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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue #38: Don't be a sucker

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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue #38: Don't be a sucker

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Guest Brian Cooley joins Rafe for a rambling discussion about home network safety, home security cameras, and how to avoid getting ripped off at Best Buy. Plus, as always, your questions answered.

A hi everyone welcome to -- -- to rescue -- -- -- -- -- Cisco and today is a special show because we are joined by Brian -- -- didn't rain or snow is sprinkled magic pixie dust on mr. -- its current. This is gonna be a fun show it's probably the most rambling. Seen at the rescue we've ever done we are going to of course we have great questions and some pretty good answers. To your questions coming up if you have -- -- for -- the rescue the -- we try to. Help you out with your tech gear send them to us or rescue at cnet.com or -- called in. 8774386688. Again 8774386688. Keep your calls short -- and try to keep about tech that would help. And because we are past march 15 now inside the one month window to April 15 rate is doing his special one month -- where he also answer your -- questions. That's when we got a call about -- only happens once a year that's right we're now in our employee cannot answer your tax questions we could. You would not want me to -- -- -- -- questions now at this show. We -- going to talk about. We're gonna start by talking about an update. A my methodology DS four elevenths slim server which probably three people the world care a right what -- -- -- -- average radio listeners tuned in right reflect what -- -- thank god we're not honoring our own podcasts wow you know now this though led to a whole bunch of really interesting. Topics and that is gonna drive the first part of the show and talk about network home home network security. We're going to talk about buying products that best buy and how not to be a -- when -- buying stuff for retail. All because I bought it -- -- -- all because of that nav server there that's right. So first with the start with that -- we'll get your great questions so. Bear with me while he gets an update on my. My server -- server which I talked about last two weeks ago I got this product to replace my MediaSmart server. And I had some issues with it. And the biggest issue -- to -- discrete thumbnails and my 150 gigabytes of photos and videos. And a month and a day after my purchase. It's still creating -- seriously at seriously. That -- -- across the face recognition guess it's about yeah it is actually is now projected to take longer than my Social Security benefits will run -- so. It's been a month and a day and it's halfway through my 2000 and they -- seriously seriously -- now here's the thing about that it is. Actually although it takes a 100% might CPU resources on the technology to monitor -- monitor this up as soon as they try to do anything else that with the server. The you -- you -- used. The utilization of that process goes way to a background to help if it just it just struck the back so manners so it's may be slow but at least -- -- Yep that's been out that -- what is the thing -- discovered since I've had the server it it doesn't a couple of things really nicely it's got this thing called the surveillance station which -- you'll get kicked out of you tell it the IP addresses the local IP -- -- a -- of your surveillance cameras okay. And computer networking yet -- give it the the the username and password of them. And it then we'll give you kind of a security station view a casino console yes exact. Let's -- about that is that they've had to work out in there. Firmware and the protocols for a lot of different cameras -- they're very different Toshiba Sony Panasonic. They're not -- as -- standard that I know like -- BLC 131 that they even operates differently than the other cameras the semi pro cameras from Panasonic so. I really like that now that this medical -- -- put lot of effort to that I wonder why if they don't message that server that well they don't say it's your you know. Image that that evident at the about connected and raid and hot swap all the great -- about technology they don't message to the consumer and you're the greatest visual workstation per year -- monitored home I think -- I think the store council for their people in the form to have issues with this offer I -- -- think it's really great and I can view my cameras and in real time on my iPhone. Okay so it does the Internet ties Asian of the to its own beautifully yeah -- now the only snag though is -- only get one camera license with your server and yet to buy additional ones extra and -- like 5060 bucks. For each additional camera or how long. In perpetuity -- life and the number of cameras not tied to particular camera you can swap out your camera okay good acoustic and swap -- out different -- camera floodlights that's not bad idea I mean you got any city -- be serious about cameras to make that worthwhile -- but. If you've got one of these you're serious about home technology in general look you pay 400 bucks for the server minibus that's -- an ordinary server -- without dried