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CNET to the Rescue Ep.11: No matter where you go...: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue Ep.11: No matter where you go...

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Rafe and Josh discuss the best mobile apps for finding stuff to do and things to eat near where you are. Also, your questions, answered, including our tips for painting your laptop BMW red.

Hi everyone welcome to -- it to the rescue. I -- humans have -- and I'm just -- and also Tedisco also yet imagine that we are doing the podcast where we try to answer your tech questions -- -- you. Use the technology you have better. If at all. And today we're going to be and -- taking your questions -- call us at 1888900. To 638 if you happen to be watching this live which is noon Pacific time on Wednesday. 888900. CNE -- again is the number. We will get your questions and the second. The first and wanna do though is talk about our topic of the day the week which is geo location that -- to help you find stuff. When -- out about these are mobile and obviously. And I think the obvious one to start with is Leo yes I freaking love this that. I have issues with Yelp I always have. Make no bones about that. But if -- in a strange city and you wanna know where there's the Chinese restaurant. This is the app and it runs on the iPhone fine and there's it's a little feature called monocle which if you have an augmented reality view. Pointless. But this other than that though the app is great it'll it'll find you nearby restaurants. Show you what other people think. Mostly reliably. And then directed to -- most useful thing for me actually I use Yelp or any other -- like -- -- dated a -- what's actually open figured -- weak and you know there might be disclosed on Sunday. Sure enough you -- that that's as important -- something nearby as these it. IDs from it I'm although I on the forget I was down in Los Angeles gains in food and we want to its restaurant and -- -- in just like you know it's so we own letter on bulletin or or use the left. And we left the Catholic man an -- Another logo really helicopters of the on going from -- Yeah. Well that's a big issue with Yelp is the reliability of those reviews and if you see a -- a negative ones and that can be bad for business but likewise you -- bunch of over the top positive ones. You know. This is that that this is the challenge that Yelp has is fighting that perception reviews -- 100% reliable I found it to be. Reliable enough and I've done similar things you were like the three restaurants on the same block and you paste -- -- in Philly and it by the way we're talking mostly about iPhone apps right now we will get at the Android apps right after this but it's it'd be -- -- -- cross platform most yet actually soon you know Yeltsin -- -- monocle. Maybe -- month ago ourselves you know. And payment. Now Zagat -- -- that got. Also -- as a similar type of that which is basically a location based restaurant review -- except. Two things personal uses the the Zagat. Community which is not nearly as open yet as Yelp. -- fifteen box. It is -- -- -- but you know tonight at union that's big version you can catch locally it's too early examining those neighborhood you can download. Some of those reviews offline which is a cool thing you know -- of the -- version. Thing I like about is that it when you're in that sort of monocle view which they -- And actually the cover radar map of where the restaurants are -- -- very played you know first person shooters and they're like you know seen aliens in a little like motion tracker -- you can just come walking aimlessly and the dots closer. Tenants has kind of fun actually fifteen bucks fifteen yeah fear this -- -- and yes that's our views for free it's it's kind of art itself. And if you do want to get into restaurant though. My favorite -- pretty much my favorite web service of all time. Is open table I covered them I think before they launched in 98 or 99 and I've been -- user percents and they have a a mobile aware app so if here. Sitting you know. Somewhere waiting for -- -- you can see what restaurants are nearby and and book right away. It's still boggles my mind when there's you know modern nearest Johnson at some sort of very fancy website and they don't actually use open table and then you have to call them and you have to hope that someone's there and if you are gonna really busy restaurant you know it's. It's hard for -- that stop everything you're doing an answer the phone and run over the reservation -- and do it even. So it's really asset you know at least an iPhone and Android app you can just pick out the times -- on your phone. Yet now open -- and -- are are doing a collaboration of some sort. Where he sees that we we wrote about this recently where if you see something on Yelp that you like you'll be able to link directly and open -- reserve smart or can just walk in the -- like -- Which works just as well all my favorite thing to do actually restaurants -- it's completely -- -- if there's a long line yeah and if you take that orders yet call on you on your order yeah and ask where you are you you sound a couple minutes. -- and then you want to pick up table after getting on the long line way to get your food and -- -- you food you know earlier than you could -- even ordered but then you have to go -- somewhere else. When if you're planning to take anyway Allianz. Smart -- These Yelp Zagat open table are all they're all really good apps. But they're kind of in a way old school at the new newness. Is the the location reporting -- foursquare. Koala Lou this is less about discovery and more about telling people where