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Car Tech: CNET Roadside Assistance 014: Skipping, navigating, and all-wheel drive

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Car Tech: CNET Roadside Assistance 014: Skipping, navigating, and all-wheel drive

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Skipping CDs, navigation CDs do you even need CDs at all these days? We'll let you know all about it, but first I'm about to totally nerd out about all-wheel drive systems. This is the 14th episode of CNET Roadside Assistance for Thursday, the 26th of May 2011 and I am Antuan Goodwin alongside Senior Editor Wayne Cunningham. This is the show where the car tech guys take a moment to answer your emails and highlight your comments.

Skipping CDs navigation CD do you even need CDs and all these days. We'll let you know about it all the first I'm not a totally nerd out about all wheel drive systems. The fourteenth episode of CNET roadside assistance for Thursday the 26 of may 2011 I'm Antuan Goodwin alongside senior editor Wayne Cunningham. This -- the show where we karate guys take a minute to third through your emails and answer a couple of them and -- some of your comments. I asked -- let's get into the the first staying actually gets. And -- voice mail from someone who wants to knew something about. The all wheel drive for this -- -- -- with here. I'm considering additionally Apple analysts -- the DNC Yukon -- -- -- there are three different. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What the different people who tried calling card and also want to look at the activation and how does -- work. A key actually -- stating huge right now on the week I now all wheel drive systems and how they work so -- really is breaking down the difference between like real time mobile brand. On demand -- drive. We're -- factoring in an all of that I didn't really get into. At a kind of reduces the basic difference is that. -- four wheel -- -- -- all wheels or actually driven thing and actually lock the differential where's all wheel drive is more than transfer power around kind of thing. Right that think they're good broad stroke when you're talking about trucks. Can usually don't have very -- for ruled that passenger cars than the built around a that I did over -- -- -- And we'll put that in the show notes. And if your interest -- a lot of time -- about it news. Really fun to do. Those I think it'll be fun because the read. But yet we are talking about trucks yet four wheel drive usually -- all four wheels usually get about 25% of the power that's available. It's really good -- and maximizing -- and slippery serves as not so good for handling and horrible. For fuel economy usually -- there's a switch for toggle. And it's up to activate. To go into that four wheel drive and a half of the way for you unlock -- differential. When you don't need it because if all four wheels are trading at the same speed -- when you when you go into regular turn your outside -- have to be able spin faster. When you're inside wheels. I just because they're going around a larger -- I pregnancy if -- -- in the park around -- -- -- -- either end up in a situation where. You know you what happens when you're inside wheels. -- -- -- -- Will be going to be that you're going which infect wheels and going too fast for the guy -- the question from John. The two will drive is to step. -- that and the key to the Connolly the rear wheels are turning they're the only -- to get power the four wheel drive and all wheel drive systems. I think if they all wheel drive system has the ability to lock in to a four wheel drive. Right now that's a truck based platform you've gone it's still -- its platform right they may change that up -- that that does have standard rear wheel drive. As opposed lot of cars went up four or even as -- -- going to problem right now. And cylinder -- activation. Is basically exactly what it sounds like. -- you've got V8 or some time -- usually to be in this case and -- was cylinder the activation allows it to do. Is to elect -- deactivate some of those cylinders when you're not under loops of your pushing it wide open throttle and you need all your power you future V8 power. But if you're cruising. And you only need V6 power or in line three power. Don't think any of them will do that law will drop down to an in -- for -- it. Well there's actually drive in the hunt across two -- recently which has a 3.5 V6 with that. So under the activation EU -- -- to -- six -- actually knock knock out up to three cylinders. So it can drop down to an act three -- the case. William whatever the -- the numbers vary from manufacturer to manufacturer I've seen -- drop down to. From the eight V6 I've seen some drop down from -- -- two before. Some of them may be able to -- and -- for Andy's really depends on what -- with the trying to do but that that the broad strokes of what the answer to your question worries that. So those -- -- shut off. Physically like they actually shut off and they don't you know would come into play during the the the combustion. A third Jakarta and use less fuel. And office Harry left power as a result when you don't need. -- after crews on the freeway or the highway. Cars at the speed two or three