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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue: Advice on rebuilding Windows PCs

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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue: Advice on rebuilding Windows PCs

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Donald Bell joins us today to help advise us on reuilding and rescuing Windows PCs. Also, advice for using Android tablets in a car and keeping podcasts up to date, and more love for refurbs.

I've run up to CNET to the rescue to show which. Today we rescue ourselves. This is a -- -- almost addictive well Donald bell is joining us today. Thanks Donald Kennedy has -- on -- show a lot. Lately I love having you on I feel I feel rescue worthy yet while the thing it's as -- -- instructions -- video we have all new. Equipment. Which means all parts settings from the old computers are not on the new computers which allows me NASA logo to be -- right you know amounts. -- so we had to do a little bit of on the -- set up. And by the way. Totally unrelated to -- to the rescue today just happens to be 25 anniversary of president in the -- speech. Sending -- to the moon. So that NASA -- it is wholly appropriate and that show will be equally ambitious it is indeed it did technological accomplishment -- solved by before this decade is out. We will solve your blue screens that it. Is off my mother 75 birthday at a birthday mom happy very. Anyway so today we're going to answer your tech questions that a lot of windows questions here based on -- we've been talking about in the last. Last -- so that we won the week before that. A couple of quick little road tests and some other stuff about Android and Macs -- stuff if you have a question for us. Send it to rescue at cnet.com. And at no questions to -- -- that we can't clears you up. Now one of things I do wanna say this week in particular there were a lot of emails. With very lengthy and interest being. Wrote tests from you the listeners are on things you're trying whether there Wi-Fi hotspots. I got a great review on playbook. We can't do those here on in -- in audio can't and can't read 600 word review. But I am gonna start putting those things into the show -- -- show notes at cnet.com slash rescue. So I wanna make sure that all that great work -- guys are doing to -- each other. Is reflected on the show com. But it's probably gonna have to be in the blog who will talk about -- briefly here but put the full details all the stuff you guys writing in in the blog cnet.com -- risk also to say is that someone who does a lot of product reviews at CNET and if you have the time and inclination to write your own product review yet or on the product pages as Israel has a lot of times is it -- -- -- -- You know -- manufacture some shelves yet company -- whatever -- -- when you come across a really great. I -- -- created part of the other fellow who sent the playbook review in I encouraged to put him put in the playbook. Review that we had and -- a link to from Twitter and via. It everybody -- Yes it. All right so first up. Quick road tests I have one Donald has -- in the -- tablet for chair. -- know -- -- -- your Ritalin but mine mine is HBO go -- have I mentioned how much I love this app before. HBO go where -- Should be cued up here com. HBO go is HBO's. IPad app where if -- an HBO subscriber. You can now see all the shows the moment -- the air. Not like a day later later so. And they're even they're really pushing this thing heart I mean game -- thrown the big show right right. Last at that air Sunday night and on HBO go. There was last Sunday night's episode and the upcoming Sunday night's episode and the only place -- this upcoming episode is on the thing on the the -- Now the thing about this is. This is better. Then it's not affect the screen small. This is better than HBO on the cable box it's nice organization all the shows -- there and their entire archive of everything that's good and HBO's here on the pad -- You can only get it if you're also subscribers the cable sat simply kills me is not -- that and if what what is it acknowledged the iron triangle of of interest that keeps HBO or showtime even -- -- apparent -- -- it. So. Locked in Connecticut I I don't have cable -- -- -- cable finally Nationalists. Like a premium -- -- you I'd love to have that out even if I paid like. You know ten bucks a month while it's only now because it's only whales aren't paying like under -- -- bucks a month for cable four stuff -- I don't watch much and this is better and I I'm with you I would gladly pay for this and not that. And when we ask HBO about this as they we have no plans but that's nonsense of course how that if they and they will eventually do this is a matter of time and I believe. That it is there is a spreadsheet of lines of profitability crossing and contracts with cable carriers expiring at which point they will turn this thing on to a online only. Version I wouldn't -- reporters roundtable on this week -- -- I would love -- identity and if that -- out that the part of that to