you -- and seeing where other people war. So it's -- next step. Right but the thing about foursquare thumb is if you go check in at a place a year at such and such restaurant you -- that you know yanks Chinese or whatever. You can -- tips there and so when people next time go by vacancy. What -- you know what you like you know get the you know -- -- -- great stay away from the red snapper yet. If the -- But there there's also these are becoming fuel engines is not true. Death so I I got for experiment of course were actually how that happened I was in somewhere and I checked and it's that hey there's a side deal. And go to -- complacent -- that -- just checked in there and give you free -- So I did it and EF -- And -- both on it's because of fruits or something it's that popular chain. And it's -- so they did you ever done people watching behind the counter when you check in basically they know what the deal is they -- told you know we have -- -- running with -- -- and you basically just. Walk over -- -- had just checked in and they give you frees you and there's a couple of places are eaten it you know free appetizers -- there's some sort of deal but. It's basically marketed. Where if you're near somewhere and you know it's an out of business trying to get in on you being nearby right. That's smart that's like location based advertising that actually gives -- what you want it's just bugging. And and you know I'd hate it kind of works it's like you know it's just a free appetizer for them which might you know cost them -- dollar again. Now it's it's an opportunity actually -- in the -- and spend more money. Now we got a a question via Twitter left the father asks do you have to use your real name -- foursquare is there way to just go by username. Style pseudonym for privacy which is an -- -- question when it comes to the social -- like foursquare. And the answer is you do not have to use your real name by any stretch of -- terms of service say. You can't use somebody else's name you can't -- -- vulgar name it etc. And you have to provide your contact information but your username can be whatever you want. The challenge. With that is that then your friends won't be able find -- unless they already know your username and you can't then link -- the FaceBook as faithful as real time -- Thea bit and Centanni tiller respect anonymity -- recently retired until the day we have you know couple hundred -- request from people we. You know we -- -- Twitter somewhere else but we don't leeway chair where we are all the time wouldn't and is actually I mean. Personal story here from foursquare is -- can have you know -- mean but at one point. I was out I told front I couldn't hang out with them because that was -- that part of town I checked into some breakfast place like and New Year's announce any. You're busted. Yeah and to what he had his phones that he was like you know send me an update every time on my friends checks and so you texting back so I came site check -- At this place in you can hang out so that's why it's not using. That. Yeah I Forster and -- -- for that reason and I I only use it when I'm checking into and it -- to like. Places that I want people an ongoing like I'm twittering about something cool like that which have a space museum -- things aren't cool but just. Walking around efforts via now lets you know I got I got -- And it actually there was that thing remember please I need dot com or whatever -- that we take between air force where -- -- its day and year. And and you know linked it to where they're they're actual house located. Yeah I mean that's that's -- yes. All the more reason to use pseudonym and tell your friends in person and they'll be like to keep -- Hewlett rent. It's not all about food. If you want to get stuff that's nearby. One of my favorite -- such -- -- about the force called red laser. It's a scanner -- And there are many like it you see a product you like the bulk. On a bookshelf that -- in and you use Apple with your phone and it. -- you what the -- there is that the UPC code that tell you what the book is and how much it is. And where you can buy it nearby may be for -- or online or in what red laser does. Finds and local libraries. And I suspect you wanna read this book oh the library two blocks away at that for free. -- -- must hate this but I think it's cool. There's is another option is to the next generation of this. And -- -- -- I think it but Google goggles you can use and it departments of books CDs dvds but -- it -- actual locations. If you're in a foreign city in the assembly and mark it you're like me that this here's our and they needed to just take picture of it. It figures it out if you're foreign cities probably announcers are but I get your meaning yes so vocal doubles as Android only his -- it is -- they were talking about -- iPhone while ago and -- that that the cool thing Tuesday also Google acquired a political point. Back in April and this is a completed specifically dealt an artwork and sincere and -- museum and you wanna find out you know. -- that he's the parties -- who did it and just take picture it. On that -- you know that that that brings up kind of the the concept of augmented reality we talked about monocle briefly and Yelp yes and my local it has and I'm like the -- thing doesn't that puts a little Packard on top of what your cameras looking. Somewhat inaccurately that I was using you know yesterday if you are you on August -- where software like ninety degrees and as -- on the -- right -- -- -- fifteen degrees. Is there are other apps that do this -- our -- L a YAR. It's kind of the the marquee. Augmented reality think -- even bringing all these different