cylinders sports owners can keep you go and easily even if it's you know. 4000 pound vehicle used it's when you get the past -- -- have to climb a hill. I want we have found those systems as those sold there is it's usually pretty transparent and are willing noticed more cylinders kick in and drop in the cylinders that -- -- and run pretty well. Yet it's not like a full launch start stop system you can like you'll notice the -- cut out it's just. When you don't need a powered set off -- when you do I mean Adam I guess if you went from cruising to just slam wide open throttle you notice an invitation but in most cases these vehicles have automatic transmission. That's gonna be where the B 52 come from anyway that a shift. Back to back on the -- all drivers has for a drive up from moment here. How we talked about the locking differential sometimes you find in cars they have a switch -- the console or something like that you can actually. There you can actually lock the -- -- -- lot of people know what exactly that means what they're doing when they do better know when to use it actually. But what that does that ensures that. Some power goes all wheels. Because if you have that unlocked. Usually that means little biased or to a particular set of wheels and then. When net and -- into the wheels that have actually the grip. But sometimes there's situations where you will want all wheels. Powered such as in snow things like that and mud. Sand yes that that. That that core clock there differential lock won't do that the amateur many people and actually use that on a regular basis. If it's all very confusing just maybe even when you're just talking about what is all wheel drive. I mean -- that just talking about what the systems do you. -- you -- to the the creepy world that is now now what's the difference between an open different soul and a lot different soul and a limited slip differential and what's going on with two -- he CCB. And anything did give Mary. Very kind of -- computing for maybe I'll do a roundup of different -- the difference to the net and nobody would make it theories -- that -- explain everything about cars. Every aspect of the drive train. We've got another question here this is came in through email Brian -- was asking about an anti skip CD player. -- -- -- -- -- -- You have mentioned that he has little civic 1991 civic and with a very -- stiff suspension of the tuner car. Yet -- dual CD deck and by -- he means I see the brand dual. And says his father own dead thing fell apart much. And not that surprised. -- replaced it with a cassette deck from Sony and now that -- got the car he wants to put CD player back into it needs looking for. Something -- resist. Stiff suspension here and he won't get that CD skipped. Well. -- and justice that he wanted to -- Sony really wants the state felony. Most other -- are cheaper. -- -- -- -- state felony and let their keepers which they are still has his price did not really -- mean you're talking about just. Any of the dual CD deck. -- if he's going. Few of the -- duel disk in the united dual -- but -- in which is that double tall. Ro -- and he had then -- you're looking to spend some money. -- the price that he's talking about hundred bucks 250 bucks he's talking about a single -- unit -- being mentally going to be able to afford he had -- one -- to throw it small. Well after there right so in its price range. I'm gonna say that. Instead of like looking for something that has. Any. Really good CD player one -- -- Disco make free. I get something that doesn't have a CD player or something like that Sony. ID FD effects. S 100. At them make free CD player. It doesn't have minute to -- fi receiver doesn't have CD player but it does have standard iPod and USB connectivity. Yet -- -- sound like he's inheriting the scar from his -- as -- given them as it. Or 91 -- -- -- a young guy yeah I got an iPod. The -- you probably have an -- I had an if not you should have some sort of MP3 player it if you don't have an iPod I guarantee you -- -- USB stick lying around. The advantage of going to make free is there are no moving parts so I can literally take the thing -- and -- from -- power cable and drive around with -- balancing against the dashboard -- never skip. But if there's nothing for two. To -- to knock off track. Yet it'll last longer to I mean without those moving parts and that there's no issues of cleaning the lens or anything like that which you had to view and -- players the -- He declares that he did but a lot of CDs into but there's also a -- not have to carry around a whole pile CDs. Exactly I mean you can fit albums if he is -- On an iPod. Few in that unit about a 150 bucks max I think I've seen it all over the Internet -- -- -- As a hundred bucks. So you go that way you can also look at Sony's if you don't have an act -- -- Android phone something you can look at. There any X line. And those are gonna be built around Bluetooth streaming technology they -- have Bluetooth built in for hands free an -- -- streaming. So if you wanna stick which Sony. -- DSX and in the X lines of the players are both very inexpensive and rule. Fault you're skipping problem by getting rid of the media -- keeping in the first place I you can also look it -- -- -- -- At