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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep. 12: Cleaning up the cable mess

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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep. 12: Cleaning up the cable mess

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Rafe and Josh debate the best ways to turn an unruly rat's nest of data and power cables into a thing of beauty and logic. With bonus rat's nest pictures from listeners! Also, questions about moving from and to Android phones, moving a TV to Singapore, and encrypting Mac hard drives.

Hi everyone and welcome you can do that rescue -- -- Italy and and and desolate and and this is the packed show podcasting or we try to. It's the ultimate -- of -- -- -- help you use the tech you got. Figure out what that you should be fine you don't and this week. We -- -- a special show before we take your questions we've got a bunch that he no questions will take your calls. 188890268. Before we -- never going to spend a little bit of time talking about cable. Management now this may seem like -- dull boring topic this bunch of wires and stuff to figure out but them. We talked about this we put out some queries on Twitter and people really got into this topic and and the more that I'd I dove into it the more I realize that. There's actually. A lot here there's a lot of little tricks and tips that people might not know about. And the way we're gonna get the show started before we tell you about. Our favorite cable management -- and they make -- my interest -- you. One which is hanging around just his -- right there. -- -- -- We put a query out on Twitter to ask people -- us there. Most terrific rat's -- of cables pictures of what's behind their desks. And just -- -- -- -- little slide show and we found it very amusing -- walk us through this that this is these are real actual. Scene at the rescue -- listeners and users and how they manage the cable that -- -- year ago. They are -- this this first one is from gene and if you're listening to that's not -- and I'm sorry that's a gene pretty much wins this you're not. -- having wires and a shot that aren't even connected to anything. I think ethnic also spare shoes and -- shot. Yeah and and tasty -- and there are other assorted things that is the true rat's nest of wires that -- and congratulations on that there does -- in shot. If we -- advance. It's from month Thomas. Creation that looks kind of standard to me so this is looks like it's behind a stereo -- -- a lot of AV cables there pull any -- closely is actually using some wire management things like he -- fooled I believe they called the milky mountain. -- -- Grabs and stuff but I mean the wires from the back the receiver via its monstrous yes so congratulations tolerance for having a very messy nasty habit. And this next one is from Steve. We post on the corner of doomed because it's up against the wall and it Warner. And you can see a lot of cables coming from all sorts electronics. Right that looks again probably not a common for most people if you look behind your computer computers probably see a bunch of junk like that -- right. And this one has an actual cat in it right -- no rats no problems of the rats here. Now this this one is very ish thing this is. A special picture to me because for for for three reasons. One there is a hard disk -- there which is a sitting on the floor. It's right there to two. There's a cat which could knock over the heart to stop -- any -- the first spam was not dirty like that is a risk and three there -- I don't believe they're actually all that many cables here but they are there's a lot of unused cabling -- link. So it looks like they just bulls and school's principles of cable here basically. Twenty foot cables where prefer cable would do. So if for some reason season needed to move her a computer a hundred feet across the house right. She would not to unplug -- right it just and the cat we're just go with right. And cancer question the chat room tails yes Josh and my wire methods are coming up the stay tuned. And they are method you don't that says this next one is from Paul -- this is the clean from looking it -- from the frighten this is telling the motorized business in the front party. But if that's upfront it's find in the back if you actually to go in and change anything good luck finding it but business -- lot of these people do they put -- there they they put their equipment down on the table and they just throw the cable on the -- -- looks really -- in front but -- actually -- envelope now aren't things actually -- -- out from people who seemed accurate in its thinner right. That's I like that one -- now this is. This is one of our first tiny this is that eighty year than before -- this is from Cameron hill there. There's even -- VCR in the shot if you look closely happily on the far right well tell us that lets them. It did not connected and leisure and older piece of equipment because they believe there's like two wires coming up -- Americans -- thirty well that's DVR -- the -- -- -- it but he -- -- -- it's almost like -- pony tail because it kind of comes together. Is tied down and and it's counts -- it. Really