out drugs and -- spent another 56 dots per camera licensed slots drives really got to think about. The thousand dollar proposition for a typical users like you -- yet. Unfortunately yet now I -- other cool stuff it has a download manager and what this is is. Basically the whole thing as controllable by over the web -- the battle -- a BitTorrent client. Oracle is so you go into it and you say and -- put in the search and -- you're looking for it finds that on like nine different BitTorrent search engines. You -- download it loads it up put -- -- download folder and drive and you're -- -- if this thing is running 24/7 goes for about is the easiest way to do BitTorrent downloads. Downloads I've ever seen yes sounds like it. And realize I was telling -- -- -- the show -- -- technologies are workstation which when it was it was a model proceed in this one for about three days. I had -- -- did it I love it became been. My drives came in same day now is all set I recommend their and I get it going on its on its format gets set up knowing that it works nicely percent of software powerful but not need not confusing and that the -- now. I'm done with raid. That was the thing with nothing nothing wrong with this -- station but I just had a snap server -- and the drives refine the controller died and they don't have a controller for more -- and 1019 year old snap server but I don't care my data's gone because. It was you couldn't pull the drive that put in something else and that's the it would have to be a -- product as far as I know they have their own proprietary right. So an Adaptec card won't read those drives. So I was stuck and it was -- my data with my perfectly functioning ray drives intact but my controller -- I couldn't get a controller Cuomo -- current replacement and -- a decade old server but I hadn't thought that through before real raid in the corporate environment is redundant all the way -- of the power supply yet this was not this is cheap both consumer raid. And I just thought this model doesn't work unless you really throw money it would dual everything -- fault tolerance yet not just rates. My idea fault tolerance is I have this server and I have great idea fault don't -- -- say something stupid and you let me. That's. A fact I calorie after -- -- -- it in fifth. Well tolerated with -- older than -- yet anchor our buildings to the ground right so when they shake they don't want an exorbitant out of our fault -- no dumb idea fault tolerance is I have. Back up in my home my technology server via four speed and then I have network cloud backup for absolute security. That's an under yet but I've dropped raid in the home because I've got external -- I've got primary drive and I've got cloud and that's -- -- my mixed raid if you will were nowhere is there any mirroring going on in the true sense interest but it works really well. Now I wanna talk about a couple things that people -- -- doing home networking will find very very useful I believe the first one is this little site called port forward dot com. Now all this does is if you happen applications they gain that you have to open up ports. Two to use or something like a server -- you know technology that needs like a dozen open ports and you've got. Router this. The -- forward economy tell what your router is what the app is that you wanna punch through your firewall. An -- and it creates an instruction book and how to do it. Extremely so now they port -- dot -- also has the an app that would do this for you which is is a paid app the F containing you don't need it. Forget it skip past the advertisement -- by the app that -- seeing -- yet thirty bucks is the app you don't need it. Get past that go to the site where they tell you step by step how to configure your router into open the ports from the app yet apps that you -- click through the -- here I go now I can get the documentation. Via. Also to see which ports are open on your home -- see how vulnerable you are I recommend using Gibson research shields up at GRC dot com. It's down on the page but -- -- -- -- -- that'll tell you that will roll your home network. From. The Internet and tell you which ports are open and whether your your your home network is sending back pains. Well don't get into -- net bios and stuff like that will help me figure out if I need those ports to be opened -- know what services we wouldn't it's outside but has no right services I use right that's leaves port for four. Who objected to that report boring but if I've got ports that are open that -- give something fines and -- -- are all OpenId and which ones to shut the line. -- it it'll give you some advice on what on what the typical uses for those ports -- and didn't -- a specific questions about that send them -- directed CNET accountable for it'll come up it's everything stuff network home network security. One of the things that that gets me about this analysis server this is not specific to this technology. It is that because it has very detailed -- I can see when people are attacking it. And it's terrifying. Because I have a dynamic DNS server set -- that I can get into this technology from the Internet or any home server and -- and client what history. I wouldn't even say which dynamic DNS -- provider you I'm not gonna say I'm which