the Rio. Five that's one of my favorite Mac free unit's other 305 -- at pandora radio and integration built into it -- if you guys -- and I've owned. Plug in -- that you can stream music from the Internet. Yet not -- people are really aware of all the Mecca for units that are available now that has CDs are just a thing of the past yet does that mean. I would I would say is like take a week in and digitize -- -- of your favorite -- even in every week after that digitize to more. When you like watching TV -- month and in a month. Like your feet of -- in a multitude -- he collects and -- Only if -- be more than a month later into it yet if you're buying whatever new music -- broadband and on mine anyway listen download and paternity time -- of the season. Give them. Film. So I guess the we've got another question actually kind of in the along the same vein. -- comes from -- in Brooklyn he says a lot of -- of manufacturers are investing a lot of time in a lot of money. An in vehicle tellem addicts he thinks that it's pointless he Sar X three review and -- -- himself. While anybody -- searching for anything with -- cards interface when you get faster more accurate search with your Smartphone. Wildly just develop an app. -- -- the -- to the head unit after refine the definition with iPhone. It's just that it's redundant and pointless that tech in my car but are you have on the -- Jose from Brooklyn. Well you -- -- do you kind of have that thing where you can. Look up the address on your phone and push it to your car. We've -- -- -- with ansari who actually do that. And I think with that there might be be -- a -- app might do that too well I know with BMW can actually. Look up stuff on your PC and look up an address and your PC and then send your -- There's a four and have something like that to lure images via the -- -- focused electric -- coming out at like bad debt -- the photos they like you have what you think destinations app on your phone's new it's you can you for something like that. So there's definitely and that's actually that's problematic really as it is when you can. Send location like that year found that actually -- system as your -- hooked up to. I think a broader you know -- network. -- today there -- -- -- destination pick a destination. Get real time traffic updates check out predictions. Weather time of day -- what not. Doesn't say if -- beamed to your car. But I think these things -- because they're gonna be a more common because out of a Vanilla Smartphone that applications on their address books and support badly. Yet -- be very communion justice and that your -- -- yes. And -- if you blood tuned in toward the soon to be recorded just before this pioneer actually just announced the head unit there there -- radio. Which does exactly that. So basically what that is is it's a portal I use and that K in the case of this when -- partner with motion next GPS drive you have it there out. That you may actually plan your trip -- that -- -- four and and you put -- -- -- -- to the receiver it just basically becomes a dumb terminal. That disbelieve. Your map data. Gives you turn by turn -- -- speakers within you can also scroll around the -- you -- -- touch screen that little step above just the video out but. Right who else has apparently an issue with the BMW in particular having a Google search and interface. I think it's convenient and also the fact that you -- -- out agreement on in my pocket. And use voice command -- if for example on the card. Let me did you find the accuracy to be -- -- -- my my first thought is that I mean if it -- Google search. In the desk -- -- that more or less accurate than Google for your phone. -- -- glory yet and it's also a Google local search actually in the the car systems they they all I have all car systems I've seen the use Google searched the use Google local search so it's not just finding. Everything but the search term and it's really looking for specific locations. -- Google map actually if you use the Google Maps app its very its location wears well -- so it will -- view the Toys 'R' Us. A different state and give -- immunity. Yeah that's probably what these different than in the Google apps -- But really it's a it's a lot of with the matter interface. There's the phone vs the step in that the car. -- dashboard. -- a tiny interface it's not safe to be -- at that while you're driving. You can -- spouting out turn by turn directions to you and that that's useful -- actually having the larger display. In the car in the and that having all that investment are expressly something you can use while you're driving. If it's set -- safely if statement but you can't these phones safely -- -- you're -- At that -- at that. I hope that if your question avail in this confuse you more about what's going on but the it industry -- -- allowed to -- is right now. There -- lot of interest in technology in -- -- -- we're gonna probably the a couple of those right to the top. If that the bid the better ones. Until -- after used to seeing on your phone are going to be brought to the dashboard in some form or others. -- its. -- it's really gonna be duplicate -- similar. Functionality. Right next up we've got a voicemail. My name Robert actually have a question. A -- fuel