layers. Bars. Panorama -- photos Twitter posts and stuff like that. Which is kinda fun but I don't think we're here they -- yet on these these ARS the augmented reality apps and that's something temporary form factor for that is not necessarily like your phone. Unity -- the actually look around here and see things in electronic contact Clinton. Also check out across the air which is similar to lay our another -- concept there. Want to mention briefly a couple of useful local. Travel apps. If you wanna get around town and this is granted I'm in San Francisco -- San Francisco apps than they may work in other cities as well. Route C uses next but stayed -- to tell you when your -- is going to show up. Very useful -- getting more accurate all the time if your -- is gonna be late use taxi metric. And in San Francisco on some other cities there their taxi companies that are on the service you don't have to talk to a dispatcher. You know from. -- can't understand unit through -- you just. Say I'm here -- any attacks now and it'll show you. Where -- taxi is run by because all the -- GPS located leaking campaign which is so cool. And finally if you don't wanna take a taxi and -- you want to rent your own car. Sign up for the car and you can actually find where your closest available rental cars are in town and you walk there and unlock the car. On your iPhone. And just get in and drive away. That's one they can she started -- and you don't edict to keep opera would with a heat they locked the keys inside the car so you unlock the door with your app. Or your your pass card and then you get in and drive away teachers love the car. That reminds me or some -- -- look at the service renowned as a demo and use these when their Swedish guys there were camping that would work with your -- GPS system. It was basically ride sharing so if you said and you ride you can check in on -- -- -- -- and so with the GPS usually gets -- to pick you up and yes they'd pay. The service would pay you -- like -- -- -- service and service and give you money for gas and mileage. A -- I've I've written about apps like that for the last couple years and I haven't seen any really pick up because in places like you know San Francisco the paper the casual -- work so well. And there is a high scare factor there if I'm Nina in in your in the company's word you know car sharing -- sharing -- people is very normal one part of society. It works for somewhere like this and especially if you need is certain critical mass of people have -- effort to work. And not everyone has a GPS this minute ours not everyone -- -- GPS systems is gonna wanna do this though exactly. The of them and Google just launched this new thing Google -- what's that about. -- -- I'd use group it's before it's cool -- mean they're kind of taking over. You know -- here if they they put of these little Packard's on the front of science -- an Android on an on again -- -- market it's. I checked and -- -- use those sorts nation. That's very cool. Pan and beyond that means -- -- who maps you like it better than you know. I -- will it it brings -- those and -- -- -- -- from other places like city search and that aggregating as usual yes I remember if you're listening to us live we have a tech question forest of answering 1888. 900 to 6381888900. CNET. Let's do one more little mobile -- here and then move on. -- Also. If you want to buy stuff I recommend this is not a mobile app or sabretech a -- -- tell you where the product you want is nearby U. With the Sutherland -- experiences that serves the Adobe air -- take -- -- a few months back of it is basically -- the office it's it's the jump to conclusions mat. Decision engines -- you tell it. Where you are -- While we're like what you money -- and when you want to do it and it comes up with local results than and you can then filter -- by neighborhood so you never report. Basically cool. Okay and we'll be right back after -- from our sponsor. Last week we talked about this app called place track which let's use geo locate other people -- which is basically what this you know what's more important people. Place track is still not available maps store. But there is it's another app that just came out called family -- that is available -- -- not free. And basically if you've got a family and everybody has an iPhone you can tell where your family members are or whoever you want to put in your network. Is it like the other things -- you have to. Every time each -- they have to say okay you can look me up. No it it it. It has permissions I believe. So that it can auto report back yet you know -- easier attitudes went on iphones yes. You just Getty in mobile me subscription through Apple yet everybody on that account and then you use the find my iPhone features -- people aren't and the messages. Also cheaper events and in text messages because you can -- the local supplement yeah I found and -- message but I don't think it's -- permission view. Like your phone -- -- You obviously wouldn't wanna give -- a teenager so eventually this app. That service could come from Apple although they would have to -- the program that and it too big deal the privacy implications of the nice thing here is that it's actually built the ailments and it's always running back -- -- the -- about them and humans don't application which is really nice. Okay. We have some interest in questions the came to us via email. Oh you know what before we -- question -- do grotesque as Josh you brought in like a whole load of stuff here don't briefly. It is this week's show isn't full enough crap this is more toy day here -- what you got -- -- start out with we have these these wonderful. -- off. You really bought those