are running now and I and I can tell you have been on my. This people are -- console again and this this technology will shut you down given number of it configurable number of bad -- in a Kenya it'll lock out the IP. And I am getting three or lockout today and it's increasing. Serious yep and I don't know where they get in the I think they're just randomly typed it could. You gotta be just random so they're that the their randomized and let's just say you're coming from all over the world mostly China -- That's it it's amazing and give Palo you have the server on one a month and a day -- -- like that isn't grinding the photos wrap it. It has regularly about their reverence propagated into -- one to logs somewhere people are just hitting random. What have you called the first group of a URL random every pretends to ask dot whatever provider dot org or whatever and just trying everything. I think it's actually just. IP atlas blog IP address or the could be going to might -- -- -- -- them. Idea is it anyway unbelievable the amount of I had a camera once that. What we do we shot a video here at CNET and I somehow showed a webcam that I haven't home. And it -- people we don't -- the whole. The whole URL -- we showed enough of it -- the first of the last half of a long URL and no password -- username was in there. But then all of a sudden. -- starts moving no way absolutely. And I thought the hill and -- nobody was on it we weren't using it and I realized it checks and server logs it's like well that access scheme -- from where. Someone just -- with a -- to my camera that's. Spooky that the scariest possible that we were the worst of anything now where are your cameras ever -- -- the -- inside and out. -- cameras in certain rooms moto Nokia received Athens area on a federal Grand Island at our right now speaking of cameras and I have to be doing a good living -- I think that's clear -- try to help I I think actually some people have made -- the living putting cameras in their bedrooms though -- when times are tough. If you actually want to earn a few extra bucks. Can't bring -- -- category daughter Arab wherever there's a freak rhetoric now speaking of cameras I have my -- -- Panasonic these are old Panasonic web -- or net cams that PLC won one. The LC 1318. This is the go to camera expenses. But here's the thing one of them worked perfectly the other -- the Wi-Fi died. Which is a common problem apparently really yeah I can still work -- -- -- over wired ethernet but that's a lot less flexible I had not heard this until we -- prepping for the show and it's interesting because that's exactly what happened one of my and I keep reconfiguring it trying to make it work certain it will not -- -- -- me sitting recently so these have over a record of the Wi-Fi radio. -- -- Yes exactly I do the same thing it's been I wasted so how frequently doing wrong good looking -- is it's an expensive camera it has these kind of things goes in a fifty. And it's Panasonic and a great web -- -- networking and -- on -- of different types but yeah I couldn't believe it was broken instantly with technical disbelief. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Too much and upgrade of the same thing in a better box -- even though the new box format yet -- have seen now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay but they -- so. Here week time in best buy as they do once every month or so just to see what's going on and in fiscal retail and walking down them out and see they have the -- 238. You can -- you can cute little thing -- and like wild a habit I could pick it up right now. And Yelp pay a little extra bucks for it but we never Miami on -- so. The currently -- -- product is -- 99 you can 299 dollars and they're selling it for. 299 dollars -- how much. Minus how much mine is zero minus enough fingers for full retail plus tax what's so. But I -- here's what I here's what I do with your gasoline and what -- this is what you need to do if you're gonna Beth -- take your phone get the red laser app which is now owned by eBay and red laser that baby unit to scan the market not the -- -- on the little label in front of the shelf tag now not so that price -- On the products. Red laser told me. That this product which best buy was selling for 299. Was available on Amazon and -- are. -- 419. 100 not -- out there I am willing to pay 1020 bucks for the convenience factor. But a hundred dollars more full listed that and the idea that you know. If you're Amazon prime which is being very compelling that with the video streaming -- option to put in there but even if not opposed to realize -- -- comparable to what 75 bucks a year -- eighty bucks a year. And you can add for friends and family to collect forty books read to them -- -- making a profit reality out with a streaming built in. Amazon prime is like if you don't have it your crazy. And then you get free shipping on this guy two day four dollar one day shipping and of course in many states most states that acts. For now that -- I don't ever -- that may change over time that's controversial I actually don't recommend. Amazon prime because it encourages people to buy things they don't need. Now all we have -- you gotta do is you know be grown up for him -- -- front but enabling. I think it is -- -- let