inject -- servicing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You undertook cleaning services that is as opposed to products. -- -- -- -- -- I was kind of raised the a -- if -- -- that that. The way to my dad helped me learn about a -- every time you change your oil you -- -- victor cleaner. To your gas tank in it was just basically like five dollar bottle of fuel and actor cleaner than -- -- they'll take up for the cleaner end and then run the -- -- -- And better with like -- it heavily I always understood -- -- clean fuel objectors and mean. I don't know what services like what will they be doing different besides that I mean. And -- technique don't think they take the in sectors out in those cases today. I'd you know I would think that you're going to a service station and they're saying we'll offer you to a director cleaning service for -- -- dollars they're not gonna take them out. Abilities and that would be and that's definitely. A number of hours of -- of the united -- -- union. Substantially for so I wouldn't expect that -- -- -- is in its AM. Simple like drive your car and will hold you know walk away for demons will clean -- -- their disease in a product from Bob. Yeah I mean in sectors themselves are way if you -- -- twenty tablet -- depends on the car I think -- -- -- -- -- -- threes for an OEM inject -- At least in the -- and I've had before it plate. If you've -- for being here and -- -- charge you 200 -- To -- clean urine detectors to I knew when the threat. Another question -- is it is. When do you think your objectors might need cleaning it gasoline has detergents and it. Already it part of -- in the mix that's and here's detergents there's stabilizers. There's all kinds of stuff in there and gain it's also not really is dirty if it used to be. Is -- contaminant. Cars also have built in filtration systems and -- not. I don't really know with like. Getting your inject its cleaned regularly as something that you'd have to do. -- -- -- gasoline. Was generally do it. Given a specific problem I mean if you're here and and I mean. How would you headed up by having to actually dirty inject. Care. Lack of power is still -- -- -- and edit the event below waited to go about it but I mean by the time you if you're taken -- their out. By the time you've paid -- the -- To go through the troublesome when did you pay to mighty good neutral taking your inject Al I mean you may is little dispute replacing it at that point yet -- know how I feel about it. Yet. -- only objector and there are known and well. Under the -- -- the indicative pretty durable do those things that -- -- them to fail easily. I wonder. What they need to be we're talking about -- -- here in most cases like I wonder how. You know direct injected engine. You know are there -- are subject to you know more. -- that there actually in the cylinder -- -- they get more heat actually again. Gathers -- a different kinds of doctors to others that p.s. Electric and and still annoyed and actors. So annoyed. The -- are actually more expensive. But probably more precise. So -- Also have -- -- moving parts do which could be an issue. Yet. I would say that -- -- just regular maintenance can answer your question. -- -- -- When you go to the trouble doing it to be honest yet if by some local shop -- now open and directors for 800 dollars and should do it every year every. You know couple months or something like that -- just buy a bottle from the source. Mania those who see what else -- we can't hear one more. Email. From Vernon. And basically he's saying that is there any way. Other than constantly trolling the Internet to change to obtain US navigation CD's for early 2000 Volkswagen navigation head unit. -- he's an OEM net and when it comes to after market. Some opponents of the car and he just does -- want to Alter though you don't wanna change his receiver. But he wants. A new navigation discs for his 2000 but -- 2000 -- you know what I'm almost thinking. Who are lacking a little bit and information from a Vernon's email here but. And -- might not have been -- US car originally. Toppling the 2000 -- having navigation. -- And I'm not so sure about that the US one would have it could be out but I think one point here though it is. Why is -- looking for. -- navigation CDs for this car and just to clarify here. These older navigation systems did use -- have -- maps stored on CD which is just the worst. Yet I mean 700 megs. That's either very very sparse -- that data. Or aren't they -- small area of watch this -- and back then it -- just the maps can have a lot of detail. You get a packet of met CDs actually with those of -- the older cars the last Thomas. That 2005 Ford Escape. And you got a packet of that up I was -- CDs -- different regions of the country. So you're gonna trust senator per region have to pull. The one maps media and put another's idea and you can actually go on road -- to -- -- -- that it needs to navigate to the of the border were at the southeast united at a time detained up -- CDs. But then the ads but so anyway that that's how those systems are commitment to dvds and it's -- -- to put all information when dvd and -- and -- action. A hard drive based systems but am as far as getting the new CD's here well. Brian Cooley