that's that's that's actually pretty good for considering AV cabinet -- -- angles wires but it's nowhere close this tidy view are probably are cleanest email. And the six -- -- act V wow and this is this guy. Man you now. This this and this picture is not upside down as it now this is the bottom of somebody's -- and he has talked all the cables up under the desk and even adults like attached as networking equipment up there. That's really impressed it's it's he screwed it up and and literally screwed it up into the desk. -- build everything down -- it works great on everything up. Yes yes I any sense of pictures the top two it's very anti as long as you're not looking up from the floor and -- -- And so this next one is from reefs house thanks Josh. When it is that -- thing. This is the bottom of underneath one of my desks and there is a lot of now my job of course the trying to tech stuff and a lot of it gets cabled and then it quickly goes back -- the cables if forgotten I'm sorry everybody -- equipment at all parts back. Some one of those things is a remote power switch things -- people turn on and off the phone I haven't used that for that function in twenty years since they him. A expansion box now and this is power -- I love -- -- as opposed to power strips now. It's basically. And an -- extension strip except instead of having. Blocks it has little things that go up to the side so you don't a problem with. AC adapters blocking each other right -- -- so that's an embarrassing mess and I really -- -- to want to do the show but actually do have some tips phenomena share anyway. I'm fine it's becoming less of a rom because a lot of lot of companies are just doing a power -- on its own and and having a little connector on each side via an -- Microsoft does that but it comes out a couple of battery charges and their in the in the new thing and battery charges right now is to have no -- but just about -- now on Apple adapters and those really -- pick up a lot of space they really need them on their own separate parts with things right. We can avoid this one -- this next one is mine this is the kind of home project that went for really -- this is the thundered underside of my. Because it's upside down no it's not so he can almost can't tell from -- of the carpet is on the bottom and -- and down a little bit and basically took all the wires and I got these little -- things that would hold it then it locked together and the -- -- does the top. And I bungled everything the problem is that we got you know we trying to move some stuff -- I had unplug everything and -- put everything back together mean. It's so hard because it Indians so let's get into the -- about this the real problem with wire management it is not too difficult to take a whole bunch a wires as our last. Contributor -- did. And make them incredibly neat and tidy and put them out of the way it takes time and their way through that which we'll talk about the real challenge is that. As I tell my wife. The technology in our house is a work in progress in so you're always on wiring thinks things -- got to take -- -- -- -- move things around wanna add equipment. And the problem is if you're really neat -- -- with your -- you have -- give. So you need a way to keep keep to -- organized. And yet make it so that he can still mess with stuff and for me this is my number one tip. This this is a spool. Of velcro cable ties and you combined 46 or seven bucks for 25. And they basically. Oh. They figure for -- -- it filter through its developer for grow up and you pick up one of these things. There it is and that's it sister developer with a hole -- it took an attached to a cable and wrap the cables read write like that that that this is a wire AC adapter that is -- AC -- that is wrapped up the developer Titus -- closet. And never -- and done and it stays nice and tidy news behind your wire cabinets. -- -- stored for everything these things you can find and at office supply stores hardware stores. Unbelievably great -- cable management bargains out there those plastic -- he can find anywhere for like four dollars each forget it. Six -- 25. -- by a bunch that it will not permanent solution right you can take that aren't enough in it yet however these things which are. They use larger versions of this is handcuffs yes and you would not recommend against zip ties are the worst now as it has a different totally permanent -- -- it -- Yeah you get -- you in -- moment you're gonna put my power cable and handcuffs right now. So. Mean these are great though -- it. China -- really strong trying to uncut them from something is is really -- wires need to -- into the sound. And all processors and other sound idea. Is you backwards in owns the cheap one for -- up there with me. -- -- Finally he that'll via the I mean we can't give a radio -- here -- that's not. Used. Yet come out with us hippie. It look at -- done yet and if you try to cut it cut it -- because the cable yet does it has bet they'll Kroger. Are right now -- another thing for cables on your desk. There are these that there are two ways to organize cables running off your desk a lot of work that's -- -- -- the middle that's ridiculous because you don't yet to unplug things