be. Leveraging. There arrangement when it. The cable providers do like -- we are we. Switch you can flip -- in a minute that can make death in an independent. From -- any -- you know how have a get a better deal with this you know with the cable I know I I -- that Comcast Netflix posturing Comcast and AT&T the companies that do both eyes he and television. They can continue to win. The DirecTV. Because they'd also have the eyes be it could I I both cable and -- from Comcast. Anyway so you also have high Aggies had been reviewing the HT -- -- -- baby iPad or it's a super awesome. HTC version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Though that's how the still on 2.2. And this guy is on 2.3 easily yet. A few a few minutes -- to come along with 2.3. It's a nice device you can tell that the location -- CU HTC with their their -- I you -- -- -- there in different optimization have done a lot of work to make its Zune makes it is a little bit more I tablet friendly by. At 500 bucks. Not being ginger -- not being. I I come -- copyrights and honeycomb and honeycomb tablets and -- -- honeycomb tablets are really where the attention is now. It seems a little bit late. To the gain and -- -- kind of hitting them where a lot of interest is right now which is larger larger tablets but also any content. -- thick metal part you know I have the Galaxy Tab which I hate. And I can't -- the ten inch wanted to get all of the new on the web it's that it's still cause I beta as the the time -- bug and stuff like that. I'm not through by the label -- -- for you guys are you trying to figure out how advanced the operating system is on your on your Android device most people probably already know this but you know you've got. But they have a Claire ice cream sandwich honeycomb. Gingerbread. Right yeah there -- all -- -- letter. So. I is after H and ice can -- which is after honeycomb. And what's the one right before without -- -- -- yet in its. That's how they that's -- you know where you are in the -- so how did not catch on you didn't know that now I think I'm right -- that I could. Yum yum -- his appeal salute you know desserts and -- my brain it. Bypasses any logic actually has had a fair idea. -- the other this -- thing about this and mining Apollo we think about this even I think about -- when is that if you really into the idea of a pen. Enabled tablet yeah -- thing comes with this. Digital pen that's not becomes a sausage fingers and -- the magical thing that's -- thing in this thing actually build the wind is coming being sold exclusively through best buy. Apparently this is an eighty dollar extra accessory to get this. -- whereas any growth in the world right now that's meaningful -- the bundled eighty dollars eighty dollars for this and that. In -- it's completely the tubular like they'll just roll right off the table as Canadian dollars for on and I expect to do little bit more than. Not gonna right here here is that there's an -- and I have a carpet item that with the people who are behind the screen technology independence political intrigue. And they make these same pan and technology and screen technology for a couple different companies. And the -- itself is like it is. -- versions of this that fell for twenty dollars but. They lock the RF frequency that the thinks it's out. Specific to whatever the devices so you can't just get one of the twenty dollar -- for like the Fujitsu tablet. And how this work on the HTC -- those a little bit of purposeful gouging of the consumer in -- make -- thing they Verizon -- -- at that that's horrible -- -- -- if it's interesting it it works in a way that is different than any other. It's got a finer resolution -- -- a capacity and would be for the iPad. Little mosquito control it's good for note taking it and hooks up directly with Evernote. So if you're taking notes. Can capture the idea why you're taking in -- -- to -- -- Do that -- any. It's interesting it's too much and I don't think it's probably where consumers looking at what tablet do you. Debated depends with -- that we and taking one home play with his quality act -- Sorry Google get together. Thanks to the real you are right. Let's take your questions. We have a whole bunch of windows questions which most of which -- off the discussion of Brian and I were having. And it was last week about re installing windows. But not all them so this first -- for example is pretty common question. Less common nominees to be from BC hello I'm getting blue screens and are just wondering how I could get it to stop. I'm running Windows 7 and I noticed not a virus I clean my registry clean the junk files -- -- -- -- but these blue -- he -- blue screens keep happening it seems that when I -- running Google Chrome. Almost every time this happens. If it is Chrome is their patch what should I do for help. First of all. -- put this question up front because we just did a review a new version of salute oh well we'll put a link in the show notes salute though is. An app that lets you modify your start. Files and stuff like many other apps do but -- also has -- a resident. Thing that watches