan or sealed by the expanding medal but I recently it's lets them read something refuting I think that the -- also expand. And anyway this -- provided the actual reason why food sticks lest we heated -- am am I missing something. Well offhand I can -- to get educated guess I haven't -- this issue. But I would imagine it takes something like animals let's take -- chicken breasts or Turkey breast -- the Thanksgiving here. You -- until hot -- It can essentially conformed to the shape of -- -- initially the through the thirteenth hot enough. -- two things are gonna happen what he's service more accurate but there's gonna visiting a driven away. The second thing is that the of their actions from actual in the matter actions and caused the poaching that are essentially sticking than me the palette -- -- you pull off like is here. There's a part of the reason why you can when -- when the -- -- done cooking but -- can't you can't remove them because of they're still simply stopped in the pan. I'm having gotten -- up about actual contact plane to cook. Yeah I think people's number on -- and sticking food is there too impatient to leave it alone. -- got a -- in -- the -- don't try to move it leave it and act it will release itself when it's time to let it. If you try to moving you're gonna rip it open and let the -- fantastic and and it's in trying. I have no patience I will try to keep that in mind -- patients like. Anything else any other top tips for us -- the holidays and can I use my soldering Aaron Cook anything I mean bonus it's here for using the heat coming off of my. See I think. You know we have a pretty did. Active tips for how to re purpose cooking appliances and things you're not spoke to use them or initially like. You can -- all sorts of things in your waffle iron in iron you never thought about like and every -- on hash browns we've done brownies have -- all sorts of them. And also your slow cooker you can use it to put your animal brighter -- mine in over the holidays keep it warm you don't even have to worry about it. It's yeah. Jeff. Yeah I think you know luck -- -- Oh I like their approach there are thinking about the tools you're -- your kitchen and seen them for more than just what it is they -- traditionally. Not not not -- -- -- the roasting peppers has partnered Thanksgiving meal but at one point while working in the book I realized wait a second. When it comes to rest in a pepper but -- really doing is essentially. You're throwing heat -- -- from one side -- -- normally and there's no reason why a toaster wouldn't. You know be would be different and that's thirty you know thinking about your slow cooker add things and all of a body of liquid at a certain temperature. The thing what can you do with that I'm being about the -- and a similar way. You know it intervene if you can separate out the -- cooking -- And what the actual feel it needs from mean -- provide that food. It really becomes much much easier to think about how -- -- cook something. Are right so -- the people wanna hear more cooking for geeks tips they can get it from where. -- predicts dot com. And the book itself is available on Amazon.com -- -- -- dot com and your. I'm bookstores everywhere thank you very much and -- -- tips on. Check out chow dot com for Thanksgiving and if you're really stressed about Thanksgiving. Go get higher. Thanksgiving app which is a bit Thanksgiving dinner -- it'll help. And we're gonna take one that question thank you very much thank you Jeff thank -- -- have one quick question here that is a tech question just liking. Tell my bosses that I actually -- answering computer questions today and it is this from Duncan. He says I work to deliver health care in rural Nepal but we're fundamentally limited by -- lack of our host providing us with offline capability. In any case we've been looking for an online offline Wiki solution too many to migrate to so that we can more officially worked on the -- -- offline that we are stumped. This does not seem to be technically the most impossible thing an example of a seamless online -- -- transition. An automated thinking is Evernote which I know it you've heard about or yeah Evernote implicated here it is in the -- that is and spectrum. Although Evernote is not a Wiki. The ability to live in the online and offline world after the with -- relentlessly. Is exactly the kind of with yep we're looking for. But some brands do offer semi offline access nothing we found really helps. So -- the question. Why is it that the -- -- market is dead to the offline world. That is a very -- -- question and the real the answer is that it is much more complex to do online offline work in a group environment and then you would think the problem. Is reconciling changes that could happen to a document when it is not connected to the hive mind of the online document itself. So I've got a document and person a is editing it. Gets a copy of it and -- person -- gets copy of -- and they both make changes and and they both go offline after reconcile those changes somehow. And that is the technically very difficult thing to do. Lotus Notes did that it's a big enterprise groupware solution. I think Microsoft SharePoint doesn't -- does similar thing. Evernote doesn't it's not multi user which is why it works so well -- so easy to do. So these are the the the solutions to your problem or are serious and expensive and our infrastructure that does not exist in the pure free online only Wiki world. So is -- much easier just have everybody work on the online version and you don't have these problems because there's only one version that's being changed. Anyway I don't have the answer to your problem. But that is why you don't see online offline Wiki. Our that is our token tech question for the day if you have questions for us send them to rescue at cnet.com. If you would like to phone your questions we -- on the air is 8774386688. Four show notes on this and other shows it is. Rescue that's it when. Particular website cnet.com slash -- -- -- some standard here but all the -- -- different cnet.com slash rescue you can follow me and Twitter I'm -- You can find Jeff on Twitter at cooking for geeks. You can find -- on Twitter at chow. And next. Week we will have CNET reviews editor Kent German you're talking about mobile phones and cell phone plans that -- questions about your mobile device. And how to deal with the cellular carriers send them our way and that will be this time noon Wednesday. Trucks and thank you coming up Jeff thank you respecting -- I think it can actually get honestly think.
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1:59 March 4, 2015
We combed through the entire third season of "House of Cards" to find out which gadgets each and every character uses.
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Instant smartphone printers
1:37 March 4, 2015
Instant printers are the new Polaroids. Check out these top 3 that connect to your smartphone, giving you a paper print out in min...
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What's free on Xbox and PlayStation: March 2015
1:41 March 4, 2015
Check out the free games for March 2015 available on the Xbox Live Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus subscription services.
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