actually yet regularly on the show announcement today that he you -- he. At a few comments on this to India -- left -- with. -- suggest is doing that same search on eBay looking for these CD's. And and because -- that they'll pop up there occasionally. I did a quick look on eBay and found. CD's for different navigation systems I think for VW -- -- it's one of those things that. I can come up their Q -- often but if it might show up. He also says they also found apparently some. -- European sites -- find. -- for them there which seems strange and maybe -- US map. From one of these that sites in Germany or where you care friends. I'm which they -- had. Stronger navigation system adoption and in Europe. So. Those -- might come -- but really I think one important question here is if you have a current set of CDs. Although the original -- the CD's that came with that navigation system. You're not gonna find updates -- The if if if enemy -- and eventually they beefed up making. -- eight for the old cars yet. Yet and they didn't manufacture new CDs they'd they haven't manufactured. Set of -- maps and 2010 little update your system with the most current maps. When you're gonna be pretty much call for whatever roads they tell you exist at the time which and I haven't changed that she now. Yes though. You know I of course to be he might have lost -- you know some remodel lost that packet of CDs. But -- with the cars -- -- actually go to different statement and an opening lives and at. I mean I wanna keep you -- -- -- street to the dealer to the they might have some around that might be that -- the first place to go until you're looking over a William file. And in the first place -- to the parks department and asked for it yet maybe somewhere in some -- dealership. Somewhere in the country they have a set of CDs Sutton on a shelf that. Now he's paid attention to -- does gathering dust. Added. Off -- aren't -- A possibility if there's also mean if you if you can't find it anywhere else -- -- used to be at the parity acute. When the maps for on dvds and CDs. Remember it -- used to be able to get. Pirated copy of the maps. Think. -- they may have been. And issues with -- after that that we recommend Judy. I. Yet Brian Cooley and as that note he suggested that find the part number for those that CDs do as they should be a part numbers and -- -- -- everything's so. Went to find that part number. Then you could. Narrow your search and make it a little more specific as long -- -- in the put in that part number on the Internet know -- certainly for talking in the VW dealer. They should be able look at that part number. -- at the idea offload their -- hope that. Answered more questions -- -- at that. Through a -- now there were kind that most of the Nevada got now if you wanna send us email or voicemail. You can do that. Car -- at cnet.com or the voice mails it to fix for a one CNET 8662638. Before we get out of here today we're gonna take a look at thing of the -- Or we take a look at the user submitted. Hot rolling messes and that people find on the road -- are -- -- segment. For the first car and we actually only we have a couple of they -- the -- this week in both of them -- -- and actually. Don't look that bad but I -- -- -- time picking on those but the when that we do have. Is submitted by nick aid in Portland -- anything if here's a suite Toyota Motor home that I find Portland Oregon. I've kind of Beverly Hillbillies -- 10 X 10 home. -- what's happened here is it again someone looks like -- -- built a shed in the bid to. Toyota pickup. It will read that -- a mini truck actually. Not not a format for a meaningless things -- to the ground -- you know basically car with a big truck bed. And just actually that door in the back of the the -- to set them up -- looks as wide as the whole thing is. Yeah -- meanwhile you go through the troubled building -- door -- Napster on something like that Kansas. Make the door of the with I thought -- -- in that there was that was and the -- and air conditioner unit in the middle and actually just looks like. You know one of those groups -- -- -- dome skylight an area that you can -- -- pop out but they're using it on the door. -- people an -- big people proper ventilation where the -- -- when your house is on the back of our. Now when -- -- news is it's tall it's like really tall Italian and Agilent -- directors and that nationality of a particular group has about six feet higher than the cab of the truck. So stability is going to be all sorts of fun with that thing let me when you've got -- -- -- -- -- -- bet -- you delete that your -- -- that's -- He added now that. That's actually a little terrifying dash. California stupid report that right -- -- thumping. Both -- -- that or crazy year on the -- Submitted to -- again the email as -- -- at cnet.com. You can find us here every week broadcasting live -- CNET TV. And you can -- and the previous suit pre recorded at car tech dot cnet.com. If you wanna give us a call -- -- a -- 866. For a one CNET 866 -- 012638. And then you can also find myself -- and Brian on Twitter -- and anti GOO. Wayne is -- C underscore FF. And -- Cooley. Brian Cooley when word. With you guys next week.

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