me. III -- I want every -- -- on earth but even that's that. Our ability to the relentless in the -- -- Amazon returns are really easy and they do a very -- WBUR preferential shipped back Sony are right so here's the thing. For less than the cost of the tax -- -- you can pay the return rate that's a -- And that's actually using the -- -- correct aren't so Amazon prime but -- but we agree on best buy. Yell at me as it is why I go to why all the time it's -- as they -- best buy -- somebody's gonna buy retail it's a -- not -- -- -- after its official yet to show -- ago I look I see there are few things that -- lately that I operatives human trips -- new USB cable to charge something on the -- operating and right twenty bucks for USB cable share my go to the airport right now if you're desperate that's about the only case. You know all its evolution something I'm anonymously using tape came corn varieties and -- right but. But it's always -- be urgent -- become an urgency store or an appliance store -- I'm not warmed up yet to ordering appliances on an appointment could use this chat room. But I just figure final in a refrigerator at best -- and 2300 -- is probably go over thirteen hundred out of shipments that's serious money. Few thousand here it doesn't there has been given as well refrigerators that they do -- the -- -- Awful program by the elastic they have they have a leg up -- now -- -- to get the better get the red laser wrapper any other bar code scanning app and when you're in -- store. Use it to make sure you're not about to get royally ripped off the I feel that when I'm in the retail stores I mean just for about two seconds and -- -- their price shopping. On my phone and usually. Buying the same thing programs on -- stand there I when I go over real quick yeah I would feel bad if the prices weren't so -- -- If you give me -- 781012%. Differential. Probably -- -- tax. You -- can't make the numbers work now talk about 20/20 5% differential for the store I can't wait. 48 hours usually can't yeah that's that's a tough one I I have great concerns. When you say would take some questions from readers -- are so thank you -- for indulging us please be smart don't pay morning after part. Question from Karl my -- son upgraded his PC running a full version of wind of this stuff home to Windows 7 educational. Full version my question is -- is Vista is no longer active can I reuse it on my younger -- PC running XP. When Microsoft does its check to see -- serial numbers -- will I be okay. Interest in question about licensed for use with the old that the rule -- always been -- -- the it's changed -- if you have that copy. The XP and no distance -- These got -- -- old machine that was an OEM copy yet. You're supposedly can't ever transfer that I know -- the -- if you you're right you're actually right if you buy a computer that has an operating system installed on it from. Most. It's vendors like. -- the big guys or HP they get a real preferential price right doesn't include transfer ability. Right so I saw -- that happens exactly -- that's an OEM copy of your OS and it will be either getting no recovery disk -- -- one -- those little -- impacts of recovery it is easier to make -- and its right and you can't you use that like that you try to install an operating system on another computer and you call when Microsoft does its -- and you call up the phone -- -- say it's not all -- yes because it's not on the original computer right. Now if you buy from boutique vendor and it came with the full version of Vista came with a slip case that has a little bar coded it. Right now -- you then. Upgrade that with the full version of the educational. Copy which is a full version on an upgrade version. Then you free up that license and you will be able to -- it when you call Microsoft and you do though -- number dance for your reading numbers and everything back to you yet it'll authorized and you will be fine it depends on the license. Full version -- full version you'll be fine OEM version -- full version no via any version to upgrade version no what do they call that. That Microsoft program guaranteed insurance and windows -- When the user and does give us our money dived to get back -- -- basically you mentioned calling them in reading off the number in all the times I've moved OS copies around I've only want that the -- of the more than a dozen times -- and you know the machine phones home and it usually works on -- and it's actually easy. I don't know guaranteed issue -- -- that it I don't comment on -- -- -- What is that -- and chat I had what do they call that. Upgrade advantage now -- -- with something like that anyway plays for sure but usually I thought his producers. Are happy that. But you've got my that they did that the machine phones home of the servers work and I've only had to call Microsoft wants to explain yours to I'm doing genuine advantage in an advantage -- it. That's it yeah I think it has until it does into a person's question across -- and -- and ID -- -- in -- -- processors that I think. Has only been around since the late ninety's remember -- -- until he added a processor ID. That's what is -- compared -- processor -- to the windows. Idea on the operating system install them. And says -- these on these are that these