scans your system and when it crashes to create the log and it sees that other people -- similar crashes and have similar apps installed. And if their interactions beyond just a single app crash -- So in that it -- example. If you keep getting a crash and iTunes which I do all the time it tell you the reason Europe iTunes is crashing is because you have this other thing running and that is the most likely calls. So try salute though analyst alpha works but. Google Chrome. If that is causing a crash I eight. Since back that you may be running a non stable version of Chrome which many people are -- are a while ago. There if they're they're for different versions of Chrome there's the regular version that everybody gets. Then there is in increasing orders of wanting -- beta -- and canary. And you can sign up for those and that will be your version of Chrome and they'll Chrome always update itself. But you sign up for a beta ever -- version I'm lecture you aren't getting the updates that take you there right. Energy and -- on your version of Chrome will be less stable have more cool features that'll be less stable because there earlier -- engines and what happened to me with I was using either beta or to have because I -- when the new features. And it was great for months. And then my computers that crashed all the time and I remembered oh I'm using -- And I switch back to stable. And crashes when away. So Chrome was the -- was good for awhile and then went off because they were experiment with -- And I can't even follow Google wants I think it's great that we can get into the beta stuff and switched in and out stability like that. Anyway that's my my theory on here and Asia's -- -- by an affiliate that such a great teacher and now they like just just just go back to stable yet and if that is the issue and if not try one of the crash reporters like -- -- -- -- -- problem. You Chrome user. Now I thought I don't feel like I -- and in the Firefox comfort -- And -- for reference or. Fast. Yeah I have -- -- like something out to be really compelling kind of break me of my habits that's what we've heard it at that at at and Rihanna Goldberg. Rights. Means -- the via. Talking about windows and system rebuilding -- had a similar problem on my six month old Windows 7 Vaio F series. I have to reformat the hard drive after had corrupt registry -- recommendation of Sony however that seemed wrong to me. I brought in the store for system check and found at that I -- -- hard drive and a bad fan belt. It took three weeks to get my system back. But -- not had a single problem since -- thought that the problem might be with your system might have been a bad -- this is my iMac my MacBook but nonetheless the -- So two things. First of all. You're right about one thing that a bad hard drive can be tough to diagnose and can really -- you -- Are you they -- can help because I've been doing this for forever can hear the Buddha awkward per of the bad hard -- I progress I can -- and hard drives that relates counts in the Europe bill laptop and some of them are really quite -- after the scope out or put Europe Egypt. It depends on this product. Yeah via our Michael class -- -- depends on a -- you can hear it if the if the sound is repeating you know quick look at the click stop. Yeah and then -- that -- think that that that that the couldn't stop. It's like it's re trying same thing over and over in if your computer slows down when it does that its its trying to -- react that's something and eventually might get an -- Unless it's just really really slow because of the -- which if people just grind hall and that is a bad hard drive. You do that to let that that the on this yet but none of it was not -- I definitely had. My own personal experience that has hard as Monica that things sounding like it's popping popcorn and think -- -- Event in Colombia it depends I -- one of them is is. One of the problems when it hard for it tries to react to the same sector over and over again and you get that repeating sun than the other one is the heads parking because it -- -- -- lost its place instructor -- Refined and on the drive took its parking the head and that that sounds different. And it depends manufacture and Iowa clinic -- manufacture hard -- Hard drive department sacraments -- Well those -- the day goes -- -- days. Now as to the bad fan belt I believe that referring to your shipping nova. Not your Sony Vaio I looked up Sony Vaio and I could not find any reference only built driving a fan. Most. Computer fans are direct EC driven. And lets you Gallagher and Austin steam punk computer when I gonna deliver the manufacture the thing -- of like brass gears and the old -- But yet a moving drinkable partly to -- -- would be pretty weird to have that yet it yet. It I thought I don't I I don't think it's -- fan belt if they if the shop tries to tell you need. Front and alignment. -- -- -- Okay you into the next chair -- -- If I tuned in last week the unit rang complaining about system resource and be installing apps I found it's ironic that data system restore the Friday evening. I used to