within here I'll put it. And USB port. Land -- So these are. These are officially -- branded. I don't know what phone what is -- the siren it's on its -- war emergency lights yet -- actually paid your own money for the well here's the thing yeah okay -- -- has theory occasional bag of Kraft thing where you can get bunch -- -- -- from the warehouse. You don't know again it. So the deal with this is that you'd order these for three dollars and and if your order number and -- With the last digit gains seem last digit of the Dow Jones Industrial Average for that day it was and he crap -- I roll the -- in Portland discuss these. And what's your official user review of the utility of those lovely warning lights -- -- I don't. I mean if there are three I do -- this which was. On the -- though because you to turn them off here and you put them -- on -- -- -- -- actually turn the switches -- the like well let's -- on what. -- -- -- actually get serious from -- Well about those and that Syria and now for something actually useful yes. So this is the field Timbuktu should be painting mine the second product we've from Malaysia I like the products one of their back for like ten years the author of the evil evil article -- -- Delores chiller and this is this may look like a standard messenger bag but no. -- -- feasible. So on the inside this is actually cooler. You can geek and I mean it's not like powered by anything but it's water tight as you -- parent if you are so it's got this cooler compartment. As well as they built in bottle obsolete -- -- into the park in premier bearden. Or what have you intricate companies this last week and it worked. Really really well actually and but who knows our audience -- -- they send this giant cooler in my trunk and you know when you're not using a big cooler it stays there aren't that useful thing pouches or you bought that. -- -- it and failed and and that's actually looks pretty -- it you -- can look ridiculous though. Evil evil but I will I just have one quick protest here the -- I Apple's magic track that came out and I don't. -- by it. But when it came out that this morning they got there is a new -- -- -- -- basically to support it. And I installed -- -- update -- -- And it added inertia to scrolling on the MacBook which is actually really nice on the -- be just gonna -- two finger down and it. Squirrels and kind of slows just like on the I I really like it because it replaces the page up -- page elements which -- laptop you don't have. Yet you function upper function down keys or whatever -- with -- you just put your finger up or down really fast it gets used -- page. So even if you don't have the track -- if you're an Apple user. You don't have the magic -- that do the track -- softer update because it does make the track -- on your MacBook work better. Let's go to -- up call we have from us. Steve I mean it. That -- Stephen your -- with us. Are there. Any I -- here you do -- nice connection how we help you. Yes I've got two questions of I was on a -- little while it idealism more focused towards of the mobile. And my question here is all of the aspects of the Android phone verses the iPhone. And what's the better deal I gotta get -- phones for my whole family basically. And because Verizon's pointing out cable wise with all -- bubbles with wireless and so what you're in the state of Washington. So what would you recommend. Between the iPhone and the Android as that you know the best deal for bandwidth accepting. I -- come on why full article for myself but. -- for the family you know not everybody can afford -- available. And so what we recommend. -- cost question. Well. Well again in the service questions like -- I wanted to use Skype. On the devices to -- -- have a data connection that's another question I have for you. Is is you can get a better deal by using a data connection and Skype and you can by using the size of the costs of those well. Well if you can get a data connection then of course you won't use up any minutes and using Skype for voice calling will not bust any band with caps you have if you're worried about data and voice calls are pretty low band. So you can go with the standard on the iPhone side that -- two gigabyte cap. And that'll be fine and it will save you money you -- congress that data for other stuff. So. That is a way to save money. The I find that the the iPhone overall I mean it's an expensive phone but the data plans are not out of line. That's what's what's your take iPhone agreement. There and young people funds are great the key thing that's nice about the iPhone is if you gonna share iTunes account amongst that family. And the same one between the phones he can actually share applications that you -- only -- by -- paid app wants and and use them on multiple places just Billy -- while. -- -- -- You can actually do that with via a Google phone because each. I actually can but you you each have to share -- -- Gmail accounts which means they can see your email and stuff which you don't have to do with the idea. That isn't great tip just it is great at same -- with music Cuba and you can authorize multiple devices to do that from. But I believe there are some cost savings may be on other carriers like deal -- spring and I believe that and we -- data. -- shared acting on eighteenth you actually the page that one year fifteen dollars a retirees per person on the house that can almost be you know give it became my neck and -- almost in underlying every Monday you're just paying for data. Do you believe in the the rumors that Apple might actually be coming to T-Mobile. Stuff the outside dollar for every time there is this a rumor about the iPhone into another network at -- Richman. But for for T-Mobile it does make them what it -- sense I mean. Yeah we've done this in detail on various reports unused but it. You know every every carrier at this point trying to get on the device the iPhone -- -- when one yet. It's just a matter you know who at the infrastructure who's gonna be willing to. And Apple's well so now we -- seeing reports by the way that since you can buy an iPhone unlock in Canada yet. On -- whatever networks are up there and if you bring one of those phones to the US it will automatically attached evil. That's right yeah then does that work with -- -- three G now that's the question I don't know. Anyway we are hoping -- -- start. -- -- -- gonna say gentlemen thank you very much I love the show. Keep up the great work probably -- Great thing physical but. I think -- from email just Wagner writes I bought a netbook about a year ago I have had AVG free on it pretty much since I bought it I also use a free version of malware -- so far have not been infected at all. Is that normal. Is there anything you guys would recommend to keep my computer more secure so. That's your first question is it normal to not to be infected by a virus spyware or malware. Yes it is normal to not be infected -- he got the belt and suspenders thing going on here Republican AVG -- malware by the I guess they haven't popped up a warning because you probably not doing -- computing. So yes it's fine -- in the world is not swarming with viruses just attacking you at all hours so. Relaxed and carry on and you don't need three antivirus I mean I appreciate the question but. It's cool you're not missing anything. Yet they keeping remember is that you know if you're uninstalling software packages from questionable sources are visiting malicious web sites your computing activity should be safe and sound I found when -- to be like kind of it's ME IT manager from English departments. A computer lab. And the biggest problem we have viruses were the ones -- the spread between. -- -- computers -- one computer guy all the rest of get it right. So assuming your meet people in your family -- sharing your network are doing that you're not opening up email attachments without using -- programs -- protect you. -- you're never seen one yet. And by the way for those who don't know I recommend Microsoft security essentials as -- other people chat room here. It's free it's good I mean these other apps are fine AVG free is is it's very good but. Microsoft actually finally got their act -- -- put together a good antivirus -- Now what's the beepers cell rights. I've -- even though the stock eight gigabyte micro SD card it's an Android phone and I'm looking to expand to sixteen or 32 gigs 180 search of the -- to find that there are class 246 card or two or six cards. I believe the difference is speed but I'm not sure does -- work better or worse with a particular class card doesn't matter. It does matter. So that the the ST classes define the read write speed that the card is capable of this doesn't necessarily mean the read write speed of the device you're using -- you might have a really fast hard. In something that's -- read write speeds and you're just there's no point having an extra speed. So. Does become important in creating. -- large files which for the -- means. HDV knows. Any statement megapixel stills that takes. Have perhaps been able to read or write little bits of data to the card won't make -- -- difference. But but you'll notice in nice speed increase when using a photo gallery out for doing video playback or recording. With something like a class six -- -- higher. And go all the way -- that and its its T 46 and ten. Just to keep reminded the price for 32. Gigabyte classics. Micro SD card it's not cheap it's -- 200 bucks. I'm nearly -- shipping couple months ago have been pulled out today with -- -- Q my card until holidays -- -- be a price drop on a higher end cards are maybe just go to sixteen gigabyte classics -- which runs around sixty bucks. So -- the -- memory. That the easiest way to do is just upload your files. I believe that you those ships with an eight gigabyte a class -- cards the rarity -- the classics. Yet is important this is specially each run things like digital cameras we're here in a recording a lot of data. -- you wanna you know view your pictures really quickly so that's the is not just that's the unit that's he doesn't matter speed does matter. So pay a few extra bucks cool. We got a question from. On sir I don't have the name here. Anyway that the writers that I recently got an Android phone -- -- mobile questions that. This being my first Smartphone. I'm very thoroughly enjoyed having peace in my pocket. Of course have gone on and on an app installing blitz and I was looking at all my pretty icons like me into last past and contacts and it couldn't help -- get a little worried that I'm not fully informed. As to how to properly secure my data both from a cloud from the physical laws of strangers. Of course have gesture locked keep out prying eyes those hoping you -- some further education on the risks and how to properly -- with them. They're really really important -- questions this our phones keep basically as we were saying on them both aloud if they with Darren there are best -- they know everything about. Android apps. Are supposed to be sandbox from each other if the developer -- create the app. According to documentation. Then one app can't get the data from the other there are some apps that store data and Apple just had this problem with that Citibank iPhone app. Where scratch data was stored in a generally accessible. In the could be accessed from outside the app itself so you need trustworthy -- You have -- for protection which is good. The apps that you mentioned. Like mean in the contacts -- are you know really high end professional apps I wouldn't worry about those too much. Josh. -- -- Yes there -- things like mint and page -- which can access your bank accounts the able. Their own pin code it's separate from the one on your phone he also have one that it lets you do -- while remote wipe on here. Just to that out seeking completely. But any more importantly if you're concerned about these kinds of things you know you need to make those precautions like -- there's third party software especially -- Android. That lets you track where your phone is and to a remote wipe if he needs and those are smart card. As mobile security shield Tom Nikkei -- data protection and remote light on this last well actually you are archer fund to be -- which we've talked about and other shows. Actually get that kind of but the other stuff. I believe they down okay but the -- -- -- you know it if you really are. -- about security need to take Russians. And assume at some point your phone -- be stolen or lost and then you're gonna be freaking out no matter how much password security you have on it and you're gonna wanna wipe it. Yeah Wembley with standard ones in -- -- iPhone to keep. If -- -- at -- enough time to deathly all the data on your device that's an option on the iPhone and by default does not turned on its -- ten bad passwords interest yes they can turn on a minute and -- little like the phone that's worth. Putting on an -- right now low light on the summit. We have a comment here from -- -- Eden Prairie says not sure we've covered this but I thought I would try. It's called easy tethers -- it's an app that allows you to tether your phone his being and eat and and he though your computer by using USB. It's not fast enough to stream Netflix but I was able to navigate the Internet without hiccups I thought tethering it's gonna built and -- It is. But you have tethering builds on the Nexus One indeed tethering with actually campaigning paying even nineteenth -- T-Mobile. But on the eve though there's actually built in program that's it's done through sprint. But an. -- -- And and goes for some -- mother -- -- everything it's Tutu and above that's for audio. That's that's built in feature -- -- right we're gonna wrap up here we're gonna go to our blackberries that section here we'd like to thank our sponsor Blackberry messenger you can send your tech questions is seen at the rescue from your Blackberry is the pin code 2482. EB 89 again. Contact us and European 2482. Echo bronco there. Echo Bravo 89. Blackberry questions submitted to us over the last week include this 11. Saying. I want to paint my laptop BMW. Cherry red and I found a BMW. Certified collision repair facility who will do it. What do I need to do to properly seal or mask my laptop off should I even do it at all thanks in advance Sebastian. Josh and I have different opinions on on this enterprise I think this is horrible but let me tell you one -- -- Shall gadget paying services like Delaware that do this for you yeah the nominal fee. I mean it's not cheap but you know they are professionals they do a certain selection of laptops and they don't really -- But they do that because those that particular machines for -- -- you easiest for them to do it too big ticket take the machine do it means it doesn't actually -- at the internals. If you're gonna do it bodies up like get the seal up everything or in crack and and and and and key -- to trust some guy who's used to doing this a giant cars going like this yeah I start doing and a little machine like that now I have a somewhat different opinion from you -- I agree with you the you don't. You don't wanna be your body -- first computer. No way. But my local body shop I went in there to get some work on my car and I see this guy's home built PC and it's been spray painted beautifully and eye candy -- that's the -- -- at the bella and but the point is that there are body shop guys out there who are just into painting and have taken the time to experiment on their own equipment. And -- the differences between painting cars and painting computers now the difference is being everything is smaller can't just mask it off and if the fleck of paint gets in not worry that -- on your computer that'll make it so this -- -- come together if you're going to do this what you need to do. Disassembled -- laptop take all the electronics out. Mask off the screw holes mask off the joins where the thing goes the other because I think car paint is a little bit thicker than computer pain and and that will be probably try to put things back together. You gotta take apart don't just mask off the -- I think it's a great enterprise I. Like I said. You wanna see the work first time previous equipment you do not want to be the first but how cool would that -- have a note it cherry red -- or whatever if it matches your beamer. Well yeah. Anyway. We are out of time again if you have questions for us you can send them to rescue at cnet.com. If you wanna see the show notes on this go to cnet.com slash rescue follow me on Twitter I'm Rafe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Blackberry question for us and -- 22482. He be 89 and next time. Oh we discussed cable management you an -- let's do it you -- it usually do cable management dale and we're gonna get we're gonna get wired. How to manage your cables your rat's nest of cables we have secrets you'll want to hear that's next time on that he had the rescue. Josh Thompson -- it's always fun. Oh thanks for producing with you guys on actually.
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