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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep. 21: How to back up your social networks

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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep. 21: How to back up your social networks

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Josh schools us in saving your social connections and data for posterity, and also what makes the new game Minecraft so addictive. Plus: Rafe on passwords and laptop theft, and more questions about HP laptop reliability.

Hi everyone I'm regular welcome to see -- to the rescue -- podcast. We tell the truth about tech products and answer your tech questions in here with -- Austin -- And if you have a problem send it to us on either of these two methods one by email rescue at cnet.com. Or you can call it in at 8774386. -- 8888. Again 8774386688. No question -- to basics that we've got a problem with commanders in it was called -- -- orbit will be out. Now this show this -- idea and it's really good one before we get started on our protests. And our voice mails and -- email tech help we want talk for a little bit about. The problem of what to do to pack up your social network. So this is a problem because -- because you have so much time and effort and that's in this and it's not really your data. So when you put something on FaceBook put a photo up on FaceBook. FaceBook and owns it and lets you have a copy and you lose -- mr. FaceBook account of something like that. -- yet. So I mean this is really the most important with things like photos and videos I think beacons when you're moving from computer to hear those are the things you wanna keep you don't really care about wall poster private messages processor numbers stored cloud right. So this past week FaceBook announced that they were offering download. You can actually download everything you've ever since the social network. And it it went live for us over the weekend I -- -- -- and so we did and solid and I did it and -- and it. Last week and it's it's pretty useful it's literally pressing one button and immensely at your entire FaceBook profile on everything you'd ever sent so -- -- all your friends all the message archives all the photos corrects the get photos you get videos you get message archives. You get everything -- thank you ever RS VPT which is total trip. And yeah you get in zip file and and though only thing I tend to become problematic is the photos. If you actually uploaded photos to FaceBook. You know you have these forfeit five megabyte files and -- photo button which you get in return -- -- from down FaceBook version. Which routes this you know 5060 K units super tiny yet experts said they -- going to upgrade their quota system to higher resolution right -- now if you upload your photos you get. What you get this little package it's something it's like 2000 pixels wide or something and it's like it's about one or two megapixels so it's you know it's -- photo. Oh that's so -- This this is a way to just once in awhile ago through get your data put it on USB drive or something or burning somewhere just put in -- about the box to record keeping and they -- this feature to FaceBook -- -- a lot of people were clamoring in fact. Data recorder and who actually headed up. This feature on -- but he was one most vocal people -- like this is ridiculous you -- idea I can't get it -- you know letting third parties get -- at three. It's -- this is their solution uses one of the things you so now -- -- one of the other things that has bugged me for awhile as I considered. Generally when you write something on the Internet you think that it's there for good if it's on a server because nobody ever delete anything and I I treated Twitter the same way and for years and -- few years I've been using Twitter. If I search for something that was that I wrote back in the early days of Twitter could find it but now that's changed. And granted most Twitter posts -- Alter -- -- short and most are pointless but. That information just evaporates -- one -- part of at least he -- if you chalk -- up to them having a very small index relative few the size of Twitter. Like I think it it shifts based on how long it is -- -- and how meets Wi fi at. So that slow you get you know -- -- and if it's a really BZ. It's like a couple days regardless active yet but regardless that's stuff that I've written and I'm a writer and I want that stuff I don't think it's like -- listened timeless pros but I I don't like -- of -- being erased. Or nothing accessible is their way then. To save. My A Twitter droppings for future Austin yes wanting to be clear putter didn't delete the stuff frank it's still there if you're gonna go back. I'd as far as actually creating -- I gather solutions that do that so a couple -- -- ones. One is tweet back out which does this completely for free. You just basically log into Twitter you give it access to that 30 law to get earlier