be a pain in the -- but this -- is different had a back -- omitted on an external hard drive which is easy restore. Also found a nifty little site called. Read news that -- in -- like -- Freeing Yahoo! dot net Ali do reflect the apps you want to download and dolphins use Google Chrome and AVG -- -- and finally let it run. -- and -- copy come back and ten minutes and all your apps and that's really good advice. I'd love these services the other one that I've talked about before called nine right and I and I VE which uses the same idea it's a little bit slicker than free new. You select the of the free apps that you want them and -- that includes things like Evernote. -- -- And all all the priests that are there of course -- can't do paid apps like you know your your office suite. Unless you're doing the -- office suite which you can do. So basically cook called the Q1 and just install them I love that -- check a free as well. When you when you do rebuild and secrets. I don't you don't rebuild. You let them I just. -- into the ground and it's been a method that -- bad he had really dram into the ground there. Yeah I can have idea what I -- the company pick up the old and new company -- the new which company MacBook by the -- -- -- -- Yeah the bureaucrats and a Democrat is MacBook which has bad battery problems with those better than like my three year old MacBook Air which I can't even unplug from the -- before -- dies program. And it's in the death penalty of an educational and -- -- hear about mine how to deal of credit speculative if it. I I don't think your problems or are and original when it comes to you know driving computers into the ground and the next question is that are relevant to that it's actually advice from -- and -- both wrote. And this is -- them. Email here. Heard your tales of -- about fifteen minute boot times and multiple re installed on both Apple and Microsoft OS's and I agree mainstream operating systems are usually way beyond what most normal people ought to be -- maintain however. Just after installing everything with this -- advice and getting system just tell you want it why don't you make an image of the drive. Just take fifty minutes or so it's free their -- their utilities to do that if there's an awful lot of pulled here at some point in the future when you drive fails he just restore from the image to the automatic updates. And restore data and you're done. Everybody does this right don't. It's a brilliant idea that no one -- these that the Benedict truth but -- -- actually get your system back up and running in cleanly usually does so much effort being put into that that you just you. You eat your radio crackled in the beer and quality day and -- -- some extra step. USB if you feel like -- I finally got all back together and running and now it is don't want to touch it anymore. That -- had to do a whole like imaging take back another hour it to like. Get all that backed up just yet and I have to verify the hats I know you do that I think it's really great idea that just isn't in -- our human like. Instincts tend to -- -- when we get to that point of having a knife clean -- system. That because that model even -- that the -- I actually have done this. -- the the the clone of the drive and save it off to a hard drive somewhere. Miller was the hard drive when it and -- you know you don't need it for another two or three years away and by then you know you've. Used it to back up some other stuff for something we've lost the drive and yet. But that that is a great solution and that is the way -- companies IT departments work when you get a new computer. Com then a they have you know that there's the CBS the official build for Thinkpads on the Mac books -- -- you -- -- computer and they take their official build all the approved utilities and apps that all the certificates and permissions and -- need to get on our art our secure systems. And -- date date drop that on your computer yet and you get the official computers -- every computer is in his shot the same single yes image. Even computers that shouldn't -- It and which happened to me once. And it was it was kind of upsetting and -- and -- new computer. It came -- they put the another model of the same computers image on it and nothing worked and -- killed at which brings us to our next question. From -- -- thirteen year old -- wizard who we helped out before with this question on. The the router -- stacking. A switch atop a router and not working. And it turned out that it was actually a router top router. Which can work but why bother just -- -- dollars switch and replace. Put an opera. Anyway Matt says. My mom has been using a very old computer for about ten years and -- decided it's time effort to get new ones who knows she has tons of pictures videos and documents and stuff as well as several business apps and her old hard drive with -- -- the new computer use the -- so I can't just pull the old hard drive and in the -- one. -- I use the windows backup utility created system image with all the data programs and the OS on it I guess of the old drive. Then I plugged in