went through the middle -- whats -- -- can snap into. I find -- on these little things they're called get a better color -- the -- the call cable drops. -- -- seven but experts expect I got -- -- eBay for three dollars but I think I got knockoffs that the these have been worked basically very little plastic -- snappy things. They just -- -- into and they've got if -- of on the bottom so they stick on the on the bottom -- the top of a desk as long the -- -- -- you're in good shape. Mine didn't write the documents mornings and where is this yet and -- underneath the table -- rip the feasible now your tip which was brilliant. Was this. Idea. This is a tried and true method if you're an office -- -- have access to many of these these are just simple binder clips. And -- to do is squeeze them. And as part comes off and where that wired yeah. And it permanently yet isn't this -- -- wires going to be in math -- and of the circle that the demo gods the menu. You put it around -- big -- -- otherwise it. You strap it back and and this thing gets attached to maybe the corner of your desk sedan. The cable can never drop on nights that's cheap ghetto that's -- local record that your -- looks really bad -- if it's adopted from Korea announced an easy fix. And if you're -- if you're running cables over floors you know those things you see in in business is all the time as a little cable routing strips they're really basically. Ugly grey plastic things the route cables under you can get the -- home to begin a black and tan and brown stuff I have some of my living room. I've try to run them under carpets because running cable under carpet is not a good idea it gets a -- -- And also -- braids but you run these things under carpets they're -- they're pretty cheap you can -- what they carpet knife. The right length. And they do make it easier to manager cable when your running across room have had have for a couple years at my place in the the hard part is making sure that. You don't trip over it and telling people -- eventually you can learn to step over that again we can don't have a carpet can glue them down or take them down. -- and but then we hate you Louis but they can't get the cables out yet so. Now let's keep going when others are some good things. Oh -- for routing clip cables on walls 3M makes a nice little product its called. But -- -- call the cable. Cable three and command court clips and their high strength adhesive and they stick onto a wall. And they come you -- -- cables and such -- -- -- -- export something like that. I I'm always nervous about putting it -- -- paint I would prefer actually to nail in little cable retainer -- -- -- you can also get pretty cheap hardware store. But these are handy -- you don't have to mail you do have to let them dry as I've discovered from experience you put them on the wall and then you don't touch on for 24 hours. Then you put became -- and otherwise local cable that's polar layered little cheap probably fell off it and Medicare might must have been. Com. What else there's no -- it's the crown molding things is great for awhile yet musical -- tracks and what -- -- -- Is it's just basic crown molding but it has a kind of alcove in the top where you can kind of get cables in their but the great thing about it. Is that you can remove them so it's not permanent now Acre drilling in the crown molding. Over whatever you have you can actually kind of slant them through this channel with a picture of that installed the -- Bagram now you know the trend line. So it looks like -- so you run the cables at the ceiling level than yes which is good for going room to room -- any got to drop them down to where you -- Right and -- silly idea they also make a version for exports for the -- -- legal -- kind of comes out like a little. You know. Now just you you rent right but he -- so. These options really would now work -- dot I think that this would work for renters because if you if you if you put up. Basically crown molding with a little secret special sauce behind it and then you move out and it still looks like crown -- chances are your land alert will never notice. It's like that I don't remember and put it -- and I haven't put I don't remember putting a crown -- man that looks pretty nice you know and they -- that -- -- yet. Just match the -- ran into. Anyway I like that idea because it's not permanent. What else would -- talk about here for get into what to avoid. Anything else -- twist -- has always been in a pinch from you know you -- of the big garbage bags and or bread or whatever in a pinch but not that. Mean. And a pain in the neck and milky cables aren't aware of milky cable that can and there are mostly -- group. Well yeah you can and work from around your stuff like you can almost just rapid area of speaking of which you've something that you don't like -- around it -- it shows that. This is also kind of a milky cable you see these everywhere and it's split its YouTube -- apart. And it's really easy to get the wires in their first yeah and you know especially -- -- run right through and the problem is that as you get them and it's constantly opening up a little bit -- -- tragedy to -- -- -- new to fit in bounce back now I tried that