formation. And it does it for you and it gives you a daily backup of and personal Twitter. Tweet you -- done for the entire history of these go back and the everything you ever done and one little file. And and you know download that if you want look at so that is one another one it's social safe. Which is actually more for FaceBook but they just announced in lieu of FaceBook offer its own download option that they're gonna search. And -- we've seen in the Facebook just came out with that they've been doing this for awhile. And was like two bucks -- -- but they get all the stuff for you -- -- -- a file. Make -- available for you and three dollars rather. But any you know you really don't need -- -- that anymore than eight but the -- -- 1220 people right. And then the the fourth option which actually does all those things along with a bunch of other places is back up -- five this is a big on right yes this is I mean this is a full fledged service so they have a free service. One actually it's ambulances first city -- the backup of all your social accounts just to -- it does FaceBook does Flickr delicious word press. You can back up your entire blog on it. And -- free cling to. You can pick any windows and -- plus and premium plans which you pay. Based on the year -- I think it's like forty bucks and sixty boxers on the per year and -- -- everything. So this is a place -- -- This is the backup for your cloud stuff but the back of itself -- sort of the -- or can you get it yeah I mean it's all stored and Amazon has three you can download it when you need to. But this does that automatically -- if we set it and forget it -- do think it's worth doing this. -- honestly not I've never had a problem with this stuff. I mean for the FaceBook thing up until last week I think yeah I'll I would hate for that right -- and that's. A match -- and take you know it's FaceBook. But for someone like Flickr delicious I don't worry about. Yahoo! losing that data I don't worry that big company where I think it's more useful for these little small companies and maybe -- like word press wearing you know you don't. Maybe you don't know have the know how to set up word press backup tool on some server or you know through your hosting company like you -- Sheryl pay. That -- interest and parents though if you want to back up your social which I would actually recommend because. While most big companies will safeguard your data there -- -- which is then. Google and Yahoo! both do shut down services from time to time AOL does nailed -- and the photo. A photo sharing service Yahoo! shut down the photo sharing service and they give you play any warning but this is a good way to. Preserve that stuff put in an encapsulated. A place -- give it to ancestors. Editor your and his descendants rather. Are right so that's good move. And like this is not -- -- for our review especially in the case the first one the for the product that we spent actual time on and it's been our actual money on. If possible and the first one is a game. This is a game that everybody is all a flutter over right now -- craft this is a ridiculous game now based on Josh. And -- is the producer for buzz out loud and a couple other people here scene and I tried this game and I can see the addictive thing going on here this is -- game where. It's it's it's a sandbox -- the Lego game yet you're in this world. You have to go. Take bricks out of the the earth and in some cases make them into other bricks and he can build stuff -- why is this the -- big deal. It's just it's it's this feeling of exploration that you don't get a lot of games that it's so simple and it's so satisfying. And there's basically that there's no rules right -- you just start off misplace there's no real plot. There's no story there's no economy that you can die. You can totally gotten so that the whole idea is during the day you're fine rate you can only dialect falling off things are falling a -- -- whenever. But it nineties things come out right yup there's different and music -- crawl up things they teach you -- -- -- can get too close human explode. And -- your goals that build -- -- fortress you know that's one way survivor -- dig yourself into a cave. And and wait for the -- pass then go back county building which are building. I tried it. And I did I did I studied the the tutorials on -- how to survive your first night I built with a little K of and I -- killed by -- got the silk and all that out. But I just it looks. Like you could. I'm not quite sure I get it yeah I am I missing something here I think of the creativity aspect -- -- on -- creative okay. It's very easy -- kind of get an idea in your hands down to build this and you go and do it and -- like I wanna add another thing that's Raton ago. Nine maybe create a bridge from this one building to another building you know mine out something like -- trees and ground you can just do that it's pretty block you we're looking at the YouTube a demo video of the