the external hard drive with the image. And went to windows backup restore and told it to restore everything from that image is then restart -- and began copying all the data programs on the new drive when I was finished. It got into a restart loop though it would post say starting OS and then Windows 7 little pop up it would freeze or protect with -- over again. Bleeding in safe mode to work. Tried using Acronis and it didn't work. So Lloyd. Now -- I think what you did here I understand this correctly. What you did was he took a ten year old hard drive. Image. And try to drop it onto a brand new computer. The IDE and -- in compatibility is incidental tool to the problem here which is. That you've got a ten year old operating system with ten year old drivers that are unaware of modern ten year old new computers and and this is just not gonna work. This is this is not the way -- two to set up a new computer that the thing that you wanna do. When you get a new computer is I mean there is there is a utility that Microsoft has to. Transfer settings and files over nick a wizard -- my generation with tutors and program. But imaging -- a taking a a disk image of an old. System and putting on a new one especially with this this much of that time differences just. Is not gonna work. Now what you can do here here's my points. Com. Restore the original -- that hard drive on the new computer from the system restore disk that you have if you don't have a system restore disk. Call the vendor and ask nicely. For one if that doesn't work cry and and to listen to a system restart its second. Totally understand his motivations -- are like -- that the rationale that went -- just thinking about my own mother and -- You know an old computer and -- medium -- scared that he can't learn something new or that the windows experience is gonna be different. The applications are gonna be different -- are not gonna work the way she expects -- to again someone who's talking about not changing. Because of my own -- it. Comfort zone and and meantime I'm comfortable using I can understand like you -- has been like -- -- Fine I'll get a new computer I want everything to be that I totally get you know yeah -- okay I think it can do that can image and I can image the disk beaten in hardware. And if it's like you doing like this brain implant and like a brand new. -- eaten right but it -- It still -- conduct. The crusty old brain give putting inside of it -- not -- -- in a -- to do -- -- -- -- Appendages in and the like Frankenstein and -- for office but I felt I understand we -- Actually don't tell my mother this but I got her new computer. And I've got there the whole of the -- she's running now is complete disaster because my -- might. Twelve year old nephew hadn't had an evening with at once and expect and -- with the spyware. If so I got her new computer and I'm gonna have this problem of getting all -- data and apps from Mac computer under the new -- yet but I'm not going to image that'll computer and I think -- -- get -- little do a little -- -- dragging kicking and screaming into the brave new world of Windows 7. So. Anyway what you can do once you get the a new computer. Factory fresh again. You can get. An IB ET USB adapter and pick up -- -- -- -- driving just leave it lying there on the death and plug in and this adapter and it'll it'll good USB. Then you can get all the data. And files all that stuff off of it on to the new computer once -- re installed. The operating system in the apps from scratch which is what you're gonna have to do and maybe if you're feeling like view the adventures he could even get like windows 98 emulation. Can think rampant link on the computers -- -- -- economic and feel comfortable Apple experience this time -- -- to -- 2011. Let's move on to some ominous question showing. Mark from Sacramento. Says you have convinced me to buy a refurbished MacBook Pro vs a new MacBook. But should I order now or wait until after WW DC I'm not -- -- brushed metal want to wait too long. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I wouldn't have to reform pride before a select cameras and that it is gonna refer Dyson vacuum cleaner I love it. So here's a thing mark. Buying -- -- it means you're out of this crazy I've gotta have the latest thing for them referred -- are always. A -- not always but often a the current and one generation -- one cycle old. So. By when you want I mean I don't think they're -- at BBC is gonna do much. To the price of your referred. -- for prices are always going down so if you wanna save the maximum amount of money wait forever. I think inflation will catch up with you know rain -- actually. The reef herbs. There'll with a -- -- -- certified. Used cars you know off -- Lexus and and -- cars -- her. Always three years old and you can't really get a five or six or seven year old certified -- that's Rica but eBay or Craig's lists -- private parties otherwise. But reforms are in this middle ground between -- some you know. Eight year old thing off of Craig -- which might be fine and buying new I mean there. The factory authorized used