and it did not work for me. And so we don't like Google cable to things because now you've got it because. I mean I guess from. If all the cables went from one point to another point may be okay. But they never do right there you need some come out here are some coming out there -- some coming out there and that just the whole thing falls apart elements landed you at my house that like a section this large one pardon and it's split off candidate you know the other two parts and it's not. -- that's it is our right -- things to avoid when you're trying to keep your cable tidy. Number one we talked about zip ties -- cable ties they're just way too permanent. Number two. -- You'd think August gonna masking tape productive these tables together now then you'll never get the sticky residue off. Mr. even with property if they navigated in a short term and he says something like the end of Peter's paper the median level of these if you know to be to be fair on the future earlier -- staffers -- -- there which is like you know guerrilla -- it's a little bit stronger than duct tape that. But I was -- to make should contact -- held -- that your. And we'll be right back after this quick -- The other thing to avoid and I've discovered this from unfortunate experiences rubber bands. You type much -- with rubber bands you drop them behind your desk they get hot come back three years later and you've got a corroded mass of sticky disgusting Revver and they're not all of the cables anymore they just -- on -- and and -- -- that on the table forever -- and your floors possibly so too that. It there's a whole bunch or really interest in we started dig into this there all these cool things I Kia has a bunch of products a little over priced in for a key it'll. Cable -- -- mr. underneath the desk and things like that. And there's a site which I just I can't wait to get into more of cable organizer dot com. All they sell -- things to organize cable I mean. Basically I recommend that you just -- bye -- to those -- ties and some export but for most uses and but if you -- really want all the options -- cable organizer dot com. -- -- that it challenges in the sand -- mean when you start out -- -- jobs retirements earlier. You know you said it was very there lucky for you parents and we even start with something like Sony's next -- oh here's what I do -- I seriously do this like once a year sometimes twice here depending on how messed -- my life is. I go behind my stereo cabinet or my computer. And I take all the cables out I don't even label I just written -- out. And then I'm left basically with that they pile. In the middle of my floor of cables and then I go back and methodically put all the cables in and figure out what goes where. And I did power first because I want power on the floor and into the network and then all the -- -- I find it very relaxing and I know my equipment better. And generally when I'm done. Most of the time. Most of the time everything still works. And I've got a pile of cables that I'm not using still on the floor and a clean everything up and I feel so much better. And and -- if you recommend ways getting cables that are just long for things. Yes -- going back in making sure that you don't have something that's maybe fifty -- two months DIA if you've got three feet between your TV -- -- receivers get a four foot cable don't get a six foot cable because all that extra have to go somewhere and actually it's pulling cable up in circles is not that for the signal rent to get the shortest possible cable -- -- enough room to move stuff around at the plug and unplug. But palm's long -- is not that it's a waste of money and clutter. Another tip we got from the from the live -- right now from. AK terror 56 is -- wire tape and this is actually releasing product this is the super thin. Cable that you can kind of build in your wall or even -- over -- one from. But it's it's the same -- -- -- almost any signal. You just lay of the tape down and -- the connectors you put on each side can do various things that a little do it ethernet or HDMI here PGA whatever it is you just get the connectors. Or are we spent a lot of time on cable I recommend the people check out cable organizer become -- -- that also check on Lifehacker that -- a lot of -- tips on how to manage your cable's. We're gonna go to the phones now that we've got some email on actual cable question so our first. Call is from Nathan. Pick it up. -- -- -- your -- -- -- how can we help you. I am I have an HT CO's which is a Windows Mobile six point five device. You know -- it. Pre -- tethering without paying Verizon any additional. Money. Or -- possible for free program also -- where computer our -- it would do -- Free tethering -- not familiar with and without this device works in terms of Verizon's billing can you get tethering -- right now if you had to pay Verizon you're just trying to get tethering without actually paying them. Yeah that there's a program -- now I'm not sure I'm the specific stated. And has a program on called modem language I don't know its its you know through partner. Right. Most carriers will actually charge for this feature. I'm not sure if this is included for free but Verizon isn't so good on this