right now yet and it's it's all -- in Java itself so runs on pretty much any platform and now this this game is still being developed. Right that's an alpha right now if you -- it's like fourteen dollars. And then once it's actually out it's gonna be like 35 for forty dollars. It's taken the world by storm it is and -- guys developing and it's just become increasingly wealthy and you can do this. Network right. I guess that we have. We have a couple servers here work that we play on cheese and yet Jason parker and I use I download -- we've created giant buildings in giant. Glass I don't know fortresses just as he can do that could be playing with all these other people or just a solitude youths are digging out the think together it's very cool. It is forty dollars this for the alpha however if you buy the four dollar alpha then you get grandfathered in to. All future versions -- if a free updates for life or whatever and there's also free version it's at the little bits of metal features of the the latest -- online version that you can -- this case yet. Our right to try my craft if you don't do not value your time. Com and yes for -- -- asking haven't seen that scene the giant enterprise. By -- the window in the game bio -- someone build rapture our let's move on yes. Now I'm from the from there are ridiculous -- the two not quite so I come as you know. And always complaining about passwords. You know I've you know everybody has the every site music pass through that time out -- -- out of -- I've been using. A password. Management tool called robo form for the longest time and I've paid for it. To get full the full features and I use that little synchronization told -- -- across my he -- I have since. Recently abandoned robo form. For last pass. And basically last -- is better it is free for all platforms but Smartphones so when I get the iPhone version of it. Now pay -- the synchronization. Is easier. Across your browsers and it works on Macs and PC's pretty much the same way and all browsers so I'm using this on six platforms. I eat Chrome Firefox on windows. Chrome Firefox on my MacBook and it has its own browser on the iPad for free all -- in it just works and it seems to be awful but better detecting password fields just slightly better. The honorable form so if you're looking for good password manager. Last -- is really worth checking out I highly recommend its -- and it's free. I want it's one of those things that I like so much I want to buy it. Just to keep these guys and business yet it is good -- David enterprise product right at me remind you and if you if you want like me if you wanna keep them some bucks U by the -- iPhone version and -- -- that. Also speaking of security and other thing that. Is free and quite good is -- particle -- Now -- is a product that runs in stealth mode on your laptop. Until your laptop is stolen. And then you acted -- activated through a web console. And it will report its location by Wi-Fi geo location take a picture through the webcam. And give you all sorts of other data out like what -- I have been a customer of LoJack for laptops which is really hands off. And when your computer stolen you file police report -- -- LoJack and they work with the police to make this whole thing happen. Now I'm running -- as well I can see the data myself now. And I tried at my house I reported my computer stolen and it doesn't file police report that's -- do you beacon try it and it. It gave me a picture myself and my location over -- and -- right. I. Chances are -- -- -- your computer the gonna steal your electronics or steal money jewelry. All sorts of valuable stuff and as long the stuff is all pretty much in the same place your computer will act as a beacon. And you can use -- stuff -- this is great stuff. It's an amazing product her for what you actually pay which has yet again there are up -- to run it for small businesses and perhaps -- more than two computers and paper. -- -- management I mean I use that feature on mobile meals a -- I -- media com Eden but you know for the for the phone finding. Terrific you -- off the on the couch. I don't like -- just to button it just keeps them out -- -- and possible -- optional only in pray when you report your computer as missing. You can lock it down or send an alert and play -- them out but you might not want to do that because you're gonna wanna tip off the -- that they'll turn off yet. Okay now we have some questions to answer from you guys first a voice mail from James who sent a question to us at are a country are toll free number 87 -- -- -- America anyway. 