computers then -- -- great so I would say no reason to wait WW DC will be another product cycle and. May be prices and prices it is -- -- logical that the prices of the -- MacBook after WW DC will be cheaper then than they are now. But you won't be able to use your computer between elements so what you do and you'll feel even less great about buying the older generation hardware can you note about the -- -- that the schema. -- has been -- You're gonna get rob from since the browser and I am asking for a recommendation. For a gadget from a truck I drive a semi tractor trailer or semi tractor -- -- day tablet flash MPT -- that I can -- somewhere in the -- always needed to do is to be great music and podcast -- Have a touch screen display possibly -- seven inches. -- that I can quickly pause and skip songs. And so forth I would need also to how the -- surf the web and I -- home alive -- and maybe have access to an App Store. I have no problem routing or hacking something and adding the right apps I read online reviews on -- color and some art with products but I can't seem to pull the -- anything. I would love an iPod Touch or an iPad but the -- -- too small on the latter's two big. -- also like to stay under 300 dollars any help from the guys beat it be appreciated. So. -- color I like the Nook Color I think if you could -- it now Hackett really tweak it. You can get it to being more of the media centric device that did the benefit of the Nook Color being in an expensive -- -- it's an expensive and probably with the recently announced -- Tablet -- cheap no 100. Thirty dollar -- -- maybe even a color prices in the coming down pretty steeply to -- herbs. How are -- herbs in it but. I would say for around that same price of 250 dollars or -- the -- of products and the Archos. I mean the whole -- brand comes from this legacy of being portable media players. Focused on audio playback video playback -- codec support. Those are -- be closer to the end result of what you want -- and -- colors going to be out of the box. Also the hardware itself on the art with products are. Arguably better. And better equipped for doing media playback and and hasn't lived in doing things quickly in that color. I'm -- color was -- engineered to be a great e-book reader. And how the color display for magazines and on and decent enough flash animations for that that means is daylight readable. That's true and in a truck or in any vehicle you know daylight is an issue. That's a good plan and it's been declining it still is not that that -- the best screen right for you in. And in any speak out there aside from eating this way it's gonna -- me and -- contrast conditions that. Who but the -- of -- -- band is a big community people who are really into Britain routing and hacking. The -- has packed especially now that you've got something like Amazon. App Store out there to kind of bypass the afternoon -- -- App Store that comes in the and -- unofficial apps so it comes in those products. It's not easy to get cool apps and things and get them tweaked it being something like if you know what I will say this -- as much as I am -- on the galaxy patent. Running Google's navigation app on -- ten inch display. I wanna put that thing in my car so bad -- I mean its its gigantic yet and there are no hard to separate tests let's correctly that have displays the date. And it's like an RV navigation device it's fantastic. The other thing I'll say for the Archos like the Archos seven is that there -- a version of the -- path between fifty gigabyte hard it's if you'll allow everything. But I think that gets you. On or above that 300 dollar and -- -- -- storage. Thanks -- here's another question for for you don't from Rihanna says I have a Samsung vibrant with Android 22 and I'm using it as -- single portable device. I'm currently using the free Winamp that's -- sync program for the PC and the mobile version of Winamp for the player. I'm happy with mobile Winamp but the -- -- is very clumsy particularly for podcasts. Should I switch to double twist or his or something else that will have the auto removal played podcasts like iTunes. -- that there's a couple different angles on this first I think -- this is a great piece of software for Android. And Antuan -- here from the Android atlas podcast swears by double twist we did recently reviewed the new version of Miro. Out there in which at the link in here on all undated in here. Forum which is a little and another iTunes like multimedia application and has its legacy of being -- application. For pod catching podcasts you know downloading management. And -- that I would recommend is. Bypassing the whole sinking operation for podcasts altogether and going with something like. The Google listened and write apps which it's available flew through the the Google labs. Which allows you to download in cash -- manage and subscribe to directly. Podcasts right from within the app and then you don't have to worry about. Downloading and computers -- you know over and managing that the deleting of those. Thinking procedure and -- manage -- directly with in the that's