kind of stuff the whole thing. Are you are you US this is a year old Windows 7 a windows phone right. -- I've I've highlighted. You're three -- actually it ultimately few that is. Good for people are visually impaired title or. Noisy I mean -- me. So according to UH TC's site and Verizon you can uses -- -- by using the the easy access manager software enabling modem linked. -- and you can do that through. Through US year -- -- -- cool you just have to verify your town has the appropriate featuring for tethering -- probably have to call Verizon pay for that's another word. -- -- Freeware around for parties in different program -- Now -- their party heard him and I don't know I really. -- out the date of plans further sparked an Internet. One -- per -- up. Right I'm not sure if they make an app called -- a net. PDAs and I've heard a -- -- fractured that. -- that avoid the charges but on -- -- yeah. So it's no way that works and -- I'm just looking at now it's available for Windows Mobile. They have a version they can do that. And it basically uses a different kind of protocol that still lets you tether. And it goes through a different data channel what you get that dated so it's it's not. It's on the can download and buying I believe when we checked the price on this it's 34 dollars of that might be cheaper than its and I actually would be to if Verizon but you can. There's another one I looked up I forget what it was there on Twitter and every Leo it could be -- except believes. They have -- free and it paid options for this program. It's turned into a watch -- others are. I turned its back it's great -- and other charges or not. Well it's any -- -- third party very and it's not this Verizon app it's probably. Something that works around yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Possibility that it it's not it's just Herb Greenberg it is. Yeah and dozens or watch site's header would give it the capability but it remains billion Verizon's. Yeah we're gonna have to move on but if you find that after a purpose -- let us what it lets noted Islamic look comic and that's pretty curious meantime try justice suggestions and good luck with that and -- let us -- -- -- -- -- Okay we got a question on -- here it is and if they want from a Casey who said his system is as follows he has a fifty suit two inch Samsung HDTV and check this out an Xbox-360. -- PS3. At DirecTV DVR HR sorry via DirecTV DVR and Apple TV and a Samsung. Five -- home theater system in question is. That my problem is the Samsung five this computer system only has one optical audio input. But I want to have individual optical outs from my Xbox PS3 direct the TV DVR and Apple TV. I know my TV has an optical out but I read the manual that if everything a Ph.D. my head and output and optical cable to my -- home theater. It is only output with two point one and not five point one surround sound. Am I missing something here -- should Home Theater Systems come with at least three to five optical audio inputs. After researching the only logical solution like the fine with the by command selector with remote and digital optical three and one out. What are seen at the rescue thoughts. So he doesn't have enough digital optical digital optical audio inputs on his home theater system and I believe this is -- HT ideal home theater in a box. They are not set up to be command centers. Way we all want -- -- designed to work specifically with the components that come with them yet and maybe a little bit extra eight at DVR -- what they're so I we will this is -- danger of buying anything that's that's a closed system it if you actually want to really get receiver via Google bought one and it'll add these templates right one but there is a way to add more inputs right but there's a kind of a limit on what -- can do so one thing that he mentioned. -- you're she immature Casey and underwent yeah is the is a three. In one optical splinter basically mean and -- can take three connections and spit it out through one. The other options to get a toss -- splatter in this interior and one. Optical connection and to nice it's my announce the I promise that. Whenever some devices which -- slot is in the one or two -- can completely overrides whatever sounds coming from the other. -- -- -- have it hooked -- to PS3 and Xbox-360. The PS3 sound will always go on for an Xbox 360s so for some reason Xbox the PS threes on downloading something I don't get any sound from the Xbox. It's -- you can unplug so it bother right yeah. Now one other thing keep in mind everyone is that if you have a digital system even digital signals coming in or out of your devices. You might be tempted to think that if you've got an optical cable or an optical Jack and a coax Jack. That optical somehow better a lot of people think this -- -- optical what's cooler and that the digital coax you can use -- speaker cables for. Digital coax and digital optical are the same data. So if you have one optical input and one collects input into two devices and they both can -- either. Your -- -- coax. Digital collects is just as good as digital optical for audio signals. Cindy may -- I -- if you get into some the higher -- cables like the 131 point three and above. You get this