8774386688. This is -- question to us. Go right -- James from Portugal and I haven't really quick question I'm traveling to -- -- is -- -- And the upcoming weeks and I was wondering is there any. -- GSM. And provider in the in that area and that would sell -- pay as you go -- that would include voice and data. Almost all unlocked so what I needed to just your page you go there I'm gonna people. Any any replies -- -- greatly appreciated. This is the reverse of the question we usually get it normally people who are here in the US -- that's -- -- going overseas what's the best way. To do my voice and data over there though if you're coming here if you have a GSM phone sim card phone if you go to the carriers to -- team mobile -- the which are GSM providers. Or even a mall kiosk. You can get limited pre -- data. Depends on what you need but yes it is possible works like doesn't rest the world you can get a sim card with a prepaid plan on. Visit carrier store to get the best options but if you're in a location where all you have -- the kiosk at mall nearby. If they know what they're doing that should be able so -- sim card. So or. You can get a prepaid phone but if you already have a phone you want it and smart woman and data do that. Our questions from email. A couple of laptop a I'm HP laptop users and that I hate to pick on HP in these two questions. But these word the laptop questions -- -- number one I recently bought an HP laptop for school and it's been driving me crazy. Whenever I do anything band -- -- on -- it's as I suddenly have no connection to the Internet and nothing I've tried shorter reboot will bring it back to life. Most the time belief that frees up my try to reconnect to the network or disable or enable the Wi-Fi chip. Etc. should I bother messing around to fix it or should I go through the hassle overturning it and replacing the laptop. That was from doctor and Rosa and then came from -- says. I got -- HP DV five and September of 2008 have been using it since and I got -- to your accidental damage planned extension on nine. The laptop always -- -- and I'm getting tired of sending it into HD it started shutting down lately we at least once today and telling me. -- in that might be due to hardware problem or software installed -- month old Andy -- and months. Tech support. Said to get the latest Norton version and it would solve my problem all that seem like a joke since I'm on Comcast and already have Norton security suite. I got a Dell for my -- this year and I could actually put on my lap is it was as cool as ice unlike the HP. The election -- my -- downstairs and cash in on the accidental damage plan what should I do okay. Kim and doctor -- both UHP people I hate to say this you should not be spending any more of your valuable time trying to troubleshoot computers that have gone bad. -- in both these cases. Return them if you -- return them to get your money back you get help back. You are chasing you're going down a rabbit hole of troubleshooting it is just not worth your time these computers have problems. Do not be talked in 20. Install this reboot that reinstall the operating system you've got hardware flaws. Yet the companies to replace them yell them until they do especially -- the -- all the damage program. I mean that's you know that use the UK phone ticket via a lot. Are right. -- the Antonio wrote to us and that I just bought a used MacBook by the year and a half old -- just those that when downloading a video to watch what sounds like a fan motor turns on it it's quite noticeable. While you're watching the video when I'm done watching the video and I go back to surfing the web or checking email. You can hear the noise decreasing until it goes away. Is this normal. -- yes flash. On Macs is notoriously. Intensive. Right let's set the short answer is this is completely normal -- below normal worry what's happening is your computer's doing a lot of processing power. And the internal fan is kicking on in keeping the CPU from overheating this -- doing exactly what supposed to be deal. There is a possible solution out yet if you know economic -- so you can -- -- Adobe's bat flash data try -- -- hardware acceleration to the tables that you get eight I believe he uses the GP. GPU in addition the CPU. That's too you know that might run better we have -- -- -- the show notes but I mean Adobe's been working on this for ages. And there where they're trying to improve it that I mean you know. Flash and Apple. But he -- the really. But. You if if the noise really bothers you tried to upgrade to the flash data and that might will be. Let's see diesel mechanic. Whose name I forgot to put in -- I apologize for that that here's my issue my laptop died I mean I can't afford -- -- -- as I'm currently laid off. I'm -- my son's computer and the boot up time is a full three minutes which feels like an hour. When you sit there and watch it it's the Dell Dimension running windows XP home edition with pentium four -- I'm running a vast antivirus. Because my nod 32 that's Norton and an antivirus license expired I -- is running somewhat slower after that. I have run CC cleaner and -- -- the and also. That -- help with something put the boot up time is driving me crazy or something else I can do. Other than starting before bed at night so it might be done in -- morning. You know funny thing is -- my thinkpad here which