married verses being polygamous is really what it's looking. Freeagent -- ingredients at a clinic and I think -- looking -- but I'm -- windows licenses can never be polygamous but they they can bid up the -- out yet again yet they can they can they can divorce and -- many times they have the Marvin Mickelson right that's right. That's where they can now but the -- the real answer to this question is why on earth would you want to put Vista on -- perfectly good computers one of those it's -- it's got value I don't wanna throw it away things right now totally it has no value when it was new. Throw that operating system OM XP to windows sounds good to go to 770 -- Are -- another question. Henry C says I have a computer NHB slim -- -- that only has one VGA output. I wanted it to monitor set up about having to get a new video -- -- I purchased they Samsung -- fit as a second monitor. Because both -- USB. And -- way either there's a problem my computer with monitor and it doesn't work Samsung -- -- much help I was thinking of getting this product which he links to. Which is a video. Extenders -- -- -- -- that can you verify this -- suggest something else -- Simpson lack leptin is just a low profile external VGA monitor with a USB port. -- look -- what he uses VG. Yet what no it USB monitor yet it's one of those things I think it works off look at the the display link technology okay discipline got. Now a couple of things your personal the product Henry that you linked to is a VGA. It's litter and that'll pick one signal and -- -- put it on multiple monitors to like -- that's not what you want. That will do exactly what you said you don't wanna do which -- the same image -- two monitors to have a multi monitor set up you need a separate video out now. The display link technology should work. I have had makes experiences with an I had it'll display a link adapter plugs into the USB port negativity VGA out you really nice technology when it works but troubleshooting it is really drag it is not a highly. If it's not a lot of people putting money into the -- That's a big development investment I've had I think it'll I think the the leader in this stuff is my -- and I've had a -- we'll monitor it -- crap in terms of just. Actual durability it always worked well. Accepted -- it is like its -- blew up. We use it right here in the studio right here I liked it -- -- that when doing it and it usually worked northwest and everyone was gloom that had tons of reboots every day -- different profiles. So I think the hardware might have been weak on the one I had but the set up in the using of it was always really solid. So they they seem to do USD monitors true USB monitors really well yet and that a lot of silt promotions through. -- Henry again. I would recommend it somewhat different solution which is begged not to do the USB thing and if you have -- a slim line desktop that can open up -- get a cheap video card you can get one for about fifty bucks they'll give you better performance younger rock solid via rock solid and never have to reboot if the dam -- -- generations old video technology can get it for practically nothing you get little very very -- part of its legion and VGA -- all are there if he wants to go a little bit. There's -- here what if he has an iPad. And wants to run deviancy. That's awaiting an external monitor. We -- do a whole -- getting -- riotous. That's -- cool now there was a there was a product that actually lets you turn your iPad into an external monitor over Wi-Fi. Which I think -- -- -- -- he -- yeah you didn't didn't. But it's -- but it's not doing -- it's doing more at studio B and C is more than just an echo on. It's a true you know two way interactive connection but there may actually just -- monitoring echo technology but DNC is great for that. Or they go to my PC to -- pride at about a week ago but look at the paid service but it works really well that we were palpable. Touch and click and drag thing which can be we -- you use a non touch machine with a touch device it's surprisingly tricky. You know that talk -- continent -- right our -- all the time you know the registration of your finger on that iPad -- what the cursor does on the host machine has to be dead on. You'd have to think about because you're actually touching on a small iPad to control look at 22 inch monitor the scale of your hot zone has to be perfect we're trying Henry wants a second monitor and it exploded not -- -- his former Iranian port Henry the -- a whole peace on on your promoting in and out of an iPad avenue a lot of this way -- it's like. While guy is I use to be -- -- -- go to my PC I'm also using a great PowerPoint remote technology I think we'll be talking about in one of our future. Actually let it lets skip ahead to that question here that's from G will Gonzales -- said. I'm -- college teacher -- want to incorporate an iPad two into the classroom. With PowerPoint via keynote. Well that's interest and I want to be able to control the iPad with a wireless clicker to move my slide show this will allow me to move about the class. During my lecture I know I can hook up the iPad via VG -- my projector and -- need an -- -- I'm not tied to the iPad but conducting. Okay so here's the thing he's authoring and PowerPoint as I understand