you know this huge channel for audio to go through and you can be completely and compressed audio. If you ever could receive it it's an HDMI receiver that does you know -- my HU might H behind whatever comes with like seven slots then you -- to -- worry about optical or coax connections via -- -- -- receiver I guess that's. -- for tips are yes. Yeah I mean age kids are really nice I mean they're they're convenient they're easy to set up but a real digital. A real AV receiver will have like. Three Digital's and four -- three -- schools and several. Collects vigils and you can do almost anything with them and they -- cost more money. There is spent you know the benefit of going outside that closed system is that you can replace one competitor time -- -- reading work which doesn't always Apple. These home theater box gets we got time for a couple questions that came in on email. -- they should -- says he's switching from. Eighty from an iPhone to an Android and how wants to know how to move want people who do that these days -- -- -- even though iPhone users are satisfied -- just learned this morning about sellout. Android is definitely -- -- so the question is how do I move my iTunes purchases listen to and aggregate podcast. And is it a good experience moving from an iPhone and Android Josh you've done this and and -- the other way. That's your you know I go backing and it's it's not a prom. As far as iTunes purchases goes that just doesn't happen. Have to be within Apple supported program -- device. Actually play those things and that's you know that the danger of buying something with the Iran and have to go through that particular system and now. If you have other computer or other content any computer that's you know -- -- Iran like music TDs whatever or TV shows. You can just use something like double twist which is its third party app that lets you use your iTunes library all your playlist all your play counts all that stuff. -- -- transfer it over. And it can act as a syncing program so when you plug in your phone and ask you what you wanna do what you wanna put on your phone you -- the drag and drop any entered the deal with any kind of non software interface. So as far as whether it's a better experience that and that's objective there there are lot of good media apps for playing stuff. Especially an Android -- make it you know easier to view content. Hmm. So not so bad no -- -- -- that bad I mean that but again you know all your music Cuba iTunes and it's in as the -- around you know you're stuck in that system -- the danger. Lifting -- moving off of it. -- for them to buy and down in the future debt in the chat room AKA -- 56 what a screen name. Ask the difference what is the difference between a five dollar HDMI cable and a 120 dollar one -- -- obvious answers -- 115 dollars. I've read some studies on this and basically for three or four foot cables. That is pretty much the only difference. At the low end you will not see much difference between the between cables you know -- over -- monster cables are simply not worth it. If you go -- price which we love and you get and you wanna buy H -- cables by two or three because you know one might not work. When you go to long cables as where you have the problem. Aware and it a more expensive cable actually makes a difference but. The study I saw -- of short cables where they could measure. Difference and of low priced cables versus Cyprus evils they couldn't actually observe any difference in signal on the TVs themselves. So take -- ports where there is a difference but you probably won't see it especially -- short cables. Anyway moving on got time for only one or two more. Colette Khalil said I think that's right I love it enjoy it more effort questions but always wanted to one device with both the good physical keyboard. And I prefer small vertical a lot of large horizontal. Or nationally business emails and a touch screen for great browsing. It seems the new torch fits the bill that's the Blackberry device which of course is -- leopard on an Android. And as my upgrade has come up thinking of switching. The -- the campus have all backed away he he legend which I'll be keeping for a while. Please let me know -- love or hate -- operating system. And keeping -- -- use Gmail Google calendar. And is that going to be okay. Black -- Blackberry is a pretty big jump that is. If you like Android. I would deal what you got. And you want the keyboard the way you wanna check at the Motorola charm about the only device we can find it is set up kind of in that orientation -- the small keyboard although it has the -- Landscape -- screens very unusual device. Com. Josh any any -- and -- Yeah I mean what they -- reminders that the OS six is very nearly I mean this is the first device is actually gonna ship that. To consumers so there could be a bunch of bugs you know maybe they'll get fixed. But -- -- -- keep in mind you know if you're going through very kind of slowly maturing operating system like Android which is now on to two which is in a very stable and pretty user friendly. Not going to something kind of new like that's -- be. I -- know it might be -- especially you expect to get all the same applications there as far as you