is three or four years old. I actually reboot it every night before I go home log in and then -- atomic comin' in the morning it's -- I swear to god that's what it. You know -- three ministers and delegate -- time -- now when we're gonna twenty minutes via to get your computer stable anyway there are things you can do. My number one solution is to dump abouts and go with Microsoft's. Own antivirus solution which is pretty lightweight. You're doing the right thing with CC cleaner though just. The I recommend trying -- -- but I mean I guess he's dirty use these these to clean up program so if they might not be the best salute -- those SL SOL. UTO -- is a pretty good one. -- -- you know is very certain user friendly for me I got mine down from about 230 to about 13 Seton which is pretty great just today it tells you you know what you. What you pick the startup and whether you actually last start those things out it's very easy to kind of turn them back on and off whenever you want to which is well liked about it. The other thing you know honestly if you haven't done -- Clean install -- XP oh that's so much work. But you know I'd pay if you wanna get a baseline time for ally your computer should take to do. Do that Xeon teas -- good if it's anywhere in the two to three minutes sound like you're not getting any better rate them. Are such rights Lugo. And do a reinstall you have the time and effort in the original XP and all the program -- and back at -- back up first. Josh what was -- question from your cousin that a cousin has an iPhone three G and ancient ancient creature of you know. Technology room and she is my jailbreak it but she wants to use some sort of video recording -- and to get functionalities it is not included in the -- can't do that with -- a so when you. When you upgrade iPhone three G two islets for. You then get video recording now I was one of the features that doesn't come -- this is a hardware feature that came with the 3GS and then the four okay. So what about you stream or just competing rights of both -- -- you can. Do you video straight through through the apps and -- the devices but it doesn't -- trivia for you. -- one app that does it -- came quarter which is a block. Joint commission -- apparently gets fifteen frames a second I believe which is pretty choppy apparent but it's better than no -- right. Also use stream can do video and but again -- -- -- the -- to the web yes okay. Does have three options otherwise you know -- -- and and you -- recorder which I believe you can get better frame rates on it and each of temperate aren't so you stream just -- quick when I worked yes quick does it quick life in even worse -- the original life. Oh no kidding yet flat -- of our ways you won't get the full HD but you can actually record video on an old older iPhone that's okay. Matthew says. And this was a puzzle for us is there a way to -- from -- internal and external drive into one large hard disk. I'm looking at a two terabyte hard disk and also looking -- my future storage needs. I keep my iTunes library directed to one single hard drive is their way for me to buy -- two terabyte drive and then. When the capacity is needed by another two terabyte drive and merge these two together. So that Windows 7 and iTunes and others -- see and recognize this as one drive. What interesting question no we went looking for software that does is forward realized. The solution is right there on your on your motherboard. Yes. So what you do is you want to use something called raid zero. And what raid zero old do we go to your bios settings and it's probably there on your motherboard metronome on the port but it should be and you create -- drive array. One. Logical drive out of multiple physical -- now here's the thing. This will do what you want personally have disable your day off because you're going to re initially he strikes from scratch the first to -- to save all your data off. And going to the violence and create your raid -- -- raids Euro rate. Raid is normally use. As a backup system. Where you can -- take. Your data and you -- two places at once. And then -- one of the drive dies then it's still only other place and you can rebuild your -- you don't lose any data this is the other thing where you're taking your data. And putting it -- to two separate. And splitting in half on two different drive sort of I'm now what you're doing with this is the exact opposite of what raid is designed for and you are -- your chances of losing data. Because -- merging two drives into one -- one of those drives dies in raid zero. You lose both you lose the data on both drives but you can't rebuild. I actually don't recommend this but this is the way to merge two drives -- 21 logically now there are other solutions that are less dangerous. Yes one of them is spending a lot of money and Drobo -- -- who which basically does a virtual raid zero. Between your hard drive. But but that's actually hardware sufficiency of the by this box