that's as -- guide to how how does the music syncing and a podcast in fifteen separate. We have solved this by now had kept. Where they -- the reason that -- Apple can get away with it is that they. The you know that the software that's the desktop software and the software they terrain -- the OS are so are made you know. The same company and -- bad OS can tell -- something that's them playing in I -- from coming in and feel that stuff employ and often. Yet no one's -- it really been able to from what I can tell. Absolutely mimic that same ease of -- -- -- spot. More things you guys over Google you. We are pretty much at a time -- wanna take a couple of quick recommendations in a correction before we wrap up here though first palm. Michael Richmond responding to the issue of -- -- listener who wanted to. Pipe the video output from a game console onto a new iMac. Says the Apple Store actually has a device to do this is 120 dollars and -- from -- -- And -- in -- software involved there as well it takes HDMI. Puts it. It gets HDMI into the Mac mini display port. And how -- works I didn't -- -- Mac news with -- with. Was in with. And in I think -- that connects Louisiana on a display about an office gonna work as a display. Out of the box on an iMac. You know I think the iMac is gonna be a little bit more picky about this product happens to be called the 8360 mini display port converter for 27 inch iMac while they go but I don't know I haven't tried it and HDMI to mini display port adapter. -- this -- It allows you to view your content on an LED backlit widescreen monitor. And I think now might. I may have put this -- in before actually understanding what this product does. I mean the only other solution I thought -- -- -- -- talk about the Eldorado product yeah left podcasts yet. That's yeah that's still expensive solution -- look into this little bit more this may be the solution but I'm not sure because what you want what you would want is HDMI. The USB. Cell and -- software to convert that signal to show up on your computer which is what -- -- -- but you wanna make sure that's a product -- -- it really take into account the latency. Right so. A stuffed -- cheap but was unable to protest at -- two O only that it quarry had advice on training your parents. So in the advice is for for people don't know what's safe what -- and -- web of trust my WOT dot com. It as an indicator in your browser tool where -- -- green yellow or red depending on the trust level of the site. And when you're searching in any of the major engines it'll add the same indicator next to each site in the search results he can see the trust level before you click. I just tell my mom court says if -- tiller -- don't go there. And that's -- that's interest and it's a pretty good rights were telling people what's safe and what isn't. And finally Scott Bledsoe we were talking about. I freedoms -- -- the guy asked about powering. His devices using solar when -- -- in the field in Afghanistan. And I suggested using. Meant that the power take off from the vehicle. But he's in military vehicles and exit when the minute I think that -- and some military vehicles might not be twelve volt Scott cents. Just give you correction. Yes military vehicles are 24 volt system but they consist of more than 112 volt battery wired in series. Therefore if you wanna hook up and murder into one of these vehicles -- twelve volts you just connected into one of the batteries in the series and not. All -- and it twelve volts and looks at it and -- Scott. Any final words with them now I hope we do some good idea today I don't think we steer too many people to park field if I hope we gets them -- as well join us next week another edition of CNET to the -- -- questions to members send them to rescue at cnet.com check out the show notes. Including a lot of stuff that we had to leave on the cutting room floor at cnet.com slash rescue. And don't miss the Friday reporters' roundtable or we're going to be talking about. Are we in another tech bubble that's Friday 12:15 PM Pacific normal time is it normally daylight -- it. It is specific to their real people live on the left coast time zone what's your next show. A bit of a -- on Friday -- on. And then them yet hopefully -- insulin tablets and -- satisfy the app with paper tablet reviews. Okay thanks but -- thanks -- for producing with a -- electric. -- -- --

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Mercedes F 015: Car of the future (CNET On Cars, Episode 62)
20:50 March 27, 2015
Mercedes asks what shall we do when driving ends, the new safety tech that must be on your new-car shopping list, and the Top 5 affordable...
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Imagine a 10TB Solid State Drive
2:58 March 27, 2015
Could a 10TB Solid State Drive be in our near future? Amazon fluffs up their cloud service, Lyft goes social and Tim Cook gives ba...
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It shoots. It scores.
2:53 March 27, 2015
Mirrorless Samsung NX1 takes on dSLRs for action photography.
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