look for Gmail though it's you know it's a great device for email. You get a Gmail app and you can integrate your -- -- -- does push. It just to -- all that stuff is there no I'm not sure about using Google docs on it but. -- and it was great but I you know I'd say wait for there the CNET review to make up your mine up and and wait to see if there's any early -- with. Point six -- -- -- another cable question here this is -- of interest and says that the question but HDTV and compatibility with various countries broadcast systems. Or -- is. Moving it Sampson theories seven LCD TV which has US picks speaks specs sorry. In -- Singapore. Which is how and we of course -- and pfc we have different broadcast standards -- -- -- -- and dvd regions the end it's so easy the voltage issues that voltage is not a problem apparently with this device but the general question is. Those HDMI have any -- he's on pallor and it's the differences. I heard about new mpeg four broadcast systems or something is that helpful for me -- thought my broadcast compatibility problem. I like my TV I don't want to sell it if it's going to work with an HD set top box. Interest in question now. -- well its simplest option here is -- just -- a and TFC to power converter box these can be had for about 200 bucks. Then in a pretty great they they are at the point -- -- HD. 1080. DVR -- in Singapore that has HDMI out yet. There's no worry I mean HDMI is not region specific right so the HDMI inputs to the TV will work regardless of what the device that the H you might connect to the other end is hooked up to write it I mean -- Dates you my cable is just the carriers -- it's gonna be bringing that the pal signal out through that cable and that's gonna have to go through a converter it is yes and then from the converter it'll spin and TFC signal. The easiest option here is just by a pal television -- -- there. It's probably save some money you're you know it's like to be that expensive by television. And and -- -- -- -- -- since it's pretty recent model but he does -- point you may go aren't cool. Let's take. And -- retirement what the -- let's -- one more here. A non networking non cable question last one here. Photos are encryption what do you say -- Through encryption encryption arts equipment. Ralph rights security question which I believe and encryption question I have my MacBook Pro pro password protected but I feel vulnerable. In the event -- my machine fell into the hands of a determined hacker. The same question from an iMac or my external hard drive is there a way to protect my data in the event the machine. -- -- machines is stolen. In the -- that is very straightforward TrueCrypt. This is a great product I've been using TrueCrypt. On my windows machines. And basically it I have a hard drive formatted. In. A whole volume format and TrueCrypt and it's basically hidden until light on -- unlock it with my password and that's highly encrypted and there's a version of -- TrueCrypt for OS-X. And yes -- yet on download.com and you can either encrypt single files you can encrypt -- volumes. Or entire hard drives if you want to and I just -- TrueCrypt you can even hide the TrueCrypt volumes so the people who don't see them until they know exactly. Exactly how to get them and is -- software. TrueCrypt -- not pay for it it's free and worth every penny evidence them I wish I -- pay -- -- so good. So another free option built in OS-X is file -- this is built in to the OS-X. Preferences pane and -- it works grade -- promises if you lose your password because there's no later cover it. I'm you can finance settings security file vault and but unlike your solution you have to do the whole thing it's it's you know with everything on it -- -- encrypted. The whole -- if -- we would like to thank our sponsor for the show Blackberry messenger you can send us your tech questions the -- it to the rescue from your Blackberry use the pin code 2482. Echo Bravo 89 again put the show notes. 2482. Echo -- that's EB 89 the Blackberry question that we got -- this week is. I'm a college student from Chicago -- to buy new laptop you have any suggestions for a good laptop under 1000 dollars. -- -- did -- research will likely CNET does this rate. Cnet's highest rated sub 1000 dollar laptops -- the Gateway and V 7915. You which runs 600 dollars. -- Toshiba satellite two 205. X 1905. Bundle which runs a thousand bucks and -- Toshiba portage 705 dash. Well our and that rent 800 dollars there's also Apple's MacBook which can be had for just under a grand and you can -- get a full rundown of these and other laptops on cnet's laptop. Laptop reviews page which would -- in the show notes. Anyway thanks off or tuning into this edition of scene at the rest you'll back in time next week with some other great topic that -- take as much time -- cabling I had no idea we're gonna get that deep into wires we discover wrapped up. And on that note. Thank you Josh thanks code for producing. Send us your tech questions that rescue at cnet.com. -- show notes and all the links we talked about it cnet.com slash rescue. Follow me on Twitter I'm at rate and Josh is at -- we'll see you next time bye everyone.
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