minute -- whatever hard drives you have in it. An end run whatever you have -- that so I believe you can right through it in eSATA cable. And it's just as fast as it would be on the -- top right. You know I -- that he's gonna risky to meet you just even have that set up. Well that the thing of the Drobo and Windows Home Server also does this does this to an extent is that it builds logical drives that a physical drives mean is that you can pop the drives in and out. And as long you don't get too crazy about it arm and sent it -- tell the system what -- about to do. It will manage it for you -- -- you put another drive in it'll just. Level the data of all the drives if one of the drive goes bad mean maybe it's got data duplicated elsewhere you can pull the drive out. Right you know so they they -- is hoping for. But still. Much savers solution is just you know if if -- -- -- and you and you have all that space get a bigger hard drive take whatever you have on the smaller drive -- -- and transferred to the drive in and make -- your main one you knew that was something like partition magic or. And other programs but I mean -- The idea of having a really B drive -- several is just dangerous you have no matter what you do here you're talking about having two terabytes of data or any amount of data for that matter I I can't. You know stress enough how important is -- back -- the with data. -- if you have this much data. That's gonna have to be local because that's that's a lot of -- at the store over the air. But I -- I recommend belt and suspenders -- -- you have your drive what are or drive away array and then you have a local backup. And there are plenty of good back up applications and just keep that -- thing and then you also. Have. A an online backup solution which will be slower and in at least initially take a long time to the seed. But then if your house burns down. You still have the off site backup and recover data from we're looking back -- -- -- take to work in. -- -- -- -- yet people it's forgot about that that's I recommend them on site online backup. -- -- wrote to us and said I'm renovating my master bedroom and have the drywall down so I would like take advantage of the opportunity. And installing in wall iPod -- to send audio to a pair of in -- speakers. I searched and found in wall mounts as part of a very complex home audio system but I don't want anything that complicated or expensive. I'm looking for simple mount possibly with the volume control. With some sort of amplifier do you have a recommendation. Stuff. Yeah I mean don't don't use your iPhone in the bathtub if you're building that's in your back -- that's. Or in the bathroom rather -- I recommended the Apple universal dock just is it's cheap it's fifty bucks and it works it's it's if he wants and its future proof you can just buy additional. Little plates for -- nine dollars or three -- something. And you can just put -- in with whatever future iPhone or iPod you yet. And you actually find -- on on the device right but they also throw in little remote for you that he can use. It's actually -- -- -- and stuff now here's the thing. You'll need an amp for that solution somewhere along the line. And that will work and it is the probably the most inexpensive solution but it's not what I would recommend I. It's not future proof. I actually really like the -- -- the so this is hideously expensive yet. But the great thing about it is. It takes all your iTunes music plus pandora radio and last FM radio and stuff like that. And you can control -- from your iPhone or your iPod. But the music is actually streaming over the network so. You don't have to have the iPhone with few all the time you're not gonna drop well you might drop it back appease he has remote. So it's also recently released a wireless dock which is kinda cool where you can put any iPhone in there I guess if you have the the app. And including guests and stream their music over the -- thing now that the -- -- that up as a bunch of wireless speakers. That -- -- Wi-Fi base speakers or -- -- And they just play anywhere in the house again very expensive but very flexible if the patent version. Well if you're doing in wall speakers yet. I mean you would use the social and amp and get your own speakers into the into -- wall there. So that's kind of the direction I would go. And we -- in here it's the Fremont from Jordan. Says. How do I get all my iTunes content music and video and apps on to my new Mac. My old computers and XP machine and I really want to -- my iPod Touch -- one with my new Mac instead please help. -- -- used to be a time where if you buy an Apple Computer they would transfer your stuff for free when it was awesome. Then they realize that -- -- they can make money off that so now he paid him a hundred dollars as part of the Apple care one on one. Customer service program the -- this for you can bring in an old machine and they do everything not just -- in the documents. Settings all that