importing it into keynote on the iPad which works -- well. Couple got his first of all keynote is less -- than PowerPoint on your computer by far the computer I've got lots of features drop out secondly remember to right that's 43. And lots of us are offering PowerPoint 169 and all goes to -- when you import tool for free device you know gotta -- after Christian I iceberg right aspect that's all it -- -- and things start to wrap funny. So that's a mess -- -- That's 169 version of Iowa that you have that right not so little -- -- adults are. But the other thing is I don't know that there is a clicker available -- hand held wireless clicker that will actually control keynote or anything else on an iPad. I'm surprised there isn't but I am not able to find anything when there is is the ability to turn your iPad into the clicker to control a presentation on a computer and that I've been using I love -- logic in mind has something called slide show remote. Which is a full screen app you install on your iPad. He keeps you present review which means you see the big slide your audience -- -- you see a preview of the next light coming up and you see your notes. The you're talking from that they can't see the PowerPoint notes the only the secret us articles you have and I want to make you sound smart -- the great. And this is iPhone or iPad. And when you put that together you can really control this -- nicely. They've been doing a lot of revs on this the last a couple weeks up and get some goofy arguments -- good feedback. It's it's a great solid. Super cool way to run a presentation let me tell you everybody in the room if -- in the -- -- and the immediately realize you've got -- -- you do. A really -- flight while that really works well and they wanna see artworks the moment of your children at least doubling PowerPoint presentation in PowerPoint and -- look like crap Mendocino. You gotta gotta know your PowerPoint like in my PowerPoint due them via you know I -- yes everything looks prettier in -- -- Doesn't -- bar appointments are not PowerPoint when it is apparently tens of addicts. Say. Just my good -- are -- hope that helps you out -- -- there's no -- to run a presentation of an iPad that I know so this desire for you and Apple remote on an iPad. Now -- think it's it does that what Apple remotes are what Bluetooth. -- -- Fire in for -- when I have no idea it just isn't supported green plants have -- it right. They're not supported the iPad not that I don't if anyone knows of a clicker for the iPad. This would be great to find out just -- -- the whole continent trek we have what we are real big -- the new boss doesn't fit in our pocket but it variance such that there. David Taylor says I'm currently using a MacBook early 2008 version with a 120 gigabyte hard drive that I am constantly watching. And the remaining balance on due to my affinity for video music. And growing concerned about fact that -- don't yet have a means of -- my data despite being an avid writer. And -- -- push my -- far enough I was hoping that you. But recommending that external hard drive the 500 gigs or -- falls -- -- or below 240 dollar range. Providing some peace of mind. Well first of all it's never too late to for the air of your -- you're doing the right thing. You need a back -- and if you're on a Mac you've got time machine there's -- -- not to back up here's the thing. Get a good cheap external drive from -- reputable company Western Digital seagate Fujitsu Hitachi believes that -- the whatever it doesn't matter -- a backup drive if it fails. Time machine will tell you need -- -- -- when they're they're they're. 240 dollars 75 dollars -- get one plug -- -- time machine. And I'm not -- about it I get the best luck with the with the second -- off name brands on those things my seagate my westerns they all seem to die within a year. I've got something called -- An eight column or acorn cumbersome damn thing has been running in my office backing -- my desktop machine for five years we know it's not a -- it doesn't have an -- drive -- -- you do realize that I Western Digital seagate drives already I thought why is -- the guys who go out and buy the top -- drives and integrate them have great look at the guys are doing their vertical stuff always -- I have a theory on that -- I really do. -- -- the good stuff to the partners know because acorn buys the -- drives and all the -- -- -- -- -- strategy bingo that's like they're always buy every for people you're getting a free second check it for free that they've done to test on it always. Other -- I a little different take on this going back to my earlier the comments earlier today about online offline backup. For yet Sony five dollars is it that's that's the aggressive price a lot of folks you're gonna spend what is -- hundred dollars are gonna back up drives ought to go to best buy -- hundred -- -- we could 200. -- -- -- the gas -- divert. But of you know you can find a carbon and account for as little as a 130 bucks for three years so that's what that's three times what as the 340 something dollars a year. -- the ties that you're gonna replace that portable drive in less than three years guarantee -- -- now grow older Canada. I kinda like the idea of doing it off point is that way you've got real secure off site