stuff. Also you can just follow -- guide we have linked from Lifehacker missiles. Which both of them show you how to transfer for -- PC Mac it's pretty easy the hard part. Is that you have it's XML file which is everything like your playlist in your ratings your play counts and those are things you really wanna keep right. I mean ultimately just for -- music over and then organized it. So that's that's one option alternately there's function. But currently -- believe you can only do it through dvds or CDs. What -- of -- -- like it's huge music library like. United talk and who couple like most people do it right but I mean if you have -- like less -- eight -- there. Do it there and he can just import it to another computer and it saves everything for you. The should be built in the should be a feature that -- an update you know. Clone over the network or something down like that I've got a stimulus is walking into a store buy a Mac bringing your PC and they do it the two for you with our this -- And well you with the can be done but it's gonna cost -- hundred bucks yet the minute before yes okay. Finally our final question here is a puzzle -- -- throwing out to the audience as a problem to -- Bill asks I enjoy the show her perhaps you can help me help without my problem I use Gmail for work. But mostly I download the messages through outlook using POP3 and then set Gmail to archive messages after downloading -- -- have a backup. Anyway I received a lot of large image files to six megabytes as part of my work which I need to pass along to an art director. I only need need to keep the attachments for about a month but I do need to keep all the emails in case there's a later conflict. I have a utility that allows me to batch remove attachments from my PST files with outlook files. But I can't find a way to remove attachments from Gmail in batches -- remove any attachments from emails that are more than four months old. I don't know if going to IMAP we'll solve this problem would after removal of attachments -- the emails to rethink to the smaller sizes or to blow everything -- -- In any case it's the only to figure out how to slim down my current Gmail bloat from its current thirty gigs or so any help appreciated. Is a hard question. -- And -- -- IMAP here. Anyway if anybody has any experience. Getting in on a -- level getting into your Gmail and stripping parts out of it while keeping your messages in -- Let -- -- -- rescue at cnet.com. All electors Sandinista -- -- solution for bull Gmail and Yahoo! mail clients you -- that's right and then Yahoo! bought it. And now they just need for Yahoo! mail but basically images round up everything attachment photos videos files whenever you put giant file browser for you -- -- the log in your Gmail -- -- it. Ninth yes and no more now aren't what happened -- today's Xoopit. We have two pieces of advice from our listeners. Lincoln. Who have the problem about the -- -- -- them all in the -- machines in the house that would solve the problem on the Mac we turned off public sharing on the PC. But we are still seeing the problem on the I touch. I double check the DNS settings on the routers they match them it's the I checked with friends that have the same IP -- -- am not having trouble. I took the iPod Touch to friends with and without the same ISP and no issues the next step is -- new -- there. I'll let you know what happens. They'll -- and in -- that one looks like windows what's the problem here that maybe it's intercepting via the NS calls on his network at home. And finally Sam said. Regarding the issue the question of of listeners that they want it to stream their media over the -- box. We we talked broken if they can't do this -- technical support. Sam says or whoever you talked to is slightly wrong. You can use your -- who has a media extender using an experimental. Channel called rocks box which Rogue code allows you to add to the count. To add via the account manager and rock box are -- box dot com. Does not look like a -- who product as far as I can tell but this if this works and this does exactly what you want and they don't have to spend aura the -- -- years something like that it'll stream anyway Iraq -- try and his videos and audio. Brilliant in photos so cool stuff -- makes you wanna get -- suspect right with -- -- cheap there of the -- I know. Alright if you've got tech questions -- -- Josh sent them our way rescue at cnet.com or send us a voicemail. Questioned 28774386688. And 8774438668. You can also catch past episodes of this. Podcast Sina dot com slash. -- times -- about my job.

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Could a 10TB Solid State Drive be in our near future? Amazon fluffs up their cloud service, Lyft goes social and Tim Cook gives ba...
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It shoots. It scores.
2:53 March 27, 2015
Mirrorless Samsung NX1 takes on dSLRs for action photography.
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