backup it's not gonna get -- -- breaks in your house it's not going to die professionally managed and all of that it's slow though compared to a real device. I agree with you completely IE uses sync service the cost me a lot more than that but I like it via sugar saying oh -- for off site. Backup of my digital -- great services -- and the reason is just that if the house burns down or there's the natural disaster. And the house is destroyed my data is safe in Iowa yet and I can get it back when my right gets rebuilt amid not to be hyperbolic look at them tsunami wiped out tons and tons of the best laid in the home back -- systems yes people who had raided different floors of their home and -- -- yacht and it. It all went away now with an extreme event but you homes burned down all the time yet people break into houses and steal MPs like front they can find all the time and were about what it is later. -- distance of about offline or online back up it just be -- moment. The -- that it's fast but the balance the exact secure but I don't I don't think most of the services. -- -- without expert feedback of -- That's some of their money to do two loves their video files those are just that you get there is no unlimited backup anymore Mozy had it they killed it. They are going to pay for. -- after you wanna go carpet but it's been more than I need -- for -- -- Last. Question I think we're gonna be able get to today is a quick one from Daniel -- and says -- -- Windows 7 32 bit. A computer and I want to know click and watch HD movies or watch Blu-ray on it. -- three inch 1080. 1080. Should I buy Windows 7 64 bit. Answer now. Your front windows 32 bit when -- -- because 64 is basically a memory. Yet how much memory you want to access beyond four -- you want 64 right. Yet it's not necessary -- I don't know what somebody's telling you that you need windows 64 to do standard database stuff like -- Nvidia's you do not if your computer's working fine. And 32 bit. -- -- -- It's mostly memory addressing and I've got eight gig on my machine at home and I have to have 64 to access it without jumping through hoops and I understand it is a bunch of arcana about you know good performance accessing that much on a 32 bit OS if it'll even work -- -- -- But 64 can access up to 128 gigabytes or something like that more and you'll ever have. So this is -- memory App Store so that's the only reason I know -- 64 and some apps. If you're doing video editing. Does the woman I know what you give Adobe premiere or something on your windows box it will access and really use the full bandwidth of the OS and access to memory. And DNA efficiently named but very few apps -- optimize for 64 and very few need to write email what are you kidding me web browser. I don't media player. You -- not so much -- don't -- about it if you need 64 you know it already because you're in a vertical that it -- talking about yet go for a 64 -- get this optimize version of the app that we use at. Now do -- time for one more. Why not worlds are as you're you're here worlds are oyster and and this is a fun one we just have Stephen -- a deadbolt on the door and owns -- we can. And they're not -- the door to -- to let us that we are so -- all the time we meet. Mark from what it takes since Apple is integrating IOS features into OS-X and since Apple has their whole IOS ecosystem. Where you can only buyer and install iPod or iPod Touch apps from with in the iTunes store. I was wondering if they will take a -- and down the same path and eventually only allow us and -- to be purchased or downloaded or installed from the Mac App Store. Even on a Mac apps are -- -- to being easy place to go for Mac users find software I am. Concerned that Apple might take the oath and platinum same path as -- and restrict. OS-X app installs to the App Store and I've been paranoid. First -- -- I'm. What's the fear. The fear is that if you can only get an application via the Apple approved -- -- and you will see people -- -- Their apps in terms. -- it's an innovation I don't know. Sexuality freeze he took -- political thought right to it's a bad Apple -- -- application suite is Schiller yes and the other one is people still like especially expensive software they wanna own the disc. It's just like they -- really don't know yet is that people don't wanna buy dvds so they say yes I happen I have what I bought in my hands that's not gonna disappear on this cloud thing I hear about about -- the mainstream market right. But we have a story up on up on CNET news from what from the seventh a few days ago we -- a half ago. About how Apple is reportedly. Going to push their software out of the store into the back -- -- -- they're not getting rid of it. But that -- -- thinking you know what we shouldn't waste a lot of stores I think -- curtain and provide the curtain. All my disks are by the currents that are going to be go to limited transco apparent election when -- got new flagship -- and Steve Jobs there's gonna weird. But I think the this -- a half step in that direction saying. We don't wanna waste -- space on software we probably think the you don't wanna waste shelf space in your home on boxed software. It's part of that thing it would bother me much I I recently installed office twenty. Ten from the cloud and even -- they were doing. The I don't think you really need discs anymore it's hype aside from windows and is just a matter of trust I don't want -- manufactured go belly up and leave me without access -- -- -- -- you get the download the install in the download and don't keep it somewhere besides most that these -- phone home for authorization every now and by way that manufactures dead you're dead doesn't matter yet. So. Com. Mark I think that Apple is moving this way and the reason removing this with purely economic because they get a cut of all sales to go through the apps -- 30%. It's very serious now the thing is that vendors -- paint manufacturers. They actually although this is it sounds like a giant cut it is less. Then the cut that retail takes. It is much more than the cut. Then has taken when you sell direct the -- you know rates software and you wanna buy an app directly from me I can download it you. And I keep everything my my -- restoring an acronym but but nobody's gonna do that because I can't do the marketing on the Apple's in the App Store the Apple App Store the Mac App Store. The marketing -- is they're -- there and that makes it -- 30% I can sell my app for five dollars and sell millions of copies were to selling for fifty dollars and only -- selling three right so developers are going to go to these apps -- I don't think. That Apple will shut down the ability to independently download and install. Or get a disk and install software but I do think that developers -- loading and yet site -- -- I do -- but I do believe that developers who moved to the apps -- simply because it makes more economic sense for them yeah I think the pressures coming from that direction. At -- I would imagine -- Apple and research that you know yeah we would like to go this way as opposed to Apple in forcing it is -- -- if if this is happening at all but I think -- on the right -- does Apple need to take 30% -- they don't that's greedy you know but the truth is Elysee and don't make more money this way I never thought it was agreed to be honest I think it's really take 30% of developer app sales right yeah -- I don't I don't agree. They take 30% and they also -- I heard somewhere. Like four dollars to. -- -- That license the the port if you if you have a dock connector -- now it costs they know all manufacture -- Rolodex the other cortex that you will allow you do a lot of port taxes. That's why you that's why that's -- can't get a six dollar -- charger. -- it's that that's the tax a look at amiga port offers the can't do it. Yeah I never thought that that 30%. Developer -- that that take that Apple gets on lapses egregious because they bring so much market value and that's the thing and -- system does work well I hate iTunes. But it is it does what it does in a very. In a very robust -- and no doubt that that's a piece of crap but their market weight is really what they get that 30% -- and any other business you would pay that cut to anyone who brings that many people to your business your restaurant -- convention your car dealer. You pay that I think its numbers of neighboring sales. People charged with sales channels whatever they are whether -- retail or. You know person to person sales or app stores. You pay for there's a cost of sales and somebody's gotta pay that for a cost of access to business -- now the thing about this is that because. It's all incremental in an App Store and -- who have so little overhead. You can charge very little for your app. -- apps that used to sell for 120 dollars can now sell for fifteen and the developers to make money. Yeah another good argument there that you wouldn't seen. Back in the day. Anyway we are way out of time. -- always. -- it wouldn't be rescued so we went out and thanks for coming in -- -- in the -- yet so forget the geek talk. That's a thank you. Thanks coming in it was made it's that great to -- -- -- about help view about what -- tech you can catch us every week live Wednesday noon Pacific time. Can also catch me on Friday for reporters' roundtable. On Friday this Friday we're going to be covering how to engineer. Infrastructure like power plants and roads and railways and stuff like that. Four earthquake safety and have great guests and very interesting and technical discussion. And how we secure the things that keep both allies do not miss that show Friday noon Pacific time here -- at cnet.com Brian where people find where your. Our tech alive I'm I'm out this week shall be on the show would have been the capable hands of Wayne and and -- -- -- at the controls and that's of course tomorrow Thursday at twelve noon and don't forget our reporters roundtable report aren't -- shows I like it part of the -- it's. It's similar similar acronym it's -- it's roadside assistance in -- -- and our new help and how to car show. Is in its fifth and sixth week and you're seeing that pop up in your feed already for car tech -- -- when -- split it so you get it to pieces now. And that'll be coming up this week as well with a double at a we have Thursday tomorrow pulled -- -- great thanks again thanks Kelly for producing spoke thank you -- And remember send us your questions forcing it to the rescue at rescue at cnet.com. Thanks again -- the --

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